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DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes app received 126 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes? Can you share your negative thoughts about dc legends: fight super heroes?

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DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes for Negative User Reviews

Not goodThe latest update is horrible. The game play makes no sense with little information on what heros turn is next making it difficult to have any strategy. Game play is like a kid with ADHD has designed it. It's too full on. Half way between this and the previous version would be better.Version: 1.8

Game is great but Support is worthless so...I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half. I’ve never had in-app purchase issues, until July 3, 2020. I purchased an energy gear pack and didn’t receive anything. I didn’t think anything of it because things happen. So I closed and restarted the game. Still nothing. I planned on purchasing the max allowed so I made another purchase and got what I purchased every time, except for the first one. So I put in a ticket and got a response. My issue is the response I got stated because my bank statement shows the purchase as still pending I’m basically not getting what I purchased and had already been charged for. I sent screenshots of my bank statement and apple purchases. This is unacceptable. You have never made me wait for a transaction to post in order to get what has already been charged and paid for before this. Now, because of something that is YOUR fault, I have to wait for you to decide when you want to fix the issue basically. I’ve spent honest to God probably over $1,000 on this game, and you don’t want to just fix the problem and keep a customer happy. Again unacceptable..Version: 1.26.8

Fun game but greedy devsThe game is fun but heavily rigged towards Pay to Play. It’s not even something small like $1 here or there. You need to spend at least $100 per month to stay competitive, which negates any need for strategy or team building. Constant disappointment from what started with such great potential..Version: 1.21.2

Mise à jour.Depuis la dernière mise à jour le jeux ne fonctionne plus , l’écran montre l’image premiere et après environ 5 secondes l’écran devient noir, et reste noir..Version: 1.27

UnplayableAs I continue playing this game, constant ‘Download Error’ left, right and center. Downloading Content freezes the game entirely, especially on the loading screen. As I try to fix all of these problems, it cannot be fix what so ever..Version: 1.26.2

DisappointedThis game has so much potential, but there is so much that holds this game back. Everything from pay-to-win characters, matchmaking, and pvp. Characters that were released over a year ago are still not available to farm. One might get lucky and have a character available in the shop, but that is completely random. Also, there are characters that will decimate some of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. The matchmaking is horrible. It is not uncommon to be pitted against a team that has 10k power above your best team. If you want to refresh, it will cost you. The pvp has to be the worst of any of these types of games. The reset every week where if you don’t obtain a specific amount, you will be penalized or lowered. I can understand that for the higher tiers, but the lower tiers... all I have to say is, I am disappointed in this game. I want to like the game, but there is such a pay wall, it makes it difficult. If someone were to start now, from the beginning, there would be no chance..Version: 1.22.4

AbuseDo not trust any of the moderators; especially the Joker and Beowulf. Alexi will pretend to help, then do nothing. Macho man will do nothing. There is no one to report trolls to, as the trolls are often the mods. Reporting to admins is pointless as they never respond. The twitter app won’t reply, despite promising to have someone email within 2-3 days. There is literally no one to report to. It is like North Korea. My advice is never go on the forum. If you do and want to talk with moderators, good luck..Version: 1.18

Bad loadingIt takes a long time to load when I tap on anything The screen just turns black.Version: 1.26.15

Ruined with AdvertsThis used to be a pretty good game, but recent updates have filled this game with a relentless onslaught of infuriating adverts for other games. Many of these adverts are those awful misleading ones which are made up of scenes from other totally unrelated games and they are infuriating. For a game which already makes revenue from in app purchases this is frankly disgusting. The PVP Arena on the app is currently not working at all for me since 26th May 2022. It just hangs on the loading data screen..Version: 1.27.15

It’s great for pay to win, but if you’re F2P keep searchingBecause it’s a super long grind. Don’t waste your time. They allow very few level up opportunities. You can’t level all the characters up to be viable or to make your options versatile for PvP. Whatever character you do invest your precious resources into leveling up will likely change in the next update. Are Batman or Superman the best super heroes?! Nope, of course not. It’ll be some flavor of the month character until people complain that they’re overpowered then it changes, right after you spend your resources on them to catch up. They do this so you pay real money to catch up with their monthly choice of the overpowered character. I’ve played for a year and half. I do have all the characters unlocked (for the moment). I am almost maximum player level and I only have 8 level 70 characters. (80 is the max level). 8 level 70s and close to 50 other characters who I can’t level up to try out or to expand my PvP options. And PvP is unbalanced. They include a power ranking for your team but it’s useless. You’d think my 29,000 power team would be able to easily beat 22k - 25k. No way. Those teams contain the flavor of the month which I can’t match because I spent my resources on the team that was good six months ago..Version: 1.18

Some good, some not so muchNot surprising to learn you must spend to have the game experience, growth and enjoy all the features of the game. Disappointing alliance features. Either start a new one at high cost including real $, or try to join one - which doesn’t happen. Searching for alliances to join then being ignored on requests to join them makes that process a dead end. Finally, daily play stalls quickly at times and with the only solution to continue being to upgrade, meaning to pay for improved/stronger characters. It’s a shame because the game is enjoyable if I didn’t keep running into obstacles or instances where my options are stop playing or pay more. So I’ll keep it up for a while until my patience runs out, then stop and delete it like any other app one gets tired of..Version: 1.22.4

Store is a rip offI really like the concept of this game and all the characters that are included. With that being said, the store is a COMPLETE RIP OFF. Gems are over priced for one thing. Then the daily specials are sneaky rip offs too. For example, today there is a “thanksgiving special” where you get 500 energy 10 arena battles 50 insta wins and 50k essence for 1.3k gold. You can go ahead and buy 250 energy and 30 insta wins for 500 gold any time of the year in the store. You can then buy 10 arena battles for 100 gold. That’s 1200 gold, which saves you 100 gold. Don’t worry about the essence. It’s the easiest thing to come by. The arena rewards you’re better off buying only the 350 arena point packs. They give you 7 character shards each instead of paying 1k arena points for 16 shards and tiny chance of rarer shards. All in all, Fix the balance of the packs and this game will be legit. 👌🏼.Version: 1.16.1

Be warned all ye that enter here* = update to previous posts * I just ended a moderate Red Alert battle in which I had a superior team, in terms of levels and affinity. I didn’t have the opportunity to launch a single attack before my “moderate” opponents tore through my team like I was only level 1 DC Legends is a fun game for any DC fan who enjoys the opportunity to build up your favorite DC characters. Be warned, though, just because you build up an strengthen your characters doesn’t mean that they are built up and strengthened. I have been playing for a couple of years and have learned that characters’ levels and strengths don’t determine the outcome of battles, especially in the PVP mode. Periodically the game decides that you are going to lose all of your battles. You get to experience seeing lower level lower powered characters with no affinity bonus kill you with one shot. I have reported the problem several times, but I never get a response or even an acknowledgement. The only reason I haven’t deleted the game is that I am a diehard DC fan. Again, it’s a great game as long as you don’t expect the time and effort to level up your characters to mean anything..Version: 1.26.2

Fun but....Fun and polished for a mobile game. But as always a ridiculous cash cow. Also the devs are full on roll out of characters with absolutely no game improvements or innovations the 3 plus years I’ve been playing. It’s unreal how much they don’t care about their player base and how much they milk the dc brand..Version: 1.27.3

Deceptive power ratings user bewareIt is nice being able to play with your favourite dc characters and the gameplay isn’t bad. The big problem comes in very deceptive power ratings that are given to teams. Repeatedly lower rated teams consistently annihilate higher rated teams without the battle being close and this is with upgraded gears, tiers and levels. For instance, the four years of dc legends event states the team you fight in the first match is 13,412 with a 789 power rated aqua lad and with a team with 25,000 power rating the battle was one sided and the 13412 team had way more energy than the 25000 team. Even aqua lad had way more power than characters at 5000 to 7000 power rating. This is what I mean by deceptive power ratings. It’s everywhere in this game. The Red alert mode is unplayable at higher levels as you are always pitted against teams double your power. The only modes that are playable are the story campaign and the upgrade challenges. Support staff REFUSES to address to fix this problem and the game suckers you into wasting energy and being forced into waiting for energy to come back or pay to get more energy. It’s a shame too because it has a bunch of great characters (no minions or dlisters added before all the a list or b list characters) and they consistently add more..Version: 1.26.11

Wow butIt’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You unlock new hero’s and on top of it they are so powerful and challenging. Honestly I love this gammmmmmmeeeeeee. But the connection is the problem it says your WiFi is not working when it is..Version: 1.26.9

Its sad to seeAs a DC fan, its sad to see Marvel do everything better. Even when it comes down to a mobile game, DC still manages to make a bad version of Marvel Strike force. From the UI, the graphics, the transitions, animations, heck even the gameplay - theyre all terrible when you compare them to marvel strike force. Come on DC, do better! Even disney’s sorcerer arena is better than this. 😫😫😫.Version: 1.26.8

It used to be SO much better...I’ve been playing DC Legends practically everyday since it first came out in 2016. The game is virtually the same as it was when it first came out, though it has amassed a rather large roster of characters, both heroes and villains. The new characters introduced each month were the reason I kept coming back day after day and why I’ve spent money to grow my own roster of characters. I’ve dedicated countless hours playing in PVE arenas, upgrading my characters and fighting in PVP battles to acquire the characters I’ve wanted and perfect my teams but it seems like certain game features have changed in the last few months. I’ve noticed that the game’s PVP matchmaking is drastically different than it used to be. I myself have a pretty good PVP team but it seems like every time I play the PVP arenas, I get matched with other players who are so far beyond my level and impossible to defeat, making the game both infuriating and aggravating. I don’t know what the game developers changed or why they changed it, but the game just isn’t as fun as it once was. It’s sad that after dedicating and spending so much time playing this game, that it’s now not worth playing anymore. I just hope the game developers fix the problem..Version: 1.26.2

Wb estimated legends team.Are a stubborn and loose people. not working in game development and not repair any fault. the list of bugs that erased hope I serve them to fix the game and hundreds of bugs it has. and not erased my constructive criticism are unique here. This new update brings new bugs. the combat oponenetes disappear forcing the player to retire and lose the fight. work thoroughly and I hope to do well this time. and please do not invent false usernames game to write positive reviews. Thank you..Version: 1.4.2

P2WThis game is extremely pay to win and the pvp is the worst I’ve played in any game. Shame coz this game has potential. Every time you rank up and get somewhere, you get put back down 700 places which means you gotta keep paying to go further. Star Wars game which is basically the same has a better pvp..Version: 1.19.1

Rigged AFUnless you have a ton of money to burn this game sucks. Fights are so rigged they are impossible. The only way to actually complete even a base level mission is to pay to stack your team. Do not play..Version: 1.26.10

Bug??Ne fonctionne plus depuis la dernière mise à jour..Version: 1.27

Great but new bug with latest version?Pretty cool but you do the same thing a lot which is fine some times. Updated to latest version today and on 2 occasions in 2 different modes (PVP and RED alerts) a attack was done that targets the whole team and in one move, 3 team mates lost like an insane amount of health in one hit, like over 95% of health lost in the first few turns. Broken..Version: 1.16

Fun game but adds are brokenYou can watch adds every day to get bonus rewards. Don’t waste your time. Not only have I repeatedly clicked the button, and watched the adds, but when I don’t get the rewards and I contact customer service, they basically said they can’t help me, and don’t submit another ticket for the same issue. FIX YOUR GAME. If the rewards aren’t working when watching the adds, remove the button that says we can..Version: 1.27.15

Be better if they let you move your progress to a different phoneBeen trying to get my progress from my older phone to my newer phone and I’m logged into the iCloud that I was playing on my old phone they gotta start making a sign in n sign out so you can transfer your progress to other devices then maybe it would be a 5start rating getting no help trying to get my account to new phone so they deserve 1star.Version: 1.26.13

EweF game.Version: 1.26.10

Freezing on loading screenIve been playing this game for years and spent so much money on it. Now I can’t even get into the game on both my iphone and ipad, it gets stuck on the “downloading content” on the loading screen, it never reaches past 85%. I’ve tried all troubleshooting and customer service isn’t helping at all, besides getting the “have you tried this”. Just fix the game or have someone reply to me with a more useful answer. I get it games crash and bugs appear, can you just acknowledge this is a thing for some people and you’re working on it?.Version: 1.26.2

BoringBoring game hope its an rpg,stop wasting your time on this boring game.....Version: 1.5.1

Another disappointment by DCThis game is. I thing more than a paywall coach gran for DC. Literally 0 devs working on this app. The only updates include new character additions on a weekly basis and usually lack refinement or proper balancing to avoid one-siding the battles. Without even jumping into all the problems and lack of effort put into this game, you can get a great idea of how little the company cares about this game by a) noticing how even the “What’s New” context for the game is regurgitated information from months ago. The only updates to this game probably being made are continuous refining of the AI against the player and making every battle practically unappealing and stressful by setting the enemy levels to match your best teams’ levels. So you can never have leverage over the computer because they will always be better, stronger, or simply more geared than your characters. This could also explain why there’s literally no new features or improvements and regurgitated text..Version: 1.22.3

Cool for Superhero and DC fansThis is a statistic based action squad game which is very similar to "MARVEL Strike Force". Overall, the game is pretty decent, it has a couple of different game modes to try out, but the micro transactions are insanely heavy, I've spent roughly £14, and yet still they are eager for more. There's a very large stash of DC characters in this game, more than I've ever seen, but it is extremely difficult to get them which is sad to see...I recommend this game for superhero game fans, but be prepared for microtransactions, bare in mind that this game won't last very long on your phone home page..Version: 1.22.2

Doesn’t load and holds ur hand to muchI literally can’t do anything without it taking me by the hand and PULLING ME to a thing I don’t wanna do. Plus the whole time it does that, it doesn’t even load. Literally a bad attempt of a game.Version: 1.27

Fix the charactersMan the game is great but can you guys fix the characters seriously, I’ve had one match on auto play for 2 hours and 17 mins so far, my Wonder Woman is a level 45, raven 42, dove 40 and star fire 43 and I’m fighting a level 30 green lantern and somehow can’t beat him because all he does is use his Shield and it somehow gives him 50% of his shield it’s the same problem with bane and his mending.Version: 1.26.15

Could be a good game, but it is notThe game have some indestructible characters, whom if you don’t posses (and believe me, you won’t) the game is just a pain. There is 2 game modes. You play against teams who are 30-40% stronger than you. You loose. Other model, you finally find a team which is on your level or 30% weaker, BUT they have the indestructible character, so you loose again..Version: 1.27.15

Don't like the PVP trophy systemPVP was a lot easier in the previous update but now there's dumb stars. If you get 1 star you get less then the previous update ones now. You lose one star per character that's knocked out. Pretty disappointed about it..Version: 1.17

Terrible terrible terriblePoisonous poisonous poisonous poisonous poisonous poisonous poisonous micro transactions, WB I once had respect for you but no longer in this “game” and I use the term loosely you “grind” and I don’t use that term loosely to get fragments to earn hero’s to use in battles. The problem is it is a form of gambling as you earn fragments you are never guaranteed to get the character or to put it in more simple terms, you cannot I repeat cannot buy the hero characters direct and if I’m spending 40 plus pounds on it to get fragments and not the hero I want and that’s on a goddam sale! Then it’s another publisher who like to take money and give it straight to corporate. It’s a shame as you are now going down into the same poisonous area as other developers such as EA and Activision. Don’t do this be what gamers want you to be, hell I’d pay 20 plus dollars for the app just to avoid these shady, dirty and frankly underhanded tactics. That’s all be better WB be better..Version: 1.20.2

Good game but frustrating at timesGenerally I really enjoy this game, however recently there seems to be regular fights where I find myself counting the turns each team have. I currently have a team to fight who are all one type of hero so I use the heroes that are strong agains that type. The total power of my team is stronger than theirs, but in a recent fight I had 2 turns to their 9. Funnily enough I didn’t win. This should just not be the way the game works and it is these things that let the game down..Version: 1.16.2

Starting to get annoyingNot sure what's happening but last night my max energy was 52 and this morning it has dropped down to 37... A tad annoying!! I'm on level 12, almost 13!! Also, it's ridiculously hard to get the right elements to rank up my people... Or to get different characters. Slowly loosing interest.Version: 1.3.1

Slow on the bug fixesI like this game. However there are almost always a handful of conspicuous bugs in the game that are oftentimes within battles. I’ve come to accept those and be okay with them. There are other bugs that really get in the way of actually playing the game I’m not so forgiving of. Every time the game comes out with its monthly or sometimes even more frequent updates/campaigns it will tell you it’s downloading updates before you can open the game. Once you have it open, nothing will render and it will say it’s downloading updates in the lower left corner. If you try to play nothing works and it will crash. This lasts about a day where you can’t play. Today makes three times this month and it’s not even three weeks into it. That breaks out to about 85% of the time I can play and enjoy it. The rest I’m left opening it, crashing it, reloading, rinse and repeat, write review. I don’t understand how this isn’t caught during QC..Version: 1.22.4

New update is awfulThe game has a new re design from the original version and is much improved. Although it's still hard to upgrade to higher levels, it is definitely a huge improvement..Version: 1.7.1

Delete dataWhen I delete this game it dosent actually delete its data and reset please fix that.Version: 1.27.16

To much GrindSWGOH clone but with more grind and bugs. Bad PVP, boring and uninspired battle system complete lack of balance don't waste your money on this one just go play SWGOH..Version: 1.8.1

Not fun, not rewarding; false advertisingThis is similar to Injustice Mobile 2, which also features DC Characters, except it's turn-based battles instead of real-time, 2D instead of 3D, and has worse graphics. The app icon features movie-version Wonder Woman front and centre, but it looks like you need to do a lot of busy work and grinding for a few weeks before you get the chance to perhaps obtain the currently super-popular character. In the meantime, you get to spend time playing as and upgrading less popular characters like Bane and Sinestro. Why can't we play as Wonder Woman or our favourite characters? If we need to do this much busy work and grinding before we get the reward we want (i.e., not random, unpopular DC characters) in weeks-long delayed gratification, then we might as well do some real-life chores. Also, the story is a lot of excessive text that is tl;dr and reads more like a justification for busy work instead of an engaging, emotional story. At least in Injustice Mobile 2, the story is in the form of visually appealing cut scenes that you watch and hear instead of reading and clicking through..Version: 1.15

Is this free to play or pay to playAlso do u want my bank account.Version: 1.8.1

Crashes constantlyIt was a fun game, but now the game is more unstable than the Joker on a sugar high. Followed to recommendations on the support FAQ, and there has been no improvement. Really hoping the stability improves soon, because otherwise this would be a 4 star rating..Version: 1.26.13

Please help game developers I’ve got a situationMy cousin is so upset 😭 he spent hundreds of dollars on this game and it won’t let him back in he’s deviated all the time and money wasted and he loved the game so much. Is there a way to contact the game developers to get this problem resolved please I feel so bad I wish I could help him. The game is amazing. My whole giant family plays it everyday and their friends. Please help!.Version: 1.26.6

Out of Sync ErrorConstant error causing me to restart when try to buy with gems. This happened with Super-man and now Batman beyond. Love a fix for this..Version: 1.26.7

Rip offGame was working great now it don’t work at all I load up and do anything and it just loads forever so I can’t play it at all no update nothing lucky I was going to buy stuff from the store but if they can’t get me a game that works they not having my money.Version: 1.26.1

Banned for no reason(happened again)So I’ve been playing this game pretty much since it released and the other day I got banned for “unfair play” Which I can only assume means they think I was cheating somehow and I don’t really know how I would cheat but this isn’t the first time this has happened I sent an email to see what is going on and I have not gotten a reply granted it’s only been like a day since I sent the email.... the point is if you are banning someone you should at least email the person and let them know what exactly it is you think they did in order to warrant a ban. I’m sorry I probably sound like I am just ranting but there’s 3 days of daily logins is missing as well as not being able to help my clan out for the weekly rewards. If anyone actually reads this I hope they can reach out to me and actually help me out here..Version: 1.23.2

Game need a serious updateWhoever has made this game is either extremely lazy or dosent care about the fans. I have sank money into this game use too play it everyday and now it’s just a heap of rubbish that need so much new content get a grip and fix it because I’m done wasting my time and money until it is.Version: 1.27

Good fun, but...To re-emphasise the game is good fun and I enjoy all the varied characters, but I am bother by two issues. 1. The number of times the game freezes or crashes is very annoying on my iPhone 6. 2. There needs to be a few more short cuts to daily farming like in the SWGOH release about 6 months ago. Apart from that I like it a lot and wait for the release of plastic man :).Version: 1.21

Fun game but lacks contentI have been playing this game for over two years and the more content coming soon for the story line has been there since I started. The game is also becoming ramped with Hackers and the developers have not yet stepped up to the plate to fix it. Their only new content are new characters which in most cases people spend a lot of money on to get..Version: 1.26.14

Do not play. Cash grab.I played this game for some time. Was even foolish enough to spend money on it. It is a complete scam and cash grab. Opposing teams can demolish you before you even have a turn to play. I deleted it today and will never play again. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favour and do not play. 0/5 stars..Version: 1.27.13

Absolute garbage. Just a trash game.Even when you have 8-10 Legendary heroes and a dozen or so 5 star heroes (which are high level heroes) there are still game modes where the computer can have a worse team than you and still beat you EASILY. It’s almost impossible to get through the last level of the “gauntlet” style Red Alert mode. I’m that mode in almost every match the computer will get 5 or 6 more turns than you do even if your team is better. And they will also constantly use their passive abilities making it almost impossible to cancel those out too. It’s just absolute trash. No matter how good your team is it will never be good enough to beat the computer is what I’ve learned from this game. Do not spend a single penny on this game, you will regret it. Update: Things have only gotten worse. Now they’ve added impossible to beat gauntlet levels and teams where you have to kill people 3 times before they stay dead. It’s even more trash than before. The only reason I play this is because I love DC so much and there aren’t many DC games out there.Version: 1.26.2

Not the best dc gameWhy do you have to pay for a battle like the max is ten and you can only do one world with that and when you battle why are the enemy’s grey also why do you need to get like 5M things to unlocking character it’s crazy and I don’t like how you have to pay to make worlds the same level as you it’s stupid make it good now plz (plz don’t take this a hate comment.Version: 1.20

All around long grind to a chance to better characters & now you lost a dedicated DC Comics fanI find it ridiculous that there are very little times for characters that you want to upgrade & use, let alone accumulate enough in-game currency & character tokens to upgrade them, all because there are monthly character themes that all are gimmicky & unrelated to anything, not to mention that those new characters pale in comparison to Atrocitous & both Wonder Girls And the most annoying offense to this recent patch is while the Green Lantern buffs are great & he’s balanced now, the Flash is absolutely busted & broken where an enemy AI Flash can get 3 Speed Ups immediately & gain 1 Speed Up for every Speed Punch, so by the time its your first turn, your team is already dead. F-U, developers, but your Flash over-buffs are disgusting & whoever thought it was a good idea to give him those deserve to have their wages garnished!.Version: 1.24

Crashed since last updateI normally never right reviews good or bad but now I’m kind of feed up and nobody is giving answers. The games as been down, for IOS users, since June 22nd. It’s kind of frustrating. I really liked playing this game. I’ve sent 2 emails and I never even got a “we know we are working on it , we apologize “.Version: 1.27

My favorite game once... now...This game is absolutely one of my favorite games for the last 6 months (which is when I found out about it). It’s a fantastically designed game with a variety of in game play options and a variety of characters. However... with a great sigh... after you get to a “moderate” level in the game (read as 3-4/ 5 stars on your characters) it becomes impossible to advance without paying money it appears. I was once able to complete the daily challenge with ease to start. Then it became more difficult (which I liked) as your characters developed. However now it is impossible to complete the daily/“Red” challenges or the PvP challenges now that I am at the 4 star level. Against opponents that rank 1k less of hit points I get demolished. The game changes drastically when you get to this level and is no longer fun. Needs a complete overhaul for this level of play - even against the sim opponents..Version: 1.24

Great game, but it’s a pay to win.This game is great! I have a lot of fun and it’s the only RPG style game that I actually play and love the wide range of characters in it. They have just added my favourite superhero, stargirl, and it shows that they really do care about every player and their preferences. However if you want to do good at this game and unlock the fighters you are going to have to spend a bit of money, even if you’re patient and wait weeks to unlock the characters the free way, they won’t be the same level or strength as the paid way. I think there needs to be more of a middle ground, where there isn’t a pay wall or at least bring the prices down or make them more worth the price..Version: 1.24.2

Great enjoyable animations. Annoying to unlock new charactersCash grab for new characters. Hard to have fun without spending a hundred bucks a month.Version: 1.27.10

Unable to installTried installing it several times. It always get stuck at the intro screen saying download content. Will change the rate once fixed..Version: 1.26.4

Alright but needs WAY more improvementsThis game just seems to be repeating it self over and over again. I'm stuck on Map 2 and it is just boring. Also it seems impossible to get new characters, I've only gotten GL,Zatanna, Chemo, cheatter and Lex. I've missed "potential" awards like Black Canary, Deadshot, Harley and Wonder Woman!!! Like don't make them potential just give them to us!!! Who ever thought it was a good idea to launch this game in the state it is in should get fired!.Version: 1.3.1

Needs workDC comics Legends it a good game to play, but even though its new i feel that it needs improvements. If i were able to change something in the game i would first change the way you attack enemies, I would like to have the ability to choose a hero to attack with instead of going in order. second I would like to have a chat with other players. third it would be a nice idea to get more heroes from the end boss battle on each chapter. makethe game more exciting by getting the players more rewards. one last thing i would want to see deaily rewards..Version: 1.3.1

Fun game, but needs to stop punishing the playerThe game overall is good fun, though the constant grind to build up characters can get old fast. My biggest issue is with the daily R.E.D. Alerts part of the game. For those who don’t know you fight through a selection of 12 teams in any order (which is great) and get better rewards the further you get. Problem is that if the game crashes, your device dies, or the game resets itself (E.g. the game resets if you reply to a message, or briefly use another app), you go back in and you are punished by losing your team as though they were defeated and the enemy is restored at full strength. Doesn’t matter if you had the victory screen for that battle either, as I did last night when I had to quickly attend to my unwell child. And before anyone thinks I should have waited until I was clear, these victory screens can take up to 30 seconds to go through all the nonsense and allow you access again. They need to stop punishing the player for this, especially when crashes are caused by a fault in the game outside the player control. Yes, people could exploit it and force quit to save their team from defeat, but most won’t because they don’t have the time for faffing about on loading screens over and over. Hell, other games (Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for example) allow you to retreat and try again with the same team in the same sort of mode, so why can’t this game?.Version: 1.20

It’s ok but some of the looks!I would love if you change star sapphire, poison ivy amd Zara as legendary suit different the new one is lame. And if you could change other costumes in fact all characters please.Version: 1.26.14

Endless update loopAfter the latest update, when opening the game I’m told on the home screen an update is required and it takes me to the App Store... I already have the latest update so all I can do from here is open the app... to be told I need an update. So on and so forth. Annoyed as I’m missing the cyborg challenge event..Version: 1.16.1

The way to play this game make me boredDC needs more games like what Marvel dose, also the character design is awful! In distance, superman is not that bad looking...the hands of characters are extremely big. Plz improve more....Version: 1.3.1

FreezesGame freezes and crashes often. Currently can’t even open the app for the past 36 hours.Version: 1.26.4

Good game but why limit us to how much we can playGood game but why have energy bars? Why do you want to limit how much we play a game? Surely you want us to play it a lot? Marvel future fight provides you with lots to do and a great reward system. Reward system for this game is lame. Give us new characters every other month, improve the reward system. Get rid of this energy bar stuff..Version: 1.22.1

Why can’t you restart your gameI have played through the game but I have made a lot of mistakes and I always wished for a way to restart the game from the start. But apart from that it’s a pretty good game keep it up.Version: 1.17.1

Design and skins update (please)I love games like this. Choosing your favourite characters to put together, built with chemistry, gear and strength but one thing that will always matter most to me is the effort put into the design/skin of the game and the graphics. The game is dull and not motivating to play, the animations are very basic and really don’t make me want to play the game much. I play heavily in games such as Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes and Marvel Strike Force and the design of those games have had much more effort put into them and motivate me to come back to the game every single day. DC is built with my favourite characters, please please update the game..Version: 1.26.4

Don't botherAs of 20 December the game is ruined, they launched a patch which made it massively harder to get equipment, puts time limits on matches and charges more to buy things in game. Hilariously this patch has also made the game very very unstable and laggy. Go to the FB page for the game and read the complaints. There is a long list of issues people are having, go play one of the other dozens of games that are not having these problems. PS, I really like the way they doubled the price of In game purchases and then offered them to us as "specials" at the old price..Version: 1.9

PatheticOverpriced shop, stacked cpu, erratic turn, system. Can barley even progress through the story mode whether because of the small amount of energy they give you or just the fact that you play a few matches and then the next enemy is three times your teams score honestly it really sucks that dc makes a game like this completely broken and just so obviously a money grab and pissing contest with marvel (marvels winning btw) even buying something with the game currency is a robbery it’s a shame really so many great characters and so much potential if the makers cared about our gaming experience but unfortunately they don’t and your better of sticking to strike force , future fight, and contest of champions by marvel. One of the only redeeming qualities of this game was red alerts which were fun but challenging now they are just stacked and give you almost no chance for completion ra missions . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t make any in game purchases for this game you need to spend 100 dollars to actually get enough in game currency to do any. This game is a waste of time and definitely your money, especially your money!!!!!!.Version: 1.26.4

TrashThings I hate about this game: 1. Passive abilities work for the Ai pretty much every time and rarely work for you. 2. The Ai gets a ridiculous amount of more turns than you. 3. You can have a higher rated stronger team than your Ai opponents and you still lose most of the time mostly cuz the Ai gets to move 1st most the time and even if they’re weaker than you they still 1 shot knock you out. 4. When you refresh pvp opponents in pvp arena you get the a lot of the same opponents as you previously had and refreshing opponents cost you energy so it ends up being a waste of energy. 5. Customer support is nonexistent they don’t answer your tickets and they never respond to you on Twitter when you ask a question. 6. I haven’t seen any new content since I started playing the game so there really is no point in trying to get new characters and level them up because there is nothing for you to play once you finish campaign mode besides pvp and that’s the worst part of the game. Overall this game just gets boring pretty fast..Version: 1.22.3

Great game but so much loadingEvery time I click to go on campaign mission or shop or collect daily quests etc there’s constant unnecessary loading that seems to load but then not open the screen that I was tapping for. If I wasn’t a fan of these kind of role based games and a DC fan I’d have deleted this game for good. 1 star for the poor constant loading. Another star only added cause I’m a fan of Dc.Version: 1.26.4

Boring and expensiveThe animations are lazy and lack any real thought. Who ever come up with the story needs to read more comics or even a book it’s so disappointing. You need shards to unlock characters which is fine but if you want to buy them it’s going to cost you any between 25 to 60 dollars a character you can buy a triple a game on steam for that price. The only 2 good things are it free to download and it runs smoothly other them that it’s got nothing on the marvel titles which is a shame I love the dc universe.Version: 1.19.1

Unbalanced heroesWhen this game first started, it was fun to play. After hanging on for almost a year of playing this game, I have to stop. The creators are so oblivious about the unbalanced of the characters. They were able to correct one character power after hundreds of complaints. However, they continue to over power a few of them. Using these over power characters together you become unstoppable and can defeat any opponent with much higher levels without taking any casualty. I.e. Powergirl can easily defeat a whole team single handedly as long as she has at least one go around. Etrigan can do the same with two turns because his intelligence will be off the roof. And then the new Starfire, she is so over power and un-killable. she hits hard and almost on every character’s turn (when pair with a continuous heal heroes like Swampthing...) and has death immunity. She can kill Almost all teams without it even being her turn. It vexes me each time waiting and waiting for the creators to correct these unbalances, but now I am done and will delete the game. It would be nice if the creators actually play the game so they can see the problems that the players see..Version: 1.20.2

Pretty fun, but some tweaks?Generally, I find this game pretty entertaining, though it can get repetitive when you are essentially waiting for your characters to level up and defeat a level. At least once a month, my app goes weird and won't download anything, meaning I can still collect essence, but can't complete any missions or levels. The screens that would show levels are black, leaving no where to click. This makes it frustrating as I'm unable to complete physical showcase, mystical archive and other levels/events. This game is fun, especially when raid events occur, I just want to enjoy them rather than look at a blank screen....Version: 1.26.13

BugCette application sur IPad Pro 1er génération ne fonctionne plus depuis 2 jour! Elle ouvre mais donne un écran noir… ?.Version: 1.27

Poor performanceConstantly have to force close the app and restart it to try and load content. Different menus seem to crash the game at times. I find myself setting my phone or tablet down for several minutes while I wait for a fight to begin or a menu to load. Also, the progression is the slowest of any game I’ve ever played. I made the mistake of taking a couple teams to level 70, and the game became nearly unplayable. PVP is just out of control, as is Red Alert. I only throw my weakest character into a red battle once a day for the daily achievement. No point in even trying beyond that. The cycle of this game is extremely rinse and repeat. They haven’t broken form in what seems to be years. Every month is the same tired routine. Nothing new but power creep characters. It’s repetitive and boring to put it kindly..Version: 1.21.3

The games clashes 🤔I’ve had the game for weeks and it’s always freezing and it glitches.🤨 I’ve reloaded it several times but still the same results, it’s really disappointing and frustrating 😠the concept it’s great 👍 but plz update it I’m highly addicted..Version: 1.22.4

Fun but limited character accessFun to be a play but you don’t get access to many characters like Marvel Strikeforce or Star Wars. At least in those two similar games you get a chance to play different characters even before owning them. Haven’t had a new character in 3 weeks now and I play daily. The opponents aren’t in colour either so you don’t get to enjoy a full cinematic combat experience..Version: 1.21.3

Downloading contentSeems like this game has gotten worse as far as functionality goes over the last year. “Downloading content” banner is constantly in the lower left had corner of my screen. Sometimes it goes away, but if I go into the menu where all the purchases are located, it pops back up and the menus NEVER completely download. The runs terrible after this and I have to restart it if I want to continue to play. As far as content goes, they just did a beta testing on a new game mode. It wasn’t anything to write home about. Before that, nothing new for two years except for characters. Which are completely over priced. Speaking of characters, if you want to rank them up, you’ll grind forever or have to spend money. And you’ll need a ton of different elements I guess you could call them to rank up gear, along with different types of energy to rank up your super powers. You looking for Hope Energy? Good luck finding it. You’re better off buying. This is just one example of how they get you to spend money. Currently, the game over all is a big disappointment after spending years enjoying playing it. The only reason I log on now is to get the free item of the day. Moving forward if this game doesn’t step it up in the playability department, I’ll be walking away. Sadly..Version: 1.23.1

Video rewards and Void scanner video not workingThis NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! Loosing all kinds of shards. Been going on since last update for me. If I can’t get my 8G for Eradicator, I’ll be giving an even worse rating. Been pretty much trouble free since i started playing hence the 3 stars. Ya want good ratings and reviews, fix your s*#t!.Version: 1.27

Won’t loadI’ve been playing this game for a few years and now it will not load. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, locks up and won’t load every time... many many many times! I’m completely over trying..Version: 1.26.4

Won’t updateGood game, but won’t update as of Oct. 19.Version: 1.15

Can’t load appThe app doesn’t load. Saying it is having trouble downloading important information then shuts down and freezes upon second try. Am no into my 3rd phone and same issues on all 3.Version: 1.26.4

Nice game but ridiculously expensive in game purchases.Nice game but ridiculously expensive in game purchases.. An average character to unlock and advance it to 4-5* costs £50+ And with a such large roster of toons and still growing on average to do well you will be spending £1000+ in 6-12 months. Otherwise it’s just a very slow mindless grinding..Version: 1.16.2

Needs a ton of workIt feels like this game is half-baked, and still needs more time in the oven. Matches/battles take way too long, and it’s super easy to get stuck in progression, for what feels like no particular reason than to frustrate you into shelling out money, which is not a good way to get someone to spend money on things. Compared to other games in its realm, DC Legends falls short. That one game with laser swords has much more balance, and at least the developers are usually working on improvements and additions. I don’t even bother with R.E.D. alerts because even one battle feels like too much, everything feels so imbalanced. The Joker rework felt like a middle finger to me. I am less and less a fan, and feel like I’ve literally hit a paywall now that I can’t buy my way over... and I’m not even near max level or finished with campaign..Version: 1.17.4

HiI have been playing this game for a while now and it’s k! Now I don’t know if this is a glitch or something but I am fighting this guy who’s got only one hero left and I can’t beat him. Is there anything you can do to sort this problem? If you check the video I posted you will see and it’s been going on like that for the past 15 min.Version: 1.27.19

Issue with raids.Please, fix the raids stability! Raids do not happen often and when they do they are broken. At least 3 last raid season where affected. You team up to fight a boss and by the time the battle is to conclude the game kicks you out and you need to re-start loosing your energy and loot. Please, fix if you want more then 1 star. This issues has been dragging since the introduction of raids..Version: 1.26.1

Great game for the first day onlyReally enjoyed playing the game, but only very briefly!! After just a days playing it is clear that your ability to upgrade characters is massively limited when compared to how tough the enemies become. Suddenly got to the point where I couldn’t progress any further and replaying completed levels seems the only option to, very slowly, upgrade. Now totally pointless playing the game, unless you want to spent MASSIVE amounts of money. I am happy to go P2P but this game prices itself or out of any interest I might have in getting fully engaged. Real shame as it’s fun to play. Will keep it installed and pop back from time to time to see if anything has changed..Version: 1.17.3

Please read/ unhappy 🙁 with this appI play DC legends daily but it’s mostly in the evening but anyways I’m experiencing a lot of problems one of the problems I don’t know if you guys already know about it or not but when you go in a claim your daily reward I go to claim it and I find out it’s the same reward I had yesterday but it stole my reward from me and then gave it back to me today I have no idea why it did that to me I don’t know if it’s a bug issue in the app it’s self but whatever it is please fix this issue I don’t like the fact that it’s doing this to me but the weird part is it only does it on rare occasion I just don’t know what triggers it to do that but anyways I feel really bad about having to give this app 1 star right now but with the issues I’m having with this app I had no choice but to give it 1 star but if this issue gets fixed I will be more than happy to give this app 5 stars again but please fix this issue.Version: 1.21.1

The Red alerts are brokenThis game is fun, I have a good time with it trying to grind my favorite characters. But one thing has my cursing at my screen every time it happens and that is when the red alerts glitch, they knock out my top characters and I am unable to go any further because my other characters aren’t up to par. This happens way too often, usually every one or two days. There have been times when I won and it froze and I reset my game and my characters are knocked out, times when I spawn in and it doesn’t show my shields or overheals and I can’t use any abilities or retreat, and this happens way too often then it should, so WB PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I can’t be the only person experiencing this..Version: 1.18

Good game with some minor flawsWhen I first started this game I had a really good time. Most off the mechanics are good and the idea of being able to play as many of my favorite dc characters helped me really enjoy the game. However the major problem for me is leveling up characters and getting new ones. I applaud this game for trying out a new way to level up characters but I think the traditional leveling system in games is much better. The problem with this games leveling system is characters don't level up when you fight. This leaves a problem in the game that haunts your progress. You need items received after beating a level to upgrade your characters so if you get stuck on a level you are stuck playing heroic mode to get more and you can't get new characters to change your battle strategy. In the end this is my only major complaint and one that I don't think will be changed at this point in the game. The only other problem I have is when fighting you can let the a.i. Take over for you but the a.i. Often works terribly, I've had battles where I was 200 points above my enemies level and they utterly demolished me no matter how I set up my team. In the end I think this is a good game with some problems but still entertaining enough to play for a long time..Version: 1.15

Johnny paychequeTake this game and shove it I ain’t playing it no more.Version: 1.27.15

It’s decent GameIt’s pretty good game however the one thing that is annoying for me as a new player the hero challenges/ upgrade challenges are so restricted half the time I can’t do them yet I need to do one each day for the daily mission..Version: 1.26.6

Worst connection I’ve seen in a gameI have now lost count. The amount of times I’ve missed out on collecting rewards. Using essence or trying to get into times exclusivities due to this games connectivity. It really is a joke. Constantly closing and trying to reopen. Setting phone to airplane mode turning on wifi and turning it off again nothing works. This app is just terrible. When you can get in the game is repetitive and the best characters are locked behind a paywall. So I hope you brought your wallets. The new feature of changing skins is only for this if us who have our $$ to get hero tokens oh and the best at pvp are the ones with bigger wallets. So get ready to constantly see your team being beaten..Version: 1.24

I keep finding issues all the timeAs a former qa tester, I tend to find a lot of bugs in games. This game has a lot issues that aren’t apparent at first but in time they start showing themselves. I’ve reinstalled this game 3 times and I have yet to hear any audio come from this app. No music or sound effects. Customer support didn’t really support they just said sorry. There’s a lot of connectivity issues so don’t use in-game currency or real currency while the servers are acting up or you lose those points and don’t receive your item. Don’t do a free void scan or use a lantern for a void scan or you won’t receive your item and you lose that scan, again, while servers are acting up otherwise everything works as it should. The game freezes, rarely, but in some instances I have defeated every opponent and the victory prompt never appears..Version: 1.27.15

Decent with fatal flawThe gameplay while a bit tedious is decent enough to keep you playing. The opportunity to obtain some character shards is good but if you miss the events you will have zero chance to obtain the character. All in all, not a bad game. The one fatal flaw to me is the power numbers. Believe it or not, the developers decided that the increase in the ability levels will not be figured into the power of the character or the team. Therefore, your team could have a power ranking 5,000 points hire than your opponent in PvP and you will be destroyed with nary a turn because your opponents abilities are maxed out. Why would the abilities, which really determines the strength of a character, not be figured into power. Either just plain stupid or something more nefarious. To me the fatal flaw will most likely lead to me deleting the game..Version: 1.27.17

Read…The reason i put only 2 stars is because when your on the last level when your fighting it choses for you so change that cause its annoying.Version: 1.27.17

Could use a lot of improvementsOk game, kinda sucks having to wait so long for free fragments, gold and diamonds..Version: 1.26.10

Waste of time by nowThe game was awesome, but couple of months back something changed. Everyday the connection is very poor, downloading data all the times, loosing connection. Half of the missions not loading. If I’m lucky to start any battle, I beaten up in no time, all opposite team far far over my level. (Even if their power is lower than my team, I have no chance) Absolute frustrating, games deleted. If you not started the game yet, do not waste your time with it, looking for something else..Version: 1.27.3

Just remembered why I deleted this game!!I’m a big DC fan and one I found this game ages ago I thought yess!!!! It was good until it started crashing! Mid fights, mid loads on the home screen and just now within minutes of downloading it again I got to the home screen pressed on an icon and BOOM froze again!!!! Annoyed, frustrated and disappointed.Version: 1.26.9

Horrible Customer SupportThis game has horrible customer support. A bug in their game made me lose my high level account and due to the lack of any account recovery in this game I had to reach out to support. Even though I could prove the account was mine, with information and purchase records. Their support refused to give my account back to me even after acknowledging all the information I have was accurate and offered pitiful compensation as a deterrent to getting my actual account back. After I demanded a refund for purchase on an account they would not let me have back the support employee closed the ticket without a proper answer. Don’t expect any help from this company if you have issues with the game that aren’t basic issues. And what game doesn’t have account recovery in the modern era, ridiculous..Version: 1.27.3

RipoffThe price of heroes and packs and other stuff from the in-game store are ridiculous, daylight robbery!.Version: 1.8.1

Good game but crashesGood game apart from it crashes & restarts some times even with full WiFi signal and rather expensive in app purchases but you can grind (slowly mind you) instead to get character shards and equipment..Version: 1.23.1

Customer service doesn’t helpFirst off, I do love this game. The concept is amazing and it’s honestly too easy to get addicted! The only reason that I gave it 3/5 stars is because it is outdated when it comes to being able to save your progress. I spent some money, time and effort on this game with the belief that I would be able to pick up where I left off at any point. When I got a new phone and re-downloaded it was unfortunate when I found out I had to start all over from 0. I did contact customer service and provided my member ID and all of the necessary information in the hopes of retrieving my lost progress , but I was turned down quick, getting told “There’s nothing we can do for now, I’m sorry”. I do hope that I can still get assistance to retrieve my progress or have the capability to link the account to something more universal so I won’t have to start over in the future..Version: 1.27.3

After some adjust......1. Still can't see any intruduce in this ,don't you think you need some guide ? 2.Still can't get Black Canary,Harly Quinn,Joker,but i have WW and Cyborg. 3.All daily missions are changed to story missions,but i can see the reminder reminds me of the daily missions= = 4.Can't communicate with others_(:з」∠)_,maybe we can wait for the next improvment? 5.I think a daily reward is a good idea to summon more players !.Version: 1.3.1

Decent concept...mediocre executionBefore I begin ranting...let me preface this by saying that the game play can be pretty fun, when it’s working, but I don’t recommend putting money into the in-app purchases as the return on your investment can be very disappointing. I’ve been a comic fan for close to 50 decades...it seems that Warner Brothers has taken DC from THE industry leader, into a painfully slow downward spiral to where they’re putting out second rate product at best. It’s disappointing because DC always was (and always WILL be) my favorite comic company. This game is similar in play to their longtime rival’s offering...but the graphics here aren’t as polished, the character interaction is limited and comparatively rudimentary to the competition. The programming is becoming increasingly glitchy, I get at an error message at least one time every time I play and on occasion the game will crash during game play. So far to date the RAID BOSS event that periodically is featured is a shining example of everything I’m talking about here. I got multiple screenshots to show I’m not making this up...every time the event comes up. Characters will freeze while the timer runs out...you’ll see your characters bobbing up and down but not attacking and sometimes the raid bosses kill your characters while you’re unable to attack back. I can go on and on about the shortcomings but I think you get the point..Version: 1.26.1

Game Has Completely Gone DownhillLoved when this game first came out even though it was obviouzly pay to win. I as there pretty much from the beginning. Now it’s bugs galore. The “free” bonuses often do not work. The game must have some net coding issues because at times is slows to a crawl. The biggest issue of resent was the raid that was totally screwed up. No staff were there to address it. So submitting a support ticket also got you nowhere. I paid $10 total for resource packs. Because the raid didn’t work some of my resources were useless. I was far from the only one. Support is just blowing those effected off. Now I have to go through Apple because WB never fulfilled its promise on delivering a product (raid). WB also has not developed anything significant in game for the last 4 years. I would suggest not investing your time or money in this..Version: 1.27.15

A broken game.Initial look and thoughts of the game were positive. But then 3 minutes into it, the game became unresponsive and found myself trapped on a blank screen. Shut the game down and fired it up again, got 2 minutes into it before the same issue happened. I’m not known for my patience with games and as such, it’s now been deleted from my device. No use in a game if it can’t even function properly. May try again in the future but it’s unlikely..Version: 1.26.9

Can I play?While having the selection that makes the animations move quicker selected, apparently that means my characters can attack whenever they want. The auto is not selected and I will have just picked a move for the character to make the previous turn then next turn they just pick what and who to attack at random. I know it sounds petty but these random attacks hurt because it could target the wrong enemy and instead of attacking the weak enemy I’ve been manually attacking, the auto attack that triggers for no reason will attack an enemy with full health while the weak guy gets to hit me with an additional attack where as I would have him destroyed without these random automatic attacks. Idk what it is because it’ll let me select which attack and who to attack the very next series then at random it’ll attack again sporadically. Fix this crap. Outside that the game is great..Version: 1.21.2

THIS GAME IS A TERRIBLE CASH GRAB-ZERO EFFORT PUT INTO ITThe game is hardly passable. It’s biggest problem is the currency. The main currency to buy characters and character packs is all the same and it’s the rarest/hardest currency to get in the game. Also you can’t buy characters directly but buy packs with character pieces. Once you have enough pieces then you get the character, but at their lowest level. Any character piece you get forward will rank them up. It takes usually 60 pieces and you get maybe 2-5 pieces for each pack and it is 100% random which characters pieces you get. If you try to fight anyone a little stronger than your team it is impossible. The game does not explain what the status effects do to your characters and you have to guess what the buffs and debuffs do. I tried refreshing the PvP list because all the enemies were way too high level. The same enemy came up 3 times. Refreshing the list and fighting in PvP uses the same currency which is at max 10 units and you have to wait hours to get more. Terrible game with ZERO thought put into it. There are better games out there. Also the Alliance feature is extremely poor. You have to search randomly for possible alliances to join, the game doesn’t give you a list. You only get a list once you are already part of an Alliance. And if you want to try to join another Alliance you have to leave the Alliance and search for another one and hope u get accepted.Version: 1.26.11

I feel like a game this old should be more polishedIt’s generally fun, but when you start getting into the PVP arena and some other areas, there is some really bad stuff going on. Your opponents are grey, so good luck trying to figure out who to attack first, especially if your going up against multiple green lanterns. This removes the players ability to formulate a good strategy. I’m sure there is a reason for this but there should definitely be a preference to fight opponents in color instead of grey blobs. Also if you win 10 matches In the arena you get a bonus, cool right? Well not if there is an opponent you can’t beat, which will happen. There is a button to refresh opponents so you would think you would get 10 new opponents, but you don’t. I have refreshed 4 times and the same guy I couldn’t beat is on every list. I..Version: 1.26.14

Fix the glitch, read!Fix the bugs and glitches, unplayable on IOS IPhone 14 max pro, game is enlarged, not my phone, make the game format fit the screen Will change the rating to 5 stars after fix.Version: 1.27.18

A Note on ProgressionI want to say I love this game, but it is plagued with the same issue as many other mobile games. The way to progress can be done in-game, but it is so slow and unrewarding; in particular with the characters you want. I’ve spent so much time trying to level a certain character but there’s no way to guarantee your efforts— and what’s worse, your money— will get you what you’re grinding for. The character-specific missions give you shards so few and far between that it leaves me wanting to quit altogether out of hopelessness rather than push forward. Again, once I get what I’m working towards, I never feel rewarded, just irritated and regretful of the time and money I spent doing so. It’s a shame because otherwise, it’s a fun little game. I hope this gets addressed. This game could be— should be worth playing..Version: 1.26.10

No access to gameBeen playing for years and now I can’t even get in to it! Been stuck on the loading content page for a month now!!!.Version: 1.26.4

Squandered opportunitySo much potential to be so good like SWGOH and MSF, pay to win unbelievable, either buy the character or pot luck at packs and if you managed to save the crystals which takes quite a while in comparison to other games like these, if the devs read these, please make it easier to farm characters, give me something to work on and improve with strategy not luck!.Version: 1.25.1

Need helpThe game won’t respond after I go the the heroes menu just plays music but doesn’t respond please help.Version: 1.21.4

Inappropriate adsWhile the game is ok, often lately the ads are NOT! For a game that is advertised with an age rating of 9+, there should not be ads featuring games with NSFW content (latest offender is Kingsthrone game of lust). Gross.Version: 1.26.14

Garbage game!!!You rebirth your characters for nothing. Building characters is pointless and fights last way too long..Version: 1.27.3

RiggedThis game draws you in with DC and the idea of being able to play your favorite Superheroes. But as you progress into the game you realize mostly they just want you to have to buy in game content to truly succeed or gather the heroes you want. Which I could live with if when I went to fight battles accounting their own lvl system and I still lose. All of the sudden the game decides I’ve done enough than the enemy team will get tow or three turns in a row or all The enemies super powers activate every time while none of yours do. Making it where you lose no matter what. If the fighting system was fair. If the A.I. Didn’t randomly take my choices from me. They make it for you to lose on purpose. Not by any fault of yours, just a fault of the game always playing in the favor of the of the PC..Version: 1.18

Started Great, updates made it S*#tWas excellent, as characters added made it interesting. But they introduced characters that are Waaay over-powered , a team of 33,000 cannot beat a single character that’s supposed to be 7,000...how does that work. On top of that the game crashes constantly, and after almost 6 months of updates they still haven’t fixed the issue? obviously the crashing is purposely put in to get people to pay real money, in order to level up..Version: 1.26.2

Greed Ruins EverythingThis was really fun last year (2017). But as time went on I slowly realized they were worried less about things that made the game fun and more about getting your money out of your pocket. Now it seems like they release a new character every month. All the new characters have been pumped up to where when highly upgraded they are essentially one man armies. Powerful enough to convince you to buy the packs to upgrade them. Until the next month comes and a new one man army comes out that is the kryptonite to the character you just bought. It takes too long to upgrade one character before they release another one it becomes overwhelming. The bugs in-game are coming from mechanics that are day 1 release. Ex: Red Alert battles, there is still a bug that prevents you from winning, you HAVE to exit the game to keep playing. When you do, it kills all your characters you used in the battle. So bottom line, greed ruins everything..Version: 1.18

Game won’t let me upgrade charactersI just downloaded the game and when it downloaded I followed all of the steps but when it got to the green lantern part I clicked on upgrade the move but the box was grey because it says it costs 50 money but when you start the game you have 1,606 Money it just won’t let me continue the game please fix this.Version: 1.22.4

It's an okay soft launchI can see why this hasn't had a global release;It's buggy( I have to log out of gamecenter to play, because it's conflicting with the server or something), gameplay is stilted and gets tedious, and there are no daily rewards or a chat system. These are standards in social games, and you couldn't even put it in the first release? There's no real guide on what to do, and going through each section of the UI feels like a chore. This game had great potential, but as it is now its just average. *update* you made the game worse- made skills dependent on your opponent and crazy requirements, characters no longer have specifically team roles, mastery is cheap, and you haven't fixed any of the old bugs. Hold this L, WB..Version: 1.4.2

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