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Stick Nodes - Animator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stick Nodes - Animator app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stick Nodes - Animator? Can you share your negative thoughts about stick nodes - animator?

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Stick Nodes - Animator for Negative User Reviews

It seems like it could work, but really confusingHi, I have already made a test animation, but here is the problem. I am trying to make one for real, but everything is just SO CONFUSING! I can’t figure out how to add in my own stick figures, how to save them, and much more. I know there are more tutorials, but maybe could the developers make the interface more understandable? Because just when I thought I got the hang of it, I didn’t. I don’t even know if I made my stick figure correctly! The reason why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1, is because it looks like it could be pretty fun to use, and has potential. If you don’t want to change up your interface on other users, could you make a like version of it, like how there is light and dark themes on other apps, maybe a normal and beginner? It could really be helpful, since at first I didn’t know how to start creating, since there is no obvious button to do so. Turns out you have to click the logo. I don’t know how well it actually works (since I have said, it’s REALLY confusing) I can’t write a review on much of the functions. Also, I might add that when I saved my test, it was quite, how do I put it, chunky looking? It didn’t look very round when they were round. Sorry for writing a long review..Version: 3.1.12

Kinda good a little problem thoughIt’s a good concept of an app but nearly everything you need stick nodes pro which can get annoying because you’re very limited unless you have pro and some of it is too complicated or just doesn’t work so I’ve given it a three.Version: 3.3.4

OkGood but does not save.Version: 3.2.3

Just your standard animate tool..I’ve been a pivot animator for around a year now, and I wanted to see what the competitions app is like, moving the stick figure is just annoying, I don’t know how people make quality animations with this, I go to touch the torso yet it moves the arm, Though I could probably hook up a mouse or stylus and it works just fine, But I don’t have a stylus or a mouse that can connect to an iPad. I’d say if you can get used to it that it could be a very good start for animators, with iPads being a lot more accessible than computers, overall I’d give it 3 stars..Version: 3.2.3

It’s fineThe only problem with this app is that when I saved my work and left the app,the next day when I went on it again it said that there were no saved animations,I tried to figure out what had happened because I was 100% sure I saved it,but I could find it nowhere so I’m just frustrated about that. But overall the application is fun to play and to make stuff and I haven’t had any problem with lagging.Version: 2.6.5

NoEverything on the trailer is money.Version: 3.2.3

Stop scammingI animated a simple scene and it was good. I just needed the effects. There are way too many effects and options for the pro version only. You basically scam people by typing that it is good and easy to animate with clean frames. The frames were jittery even at eighteen frames which is recommended. The most scammy part is that the jittery frame never happened when I am using Pivot Animator (by jitter I mean it was too slow to be considered movement, so they looked like they were just a photobook) please stop scamming. Let us use more options, at least the glow and sound effects.Version: 3.1.12

ScaredSomeone said that the game gives you a jumpscare upon opening the app. I am too scared to open the app until I hear the truth from the developer that this isn't true. I don't want to go through those jumpscares again!.Version: 2.1.2

It’s ok I guessSo I’m not gonna lie, this app has potential. But some things are just bugged out in this app. Such as the copy settings, they don’t work like at all, and I was trying to make an animation but like t just so happened that the whole thing bugged out, and I’m talking about the pro version you see I was trying to make a title for it and it just took my custom background and put it at the title when I didn’t want it there and then I just got over it and then I couldn’t even see the screen.Version: 3.3.4

OmgThis is the most frustrating animation app I have ever seen the only reason I gave it two stars is because it has potentialTo be really cool but I can’t since you have to move the dot you end up moving the whole body and It is not labeled so if you put the arms to the side of the figure you can’t see where the arms are and then you end up moving the body and then putting it back and it’s just frustrating and not worth it personally like I said it has potential if you’re willing to figure all that stuff out but I just I’m going to use FlipaClip because it’s the best animation app I’ve seen so far as the name flipbook kind ofAnd I definitely recommend it but anyways this app do not download it it’s not worth it you’ll end up deleting it most likely but it has potential so do whatever you like with it if you’re willing to figure that stuff out.Version: 3.1.12

I hate itThis app provides nothing that it should. It is so confusing and I can’t even make my own Stick Figure.Version: 3.2.3

About the demon…This is a pretty good animation game, i really enjoyed it! Until one day, at around 3:00 PM, the so called “Demon Stickman” appeared on my screen. I was around 6 at the time, and it scared me so much that to this day i rethink my decisions to get this game again. I really hope you see this message and delete the Demon, or at least fix so it appears at the correct time (3:00 AM). To the people seeing this review, dont get it unless you think a troll faced stickman jumpscaring you is funny...Version: 3.3.4

Amazing ButAmazing Created plenty of animations But Just lost a Huge project that I was working on after the frames get to 500 and above It just crashes and I went to save and then it crashed losing about 2 hours of work but either way it is an amazing game/ App So please fix if possible but don’t have to.Version: 2.4.3

FrustratedIt’s hard to animate the sticks, because when I try to animate the head the other limbs get in the way also WHERE ARE THE TUTORIALS.Version: 3.0.5


FixIt’s not loading any stick figures.Version: 3.1.12

Just Get The Version That Costs...While this app is very fun and entertaining, it has it’s negative points. I know that there is a “pro” version, and the only reason I am not going to get it is because it’s not free. I never pay for an app. Never. Because I do not consider any app worth even a dollar. What is the point of putting out a free version of one app, with a separate app that costs? Anyway, this app is not east to control. For some, yes it takes a while. But I’ve been playing this game for almost two weeks, and I haven’t gotten a good grip on the controls yet. It’s difficult to get to the menu, especially when one of my stick figures are right in front of the tool bar. I also think that it could use a few more default figures. Maybe some furniture. Or even a few regular people. More than just stick figure girl and stick figure boy. It is really difficult to make people. I am not trying to complain to the developers, I just think that you should put more consideration into this version of the app, than you do when you try to advertise for the one that costs. Other than that, I see potential in this game. It is especially entertaining to watch the stick figures move in your ending result. In conclusion, I give this game three stars..Version: 3.1.12

I dont know anything..Ok,so its really hard to make a stick figure,ESPIALLY when your not making a real stick figure,so i really want to see if you can actually take an already made stick figure and use it own your own,also i went to download a STK and went back and you would never know what happened.. I DIDNT GET IT!!i even looked at how to import and download a STK pack,i used the iOS one cause i think applae is a iOS and not a iOS 13+ or an android,and the packs i downloaded(atleast i could've if it didnt happen)are:the final xenith and bottle nose dolphin pack,it could be a bug....Version: 3.0.5

The wort game ever (I would swear at the game but That’s in impropriety )Terrible but hear my out, Short story: can’t do anything crashes wants money+ confusing Looooooooong story: so i was really exited to download it so i did there were a bit of things I couldn’t do but seemed fine.(to start Just wait a bit for an ad and loading screen) so happy with it until the next day. I was linking my keyboard and mouse to my iPad and went onto the app went on to my account and everything was wired.I couldn’t move anything or do anything it suddenly crashed and i went off it so irritating and nothing worked *groan* . So many ads and they kept nagging me to buy stick thingy pro and so many limitations unless you downloaded stick maker pro ohh stick pro this stick pro that bleh. What a horrible experience and even worse that they could make it much better by fixing and NOT BOMBARDING YOU WITH STICK NODE PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬😡😤👿 ghastly. {side note I wold of given it zero stars but it wouldn’t work.Version: 3.3.0

Weird jump scareSo, basically there is this thing on the internet going around about this game called the “sticknodes demon’”. Personally,I haven’t experienced it but I don’t want one day to open up this ap and get jumpscared. Overall this app is good but I just deleted it because of the jump scare..Version: 3.3.4

AnimatorEasy enough to use, but you can only save as a ton of pictures or a gif. This is a problem because you can’t make a video with either..Version: 3.3.4

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME 😥😥I was liking the game at first.. I made a animation and when I went of the app I noticed a view to not play. I didn’t care at first until.. I played it when I went on it the game glitched and flashed and it had a creepy face I hid it from my sister she will make me have to delete it but I had to delete it but it was my favourite though 😭 I made a best edit ever and lost it.. 😞 DONT PLAY THIS GAME!!!.Version: 3.2.3

The Lag…The lag is terrible. I make sure only my tablet, which is the device that i use to make these amimations, is using the internet but it still lags out terrible! I turn on every option that can ‘lower lag down’ bit the lag gets worse! I only have about 400 frames and it has a LOT of lag, but i’ve made others with 1000+ frames with NO LAG! The app is good and all but the lag is a huge deal! Im the only one using the internet, im using all the options on the app for less lag but the lag gets worse!.Version: 3.2.3

It’s so bad. 😊This is total gorgoari ur itrhad irv uwu.Version: 3.2.3

GoodIt’s pretty good but some things could be added or if they are on this app they should have instructions so you know how to use ‘em. 1. Saving to gallery: I want to show my friends a animation I did but she’s at her house and I’m at mine, and I can’t upload it to gallery! It’s bugging me a lot that it’s not a thing or that I can’t find it 2. A help page: there is no help page or tutorial! Erg! I want to know how to do all the stuff you do on the ad! BUT I DONT KNOW HOW! Why? Because there’s no help page/ tutorial! I will probably find more things that can be improved but that’s all for now Caio!.Version: 2.6.4

Kicked me outWhy I gave stick nodes 2 stars is because when I didn’t want to save my project until the end it kicked me out and all of my progress disappeared.Version: 3.3.4

Please read thisSo basically I’ve been having trouble Animating And It doesn’t load when I put it in and the thing where it can only see that can u delete it Back to the feedback, so I uninstalled it and then I Installed it’s taking forever to download and it’s just loading and not showing me the thing where it’s downloading sorry if i made u sad by giving a 2 star the games legit kinda bad but if u delete the bugs and stuff I’ll give full review and give a five star okay Please read this Please delete the bugs and please please please let me put in my folder Characters!.Version: 3.1.12

Problem with downloading stickfiguresI had original troubles with downloading the stick figures due to the instructions provided on the web to download them with. The web doesn't give accurate instructions about how to download stick figures, furthermore, after managing to download the stick figures myself into the app via Zip file, when I had imported the stick figure I had downloaded, it didn't appear on the animation board and I don't know how to fix it from there on. Here's a little word of advice, fix your stupid instructions and try to at least let the stick figure show on the animation board before you sell it off to the world. Thanks..Version: 3.0.4

CrashesI dunno if it’s that annoying ‘Troll face’ prank that everyone else is talking about in the review section but ever since I updated my IPad it keeps crashing every few seconds after I open the app. Please fix this! (Unless it’s the troll face prank but just remove it) Anyways before it started crashing it was a great app!.Version: 2.2.4

That demonDelete demon now it scared me.Version: 3.1.12

WHAT THE HELLONE NIGHT I SAW TVIS CREEPY DEMON GLITCH THING. it was 2:00am and I was minding my own business and went to animate, some people might have had this. I opened the app and saw a normal stick figure. It was like that for a few seconds until THE BACKGROUND WENT BLACK AND THE STICKMAN HAD A WEIRD FACE. My eyes opened wide in shock and I was scared and terrified to look at it until.... it disappeared. The screen was black but then it re appeared INFRONT OF THE SCREEN WITH A CREEPYER FACE. Ever since that day, I’ve. Never touched the app again. Please remove this feature..Version: 3.0.5

It’s all rightBut there was a kinda a bit of a thing its a little bit dangerous if you put a charger in and when you animation it while its charging which kids do it did something that i can not explain~.Version: 3.0.5

THE DAMN WORSTIt not good.Version: 3.1.12

WhyIt doesn’t even let me install the app.Version: 3.3.1

StickGreat! Absolutely great works fine, makes cool animations! But, why is there so many ads telling us to buy these stuff I mean come on like we gotta enjoy ourselves. And I’m pretty sad how there is no sound like absolutely no sound no expression to give fun but a simple animation. Pretty good but I don’t like this much! 👍😤.Version: 3.3.4

I like this app but……(pls read this😊)I really like this app but it is a bit hard for me because im young so in my opinion it is hard and complex. I would like you to make an easier app. Anyways I hope you are having a great day bye 😄.Version: 3.2.3

What’s going on?I downloaded this app because I’m hoping to start animating and for a starting app it’s very hard to navigate. I only ever save by accident when I don’t know what I pressed. I got this because I wanted to find an app that my school used but it wasn’t on here so I got this instead and the other app (called Pivot). It’s very similar but this one is just too complicated.Version: 2.6.4

HonestlyWell I think the pro version should be free to be honest so people can have a good animation but unless you want people to be angry because people can’t buy sometimes which is really annoying because I can’t get it and I really want to animate as my it’s my thing I really want to do..Version: 3.1.12

Big Problem.Why do when I want to move a stick figure THEY BOTH MOVE.Version: 3.1.8

MailThe game don’t fix and bugs.Version: 3.1.12

HACKER!!There’s a hacker on there, it’s terrifying and wrong for a youth app! You see a creepy smiling face on a black stick man, the screen shakes and everything!.Version: 3.2.3

Inappropriate JumpscaresHello! I really really REALLY LOVE YOUR APP!! But now I feel kinda scared mad all that stuff and I do fun bright happy animations I always delete the first one then something starts to do weirdness and I thought the iPad was breaking!! Then I saw that dang face!! I almost deleted stick nodes because I love it, now I just like it and you say: ages four and up!! Then you show us this demon?!?! Come on, why please please please get rid of it and don’t lie if you do and I really didn’t want it to happen on my birthday month!! So I will not dare to go on until you do it so that was yesterday and it was dark outside worst worst WORST time to jumpscare me!!! It’s stick nodes!! Not five nights at Freddys!!! So end of story but other the that I love it so not playing till you get rid of it. Ps I would like it if you responded but you don’t have to :I.Version: 3.0.5

Its great but......This game is pretty good its pretty easy to animate but theres one problem one time she I was finishing an animation I sa Ed it then I press Ed me home button and it didnt let me to my home screen so I turned it off and the home button was working and I asked Siri “take me to setting” and it said sorry I was unable to do that and I tried double tapping the home button but it was still in the game and I checked if it wasn’t frozen and it wasn’t.i could move everything and touch every slot and it was working and it still wouldn’t let me out and I told my dad and he took my IPad and somehow got me out of it and i don’t know how but I didn’t want to deal with that again so I deleted it so im just gonna try the pro if it doesn’t do that again.Version: 2.4.7

Cant get any stickfigures and packs for meThe website only gives me the stickfigures. And dropbox and mediafire dosent?! No i dont like this i liked my experience but bad downloads for dropbox and mediafire. Just only worked once.Version: 3.3.4

Read thisCOULD You make this hold more stick figures!!!only 25? I need at least 40 or more to make my animations!and could you respond to this? so when I get pro , will it save everything that I did on the NOT Po app? And I need invert colours pls on the NOT pro one..Version: 2.2.0

Really badWhen you try to customise your stick figure it gives you controls at the top that for the first five seconds you don’t understand and then you figure out how to use them and they draw random shapes and make your stick figure look stupid and when you try to undo it you have to keep on pressing it and it drives you crazy and then once it’s finally done your back to where you started and you do it so many times you basically go insane. I’m deleting this app. Pls do not download bc you’ll go insane.Version: 3.2.3

I cant open stick node on my macWhen i downlaoded this pivot animmater alternative i thought i was gonna have soo much fun but after i downloaded it i couldnt open the app.Version: 3.3.4

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