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Revolut: Send, spend and save app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Revolut: Send, spend and save? Can you share your negative thoughts about revolut: send, spend and save?

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Banned me for no reason and took my money.Deposited about 215 aud into an account a month ago, when I lost my license. Turns out you need to use a license to verify, which I was fine with so I waited about a month to recieve a replacement one in the mail. Upon submitting my license, they cancelled my card with them (metal black, that I paid $25 for) and completely blocked my account, and sent me an email saying “we will no longer offer you services” Like what? I’m sorry? So you run off with my money and my account? Tell me to cut up my card which is made of metal that you supplied? You literally took my money and ran. There is no way to contact them without an account, you can’t use the feedback email cause they say they can’t help. And without an account you can’t use the app to use live chat..Version: 8.48

Can’t register in NZReceived an email to sign up for an account, only method for sign up appears to be via mobile and the messages aren’t being received..Version: 9.18

Scam App! Be carefulSo i decided to transfer a $1500 AUD from my Aussie bank account to my overseas account where i pay for my credit cards & loan to support myself as an international student here in Australia! They took my money and held it hostage since June 27th till today the June 30th and today is the due date for my payments before my credit cards get suspended (I wasn’t able to pay for the last two months—life is tough here in Sydney). I’ve contacted them via chat countless of time and they are absolutely useless and struggle to pacify me! They are holding my money and they dont want to tell me what they are doing with it!! If you want your money, dont put it in this scamming app! You will regret it!.Version: 9.13

“Approaching limit” = useless unless you say how much it isFor context, I think Revolut is one of the better cash management apps. They may not realize it - but that’s their main value proposition for me. Not the currency exchange. Also for context, the Singapore government decided to implement a rule limiting the amount one can spend with a ebank like Revolut to $33k per year. Will not comment on the reason, wisdom or efficacy of this move. It’s as it is. Now comes Revolut completely making a huge mess of a great app simply because they cannot do basic math. The government apparently asks them to calculate this restriction on a rolling basis. Basic math would allow Revolut to figure out how much I’ve spent in the last 365 days, compare with the maximum and decide whether to allow the transaction or not. Now they obviously do this math, else they’d be in violation of the regulation. However, the message we, users get is a vague and highly USELESS “you’re approaching the limit of transactions of this type”. Seriously, Revolut. You want me to believe you can handle my finances but you cannot be bothered to do a simple math to tell me how much more I have to spend? Also, since you’re at it, please be honest and change your advertising for premium metal cards to read “max of 33k in transactions” not “unlimited” as it reads today and which is false and misleading. Thank you.Version: 8.19

Worst customer serviceI can’t tell you how irritating/borderline criminal it is to be unable to access my account due it not recognising my old number, but then there is ZERO perceivable way of speaking to a human being to resolve the issue. I have money in an account and I can’t access it and I can’t talk to anyone on HOW to access it. I’ve been using TransferWise and Revolut both for years. Revolut has let me down so many times. TransferWise has always been so user friendly I’ve found myself in shock at times that a finance company could be so inexplicably pain free. Do I need a lawyer to get my money back from Revolut?.Version: 7.19

Revolut ScamPeople beware, Revolut is a front for money control of your own money and any kind of transfers you make.... Initially it may seem like a good platform on the surface but over time it becomes a very frustrating company to deal with, now hundreds of reports are starting to surface of account holders who have had their funds either withheld, hold up or restricted for no feasible reason or of accounts being so limited by their system that they cannot even be used. I’ve experienced the same and Revolut has basically limited my account so much that now it’s completely useless to me.... when I contacted their help people I get incredibly non sensible answers and the issue never gets fixed.... think very carefully before giving these people your personal data and using them as a financial platform, your in a very frustrating time, my advice is stay away and save yourself the headaches many others have gone through and continue to deal with, good luck !!.Version: 8.32

SCAM account accessREVOLUT has had thousands of complaints to UK financial regulator. All the same issue, their login verification routine can LOCK YOU OUT from accessing account ! Two step verification, pswd reset, etc. NOTHING WORKS! Chat routine almost never available, and of no help. Taking a selfie with ID does not work either. STILL no access to account. TRY TO GET TO A LIVE AGENT. THERE ARE NONE! Only emails to "feedback" because no email address for client support either. So, if you VALUE YOUR MONEY, and don't wish to give it to eastern European/Russian owners of this fraudulent service, do NOT PUT MONEY INTO A REVOLUT ACCOUNT! Or spend months or years trying to get it back. You've been warned !.Version: 7.6.1

Poor customer service and integration with Apple PayI have been using Revolut for a while now. It was great but not until recently, it has been a pain. Top up via Apple Pay just stops working and they asked me to contact apple and bank instead. I spent several days contacting multiple organisations and at the end, it was the Revolut app that is giving the problem. On the customer service side, it’s poor that we can only chat with the supporting staff members. The reply is not always quick and they change the staff supporting me pretty quickly. Each time I get a new staff supporting me, I was asked to do the same thing and the cycle continues. After 3-5 various people supporting me, I still don’t get a solution..Version: 8.57.1

Idea-10, Usefulness-1I am in Italy where this product would be a great help and convenience if it were possible to load money into the virtual card. I opened the account on May 2nd and transferred $20 to test how it works and found contactless payments to be superior to our primitive US cards which must be inserted into the payment terminals. Excellent! If there is no physical card, there is no possibility of skimming or reading the card details. Unfortunately, it is now May 16th and I am no longer able to transfer funds into the card and the error message is that I have exceeded the limit of my card account. My debit card has a daily limit of $1500 and I have been able to transfer less than $100 since May 2nd. Customer Service is basically non-existent except for a childish chat bot which suggests I use a different (unavailable) method to top up the card. I am offered the opportunity to upgrade to the premium version of the service but have no assurance it would would work any differently. Revolut may be useful if only inside the United States but in Italy, it is simply frustrating and annoying. Even if I were back home, I would still have only the one method of topping up the card from my debit card account. I don’t actually see the point of a service that is so restrictive it can only be used upt to a limit of $100 and fails forever after. One Star is too many!.Version: 6.39.1

I got scammed and they wouldn’t give me my money back!This is my last resort. I was scammed into putting my money into Revolut then someone hacked into my account and authorized payments to a cryptocurrency site and Revolut did nothing. I told them the transactions were not made by me and that I never received an approval notification because the account was hacked into, and when I tried to dispute the charges all they said was “you approved them so there’s nothing we can do”! But the whole point was that I DIDNT approve the charges, it was a hacker!!!! Now I am left with absolutely no money to pay for my life, not sure what to do because Revolut was able to get a hacker in and approve the payments, and miss the entire point of my dispute!! Please Revolut, at this point I just need my money back! I need someone to speak to because the robots don’t seem to understand, and while it usually takes a few days to weeks to look into these things they rejected my request after a few hours! Please help me, I need it..Version: 9.22

Still not available in NZIt has been ‘coming soon’ for so many years lol I’m about to give up..Version: 8.44

Love it but the app could be improvedLove Revolut and the convenience it brings. However the latest redesign(s) of the app have made it difficult to navigate around. It is harder to check your balance and make simple exchanges. It also doesn’t store my NZD - I have to go down the list every time to chose it. Overall I am find it confusing to navigate, as does my partner who also uses Revolut a lot. Hope you can fix this! I think a central ‘home button’ allowing you to see the balance of your money and top up or exchange money from there could help. Also tying the Revolut to one mobile no. is cumbersome when you travel with different phones and may have also have a work Phone. It is probably more secure than email but it has proven difficult for me at times to download the app on a new device either travelling or after moving between jobs (changing phone numbers) I love Revolut and am a big advocate. It would be great to see changes relating to the above issues. Hope this feedback helps....Version: 5.43

CanadaCan you drop Revolut in Canada?.Version: 9.1

I don’t often write negative reviews but...My experience with Revolut started out really well, it seemed like a very user friendly bank especially tailored for younger people and visa holders due to its flexibility and ease of exchanging currencies. The app is good and still the best feature. However in the past 6 months I’ve had my account frozen 2-3 times by Revolut for literally no reason, when this happens I try and access my accounts but I’m unable to nor can I speak with anyone as I have a message saying they are investigating my account for fraud and to come back in 72 hours. When I finally chat to their customer service, which is another really awful compromise of using Revolut, another story... they demand my historic payslips, passport, and explanation of who I’m transferring money to, which were small amounts to friends for things like restaurants. This happened on more than one occasion and most recently they are now saying they will freeze my account soon indefinitely if I don’t provide a UK driving license or residence permit. Of which due to covid I don’t have one up to date! They won’t listen to my circumstances and never have. An absolute nightmare of an experience all in all, thank god I had backup ways to pay my rent and food etc. It takes a lot for someone to switch banks and well Revolut has well and truly gone out of their way to make my experience as hard as possible..Version: 7.3.1

ConfusedI just made a payment using Rovolut and was offered a $30 cash back by signing up with the app. I tried to join but when came to the country of residence, Canada was not available for selection. I am confused about this if Canada is not on their list of countries to do business, how the vendor can send a payment request through Revolut, and even offer the $30 cash back when?.Version: 9.18

Don’t use this serviceIf you want to find yourself wrapped up with several £100’s worth of debt after returning from a holiday of a lifetime, then the Revolut service will gladly assist you achieving this. I personally used this service, which to be fair started of a great way to pay for anything instead of using and carrying large amounts of cash, but unfortunately the trouble came my way after two weeks of returning back in the uk , apparently Revolut transaction process becomes overwhelmed and can’t accomplish the demand of hundreds of thousands transactions, meaning at the time the funds leave your account but can’t be processed so it looks like you’ve paid for your purchases but you haven’t because they can’t be processed because the system just can’t cope. I changed my remaining dollars back to British sterling and used them back in the uk, then I had a list of transactions reverted back to my Revolut account then taken again a few weeks later (which Revolut say can happen even months later) so Revolut took it upon themselves to take almost £500 from a credit card I’d used to fund some of my funds on my Revolut card, which will occur intrest being added to said credit card account. So hats of to you at Revolut for providing such an outstanding service 😱.Version: 5.15.1

Terrible customer serviceIt’s all too easy for the customer service team to reply to the reviews but when you actually want them to help you they’re never accessible. I was told to write ‘live agent’ which I have done several times but it goes for hours without any response, as if I have all the time in the world just to sit and wait to get a gracious buzz and say wow what a great service! Always the same idiotic reply that ‘‘we will be with you as soon as possible blah blah’’, and honestly it’s been times that I was off from work and actually dedicated time to wait for the so called customer service to hear me out but I have never managed to sort my problem. Just think that I have some money in my card from 2017 and can’t use it, is that not stealing? I even wrote a letter to them explaining the situation which was my card suddenly got blocked... no one got back to me and the silly online chat is always a virtual thing which will never be able to solve anything anyway. It’s the worst customer service ever and I say that with certainty as I’ve been working in a bank for the past 12 years and honestly it’s just not possible if a bank can just take people’s money block their account, doesn’t reply to a hand written letter from customers and just write some friendly fake replies to negative reviews! Unimaginable and truly awful company..Version: 5.48

Waitlist for yearsBeen waitlisted for years..Version: 9.2

Do not use this service if you value your moneyI would give this company minus stars if I could. Got a virtual card and topped it up, never gave my details to anyone and never used the card yet had all the funds on it spent somewhere and Revolut couldn’t care and instead blamed me. I asked for details of the dispute investigation & crickets!!! This company is, in my opinion, a money scam and should never be used, in fact financial authorities in each country they operate in should investigate and shut them down. They should be driven out of business as they are unprofessional and dishonest. Please do not use them in fact stay as far away as you can from them..Version: 8.78.1

Can barely use it in SingaporeI’ve had a Revolut card for a few years but it’s only been put to use for the first time now in Singapore that I’m on my first overseas trip since the pandemic. I’ve not been able to use the card at many places, as it seems to not be trusted by local merchants. The card simply declines at half the places I’ve tried to use it, including Grab, which is Singapores version of Uber. As a result, I’ve had to revert to my Australian bank-issued ANZ credit card, which is widely accepted everywhere I’ve been. I was also under the misconception that cash withdrawals up to the equivalent of €200 were free, but you do still pay a fee depending on the ATM. Given the issues I’ve had using the card, I’m not sure I’ll be using it again. I know my Australian credit card will charge more in fees but at least I can depend on it working everywhere I go..Version: 8.56

Revolut peux tu venir au Canada et quand je passe a la vérification sa marche pasBof.Version: 9.21

Students Beware - Federal Title IV Refund Held, No LIVE Customer ServiceI’ve been waiting on my student refund and they’ve held it to the point my cell phone/internet service is off and I need the funds to turn it back on. They asked for sender’s website and I sent verification and screenshots in-app and no response several hours later and now it’s after business hours. “Title IV funds are federal student aid funds, which are from federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.” No one responded to my support email or feedback email either. When I called the toll free number, it’s automated, and when I pressed 0 to try for an operator, it hung up on me. There’s no human. No way you can hold people’s money without timely support during business hours. They don’t even respect government issues funds. I do not recommend. I completely regret trusting them. I did not read these reviews until today. The business app is just as bad. I reported issues with screenshots upon establishing my account and no response. They don’t care..Version: 9.24

Stay away!! The company is great until you have any type of little problem!I signed up for the metal plan awhile back and went with Revolut since they were suppose to be good for traveling to different countries and the exchange between currency's! I didn’t have any issues until I had a card stolen in Mexico! Not only did they not refund the money they argued with me for many hours a day over the course of two weeks on the chat within the app and gave me the run around! I not only lost the card and money that was taken out of my account and was stuck in a different country without a way to pull money out of my account. They prolonged this process greatly! I do not recommend you use this bank for traveling! Also they wouldn’t give me a refund for the money I paid to be a member since they didn’t provide any of the services the membership was suppose to provide! If you have any little issues like verifying a card they blame it on there security system and give you the run around instead of helping, terrible customer service not only from the general staff but also the managers as well! I’d give them negative stars if I could! Not worth the headache especially when traveling and needing a bank that actually is there for the customer and can offer real solutions to problems that come up unexpectedly!!.Version: 8.19

Avoid - money not secure!!! Terrible customer serviceDO NOT USE - Serious security breach from Revolut!!! i have been hacked and scammed. The scammers were able to send me a text off the Revolut text system, i simply cannot believe it. They have taken £1060 from me. All i want to do is speak to someone from Revolut on the phone and be reassured but they don't have a customer services phone number and refuse to give me a call to discuss and will only speak through their app! I spent over 8 hours yesterday on the app live chatting with someone (4 hours of this time was spent waiting to be connected to a live agent from their specials fraud team and that's only after tweeting Revolut about it!!). I go on holiday on Friday and all my holiday spending money is now gone, I'm completely distraught. Your money is not safe with them! they said they will investigate and come back to me but are unable to give me any kind of time frame and assurance they will return my money. This service would not happen with a conventional bank, it would be dealt immediately and i'd be refunded so why should i expect any different from Revolut?? The longer they take to resolve this the longer the scammers haveto cover their tracks and the less chance i have of getting my money back - completely appalled. I recommended all my friends join Revolut and will be making sure that no one ever does in future!.Version: 6.9

Used to love itApp was fantastic until they started to ruin the UI by prioritising features you don’t use. Also, be careful when trading crypto. First of all, they don’t show you the market rate. Second, they sneakily skim you when you convert - showing one value in the Rates view, but another value in the fine print when you actually go to execute the purchase. They need to make money too, just be aware that this is what they’re doing..Version: 7.2

Teething problems I think and other issuesGreat idea this card. It works well at most atms (cashpoints) I tried in Croatia and Italy on recent holidays but not all of them. The same at retailers. Just didn’t work at some of them. The app is easy to use. However I did have a big problem which I haven’t been able to get a good answer from service. All my funds were withdrawn from cash points somewhere in Indonesia in three different transactions after my holiday and I have never even been there and I still have my Revolut card on me. And I have never shared my pin with anyone. I am at a loss how this can happen. It took me a long time to get Revolut to refund me the money stolen out of my account. The service made me feel like I was at fault for giving out my pin which I would never do. So there are issues here and I will hope they do improve as they grow. Service should focus on the customer and what their customers feel in the event of problems. Hopefully you won’t have any but if you do the measure of a good company is how well and how quickly they correct any problems..Version: 4.7.3

Ne marche pas au CanadaOn ne peux même pas créer de compte au Canada 🤷‍♂️ tu peux partout sauf au Canada.Version: 9.19

I can’t use mu cardI can’t use my card and nobody can’t help me, nobody give me an answer. And the app doesn’t work properly..Version: 6.10

Full-time frustrationI got a revolut account because it was recommended to me. At first I absolutely loved it. It worked smoothly. Until something went wrong. From then on it has been a total failure from their part. Back in 2018 I tried to open a personal account and business account (I work with people mainly in Europe). Initially I was put on a waiting list for both. After around 9 to 10 months, my personal account was opened. Then after a few months I noticed that the business account was finally launched in the US. So I tried to open an account and nothing worked. I kept getting the same message, “something went wrong”. I put it off since I was getting payments through my personal account. Until one of my clients was not able to find me. Since then I have been trying to resolve all the issues and have not solved one. Their customer service is absolute trash. I have spent more than 5 hours for the past 2 days trying to solve simple issues. I have decided to close my accounts. Do yourself a favor, if you have a business, open an account with PayPal!!.Version: 7.19

Unresponsive customer service. Bad app.One star isn’t what I wanted to choose. I would give it 0 but it won’t let me. I downloaded this app based on a recommendation. However I have only been allowed to sign in ONCE. After putting money on the account to have a physical card sent to me, I have not been able to log in at all Customer support has been unresponsive and when I did get an email back; what they suggested does not exist. I have reached out on social media and received no responses. I am not sure who this app works for. I suggest looking at other options for overseas travel and currency exchange cards..Version: 9.12

Bug - impossible to create an accountWhen I select my country I can move forward the app trigger the same screen each time I click on the CTA. Also Canada is not available as a country ?! No assistance email available just phone or in app :/.Version: 8.91.1

MadSo basically, my account went under review and it took them forever and it still taking them forever just to let my account go out of review. I’ve been waiting for a whole week and they keep giving me the same answers and it’s just a complete bull crap and I do not appreciate the fact that they don’t know how to say oh yeah, this is why your account has been under review for so long. Please keep waiting and thank you for your patience when all they’re doing is just giving you the same answer over and over and over and over again and it’s not even fair because like how are we supposed to like know the main reason and I verified my account and to this day that I’m writing this I’m still waiting on them to actually give me my account because all I’ve been trying to do is just transfer my money off of revolt to my Freakin card that is literally all I have been trying to do and yet again just sitting here waiting on them once again and it’s not even fair because like you try to do everything you can and they’re still just saying the same crap. I don’t even freaking appreciate the fact that I’m being lied to, and it’s just the same person telling me the same freaking lie and I’ve tried mailing the corporate office and nothing..Version: 10.3

Sounded like a good idea but does not work.It sounded like a good idea. I am an American living in Sweden as a student. I never leave bad reviews. This is a first for me. I am quite frustrated. Everything seemed great at first. I got my new card fast in the mail. It was beautiful and I was able to top it up. However, I was only able to add money from a credit card. My bank would not let me add money for some reason. This meant I had to pay with my Revolut, then add money with my credit card, then pay off the credit card with my bank. That’s a lot of steps. Then after a couple weeks, even my credit cards would not let me add money to my Revolut card. I spent hours with Revolut, my bank, and my credit cards on the phone and virtual chat. Each of them blames the other for the problem that is related to 3D verification. No one has a solution. Now have a negative balance because the Revolut card is charging me for having the card even though I cannot use it. I will be canceling the account tomorrow. Maybe it works for others, but not for me and I am very unhappy with the service..Version: 8.31

One of the absolute worst apps I ever usedI signed up for revolut more than half a year ago. I was trying to play with it and was trying to transfer $20 but it was telling me that a $20 was exceeding my limit. I reached out to customer service and of course they never bothered to respond. I think only about a month ago they were like ‘oopsies there was an error now you can use your account’. I attempted it recently and it kept failing my transfer saying that the address didn’t match my bank address. I went to my profile and changed my address and also tried to find if there was a way to update my address for the connected account specifically. That app is definitely not intuitive at all to navigate. After a while I gave up and just used apple pay. I reached out to their customer service through the chat again today. I was waiting in line for 3 hrs, and then even though I requested help for that particular error message, I was told to clarify, which meant I had to go back to my transfer history, which I did, and then lost my connection with that agent. Tried to reconnect several times, and their chat just does not even work anymore . It’s a blank page. I’m just tired at this point. Too many errors for something that should be very simple and seamless. Creating a literal bank account took less effort than whatever this is..Version: 8.9

Very Disappointing Sign UpSome how my sign up got corrupted when attempting to sign up. While I tried months ago to sign up - the app crashed. I’ve tried numerous times to complete the sign up but can’t get past entering my phone number and getting the annoying message “ Something has gone wrong, please try later” On retrying Revolut says I’m already a customer because they have my phone number / but they don’t have my customer details. There is no easy way to contact them to resolve the issue. It shouldn’t be this hard. While Revolut may be improving the way we do business it is not great at customer service or to resolve a simple customer sign up issue. I think the founders and executives need to realize that their app creates lots of usability issues when a simple sign up can not be completed due to their app capturing corrupted data through a previous app crash. Simple issues like this need to resolved if Revolut is to be considered a serious long term player in FINTECH. It’s a case of the developers not realizing that customer service must be integrated into the app to provide a successful product. Unfortunately this is a fail for me based on my experience..Version: 6.30.1

App login problemGuys there’s some bug in the app. I’m not able to login. Even after putting in the passcode and sms code it kicks me out back to login/signup page. Please fix!.Version: 10.5

If I could rate the new app less I wouldI used to rant and rave about Revolut to all of my friends! In fact I have managed to sign up 10 of my mates (technically a brand ambassador as this stage) but this new app has put me off Revolut so much! The main page is horrible, where is the analytics gone it used to be so easy to navigate. The app used to show me everything that is useful to me and now it’s all about add on and referrals etc - IT FEELS FORCED!? And are you that desperate for customers. I used to happily recommend you to people based on the amazing user experience I used to receive and even when things were wrong on the old app I overlooked those issues because of how amazing everything else was! Wish I could say the same now! This redesign and the person/team that are responsible for it need to have a serious rethink and being some of the old features back! I do not care about liking my accounts, I do not care about a young persons savings account and I do not want to keep getting prompted to upgrade my account! All I am saying is bring back some of the old app features, certainly the layout otherwise I suspect many of your customers will start going elsewhere... I know I’m contemplating it!.Version: 10.3

FRUSTRATING !!I have been trying for over two months to sign up or log into this app without luck. Having never used it before, when I sign up supposedly another user has similar details as me so I’m meant to “sign in”. Obviously I don’t have a passcode so when I select “forgot my passcode”, it supposedly send me a new pin but never does. If you select “no access to device” instead or “SMS” for new pin, it tells you to signup. Comical if it wasn’t so frustrating. I’ve been in contact with customer service since Aug2 (had to get email from another user bc it’s not on site or app” unless you are sign in. All the suggestions including getting a new device have failed if their step by step instructions exist in the first place!! Apple should drop this app or at least require a minimum of customer service. Why do I keep trying?! Friends in Fx world compliment the app. Maybe the content engineers should spend some time on the login security interface or do a better job teaching customer support!.Version: 8.25.1

Account blocked without warning and terrible customer serviceLet me first clarify that I was always the first to sing praises of Revolut. I even subscribed for their metal plan. However a couple of weeks ago they just locked me out of the app without ANY prior warning. I had no way of accessing my funds. Only the in-app chat was accessible with the message that I had to verify my identity. Turns out the problem was I accepted several 3$ payments from my friends that are not residents of UK. I was asked to explain the source of these funds by 5 different support agents. I explained and provided proofs each time. Every time the agent would take 4-5 hours to respond and then pass it on over to the next agent. And if I didn’t respond within 15 minutes they’d drop the chat. I provided all kinds of proof but they’d always come back with the same question. I said I want to close my account and transfer the existing funds to Monzo (which btw is a far superior experience to Revolut both in customer service and in banking) but they’d just never respond to that statement. Eventually they even kicked me out of the in-app chat. Like the option to request support via the app is not available to me anymore. So now I’m left with no way to access my legitimate 50£ or so and on top of it I can’t even contact Revolut lol. My only option now is to write this review with the hopes that you’ll all read it and stay clear of this app..Version: 5.47.1

CANADA is not even in the drop-down listSERIOUSLY?? I read reviews from people in Canada and yet upon signing uo I don’t even see that option available or by search. Quite disappointing to say the least...Version: 9.3.1

Avoid Revolut! The stress is not worth it!!I joined Revolut in spite of the worrying things I had heard about them freezing accounts, I just thought they must have a good reason for it. But then I (almost) experienced the exact same thing. And no one replied to me for for more than two days. I had two payments for significant amounts pending during this time, which was incredibly stressful! They finally said that I couldn’t make any more payments to the account although I would be able to make payments out with the remaining balance. Fine. THEN two weeks later I get another message from them asking for the same documents that I’ve already told them I don’t have! Cue another load of stress and panic that they will freeze my account. Their service in general is complete joke, it is not a replacement for real human contact, I’ve now spoken to 5-6 people on their chat system and only once did I feel like I was talking to an actual person. (I’ve still not had an answer as to why they contacted me again despite asking them four times in the chat) IF you are going to use Revolut, first take a look at their community pages and all the people who are stuck with a frozen account with no one responding to them! If you are still going to open an account anyway, please please realise that they are NOT a replacement for your regular bank, and please please don’t trust them with large amounts of money. Their service is not at all what they claim to offer..Version: 6.32

Potential that is not fully realisedThis review is given over a series of unfortunate events in this year. Revolut has potential as being a great solution to cross border payments without the hassle from traditional banks and you are in control. With that being said, being solely an online platform it has had many problems since it’s launch in the US financial space in prior to 2020. Firstly it took longer than initially stated to launch there and when it did, I am regretting being an early adopter. I have encountered numerous challenges from incorrect information being stored to being locked out of the system at various times. I understand the financial regulations that govern banks especially in the US market but there has to be a systematic change on Revolut’s end to provide excellent service products on a seemingly flawless system because customers will not be enticed to move to this system in the US. My experience of having some friends use it in Europe is what made me want to try it with its introduction into the US market but Revolut needs to fix its back end issues for this to be a truly excellence experience..Version: 8.77.1

Terrible & infuriatingThis has been the worst banking experience I’ve ever had. There are a lot of really great features but lacks basic things like reliable access to your money. They lock my card at random times when getting gas in the state where I live. Super frustrating. They keep asking for verification for legit checks I’ve received and held the funds. Now they’re requiring me to verify my entire earnings this year before they lock my account. I don’t have time to continually justify myself to my bank just to use my money. Now they’re trying to charge me $20 to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. I highly recommend you stay away. I ignored the bad reviews thinking they were surely one offs, but they are consistent. Customer service is terrible, as many have said it feels like you’re taking to a robot reading from a script when you’re not. No way to talk on the phone. Revolut could be so great but if they’re unable to be a constant hassle then they shouldn’t be in business. Maybe there are regulations or practicalities influencing how they function but it is completely unacceptable and a huge waste of time and energy..Version: 8.3.1

Ok-ishFor US to US accounts and use in the US - brilliant. Transferring money from my AUS to US - I’m out $200USD in fees. No one at revolut really helpful. Revolut always say it’s the other banks fault. Other bank says it’s revolut. My Australian bank has no problems transferring to any other account, anywhere, any other country. Just revolut apparently. Super poor customer service with this. And you can’t actually talk to anyone. They’ve grown too quickly, in my opinion, and are trying to do too much. They’re doing a lot, poorly, instead of a few things well.Version: 7.11

Non disponible au CanadaL'application semble intéressante, mais il n'est pas disponible au Canada :/ Ce qui fait en sorte que vous perdez beaucoup de client potentiel :/ Dommage :/.Version: 9.19

Hugely difficult to get access to moneyOpening an account is easy and flashy. Haviing money transferred into the account is a snap. BUT try and take your money out and it’s a whole other ballgame. I tried to transfer funds to my bank account and kept getting an error message. I succeeded to transfer 5K one day and nothing the next. After a week on chat (they have no live support) I was told that it “might be a technical problem”, that it was due to a limit but they couldn’t tell me the limit — but only that it was in place every 24 hours and finally that I can transfer 6500 but I have to wait till the last transfer went through (which takes 5 days). I asked to close my account but was told I have to have a 0 balance to do so. And their own help information says that there is no transfer limit. It feels almost like criminal behavior as they are holding my money and not allowing me access to it in a timely manner. Apple should not facilitate this behavior where they withhold funds from unsuspecting customers. I would highly recommend not putting your money into this “bank”..Version: 8.7

DO NOT PURCHASE- NIGHTMARE AND Disgusting customer serviceI have had revolut for a few years and every single year without fail it has somehow managed to let me down. This year however, has been by FAR the worst. Whilst abroad during the summer, the app crashed whilst I tried to top up money- managed to get through to the appalling customer service robot who advised me to keep trying as this was just a connection glitch. What actually happened was over £2,000 worth of transactions was ‘debited’ from my current account, yet showed as ‘unsuccessful’ on my revolut app. Despite being told it was not successful, this money was held as pending in my current account and I was told that I was unable to get it back until revolut released the transaction. MEANWHILE, stranded abroad with zero access to funds. A long and stressful story cut short, I did not get the funds released back to me until a MONTH later, and I am still to this day disputing £100 that they claim I spent but never topped up with... how when it is a currency card and there is no option to go overdrawn is utterly beyond me. I am now tirelessly disputing this with the help of my bank but as always, revolut’s customer service makes it near on impossible to get an answer about anything. I will NEVER use this app again and am hesitant to even go to competitors at this point..Version: 7.25.1

Non disponible au CanadaDommage, pas disponible au Canada..Version: 9.21

The greatest becoming the worstI was one of the first client of revolut in Europe o moved to Canada and kept it here. Revolut was the greatest when it has small number of customers . Today all my friends including me are complaining. Double charge on credit card, delayed transaction , customer services very very bad. Close accounts without reasons. I am even questioning if real agent are not in facts bots because they give you always the same answer. Fin tech you become exactly what we left a normal bank with poor customer service. And if your clients are leaving for other neo banque you won’t survive.Version: 7.1.1

Complete Nightmare Paired With Non-Existent Customer ServiceI downloaded and installed this app because it was recommended to me on the App Store, however during the sign-up process I accidentally mis-keyed one of the digits in my Social Security number. Instead of allowing me to go back to correct the error it just proceeded to the next page and would not allow me to back up and fix the error. I continued with the process hoping I could change it once I got into the finalized account and of course I was not able to do so. And of course like most companies these days there is absentee customer service - no information is listed to reach a support agent by phone or email. So I ended up just closing my account and deleting the app less than five minutes after I installed it. God forbid you make an error during the sign up process, because you won't be able to correct your mistake! You developers need to fix your app and the owners need to hire some support agents so you can reach someone by phone. Again, I would not recommend this app at all..Version: 8.39

Nightmare hot garbage of an app and companyI’m now we’ll into my 3rd week of trying to cancel my 1+ year old heavily used metal account. Revolut decided I needed to be ‘reviewed’ which they said was random, and after supplying them all the detail they requested up to and almost including what seems like the blood samples of my firstborn, they said it wasn’t enough and asked for more. At this point I’d already given enough detail to their India-based team for them to steal my identity 20x over (tax returns! Bank account details! Details on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION!! And on and on!) and it still wasn’t enough. So I requested they just leave me alone and let me shut down this nightmare of an account I had used for one year and about 30k in transactions. And surprise surprise, they can’t accommodate my request because ‘your account is still under review’.. EFF THESE GUYS. A warning to all— beware this company and this app. If you are considering using it, go to an alternative like Transferwise, whose validation / verification process is there, but far, far less intrusive I to your life and personal data. RUN AWAY...Version: 8.2.1

If you can’t trust a financial institution with money...Trust and certainty are crucial if you’re going to allow any third party to handle money. I really liked my experience with revolut to begin l, with but started feeling concerned when I began reading reviews about locked accounts, frozen funds and unreasonable demands for proof of source of funds. Then my own account came under review for the same thing. Thankfully I don’t have any money left on deposit but this mirrors the experience of others and I’m not going to risk losing any money and then having to battle to contact support to get badly needed money back. Online only support is not reassuring if the company can apparently withdraw that channel of communication, this is a *terrible* policy! Having now taken the time to dig more thoroughly into whether I wanted to continue to use Revolut, people need to understand that Revolut is an EMI not a real bank. If Revolut wants users to trust them with receiving their SALARY then they *really* need to get on top of these trust issues. I’ve never had a real bank demand such extensive KYC documents and I’ve never had a real bank make me feel uncertain about being able to access my money, and a real bank would never block users from communicating with them. I’ll be sticking with my real bank even if the app is not so nice. There’s always TransferWise for cheap FX. Lesson learned..Version: 7.30.3

Forever WaitlistI have been on the waitlist in NZ as long as I remember learning about Revolut. Several years probably. Last night I have received an invitation to open an account saying “Say goodbye to the waitlist - you’re one of the first to get an invitation!” So I download the app, I sign up with the same email they’ve sent an invitation only to receive another email informing me I am on the waitlist. Well, ok..Version: 9.14

Not Available in NZDon't bother downloading until they actually launch in NZ..Version: 5.1

Worst banking app ever - Use Wise instead !!!My friend recommended Revolut so I created an account and got the all clear. Decided to make a transfer out of my Revolut account and it has been over a week and no one from customer service has an answer for what is happening with my money that has been sitting as pending for the past week. I am unable to cancel the transfer and find a different way to use my funds - would be very frustrating if that money was needed urgently. I would highly recommend using Wise (ex TransferWise) instead of this useless app. Customer service is non existent with Revolut and I can already tell you their go to answer on the direct chat “the issue has been raised to the relevant team”..Version: 8.33

Worst Ever Card - Beware, here’s some truths!!!I have a Revolute Card and have been using the service for almost a couple of years but after over 12 months of continuously having my account locked with restrictions and inabilities to transfer funds then to verify my identity and provide all my personally banking data, I’ve finally told them to go and take a running leap…. While it’s worked from time to time and proved convenient, overall this card has been nothing but an absolute headache since day one and a constant battle to maintain and keep active due to their over the top security protocols and staff that seem to all display lack of empathy and common sense to the users needs and loyalty. The over reach for personal data is unbelievable and I would warn anyone considering Revolute to be prepared to lay out all your personal affairs to them in order to satisfy their databases. This was a mistake and I’m happily canceling this card if tyranny !! Good Riddance!.Version: 9.24

MISLEADING PERKS FOR PREMIUM ACCOUNTI am writing this review to express my profound disappointment with Revolut's travel insurance service. Initially attracted by the promise of amazing perks for trip cancellation coverage, my experience with the claims process has been far from satisfactory. I filed a claim last May, and despite assurances that all required documents were received and the claim was filed, I have yet to receive any updates or a claim number. The communication channels provided for additional information, including email and phone, have proven to be unresponsive. This lack of communication has left me in the dark about the status of my claim, causing considerable frustration and inconvenience. Adding to the frustration is the ineffective assistance from Revolut's support team. Despite numerous attempts through calls and emails, I have not received any resolution or meaningful information about the progress of my claim. The disparity between the advertised benefits of their travel insurance and the actual customer service experience has left me deeply dissatisfied. I hope this review serves as constructive feedback for Revolut to reevaluate and enhance its customer service and claims handling processes. Based on my regrettable experience, I would caution potential customers to approach Revolut's travel insurance service with skepticism and consider alternatives with more reliable support..Version: 10.8

Unreliable Transaction Verifications ProcessIn multiple occasions the transactions gets to a pending status, even though it’s between my own accounts, which is weird, surprisingly the funds I get from overseas don’t have the same problem which I suppose a higher risk transactions, the moment I do an internal transaction within Australia either to my account or my spouse account it gets into that status and the support is horrible, no ETAs whatsoever, escalations team doesn’t respond to messages, very unreliable I would recommend to steer clear from the platform if you need the money for emergency. Just to clarify never had similar problems with Australian or overseas banks..Version: 9.19

:(App hardly work on Iphone Se.Version: 7.24.1

Sign up verification doesn’t workExtremely poor. Tried and the methods of verification. Reviewing the 6 digit code gives me the error that credentials are incorrect. There is no where to get help. What kind of a company gets the sign up process so wrong?.Version: 9.21

Takes too long to get a cardTakes you through the whole process of set up and you have to top up the account before it tells you it takes nearly two weeks to get a physical card to travel with unless you join the premium service for £6.99 p/month. Should've been mentioned before set up..Version: 5.10

Not for CanadaThis app is not supporting Canada. Why it’s on Canada’s App Store and accepting Canada’s phone number for sign up ?!??!!!!.Version: 9.9.2

DommageLe Canada ne fait pas partie de la liste des pays où revolut opère….Version: 8.97.1

Unfair distasteful queue systemMy friends overseas keep asking me to join Revolut. They keep getting new comers in France easty. Here in New Zealand I am stuck in a waiting list of more than 10000 people but miraculously you can jump a third of the queue each time you ask a friend to join. No one in my surrounding has a need for Revolut therefore I have no one to refer. And so I can’t join (over a month and still at same stupid queue number). A friend sent me an invite to join but nope, I am still sticker with this unfair disgusting fake queue (at first it says I am first in the most then jumps to more tha. 10000 in the queue). I don’t appreciate threat of having to force someone to sign in so I can progress one third in the queue. If it so popular as per the message explaining the queue, then asking more joiner makes even less sense. Total BS really. I shall update this comment if the app changes its stupid queue algorithm because blackmail queueing is not really fair. Highly disappointed..Version: 7.36

How?It's sad that the 2nd largest country (Canada) in the world is not eligible for your application. 🥲.Version: 9.17

Ate my money with no explanationI transferred money to my account, then exchanged it for another currency. It subtracted the correct amount from my original currency but then also subtracted it -- plus some more -- from the new currency. So now I have no money again. I'm running under the assumption that it needs to wait for my original transaction from my bank to revolut to be completed. But there is no explanation or indication of this. When I search for an answer on google I only find that transactions should be completed in a few min (it has been a day and a half for me). Also there is practically no customer service. It is all chat bots and FaQ, and I cant find any relevant info to my situation..Version: 8.49

Revolut turned badI would like to share with the wider community my experience using Revolut. In a nutshell they decided to close my account without giving any explanation other than stating we are closing your account due to exceptional circumstances. I asked many times and they only told me the above and then throw to me their terms and conditions. Given that I was a paid customer and I provided them with a descent amount of money through crypto trading (transaction cost in Revolut is way more expensive trading crypto compare to other platforms) I was surprised to see that they cancelled my account and without explanation. Additional to the above they have restricted my account for more than 3 months and I couldn’t use my account while I was paying. Communication as well was terrible as you couldn’t find them to find an answer of why the account is restricted. Therefore closing the account without a reason, not communicating the reasoning, very slow in response, process of restricted account took 3 months and extremely expensive trading cryptos. If you had asked me few years ago I would have said I want to invest in this company. Now I would say that unfortunately they don’t live up to the expectations and something terrible happening there to do such things. I think I am going to chase this matter with the regulator as I feel very bad after all this process and I know for sure that I have done everything correctly..Version: 8.3.1

I wish I never heard of RevolutThis has to be the most frustrating application I’ve ever dealt with. I downloaded Revolut months ago and have only been able to add money about 5 times, although I have tried 47 times. More times than not the transaction gets declined. I was told to contact my bank, to which I did, just to be told that it’s on Revolut’s side. This persisted for a few weeks, until finally the allowed me to send money. Now that I miraculously was able to add money once, it was right back to not allowing me. Like I said, I have tried almost 50 times to add money, but simply cannot. The amount of hours I have spent with their customer support agents is ridiculous. I was planning to add a few thousand dollars into the account but after these past few months, I’ve successfully added about $200. Such a good concept for a company, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work. Maybe in a few years time Revolut will be a legitimate company and will take their customers more seriously..Version: 6.39.1

Revolut useA few months ago I would’ve given this a five. As someone who needs to make several small exchanges each year this app was marvellous, even though I find it really difficult to navigate the app. It’s just taken me half an hour to make a payment to a new person, but I suppose it might become easier if I could make more payments more frequently. I have recently become very disappointed when the amount of inclusive exchange was drastically reduced from £5000 to £1000 per month. Whilst I may not need to use the app every month, I now need to be very organised to escape exchange fees. I believe I can get a better deal if I go to my foreign exchange when I have to pay fees. Having said that I haven’t needed to do that yet as I am just organising better. I also find it very difficult, firstly not being able to speak to someone and secondly I just can’t find the dashboard or online chat section. I am confused as to how often I can make transfers for free as I know that there has been a big shake up with the T&Cs ie if I exchange £1000, can I then transfer £100 to 10 different a/c or is there a restriction on how many people I pay a year? My last problem is that having changed my phone, the app now does not work on the phone. It will not recognise my pin number (which hasn’t changed) and it will not recognise my fingerprint. Maybe that could get sorted out if I could actually find the online chat function..Version: 7.26.1

I got scammedI have got scammed because they firstly showed me I received money and then that money got reverted I got every proof of my payments and I have provide them every proof of my income but they are asking me for those kind of information which are sensitive and can lead me to lose my all life savings so plz if you give any service online do not use this bank . You will lose money still I got around 450$ in their account hold and they restricted my account I have provided them all proofs I got every proof 👎.Version: 10.8

DisappointedI’ve tried several times to set up an account so I can use internationally, (I’m based in B NZ but travel internationally) always give me a fake “Congratulations! You’re on the waiting list. Bump me up the queue by spamming your own friends “ I don’t want to do your marketing and sell to me friends for your product. I’ve “waited” to move up the queue, I’m always offered the same “place in the queue” number, it’s BS. I can’t get it to just let me sign up authentically. Disappointing..Version: 8.28

Very difficult to useI used Revolut to transfer money from my Australian account to my own overseas account. I like to transfer money when the exchange rate is good. Revolut are continually blocking transactions, I then have to show where the funds came from. They know both accounts are in my name, the account numbers are the same, yet they still keep blocking transactions. The only way to contact Revolut is in the app, and the buttons to get help do not always show, so sometimes it’s impossible to reach out to them. I would not recommend their services..Version: 9.24

Be warnedHave used Revolut for just over a year and now having to close my account. App is real neat however the system just does not work. The cards only work at a very limited number of places. I have had to keep an additional account for all the times my card gets declined(the big two are Walmarts and any gas station pump, you have to go inside to try the card). There are several merchants who they accept their card however about 2/3 of places I go in my area (NE United States) do not accept the card. Customer support is possibly the worst I have seen. If you are lucky to get somebody in a day or two the answer is always “hmm try again and let us know” and then it’s a 1-2 day wait for the next available representative. I’ve also gotten completely different answers from CS. They told me once that instead of trying to figure why my card doesn’t work just to link it to Apple Pay and pay via my iPhone, I couldn’t connect the card and a few days later when I reached CS they informed me that Apple Pay doesn’t support a Revolut card. All in all a really really poor experience..Version: 8.53

Don’t go with RevolutI used my Revolut card whilst on my round the world trip and I had nothing but trouble with the card! From not being able to withdraw cash at certain ATM’s to having my card declined to not being able to pay for my dinner because they were having “maintenance work” but hadn’t thought about informing me of this until I had contacted them! I’m not the sort of person who likes to complain but it was so bad that I thought I had to warn people. If I could give zero stars I would! There’s loads of other travel cards so keep looking..Version: 5.48

But hit n missApp crashes a bit which is a worry.Version: 7.20.1

Not available in NZTerrible to ask for all my personal details and then tell me it’s not available. Bait and switch.Version: 4.13

Holding your money hostage in the name of securityNot even close to the worst banking app in the state. My in-law in Australia asked me to open an account so she can send me the money she owes me. After receiving the money I transferred $1000 to my bank account a few days ago. I was trying to send the rest today and it got declined. As you may have noticed, there is no number you can call to talk to a live agent and live chat takes FOREVER till someone gets back to you with a scripted response and when you ask a question then s/he ghosts you. Long story short, after 8 hours they sent me a text saying there is a scam going on and we need you to write some information ( provided by them) on a piece of paper and take a selfie with it (my face in the picture) to verify who i am. It reminds me those hostage movies that they take a photo with the today newspaper to show they are alive. Anyhow, it is sad they don’t know the basic of business and customer services. That’s how businesses get screwed and not take off. I won’t comply with such a stupid request and already provided all information that tells who I am..Version: 9.4

Was good, now not so much...At first these guys were great. It was very easy to add money to the account, and the potential for using it for international transactions was helpful. Unfortunately things have gone downhill as of late. Nowadays I keep getting topoff issues- this isn't an issue with other apps using the same debit card and wasn't an issue before for Revolut. I want to move on at this point but because I have a small positive balance on the card I can't close the account, and I am unable to withdraw money to zero it out... bonus apy may be a dream if you get direct deposit, but doesn't help if your employer pays via paper checks. If you use only this account and get direct deposit into it this may work for you, but at this point it's not for me. Seriously Revolut, either fix your authentication server or let us withdraw cash! I'll be figuring out a work around then keep focusing on the money services that work better for my needs....Version: 8.3.1

Hated it their is much betterUseless & misinformed customer service. When I was done & wanted to close the account they ignored me after contacting customer service. Wasn’t a fan of the app either looks like an amateur built the UI. Can’t tell you the issues I have a complaint to Financial ombudsman is on its way. I also can’t stand these woke companies that seem to want to promote their own ideas on everyone. Online banks (apps) are gender & colour blind money is money & that’s what they should be focussed on not promoting ideas that don’t need to be defended when it comes to what they do. Wokeness gone mad … I’ve closed my account. *Update * now they are asking me to contact them with a detailed explanation ( with a standard response obviously not reading mine)of the issues so that they can be resolved ..too late guys too late I’ve closed the account. Moved on & am happy banking elsewhere perhaps you should deal with complaints while people have their accounts not after they have left ! Because of that I’ve downgraded my review from 2 stars to just 1..Version: 9.19

SlowThe app is always slow on the start up!.Version: 7.34

Updated App is not goodI have been using Revolut for years now and love the concept and functionality of the accounts. The recent update of the App, however, has left me really disappointed. I can no longer find current rates of exchange ( seems like this would be an basic feature, nor can I see all me account transactions easily. They have taken a really good App and over complicated it and dumped relevant features. Not good guys..Version: 7.2.1

Average serviceJust really disappointed with the customer service.Version: 8.60

No Canada serviceI can’t register because there is no “Canada” in country list.Version: 9.0

STAFF ARE RUDE ARROGANT AND HAVE ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE MANNERWanda insisted on trying to be right and demonstrate her arrogance instead of helping me. When i requested a supervisor i was ignored 3 times i was spoken down to and none of my requests where acknowledged! Not only that but apparently a proof of age card issued by the government and accepted as official form Identification at all banks, courthouses, and other government dept isn’t able to be used with this company… even tho an 18 plus card was designed to proof one’s identity???!!!!!???? Absolutely ridiculous must be overseas company and staff as they have no idea about this Identification even though it is in a catergory one for acceptable forms of proving one identity 🤦‍♀️.Version: 8.49

TiredExiting looking app, shocking support. And this is from someone working for a tech company’s support team. Agents are only available within the app, and the issue I was facing was preventing creating an account or logging in. Had to take to Twitter, been trying for a week and am still not using the app..Version: 4.21

Pour le canada sa fonctionne???Je n’ai pas trouvé le Canada dans (sélectionner le pays) Donc j’ai mis royaume unis et mon code postale ne fonctionne pas.Version: 9.12

Shocking.Please do NOT use Revolut! I have been battling for a month now, trying to receive an international payment. The sending bank has sent me proof that the payment is sent, but revolut reverted it (and kept a £20 fee) with absolutely no word to me, as their client, and when I try to query it via their customer “support” (what a joke!), nobody has any idea whatsoever. They are the ones who have kicked the transfer back, and yet they all claim to know nothing about it, including their “specialist team”. The sender also has not even received the funds back yet! Despite this, the sending bank has attempted to resend the payment, that was over a week ago, still nothing in my account, and after sharing all the details of the transfer with revolut customer care, they STILL have no idea. So in a nutshell, my contact (the sender) is essentially missing DOUBLE the funds they sent, and I have received nothing at all! Where the heck the money is, I don’t know. For a company who is supposed to safeguard your funds, it is DISGUSTING to think that nobody within revolut seems to even have any idea about their customers accounts/funds. I have zero faith in them after all these problems, and after the stress and anxiety they have put me through. As soon as this specific issue is sorted out, I will be leaving revolut in the dust, and would only recommend them to my worst enemies. SHOCKING CUSTOMER SUPPORT..Version: 8.78

Obnoxious notifications, no IBAN, “coming soon” for over a yearWise (formerly transfer wise) is much better. Revolut just sent me the last-straw notification that I didn’t need, so turned-off notifications for the whole application. Marketing notifications. Annoying notifications. Several per week. Friday: “Upgrade to premium” & “invite your friends!”, Thursday : “take our survey on how you save”, yesterday: “you can now send money to Mexico for free!” How about you quit bother me and only notify about transactions I make. Also, several features have said “coming soon” for well over a year. Coming soon means next week, imminently, not it’s and idea you had one time. Super obnoxious app. Let people control what types of notifications they get so I can opt out your marketing garbage and still get notified when my card is charged. Summary: get transfer wise. It’s way better..Version: 8.14.1

Over bearing processes awful customer serviceSigned up to what was a good ui experience , although some settings are spread Throughout the app and sometimes difficult to find. Downloaded this to use for my online hobby to make a bit of money during lockdown. I use cashapp to collect tips and consensual payments from my customers and then decided to cash out. BIG MISTAKE. The payment was queried and my account now blocked. Was informed “due diligence” but this is a big brother excuse for them to hide behind intrusive requests for personal information and data that does not concern them. I tried to resolve this to the best of my abilities but got caught in their incompetent customer service cycle of multiple agents sending me the same standard responses and asking for the same information over and over again. 3 days of constant arguing constant re explaining constant new agents helping my case I’ve come to the decision to leave my account blocked and will not be doing anymore business with them. Worst financial service ever! Not comfortable that they wanted personal information that in my opinion was non GDPR compliant either. Avoid this bank if you use payment apps or want to earn a bit of money to help finances during lockdown. Great concept very poor delivery..Version: 8.26

Bring it to New ZealandPlease make this service available in NZL.Version: 4.8.1

Another bad reviewHonest review: This whole app works so freakin’ quick & smooth….right up until the moment you try to actually FUND the account, which, if I understand thing correctly, is the WHOLE POINT of this app — to fund it, and then use those funds securely. Well. I’ve managed to get two cents in my account from my bank debit card from the verification process. So it obviously connects. But I can’t get any self-generated transaction to succeed. (Yeah, the “oops, we have a problem” issue). Fine. I’ll mobile deposit a check. Except that the app. Kearny has targeting issues based on the schizoid framing and inability to focus. So, after 4 tries I got the front of my check snapped, but can never get the back endorsement to focus. And guess what? Without that, it’s also wasted effort. The developers made sure to program things, however, to blame my lens being dirty for the lack of focus. What utter crap. Meanwhile, I’ve wasted half an hour. Why did I NOT just listen to the ton of negative reviews and forge ahead? Guess I just like to torture myself..Version: 8.79

Bad servicePost Revolut response: The customer service is indeed bad as the response is completely irrelevant to my problem! I had a card type that was suitable to my location, but when I was forced to change it, they put the default on a different card type which is useless in Europe and they refuse to replace it and tell me I need to pay for the replacement! Part of good customer service is to offer solutions rather than refusing to solve the problems that were created by your own procedure! I like their concept, but the first and only time after a few years that I needed support I was not helped. So, I think they’re good until you need them. I received a notification on my app that I needed to change my card and their default was a different card type than mine so they sent me the wrong card and I ended up being forced to accept a card type that is not in use where I live and now I’m forced to pay for the replacement to get what I actually had before..Version: 8.67

Don’t use this app they will hold your money Hostage!I’m in the midst of arbitration with these shady individuals. I ask to speak to manager and I’m denied that for hours. They are holding my money hostage despite me providing the documents they requested, then one of the employees tries to sabotage my verification by changing the documents that I had uploaded to one of the documents I had sent via the chat with him. There is no phone number only chat they have no address, I’ve filed complaints with the OCC and the FCC and the consumer financial protection bureau. This is by far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They are causing unnecessary hardship to me and my 8month old son who I can’t get diapers or food for, I moved all of my funds into this account because I was going to establish it As my main account due to its great features but now me and my son are suffering because these people are unjustly holding my money hostage for absolutely no reason! Don’t get this app im going to take every legal action I can to Be compensated for this stress and suffering they are causing me and my 8month old son who I need to get diapers for within the next hour, who Needs to eat more than once a day. I don’t know how Im going to take care of him if they don’t resolve this problem soon..Version: 8.73

Limited options international transferWhy the option to send to Canada is so limited? It is just bank transfers and taxes 3- days? It is same as any regular bank. Time to improve it ...Version: 10.0

Unhelpful customer supportTried to register for new account, but without success. Tried to contact customer support, but after exchanging a few emails, I didn't get a response from an agent called Panchami..Version: 9.17

Account suddenly shut down, stay awayThis is an app run by AI and hence offers zero support should you need it. Do not use if you travel a lot, you risk no access to your money. The short of it - my account was shut down for security reasons with no notification. Someone tried to send money and it was denied. A few days later I tried to use it and received a message to contact customer service. Got a message that they will respond next day!!! 2 hours later another automated message came that the account is closed. No live person, no reasoning. So it seems the account was already blocked days or weeks before that but there was zero communication. Imagine leaving for abroad relying on that money. The whole reason I needed it was because I’m a dual citizen and travel a lot. Even after my account was closed I kept getting marketing emails. The low or no fees can only be achieved by no customer service and relying on a poorly developed AI algorithm. You get what you pay for with this app. UPDATE: Several months after my account was shut down and I was told to move all my money out, someone who didn’t know actually managed to send me money. How is that possible with an account which was shut down months ago? This app is so mismanaged. I hope I can take this latest transfer out and never have to deal Revolut again..Version: 8.50

Where is Canada and Quebec?I was kinda happy to install the app and all… but I can’t find Canada as my home residence.. so the app juste doesn’t work! I know it’s a great app who do great things but I can’t even use it and that make me very sad! I hope they’ll be Canada one day so I can redownload it and actually use it.Version: 10.1

Keep looking…I was advised to use Revolut as a way of investing without commission. The interface drew me in and a breath of fresh air compared to the stodgey apps and UI of the usual bigger banks’ apps. I committed to go for the metal account as pure vanity made me want a cool metal debit card. The card to be fair is pretty cool but was hardly used in this age of mobile payments. The initial like of the UI quickly turned to frustration as the homepage was constantly pushing other services Revolut has to offer, making the once clean interface cluttered and messy. Additionally, the amount of email bombardments of cashback promises for a ‘limited’ time if you sign up friends was a quite frankly pathetic. I’ve now cancelled my Metal plan and have since moved to another digital bank which I’m much happier with. My attempts to close my account is met with constant error messages and after long periods of messaging Revolut and hoops jumped through, the account has still not closed. The cynic in me wonders whether the complexity of this is intentional to avoid further attempts, but that’s just me. Anyway, if you don’t mind ponying up £13 a month for the benefits of commission free trading and a fancy metal card, then go for it, otherwise there are better digital banks out there..Version: 8.50

ScamersRight and again is issues with them was waiting for payment,obviously not got in ,texted on app ,took a time to reply ,and it was no help at all was told will redirect to account team and they will sort it out ,ok got redirected and it was no help told someone one will call me and no one still did ,it’s not a first time when my payment gets stuck somewhere and it’s always full of excuses,or constantly online maitenance ,all i want is my money in the account what it should of been in there in a first place !!not to hear excuses or to be ignored,ridiculous and this morning i rang HMRC they confirmed that all who has revolut didn’t receive money they getting so many calls and it’s a revolut issue ,when so many hours revolut tried blaming HMRC and now when the true came out they completely ignoring messages instead of sorting issues out and returning money to people that’s a joke it’s a day robbery,my bills not getting paid because of them who will pay late payment fee now !?but i’m glad HMRC now getting involved as it’s so many people complained who has revolut account!who had other bank’s payment went in without problem!if you can avoid revolut and you better start sorting out and returning my money as i’m not leaving like this ,u thieves it’s not first time.Version: 9.9.2

Do NOT trustThis horrible app and business and their lack of ethics on every front has left me stranded in another country with no way to access any funds. It’s a totally nightmare and their customer support is just as bad. I signed up and ordered a card (which is supposed to be free but with shipping it was $23) and added $270 from my bank. They said the card would arrive at my destination, where I was traveling to, by November 8th. 2 days ago (November 6th) I checked the status to see where it was and there was nothing there so I messaged their support - there is no way to call this company. You can only chat with a bot! And they said it looked like the card was going to arrive on November 22nd! Which is after I depart form this location and the address where I had it sent. So today I checked again, and there was no card pending. So I chatted again with a bot and then finally with a person (again, you can’t talk to anyone on the phone) and they said they had cancelled my card order, would not give me a reason why, and still have my $270! So now I am stranded in another country with no card and no way to access my funds of any kind. And they don’t care at all. Do not use this company..Version: 8.28

MisleadingWhen someone told me about what this app is capable of doing I was excited to give it a try. And I told my friends about it also. And when I received my revolut card in the mail. I tried to use the many cool features that other apps don’t have. Nothing the app said would work doesn’t work. My guess is that the company created this glitchy app and launched too early without testing it out. But was able to get the app going thru clever marketing. That’s my guess. Cuz nothing works on it. U can’t buy crypto. Can’t send crypto or receive. Can’t do the instant transfer from debit card to debit card. I told my friends how this app is going to take over other similar apps but it just made me look stupid. Don’t like to app shame. Maybe in the future the app will start working. I gave it 2 stars for the good marketing and good concept. I would have given it 5 stars if worked. Long review. I need to get a life..Version: 9.6

Worst interaction I ever had with a companyI have been trying to verify my identity with this app for about 3 years. I submitted my SSN, picture of my ID and everything they requested and there is an e-mail that comes back every time saying they were not able to verify my account. I reached out to customer service that is almost non-existent, and instead of having a real person looking into this issue and verify me, they send me another robot generated message saying the same exact thing. This is just insanity. I have to ask my husband to use his Revolut all the time because it’s impossible for me to make an account for myself. I gave them all the documents they needed and they cannot verify me? Is this a bad joke? Despite the fact that this app is a joke and the whole customer service doesn’t exist, like they have nobody working there, I still recommended everyone I knew to get Revolut when they told me that they were traveling in Europe. It’s just crazy how I am the only person I know who cannot make an account like I am some sort of criminal. It’s humiliating and frustrating..Version: 9.16

Don’t get robbed by hidden charges - avoid RevolutNormally when you use a debit card to pay, nobody charges you. I have a business account debit card. I have used it over a year and nobody charged me for using it. But recently I used it to credit my Revolut account and they charged me about £200. You will not realise this upfront because it does not show explicit in the Revolut application. You can only realise the robbery if you check your bank account. I got in touch with Revolut and they said it is because of your card type. But they will happily register your card without a warning. They will not explicitly ask for your confirmation during the transaction. I did get a small print that said cards outside EU are charged a small fee but because my account is in the UK and with Barclays, I thought it did not apply to me. And they did not say what they are charging in total. I thought in the end I was only paying the credit amount. But when I looked in my bank account I cried. Hundreds of pounds for a simple bank transfer! Revolut refused flat out to return the transaction. This is a complete and free process for them but they were happy to keep the robbery they had succeeded. I will peruse this with financial Ombudsman. It is a time consuming effort but someone has to do it to stop cowboys robbing people and making ordinary people scared of using online financial services..Version: 5.20.1

New update is confusingI’m a customer since the early days. The user experience has always been fantastic but the app has become quite confusing over the last couple of updates. The new home screen is way off base and far from meeting my daily needs. My currency accounts have been relegated to a small section of the screen and packed away under clunky interactions. A chunk of the home screen real estate is now occupied by up-sell ads. I’ve already paid for a premium account so would prefer if the up-sells got out of my way🤦🏻‍♂️. The key day to day account and transaction information is pretty much hidden. There are so many features at this point that the current app architecture is inconsistent and unintuitive. Just compare the differences between a Pound account and a Crypto account. They each share similar information and user actions but are formatted in completely different ways forcing me to switch gears in different account types. I find myself hunting for info and actions most days now. Key actions hidden off screen or currency rates and alerts buried in a widget rather than included in the currencies main page... It’s starting to feel messy. I hope the product team will improve the information structure. The homepage could really do with rolling back a few iterations..Version: 7.3.1

Horrible experienceI got this card with the purpose of using it for overseas travel. The issues began when I was setting up my account. Firstly, the app is quite complicated and I struggled to successfully work all of the applications. It took almost a week to verify my identity and I needed my card to activate as I was leaving 2-3 weeks after I got the app. The support team were no help whatsoever and kept transferring me to different staff members who all told me the same thing. None of them told me the reason as to why my identity was not being verified, and they all told me to wait until there were any updates, recommending that I’d check the app daily. They were also unable to give me a timeframe of when my card would be activated, and were not responding to my frustration. After 6 days of my identity still not being verified, I got a message from a member of the support team saying that my account has been completely suspended and there is nothing I can do. I asked them why this was the case and they simply responded by saying ‘the decision has been made.’ Following this, it has been a struggle to get my money refunded. Overall, I would absolutely not recommend this app..Version: 8.61

Not Available in CanadaI created an account yesterday - only to discover this isn’t available to Canadians. Tried to close it today - 24 hours later - and was charged £10..Version: 9.1

Pending transactionsBe careful when using your card in the USA. The app does not update for all the amounts taken against your account and so ‘tips’ and service charges come off your balance days later, rather than just coming off as one entry all at the same time. Also, if you set up a tab using your Revolut card and then close out in cash, or the merchant accidentally swipes your card twice (oddity of the way cards are used in the USA), these ‘holds’ on your card mean you are effectively charged for these amounts as they show on your account as ‘pending’ charges. The merchants in the USA have no way to cancel these (believe me I’ve tried asking) as they are not real charges, and they don’t have any way to see them. So you have to wait a week (7days) before they are reversed. You will not be able to access this money - yes YOUR money - during this time and once reversed, can take up to 30days to appear back in your account! Normal bank accounts do similar things, but still show your balance with and without these pending charges. As this is not a debit card though, Revolut can’t afford for you to potentially go overdrawn and so they only show your balance with these pending (yet never to be transacted) entries deducted from your balance. This is a major problem if you’re only using this card for overseas use or holidays and need this money for whilst your actually overseas!! Certainly taken a dent out of my holiday cash!.Version: 5.13

Do not use Revolut.I have stoped using Revolut. The main reason is their chargeback system. it is based od AI robot, and filling with online form. Your options to explain situations when you are complaining about transaction are limited and predefined by Revolut (so they know in advance all possible reasons why something happened). This leaves you to only select what they think is correct. Selecting something different will lead you to loosing your chargeback dispute. Late presented transaction by Merchants even beyond allowd days by Visa will be charged to your account. I have received such transactio. 12 days after a purchase date. Merchant was on my vacation trip, 1000 km from my place. On trip I paid merchant in cash (becouse transaction was not authorized), and If I want my goods i have to pay merchant on the spot with cash. 12 days later Revolut charged me as delayed transaction. This is my second bad exporience with Revolut, and what I hate avoit Revolut service is lack of human contact via email or phone number. There is no such support, only via Revolut App and there will be after you pass AU Robot, a person who will just blindly repeat everything what AI did before. Pointless. Think twice before you start to use Revolut service..Version: 7.14.1

Stuck in sign up loopTrying to sign up and after I submit my phone number I’m stuck on the “Country of residence” screen. Pressing the sign up button just reloads the screen. Can’t progress further. I’m in the UK using a UK number..Version: 8.91.1

Extremely Disappointed!So I’ve used Revolut for a few months almost a year now and it has been great. But unfortunately, and just like in life, it takes one wrong doing to really dismissed all the good something or someone has ever done. I’ve recently been charged wrongly with a consume that I did not authorize, causing my acc to fall into the negative balance, obviously I reported the issue and my claimed was rejected. Now I have to get the money I apparently “owe” within 7 days or “else”. I’m extremely disappointed with this and after I get the money I will not be coming back to the app. This fraud error thing is really a deal breaker for me. The lack of human interaction made it 10x worse. I suggest to anyone using the app to always be careful, but for me, this is really it, I’m out! Thanks for the service you’ve provided until now revolut, but this issue is concerning, and the fact that you guys were unable to see the clearly fraud that I have been charged with is very disappointing..Version: 9.3.1

Terrible organisation and product. Is it a con?I have been sitting in a cue for over two months and haven’t moved up. It’s appalling, how can they run a business like this!.Version: 5.33

A real case just happened in MayI was a loyal Revolt user until I met a fraud in May. I was cheated by the real transaction information the criminal confirmed with me. I received a call and was confirmed by messages about my transaction information. Even though I should know that Revolut only contacts users with their app. However, as an international student who trusts digital banks - Revolut so much and cannot apply for a physical account that easily in the UK, I chose to believe in Revolut and I was wrong. While the fraud happened, I immediately contacted the custom service of Revolut. However, they keep on changing the customer service for my case. I felt uncomfortable and unsafe since the criminal took all my living expenses. I keep on waiting for the contact. However, when I asked about the latest progress ( I am a student who had an assessment during that time ) , they said my case is close. I was shocked by the way they treated a fraud case associated with their third party information between apps and the information transaction for their user/ customer. The digital bank - Revoelut doesn’t want to take responsibility for the explosion of the information with a reason - it’s the third party’s responsibility. Therefore, I won’t suggest Revolut since I know the other bank Monzo takes full responsibility for their customers if you are still looking for a digital bank..Version: 8.58.1

L'amérique du nordPour quoi l'amérique du nord n'est pas dans le choix de pays ses injuste.Version: 10.6

Face IDThis last update doesn’t have FACE ID ( previous versions had).Version: 7.4.1

Really bad customer supportThe app used to work very well. However, lately it was been impossible to add funds because identity verification doesn’t work. Tried multiple times over a 7 day period. The customer support is NON EXISTENT. They say they have chat support. They don’t. You open a chat window with a live agent, they tell you you wait one minute for him/her. I waited 15 min and nobody showed up. There is no other type of support except help menu in the app. Which is very frustrating. If you can’t log back into the account you have no recourse because the only type of support they offer is through the app. No other support online or email or text or chat is offered from outside the app. So if you have money in your account and for some reason can’t log back in you lost your money. I had to create a new account and even that is not functional because they can’t complete a simple Identity verification purposes. Is Revolut setup to skim peoples money?.Version: 8.33

Not working in Canada, but on the Canadian Apps storeWhat I don’t understand? You are playing with Canadians?.Version: 9.16

Don’t bother with the metal card for any of the benefitsI am a US cardholder. I’ve enjoyed using the card for transactions throughout Latin America without any fees. That and to withdraw. However, beyond those two activities the card ends up being useless. When one of my flights was delayed 4 hours, I was unable to use the “lounge access” benefit that supposedly comes with the card. The other perk that initially got me to join was the travel insurance. Well, if you take a look at the policy information, it’s all completely generic. There are no official insurance cards or certificates to be generated for official use, such as for visa applications. Although I have “active” travel insurance with Chubb allegedly, they informed me they are unable to generate or provide policy documents for individual policy holders. I spoke with support in-app as well as their Sure Assist through email. It’s very phony. Considering that I already have accounts in all of the countries I need, I will not be renewing my card for the following year. The highlight of this card was supposed to be the travel ease / international use, and unfortunately they don’t follow through with what they promise..Version: 9.16

Non-existent customer service and unsuitable for travellersI signed up to Revolut as my friend recommended it to me. It requires you to first load minimum 100SEK then verify your identity. I was given three ID options all of which are Swedish local IDs. As a traveller from the other side of the world I was unable to provide any documents and contacted them on the Live Chat to ask for a refund as I cannot access Revolut at all and had no idea this was the case. I waited more than an hour and a half with no response on the Live Chat. This is poor practice and I wonder how many other people are stuck in my situation. I highly recommend N26 instead, far superior in every aspect..Version: 6.17.1

Very bad experienceI don’t know any bank that rejects payments, all other banks I know flag the payment and look into it, if the payment was looked at by an actual human for literally 2 seconds and not a system then they would have seen it’s from my CTF, they even told me the payment didn’t look suspicious, and as I have been told this is a rare occurrence for payments to be rejected i really don’t know why it couldn’t have been looked in to as it’s rare and dosent happen a lot, I also don’t understand how they can reject a payment but then say it will take 4 DAYS to go back, like if it’s taking 4 days to go back why can’t you cancel it going back , I also don’t understand why they can’t tell me why MY payment, involving MY money into MY bank was rejected by THEM , once again they said this was a rare occurrence so there must be a reason, as being part of their metal card membership I wouldn’t expect a payment to be blocked, or at least it could’ve been paused and looked into, Very disappointed will be closing my account with them ! They also gave me no chance, the moment I saw that payment come up on my phone it was rejected, even though I went onto the app instantly they still couldn’t do anything about it, the money was urgent aswell..Version: 8.36

Immature service, not clear on policies and risking your investments with themDue to the fact they are still learning how to navigate through policies and regulations, most of businesses are not supported. For the least transactions they will block your account for two weeks until you get a notification for deactivating your account. Without even asking for any information. Just deactivated. And no clarification. As they don’t have the resources to deal with each case separately. I advise you to avoid them were my funds have been blocked for a while until someone was available just to send me through the systme that account is blocked with no reasoning.Version: 8.62

This app is rubbishBeen waiting 6 weeks for card..Version: 5.34.1

Not the best company!I do not recommend using Revolut, they shift their problems onto their customers! restrictions on the use of own funds, regularly block the account and consider applications and claims for a very long time..Version: 8.55

THE WAR ON CUSTOMER - REVOLUTI use to really love your company, my Metal Plan & evennorfeted 2 cards. However, in the last few months, the service went from great to terrible & you even have representatives messing with my account & fraudulrntly blocking my purchases, so you could hold onto my money. I even have screen shots i sent you guys that prove the agent was manually locking my card so my pin would work one second & the be lovked the next. I even checked my balance in the atm machine & it worked fine, went back to tmobile next door & it locked me out of spending my own $1,000! It didn’t work again until I changed the amount from $1K to $1,025 & for them to put thecrest on my other card. Talk about illegal & subversive. What kind of fiduciary are you guys at REVOLUT? Have you foxed those issues? Were you shoring up capital due to an impending buyout or even a bankruptcy? Are you actually ready for us to trust you with our $ again? After all, its our $. You are not a credit card company. 🤓.Version: 7.30.3

Bugs and not support serviceThe good thing is that I faced a lot of problems with the app before put my money in it. I tried to register many times, after I could register (after talk many times many days with support center), when I try to login the app show a generic error “We are sorry ... try again later”. Luckily I didn’t put money, just imagine that I have credit in my account and I cannot login is very sad... I think a company that give you a service where you manage money, should be more serious with this kind of issues and should give you more efficient support service..Version: 7.4

Poor supportMy card never arrived. The reorder feature kept throwing an error at the end so I contacted the support team. Aside from the 2+ hr wait to connect the chat, the support agent then just gives you standard off the shelf answers. When that didn’t work they refunded my card order fee and told me to try again. Only now the app has doubled the minimum account balance required so I have to top up again and still after a month have no physical access to the account. Ridiculous. So much potential and high expectations... all gone....Version: 5.14

Cannot open a new account through app if you closed an old accountI tried to change my old uk address to an Australian address but was told through app chat that I can’t do that. They said close uk account and open Aus account. So I closed uk account - no issues. I went to open new Aus account but the app thinks I have an account and asks for mobile number, and when I enter the number is correctly says there is no account, but there is no ‘create a new account’ option! Your support service is all through in-app chat so how am I supposed to talk to you for support when I can’t get into the app. Unless someone responds to this review with help I have no other way to contact Revolut support!.Version: 7.13

CanadaWanted to use it to put money aside for future location but fortunately Canada is not there.Version: 8.87

Not available to Canadian citizensNot available to Canadian citizens.Version: 9.12

BEWARE: Great product with SIGNIFICANT drawbacksI have been a Revolut customer for 3ish years and a subscriber of their most premium Metal subscription this entire time. I’ve enjoyed the service and convenience throughout and mostly been a happy customer. However, it must be noted that Revolut are not a traditional bank and seem to operate under a different set of regulations. Twice after using a *feature of their app* to make a crypto transaction, my Revolut account was locked while they performed a “review”. The first time it took 3-4 days and during this period I couldn’t access any of my funds or use my debit card. Now, again, my account is “restricted” for a review “to ensure we have the most up to date details” and I have not had access to my funds for over 10 DAYS. I have subscriptions, insurance payments, standing orders, bill direct deposits, and etc failing, and I can’t use my debit card or access cash. Multiple support queries have been useless, and being a Premium Metal subscriber seems to mean nothing. I like Revolut but can’t recommend that anyone move their daily banking to this company, because you may find your entire financial life disrupted arbitrarily and be put in a real bind. It’s fine as a 2nd option to keep some money or pay/request money from friends, but not fit for replacing a traditional established bank..Version: 9.3.1

Data stored without your knowledgeI’ve been using this app for a couple of days now, added my first card with no issue. The. Yesterday I added my second card but my bank declined it and Revolut app didn’t add the card to my account. Today they asked me to verify my cards and surprisingly enough they had stored credit card information for the last card that didn’t go through. I verified my first card since it’s the only one I could see and knew it was there. The second card I contacted their support team and asked them what they’ll do with that information and why they want my card details for a card that was declined and wasn’t added to the app and I couldn’t see it from the card section. I asked Christian the support person helping me to delete all my card details since I found it shady and instead of doing that they locked my account alongside my stored credit card details. Word of advise don’t add your cards there. if they were open he would have convinced me as why I should trust them with my data and give me reasons as to why they even store credit card details even though they’re not visible in your account.Version: 8.0.1

TERRIBLE COMPANYThis is the worst banking app I have EVER WORKED WITH. I am so disappointed in this company. They lie to you, they steal your money. They’ll freeze your account and decline transactions even when the funds are there!!! They won’t respond to your chat messages for hours (BECAUSE THERE IS NO LIVE PHONE CALL OPTION, only automated system.) and they will repeat the same thing over and over with no kind of update or result. Then you’ll get passed around to different agents every 30 mins so you have to re-explain yourself. They’ll not authorize your transactions at times and your purchase will get declined, again, even when the funds are there in the account!!! I am warning you to not go with this company and stay far away, you will ultimately regret it and there is a possibility you won’t have access to your funds either, it’s actually a guarantee. I was stranded away from my home and locked out of my account for simply making deposits. I can’t believe I have been treated like this and I STILL don’t have access to my funds. They even had the audacity to offer me to file a complaint through survey monkey which is not a site directly connected to the company which shows you how not serious they are. In times of emergencies or urgency, I was ignored and mistreated terribly when it’s literally my own money. Banking with Revolut is the WORST decision I have EVER made. The company is trash and worthless. BEWARE and save yourself a headache..Version: 8.64

Scammers!I am Egyptian and lived and studied in The Netherlands. Since I am not a Dutch citizen, and before my residence permit expires on June 30th 2022, I contacted Revolut customer service (have a record of the chat as a pdf) and shared my concerns that they only had me scan my residency permit to sign up for an account not with my passport which is a permanent document and insisted to share my passport and National ID to make sure they don’t steal my money one day. What I thought about is happening. Revolut is keep asking me to update my residency although I explained myself that I am not a Dutch citizen and I have the exact same documentation I shared with them which are my expired residency permit (I can’t renew it as I don’t live in The Netherlands anymore) and the exact same valid Egyptian passport and National ID and they didn’t accept them! They have put restrictions on my account so I can’t deposit money, and can’t receive transfers. I was so happy with my experience with Revolut but they ruined it. Now they are asking me to close my account or transfer my funds although I did purchase crypto and was planning to hold it for a few years and not to sell it now and lose 50% of its value. So disappointed in Revolut and their service. Don’t recommend them, they lied, exploited me and now trying to steal my money!.Version: 9.14.1

Crashes all timesReinstalled today on iPhone7 plus today. Crashing all the time.Version: 4.7.1

Worst experience in banking - everNot sure if this is just the NZ version but these people are actually breaking the law. So, apparently I can’t be Address Verified, so I can’t withdraw funds. But it didn’t stop me depositing funds 🤷🏻‍♀️ which I now cannot get back. Have wasted hours of my time on chat with staff who have no clue. Also - I do actually know where I live. Please close my account and refund my money!.Version: 8.88

PromisingThis is an updated version of my review. I’m leaving the previous one below. I received an email saying that they fixed the issue and they have! I went for the premium version and I’ve ordered my cards, so now we wait. Until I get my cards and see if it works, I’ll leave it at 3 stars. As I said on my previous review, the product looks very promising and I’m really looking forward to using it. I was thrilled when I found about Revolut. Unfortunately, now that I made it to the front to the queue and the time to start the process to get a card has come, the app crashes after the pin screen. My husband is having the same problem. Though he got past the identity verification phase but the same thing happens to him. He got in touch with customer support about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but they didn’t get in touch. So, we decided to try with my phone in case it was a problem with his model. We have 2 different iPhone models with the latest iOS. And yes, we tried turning it off and on again and reinstalling the app. Even if it suddenly started working, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable putting money on one of these cards if the app is so unreliable and customer service doesn’t reply. Unfortunate as the idea is fantastic..Version:

Too hard !Been trying to join up…asked multiple times for the same information and still not sorted. Into the too hard basket..Version: 9.15

A major step backIt used to be so clean and simple, in the period of 2018–2021-ish. It kept getting overloaded with everything, even on the main tab you can scroll and see so many unnecessary things you can’t completely get rid of. But the last major update hammered it out for good. I’m glad it has the option to keep the old interface, but please, Revolut team, take some more time to actually research if the users like it. From the brand perspective, I feel like you’re losing it. All-caps text is now reminiscent of your rival “Wise.” It feels like you’re trying to be like them, but actually you had a great sense of identity before, it stood out. Also :) Why purple all of the sudden? The bank money interface should stay familiar and recognizable, moderately strict; I believe blue is the standard for a reason. You might have been a little too quick, that’s how it feels like. Some interface elements of the new design don’t align and don’t feel cohesive—like action buttons. Tinkoff got also overloaded with stuff over the years, but they somehow manage to keep it structured and easy-to-use, though I absolutely hate freaking Stories on the main screen. Don’t make that mistake..Version: 10.4

Felt my account was not secure and appalling customer service.I opened a Revolut account to help me track and cub my spending. The app looked great for this. However hours after my first transaction I received a phishing text which I brought to the attention using the in app chat. They seemed to sort it but could really tell me what had happened so I didn’t feel very secure with them. The next day my account was locked and someone sent me a message saying they were “taking over my case” and asked what information I had provided via the phishing scam (only my name and DOB). I responded with this and asked about my locked account and didn’t receive a message for two days, by which point I tweeted Revolut. I don’t like to do something so public but there is NO other way of contacting anyone for help and I couldn’t access anything in the app as it was locked along with my account. I got a response the next day saying they were “taking over my case” and I asked again for a resolution as I needed access to my money. The next day my account is open again and no explanation of what the outcome of this case was provided. I have now moved all of my money and closed the account due to not feeling that my money is safe, and because of the extremely poor customer service..Version: 7.2

Unclear and irrelevantCan’t see what the benefits are to utilize this. Don’t get any verification texts. Can’t login on my new phone. Don’t earn interest in the savings account. Can’t easily load funds. Hard to navigate. Terrible experience all round..Version: 9.24

Éclaté au sol45 minutes que j’essaye de valider la vérification de création de compte, rien ne va. Les images sont net et parfaitement prise, je me dais refusé 5 fois d’affilée car ce n’est pas net? Ensuite j’ai essayer avec 4 types de documents, a chaque fois la raison du refus n’as strictement aucune logique. Bref merci pour cette perte de temps.Version: 10.0

Canada is not includDans les pays de résidence le Canada n’est pas la… malgré tout ces un des plus grand pays.Version: 10.5

Pointless hurdles, worse than my actual bankThere’s no point to this. Hurdle after hurdle that New Zealand banks don’t put you through. Waste of time and effort, garbage KYC process that seemingly never ends. Got bored of it fast. If you come to the New Zealand market you have to have a USP over regular banks and payment systems and Revolut doesn’t have one. Account deleted, won’t ever be reopened..Version: 9.16

Glitchy tech, horrible processes and customer serviceIn the few months that I have tried to use the service there have been many technical problems with the bank from verifying my identity, receiving money to sending money to how their customer service works. Sometimes it says you have to wait for a day for a response and then a person will respond in a minute and other times it says someone will be with you soon only to take a few hours for a response. Also with the technical glitches you always have to go digging for versus them being proactive about. I also have a US account but it gives its outage notifications in British Standard Time and any issues you have to report on, you need to put it in £. Maybe it’s not meant for the US market. If you are using small money values, have very simple needs and never need to contact customer service this might work for you. If you need anything else, this might not be the right platform for you. Had such high hopes based on what I had read from their UK business..Version: 8.12

Complete disregard for customers, useless supportThe account was blocked, allegedly for verification. They didn't provide any explanation. 24 days have passed since the blocking, and so far there has been no explanation from the bank. The support service does not comment on anything and does not answer any questions. The terms of the check are increased every time without explaining it. The incoming transfer was canceled, not credited to my account and not returned to the sender. 22 days have passed since the transfer and the sender still has not received it. The bank refuses to provide any documents confirming the return of the transfer and simply ignores any requests and requirements. Bank employees constantly lie in the chat of the bank application (there are all screenshots), do not give any comments about the progress of the check, the reasons for the check and the timing of the check. The worst bank in the world. To date, 24 days have passed, so far all accounts have been blocked and I cannot use my accounts. Support ignores.Version: 9.13

Absolutely awful and somehow getting worseCan’t understand how the rating is above 1 star. Literally the worst app I have ever used from a UX perspective and now just straight up unable to perform the functions of a bank. Having been duped in by misleading offers, I’ll be transferring all my money out today and shutting down my account. Completely outrageous and their help function is 100% useless and basically built to keep people in a useless spiral of time wasting. They Recently started returning my salary without warning and for no reason, while casually letting me know my employer would get it back within 5 days. The only reason I Started using the app was for the savings bonus, which turns out to be complete nonsense (there really is no bonus no matter how much you have in savings / activity on your account). In addition, they just informed me that for some reason last May, they made an insane error which resulted in credits / debits from accounts not going through. Yesterday they just casually emailed me and today I have money missing from my account, without any actual rationale / explanation-as no transactions happened on the dates they advised. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid..Version: 8.34.1

Promising but the app is confusingThere are two things to distinguish: the financial services and the app itself. Your account comes with a free visa debit card that works online and in what’s left of the real world. You can top up only in CAD using a Canadian credit card (your bank may charge a cash advance fee on this transaction—so far I haven’t been charged any by Desjardins or Tangerine). There’s no way to top up from other countries. You don’t have an actual account number that you could use to wire money in, unlike TransferWise. You can get money sent from Revolut to your CAD bank account by electronic transfer for free, but not to other countries, so the only way to get money out of there in other currencies is to spend it. So as such, it’s more of a prepaid travel credit card. That being said, the exchange rates are unbeatable. I exchanged CAD to EUR and immediately back to CAD and lost only a couple of cents. Even TransferWise is quite a bit more expensive. As for the app itself, the interface is clunky and confusing. They keep shifting things around from one update to another, without ever addressing the deeper design flaws..Version: 7.0.1

Waitlisted for agesI dunno if it’s because there was and error or something or if it’s because this isn’t available in Nz yet but I was waitlisted for ages.Version: 9.6

Payment abroad and back to linked account.I wanted to make a payment to a family member in France. I transferred the amount I wished to pay from my linked account to my Revolut card which I then converted to euros. After about an hour on the phone app with the chat bot telling me it might be a scam and asking for selfies as proof it was me and asking lots of repetitive questions which I answered and bombarding me with texts about scams which they repeated ad infinitum I gave up the will to live and cancelled the transaction. I then converted money back to pounds for which I was charged again and requested the money back to linked account from which it came. Guess what? I was sent to chat bot again who proceeded to take me through the same process as before! It took over an hour to complete the transfer and get my money refunded to my linked account after charges. They say it is to protect you but is more likely to be to protect themselves! It is an unnecessary long winded and repetitive process compared to the banks which in the past had only taken me about 10 minutes on the phone. They were less than helpful and rather obstructive especially when I wanted to transfer money back to the account from which it came which should have been straight forward. I lost money in charges because of their intransigence. Never again! Be warned!.Version: 9.8

Account still on review after more than 1 monthAccount still on review. More than 1 month no contact or customer service email.Version: 9.25.2

We need your partner details illegallyRevolut have one major problem. They don’t have anybody that can think outside the box. Everyone in customer services just looks at the screen and reads what the screen says instead of applying any common sense to it. For example if you put £200 in an account and sold and bought back currency 50 times revolute instantly think you must have an income of £10,000. Then they want to know where you’ve got their income from. They cannot believe that you just had only £200. So now they start to insist on seeing how are you got this £10,000 spare cash. Which never existed in the first place. I can’t get you to prove that you had £10,000 spare cash and the source of the funds even though you only actually had £200 they start asking for your partners financial details and bank statements. When you try to speak to someone in customer service with a brain they just keep repeating at you but you must have £10,000 spare cash. This has been going on for months and the account’s been blocked.. I would advise anyone to avoid them like the plague. They are just not able to do anything that involves common sense and you will probably either end up losing money or having your account blocked for several months because no one can see any common sense..Version: 7.1.1

Terrible customer service AVOID!!I am a type one diabetic who lost my debit card and thought it would be great to use my Revolute card so transferred some money via a friend so I can use a card while I waited for a replacement and buy groceries etc. They held the money and then when I waited 4 hours I went to say “something is wrong” to see a message from one of this employees (notice I didn’t get anything sent to me it was hidden in the app). 6 hours later no response and my money is held nowhere, no option to return it and no way of getting a response. I have read their response that as a financial provider they have to do due diligence, transfers to my own bank account are done instantly and my bank is also a financial institution, friends with Monzo do not have this issue and I am disappointed mainly that they ignore you. I believe they are making money while they hold your money and do not believe this due diligence excuse (if it were I would expect a response that use legislative explanation). This seems to be a strange financial institution, with low ethics. I will be taking my concerns to the FCA to find out why it takes days to put through a payment into an account and how they are treating their customers fairly by responding to REVIEWS but not to their customer service queries. I wouldn’t have written a review had I had a response to my query. AVOID THIS COMPANY..Version: 6.23.1

Disappointing updatesI joined Revolut to transfer currencies with family members overseas and to do small trades on currencies when the timing is right while understanding how currencies fluctuate. It has been interesting and fun watching the live feed and comparison charts and guessing where currencies will go, setting alarms and trading without the worry of losing savings. For some reason Revolut keeps updating the app to take away the very features that made me like the service and platform in the first place. I’m all about updating services and improvements but not taking them away. I hope that they see that these new updates are not what their users want and make the necessary changes to reflect what customers want..Version: 7.30.3

Careful not what it says“I’ve heard much about this app, but I’m disappointed that it doesn’t allow transferring crypto to your own wallet. You can only transfer between REVOULT users. When I joined, it was possible to withdraw crypto, but they have stopped it now, which is a massive drawback. It feels useless; Please give me my hard earn crypto back." This is what they saying: "Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer cryptocurrency outside the Revolut platform (i.e., external wallets) yet. However, you can still buy, sell, exchange and even send cryptocurrencies to your friends (Except US users) within the Revolut platform.".Version: 9.18

USED to love this appThe platform Revolut provides is awesome. And when I originally joined I absolutely fell in love with the app. Easy to use, clear and super helpful. Now its an absolute task to find what you’re looking for. All the useful features have been hidden, they still exist but the interface is all so confusing now. Whilst the platform itself and what it lets you do is still very good I would like nothing more than to see the app roll back a couple versions to when it actually worked. Back to the day where I could swipe to go through my currency’s, where I could see a graph of my spending right there on the home screen, back when exchanging currency was easy and clear, back when splitting bills was three taps and back to when the app looked good and not just a cluster of words and images. Don’t get me wrong I love Revolut and I would still recommend it to friends, but now I have to say “Try Revolut! The apps not that good but it can be useful.”.Version: 7.30.3

Great product but terrible customer serviceA great product. I’ve never used an app based bank before but I’m now sold. But when things go wrong it’s AWFUL Customer service are absolutely useless and don’t even bother to read your question before pumping out a generic reply that doesn’t even apply to the question. Waiting 20 minutes for each response. So great product but a very long way to go with the customer service.Version: 8.47

FrustratingReally starting to get annoyed now with the verification process. Friends and family all verified within minutes and I’m sat here for days now despite being the first one to setup. It’s like my profile is stuck in a state of limbo..Version: 9.14.2

Great concept SlowBeen waiting 4 days back and fourth with 6 different agents who have all been amazing but have passed me onto “the relevant team” long story short I am a normal human with basic interest to trade but my acc says “declined” for no valid reason even though I have supplied a relevant passport and drivers license no one is able to help me and I’ve lost out on certain asserts being on a low buy in because of the time Revolut customer Care had taken to get back to me. My whole conversation with them has been positive on my end but very frustrating! I’m still awaiting help so I can have an active account! If someone could help me I’d be so grateful! Thanks! Emma.Version: 7.30.4

Takes you through the whole process and then...It’s not even available in my country. Literally asked me all my personal details and then said it’s not available. Booooo.Version: 4.12.1

Queue systemI find it quite silly that when you apply for a new account you are put in a queue (Currently #8465) and the only way to skip places is to invite friends to use the app! My relatives in Europe use this app and asked me to sign up to transfer them money, but feel like it’s a stupid con to have a queue system. Can’t be bothered to wait and transferred via normal banking..Version: 7.2.1

Great service, but app is complex and HUGEI love Revolut for sending money internationally; superb service and implementation. But lately it seems like they are trying to create a single uber app with many different extra functions, and that of course brings complexity and size. Example: the app today is over 400 MB in size. That sort of size makes me glad I have auto app updates disabled. My vote is they start carving out functionality into different apps (they can still each have links to the other functionality but those links just tell you to install another app), and this means they could keep the UI streamlined and the apps concentrated. I don’t use the other services so I’d just like an app that does what I need without the size, complexity and distractions that the entire Revolute product suite brings with it..Version: 10.8

Borderline Scam BehaviourI’ll give them the benefit of doubt but this is what happened; They wouldn’t verify my account using my driver’s licence even though it’s an option, after failing 5 times I verified via my passport and the customer service agent confirmed it was verified, I transferred funds into my account and my account was immediately unverified, couldn’t move my funds anywhere, not back to payment source as a refund nor to any bank accounts via bank transfer or card payment. One agent helped with the refund after I opened two separate chats because the first was unresponsive (I apologise in advanced if he has physical or mental disabilities which prevented him from doing his job). The funniest part was when I was told only NZ Citizens could apply and be verified; I had given them my NZ passport for verification. My friend uses this so I won’t conclusively blame Revolut for scamming practices but you can understand why one might lean towards that thought. Might apply again later and hopefully they have a working backend but it’s colossally garbage right now..Version: 9.19

The App goes from good to bad to terribleI can only assume that the one group Revolut don’t bother to consult when they bring out updates, is existing users. The latest release has gone from bad to worse. Their primary aim should be to make their app easier and simpler to use- fat chance. They continue to add unnecessary taps, buttons and options before you can get to the facilities you need, rather than as it was where most used things could be accessed directly from a single screen. They evidently have a love of white space that continues to go unabated and they clearly don’t actually use their own app. UPDATE: so just to be consistent, Revolut have just released a new version, and whilst I would not have thought it possible, it continues to go from bad to worse. Dare you to find a feature useful, you can be sure that at some point they’ll remove it. This time if you liked the ‘Exchange’ feature and the ability to see exchange rate trends with one click, forget it as it has gone. Now it’s a Buy or Sell option without the ability to see rate fluctuations. If you want that, it a ridiculous number of steps away in an obscure part of the app. Well done Revolut, another own goal. Time to move to elsewhere I feel..Version: 7.30.3

They take money out of your accountVery disappointed to see that the metal card subscription automatically renewed. Didn’t give me option. Luckily I didn’t leave too much in account but they still scavenged my foreign currency accounts without my agreement to claw some of a new subscription - which I’d have rejected if they’d asked me. They know this though because I only found out about this from a breezy email I received after the 14 day grace period… to say ‘hey your funds are short for a new subscription’. Cowboys..Version: 9.0

Use Wise app instead - Thieves that do not take disputes seriouslyAvoid these clowns.. Reporting to Australian financial consumer ombudsman. They shouldn’t be able to operate in Australia! Provided evidence of service purchased not the same as delivered.. they would not remove the payment off the company. Have a habit of just closing off communication. No phone number to call.. Cowards hiding behind their keyboards. Also will pull back a payment randomly and then months later put your unused account into negative. Use Wise app instead..Version: 9.18

Advertised as available in CanadaThis card is not available in Canada. Canada is not in the countries of residence, therefore not available in Canada..Version: 8.91.1

Manque 1 PaysIl manquerait le Canada dans les pays de résidence pour que je puisse en profité ☹️.Version: 9.19

Fraudulent happeningI recently had an extremely unsettling experience with Revolut Bank that I feel compelled to share. Someone managed to access my account and conducted fraudulent transactions, draining my funds within seconds. The most distressing part of this ordeal is the lack of prompt and effective action from Revolut to address the situation. Despite the bank's promises of advanced security and customer protection, my experience tells a different story. The speed at which the unauthorized transactions were processed and the subsequent lack of immediate blocking or alerts from the bank raises serious concerns about their security measures and fraud detection systems. What’s even more frustrating is the response (or lack thereof) from Revolut's customer service. After reporting the incident, the response from the bank was disappointingly slow, and their efforts to resolve the issue and refund the stolen funds have been inadequate. This lack of urgency and support in a situation that clearly involves financial fraud is unacceptable and undermines my trust in their services. As a customer, I expected much more robust security measures and a more supportive response to such a critical issue. This experience has left me questioning the safety of my funds with Revolut and their commitment to customer protection. I would caution others to consider these serious shortcomings before entrusting their money to Revolut Bank..Version: 10.4

Love parts of....This app used to be great, very intuitive and easy to use. Bits of it still are but they keep moving stuff around in favour of up selling features. Apart from the basic banking features I found being able to set up a list of currency exchange rates great. Recently it moved, took me ages to find it. Now it’s moved/gone again! Now it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be and just seems cluttered and all over the place. Recently tried to find security settings, used to be easy now can’t find them. Help section says they are under ‘cards’ section. My app doesn’t appear to have a cards section but my wife’s does. What’s that all about? Both my wife and I have had problems trying to use it abroad, so much so that any money saved on transaction charges isn’t worth the frustration of it not working. Don’t even think about calling customer services. They talk back in a completely different dimension. I asked them how to find the security settings in the app ( had an account for several years) Their reply : ‘Thank you so much for providing information, kindly confirm, are you referring to placing an order for a card?’.Version: 8.58.1

Can only transfer in my local currency (AUD), then exchangeThe whole purpose of me downloading this app was to set up an international account (GBP), then have my family in the UK transfer me GBP direct, without having to change currency. I was recommended this app by them as they have been using this app for this purpose (in euro) for quite some time now. Now that I have opened and activated my account by depositing my own funds, I have been told my customer service that it is not possible to make an inbound transfer in a different currency, as this function is currently not supported in Australia. Complete waste of my time..Version: 9.5

I thought this was the future bank for meHow wrong was I? Their loss. I find it shameful that they let me do 1000gbp of transactions only to find that I’ve done something wrong it appears. My app seems to have been hacked as well. I find it deplorable that I could be accused of criminal activity without being made aware of what I have done? I had big hopes for this company and had planned to move a large amount into there and conduct all my banking through their high payment structures. The money would have been transparent and verifiable too. There loss it seems. I can simply purchase gold from the Royal mint and crypto via ledger and store offline. That’s my advise to you guys as well. The app doesn’t appear safe. It is not illegal to move money from a legal income source with taxes paid into an account. But I have been called a criminal. They didn’t even have the gall to ask me where the money had come from? Just because it may not have come from the UK and doesnt show up does not mean a criminal act has been committed as all tax is paid and would have been continued to be paid. This company will not last. I would check they insure upto 80K as well. It could go at any time! Bring on free borders and free movement and privacy for everyone not just the top 3% whom seem to do as they please. I find it distasteful and I hope the bank fails..Version: 9.23

Wise Is a far Better optionI would chose Wise over Revolut any day of the week. After setting up my Revolut card in Australia I was ready to head over to Europe for work. After arriving in Europe I tried to access my European account information but this was not available. Although having a European account I was not able to access account details to get paid into. So this card was useless to me. Also to break your metal card plan it’s $50 which I found ridiculous. Wise is so much easier in every aspect and you instantly have access to any account details to get money transferred or paid into..Version: 8.52

Can’t even get past the log-in pageI am unable to log-in. I request a PIN via sms but nothing arrives. I request a password reset via email, again, nothing. I’m told to update the app to continue, even though I’m using the latest version. Have deleted app and re-installed. Still am being told to update app. Have tried to create a new account but I can’t because my phone number is already in use. If it’s this hard to log in, I do not want to trust this app with my money..Version: 9.3.1

NulJe ne peut même pas créer de compte et de plus le canada n’est pas inclus..Version: 9.3

Unable to help me with a scammer who took my moneyI was unfortunately scammed thousands of dollars by someone who used Revolut as a medium to send money from Australia to the UK. This has been a traumatizing event. I contacted Revolut who would pass me onto multiple representatives through their chat. They let me know that my funds were unfortunately not able to be recovered because they supposedly had the correct security warnings in place. Why would I spend the past few days begging for help and providing them with screenshots if this was no accidental scam transaction? They can see that I had only made the account a few minutes before the money was sent to the other account and the recipient had not been sent any money from me prior to the incident either. I will taking my case to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Horrendous assistance from the help body at Revolut..Version: 8.44

The latest update has ruined RevolutFor the last four years I loved revolut, they always had a really clean user interface and the apps analytics section was a really handy tool for budgeting. Combined with the ease of currency exchange and vaults I genuinely loved the app. This was until the most recent major overhaul of the apps user interface. The app is now incredibly clunky, it’s very hard to find anything to the point the spending analytics are effectively useless for tracking spending. The app has become tedious to navigate and every time I try to find anything I find myself wasting time trying to work my way through the unintuitive UI. It couldn’t be more different from the revolut app I first started to use. I decided to leave it in the hopes that with time I would become used to the changes as I had with previous ones but I’ve come to the conclusion that this just isn’t happening so am now looking to switch to a competitor (probably Monzo) which is a shame as the app used to be far superior. Classic case of if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. Really hope revolut changes the UI back to something that more closely resembles its former intuitive UI, although I won’t hold my breath..Version: 7.12.1

Frustrating customer service and app isn’t updated to accommodate new regulationsApp isnt up to date with regulations and customer service is the worst. Took them 3 days and 4 different members of staff to work on my query. End result is closing and deleting my Revolut account. I was excited to open an account with them so I could use them for travels but with the new UK immigration system in place, digital BRPs have begun to be issued in replacement of physical BRP cards. This app does not support such document and I was told this case would be referred to their manager but got no response. I would receive the same copied answers whenever I raised the query again, and would have to explain the same thing with references to sources numerous times. I understand that customer support will have to try their best to retain customers but at this point it was frustrating - even after I mentioned it was fine if the system doesn’t support this new document and would close my account then. Instead, I had to communicate and repeat the same issue countless of times because they were either not reading my messages carefully and refuse to empathise with users or they were trained to copy standard answers from a repository. Definitely not an app I would recommend.Version: 10.10

Idea is great.But the app is riddled with issues. This far, the card has worked for me to make payments abroad and transfer cash at decent exchange rates without getting charged for additional fees like my bank will. However this morning I attempted to make a transaction online, which was initially declined by Revolut, thinking it was fraudulent. This I have no problems with, and rather see it this way than getting fraudulent charges. But when I acknowledge an email that it was me attempting to make this transaction, the card stays blocked, but it doesn’t tell me that. Next I have to “unfreeze” the card to allow the second attempt I made to complete, and this never happens. No matter how many times I try to “unfreeze” the card. Then I spoke with an agent, after first having to deal with an annoying chat-bot, who was very helpful but was not able to resolve my dilemma. There was also another issue with getting back in the chat with that agent after she asked me to logout of the app to see it this would resolve the issue, but this post would be twice as long to explain that too..Version: 8.10

Great services not offered by banks. Bad customer service options.Brilliant services such as transferring currency, vaults and disposable single use credit cards. Unfortunately suffers from the inability to have a shared account with your spouse which limits its use somewhat. The lack of contact options for support is concerning, as is the only real way to use it via your phone, with very limited web browser options. Must use phone app for customer service. No web or email options. Is good when it works but if you have a glitch it will be painful..Version: 8.91.1

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