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DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes App User Positive Comments 2023

DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes app received 123 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dc legends: fight super heroes?

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DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes for Positive User Reviews

Great game but...I really enjoy this game a lot. It brings together a very nice roster of characters and the addition of reworks on characters gives you hope that if a character isn’t too good upon release, they might be in the future. It goes both ways however since it could be that they change a character entirely. There are many things I would love to see in the game in its future, but the one thing I’d like to request to the Devs (For what it’s worth) is the addition of guaranteed fragments from heroic mode. Nothing is more frustrating than spending double the amount of energy you do in regular mode to not even receive 1 fragment for a character you want. The guaranteed fragments would make it so you could at least slowly get characters you want as well as the opportunity to gather new heroes knowing that it’d be possible with the guaranteed fragments. I know there’s probably reasons why the fragments aren’t guaranteed, but I was thinking it could be possible since Injustice 2 was random before and then was updated to give guaranteed shards..Version: 1.21.1

Great GameI find the game to be pretty fun sometimes.Version: 1.27.15

EpicThis game is so good the people that say this game is terrible done exist at all I heard even a YouTuber said this game is so good that the new spiderman movie was worse then this game 1 day ago.Version: 1.27.10

Replacement for Marvel’s old Facebook gameI missed playing Marvel Avengers Alliance and just found this one. It’s definitely the same play style and a pretty good replacement so far..Version: 1.26.13

CharactersThis game has shown me tonnes of knew characters and villains I never even knew same with heroes. It has been a bundle of joy deafening man hunters and event bosses. This game Is definitely one of my favourites and I hope to see it evolve. My only downfall with it is there isn’t that much characters as other games like galaxy of heroes. But I guess the developers have a reason but I do want to see this game evolve. Be sure to get the game You Won’t Be Disappointed!.Version: 1.26.9

Surprisingly GoodWhen I first played DC Legends, I didn’t find the appeal of it but once I started unlocking more heroes and upgrading them, I got hooked. Every aspect of the game seems fine except venturing into the levels. I got confused with the campaigns, PvP levels and R.E.D. Levels because it felt too overwhelming as to which direction I should go. It’d be nice if the levels are more streamlined. I also like the user interface; not too confusing. I can’t seem to find an alliance to join; I guess no one’s playing this game anymore? ☹️ Also I wish the game can remember the fight setting; I like to set it to Auto because I’m lazy to manually choose the powers but the game going back to manual. Please fix this. Aside from that, keep up the great work..Version: 1.26.9

No connectionI have wifi and it works in other games but this writing error need connection please fix this problem this is realy nervous.Version: 1.3.1

GoodYes.Version: 1.8

ReviewDecent game. Been waiting for achievements (coming soon since day one guys- come on). Although my main issue is that the system requirements say 215MB of storage and it was taking up 1.03GB. What's going on there?.Version: 1.17.1

Good gameI really like this game but it needs to be easier to get the gold token things.Version: 1.3.1

Reset progressI love this game so so much, but I did things wrong at the start, would love to see a start new game feature added sometime in the future so that I and others can start the right way..Version: 1.22.4

Rebirth uniforms pleaseNice game, could be better if superman was farmable and the uniforms should be replaced for the rebirth ones!.Version: 1.7.2

Read this plsAn absolutely stunning game. For people who aren’t sure about getting this game: Get it! It works on my I phone 6 and the graphics are so cool! I don’t even like DC and marvel is much better but I still love this game!.Version: 1.26.13

DC LegendsI actually like this game😊.Version: 1.12.3

ITS SO FUN OMGI just started playing this game and it’s super fun all your favourite dc characters are 100% there the only downgrade is that there are sometimes a lil bugs.Version: 1.27.14

Good but…First the good. There is a lot of content characters, decent amount of energy for daily rewards, straight forward leveling, raid event common, always coming out with content. Now the bad. Pay to play is boss, pvp with pay to win players can halt you almost a days worth of energy. Have to use energy to restart the board if you run into one. Worthless characters that you will never use including the big three. All the new characters overpower the old. Some way over powered but if you didn’t spend the money. You wouldn’t be able to make them viable. Events are guild based. So if you play solo you will not get the best rewards because you can’t amass points. Also 2 week pvp top guy gets more points then you with bought energy then you can collect in 6 months roughy I finish top 1000 with 2k points, winner will have roughly 6k to 8k. disclaimer time I started playing within the first month of launch so I’ve got years dedicated. I did spend a little money in the beginning to get leveled and get my favorite leveled. Normally finish pvp within the top 1000 so not to bad. I log in twice a day when energy is maxed and play until it’s all used. So all it all, I enjoyed this game for years but just tired of road blocks from the pay to play. I know the game is free and they need to make money. Now it’s time to freely hit the delete button..Version: 1.26.15

One of the Best!!I love this game and how you get to play as so many different DC characters, I’ve been playing this for weeks and haven’t got bored yet. The only downside is that characters are ridiculously expensive to buy, nearly £25 for 4 characters is way too much, but other then that it’s great!.Version: 1.18

Great game butI bought the where’s the bat signal case and got scarecrow but it didn’t appear in my heroes other than that great game awesome action.Version: 1.27.8

Fun gameThis is really fun but I think the story can be a bit better.Version: 1.26.9

Finally! An app I can play without paying!I love this game. I can collect all the characters without having to pay a dime. There are so many ways to get the best currency, and heroes constantly recirculate through the shop, meaning that a little patience will give you an awesome team. Patience being the key word. You do need patience to get up to a high level. Once you reach about level 60 five star, focus on upgrading gear and abilities. And pay attention to secondary traits. It doesn’t matter how powerful my enemy is, if I’ve slowed him down down so much he never gets to move. In the end, it comes down to tactics as much as brute force. I recommend this game for anyone who loves DC, enjoys casual tactics and can wait for better rewards..Version: 1.26.1

A really 5Nice game actually not to bad instead of you just make a friends list to add some new friends pretty good game not gonna lie.Version: 1.27.3

FunPretty decent and fun ..Version: 1.26.1

ExcitingVery enjoyable I can't wait to see what happens next.Version: 1.9

Fun game with major Balance issuesI have played this game every day for about a year, give or take a few months. I enjoy it for the most part. It is fun to fight with my favorite super heroes and slowly build them in strength and power. The game stands well as a free to play game. You can of course pay money to acquire things quicker, but it isn’t mandatory. And there is plenty to do without having to spend a lot of cash for time-earned energy. But in the past few months, one character, in combination with a handful of others, has been so brokenly overpowered that a team with him (Deathstroke) cannot be beaten in auto play and generally beats teams several hundred or thousand power points stronger. Ninety percent of the top ranked players are exploiting Deathstroke teams. The makers of the game have done little to fix this and have even gone so far as to delete any forum post making this complaint. I waste many PVP resources each week trying to reset my opponent list until I am not burdened with facing a half dozen of them at once. If this balance issue was fixed, I would give this game a 5 star rating..Version: 1.17.2

Great GameGood amount of Hero's and villains too.Version: 1.14.1

AMAZINGAs a huge fan of dc, I think this game is incredible. I haven’t played it much but I haven’t really noticed any bugs or anything. So far so good.Version: 1.24.2

Good game, in active developmentNo big bugs I can tell, and though you can spend $$ to accelerate progress, it is REALLY NOT NECESSARY, at this point. The game is a bit barebones when compared to its two, closest competitors, but then, it IS a lot of fun, and very involving already :) SWGoH (Star Wars Game of Heroes) has been around and in constant development for about 3 years, and I feel like THIS game is far more polished than was the Star Wars offering at this point in its Dev cycle. MSF (Marvel Strike Force) is also a new, successful, and growing game. It is further along in development, and I enjoy both games. MSF is FAR pushier in offering pop-up “deals” and “sales” than DCL (DC Legends), but is nearly identical in its core game mechanics. The question is, can both Dev teams succeed in making games so polished and fun that the market will offer a successful size of market share in order for both to succeed. Currently, I am playing all three games (SWGoH for over two years..), plus several others. If I ever get back to work :)) I’ll have decisions to make :)).Version: 1.20.2

Good gamesBecause I never die and I have mostly all the players.Version: 1.27.3

Good gameMy favourite character is either flash or superman. This game takes a lot of time tho, but it’s still worth it, I give it a 3.5.Version: 1.26.14

DeathstrokeI actually love this game the best game I’ve played and I’m so addicted but there’s one thing really annoyed me and a lot of others because I speak with them on the forums but you nerfed deathstroke the most desirable character in the game when people wasted time, effort, resources and most importantly real money into getting him and then you nerf him to the point when he is useless the least you could do is bring him back or refund all the players the resources and money they spent.Version: 1.18

CoolCool.Version: 1.10

Pretty Good for a Tactical Squad GamePretty much your standard tactical squad game. The interface can be a little clunky and allows, unlike Marvel Str I need Force which has smooth transitions. There needs to be more options to buy items from the store using various in-game currencies, and drop rates for character upgrades needs to be increased for those of us who don't do in-game purchases. I do like that you can setup multiple teams..Version: 1.21.3

Great funReally enjoying this game. Not too demanding on your time. Go at your own pace..Version: 1.8.1

Pretty fun with some flawsIf your favourite character is Batman, green lantern or flash you should be able to get them quite easily but if you prefer a slightly more obscure character they would be quite hard to unlock or may not be in the game..Version: 1.27.17

Great, but got bugsThis review will not be like an article like the others, but, this game is very good! It got some old designs from once I started playing this in 2017 and got some bugs in loading content but it’s pretty good. The app needs to be re-animated/made/etc. It still has that old design/old physics in it, and it sure does prove it with the “Loading Content” bug making me have to refresh the app. Just update the game like any other big game would do, and change almost everything like Fortnite did, where they changed almost EVERYTHING..Version: 1.26.5

I'm loving itHello my name is Freddy what's your name. like you're guys Game. when are you going to make a new Game also I really like your game it's really cool..Version: 1.15

Amazing for DC fansThis game is awesome for dc fans, I love how you get to play with lots of your favourite characters and can learn about them to! The only problem is that they are missing a few characters but they can be expected to have them all. Overall I love the game and recommend it for anyone..Version: 1.23.2

Top gameGood fun. Has dropped out a couple of times and requires reload but still enjoyable..Version: 1.16.2

I’m A FanThis game is really fun. Great graphics, cool music, and all the iconic characters from DC. There are all kinds of ways to play (my favourite is The RED Alerts) I would rate this five stars, but it needs strong internet and crashes a lot if you don’t have the speed.Version: 1.26.15

Very fun gameThis game is really fun and good to pass time so I would definitely recommend it.Version: 1.25.1

Great GameGreat game, highly recommend..Version: 1.8.1

Très bonne experienceLe gameplay est excellent avec une très bonne histoire pour un jeune de la sorte !.Version: 1.26.15

Love itAbsolutely love DC! This has to be arguably the best mobile game!.Version: 1.7

Great game with 1 issueGREAT GAME! One of the few games I play every day. But I have to take 1 star away for one issue. Game play experience can be improved with one small change. Please ADD A VOLUME CONTROL to the game sounds, and KEEP THE SOUND SETTINGS! Currently the game defaults to lowering the volume on any music playing, which makes the game sounds overpower the music. I have to turn off the game sounds completely, just so I can hear my music while I ride the train. But then every time my game play is interrupted, it turns the sound back on! This is really annoying me. Please don’t make me choose between playing the game or my music. I want to do both!!.Version: 1.17.1

ProgressI had a lot of good characters that were really strong but I don’t know how to get them back. If someone told me how that would be great. Thanks..Version: 1.27.8

Just wow!You know what, I’m actually a Marvel fan but since i started watching Titans on Netflix, I started liking DC even more so I decided to download this game. And i think im in love lol #stillAMarvelFan.Version: 1.26.9

GoodGreat app.Version: 1.26.15

Looking goodNeeds work, but this is going in the right direction!.Version: 1.7.1

.I really enjoyed this game and was even one of my favorites to pass time. But after a recent update all I get is a blank grey screen when opening up the app. I have a newer iOS device, have reinstalled it twice and yet there is no fix to this. The game is completely unplayable as all I ever get is this grey screen upon opening. Really sad as this was a really good game which I dedicated so much time to. Wondering if anyone else has this issue?.Version: 1.27.10

Really addictive!!Wasn’t too sure if I was going to enjoy this, especially compared with the Marvel game of the same type however this was mind blowing my fun and addictive, only issue is pvp sometimes puts you up against levels really above you but was you persevere you can build up a great squad and take them out!.Version: 1.26.7

Out of syncEverytime I try to buy hero fragments or other items on the shop I get the same message each time why....it’s very annoying please do something about this.Version: 1.26.4

Great game with super potential!This game is the first game I play that has me hooked for a long time. I gave up on many game phases that lasted weeks. Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, the list goes on...But being a DC Fan myself, and with upcoming films and continuous games and comics keeping us on the loop - actually enhances this games fun! Every week there’s updates and fun new characters and tokens for characters to win! The ONLY problem I have with this game is the fact that it’s updates can be slow and the character updates can be repetitive. Another major flaw with this game is that there comes a time when you realize that YOU HAVE to make in game purchases to catch up with the community..Version: 1.16.1

Really miss Infinite crisis and hope it come backThought it was a MOBA competitive game. Such a disappointment. Really hope there is a game on mobile like Infinite crisis. Well, since I'm still a fan to DC, I'd give it a five-stars.Version: 1.12.3

Super fun but...This game is super fun and really enjoyable. It is early player friendly and super fun but does crash and lag some times but overall lots of fun.Version: 1.22.3

Cool game4 stars cool game.Version: 1.10

Pretty funI'm enjoying myself. The game's had a couple of fixes since I started playing- and the one alteration I miss most was the 5 level pvp option - but more and more incentives to play have been introduced, so I'm having fun :).Version: 1.7.2

Great DC game!Love it!.Version: 1.8.1

Really good superhero game, but.....Really enjoy this game, takes time to level up your heroes a bit but still enjoyable, one of my only complaints is though that you run out of energy really quickly, taking into account campaign, pvp & upgrade missions (higher difficulty missions require more energy obviously), I understand that game makers require a degree of money making to run the games but having a mode that allows you to play with your characters without using energy would be nice, perhaps for small rewards rather than big ones or perhaps allow the use of essence to purchase energy or upgrade tokens? I myself have acquired over 5,000,000 essence gaining more every time I play with nothing to use it on, as upgrade events (the only thing you use essence for) only let u play a limited number of times. Love the game just make it playable for longer periods..Version: 1.17.4

Best GameFun to play!.Version: 1.26.13

Dc legendsGames pretty good.Version: 1.8.2

Dc legendsDc legends the best it is a fun game and I enjoy it I use to have a black lightning 3 star from rebirthing but my brother said to delete it so I restarted and it was fun it’s all about having fun.Version: 1.26.13

GoodI do like this game, but the latest ‘update’ description is a complete LIE! The characters listed where already on the game. It’s disgraceful that you would say it’s an update when it clearly isn’t..Version: 1.22.4

BEST!!!!! MORE STORY!!IM LOVE THIS!!! Please Add more characters from DC!!.Version: 1.8.1

Amazing Game.As a avid DC Fan playing since Beta, I can honestly say there has never been an instance where I felt this game has gone wrong. I can understand how it is hard for new players to get into now with the pack changes and can feel like a grind at first, but get past that and you find yourself in the middle of one of the most satisfying experiences in mobile gaming. I have never spent a dollar on this game for as long as I've played so it most certainly is NOT Pay2Win, just have patience and learn how to ration essence gems to get those daily resets and farm efficiently to keep up with those that do spend money. Furthermore, those that don't spend money have absolutely no right complaining about the overpowered characters of those who do pay. The microtransactions are there for a reason, and if you don't feel okay with having a few slow, grindy months as a F2P player to reach those higher ranks of PVP hierarchy in order to receive much better weekly shard rewards, then don't come and cry, go play another game. The recent glitches that have allowed some players an unfair advantage in PVP has certainly not been as game breaking as people would have you expect. I've finished nearly a hundred more battles after not exploring the glitches myself and have never found it to affect my playing experience and leave me disadvantaged in any way. All in all, a stunning rework and looking forward to the future of DC Legends!! :D.Version: 1.8.2

Great breakAwesome on a short break or a long one. Even when just chilling on the bus going home..Version: 1.8.1

Great game! Just need some help with 1 thing...Right... Amazing game! Really is! I like all aspects of the game and recommend to EVERYONE. But... just need some quick help... how do you change your name 😂. I’m only level 18 so I don’t know if I’ll get a chance at future levels but I really want to change my name. Thank you so much. Yet again, great game!.Version: 1.24

Cool GameWanna play real time fights involving superheroes? Go for DC Legends! Great graphics, accurate renders of each dc superhero, awesome gameplay and realistic as a whole. Although I would prefer to see facial expressions in the characters, especially during combat Still, that doesn’t mean I should score low on this game! It’s fun, awesome and good for those that fancy any DC or superhero game.Version: 1.26.4

AddictiveI have been playing for several months and I find it highly entertaining. There are plenty of characters and they interact in interesting ways. Some of the modes force you to use different teams which has often opened my eyes to characters I initially overlooked. I was initially very frustrated when fighting Deathstroke and Lobo but I eventually learned they can easily be beaten with the right strategy and a minor adjustment to your team (add Catwoman for example). I wish that we had a choice of skins to use on our characters because often I prefer the standard skin to the "legendary" one (Huntress, Enchantress, Reverse Flash, etc). It would be great if we could choose how they look after we level up our characters. I'll admit that I spent way more real money than I expected but since I play every day it is money well spent for the entertainment value..Version: 1.15

Love it just need easer ways to get charactersI love the game I think it needs more ways to get hero’s and villains easer because I would love to have some new characters in my roster thanks.Version: 1.26.2

Awesome!!Wasn't too sure at the beginning. Felt that it might be like all he other games. I was wrong! This game is fun, addictive and I can't put it down!.Version: 1.8.2

SilfenI really like this game and I feel it has a lot of potential. With that said please upgrade the visuals! The game looks ugly,,, the Marvel games all look beautiful and with games like Dawn of Titans looking as good as it does, this is pretty unacceptable..Version: 1.3.1

I give it 5 starsIf ur looking for a game like injustice1 or 2 u came to the wrong place this game is based for kids it’s really fun to play.Version: 1.17.3

Not happy!Just updated to the latest version but now won’t let me play it..Version: 1.16.1

Kinda weirdIs the game dead, cause I can’t play for two days WTH.Version: 1.27

Lose progressIt’s a good game but it looks like you lose progress when you update your phone and have to install the app again.Version: 1.25

Awesome!!!!Love the graphics and the detailed heroes.Version: 1.8.1

Hits the nerd sweet spotSUPER ADDICTING(in a good way though) This game isn’t complicated and very easy to pick up once you’ve gotten the hang of it. It’s awesome because DC isn’t JUST using the same mega heroes that we see over and over in the media. Power girl, super boy, mera, Jessica Cruz, just to name a few. The powers of each character differ from the rest, so here does come the opportunity to strategize on what route you wanna go for an upcoming battle I.e. do you want a big healing advantage or have your turn meter on high and get more attacks in? You don’t have to spend money to have fun and do well in the game, I hate micro transactions...but even I was compelled to make a small purchase. Great, fun, and no stress game to take your mind off being a serious adult..Version: 1.17.4

Good timeI'm really enjoying it .. please keep up the good work.Version: 1.11.1

Too many characters not enough game varietyThe hero roster is impressive but this game is lacking in its most important aspect, actual gameplay, we need more game modes besides red alerts and pvp and monthly raids. More is needed, perhaps multi strategy gamemode like chess with the toons? A Pokémon like world where we can run into encounters while exploring with our fav characters. A board game mode moving from piece to piece. Literally anything to break up the regular program. This game has enough heroes!!! It needs balances, artifacts or enhancements for toons and MORE GAME MODES Other than that this is an OK game, the support is certainly there from the developers they only need to be more bold and creative- please take risks I would like this to feel more like an rpg, and more and to see more variety in Gamplay..Version: 1.27.15

The greatest game everAswome.Version: 1.26.14

Good graphicsSlow loading time, but fun super hero action..Version: 1.22.4

Great gameSuch a good game. Recommend it to anyone who likes dc. Could play for hours on end.Version: 1.8.1

Fix itWhen i try to start it it doesn't start it stops on loading fix it.Version: 1.8

DC Legends - WB did right.This game has come a very long way in development. Still enjoyable! Loving it..Version: 1.18

Best Game EverEverything that you are looking for in a game is in here. User Friendly, lots of area you can focus that you will not get bored. Very easy to build a competitive team whether you are a paying player or just playing for free. Highly Addicting. Very good past time. Thumbs up to the Max!.Version: 1.27.11

It's goodIt's good.Version: 1.8

Really goodThis game is fun but I wish you can play this game without wifi..Version: 1.26.13

The BestThis game is my favourite of all games! I love it sooo much and I play it all the time! I can't wait to get my team to legendary.Version: 1.10

Cool game but no sound?Loving the game, it does DC characters justice however I never have sound when I play.Version: 1.26.4

Deathstroke is to powerfulI don’t like how strong Deathstroke is, he’s immune to everything I feel with these games there should be some type of balance but there’s not. The vast majority of people that have high ranks there main character is Deathstroke so if you want to be strong you would need Deathstroke. My rating is higher then the opposing team I have 3 characters that outclass Deathstroke and some how he’s taking them all out. If you going to have a person that powerful then it should be Superman or he should have a immune ability which I have not yet seen on him. Do not like how strong or powerful Deathstroke is, your rating would have to be very high to beat Deathstroke and he just so happens have a move that takes all your energy, if that move comes out be prepared to lose all your energy, I don’t find it to fair. Overall I like the game just don’t like how Deathstroke seem to be the most powerful character. There shouldn’t be just 1 powerful character there has to be balance..Version: 1.17.1

As advertisedIf you’re a fan of DC this game is a MUST HAVE.Version: 1.27.8

DcHad this game before didn’t like it put now they have changed it I love the graphics of the scenery and the costumes.Version: 1.22.2

Bio farming systemEverything in this game is perfect except for 1 part, and that is the hero farming system, 3 times everyday is just too low and the hero is bio is not guaranteed making hero ranking harder than it should be, improve this system, then I'll give a 5* perfect rating.Version: 1.8.1

AwesomeAwesome game the graphics are amazing but I would love it even more if it was off-line at least for campaign.Version: 1.5.2

IssueI am still having issue where I keep getting pop up message when I try to play the game "we are unable to download important data..." I've tried everything from the troubleshoot via FAQ and yet game still has same issue Please urgently fix this as I've spend a lot time and money on this game.Version: 1.26.4

Game launch bug!Love this game - seems to be a bug on launch telling you to update to latest version to continue. Have already updated and now can’t play?.Version: 1.18

Fun little turn based combat game!It’s a actually good dc character turn based action game..Version: 1.26.13

Frustrating Abrupt ShutdownsThe game is Amazing! However, can you PLEASE fix those ridiculous, unnecessary shutdowns. It’s becoming very annoying and increasingly difficult to continue gameplay..Version: 1.26.10

Good game but...This game is your standard team based strategic battle game, and if you like those kind of games, then this is a great one to play. However, DC should really add the Watchmen for fans like myself who would love to play as their favourite Watchmen characters. (Even though they are not from the same universe).Version: 1.21.4

Really Great and Fun to PlayI love playing this game. It’s roster of characters is amazing and it’s always fun to mix and match different teams. However ,like every game, I wish some things were different. The level up system should be based on when each individual character completes a level and gain xp when they succeed. Also, I think that their should be a mode that allows more than 4 characters to a team. I think it would be really cool to use 7 characters in a level, just like the number of original members of the justice league. All in all, I love this game and though it’s always fun, I think it could still be better..Version: 1.16.2

AmazingSure I get mad sometimes but it’s like the funnest game ever.Version: 1.26.11

Needs Work but a Great Game OverallFlaws are to be expected in every game but with this one the developers always try their best to remedy them. From apologising to giving out in game credits. They go above and beyond in making this game great and infact it is great..Version: 1.15

HadShshs.Version: 1.7.2

GoodBut game needs to give some lenicy in their tactics, I play great tactics and I barely win, it needs to be just a bit more simpler but good game. As in anything we have in this era....Version: 1.26.9

Been playing a few yearsI used to play Injustice, the mobile app, which I liked much better than the console version of that game. I gave it up after mysteriously losing characters and a bunch of gear and levels and stuff (apparently due to limited free memory on phone). New phone, new game! I haven’t had that issue in DC Legends, thankfully. I can’t really compare Injustice to DC Legends because they are so different. Legends is more of an classic RPG style game, where your team of four heroes take turns against another team of heroes. Your team consists of 4 and the hero in the leader position gives the team a special ability. The game requires a great deal of time if you want to compete with the big dogs. There’s an option to spend money, but it’s not required, and I don’t recommend it. Items in the shop are WAY overpriced and it’s easier to earn the stuff in game than to spend your hard earned $. I recommend saving your gold to strategically recharge so you can earn levels, gear, ranking, etc via battles. What you get for the gold by spending it in the in-app shop is pretty pathetic usually..Version: 1.22.4

Good!Very good!.Version: 1.26.10

GdjdfyiJhgguuCfgggh.Version: 1.27.2

Play this game!This is a great game that allows you to kill time and play relaxed or put a lot of time into it, definitely recommend trying it out..Version: 1.26.5

5 stars to this gameSuch a good game I love it been playing it for a year now gotten really good - I love the daily rewards systems and all the new character you get every month.Version: 1.25.1

Best developers everSent a email regarding a issue, and not only was my reply quick, it also acknowledged the issue and gave me “gems” nd others for the trouble. The graphics are great, and all around its a very addicting game, so many opportunities!!!.Version: 1.27.11

Great gameReally enjoy playing, challenging and entertaining.Version: 1.8.2

5 star but needs more power upsThis game is so amazing more power ups would make it more fun. Dc arenas would make its base the best bases of all bases. This game is so Dcmasing. Good thing you can play it. Avengers & Dc is quite the same. Best game ever.Version: 1.26.4

Good but some glitchesIt is really good but when you are battling it can glitch you out.Version: 1.27.11

DC LegendsWhen you get used to the game you have a good time..Version: 1.26.15

Great DC game..Unreal game where you can collect and earn all the different types and versions of all your DC heroes...Version: 1.20

I love this Game! Buuut…This game is freaking rad. My favorite game on mobile. However I’m having this weird issue, where I go onto the community center, and whenever I click on any of the articles the game makes a static sound then the game crashes. It’s really annoying because I like to look at the articles and use some of the info for myself. I’m hoping that maybe I can get a response to my issue through writing this review. I’ve made sure both the game and my IPhone are both up to date, so I’m really not sure what the issue is. Other than this issue, even with it, this game is my favorite mobile, and DC based game..Version: 1.27.2

This awesome game just appeared out of nowhere!I used to play super starfish and some other games but they just got boring. And then this lovely game appeared out of nowhere and is just awesome you can see different characters from DC comics like killer frost and lex Luther and battle with your favourite DC comics hero or villain!.Version: 1.21.2

Love game but shop needs workI played the game a while back and deleted due to the in game purchases getting too high and seeming like only way to really compete as ran out of energy/gems, etc. I reinstalled due to s friend telling me it had gotten better. So far it does seem easier to progress and compete but I am only back to level 25 so far. The late game is the struggle as you level up less often and the in game purchases were way too high for the amount gems you accumulate. My suggestion would be to add a pvp mode where you can acquire gems to use in shop. Other than this great game to play over time and definitely keeps you returning to play!.Version: 1.22.3

Love this game…but bugs are annoyingI’m a new player and I can say I love this game so far. Almost everything about it has kept my attention and kept me engaged, especially the red alerts game mode. Really player friendly, getting fragments for characters constantly. Only two notes, I don’t know if other players are having this problem, but my game keeps glitching out once I get to the final battle in the Physical Showcase II event and won’t let me complete it so i can’t move forward which is SUPER annoying when it comes around. Also, it’s slightly annoying that like 90% of the games available characters are unavailable at any given time. Wish there was a way to farm (or even buy) certain character fragments to upgrade stars or at least acquire them, trust me there are at least a few characters I’d spend some MONEY on. Overall tho, really a fantastic game that I will continue to play for a long time.Version: 1.27.16

I love ittttttttOmg this game is so fun! I love the characters and the animations it is so fun to control and and fight! 1 problem: The storage this game takes up is stupidly big and that is such a shame😭 Apart from that amazing game should totally be downloaded.Version: 1.21.2

FunGood game, love it!.Version: 1.26.14

PvPWhen I do pvp some people gain immunity and that’s fine but when there’s only one character left and they have it I can’t do damage and they win it’s no fair.Version: 1.27.8

Love itI loved this game it had good graphics i love this also that you can really easily get characters.Version: 1.26.11

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