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Smart. GET THIS APPYou should really get this app. If you’re ever bored this’ll keep you occupied. It can literally guess every character\object\Movie/TV show or animal on the world. Unless the character is from a not to famous Movie or show. It is literally Genius how he does it and even my mum likes trying to make up hard characters (but he always guesses them) and she hates games. If you don’t get this app you’re missing out. TRUST ME.Version: 8.14

AMAZING! But….I have so much to say about this, first, I LOVE how the trap system works. It is honestly soooo smart! For all of you who don’t know what the trap system is or how it works, let me explain. You try to fool the genie into not guessing your character, but there’s some people out there who don’t want to go through all of that “hard work”. So instead, they guess randomly and when they see a topic that looks rare they say “yes” even if it isn’t their character, and the game actually keeps track of this, but I think you start getting the traps after getting a black award. How the traps work? The genie will ask his normal questions. For example: if he asks you “does your animal have eyes?” And you put: “no”, if you got a black award, genie might try to give you a valid check, by guessing an animal that has eyes, even if you said no. If you say yes to his trap? You will be giving a ranking penalty. But I think these traps can be improved by probably increasing the number of them. And that’s all I have for my review. Keep up the good work, I love this game. 10/10, do recommend. (My user is “Gamer” and I’m on the black leaderboard with the catercory of animal on mar 29 lol).Version: 8.23

ChallengingYou can almost always read what you’re thinking of it can be a bit hard to outsmart him this game is really good you can customise the avatar you can choose if you’re thinking about a character object and more i’ve only bait the Akinator once he beat me most of the times he ask you questions to get the answer.Version: 8.23

In my opinion, and how I like this gameI love how this game what do you choose your own character or your own animal or your own object or own movie actors. I gave it five stars because I thought this game was very fun but I played it all the time and now I just love playing it every day every Time I go to bed I think it’s the most recommended games you should ever do. That’s why I gave it five stars it’s really really fun. I want everybody in the world to play this game. It’s like you have this Genie. You can change his clothes and you can do so many things with him. He can guess your character so many times sometimes he can’t. I really love this game. I think everybody including you. If you’re reading this, please get this game I’m not bagging I’m just saying how good this game is so check it out for yourself. this game rocks.👩🏻‍🎤🧞‍♂️🧞🧞‍♀️🐶🦊🐯🐱🐻🦁🐭🐼🐮🐹🐻‍❄️🐷🐰🐨🐔🐧🐦🐤🐺🐗🐴🦄..Version: 8.30

Best app! ButThis is an awesome app I have had for a couple days now and can’t get enough of it I highly recommend it but. If it’s doesn’t get ur character or person the first time it won’t give u any points which is really annoying but it is so cool that u can put a child lock on and it won’t ask u any adult questions but all in all a great app u should get it. 😁😁😁😀.Version: 8.18

Very good and funnyTo play you press the big yellow button but if you are a child first press the little girl with a lock otherwise it is dangerous, then you think of somebody from real life or from a tv show and answer the questions about it. If you don’t think of any person and always click no or I don’t know they will answer an incognito Who always says no or I don’t know. To Change your genie avatar click on the smiley face and if you have enough 💴 then you can by outfits and hats. A big thank you for those who made this game!!! 💗 💗 💗.Version: 8.5

Amazing game just one thing!Ok, so when I bought this 1 year ago it was good, but the thing is that now a year later adds every single, time I finish the game so that's one thing why I hate it and Akinator vip it's wayyyy worse then akinator 1 which is the one I'm giving a review on, I just want the developers to know this because then in the future this game is gonna be like it never existed so now I hope you understand why there's bad reviews in akinator vip so just making you know that if you make the game straight more good reviews come up and more likely, people are still gonna know the game anyways sorry for long review! And besides the two bad things of the game it's a great game for entertainment! by the way amazing Npc but anyways I hope you have a good day nice rest of your month and yeah I hope a developer could read this 😂any ways have a good day!.Version: 8.17

Great game!This game has no problems, zero, nada, nothing. i don’t have a phone but my friend does and she has this game and sometimes i steal her phone to make it and she sometimes catches me and I get spanked and screamed at but it’s totally worth it. i kinda lied because this game is kinda annoying cause where am I gonna get tricky things for the bit to guess. and ngl it’s kinda scary cause he guesses anything, like i mean he guessed my mom once 🤨🤨🤨 not in a creepy way because it asked if it was wait no not it was my mother is a women, uhm, anyways it asked if she was part of my family and yes, unless I was adopted. uhm yea have a good life for who was reading this :) 😎😎🥸🥸😏😏🤩🤩🤓🤓🤪🤪.Version: 8.25

AKINATORWOW just wow! How does he do that? Whoever plays the acinator is unstoppable and amazing I mean how do you do it. I've been playing for hours and just when I see me battery it's on RED!(because of how much I play this game ) but let me tell you I have actually bet this game! But still it's a cool game but I think if someone's thing of reaction time and you thinks of the answer cover your eyes cause the picture of him he puts up looks not good! But it's a fun game and I think everyone should download this game!😁😇😍😜😎😊🦄.Version: 5.3

Adds😤I Love this app but it’s too many ads😤😤😤😤😤.Version: 8.15

GoodI was overjoyed when I saw Brendan James Fraser (/ˈfreɪzər/ FRAY-zər;[1]born December 3, 1968[2]) is an American-Canadian actor.[3] He played Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy (1999–2008), and has played leading roles in numerous comedy and fantasy films, including Encino Man (1992), Airheads (1994), George of the Jungle (1997), Dudley Do-Right (1999), Monkeybone (2001), Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008), Inkheart (2008), and Furry Vengeance (2010). Fraser branched into dramatic cinema with roles in School Ties (1992), With Honors(1994), The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995), Mrs. Winterbourne (1996), Gods and Monsters(1998), Crash (2004), Journey to the End of the Night (2006), and Gimme Shelter (2013). In addition to film acting, Fraser has had successful roles on television, including in the History miniseries Texas Rising (2015), the Showtime drama series The Affair (2016–2017),[4][5] the FX anthology series Trust(2018),[6] the Epix series Condor (2018), and the DC Universe / HBO Max action series Doom Patrol (2019–present). 10/10 would recommend, I decided not to jump when he guessed Brendan James Fraser..Version: 8.17

Not the bestThis is a fantastic game, I love ❤️ how there’s a child lock add magic and character of the day and you can compete with friends but…it’s sort of annoying and lots and lots of adds I spend more time watching adds than actually playing in wanted poster characters of the day it's very annoying because you get like the main character but the poster doesn’t want it so… great game but it needs some work….Version: 8.14

Good GameI used to be able to beat him. Well I have not played for 2 yrs and then I played yesterday and now I can not beat him he now knows everyone I think of which is great it is now a challenge. Anyways other then that it is a great game. Developers if you like this review pls respond back on this review..Version: 8.9

Great but...Great app! I like how it enables you to add a child lock to the game so now inappropriate questions or characters appear. The game is fun and addictive and definitely recommended. I like how you also have my world where you can add characters that you know (eg. family, friends, self), add a picture, write their name and have the akinator get to know your character every time he guesses it. The my world characters are not shared publicly. Only, one problem. Adds. Way too many adds. After every guess he makes there will be an add, which makes the game quite annoying and time consuming. Also, a lot of characters you are thinking of, you never get to know if the akinator has guessed them because you’re not a v.i.p. To view most characters you have to either be a v.i.p, pay akinator money, (which doubles the price every time you use it), or watch an add. I am not paying real money to just view characters! My price to view characters has also gotten too high in akinator money and I am a bit sick of watching two adds after every guess he makes. Apart from adds and v.i.p memberships, the app is great and addictive. I definitely recommend it if you are a patient person. Also, there are mini games that come with teh akinator, (you get to dress him up( which costs akinator money), and have daily challenges, you also get rewards depending on how common your character is for people to guess). I hope this is helpful for the many people considering this app. Thank you..Version: 6.3

Good, but has glitchesSometimes it is amazing how well this game can get characters, but at other times it gets side tracked and asks repeats the same or near on same questions. You can get asked if your character is alive and later be asked your character has died. You also can get questions that can’t possibly be true based on a previous answer such as if you are answer yes to a question if your character is male, you may later get a question if they are a woman. The game is updated regularly with new characters and their pictures appearing pretty quickly when you upload them. I like how you can add questions but the bar for selecting the answers to the question is blanked out and you have to make the choices blind. Sorry to sound like I’m knit picking as I do like this game, I just wish those small issues were resolved..Version: 8.22

Great app!It is a really fun game and I play all the time. I always have a blast playing this app. Thank you for making the wonderful app. I love how they can try to guess my character and I did a lot of my favourite characters from Harry Potter and a bunch of my favourite singers! Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day my dudes!.Version: 8.23

Good!Ankinator is an interesting, fun and very individual game. It has lots of awards, plenty of questions and it is a lot of fun. All I wish is just that when you have found a rare character that you don’t have to watch a video, I wish you could just see the character. There is also loads of ads which is so annoying! I also wish that they asked different first question as it is always the same! But overall this is a good game just a couple things need altering!.Version: 8.23

AMAZINGRlly good just a bit too many ads.Version: 8.25

MagicianThis app is basically magic you know 9/10 people that I choose and I only started using this app yesterday and I found this app the best app I have over 300 apps and this one is by far the best I hope you come up with other apps that as good as this one Job Well Done.Version: 8.3

AmazingWhen I got this app I was so happy with it and never stopped playing on it but them it started getting a lot of the people wrong so I got bored of it all of the time getting it wrong so I deleted the app . 2 YEARS LATER So now it has been more then two whole years !!! And I was looking to see the app anki overdrive but then there was this app also on the same page so I renembered the app so well so I downloaded it again and I have atucally just been playing it and it is apsouloutly amazing and would totally recommend it but to be disappointed when he gets a few wrong . Thank you creators and please comment back !.Version: 6.5

This apps AI is amazingI gave it four stars because if the genie doesn’t guess your character first try then you won’t get an award. That is the weirdest logic ever because a lot of the questions are super random and everytime around question 30 it will just show someone that it thinks it might be but it almost never is because the questions aren’t good enough. I eventually just started pressing yes the first time the genie would guess because that’s the only time that ever gives you coins to buy stuff for your genie. If you keep pressing yes for some reason it starts like testing you to see if your just pressing random buttons or not and if you fail jt takes you off the leaderboard. Very frustrated about that but, overall this app is amazing and I really do recommend it to anyone who wants to do something fun during their free time. Keep up the good work devs!.Version: 8.17

WowI love this app soooooo much I play it all the time! I recommend it too anyone who is not sure about it! 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😜😜😜😀😀😀.Version: 8.3

How just how?!?!He got jake from subway surfers!!!.Version: 8.23

It’s great and amazingI am literally so shocked about this game. I never knew that you can actually read your mind but can hear you is the question that I’m asking but it’s really fun to play and I love how are the boys gets it right but I think if we just tell the detail about him or her whoever you thinking of, he will just know But I love it and I explain to my parents and my sisters and my brothers and my friends and now they downloaded the app and they’re so freaking happy. I have to rewrite eight review and I will give it five stars because it is amazing and like I love it and still I can’t believe that I actually read your mind and you can probably hear you but it’s amazing.Version: 8.22

Sounds boring but SUPER FUN!I showed my BFF this game... now it's her favourite game she heard. It even does the most unknown and weird characters like Stevie t and LOL surprise dolls! You can also dress up Akinator in cool clothes. It sounds boring that it just asks you questions but it's super fun & cool that it doesn't know what character you're thinking about but it guesses it because of what you answer (if that makes sense).Version: 6.6.2

Who cares bout' ads?😬All the other reviews complain about the ads! Who cares about em tho?! I think this app is cool it can guess any character that nobody's ever heard of!.Version: 5.3

Love this app!I love this app it’s amazing and in my option it could use more work. I don’t like how it has in app purchases although it might not be something that big of a problem to complain about it’s just me personally I hate in app purchases because it can sometimes leave to scams or bait. So just to take pro caution I don’t want to buy anything in the app but that’s just me. You can try it and see if it doesn’t scan for your money but just in case I wouldn’t put information about you or stuff like that. But again I have NOT tried it because I’m afraid if it’s a scam. And I don’t like how you have to watch an ad to see your rare charecter. Because it could be the opposite charecter you picked and it could be a waste of your time. And some tips to outsmart the akinator (if you want to) i think you should think of a hard charecter some of your family or friends don’t know about or you can press yes a bunch of time or no a bunch of times. I hope this review helps to improve this game a little bit more but other then that it’s a good app or else I wouldn’t be writing this review (:.Version: 8.3

AwfulIts a very good game because akinator can read your mind and guess things like spanish adolf hitler. Its bad cuz american hiter is friend with ur phone 📞 and i really dont recommend deez weerd gamble gaming. i reccccomehnd diz gam hahahaha have you been able with sam to for a few weeks and then I could do that with my friends if I can do that too lol lol i lol I got it and it got stuck on a new level so i I just wanna it lol I just saw that and then i died.Version: 8.20

This game is AMAZING.It always guesses what im imagining and do you know what i would like? That you would give Akinator a voice. The voice should be english with an Indian accent. Good luck! 😉.Version: 8.17

The best out of the bestIt’s a really good app game actually works like musically apps though work for some reason and I find that really annoying and this one is a very good up Game it's kind a like my favorite game now I think it's amazing and that's why I gave it five stars the downside about is all the ads and pop-ups and begging cheese are you stuff the other then that it's a really good app and I recommend downloading it if you are bored me and my cousins like send like play it together and then they always gets it and it's kind of freaky by that's the one I think it's cool so yeahloop.Version: 8.11

ReviewThis is a wonderful app. Though I don't know why, but I was one of the first people to guess a character before anyone else did guess the character. I got an Aki Award, a gold one.. This is confusing, but I don't mind. On to the real reason. First times I played this, the game started to get weird. I didn't know why! Whenever I turn kids mode on, when they guess the show wrong and I go to the list they show actors from movies. But when I turned kids mode off they showed what I was thinking. Though actors, wrestlers?? On kids mode?? I just don't know anymore. Plus questions like, is your character dead? Married? Im not making you guys sad it has amazing ai that guesses everything And on to the good things: This game has special Al, guessed everything in the world. It's amazing, TOTALLY recommend it. The best I ever saw, you won't regret downloading it! If you want an app that suprises you, download this app. Characters, Objects, Shows, you name it, he guesses it. I'm also not trying to cause harm or hurt other people's feelings about their opinion on the game. This is a long review and you probably read fast though if you fix the kids mode problem that would be helpful! Thanks for the amazing game! I wish I could put a millionth star instead of a 5th star. Today Games Apps.Version: 8.29

I love this game😗The reason why I love this game is because it’s just perfect, everything is amazing detail and he asks brilliant questions. This game was made by someone really talented and hope for there success to grow bigger in the future. If I wanted to say who I loved to guess the most was Levi, from inquisitermaster / The Squad. It wasn’t to long to realise what I wanted him to guess, and if this was based from a real story I would love to meet the person who MADE the story. We all love you and you put great efforts into this app of art. Thank you for readingthis❤️👍🏽 : by….I don’t want to put my name online but by me lol🤣😊💕💞😭.Version: 8.14

It is really funSometimes when the genie guesses your character you just want to switch because that’s what I did.😂😂.Version: 8.25

AkinatorThe akinator keeps reading my mind sometimes it’s wrong but sometimes it feels like somethings not right probably it’s a hacker looking through us idk know how tho it is a good game but def no hacker , you change your akinator probably wear this. Things idk what its called but yeah you should def download akinator it’s a very good game !.Version: 8.17

It works trust meThis actually works the game is amazing they get it correct out of 100 %.Version: 8.9

Bon jeuxSes un bon jeux sans wifi.Version: 8.17

WOW!!!This game is absolutely amazing! It’s so crazy and confusing. I have thought of the most random people for example, Anthony Burrell, and they guessed it! If you don’t know who he is, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s crazy because sometimes it would take a second to ask the next question like it was simply thinking about what to ask next. I imagine it would be saying “Hmmm, ooo!” Like a human would do. It’s so crazy and I love to play. But sometimes you think about someone that YOU would think is super random, but many people have actually guessed them before and they guess it within 5 guesses which blows my mind. What is also good about the game is there is one option that says “ I don’t know “ and it’s very helpful because just like some of our characters, some of the questions are sort of random. For example some questions can be like “Is their favorite color orange?” And I’m like, “I have no idea!”🤣Love the game and I think it would be super fun for you as well as it is to myself! 100% recommend!.Version: 8.17

4 starsIt’s a good game just too many adds but i like it.Version: 8.30

AwesomeThis game is awesome just one problem I was doing Malory towers characters cuz I’m a HUGE FAN so I wanted to do Alicia and Mary Lou and bill so I did Alicia first nearly every question came up with Alicia and Mary Lou but it kept saying a rare character when I did Gwen on the list it had Alicia and Mary Lou and they did not work then when I was doing bill it came up with dose your character like horses I put yes every question came up was related to bill when I finished it once said rare character when bill was not on the list when they put related questions about bill so I am really confused I tried this 10 times and still not working then I tried more characters none would come up I really do think there should be more characters. AWSOME GAME LOVE it recommend it so! Xxx. BEST REGARDS from malorytowerssuperfan.Version: 8.23

Who it’s goodI just started it and it’s so fun I can’t even get off it and every day I’m going to play this game. This game is so inspiring they can’t even stop playing it. I won’t even start playing it until I get bored of it and you should try it now it’s so good is it a genie asks you questions and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to think of your own character and say Leo is like maybe is your character a boy are you like that so there’s version of course the phrase dinner did you set a picture of a character right, click the yes button but if it’s wrong you click the new button and this is why I like it so much you should get it now and still net for ever really you should do it and you should give it five stars because of the because of how good it is.Version: 8.23

This game is so fun!!!!!!!You guys should really play this game 🤯it’s so fun but it kid it gets this one this one was like a semi cat by the way that should really watch Sam and cat to support two at one skies anyways if you don’t play it then I don’t know what you’re gonna do for fun you think you’re having fun but you’re boring if you’re not playing this game I’m trying not to be mean you guys should really play this game also if you go to Cortina 😺meet me I’ll be at lunch go back sickly breakfast anyways if you don’t go to Christina then you should really go to it I’m trying to do three anyways so you guys should really play this game it’s so AMAZING guys so you guys should really play it if you don’t I don’t know who you are if you don’t know so don’t read any of the bad comments please play it with it game this is so fun see you I love this game🫶🏻 also guys I tried guessing Barbie👩🏼 and he got it anyways you should really play this game.Version: 8.22

Be Warned!😂 it’s addicting! I love this app, but be warned, once you start, there’s no end, you will now and forever be thinking about all characters, places and things you can ask about. During shows you watch, you’ll be thinking …HEY! That character, and same with objects and places. Now you might think, hmmm, all characters, places and things have all already been used, but that’s not how it works, you just need to put in something that hasn’t been thought about in a while. No matter how long I’ve played, I’m still coming up with new black belt awards! You will too. But, if you’re watching shows with other people, you might want to write characters down, people get annoyed when all you’re doing is talking about new people, places and things you can now use! (Also remember, there are always new characters, places and things introduced every day from new tv shows and movies) 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 a while back I had issues with my WiFi, and had lost my account, it was horrible and haunted me daily because new stuff was right there but my account wasn’t, it was so depressing… lolol, I have it now and I’m so relieved 🥳 it is a super cool app! (And doesn’t try and scam money from you).Version: 8.23

So... wowCome to think they would use a search engine for the so called “genie” to guess what you’re thinking. I originally assumed that it would be looked up piece by piece and it would go by the top matches, I guess not. There’s been a couple times where the game would have to take a minute until the next question to be asked, almost as if it was seriously thinking as a person would. And plus... He doesn’t always guess right! If you’re going for something really specific it might take a couple tries and bring up other guesses, some of which could be completely go out of the way of what you could be thinking. The questions get more specific as they are asked. Even better, questions and guesses can be filtered out to parent lock which pops up as you’re playing. It asks for no personal information and seems to be directly from pure human knowledge. You can even pick a category of things to describe, that being real and fiction animals or characters to any form of show or movie you can find them in! There are also rewards if the genie guesses right the first time and you can customize his appearance as well. The game is surprisingly simple considering how much it holds. I totally recommend this!!!!!!!🧞‍♂️🤔💭✅👍.Version: 8.15

Love itI guess all my people and other things keep it up.Version: 8.23

Just … WOWTo people who want to read , So I found this game on a channel called iamsanna (I love her vids) and it looked so fun and I installed it . I tried it and he’s so smart but he gets it wrong time to time but I don’t mind otherwise that wouldn’t be as fun . And I love it so much it’s fun and you can change to people, objects and 2 more in the settings . To other reviewers, I’m sorry if u think the opposite to me but people are different , I don’t be to disrespect your opponent. I just like this game more than you but it’s fine and no one should make fun of you for saying a different opponent. To developers , I really enjoy this app and it’s really fun and funny . Please reply back ..Version: 8.9

This is impossibleThis app is so amazing I amazed when my brother did it for me war.Version: 6.5

AwesomeIt doesn’t find all the one I was thinking of, but surely most of them. It’s pretty impressive, even counting the few fail.Version: 6.6.2

Good interestWhere I first got this app it was because I was watching a lot of people play with it and when I got it, it wasn’t so bad. I realize that there was a lot of goals that I could get. It was a lot of fun obtaining all of them. Especially my favorite people my favorite people are most like it’s funny while stars characters and my favorite YouTubers it gives me a bunch of pictures, and when I screenshot them, they give me a bunch of happiness, especially painter darker or even anything that involves a pencil and paper and drawing is very good even if you wanna know about somebody like let’s say that I’m just getting random things. I’m just figure out what a cute his life I will figure out about the character and then I can talk more about it and search it up. It’s a very good at the search up random things and probably get the most craziest reaction. Sometimes it can be scary. Sometimes it can be funny and sometimes cute. There’s a lot of things in this iPad. Expect a lot of people to know about so if you download this app, I promise you you have a good expectations🌸..Version: 8.23

Can you get rid of the adsI like it because it can seriously read my mind but what I hate about it is the ads just please get the ads out of this amazing game that’s it so bye.Version: 8.5

FunIt’s because I love guessing games they are my favourite and you get to pick any person who is real or fictional and a genie has to guess who your thinking of,this is the best game ever😊.Version: 8.3

Good!I like this! It’s addictive and catchy in a way that you’ll definitely want to play-but not for long... The problem is how you’re suppose to outsmart Akinator- let’s say if there is a character that hasn’t been played in a while, you do that and Akinator can’t guess it-you don’t get a award, How is he suppose to remember something that hasn’t been played in like-10 months? And even when you confirm a character you don’t get a award... It’s nice and all but still-could use some improvement....Version: 8.4

Nice gameOk, its not that bad. Like it can easily make someone play it to 6 hours or 10 hours, i think its a great game!Your kids would love it I wouldn’t be surprised if a kid, played it for 11 hours and stayed up at night. I think 4+ would play the game but i didn’t check if it was 4+ soo… yeah lol. Anyways, this is great game and it guesses 1 wrong or 0 wrong, its impossible if a kid, wouldn’t like the game. Kids are all over stuff like they think a lot of stuff is cool like guessing what the character is, thats what this game basically is. Its a great game it looked like they really worked, on the game and we should be appreciate the hard work, they did on making the game even if you don’t like the game. This game is a great game because 1.Kids would 100% like the game. 2.great game for kids, 3.10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, year olds would play it even 4. It guesses isn’t that cool? 5.that can just be guessing guessing for years because a lot of people, play it its not like people just say random thingsss!? who, would do that? NOT ME anyways great job on the game! Click Here To See More[clicks] ok, anyways because you clicked] are you hungry guess your food!.Version: 8.14

BobI like it but one made my pe pe hard.Version: 8.20

Sethy approves but needs character submittingPlease add character submissions.Version: 8.25

Team 4 stars!INCREDIBLE! But I’m it’s ways it a lil’ bewildering! When it asks you if your character is a male and you say yes, a few questions later and it asks is your character a female? It’s weird because it’s already asked his gender so why ask again? It’s also creepy because he can guess almost everything right… I recommend this game for anyone who wants to talk to a very good guesser! It is really creepy sort of because as I said, do you know it can get it right like how does it get it right I do not know is it because of the questions It asks? Please tell me why! Oh and before I forget… (It took 3 rounds to guess my fave YouTuber MoreAlia!🤣)(Sorry if you read this Alia but I’m not subbed) bewildering /bɪˈwɪld(ə)rɪŋ/ adjective confusing or perplexing. "there is a bewildering array of holidays to choose from”.Version: 8.23

Great!Amazing app, I'm often sitting there for ages trying to rack my brains in an attempt to outsmart him. Great game and one I can show my friends and family to stump and amaze them. Only problem is that it can sometimes be a bit buggy. It might get stuck loading on certain pages or it will be a bit slow passing from one page to the other. It's generally very updated although sometimes I'll find if I guess a relatively new character (a character that's come about within the last few months), he won't be able to guess it no matter how many times I try..Version: 5.3

So funOk so I downloaded this game 3 hours ago and now I am literally addicted. I can’t get my stupid brain of my phone. My mum is telling me to be social and get off my phone. I love this game more than anything and it is so good and fun. I am so good at it and keep beating the genie. This game has literally changed my life and I am not exaggerating. It is one of the most entertaining games I have ever downloaded on all the devices I have had iPad iPod iPhone. I really want you to make more games like this. It is so fun and addicting😀😊.I have played it non stop today even at the park. Please get back to me ASAP Octoberxxx💜💜.Version: 8.30

Loved it❤️It’s absolutely an amazing thing to Have on ur phone- it’s just one of the best thing that u could ever have in ur phone. All of the answer are absolutely correct everything I have tried- I just wonder how doe she does that? And whoever create this is just such and amazing person. His brain is just one of the best brain in the whole entire world. This game and the person/team who created this shout get an award by Prime Minister. Just loved it❤️.Version: 6.6

AkinatorI love it and when I am bored I play.i love how he gets it 99 percent of the time....but also maybe he could get it wrong more?anyway great game.Version: 8.15

Zayden ❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜OK, this is a very good app. That’s why making this review. this is a very good app almost every character I put in they can guess it and I like that a lot. I could play this stuff all day and all night. It’s really a good app. I would play it all day if I could it’s a very, very good app, but I like other apps, but this one I like a lot, but there’s only a few things that might need changed OK because I like this app a lot but this should be a game that doesn’t need Wi-Fi cause like I could play this all day and I bet other people could too cause it can literally read your mind no most and even when they get it wrong, they still come up with more good ideas and I bet a bunch of people like that and there’s way more things I like about this app like I can guess one of your family members or dogs or you or your imaginary friend like oh my God what else can it guess you could probably guess what object you’re thinking I really like this game. I hope you get more good reviews like this cause this game is amazing.❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜.Version: 8.30

I love itHonestly I wouldn’t add anything, I like how you can change the theme to animals and all that stuff and I just love the app. At first my family thought the app was listening to us because we would tell each other what character we were thinking of but then we didn’t tell each other and it got it right. Good programming!.Version: 8.3

LolGood game but when I did someone from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn it said 'Nicky Ricky DUCKY and Dawn' XD u should fix that.Version: 6.0

ADSGood game but too many ads😡.Version: 7.0.4

AWESOME! But needs update.I love this game but i would like to have an update which is: when you play the game you can battle someone online, you and your opponent will have to pick a character. Then you make the other player guess YOUR character and you have to guess the OPPONENTS character. Once you guessed it you get a gold award, BUT you can only do that IF you want to do an event, you also earn 1000 coins ;3.Version: 8.8

Amazing!Me and my brother always play this when I saw this game on my big brothers phone I loved it I really wanted it on my phone so I got it on I played lots and I surprised how it can really read our minds it’s so cool how it does that isn’t it I just started playing it today I know it’s pretty late but I’m going to bed at 10 pm so who cares so this game is so so so fun me and my brother play this and we always play it 15 times a day ha ha that’s funny I am six years old but still it’s so fun I have my own login that I know because my mum and dad trust me with games my mum always looks what’s on my iPad that I’ve done just in case there’s something bad that I shouldn’t be looking at children is good and parents are bad because I don’t give me the stuff that I want well do you wanna spend too much on their money I rather have toys more than spending money though Akinator is really fun because it’s so fun upload it now you would love the experience on this wonderful game that is created have a great day or should I say days 👋.Version: 8.12

Great but slightly inappropriateIt’s a great app but sometimes was a little weird and inappropriate. I remember even on child mode it asked me inappropriate questions. I have read a lot of creepy pastas on this app but most of them are fake. Other than that it’s a great app and I would recommend it to everyone but sometimes it can get slightly weird..Version: 8.17

PLEASE READ! ITS ACTUALLY REAL!Ok, so I downloaded this to play with, so I didn’t expect anything. I legit had him guess Cas, Dean, and Sam from Supernatural cuz I love the show. And before I say this next part, I want you to know I’m not one of those attention seeking idiots who say “omg it guess my name and my address!” Ok? Just so we get that clear. I SWEAR this is true. Ok, so, a week or so ago, I had a dream telling me something pretty personal about myself. I’m not gonna say it, but yeah. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, but then I downloaded this. After playing with it for a bit, I went to “objects” and thought of something more, kinda spiritual, you know? Not gonna say that either. Sorry if you’re a very curious person! Anyhow, it didn’t guess what I was thinking of, but, from the DEPTHS OF MY BRAIN, (apparently) it guessed what I was told I was in my dream from a week ago. And I haven’t told ANYONE about the dream! Kinda scary, ngl! Well, if you were willing to read this long thang, you are the best and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You are EXTREMELY patient, and a review reading weirdo like me! You’re awesome! Also download this it’s a good game (only if you wanna tho)! :D -A.Version: 8.11

I ♥️ this game!! However.... itAkinator is one of the best but most underrated games I’ve ever played. It’s fun and really makes you think 💭 about your favourite things, but is also quite easy to get the hang of. It’s great, it really is! Also, one more thing is that on my ipad where I play Akinator, it allows me to just swipe the ads down ⬇️ if I don’t want to see them! Sure, there are a couple problems with the game but other than that.... 🙃 Here are those problems that I mentioned up there 👆 : 1. The game’s Daily Challenges are really hard! I don’t really watch many films 🎥 and shows, but still they are very hard to guess. 2. The game needs to be updated so it can guess new characters. I try simultaneously every day to guess my favourite character (if you’re interested my favourite character is the best HTTYD fan art 🖼 ever made. It’s the dragon Nimbus. Search him up!) but nothing is right! 3. The genie 🧞‍♂️ keeps asking the same questions all over again. It’s so annoying!!! Once he asked “does your character walk on two legs” about four times in one run!! Thanks for reading! 📖.Version: 8.2

Oldie but a goodieHaving a lot of fun with the kids. 2 are out with the flu & this has done wonders to keep their minds off of it at times. I’m told by my teen that this is an old app. Regardless, it’s incredibly fun for them and myself. You earn coins for some reason. I cannot figure out their angle with the app because in 2023, nothings for free lol. But SO FAR my experience hasn’t been limited. I DO believe that companies can’t/should not be expected to produce apps for free. I will gladly pay for an app that’s not chance based or subscription based. So far, that’s not an option either and again… it hasn’t hindered the ability to have fun with the app. As a parent on a super tight budget, I cannot say how much I appreciate not being hit with a monthly subscription, while also keeping the app functional. Get it. It’s fun and pretty interesting to follow the computer/Genie’s process of elimination..Version: 8.22

Cool game but…The actual game is 100% amazing and he gets it right every time but … every time he guesses or “reads your mind” there’s an add😕 The game is really actually very good 👍 😊 and the actual game itself makes up for the adds ! I recommend Akinator (though the name is hard 2 remember the name of the game) it is really good 👍 😊 and u should get it .P.S I think the game is pop (popular) cuz I got it off my friends (who have great taste by the way) So get Akinator now for free ! 😊.Version: 8.23

Madness trying to fool him: still a little patching to do.So this app is amazing, and I’ve barely ever won, but I used a character no submitted to Akinator yet, and 2 thoughts went through my head: 1 - the so called “rare characters” are picked at random and NEVER earn you anything other than a standard belt. The popular, easy to guess characters? Gold, black, silver all the way. For example: The Cake Castle from cup head (Baroness von bon bon) was a silver, although it was last guessed 5 hours ago. Meanwhile, Hank J. Wimbleton, main protagonist of the Newgrounds series Madness Combat, a well known character from a well known series, that Akinator can guess well? Gold award. And number 2 is one that needs fixing right away: you can’t add pictures of your new ads to Akinator yourself. They are reviewed by the team, who may not know what you meant if it is a little know character. Please add a mechanic for pics on mobile! Other than that, great, perplexing game of brain vs magic..Version: 8.11

Be amazedThis game is really fun and it’s really really hard to remember the details but I gave it a four star because they don’t give you the badges even though you get it wrong when they give you a bunch of details but this game is really really really fun and I can’t wait if they update it or anything and plusplease just let us decorate our genies. They don’t really need to be so colorful. you are making us spend our coins on just decorating our genies so that’s not really fair and I don’t think you’re being fair so just be yourself and whoever made this game I don’t think it’s really fair but this game is really good and I’m really amazed and I’m so happy and all and how was your July 4 yesterday was July I mean new year how was your new year? new year was yesterday 2024 so have a great day guys on this game is really really really really fun. I hope you guys like it just please do some updates whoever made this game and bye.Version: 8.30

Don’t listen to them!🤷🏻‍♀️Some People are saying this game is bad but it’s actually really addicting.. so U think of a character and then u answer some questions abt the character and he tries to guess the character and the fun part is that I’d no one has guessed that character in a while u get a badge, for example if u guess a character that someone else already guessed like 10 minutes ago then u get silver, and if u guess a character that was last guessed 3-4 sum hours ago u get a bronze, and if u guess a character that was used abt 11 days ago u get a gold and there was 2 other badges something and black badges but I don’t think I’ve gotten them before :) but anyway it’s a great app,rlly addicting and don’t judge how fun it is off of what I’m saying bc when u have never played this before and u look at this it sounds kinda boring so try it ! If u don’t like it then your def missing out! If ur a kid and don’t want to approach anything inappropriate then it will ask u if u want to make it safe and friendly so there is a kid option! Stay safe❤️🫶🏻.Version: 8.23

It’s great app for anyoneThis game I spend the on all day on before school and after school all of sisters like to and my mum I would would like to bring my phone to play it I love the app for kids and grownups anyone can play this wonderful game I would say that my dog would play this hahah all I’m saying here it’s probably up to with rodblox I love this game if you don’t have it what are you doing in your life hit the get and start playing this fun wonderful game.Version: 8.14

This is an amazing game!Your probably reading this review to see if you should get/keep this app or not. So here’s my review. I feel like this game may need a few changes but otherwise it’s amazing. I feel like the game should have music, when I played it looked cool so I played but well I was answering the questions there was no music It made me feel a little weird cause I’m really used to playing games with music. But this game had no music, I really hope this game will get an update with music in it because I like games more with music. The next issue is that you have to pay for the clothing to put on the genie. I really wanted to change his but the only thing I could change was the outfit the only outfit I could change the genie into was a blue robe dress thing I was kind of tired of the clothes he had so my only option was to give him the blue robe dress. Please make those changes to the game I would be really happy If that would happen! If you make those changes this game would be perfect for me. Bye hope you see my other reviews! Cya in another review if I do!💖❤️😻🧞‍♂️👋🏻✌🏼.Version: 8.5

SOO FUNSo as soon as you get into the game your going to keep it for the rest of your life.Version: 8.23

FunGreat way to pass the time and test your own knowledge of various characters. As well as testing the ‘bot’ to see if they truly do know..Version: 8.3

This game is absolutely addictiveThis game is really good but there were a few glitches I did NOT like when I was thinking of something and it guessed it it didn’t let me get the badge. I was like if I just spam all of them he will get confused and I will get a good badge 😈😈😈 (btw it’s really good I loved the rest.) This is the best game I have ever played on mobile all the other games are bad I literally love this game so so so much all I do is sit on my bed and play all day until it’s time to sleep I could never stop playing even if I have all the badges in world 🌍 that’s all bye I hope you love this review. ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 8.18

Absolutely fantastic!! 🤩Though😒.....I really like your game! It’s fantastic and really fun cos it’s like you answer the questions and the genie tries to get your character! It’s also really fun cos you can customise your genie and get Aki awards from playing to buy clothes!! Though sometimes it doesn’t ..even...guess the flipping person!! And then you have to select the person that you meant and sometimes it’s not in the list and then we have to type it in and you still don’t get an aki award even though you beat the genie!!!.Version: 6.6.2

Fun and addictingI was playing this game at night once when the sun came up.......Version: 8.2

Pretty goodThere are a lot of ads but otherwise pretty good to mess around with.Version: 8.5

Interesting but tiny bit inappropriateThis app is one of the best apps on my iPad! I am absolutely addicted to this game but the reason I gave it a 4 star rating was because some of the questions are pretty inappropriate such as “Is your character fat?” And “Has your character kissed someone and liked it?” But I still love this game and completely recommend it and kids: Please put the child lock on if it asks! That’s all thank you everyone for reading this bye!.Version: 8.18

Great gameIt’s good.Version: 8.5

This app makes you look smart!This is a great little game to whip out when you’re on a road trip with family or friends or when you’re at a back yard party and you want to break the ice. It’s pretty accurate and it finds the most random things imaginable which will surprise and entertain your friends for hours. IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A MIND READER but anyone can do it and it’s fun! A must have for rainy day entertainment..Version: 8.9

Big brainI’ve been guessing anime characters so far and he’s been a genius first I did Goku then I did Luffy and then I did Naruto all the basics I’m now planning to do other anime characters and for those who are reading this right now I hope you have a great day, a great life and a successful future (don’t go hard on yourself).Version: 8.19

AKINATORGood but it should kind of stop with all the advertisements. I do love this game but if you do some hody and they can’t get it it will just say a very rare person . I’m pretty sure that the full point of this game is to make Akinator not be able to guess your character . If I wanted it to guess messi and it got it wrong and I kept on trying it would not give me the credits . What I also find a cool feature is that impf Akinator does not get it right it gives you an option to try again . Over- all I do recommend this game ! 😎.Version: 8.23

Why can’t it some things be guessedI know not everything can be guessed but if you can search it when you win thing come up that he can’t guess and a sometimes option would be awesome.Version: 8.9

Fun gameI downloaded this a few minutes ago and it’s pretty fun! I just don’t like ads and yeah this game is fun.Version: 8.15

Just one complaintFirst off, this game is overall pretty good. It’s fun to try to get the genie to guess your character. There is just one singular problem I have with the game. It is the validity system. If you don’t know what that is, it is when the game realizes you have gotten tons of good Aki awards (gold, platinum, black) in a short amount of time, so it puts (a) validity character(s) to try to catch you. For example, you are trying to get Cam from rhythm heaven, who is blue, but you get Orbulon from Warioware, who is white. You press “Yes” and it either gives you a warning if it’s your first time, or penalizes you if it’s your second time. The penalty is big drop in the ranking. I was in 25th, and after the penalty I was 1091st. Now, I don’t care about the rankings, but I just feel like the drop is too big. But this is still a really great game. 5/5 stars..Version: 8.30

Great very intelligent but adsI have wanted Akinator for years I finally have it, it’s great know loads of people and famous video game characters,movie characters and more .In addition this type is even better because it has all that and you collect tickets change the Akinator etc. I would have to say tho the only con is ads I know you have to make money but too many basically if the Akinator doesn’t guess the first time round you watch an ad then every time he gets it after it there’s an ad But, overall I would recommend this app to you it’s quite unique.Version: 8.15

AddsIts ok but there is to much adds.Version: 8.5

So epic🥳😁😝This game is super duper AMAZING 😉! My whole family has this game and they are always trying to beet him it is so funny watching them play. They play it silent because they think the can hear us. But all my good characters I answer all questions correctly and he says it’s a V I P character. I personally don’t think this game should have a V I P because it isn’t like an active game so personally I’d get rid of that and then we’d be able to guess all our favourite people. I love outguessing him because of his facial expressions there so funny 😂. This game is great so I’d go ahead and download it..Version: 7.0.8

Awesome appThis app is a great app by far the best app I have. I saw some youtubers such as LaurenZside, DANTDM, and Prestonplaz use this app. They are some of my favorite youtubers so when I saw them using the app I knew I just had to try it. Oh boy is this app awesome. It as just enough adds and if people complain about the adds then to them. Listen ALL APPS HAVE ADDS!!! Anyways this app is awesome. It guesses almost all the characters I put in and aks great questions that everyone should know the answer too. So really it is a awesome app that keeps me busy. And to the developers I think you should add a mode where he can guess books. That's just a silly suggestion anyway. I have put in guesses that I didn't even think he'd know. But he knew it alright and he was fast with it to. I have put in so many characters in this app and for the whole time I have had this app (3 years) he has only not been able to guess 23 of my guesses. To me that is not much. So thank you developers for creating this awesome app. I hope you read this..Version: 8.14

Best game everThis game is awesome. I don’t know how this amazing god does it but you should definitely get it over and out.Version: 8.14

THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD but a bit to much adds :)I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS GAME Just ty so much!.Version: 8.5

Fantastically accurate answersIf had to choose 1 app That everyone had to play this would definitely be it! It’s a real boredom buster! And really accurate! I have never won against him before! It’s like he can LEGITIMATELY read your mind! If you’re reading this get off those other apps and play this one!.Version: 8.18

The akinaterIts wonderfulk its buetifull its gorgues im surprised about it once i used to play it but now i got it and have fun yay yay yay hopw you did a great effort and pat on the back for really makig it a great game you are smart and cool and buetifull.Version: 8.17

Really really greatThis game is phenomenal, Akinator is so good at guessing. The only thing is the amount of ads..Version: 8.5

Great but the tests are very annoyingThe daily challenge today was bears so I tried paddington bear, but whenever it did it (answering the the questions correctly) it would tell me I was cheating by answering randomly, and when I clicked no it wasn’t my character it just gave me a new one but turns out that was a trap too to the point were I just said it was my character then it just gave me a warning for cheating. I would still recommend getting this game because it is really fun and usually works very well if you are looking to get this game then do it..Version: 8.4

This app rlly knows what i’m thinking💀Okay soooooo i saw an ad of this on a game i was playing, so i was bored anyways so i downloaded it- it seemed normal at first and all but then i kept on thinking of things before i started playing the game, so i thought of my bff, and then when it asked if she was a girl it said do u have a personal relationship w/this person and i was like 👁👄👁💧erm yah i do and then he kept on asking me other questions and it got my question right, so then i started to freak out like HOW R U DOIN THIS TO ME??? and then i was like the next time it gets it right ima make this genie walk out the door no joke 🫵👉🧞‍♂️🚪So then i was watching transformers (don’t judge me alr i was bored:,|) So then i was thinking of bumblebee and it got it right- idk how he does this magic stuff but it’s rlly cool and fun :) but if u just wanna have fun and play a guessing game this i would think this is a game for u my friend:)) so if ur bored i would download this game bro it’s scary but fun- uk since it like reads ur freaking mind even tho u didn’t even say what u were thinking of💀.Version: 8.18

Sorta optionI like game but it need a sort-of option Or a not really one bot I mean it’s ok..ig.Version: 8.15

AMAZINGThis game is probably the best it can actually read ur mind and sometimes you can make them confused but then at the end you can confirm it and u can play again also it has lots of mods like objects, and movies or tv programs it’s very good and I do recommend it they also give you a few try’s before they let you make a decision disliking the game or thumbs using the game it is such a good game and you can do anything you want and you have to think of what and it’s very fun for long road trips so it is highly recommended from me P.S: You have to think quite a lot cause that’s what I had to do.Version: 8.30

Best app for while we are in quarantine!This app is incredible and is so good at telling what you’re thinking about. I just got this app so during the coronavirus pandemic because I thought it would be fun! And it is! But there is one thing, Akinator, who I’m specifically talking to, maybe Akinator could try and have no adverts for free? Thanks - Corey (A 10 year old boy).Version: 8.2

Really good game but...I love this game because it is fun and i love how it can come up with ‘your future husband’ or something like that to make me laugh. It is addictive and funny to see what comes up! But the only wish I would suggest is that we could play it without having to use the internet because you have to use the internet for it to work. But overall, really great game!.Version: 8.5

Good but...The app is really fun and all except for on thing. When you’re searching for a person and it stumps the Akinator so much he gives up. As in it’ll go to a page saying take survey or watch video. Once you do that it makes you start over again. It also asks a lot of the same questions. Once I was playing and I clicked in a Nickelodeon tv show and then a few questions later it asks do they work for Disney channel. That gets really annoying.Version: 8.5

Good but is susYou can get questions like we’re do it live and is it linked with your family why you want it know that ??????? If you get a question like do you know the person you don’t need to know that question so what’s wrong like this is a game for kids not for we’re you live like just stop the question like that it’s not good for kids I just leave the game but on the good side they sometimes get you thing or person or animal or tv show you can also make your own question but u need to pay $450 it’s a lot but you pay that a mouth when you pay it then delete the game you have to pay it steel so don’t do what I did it’s a bad thing and my money is gonna so I can’t get food lol but this app is okay not the best Thanks for reading From lily.Version: 8.23

FreakyThis app is freaky! It can guess any sort of character, musician, etc. from the 1940's to today, from anything...it's so weird but I love it!!!.Version: 5.3

AMAZING GAMEThis game it’s amazing I don’t use child mode because it ruins the game however I think if you don’t use child mode he doesn’t ask bad questions and I know I’m not using child mode because I checked on settings but the game isn’t 5stars it’s 4stars personally because it isn’t a game I could play all day but it is fun and I play it when I’m bored but it isn’t like as good as call of duty or rainbow six siege I find this game fun and the coding and stuff or what ever they do to create these games it’s just weird and I don’t understand it because it’s nothing simple I wish you could get more clothes for the genie because you can’t do much with them so it might stop you from making a really good looking genie so ye it use to be more popular but it’s dead now .overall it’s 4 stars.Version: 8.9

So cool akinatorI like this game so much and akinator is so smart so this game is so cool.Version: 8.22

I feel they are wrong and rightTons of people are saying “This game listens to you”, and I think that could be true, but I also don’t believe it. Those people do sound kind of paranoid, but I don’t think they are. Also, they are saying that the game is asking them for their address? Actually I only read one review on that. Still. At first, this game would beat me every time, but, and, I’m an anime fan, after I tried objects and movies/TV shows, it felt like the AI was giving up. It could just be the fact that it’s not that popular but still. I would do characters and ALMOST every time he’d get it, but not every time. I’m scared of this game after reading the reviews, but it’s still fun. I’m still a little concerned for them though, because someone said it was asking them for personal information, and another person said They had a dream where they were told stuff, and then they played later and it asked them stuff from that dream. ???? okay??? Creepy though. Anyway, Thanks for reading this incredibly long review. The world is what you make it. Bye!.Version: 8.30

How?!I am writing to you to show how I feel about this game. This game is so confusing, why, you may ask? Well this is why, this mind-reading game really confuses me because he only asks you questions like girl or boy or are they a youtuber? Those are simple questions, in fact, no questions to know who the player is thinking about. That’s my reason why this game is so fun and endless. Me, playing this game, I never get bored, eventually I play for 5 minutes, then 10 then 20, then, yeah you get the just of it. This akinator genie really is talented he knows, Bob Ross, edward scissorhands, Katie Perry, Albert Einstein and so on! You can design your own genie and think of your celebrity, actor, animal, objects, you name it! I truly LOVE this game and that is why I am giving this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on this game! Thank you for reading..Version: 8.20

I said get the app now!Mister Genie 🧞😉 this is a note for everyone even you so all you love full kids of his game I want you to quit waiting and download it if you have it already you are very very smart and those of you reading this that don’t have the game need to read quickly and listen to me 👂 ok? So once your done reading I want you to get out of the comments and press install. Thank you 🙏 for your time today god will bless you. Now for mister genie 🧞 I love you and your games genie I want to know if you will pray for me I will pray for you but for now let’s pray together ok. Lord I thank you 🙏 for everything that you have done for us I pray you will help me and everyone else live when I die I want to be at least 1200 years old before I leave and will I be the oldest person on earth? I pray to be the most cute 🥰 fox 🦊 also SUPER DUPER sly #Super sly in the name of lord amen 🙏 thanks ☺️ for the your time goodbye 👋 This is still my favorite 🤩 game why am I still here? Bye 😘.Version: 8.19

Great app (minus a couple things)This is a great app, I don’t have to constantly go to google or safari to use the Akinator thing but I think that the fact you have Akinator himself as one of the characters he can guess is cool, but when he’s just the black silhouette it’s kinda annoying figuring out who it is, plus you should add a “kinda” option since I had a couple of characters that I needed to answer kinda/kind of for a question..Version: 8.22

Cool but knows way too muchAkinator is cool especially for pranking your friends that it actually reads minds (even though we all know how it gets the information it gets it from the internet/google.) anyway it knows way too much to even get hold of all of the rewards so yeah I don’t know what to think really cuz if Akinator didn’t know who say Luke Skywalker was then probably google wouldn’t either so yeah. Plus where are all the research going to go when you can’t do it would Luke Skywalker do it for you? I don’t think so...(if you even like reading about star wars characters I don’t but that’s just my opinion I would write about the galaxy instead if I had the choice cuz it’s better to learn about a factual thing that’s actually good instead of a non fictional character that I don’t even like. Just saying.).Version: 7.0.6

Awesome!Don’t get me wrong this app is literally amazing like HOW DOES IT ALWAYS KNOW WHAT CHARACTER IM THINKING OF??. (probably because I always do fnaf characters) As well as this app being SUUUUPER fun, it also makes me think hard which is good cos I always have to think hard TwT. And I like how there is a child lock so it doesn’t ask inappropriate questions in front of kids. My real question is what if there is something tracking you? Like maybe a killer (example: THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER).Version: 8.4

Good but has one big flawSo I love this app and I find it really fun to do, especially getting the awards but have run into a problem. I’ll be going for a more obscure character and Akinator will literally guess far too soon. Some characters I really think are good but Akinator guesses early and sometimes even contradicts some of the questions I’ve answered, meaning I lose. I would continue but that forfeits the award making it not really worth my time and effort. In short I think the app needs to either extend the amount of questions Akinator asks or give an option to the player to have Akinator ask more..Version: 8.8

Too many ADSI mean it’s really fun I just don’t really like ads but sometimes the person doesn’t know are character 😂😂😂😂 yeah it’s really funny but also frustrating because it just keeps on going wrong with me.Version: 8.25

This is a very fun appI would recommend this app to anyone who gets board easily it will keep you interested for ever.Version: 8.23

Mind readingI love this song so much because it actually tells you what it says it does read your mind I tried the hardest thing I can think of and they still got it am I have some things where they can’t do it but you can’t have everything in life but I just personally think it’s a five star game because it’s really fun I really think you should guys should download it because it’s just amazing it will shock your mind and like I said it’s mind reading literally mind reading.Version: 8.22

This app is hilarious, I love it!A solid five star rating for this app, I just started playing and oh my gosh! I love it! I was just chilling in my bed and I wanted to get a new game for my iPad since I play the same games every day and it is super hard to beat them anyway, offense to the creators who made the apps I have, it’s just they can get a little boring if I am bored myself, so I search for games and I found this one on recommended, I clicked on a messed around with it well I figured out how to use this app, and I finally figured it out and I remembered because I used to watch videos about this game and people guessing, and I did have the game on my TV, but I didn’t play as much, no I’m not to say this in a bad way this game was extremely scary seeing how it’s just a little pixelated character guess things so well! I love how you can pick different subjects if you don’t want to just do characters, and know what he’s talking about the prices, THEY ARE SO CHEEP! And when prices are cheap I know I’m going to click on a purchase, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GAME!.Version: 8.15

Read this reviewI recently joined this game after the sturniolo triplets mentioned it in their recent vlog . I loveee this game as it is so cool how is guesses almost everything and it so entertaining . This is a fun game to play with friends or family when they come over and see who can get a rare player . The only BAD THING is that it has an add after every play / turn but besides that this game is absolutely worth downloading and using up storage 😂😅 I hope that this review helped a little . 👍🏽🫣.Version: 8.25

CRAZY GAME!On the first round I did I was thinking”it probably won’t guess my character and it’s just a scam” but no it guessed my character my parents saw the app when I was playing and they told me to do billions of characters old ones new ones but he still guessed it great game totally recommend it😀.Version: 8.23

So funSo fun can’t wait to play some more . I love the way that I guess something like a movie and it gets the same out come exactly what you’re thinking 😇😇😇😇😇😇 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.Version: 8.20

The pro of all time on this game and every other gameI’m the best I unliked all the levels I love this game.Version: 7.0.6

Looove it!It’s so cool.Version: 8.9

Fun but read everything I sayIt’s very fun and not to many adds so be honest I just feel like you can do more but love the game.Version: 8.5

Great Job!Akinnator is sooooo much fun! And it’s good if your looking for a game with child safety boundaries How do I describe this game? Well! ITS MIND BLOWING! How a Tecnolagy can tell you the exact Charecters your thinking of! The Akinator for me has thought of Ldshadowlady,SmallishBeans,TheOrionSound,LaurenSide,Cupquake AND SOOOOOO MUCH MORE!! (PS:It also guessed the yandere charecters) So Producers Of The Akinator Keep Up The work! Cause this game is Mindblowing (Like I said earlier) And If Your Reading this Comment I Hope You can enjoy the experience that I did! Have a Nice Day/Evening!! 👍😁.Version: 6.2

Good app butStranger things is a massive part of my life and their IQ of it is very low. Don’t get me wrong, its a great app, and its also very addictive. I was just very disappointed when they said the Mind Flayer and showed a picture of the Shadow Monster. Im being picky but it’s disappointing. The rest of the characters they know and thats good. It also takes the Akinator a very short time to guess the characters..Version: 7.0.7

Fun appI love to play around with this app and it gives me lots of entertainment..Version: 6.6

Best mind reading game everGame is really good but they should add food theme.Version: 8.23

UmmmmI like it but I don’t like how there’s something that I think you should know dad so can I have a like more fun of the experience of a game I like how you made how to actually like read your mind is it really cool but I just don’t like having to ask you coming up and you can’t really play a game that much I like changing a lot so I don’t really like how to keep coming up on my face when I’m playing The game so if you can change it thank you it’s really annoying thank you for looking at my message☺️❣️ 😊☺️.Version: 8.25

AmazingThis app is amazing.I think of so many famous people and I got every single one I did Ed Sheeran and so many more. This one is so great I’m so relieved that I have this app because it’s so amazing I don’t get every single one that I had. I did this with my uncle my gram and it’s so cool which we got so many famous people and then keep them guessing the ones that we thought this app is amazing download it now..Version: 8.31

Great! But there could be more...This game is awesome and all, and very addictive too! It’s just thrilling to know if the Akinator knows your character or not, and the questions he asks you. But there is one thing, i am kinda sick of having Akinator give up and let you win after question 80 well, it is the point of the game, but is it possible if you can have a Infinite mode? Where the Akinator never give up and give you more questions than Question 80? It would be more challenging and thrilling to test out how smart the genie is. And what about searching for a character to see if he/she exists before starting the game? Can these features be added please? I would really like it!.Version: 8.3

Amazing AI!I really love using Akinator. It’s a great AI. It’s also really safe there’s no scams there’s no inappropriate contacts and it’s actually not just 12+ it’s definitely for all ages. Are you enjoy this game a lot and I am only eight dollars so well hard it’s also so easy I will let it be Imaginator for three times and it’s so fun. I have a lot of badges and it is so fun to play. I suggest that you are an update though there is a problem, sometimes when I actually like get it correct I get a ad but sometimes yard is an appropriate and I am only eight so yeah sometimes I think it is like more 6+ because I can be a bit puppet 10+ but other than that it’s an amazing app and I love it and it deserves like 15 million stars but that is an eight, but I can’t happen I love the app keep making updates bye!!!!🍡🍡🍡🍡✨✨✨✨🎶🎶🎶🎶☁️☁️☁️☁️.Version: 8.23

AWSOMEOk I can’t complain much about this game it’s awesome! It’s nit to hard it’s not to easy it’s perfect even know I’ve only had this game for a month...It doesn’t mean I’m that bad I’ve gotten 3 wins!I won with Iamsanna, cake and french nugget! Soooooo ye it’s not to hard but I was wondering if u could add some modes. What I mean by that is noob mode, normal mode, pro mode and godly mode.(and add a timer mode for noobs so the person who guessing (sorry I forgot what it was ;()gets to have more chance of winning soooo ye dats meh review ima go to get all da french fries in da world REEEEEEEEEEE **BEEP**.Version: 8.3

All about akinatorAkinator is such a fun and awesome game it’s always getting the things that you think of ❤️❤️👳🏻‍♂️ and by the way that music is amazing who ever created akinator must have to be clever and I just realised that I can type back without signing in now I can send my good feedback on games that I play ever since I downloaded akinator I’ve bin upsest and have forgotten about all the other apps I have.Version: 6.6.2

RaReIt says rare character a lot then it takes me to a page that says free access find ur character but there’s nothing.Version: 8.24

Good but I was laughing because of thisSo he asked me is your character princess and I said yes and of course princess means girl so after that question he asked does your character own a bit of HIS land bruh😜.Version: 8.23

My opinion about this game🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌪🌪🌪🌪🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️I love this game it has to be one of my favourites and it’s soooooo cool when he guesses what ur thinking of and I love that it’s so funny when he can’t guess why ur thinking of reason is the add says “I’m allways right” but these sooooooooooooooo many adds and when ever well just say u have 50 seconds to play and a add pops up and it’s long I mean I under stand why they put adds and yeah that’s allll byeeeeeee.Version: 8.4

The akinatorIt is crazy how a computer programmed character can guess anything you are thinking of with only a few questions but I do wish the were more ‘subjects’ we could choose from other than that this app is really fun to play in your free time or with friends.Version: 8.22

Never left a review before but you had to for thisWow, this game is amazing. 20 plays and everyone was correct, three times is wasn’t the correct answer first time, but when I continued it guessed correctly. I’ve not watched a single add either so not sure why people are complaining about ads when you can close them without having to watch. The coding is very good to able to get to your character to quickly. Very impressed.Version: 8.15

Live itI showed my friends and they all love it so much.Version: 8.30

I love it but I have a ideaI have a idea for this game so there is only 3 options characters animals and objects but why don’t you add a new one? Like places I’m sorry that my idea is bad but now I’ll tell a little bit about this game ℐ𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝑔𝒶𝓂𝑒 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝓅𝒾𝒸𝓀 𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓂𝒶𝓁𝓈 ℴ𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈 ℴ𝓇 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝒸𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓈 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝑔ℴ𝓉𝓉𝒶 𝒶 𝒶𝓌𝓃𝓈𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓆𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒾ℴ𝓃𝓈 4 ℴ𝓅𝓉𝒾ℴ𝓃𝓈 𝓇𝒶𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝓅𝓇ℴ𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓁𝓎 ٫ 𝓅𝓇ℴ𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓁𝓎 𝓃ℴ𝓉 ٫ 𝓎𝑒𝓈 ٫ 𝓃ℴ ℴ𝓇 ℐ 𝒹ℴ𝓃𝓉 𝓀𝓃ℴ𝓌 𝒶𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒶 𝒸ℴ𝓊𝓅𝓁𝑒 ℴ𝒻 𝓆𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒾ℴ𝓃𝓈 𝒾𝓉 𝓈𝒶𝓎𝓈 𝒶 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒾𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒹ℴ 𝓈𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓅 𝑔ℴ ℴ𝓃 𝒴ℴ𝓊𝒯𝓊𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝓎𝓅𝑒 𝒽ℴ𝓌 𝓉ℴ ℴ𝒻 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒶𝓀𝒾𝓃 𝒶𝓉 𝑒𝓇 that’s all! Goodbye.Version: 8.15

How can he read my mind?!? But some improvements can be madeI was so, well shocked when I did this. It’s like I have something attached to my mind and then to the iPad, but that’s not the case! The thing that I LOVE is child mode, but when I tried doing the YouTuber denis daily it couldn’t get it because child mode was on, but since I’m a kid, I didn’t want to turn child mode off. So I couldn’t do him! But he got almost everything else I did! Sarah Jeffery, Lady kluck, and many more! It’s an amazing app but I do have some issues 1. Customizing the genie: I really like this feature the app has, but. Really don’t like how you have to keep playing to save up the gz. So maybe you can lower the price to improve that! 😀👍 2. Question dropping: with this, whenever you press No on a question he asks the bar below goes down, that means you have more stuff to answer!! This drives me nuts bot I know you can improve that 👍👍👍 It’s an AMAZING app just take that advice developers 👍.Version: 7.0.8

AmazingI love the game and I think it very addicting. The game doesn’t get boring because you can do new characters and also different categories. Although it’s a little creepy about how they just guess it right up. Like I was doing a character and it was a Staffy and I answered all these different questions and 1st answer was Staffy. But see the thing is, the questions had nothing to do with a Staffy. Anyway I love the game and I think it’s really cool.Version: 8.14

The most amazing game in the App StoreIf you see this game you should wonder should I download this game or not but you always have to but if you don’t want to it’s fine but the people who already have this game it’s amazing it can read your mind I played it so many times when I just even played it and thanks to my mom who download this game for me and people have been saying like this I don’t like this game I just read it like a zero out of 10 but that is FALSE!! And no one should say that to this game I cremator is the best game on the App Store if you read this text can you download the game ask your mom if they say yes your mom is the best mom in the world please thank your mom’s or Dad’s or grandpa or grandma‘s download it on every iPad of your friends or on phones this game is amazing you should not skip this even if it is too long so please please just write and give lots of stars to the Akinator you try to think hard like it could be Taylor Swift or Rihanna or even Youtubers so please just read this text.Version: 8.23

Had I before but I read reviews and I’m regretting itSo iv’e had it before but I read a lot about the reviews and about how people lost there progress and how it gets boring in a while but I’ll give it a chance you will hear from me soon in the 1,2, and 3 star section but don’t go on 5 or 4 to hear from me because I either won’t like it that much or hate I so much that I will delete it EVEN before I write my final review, but if I do hate it and put that in a review that means I wanted to warn you that it gets boring or I lost my progress and it starts glitching and stuff, but you may hear from me soon and see my review and if you do it’s because it’s not bad or I hate it and want to warn you about it but that’s it for now hope you hear from me soon. Signed, xShadowX.Version: 8.7

There’s too many adsIt’s really good but whenever I finish a question and I want to move on there’s always always when I need always I mean always and I do really annoying but the good thing is that I get time to think about my next character animal object I recommend to Byatt or get the game but I’m just warning you there’s too many ads but it’s a great game.Version: 8.20

Great app but a weird glitch and questions I don’t know the answer tooGreat app and akinator is insanely good at getting the questions right he never got it wrong ever I don’t know why. He is super smart. This is a really fun app but I saw a really weird glitch that was I was playing on objects mode and when I was making akinator guess I saw someone standing behind him and I stopped making him guess then made him guess again and it was gone but it might of been my eyes playing tricks on me or my imagination but I’m pretty sure I saw it. Another reason I only gave it four stars instead of five is because when I’m playing Movies and tv shows it says if a certain person has acted in the movie/tv show and I barely know the answer sometimes I have to go over to google and search up if that certain person has acted in the movie/tv show. But this app is still super fun.Version: 8.14

Your gameYour game is great⭐️I like how you added the animatronics and the aftons❤️maybe you could add more🤨but still I like this game very much❤️.Version: 8.9

It’s good.I think this game is good. It does get a little bit boring. There wasn’t as many adds as I expected. Although there is a ad after a little while. I think this app is quite good really. Just one more thing… it has this pass called a rare character which means that character it special and you have to pay to get access to it. It’s very annoying because it just pops up after you’ve answered all the questions. I probably should shut up now lol but again one more thing if you have a Alexa you can play Akinator on there just say “Alexa, let’s play Akinator. So yeah bye..Version: 8.16

Good game butSo this is really funny and maybe a glitch well the first part at least ok so i was playing and my character was me so i said yes to girl and it said after that is your character a female said yes then came Up is your character’s gender female said yes then asked me is your character a male laughed said no then asked me if my character’s gender was male said no ok now the second part it asked me if my character used a female voice said yes then the answer came up as my reflection I didn’t know that reflections could talk XD ok now the reason i don’t like it dat much any more is cuz i did ticci toby once it said as his name ticci toby/toby rodgers ok yea you can call him just toby but his full name is Tobais Rodgers so I changed his name to Ticci Toby/Tobais Rodgers the next day i wanted to see if it changed did all the things as tobyish as possible then it said Toby was a rare character why now is he a “rare” character when he wasn’t yesterday please change him back.Version: 8.3

The best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love this game a lot but don’t get me wrong the badge stuff like bronze silver or other badges are unnecessary but other than that the app is cool and another thing that annoys me is when you have done the test ads keep popping up so please remove them ASAP I was so amazed when it got it right but when it can’t guess it then it gives up and you have to pay to find out so that is insane and the options are basically the same and I don’t have the right ones to choose at all and as I said before it just gives up so yeah if you want to download this I do recommend it . Thank you for reading this xx.Version: 6.6.1

HOW?!?!OMG! I recommend this app for you! He literally guesses everything. The only thing he had not guessed in the past 20 minutes was a movie called Clue! I totally recommend this app! You will not regret it at all! I wanted this app for fun, thinking it was not legit. So, I got the game. When I went into the game, the Home Screen looked so legit. But, of coarse I thought it was not. So I noticed you can change the categories and I chose Animal. He guessed it right but I figured it was just a coincidence. I then did a person. He guessed it right! I then noticed it might be legit. I kept on playing for about 10 minutes. Then he finally got it wrong a bunch of times and I had to tell it what it was. Anyways, I then kept on doing it for another 10 to 15 minutes and he kept getting it! I have done all the categories now. You see, this is my first day playing it so I am probably going to make another Review of some changes or something like that. You see, this game isn’t just legit, cool, and challenging. It is also fun! You have to be creative too in order for him to not guess it. Anyways, I totally recommend this app to you all! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Enjoy it!.Version: 8.14

So fun how does it do that?It’s so fun I cannot stop playing it and how it guesses correctly is amazing. I am so curious if you can do more things I would love for it to do some more ideas but that’s okay. I think this is very fun. I rather play this thing every other game, except for Roblox in Minecraft and a lot of other games but it’s really fun. I would always play this and it entertains me a lot. I love the game and it is so fun.Version: 8.31

Great butI think that this game is very good but the only thing is that I am kinda running out of ideas to make him guess also it was taking him so long to guess stranger things and I love stranger things and it said that it was a rare character when I tried to make him guess max mayfield (stranger things) and I tried to do mike wheeler (stranger things) but it said he was also a rare character also I said that the main Charente was a alien when I tried to make him guess E.T but after I answered that he said is your main character a robot Like l literally just said that the main character was a robot also when I tried to guess stranger things it just kept saying was this actor in it and I know the actors but I mean some of them I was like ok I said Millie Bobby brown was on the show is it really hard to guess what show it is the same show that has Sadie sink in it oh yeah is like freaking slender man an actor are you serious like I just want to finally get to when he’s like oh it’s stranger things and be like I was so smart though it took me like 21 freaking questions to get it and then the picture for stranger things that I keep getting is like a guy with a camera also pls read this if your the game developers but you probably aren’t because you responded to like 8 out of like 990.Version: 8.20

Great gameBest game ever.Version: 7.0.4

AlrightAll good only that every time it guess or not there is a ad that basically about the same thing on and on and on again it’s pretty annoying but ok at the same time .but really let’s get to the point it’s a really cool app and more people should get it.Version: 8.23

Good game but not without flawsI love this game, I started playing a few days ago and it’s pretty good. The main objective is to get aki awards, which can be earned with different tiers depending on how rare your character is. The problem is, if the Akinator does not get it first try, you don’t get the reward, even if it’s because of the imperfect ai. I would give five stars if this problem was fixed Ps. Have a nice day.Version: 8.22

AMAZING!I have never seen ads while playing! Really nice game!.Version: 8.18

EntertainingThis is a real fun app to pass time when you are with a friend. Some times you think you will outsmart it but 90% of the time it guesses right and sometimes very quickly. I would give it 5 stars but I never do that as no matter how good something is there is always some room for improvement but this app came close. Kudos to the developer..Version: 8.9

Good game.It’s a good game really! it is always there for me to play when I get bored. But it doesn’t really last for even 5 minutes. I would get bored of it in 3 minutes. Besides it’s just the same questions over and over again in different parts. With your different characters. And you can’t really think of characters Over and over. It’s a good game. But, it always fades your bored ness away. But then it comes back and then your even more bored than before. Anyways , we all know that we can’t blame games just because off our boredom. It’s our fault. Not the games, it is a really good game. I would recommend it for: lines in a shop or whatever, sleepovers at night, and maybe just whenever you like. I would be more of a child’s game but adults can play as well. Ima go now. Good bye!.Version: 8.15

Great but how 🧐??This game is great but… Whilst I was playing a match, waiting for Akinator to guess my animal (Rottweiler) everything went fine, he guessed the animal but when I was checking the questions at the end to see if I answered one wrong, one of the questions were ‘Does your animal have ten legs?’, I said no but what it said on their wasn’t what I expected. It said the expected answer was ‘Unknown’, he expected me to say I didn’t know if Rottweilers had 10 legs or not? Are you sure you wrote that correct?.Version: 8.23

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