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Foot Locker - Shop Releases App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Foot Locker - Shop Releases app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Foot Locker - Shop Releases? Can you share your negative thoughts about foot locker - shop releases?

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Foot Locker - Shop Releases for Negative User Reviews

Made it difficult to searchI was shopping around and there was banner that shows up that advertised their clearance section and when I would narrow down the search option, it would pop up right when I would hit apply filter making it frustrating. Also when you click on an item , the large back button takes you out of the shopping area back to the main page. It makes me more difficult because now I have to reapply all my search requirements and go through all the items again. I would have rather shopped online but the site gave me a 400 error that prevented me from going on..Version: 2.8.0

🤔🤔Sooo I’m having the HARDEST time ordering off your app... it doesn’t allow me to add to my cart.. there’s some glitch in the system because I’ve had similar issues and had to order at the store🤨🤨 can this be fixed.. I spend a lot at footlocker.. very disappointed... I can’t open my app.. it’s been two days now and it’s still spinning but it won’t open.. Can’t add to my cart.. saying ecaptcha needs to be marked but there isn’t one to chk to say I’m not a robot.. logged out of app went online could only add 1 pair of shoes and the second its saying I can’t get confirmation until I receive an email.. haven’t chkd out yet.. I spend lots of money at footlocker this is a shame!!.Version: 3.3.0

FOOTLOCKER EQUALS GREEDThis new footlocker FLX app is trash. Points that have been accumulated don’t appear. Friend referrals is a way to gather points in order to earn head starts yet none ever appeared. Forget calling FLX department because they don’t know what the heck they are doing. They’ll just keep you on hold for 40 odd plus minutes and transfer you call to one another until you hang up. I used to love shopping at footlocker Especially on the app. It was a way to get the hottest shoes without dealing with the lines or bots. All that doesn’t matter anymore. What makes it worst is this faulty app is pushed before all star week which is known for having some of the hottest shoes of the year. Now I think I should just stick to sketchers or crocs bc buying shoes shouldn’t be this stressful. I will not promote your business anymore and will find better alternatives....Version: 4.0.1

Biggest Disappointed ever!!So here’s the situation Yeezy boost 350 Bred Which is the black and red color It just released a few days ago i unsuccessful in winning a pair in the app not a big deal it happens a lot One thing to keep in mind these shoes last released in 2017 more than three years ago. but they are going to be releasing for a second time in the app which doesn’t happen! But for whatever reason I cannot enter into the reservation for the shoes. I would think a company as big as Footlocker would be able to fix the issue on their side to help me enter into the reservation but the only thing they told me was to keep trying and you might get through and if you can’t get in the reservation you’re going to lose the raffle well thank you I know that!!!! again this is very infuriating since this will be my last good opportunity to purchase these shoes after waiting since 2017 unbelievable.Version: 4.6.1

TerribleThis app is beyond trash and the store itself and employees are beyond trash. Without bots you will never win a shoe on the app and if you call a store they won’t answer and if you go into a store for help they will lie to you. I’m done with this company in a while and it’s sister sites if you not going to give a fair shot then why should I spend money with y’all. Actually going on u think 4 years since a have gotten anything from this company. They help resellers out and sell them 4 pair when a person just want one to wear. The game is rigged and that’s why kids keep getting beaten up and killed for shoes because companies who supply them don’t give fair shots..Version: 2.8.0

Very FRUSTRATINGI would give it a 0 out of 5 star if I could. App is horrible anymore and customer service is just as bad. None of them know how to fix my issue, neither does IT techs. Somehow my VIP number got switched on the app and instead of being PLATINUM VIP it shows me as VIP that has spent well over the amount to be PLATINUM. So now I don’t get my 9 minute head start I only get 6 minutes. Goodbye raffle wins. Please fix this issue. As I write this I’m on hold with a manager to try and fix this again for like the 10th time. Every time I am talking to them they get kicked out of the VIP system and can’t get logged back in. Worked great for first couple years. FOOTLOCKER why fix what isn’t broke with ur updates?.Version: 3.4.5

Absolutely GarbageYou looking for something to make you want to throw your phone in pure hatred? Well this app is P E R F E C T for just that!! You get the chance to Purchase your favorite sneakers on probably the sh•ttiest app in existence. We’ll tease you so good with telling you to “confirm” your reservation while not even having the server capacity to even load the app giving away your entire entry <3 Sick right? (Shamoo commercial voice) BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!! on top of the consistent bull sh•t you can use your points (in which you earn by spending money) towards head starts for releases that YOU CANT EVEN CONFIRM BECAUSE OF HOW AWESOMELY SH•T the app is you’ll basically be WASTING money on this app . I mean the app developers that created this should be awarded the metal of BULLSH•T <3333.Version: 4.6.1

Horrible interface and customer serviceI downloaded the app and signed up to be a VIP member and attempted to reserve the Jordan Gatorade VI’s in green but once inside the app I noticed that my VIP early line preference would not go into effect so I called Foot Locker customer support and after a 40 minute wait on the phone I was told I couldn’t change anything because my reservation would be lost. I decided to keep my reservation and just hope luck would be on my side but just like every other time I’ve tried Foot Locker online or in store it’s always been a no for me on limited releases. The customer service agent didn’t know why my VIP status would not reflect on the App so I was really left with no answer why and missed out on the shoes. The whole ordeal left me not wanting to shop with Foot Locker, Footaction, or Champs in the future because if a problem arises there is never a solution that helps me as a customer. True let down..Version: 2.8.0

TerribleI see why there isn’t any in app feedback options because this app is horrible. I could drone on and on about all the problems but I will just highlight one. The reservation selection process is horrendous. How is it that I’ve been a “VIP” for month and have yet to reserve even the most heavily supplied releases. The system is broken and need to be re-evaluated or replaced. It is so easy to take advantage of the systems flaws and it shows. Releases are unfair and those that do not exploit are left at a disadvantage. Customers are left with no true option in purchasing releases held under the reservations as footlocker and its affiliates websites can never sustain themselves during major releases, the app is dysfunctional, and staff are infamously corrupt when it comes to said releases in stores. In conclusion, the developers of this app need to seriously consider how to enhance users’ enjoyment while using this app because as far as I’m concerned there is none for people like myself that don’t exploit the system by repeatedly entering the reservation..Version: 3.7.1

Move the controls!The button to go back (return to previous screen) is on the bottom of the page where no one would look for it. The button to return to the home page is in the upper left hand corner in exactly the same spot as the back button on any other app. The home button is even indicated by an arrow as a back button usually is. Why? Every time I try to return to the previous screen I accidentally hit the home button (because it looks like a "back" arrow) and have to do my search all over again. It doesn't save the search. Super annoying. If they want to keep the controls where they are, at least get rid of the arrow for the home button and use different symbols..Version: 2.7.2

App freezesI usually don’t have a problem with the app, however I have I have reserve shoes I have been chosen multiple times however I can’t get into the app to confirm because the app either kicked me out or it won’t let me login, so how am I supposed to confirm and reserve the shoes so I can pick them up if I can’t get into the app. I called customer service and what they told me is to delete the app reinstall the app and keep trying to login because multiple people have had the same issue. So if that is the fix then why are my reservations being canceled because I could not confirm in time. How are you supposed to confirm if you can’t get in..Version: 5.4.5

THIS APP HAS MAJOR ISSUESI’ve got the footlocker app because I purchase from footlocker pretty often. I love sneakers and I love getting the opportunity to get exclusive sneakers through the app. Today I was surprised to the fact I won a raffle for some dunks I was hoping on getting. But in order to receive them you need to reserve it after you win the raffle…But like always, the app crashed and wasn’t allowing me to reserve my pair causing it to say I “missed”. This happens on Literally every single reservation on the app and I’ve had the app for a year now. And ITS NEVER FIXED! Why put a feature on the app and give people an opportunity to win the change to purchase a rare sneaker when the system doesn’t work. Don’t do it in the first place. Please fix this. You will make thousands of people happy… 🙏.Version: 5.2.0

Incorrect order/no response from complaint through appI ordered a pom beanie from the app..... so i expected to get what i order like always...... instead i received the exact same hat just without the pom pom...... i don’t wear these and haven’t put it on....... i sent a complaint through the app but never received a response that was a few days ago...... if possible id like to return it..... its not what i ordered....... i love this app so PLEASE help me footlocker..... we were meant to be, we’re star crossed footlocker, i knew you were the one when i put my fingerprint on the scanner for the download..... you may not know this but i even bought a ring to put on you like beyonce said...... my dear sweet sweet footlocker PLEASE respond to me for my troubles you beautiful.......beautiful app...... *tear falls down eye like from the movie glory*...... i know its wrong to use people, but i hope to use you a lot more in the future...... always remember me and dont you ever EVER forget me now I’ll talk to you soon......hopefully.Version: 3.2.5

App crashes on every launch.So every time I get through and put a new release in my cart, tells me to wait minutes and sometimes over an hour to then tell me that the product has been sold or not available anymore. FootLocker let Bots use their platform before real consumers get a chance, and PLEASE DONT COME AT ME SAYING THAT WE HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES BECAUSE WE DONT! Your app and site is the main source of Resellers to get their hands on hundreds of pairs then sell for 3-4x’s the retail price...DONT ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW THIS. This problem should was a year 2000 thing, we’re in 2018 walking into 2019 and you haven’t even done or tried to kill this Bots issue. You app crashes because you don’t want to help regular customers get their hands on a new release but instead you let Bots rule your site and app. Get outta here with that junk!!! Champs, FinishLine and of course Foot Locker/Foot Action are Bots central. And that limited quantities excuse you use all the time is saturated, NO MORE EXCUSES, TAKE BLAME AND FIX IT! WATCH OUT FOR THE CONCORDS RELEASE ON DEC 8th...THIS WILL BE AN EPIC FAIL FOR ALL REGULAR CUSTOMERS, BE READY FOR THE L’s..Version: 3.2.7

Awful app & draw experiencesThe app rarely works. Maybe 2/10 times works. When it doesn’t it either doesn’t let you sign back in (especially if there’s some big releases), randomly times you out often, doesn’t load products correctly, and shows products that are no longer available. Most times (about 95% of the time) it just loads for awhile then says site fails/failed. With some of the items that are though the draw, they make it difficult (& personally don’t really care) about normal people getting any releases. The correct way to do the draws would be to limit 1 per customer and if multiple items are purchased and/or bots are used is to terminate the order and ban those people. All releases are either backdoored and/or taken up by bots. They can do something to easily prevent this from happening and let legit people enter. But they would let this behavior continue. Will I shop with them anytime in the future? I don’t really know, but kind of leaning towards NO, until they fix all those issues.Version: 5.4.0

This App and its family of apps are terrible, horrible, and straight up trash!This Footlocker app is horrible! Every Saturday or any other day of the week that there’s a shoe releasing, this terrible app doesn’t work. It automatically logs you out and you can’t log back in until the shoes have sold out and the site traffic has slowed down. The same things happens with the Champs sports, Footaction, Eastbay, and Finishline apps. You also seem to have much more luck entering a in store raffle than you ever will on this terrible app. Do yourself a favor and don’t put this app on any of your devices, no need to waste the memory space..Version: 4.5.1

ZERO if I could!This app, if you even want to call it that, has got to be one of the worst I have ever used. It's bad enough that it's basically just a web-app, and that's the real problem, because the mobile website is no better. About 90% of the time I try to use this cr-app it shows up as some degraded website from 1994 and you can't do a darn thing on it. To make matters worse, you try to go to their website on your phone and you get the same degraded, jumbled text that is useless. For a bigger company that wants to sell you stuff, they sure do try their very best to drive you away from their app/site. So developers, if you're reading this, start by making a native app that's not an extension of your website, and then go ahead and trash your website and start over on that too. Absolute trash..Version: 2.8.0

Worst app.The app is a joke. It Keeps testing if you are a bot over and over again. Won't let me register a user name. Threw me this infinite circle to verify email reset password verify email again login then verify email once again! If you are not capable doing online business, quit! Website is also a piece of junk. Ask you to wait in long queue whenever there is a release. Fine, I know the rule, I will wait. Only to find out that I am denied access hours after in queue? What did I do? What was the logics kicking random human being out of the queue and let bots thru? Deleted app. Do not recommend if you rely on this to buy new releases..Version: 4.6.1

Waste of time go to the store!This app is trash the raffle reservation is a joke every time I my raffle gets locked they keep taking down my shipping address and when I try to put it back up it keeps saying try again later. Then if my raffle wasn’t picked when I try to wait on the line to buy the new Jordan 1s it kept telling me that my raffle wasn’t picked every time I clicked on the sneakers to wait on the line for 20 mins causing me to miss out buying them and stop letting people buy multiple pair of sneakers at once when it’s time for them to buy the sneakers after waiting on the line cause after I brought the 13s I was able to put another pair in my cart if I wanted to buy them again during my 5 minutes of buying whatever I wanted. They got to do better with their website and app overall..Version: 5.3.5

Navigating the app is horribleI normally don’t write reviews but I tried to check to see if a shoe I want is in stock at the local foot locker and every time I found something and tried to go back it would take me to the first page that pops up when you open the app! This app is so terrible to navigate...its like they don’t want you to buy anything as hard as it is to look and go back to the previous page without starting all over again. I mean’s 2018 and the user interface is like the app hasn’t been updated since they first created it. This app is infuriating... it would be faster just to go to the store and see what’s in stock than to use this useless app..Version: 2.8.0

New update is garbageGave one star because there's no option to give zero stars. The new app update is horrible, right before all star weekend this gets released and of course it doesn't work, all my points are gone, my coupons are gone. the launch locator worked perfectly fine if not better then this new garbage u just released, now we're basically being "charged" our points earned to get headstarts with no guarantee that you'll reserve a pair, if u lose the raffle u lose your points with it.. Sounds like a scam if u ask me considering the way app raffles were previously, I don't see any reward in that. I'd much rather just buy from stock x then to deal with this crap you're trying to push on your loyal customers.. Smh.Version: 4.0.1

IPhone XRThe app does not load pages. Yes, I have the latest update. I will click links from emails sent to me from Foot Locker and pages don’ t load. I will search for new drops and grandpa shoes that I know they have plenty in stock on their app and I get a blank page with the message “request failed” or “item unavailable”. I have purchased shoes from the app a few time and luckily had no issues. I get these error messages about 80 percent of the time. I like to earn FLX points when I buy but the app is inconvenient. So I end up buying through the Nike app and I don’t earn points for the same shoe usually sold at the same price..Version: 5.4.0

Not good at allWhen I downloaded the app I would have problems such as glitches , bad customer service , and just it taking forever to load . I would constantly exit the app just for me to sign in again and lose the order I wanted to pay . I tried thinking it was my service that was lagging and I would enter the app of different days but it wasn’t my service or my internet . I’m also afraid to pay online for my shoes and end up losing money so normally I’ll just walk on in the foot locker store to save me some slack . I would not recommend this app to anymore , but on the bright side the images was hopefully if I wanted to shoe but it’s not worth exiting out of the app just to do everything again and lose my progress ..Version: 4.3.1

Can’t put in reservations for off white 5’s for Allstar weekend....The new app is different I will say but when I can’t put down a reservation for what I actually want it’s kinda crazy....The off white Jordan 5 reservations opened this morning 2/9 and says you can put a reservation in until 2/14. No luck though I am in Chicago and it tells me there are no locations within a 100 mile radius. I am literally 15 minutes from the main store they are releasing the shoes at. I hope you guys take the time to fix these bugs and help the little people out we would like some wins too! For now I my rating would have to be at a 2 out of 5 until we get some consistency..Version: 4.0.1

Launch reservation is uselessThe only way this and all the foot locker apps have a rating higher than 1 star is if like what they sell, bots control the system. Want a new release? Play the lottery, you have better odds. Tips: call the stores that are selected for a launch to check if they even received the sneakers. Also if you wear a size other then 8-13, again call the store to see if they got them. The app lets you choose every possible size no matter whether there is inventory or not. The entire thing is worthless and a waste of FLX Points when used for head starts. I’d say 40% of the sneakers on both the app and website are either out of stock or the inventory is incorrect. Foot Locker has not one security feature against automated checkout. They have no interest in stopping the Bots since the company benefits a 2nd time when shoes resell through GOAT. This is a shady business practice, more customers and Nike need to be aware of it..Version: 4.4.4

Reservations issuesThe app is the only way to obtain a reservation, but not good at all. Submitted a reservation successfully & even applied head starts as well. Log back on a few days later to edit & reservation is gone completely. Call & was instructed to uninstall app, turn off phone & then reinstall to correct issue. Once reinstalled, same issue. Called back only to be told Footlocker wouldn’t be getting the shoes locally in stores, only online, but yet the app tells me where to buy locally. If I can order online, Why wouldn't my reservation be honored for that option, #1 & #2 why is the app offering in store purchase options still? Make it make sense. Will go to different store for new releases going forward. Disappointed, loyal customer..Version: 5.1.0

GarbageReally, really poor execution. This app is extremely buggy and FL never addresses the issues. For example, if any sneaker is being released, shopping on the site or the app is not allowed, period. The app shuts down completely for 4-5 hours at a time, multiple times per week because of this. Also, I am logged out of the app whenever there is a release happening, or when they are revealing results for reservations. And I cannot log back in until they decide they want people logging in again. It’s extremely weird that a company that focuses so much on their customers interacting with an app, does not maintain the app or care if it works properly. Truly one of the main reasons that these companies are obsolete..Version: 4.5.1

What a joke Customer Care!I haven’t been able to access the website for months now. When trying to reach customer care, They keep asking the same question or something irrelevant. Told them my situation and the asked me the same thing I just told them. Told them if it was possible if my IP was accidentally banned and they responded with “sometimes captcha blocks.” What a joke! They don’t even read your emails! Not to mention, their website is always either down when trying to get any shoes. And when you do, they tell you you never picked them up when in fact, you never even knew you won because the website was down. SMH. 0/5 Stars for Customer Support..Version: 5.4.5

Cancel items randomly 🤦🏻‍♂️I made a purchase of 3 items and payed 115$ for them. Later I get an email that the footlocker tried charging me for 2 extra items but they couldn’t since my card did not have funds. Then I check my order status and it says two of my items were canceled. I called footlocker and one of their customer service employee says that when I submit my order it cancels some items. Then he says that I will get a refund in 72 hours but so far I have been charged full price and will only be delivered 1 item. Then I ask him if I can cancel my order and he says that it is not possible. He clearly was hard to understand so I did not want go argue because I was sure he was not going to understand. THEY CANCEL MY ITEMS! BUT I CANNOT CANEL MY ORDER? WHEN IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN SHIPPED. BUT CHARGE FULL PRICE ..Version: 4.0.6

Good concept, but needs work, please listen to the users- having all points/rewards consolidated to one user profile is overall the best part of this rollout - the points system for rewards & head-starts needs improvement, most users will only use points for the head-starts if there isn’t an easier way to get points vs spending a ton of money...please keep in mind, your average consumer doesn’t have the disposable income required to keep up with your current system - on the “release” calendar, it would be nice to be able to choose a filter that filters out the releases that will “not”be in my area so I don’t have to click on each item only to be disappointed that the search results return nothing for my location.Version: 4.0.1

Needs improvementEvery time a shoe launches there’s mysteriously a problem with the app and signs me out to the point where I can’t even get the shoe, then when the app finally lets me back in the shoes are mysteriously out of stock. This don’t make no sense, I speak for everybody when I say if we want a shoe and the app just logs us out saying it’s technical difficulties or “request failed try again later” that is extremely annoying like dang give us a chance. Then what if there was a raffle and we didn’t know about it, at least give the people who didn’t know about it a chance to try to buy them instead of just logging us completely out the app..Version: 4.1.0

Worst App To Cop SneakersThis app is the worse when it comes to getting any sneakers. I waisted so many FLX points trying to get Jordan 1 High that I don’t even waist my time now to put my FLX points to use on the App. When I place my reservation in for some heat sneakers it sends a notification that my submission was cancel but then later tells me to check my reservations for results. And when I try to go in to check for results all I get is the server can’t be found and I am unable to get into the App to see any results or it simply does not allow me into the App until the time limit is over. When I am finally able to get in it tells me that I was either to late to reserve my pair or that Sorry You Were Not Choosing, thanks a lot Footlocker. So I most time I wasted my value hours while I am working at my job to set an alarm to see results on the App and never able to get into the App. Footlocker is the worst App and a waist of time if you trying to cop sneakers. Most times now I simply just don’t bother. I might enter the reservation App but now if I don’t get into the App I just don’t bother anymore and simply give up. To put it simply don’t waist you FLX head start because that is all you will be doing is waisting it. FLX head start is more like trash start! Simply put the Footlocker App is the worst App along with Champs, and Footaction, period!.Version: 4.7.1

All ‘Footlocker’ Apps are trashGood Lord. Don't even bother downloading. I didn't think I could hate an app so much. Why is it for every release and every reservation, the app always crashes? I can’t even check to see if I got a reservation until HOURS later because the app refuses to load. And by that time, its too late because its past the hour needed to reserve. How is that anyway fair? What if I actually won a reservation, but cant confirm because your stupid app(s) crashes? Its 2021, you should have competent engineers and software developers capable of creating an app that can handle traffic during releases and reservations. Just terrible..Version: 4.7.1

NOT FUNCTIONALI really wanted to love this app because it should be an easy and convenient shopping experience, but it’s entirely the opposite of that. Like other reviews have mentioned, this app is basically useless. Constantly crashing and freezing, and it removes items from my cart so I have to go back and search for the item to add it to my cart again. If you leave the app while in the middle of a session, it’ll sign you out and remove whatever you had in your cart. Once it actually let’s me add items to my cart, it’s nearly impossible to check out because of all the error messages. This app needs A LOT of work! It’s 2021, how is this app still not functional? Get it together Footlocker..Version: 5.0.0

Needs major improvementThe app is trash just like the website! Footlocker and all its sister sites refuse to make any changes to make getting any sort of limited release obtainable or giving many customers a fair chance. People with bots have about a 100% chance to get every pair. The rest of us "click and add to cart" repeatedly and that's if you lucky enough to get onto the webpage. To make matters worse, you have no idea when a pair of shoes are sold out. Footlocker doesn't even let you know through the app, website or social media. However if you want to buy a pair of socks it works great. Update December 30, 2017 “the Gatorade 6 release”. It does you absolutely no good to get the shoe in your cart but can’t checkout. Shoes in the cart but freezes as checking out and get sent all the way out. By the time you are allowed back in, shoes are sold out! So that leads me with this question why if you have the shoes in your cart are you not put into a checkout que where you remain until allowed to check out and when your time comes up if you fail to checkout within 5-10 minutes shoes are put back in the online inventory? There is just no way you can make me believe that Footlocker and its sister sites can’t eliminate “add to cart” repeatedly and frozen checkout problems that were problems 10 years ago and still exist today..Version: 2.8.0

Worst appI’ve lost a raffle because I didn’t watch my footlocker approved app all day long on Friday. Those Jordan’s was releasingon Saturday and so y’all had a raffle for those Jordan 11 cap and gown shoes and I wasn’t told or notified before hand when to watch out between a certain time, so that I could accept the shoes before I lose it. Yall need to clarify in the app the time and date of when we , as contestants, should watch the app and accept the shoes before you lose it. No one told me what time on Friday to look out for the raffle winners results. And also, I was like only 15mins late before y’all gave it away! I buy a lot of shoes each month, but I can’t get VIP Platnium status with y’all if y’all don’t let me win once in a blue moon. All other store apps are so much better.Version: 2.8.0

Just downloadedThe app has to be scored on legacy reviews. Meaning star ratings from yeeeaaaars ago. I literally just downloaded the app not even 10 mins ago and can’t really use it. Received the cool grey 11 reservation email (first time ever, although I’ve had a FL account for too many years, but whatever), go to reserve and it tells me I need to download the app. No big deal, this’ll make it easier for future purchases as well. Download and go to move forward with my reservation. The app asks me to sign in. I do. It says it’s going to send me a verification email to verify my account, which it does, but that’s where the story really stops there. Every time I click the link to verify my account/email address, it drops me back into the app to just a white screen. That’s it. Just a white screen with a black bar at the top that gives me the option to close that white screen. But it does nothing else. No pass go. No collect $200, or pay $200 should I say. No reserve option. So I can bother to try an create another account (dumb), or know in my tech savvy brain, that won’t change anything in the process, which would just be a forever looping circle of nothingness but wasted time and effort. And yes, I have both the latest version of the app and iOS..Version: 5.3.5

Crap appSince the upgraded version of the app it has kicked me out and now I cannot even get into the app as it keeps saying user disabled. I have reached out to customer care through email and also customer support on the phone. Waited for over45 minutes for the supervisor to tell me to reach out to customer care online. Which I had already done so. No one is able to tell me why the app continually states USER DISABLED. I am able to log in online and see all my points and purchases and my VIP. I have been told to uninstall and reinstall the app which I have done so many times it has become frustrating. I even tried to log in to the app on an entirely different model phone and still receiving the same exact error. All customer support tells me is “i don’t know why, I can see everything fine on my side”. This is the crappiest app since it has been updated 4 times in the past 2 weeks. This is beyond frustrating and foot locker customer service is absolutely horrible. For as much money I have spent you would think they would have their apps and employees up to date!.Version: 3.2.5

App is so brokenRecently (late 2021- current) I’ve notice that the reservation has been horrible. I’ve won multiple reservations but upon pick up, I can’t even log into the app; keeps saying “log in request fail”. Over and over again. There’s no way to show proof that I won the sneaker, except for name and phone number has to match. The down fall of that is, they can’t scan barcode and I don’t earn points for purchase. Please fix this as it’s getting so annoying trying to log in. Also even if I paid for the shoes there’s no record of it in the app. Then after a few days when there is no new release, suddenly I can log in 🤦🏻‍♂️ and my reservation sneakers says, since I didn’t pick up it’s been given to someone else. I personally think that makes footlockers algorithm think that since I never pick up what’s the point of letting me win reservations again. FLX Point are useless. Go back to where I can redeem $20 off. Way better system they used to have..Version: 5.4.0

GarbageAdvertising all over the app and website for the Uncle Drew movie new colorways, I bought 2 pair 24 hours apart, after they took my money my VIP status didn’t update and all of the sudden they were backordered to June 29th, a date prior to my order, then customer service claims there is a disclaimer and it’s Nike’s fault not theirs at all and that they do not have live inventory updates on their website or app, so crap logistics. In stores they don’t ask if you are a VIP so you better not forget. I’m not a reseller, I’m a consumer, a pair for my nephew and one for me, I guess I’ll wait for them to arrive and buy my sneakers from the manufacturer instead of a poser company, I now hate ref’s even more.Version: 2.8.0

TERRIBLEIF I COULD RATE 0 STARS , I WOULD. this app is TERRIBLE. so buggy, so incredibly buggy every time i do anything i get a loading screen that goes on for 45 seconds to tell me that something went wrong and then go on like nothing happened, saying my crediantals are wrong when they are just fine. signing me out and not letting me use my gift card, making me sign back in, taking things out of my cart out of nowhere, it’s been a week and i’ve been trying to order a hat. and to this day i can not order it simply because it doesn’t let me. to many bugs just making me start over putting the order in just so it could get glitched out again, this app is SO TERRIBLE..Version: 5.5.0

Not SimpleLove the fact that you guys made an app for us sneakerheads. The sneakers look amazing & it’s in app form so everything is uniform. But the crashes the app faces is ridiculous. I was charged 3 times for the same item. Told it was canceled and I needed to contact my bank. The payment was taken 3 times and showed up on my transactions. It was frustrating because the item was a hot item, and because of the app I almost couldn’t order them. The website runs more smooth than the app. Please update the app to run smoother.. I really like yah shoes.🥺.Version: 4.8.0

Needs improvementEverytime I open the app it tells me to join flx but I already joined flx, when I try to get rewards or get flx points i have to keep signing in it never keeps me signed in, this is also the worst app to get clothes or shoes from, there’s barely any options at all, but anyways I gave it a 3 star rating because even though through all that trouble when I (finallay) found some shoes I wanted I ordered them and they came the next day which was totally unexpected because they told me it would arrive in 5-6 buisness days other than that this app is a total waste unless you want to reserve shoes or get them fast..Version: 5.3.5

New releaseI’ve literally been trying with every new shoe that comes out and have zero luck i literally use all my head starts every time im updated on a new release or it shows it’s available online but when i click on it i get sent back to Home Screen footlocker needs to eliminate all the people that use bots to get multiple of the same sneaker then whole sell for 10x more then how much the sneaker actually cost on another website it’s like i give up trying to get exclusive sneakers because i know i have no chance of actually getting a pair!! SMH step up footlocker I’ve been buying sneakers for over 20 years from your stores all over the United States.Version: 5.1.2

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