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Travellers best companionYears ago prior to travelling the world, we tried to organise a multi-currency account through one of the larger banks, to allow us to avoid currency fluctiinas and excessive conversion fees for each transaction. But to set this up from outside the UK was daunting, and we were stifled by red tape and hurdles at every turn. Wind forward a few years, and Revolut does everything we need, with simplicity that is almost disconcerting! Opening the account was effortless, Loading up and transferring between currencies and countries is easy and fast, the fees are reasonable and fair, and the confidence of having access to your money anywhere in a local currency so reassuring. The one and only inconvenience is simply the tools they put in place to avoid misuse of your account online. And merely inconvenient, not a big problem. Better to have this than be scammed. Well done Revolut, keep disrupting the old system!.Version: 6.5

Great appPlease add avg. cost price for stock trading.Version: 7.13.3

Great for holidays!Love this card. Super easy to use abroad and with the app it’s very clear what you’re spending/how much. It also allows you to get the best exchange rates on currency and transfer money back (for free) to your existing accounts if not needed. You can upload in your home country currency and it automatically exchanges it for the currency you’re spending in which is very handy. A few teething problems: I’ve twice been on holiday now and tried to pay only to have the card rejected. This was highly inconvenient and means I don’t trust the card 100% and do carry some cash with me on trips (just in case). If you have any problems with the card good luck trying to get through to customer service! I’ve been kept waiting for help for an entire day before. They have no phone numbers, you can only do it via a chat functionality, and so if you have a problem or query you rarely get on the spot assistance. That can be very frustrating and is the worst thing about this app. At times I’ve thought about never using the card again it’s so bad!.Version: 4.7.1

5 starsEasy to use ! The money comes et goes out fast I like it.Version: 7.41

Awesome piece of kitI got my Revolut card about a year and a half ago before heading to travel around South America, used it all over there with very few issues, some ATM’s will still charge a small fee using the card but in most countries there that wasn’t an issue!! Got charged twice by a coach company in Argentina but the revolut team sorted that out for me and had my money back in the account with very little delay, great!! Now living in NZ and used it before getting an account over there which helped with fees etc from my uk bank account!! Now holidaying in Bali and using it everyday with no issues whatsoever!! Absolutely nailed this cash passport malarkey revolut......well done!!👍🏻.Version: 4.20

Putting holds on my money with no explanation.I used to love everything about Revolut. Until recently they held my weekly payment for unemployment to verify its origin. I thought that was weird since it’s issued by the government but I verified it and the rep said I shouldn’t have an issue. One week followed without a hitch but now, they are holding another. This time, it’s been over a week with no explanation on why they are holding it. Every customer service rep uses the same excuse that “a higher team is investigating this, contact us tomorrow”. Investigating WHAT? I’ve already verified it, it’s an unemployment check I NEED TO LIVE ON during these Covid times and you are holding my money with no reason given. And giving me the same excuse over and over that it’s being looked into and the relevant team will contact you. Looking into WHAT?! It’s an unemployment check! If you have important deposits coming in, DON’T USE REVOLUT. They will hold your money with no explanation and no timing given on resolution..Version: 7.3.1

Unbelievable conceptThis has worked out very well for me, genius app and so easy to set up and start using.Version: 7.16.1

Awful customer serviceI love the concept and the premium offering is good but the price you pay is frankly almost nonexistent customer service. I’ve been locked out of the app and this supposedly while they certify my identity. I’ve sent photos of my driving licence, passport, marriage certificate and work photo ID with my disclosure and barring service (UK police check for people who work with schools, hospitals etc) and that was two days ago. I have £75k in funds but cannot access it. You cannot phone them or email them and no web access. In desperation I’m downloading the app again. If you are over 40 (as I am) or work and cannot gave your phone in your hand 24/7 forget customer service because you will never know when and at what time they’ll respond. If you miss the response they ‘cut off you chat window’ and that’s it you have to start again. As I said at the start great idea when it goes well, but the frustration when it doesn’t is too frustrating to make it a reliable current account offering at least at this point in time. That had certainly been my experience and as a COO of a medium sized organisation I sympathise with them but it doesn’t reduce the frustration..Version: 5.23

LOVE LOVE LOVESo happy I got accepted to be a part of the US beta!! I have never been able to budget well. Most budget apps take a couple days to pull info from banks and Revolut does it automatically. I love how it’s instant and it keeps me on track. Virtual cards are great for budgeting categories and shopping online. The ability to have multiple physical card helps me set budgets for different categories (food, transportation, shopping/fun.) vaults are a great way to save money. Not to mention the ability to add money to vaults with friends to save towards a common goal.... whattttt!!! I love Revolut and would recommend it to anyone!.Version: 6.30.1

Beautiful and simple designYou should install this.Version: 7.30.4

StephenBrilliant bank app The chat bot Rita actually answered my questions If you go overseas like I do revolut can really save you money they don't charge the usual ridiculous silly fees that mainstream banks charge.Version: 4.1.1

😍♥️.Version: 7.25.1

Great app for travel useI recently used revolut in a trip to europe. It was a good experience all in all right from the ease of opening the account, linking my bank account to revolut account , e-kyc, transferring money in the revolut account. The best of the feature is there seemless transfer of your balance between various currencies and at the actual market rates of the currencies without any markup or fees. I have not seen any other traditional bank offering this service Abe I definitely think this has helped me save money during my trip in currency conversion and fx mark up and service charges. I found the digital see debit sufficient for most of the purposes as most of the shopping you end up doing ,you can pay contactless in Europe but if you are travelling anywhere without that infrastructure extensively present then I think you would need there physical card. Only thing I wish from them is to improve the quality of the physical card they are offering. Otherwise no complaints and a regular user of the app now. Yes, yes, yes to your questions ..Version: 6.28.1

Dropped my Bank for thisExcellent customer support (if you’re pro, else you have to wait days, but hey, free means no priority support). Had no issues whatsoever except for 2 times they had problems with their payment processor. I could pay, but transactions were reverted and after a few days corrected. They have still growing pains, you should have a backup, I’m all in for 4 months and I love it. This is the future. Also support via chat is so convenient as you can answer later and don’t have to stay on the line to get help. You also can send screenshots. Very helpful. Beware that the pro version binds you to a 12 month contract. Your money is secure and guaranteed by 2 London banks and Apple Pay is coming later this year. Sorry US customers, as they are rate limiting subscribers. Don’t be paranoid it’s not a scam, they just can’t roll up infrastructure so fast. I imagine it will take another 6 months..Version: 5.5

Great service, would be great to update the watch appThe app is great, you can order a physical card for those places that don’t yet accept apple pay which is useful. Easy to use and very quick to set up an account, adding funds and switching funds between currencies is easy and quick from my experience. Only complaint I have (and I have this complaint with a lot of apps) is that the apple watch part of the app is not yet compatible with the new watch faces. Currently i’m using this to keep track of my available spending money for stuff that i haven’t budgeted for already and having the remaining balance for the week/month at a quick glance on my wrist is very useful, just a shame that i am restricted on which watch faces i can use. Other than that, very useful app, apple pay contactless works pretty much instantly, physical card came within a few days, standing orders can be created from your online banking directly to the account to make budgeting yourself easier, converting currencies is very simple and there are different features like trading and vaults ect..Version: 6.12

So far so good.I’m currently traveling the EU and needed a simple and fast way to make purchases abroad and after trying other apps such as Transferwise and Xoom, I found Revolut way better with more features and customer service. Originally I opened the European version which did not work for US citizens but with money already deposited I thought it was a scam yet customer support was very helpful, pointed the direction I needed to take and refunded my deposit with ease. I now have the US version which lacks a little compared to the Euro version such as crypto currencies but it is still well worth it and hope to see that upgrade in the future. Regardless great app!! Keep up the good work Revolut!.Version: 7.0

Keep asking for verificationI verified sources of money and every time I deposited a large amount or made an international transfer, it triggered the verification again and I had to do this again, again and again, too many hassles. Never had any issues with TransferWise. Also, the customer support is a joke, I am on premium plan and their priority support time took a couple days to respond..Version: 7.3

Grate appVery useful app. Glad that found it. Use it a lot now..Version: 1.1.3

So glad you’re in my life!Love love love Revolut!!! Can’t wait to go travelling again. Revolut makes currency exchanging effortless. It’s also an amazing way to make international transfers!Thank you Revolut. I hope your here to stay!.Version: 7.44

New Visual Update is not the bestI just want to say Revolut is fantastic. That being said I have to comment on your recent update of the Accounts tab. The trend line showing spending on each currency now occupies three quarters of the screen along with the list of transactions just below it and is not user friendly. It is not easy as it was before to navigate across currencies and also to top up because quite frankly there just isn’t space on the screen. I am finding myself accidental clicking on the trend line and then the top up button disappears and it is not intuitive to find it again. I’m finding It is redundant and unnecessary to have that trend line plus the list of transactions immediately below since you can get all that information anyway when you go to the Analytics tab. In my opinion and that of many of others that I encouraged to join and who made me join, revert back to old Accounts tab which was cleaner and less busy, and if anyone wants to know their top up trends and list of purchases they just go Analytics as it was before and you avoid cluttering..Version: 5.4

Easy to useGreat services.keep up the good work guys.Version: 6.0.1

AustraliaReceived my card after 10 days. Cannot transfer from my Australian bank account to the card. Cannot transfer from my German account to the card. I made transfer from card to one of my bank accounts to test how long it takes. After one week: No money has arrived. Wonder why this is called an advanced debit card with all the fees for the extras! Hope the details to really use this card will come soon. If not / will definitely give it back!.Version: 6.12.1

Waiting and waitingFriend suggested this as a safe way to take money overseas when traveling. Down loaded the app, 1 week later only informed, in a queue with 11,000 plus people in front of me..,. This company certainly isn’t after new customers..Version: 6.23.1

Receiving money, making Payments and Travelling made EasyLove Revolut. It’s the most savvy solution out there. Receive or send money in any currency. Hold different currencies in your accounts and make payments with the currency of the country your with your Revolut card while avoiding being ripped off by banking and transaction & exchange fees. It made me consider closing a few of the bank accounts I have across the globe. It’s superb!.Version: 6.12

AmazingMit Abstand wunderbar!.Version: 7.7

ServiceI’m happy from your service but I currently experiencing problems with transferring money overseas-If you transaction didn’t go through.Best regards; Eliaz Daniel.Version: 7.33

Brilliant appI seriously despise my Australian bank and all the needless sh$t they have inflicted on me through sheer incompetence and the unbelievably hostile attitude of their staff to even the most basic, politely expressed request or question. I love that Revolut just works..Version: 5.54.2

ImprovementGreat app to use. Especially for travelling. Easy to exchange money to use in other countries. But the new feature with the investment needs a big improvement. More companies needs to be in it. Especially crypto currency. Would love to see more on it. It’s an easy and simple app to use for investment. But I think it lacking behind. We need to see more features and companies on it. More graph works and info on companies. There’s so many apps out there for investment. But I find this one easier to use so I would like to see some more work on the investment side. Investment is the future for the app and would like to see it as one of the main app to use, mainly because we get a card as well. So it’s makes transfer so easy. Also need to make a watchlist folder as well as we have to find all the companies that we marked in the whole list which makes no sense. Revolut should really try and dedicate some time on improving the investment part. I’m sure it will be a big hit if more work is done on it. Would also like to find out if Revolut will ever do a joint account as we have one for junior one so it will make sense if there will be a joint account to in the app..Version: 7.28

Customer service is awfulI love the actual way this app works. The functionality, real time balance, vaults etc are great but the customer service is awful. They had my complete family money on lockdown for over 24hours to “verify” something with no warning and I couldn’t get a response from anyone on their team - days later they responded once the money was made available again. Even with this I just attempted to open a business account this week wanting to keep my expenses separate and same thing- as their chat a question and three days later and no one has responded because of this I don’t recommend the app at all. I understand when startups have a lot on their plate but if I’m giving you my money to protect I want to know you will respond to me. I’m going with a competitor for my business account and may move completely over to them soon if they prove to be better. - Update: the developers responded here to my worry but the customer service never fully responded about the issue after the incident. We’re currently applying for different online banking apps. To answer the apps question of how to “make improvements” maybe responding to your users issues specifically when without warning you are holding their money in a timely manor when it’s not public forum, just saying..Version: 5.5

Rubbish, Waste of time and effortCouldn’t get past identity verification process even with my crystal clear photos of driving license and selfie sent them over 6 different times! Then got a message from customer care asking for photos of my passport instead of my driving license? Why say driving license is an acceptable form of I’d for verification if it clearly isn’t? Waste of time and money as I will not be using this card or company! I have asked them to close my account and refund me my initial £10 to open this account, £4.99 of which was used to order standard card, I have been told only remaining balance of £5.01 will be returned as £4.99 is fee for card which will never be used and put straight in bin when arrives, £4.99 for absolutely nothing! Rip off! Beware if you intend to use this service, I for one do not recommend it and I know plenty other users who have had similar issues! If they can’t get a simple app to work, what makes them think people will have confidence transferring money on their card with them? and trusting everything to work? Avoid, complete waste of time, money and effort!.Version: 5.11

The app is great, but please build a full web UI as well!Love the app, love Revolut, but can we please build a full fledged web UI as well? It would make life so much easier and I could cancel my other accounts and use Revolut as the main one..Version: 5.16

RecenzjaUwielbiam jest bardzo dobra.Version: 7.39

Fantastic app and platformAbsolutely the best banking solution on the market.Version: 5.8

£20 couponTo get your £20 bonus, enter «Kubonus Revolut» in Google before signing up. This is an official promotion for new users of Revolut. I can only stress that when I say this card is the best for all your travel money issues this one card covers it all, you can use the ATM anywhere in the world where their is one and you can use it like a debit/credit card in all shops or markets anywhere that excepts Visa/ MasterCard and you can even purchase different currencies at sometimes a better rate then the money shops so it saves you the time and hassle off trying to find a money exchange shop when on holiday because nearly all places take card payments so it’s a massive life saver and if you pay an annual fee you get a lot more benefits that you won’t have as a free account holder and it’s still that good. So some off you are most likely thinking if it’s as good as you say then why haven’t you upgraded to the annual fee account the reason is that I don’t travel enough for it to be financially viable if I traveled a lot then yes Definitely would pay for the upgraded account plus brilliant App very well designed slick interface and very responsive works very well in real time money transfers as in moving money from my bank account to the Revolut Account so I don’t even have to take actual money with me as I can transfer money as and when I need it so this gets a 🤙👍🤙👍 from me.😁.Version: 8.44

Customer Service is just appallingI don’t usually write app reviews, but on this occasion it really needs to come out. It’s a shame that you guys managed to come up with such a good app and overall service just to let it all go down the drain because of the utter disrespect with which you treat your customers when it comes to customer service. If you really want to be a valid alternative to mainstream banks you should address asap all the problems in this area. I understand you are required to do checks and KYC and other due diligence, but it is almost criminal to be unreachable and lock people’s money for days on without a way of flagging urgent matters. This is the third time in as many months that a source of income is required of me (which will be the same as in the previous two occasions) and I cannot conduct my business because your chat services are not working and there is no other way I can get in touch to solve this. I am really considering a formal complaint since I am paying for a “priority chat” service which clearly is a lie..Version: 5.41

Version 7.2 👎I have used Revolut for years now and love it. However the changes to the appuser interface are making usability not just worse but really awkward now. The beauty of the app was it’s straightforward simplicity. Now with v7.2 over a third of the home screen space is taken up by pointless ‘suggested for you’ ads and only your last transaction is visible. I don’t need to see ‘invite a friend’ or ‘discover rewards’ every time I open the app I need to see balances and transaction details! Main screen space should be dedicated to providing key functions required for hourly/daily app use not dominated by something people use very infrequently. I understand you are trying to progress but usability is being compromised. I used to simply swipe left or right from the same home screen to view currencies now it’s 3 screen transitions to see my crypto balance. Can you consider making some of these changes you are implementing user configurable settings so we can decide what options we need at our fingertips and not bury them in the app?.Version: 7.2

Love this appWe have been using Revolut for nearly a year now and it has made travelling hassle free, cheaper and simpler. While travelling abroad, we no longer have to pay exorbitant exchange rates and make a trip to the exchange bureau. We simply top up our revolut account at really favourable currency exchange rates and then track our spending on the Revolut app. Since the card operates on Visa/MasterCard, there hasn’t been any place where the card hasn’t been accepted by a vendor. Using the card allows you spend exactly what you require over the course of your trip. I would highly recommend using this app, particularly for your travels abroad..Version: 6.28.1

LOVE LOVE LOVESaved and helped me so many times, living abroad in Europe for school! Don’t know how I’d survive without this. Quick and easy for my family to send me money!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou Revolut!.Version: 7.27.1

Instant exchange. Spending budget. Really missing the old view thoThere isn’t another app like this.. there isn’t a bank like this.. I travel internationally and I can exchange currencies instantly - send and receive all currencies - I didn’t believe it when I heard about Revolut - I love that I can set budgets and set funds aside set goals etc.. I really do miss the statistics view of my spending/balance, mainly the all time/monthly/weekly/daily view.. what happened to that? Regardless, I’m really happy I signed up and I continue to refer my friends and family!!.Version: 7.3.1

Thank you Revolut for coming to Canada!IMHO Revolut is a much more polished and features complete service compared to other similar services available to Canadians. I especially appreciate the informative and timely notifications for all my Revolut activities, and the comprehensiveness of the abilities to manage the security of my Revolut cards. Mind you the interface of the apps still have rooms for improvement for better readability and clarity. The ability to support the iOS dark mode will be very nice. To me, Revolut will be perfect if the following features are supported: - Interac e-TRANFER - The ability to add funds in other local currencies (for example, when I am in the UK it would be nice if I can add £ cash into Revolut via bank or Post Office deposit) - Apple Pay (to me this one is most important and urgent) Thanks again for coming to Canada!.Version: 6.23.1

BenissimoSo far so good! It’s not my main account but great for savings and traveling. I have a trust fund I’ve linked and converting Euros to Dollars has been painless. Highly recommend. The vaults are great. I have three trips I’m planning all with vaults. Change can be rolled into one. I see this bank going far. Some users have complained but honestly I think it’s mostly user error. I work for Apple and know people are really dumb when it comes to technology. Give it time it will get even better. Also I heard the U.S. is going to get metal cards soon. Now my AMEX will be matched so exited. The app is great very thoughtful and Apple like. Keep up the good work!.Version: 6.35

Great Travel Card - 100% recommendBest travel card I have come across. Have used it all across Europe. Recommend to all 100%..Version: 4.0.1

The App is GreatIm fortunate I can live on. Debit systems which is what this card is, the ease of use of this card with the reporting in the app is great :)... Along with future updates, two issues though, No Apple Pay yet, and no ”internet view of the account, I want to be able to download the statements to pocketbook but their date format in the CSV file is not recognised in excel :(.Version: 6.5

Awesome value and flexibilityA great product. I’ve never used an app based bank before but I’m now sold. It is useful to have a normal account too in case there’s a glitch but most of my stuff is now 100% through Revolut. As a regular traveler pre and hopefully post CoVid it has saved me a small fortune in exchange rate fees as well!.Version: 7.30.3

Brilliant overseas!Fantastic app, great for keeping track, transferring to friends and accounts - excellent over seas and so easy to use! Love it.Version: 6.13

Without consentI was using Revolut for the past 2+ years and was amazed by the idea, the freedom, the app, the support .. everything actually they did, I was think “wow, these guys are beyond excellent!”... till today!!! after the last update I’ve found out that the main currency was logged to be the one as per the country where I have given to Revolut my actual residential address! it was done without my consent in any form, and on top of that the virtual card I use was also switched from Euro to the local currency, also without asking me or providing me with a choice and worst - not possible to be switched back or somehow integrated to be possible that me myself may decide do I like it or not! the support was not helpful anyhow - they’ve just repeated “it is as it is... we can not change it... you too can not change it...” and on top of that “provide us with address in a country where the main currency is Euro” ?!?!? well I can not and will not provide any european address as this one I consider more european than any other at first and second - why don’t you simply let the customer know and then be able to decide is it ok for him the changes you’ve done without his agreement ?!?!!? long story short: Revolut lost me forever ....Version: 5.48

5 Star Rating isn’t enoughSorry 5 stars was all I could rate. Revolut teams you guys are the best, keep up the good work. Best wallet ever and includes everything’s and more to come. My TOP pick app wallet and HIGHLY recommend. 😁.Version: 7.15

Apple PayPlease enable Apple Pay for Canadian Beta Users. Your banking partner, Peoples Trust supports this feature..Version: 7.10

What is going onWhy are you pulling out of Canada..??? Not enough customers...?? But you never made any publicity... It is very sad to see you go. Can you just transfer our accounts to the US and let us have the same freedom with our banking..Version: 7.40

Very goodNice app.Version: 7.2

Where is the Auto Exchange and Price Alert list?Thanks for a great app! I must question the need for constant layout changes and dramatic updates though. As soon as I’m used to one layout and method of accessing different features, there will be an update and everything changes again with completely different menus, sub-menus and locations of features. I do understand that you want to provide the best app possible with the best ease-of-use. But please, at least stick to one general idea of an app layout. It’s hard to keep up. I can’t find the list of my previously entered auto exchanges and price alerts anymore. It used to be under Rates. Now I can’t even find that. Can you tell me the way of getting to it now please?.Version: 7.2

Big Fan I never write a reviewAwesome everything! Can’t wait for all the features to roll out in the US and Canada too!!.Version: 7.2

Currency purchasesI think the app is great overall, but I have one gripe... When I wanted to buy a certain amount in EUR recently, using my base account in CHF, I discovered that it was impossible. The only way to do it was to estimate the amount in CHF that was needed and hit the exchange button when the corresponding amount in EUR was slightly higher than needed. What I actually wanted to do was enter EUR 1’000, see what that was in CHF, and buy... possibly waiting a minute or two to see how volatile the exchange rate was, but that wasn’t at all the point; I just wanted EUR 1’000. Customer service told me that the reason I couldn’t do this was that that rates change all the time (as if I didn’t realise this!), but that makes no sense as an answer. What I wanted to do is logically entirely equivalent to buying something for EUR 1’000 with my Revolut card and getting charged the equivalent in CHF. My regular bank will certainly let me buy EUR 1’000 to put into my euro account, so why can’t Revolut do the same?.Version: 7.30.3

Love It (so far!)Finally a travel wallet with full Apple Pay integration - add funds immediately via Apple Pay, spend via Apple Watch or iPhone and not have to a carry a physical card. Competitive exchange rates too and this is looking like a great product, especially compared to my old travel wallet which took 2 business days to load money, no Apple integration and uncompetitive exchange rates just for the sake of frequent flyer points which I can earn elsewhere. Thanks Revolut, so far you’re living up to your name!.Version: 7.13.1

I love Revolut !I am really sad they announced cancelling their service in Canada. I hope they will be back some day..Version: 7.39

Love these folks!I just can’t believe how great these guys are. App is amazing. Simple. Great exchange rate and no fees. I am saving across the board. A real material difference. Can’t recommend this miracle company enough..Version: 7.6

The odd glitch but way better than my usual bankI signed up as a way to get my money out of my coinbase account (no easy task, thanks coinbase🙄). I’m pretty chuffed with it so far. It’s really easy to use, a little succinct in detail, like if you want to find out more info about certain t&cs or info on exchanging currency, its easier to search the web not the app. But the flip side is it feels a lot more user friendly because of this and not having loads of info to trawl through irrelevant blurb to get where you want. One big plus is they offer the interbank exchange rate to customers. If you change money a lot this looks like a great way to do it. Though if you withdraw more than £200 per month of the changed currency they charge 2%. I have one big problem, my account is still not verified because I think they don’t think my drivers licence pic matches my face snap. After two days I’m still waiting to hear back why my verification has failed until then I can’t do anything with my account. So maybe it’s a little early to give such a high score. We shall see.Version: 4.15.1

Simple, Speedy, Safe3 Important S.Version: 7.14.1

A Bank/App for the futureLove everything about Revolut. It’s user friendly app, ever growing features for personal finance and investing, currency conversion rates, benefits of its metal program.... I cannot be a bigger advocate for utilizing this app and their services!.Version: 7.3

The best choice I’ve ever made!!!!I can only stress that when I say this card is the best for all your travel money issues this one card covers it all, you can use the ATM anywhere in the world where their is one and you can use it like a debit/credit card in all shops or markets anywhere that excepts Visa/ MasterCard and you can even purchase different currencies at sometimes a better rate then the money shops so it saves you the time and hassle off trying to find a money exchange shop when on holiday because nearly all places take card payments so it’s a massive life saver and if you pay an annual fee you get a lot more benefits that you won’t have as a free account holder and it’s still that good. So some off you are most likely thinking if it’s as good as you say then why haven’t you upgraded to the annual fee account the reason is that I don’t travel enough for it to be financially viable if I traveled a lot then yes Definitely would pay for the upgraded account plus brilliant App very well designed slick interface and very responsive works very well in real time money transfers as in moving money from my bank account to the Revolut Account so I don’t even have to take actual money with me as I can transfer money as and when I need it so this gets a 🤙👍🤙👍 from me.😁.Version: 7.9.1

Good job, but...Revolt as a product - as a card is great. The support through with app is good... actually it has gotten messy. The possibility to follow all transactions via phone is good, but offered by others to. The product extension via the app to for example buy bit coin or gold also good. BUT the app has become very messy. The developer has to evaluate the app with real users and make it easier to navigate. For example every time I want to too up my account is takes me several minutes to locate my bank details - not acceptable. The other problem is the customer support. I have been waiting 2 month 🤣 now for a reply - but nothing🙄. Help - anyone listening at Revolut?.Version: 7.21.1

Left me stranded on New Year’s EveI had more than enough funds in my account yet my purchase of a pizza from Domino’s was blocked as it was claimed to be suspicious! My card was frozen until I confirmed my attempted purchase of my dinner was genuine. However despite informing me that my account and my card was unfrozen and ready to use I could not use it any more. I had a very important transaction to make with NS&I which I had complete before the midnight on 31 Dec at the latest - I was unable to use the funds in my account because it was still frozen despite my every effort to release the account!!! All this because Revolut system recognises my purchase of a Pizza for 18 GBP was suspicious activity?!!! How was this a suspicious activity??? And on top of that there was nobody available on the phone to sort this out for me - only tape messages and even that was not working properly and I was getting cut off or send after wild goose chase!! I don’t think this would have happened with my other bank account Nat West - at least they would have someone available on the phone to deal with the issue. THIS HAS CAUSED ME NOT ONLY A LOT OF STRESS BUT ALSO FINANCIAL DAMAGE BECAUSE I NOW HAVE TO WAIT FIR ANOTHER 30 DAYS TO DO THE TRANSACTION WITH NS&I. Very poor system and damage to me. Will have to reconsider my choice of an online bank..Version: 6.22.3

An amazing app and service that will give the banks heartburnI have now been using Revolut for a couple of months both in my home country (Switzerland) and elsewhere. The experience is lightyears ahead of the various credit/debit cards. Instant confirmation. Clever smartphone and Apple watch integrations. Superb user interface and very good exchange rates. Have recommended Revolut to many friends and their feedback has been even more enthusiastic. Highly recommended..Version: 5.34

Cool story broVery happy with the app and my account thus far. Regarding the app, Ive been utilizing the budgeting feature and have some notes: If I change my budget for one month the app automatically changes my budget for the previous months as well. Fortunately, I’m able to personally keep track of when I do and do not stay under budget, but it would be nice if the budgeting feature took this into consideration. Also regarding budgeting and accepting payments from friends: it would be nice if you could assign the payments from friends to say, a restaurant charge. I’ve begun avoiding paying the bill with friends because it messes up my restaurant budget in the app. It would be cool if I could pay for a table of four, have my three friends pay me, then assign those payments to that restaurant charge. The app has all sorts of bells and whistles I don’t bother using. As the savings feature isn’t interest-bearing I don’t bother using it. I also don’t use the cryptocurrency feature since it seems pretty pointless when you can use other crypto-dedicated apps. I also don’t understand the donation feature—I just donate to organizations directly. I really think they should just focus on making the existing tools work extremely well with what makes Revolut unique and interesting, rather than bloat the app and the service in an attempt at appealing to everyone and no one..Version: 6.23.1

Don’t be fooled it DOES NOT live up to the promiseAt first glance it would appear to be the elixir we have all been waiting for however the reality is far from the truth. I used the card to put £’s on and convert to the currency of my choice whilst traveling and it was great. Except when the ATM won’t accept the card or it likes the MasterCard version but not the Visa version and vice versa. The worst part without doubt is when you need to pass on requested documents or information the “Chat to us “ feature could be sued under the trade descriptions act as there is only Rita the Robot and if you get past her you will be lucky to get an agent within 30 minutes with pauses between your response and their responding of up to a further 15 minutes if they answer at all. And beware of putting large amounts on the card as it will be no problem until you try to take it off then they will require Proof of funds that will be so unreasonable you will need to go to court to get your money back if your lucky. Before you sign up look at Revolut complaints on Facebook then decide if this is the card for you.Version: 7.26.2

Best financial app Ever!I cant say how much Revolut has made my life easier. I send money abroad on a monthly basis. I convert from CAD to USD at the market rate without any fee and every penny i send arrives without any cost less than 24 hours!!! Neither Paypal, nor Transferwise, nothing can match this. Debit card, virtual debit card are great options for anyone travelling without paying any FX rate in a foreign country. Thanks! Keep up the good work!.Version: 7.39

Amazing bank killer!Been using this card for over a year now as my wife’s Italian so we had it when it was released there. Now I’ve gotten my own as I’m Australian and it works a treat. Love the ease and the way I’m in control of the security and exchange of my money and the different currencies we use. Can’t recommend this app and service enough! Thanks Revolut for giving me an alternative to normal banking!.Version: 5.49

Makes travelling with friends super easy thanks to the split bill functionUsed the app recently while travelling with friends and the rate conversion, multiple accounts and split bill functions were awesome. No more ‘I owe you x but you owe me y’ split bill conversations as the app does it all for you!.Version: 6.14

P mine este excelet pt dchimb di retragere numerarThe best.Version: 7.19.1

Incredible app!I don’t know how you guys do it but this App and the services are just AMAZING. You are definitely my favorite app and I have saved so much money thanks to you. You are disrupting the market!!! At it is great!!!.Version: 4.12

Premium Travel & Crypto Benefits at a Low Monthly PriceI subscribed to the Metal card plan and it’s been nothing but great for me, recently discovered the cryptocurrency benefits of the plan and have fallen in love with it. I plan to save up a block of gold or more in metal cash back, and truly boost my wealth..Version: 7.22.1

Love itI absolutely love Revolut! I’ve been using for a coupe of years - now living in Australia and it’s the cheapest (free) way for me to transfer money from home (Ireland) and to be able to pay into international accounts! I love that I can exchange and also set targets for auto exchange! It’s been an absolute lifesaver. Love that it tracks spending. It’s an all round no brainer to me!!!.Version: 7.3.1

Speed & efficiencyAn amazing app that is fast and effective. Excellent service and so much easier to use than any other banking service I have used. I once worked for Bank Of Ireland who take up to 45 days to process a chargeback request for international ATM disputes. I needed to raise a chargeback dispute with Revolut and it was sorted within 1 day. An amazing service, couldn’t be happier with it!.Version: 5.47.1

A little confusing at first but a great app!I had a rough start but only because I didn’t read the help- which answered all my questions. This app is definitely a keeper! Thanks for the awesome app! I still love the app since it is the only way I’ve found so far that i am able to move money between my own accounts- the only downside I’ve found is that it isn’t an immediate transfer, I don’t see the transferred amount in my account until the following day, but it does seem to make it without any issues..Version: 7.40

I can't live without itThe best app ever x.Version: 7.2

One of the bestI’ve been using Revolut for some time now as I travel back and forth from Spain. In comparison to my former UK high street bank, this app has been a big help; I just don’t worry about money issues from country to country. Travelling with one card and one app is very useful and the currency conversion simply saves money. There have been times when I have had to contact customer services with issues related to deposits and payments beyond the standard levels and everything has always been handled well. Compare that to ringing up my old bank, I’d far sooner recommend this way of banking every time. Compared to other banking apps for iOS, Revolut is at the top of my list. If they had offered sort codes and acc numbers sooner I probably would have chosen Revolut over Starling, but I’m pretty happy to use both apps, the latter being my day to day bank for now. However, Revolut is making good progress with developing their service and having a Euro IBAN is a great start. Developments next year to the app mean I’ll finally be able to close my UK and Spanish bank accounts and amalgamate everything into one app..Version: 4.8.1

Merci ! ❤️Merci de m’avoir fait économiser tant de frais de change, de frais de virement internationaux ou même de frais de tenues de comptes, je n’ai aucun souci à me faire avec vous puisque je sais que je n’aurais jamais de frais ! 🥰 Merci pour tout, je vous adore ! ❤️.Version: 7.37

Amanzing service and easy to useRevolut has been a life changing for me. I’m Italian but I live in Australia since 2015 and anytime I needed to send money home I always paid multiple commissions using traditional ways like an international bank transfer. I never knew how much money were arriving to Italy due to no-fixed exchanging rate plus additional commissions. I was always so disappointed but I didn’t know there were alternative ways. Revolut is just so convenient and easy to use (even my mum understood how to use it 😎). It uses amazing exchanging rates and you can even set up an auto-exchange! No needs to check the exchanging rates everyday anymore! Thank you founders 🙏🏻.Version: 6.18.1

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