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Worth itThis is my favourite game on iOS, it is so great with such a good storyline, worth every penny..Version: 1.0.12

Hello inspector,You are being arrested for making an amazing so cheap, we do not allow cheap things in arstotzka. The safety of your family is unknown. Glory to arstotzka! Ps: This game is awesome u won’t get what i said until ya play the game, all i can say is.. BUY IT NOW!.Version: 1.0.12

IPhonesPut it on iPhone’s now please.Version: 1.0.12

Fantastic gameA great game that makes you think. Also forces you to make choices that get you to question your values. One for those with great attention to detail..Version: 1.0.8

Reccomend!Definitely a game you can always come back to.... definitely recommend!.Version: 1.0.12

AMAZINGThis game is one of the best examples of video games being art with a great story of a dystopia that has all this crazy stuff which really makes you think could this stuff happen? Has this stuff already happened? What will happen if this stuff happens? So all and all this is a great game!.Version: 1.0.12

GGWhatever the heck you do in this game, don't help the bad guys and you WILL win. 👍🏼.Version: 1.0.8

Awesome game i would get it it's really fun ditaning peopleBuy it.Version: 1.0.12

Such a Good Game!You wouldn’t think that an Authoritarian Bureaucracy Passport Stamping simulator would be thrilling game but you would be wrong! Papers Please is a great game and even though it has simple graphics and gameplay it really captures the feeling of working for a Soviet style Bureaucracy where the authorities constantly change the rules, you can barely make ends meet so bribery seems like the only option and one wrong move could lead to you being jailed or executed. I highly recommend this great game!.Version: 1.4.12

FantasticThis game is fantastic, who thought an immigration officer would be so fun. It's so well written and will have you laughing..Version: 1.0.8

By Far one of the best mobile games on the App StoreThis game is overall amazing First time I downloaded this game I was hooked for 5 hrs straight this game has a lot of fun mechanics to it and really catches that theme of border crossing roleplay the fact that there are 20 endings really shows how much attention and detail really went into this game idk how pc gameplay is but mobile is pretty straightforward and controls are easy to get used to if anyone ever needs time to kill on your phone 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.4.12

This game actually gave me chills!This game is sooooooo good! 20 possibly ending to uncover and so many different scenarios depending on how you play the game! It's a must have.Version: 1.0.12

A FanPapers please is one of the best Mobile games i have ever played. and some people say its too expensive, yes it can be expensive but save up your money and you will not be disappointed whatsoever. this game is an improvement in gaming history and should be remembered, it has gotten me through some tough times and i will never forget all the hard work put into this game. Thank you.Version: 1.0.12

Best Game I Have Ever PlayedI know I know, it's expensive but the £7.99 is worth it! This game is one of the best I have played yet. Trust me, buy this, it's so worth it..Version: 1.0.12

A modern masterpieceThe price may seem daunting at first, but i can assure you this game is worth every penny. The game is dark, original and different, making it stand out from the croud of pointless, weekly ios games. I'm also impressed by how well it runs on ios. A must buy game, thrilling, dark and amazing..Version: 1.0.12

Love itThis is one of my favourite games.Version: 1.0.12

Awsome game!!!!Just a good game in general, amazing controls and not too hard. 10/5 honestly, Worth the $! I haven't found ANY glitches so far (debugging is hard, I have personal experience on it)! Just make a landscape mode please. That would be nice, and you can just copy half the files to landscape graphics..Version: 1.0.12

DETAINEDHello little potato man, are u the one that always causes trouble? U like fake tickets don’t u?.Version: 1.0.12

BrilliantNew, original, refreshing game. Very immersive, very addictive..Version: 1.4.4

Fantastic engaging gameI was a bit hesitant about paying £5.99 for a game from the App Store. However this game is well worth it. There are many different avenues the game can take and will easily occupy you for hours. Would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.0.12

PhenomenalAbsolutely love everything about this game. It passes time and helps you think. Yet it is unfortunate that you can't play on iPhone as I'd love to play on my phone on the train, or the bus, or on a plane. So if you would consider bringing it to iPhone then it'd give me a whole new appreciation for what your company does and how it functions,.Version: 1.0.12

Love!Well worth the money! Super fun and unique..Version: 1.4.12

Amazing game 10/10This game is very interesting and addictive but you also have to remember and be smart about your choices I would recommend this game to anyone.Version: 1.4.12

Faithful PortI’ve never been comfortable playing this game because it. Is too much like reality for many people around the world. I actually feel guilty and wonder how people could do this job and live with themselves. OR feel there is no other choice to survive or provide/protect your family. Maybe my life has been too privileged… there’s another “game” where you play the role of an apartment building manager. I couldn’t play that one either..Version: 1.4.12

Endless mode save?Really enjoy the game, played through all the endings on story mode. Would love the ability to save in endless mode though - a number of times I’ve paused the game and switched to a different app because I had to do something, but when I return to papers please the game goes back to the title screen and my hours long run is gone..Version: 1.4.4

Love this game but not the sound bug...The game is great but as I was playing the sound effects stopped. The music plays at the beginning of the day but after the music fades out, there’s no sound at all. I’ve tried everything to fix it and searched everywhere but can’t find any answers..Version: 1.0.12

Sorry!The issue a reported turned out to not be a bug I was just very dumb overall 10 out of 10.Version: 1.4.4

New game or update?I wish there was more of this game I love it.Version: 1.4.12

Glory to Arstotzka!It is just like the PC version, good for them for making such a great port!.Version: 1.0.6

Works perfect on iPad 4What a brilliant game. There are some serious moral dilemmas in this little dystopian beauty, and yet it can be played for only 5 minutes or for two hours straight. The learning curve is a tiny bit rough (I lost my first game in about 2 minutes), but once you learn how to check the nationality/region of people something clicks in your brain and it all speeds up. I really believe it was worth the money, because I'll keep coming back to this game for years. If I can share one tip: there's nothing wrong with taking real-world notes to help you remember things..Version: 1.0.8

Brilliant, please make a sequelGreat game, wish there were more like this!.Version: 1.0.8

Glory to Arstotzka!An awesome game. There's just something about stamping passports that makes you so very good feeling..Version: 1.0.8

Creative and addictingHaving a great time playing this game. The story is fantastic, the branching story paths are interesting, and the ambiance nails it. This game is well worth the purchase. For people on the fence, I encourage you to give it a shot. however, I would recommend this game on at least an iPad, as it would be too small on an iPhone with the amount of different items you need to read to keep your homeland safe. This game uses pattern recognition and problem solving, not action..Version: 1.4.12

Glory to Arstotzka!Papers, Please is now one of my top 5 favourite video games ever, such an awesome and unique experience with really interesting characters, an engaging story and compelling subplots. If anyone is thinking of getting this game, I highly recommend you do, as it is an amazing game!.Version: 1.0.12

AMAZINGADD MORE ENDINGS also please make clearer instructions and it would be cool if u could add a search button for anytime.Version: 1.0.12

StoryCan you continue the story please.Version: 1.0.8

Hard to put down!I love papers please, but i was hesitant to see how the layout of this game would look on iphone. it isn’t nearly as jarring as i thought it would’ve been and i quickly got used to it. the game itself is addicting! just a little nitpick though, (spoilers ahead) the sound the kolechian terrorist makes differs, instead of their own unique sound they use the guard’s “out!” soundbite..Version: 1.4.1

BeautifulLots of the triple A games that are spat out yearly by corporate giants boast about having complex facial animations and stunning visuals. Papers Please is proof that you can create empathy in other ways. Never have I felt more moved by a game than when I watched a small bundle of pixels run across the screen to embrace their long lost love, only to see that bundle of pixels be blown to pieces later that week; that’s Papers Please. It’s deliciously dark with a hopeful undertone. There are moments of fear, hope, despair, laughter, grief, nostalgia, anger, suspicion and triumph around every corner. The game procedurally gets more and more difficult until it reaches a fever pitch and it WILL punish you for cracking under the pressure. If you haven’t already bought it, do that now..Version: 1.0.12

Glory To Artstotska!A calming game that really tugs on your heart, if your into that kinda stuff then this game is for you! If you do play this, please make sure to use the rule book to see the issuing cities, See ya later! GLORY TO ARTSTOTSKA!.Version: 1.0.12

Amazing!This game is extremely well made. From the pixel graphics, to the overall gameplay, this game is amazing. I highly recommend you play this. Even if you’re not into inspecting, or Sherlock type of games, you should really look into this. With over 20+ endings, and amazing characters, this game could possibly change your view on society, and how you should either choose empathy, or money (credits). Great game! 10/10!.Version: 1.4.4

HmmIt’s definitely a game that will make you think. Check, and double check. Also pro gamer tip. Make sure your device is off silent. Tired of seeing reviews whining about no sound..Version: 1.4.4

Hours of intense game play!This game is fabulous! You feel every wrong decision and slip up like you are the real deal border guard. So awesomely addictive!.Version: 1.0.12

Don't get the complaintsI think it's a great game. Really well ported to iOS. It loads fine for me on iPad Air 1.Version: 1.0.8

Must haveThis game is unbelievably amazing and super addictive. After I completed the game it told me how long I had played it for,4 hours! And not one second of it was boring... Thoroughly recommended and worth ten times the price!.Version: 1.0.12

Very good and engaging - Needs a Landscape ModeI love Papers Please, and I loved this game since the PC and playing it on the iPad is alright and good fun. You still get the same story and the same characters. The interface is alright, but it just makes me wish this was in landscape like the original game. The portrait mode feels forced and I think they’d have more usage of screen real estate by giving a landscape option. Overall though, this is a fantastic must have for the iPad..Version: 1.0.12

Wow :PIm surprised this great game is just getting noticed now. Its awesome! Id definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the look of retro type games! You also need a good eye when it comes to those sneaky discrepant passports! All in all, its an amazing game, and fun to play, and a good challenge in later gameplay where theres like, 6 papers on the desk! I love it!.Version: 1.0.8

This games replay-ability is phenomenal!Outstanding game! Only thing which annoys me is this game can’t be played in landscape!.Version: 1.0.12

👏👏gaming week👌👌👌glory to arstozka 👌👌👌👌.Version: 1.0.12

Great on iPhone XRHeard about this being released on phone and was expecting it to be far too fiddly to be good with all the small buttons. I was wrong. Great port to iPhone, great control over everything in the game..Version: 1.4.1

Great game, new updateNew update please.Version: 1.0.8

Thumbs upThanks to help from the developer, got this game working on the iPhone. Actually prefer the new GUI that makes the game playable on the iPhone..Version: 1.4.2

Endless mode doesn’t feel rightWhile the base game and story is captivating and intriguing, endless mode doesn’t feel right in anyway. I was expecting it to be like the story without well… the story and just doing regular time periods and trying to provide for your family. This game is great don’t get me wrong but by simply adding a true endless mode (and perhaps a new campaign) would make it feel incredible.Version: 1.4.4

Brilliant game since I first boughtI have had this game on my old iPad for 4 years and I love it, but you should really consider updating your game to work on newer version of devices. Just a recommendation but once again a fantastic game and still love to play this game GLORY FOR ARSTOTZKA!!!.Version: 1.0.12

Cannot recommended enough!This fabulous game is easily worth the cost upfront and puts other mobile games to absolute shame when it comes to actually being entertaining, interesting and challenging!!.Version: 1.4.3

EloquentWhile playing this game, you have a feeling of being with the characters. Life is hard, and this game is truly thought-provoking. At times, you are pressed to make difficult decisions. You get personal with the characters, even-like Sergiu, the border guard. This game teaches you about saving money and efficiency, and it also models real-world conflicts. This game is slightly repetitive, very very slightly, but teaches you concentration, and is spiced up by dialogue, discrepancies, interesting visitors, favors, and terrorist attacks. In all, good game. Try it out. See what you think. -That One Kid Who Likes Well-Structured Games.Version: 1.0.12

ObsessedThank you for bringing this to my phone. I love the interface and appreciate that I can play easily during long bus commutes. I am a happy girl.Version: 1.4.1

Very funFinished it in one sitting and got ending 16.Version: 1.0.12

Best game ever madeThis is the best game ever made. Lucas Pope is an artist. He has rockstar status in the development world. He is second only to Hideo, the father. Give this game a go you will be hooked! No micro-transaction nonsense just good, honest gaming..Version: 1.4.2

Perfect.It’s just how I imagine playing at a border, and it’s well made..Version: 1.0.12

Great gameDownloaded this in 2018 and it still holds up to many other games on the market now. Couldn’t put it down over Christmas.Version: 1.0.12

A masterpieceI wrote a review on this and it didn't save so uhhhh, very good game, buy now. Absolute masterpiece. Also there is a bug where if you highlight a different name discrepancy, even if the fingerprints match it will not clear the discrepancy and you have to deny them or citation go brrr. I would appreciate it if this was fixed. Glory to Arstotzka.Version: 1.4.4

Good.This is fun..bit it needs more.Version: 1.0.8

Incredible, must playQuite possibly the best game I’ve played on iPad so far. It might sound boring, but it’s far from it, dark gritty story line with touches of humour. It’s also quite challenging in parts, keeping you on your toes. Highly recommend..Version: 1.4.3


Just Like PC VersionIt is a good game just like the PC version I like how there is nothing different about both.Version: 1.0.12

Papers please is such a great gameI love papers please. Thanks so much for making this game it’s hours of fun and the choose your own ending type thing is really cool. Proof that it’s fun for all ages is that my mum loves playing it too and helps me out by looking for discrepancies when I’m playing. Overall a great game love it..Version: 1.0.12

AmazingAbsolutely brilliant, every time I play I get completely different scenarios..Version: 1.0.12

Please save this game!!!!!This game is awesome worth the price I recommend it but it hasn’t updated in 2 years and I fear it won’t be available on my iPad Mini for long so please update it so I can continue playing without worry.... outside the game of course.Version: 1.0.12

Great game but.......You neeeed to make this on iPhone 5s please I take my iPhone every where but not my iPad plzzzzzzzzz thanks great game vote it best stradergy game ever thanks..Version: 1.0.8

Worth the doshGreat gameplay and story. Played it many times.Version: 1.0.12

PleasedSeams to be real copy of PC game “Papers Please”! Definitely worth its money..Version: 1.4.3

AmazingProbably one of the best games I have ever played. I highly recommend it..Version: 1.0.12

New Mobile Version is AMAZINGIt’s been a good year or two since I’ve played through Papers, Please. I can say with CONFIDENCE. The mobile version is top-notch. The UI is a little odd at first, but it very quickly clicks with you. I’m astoundingly delighted that such an amazing experience can be packed onto the size of an iPhone screen. I’ve poured 5+ hours into it in the matter of 2 days. It is worth every last cent. 10/10.Version: 1.4.1

10 dollars, worth itIt was a little expensive but it was so worth it. ( i also loved that guy with that fake passport).Version: 1.0.8

Love the game! 😀On iPad and PC I love playing Papers, Please. It is one my favourite games ever! And it's super addictive! 😀 If you don't have the game, I really do recommend trying it!.Version: 1.0.12

Great game, huge recommend!!!Sorry, don’t know how to edit previous review - only issue I have with this game (minor issue) is the bit where player has to determine whether the applicant’s sex is matching the passport. Often difficult to tell based on portrait! So I have got many citations for this. I am doing my best to catch up, but it seems arbitrary if some portraits aren’t easily distinguished between male or female. I would not want developer to make hyper-feminine or hyper-masculine portraits to correct this, or to remove this feature completely, but maybe some small details that better indicates applicant sex? Or, if not possible, remove feature entirely. Because plenty of people don’t fit typical ‘sexual dimorphism’.Version: 1.4.12

Engaging and original conceptReally like Papers Please, probably the best game I have played on iPad alongside Ticket to Earth..Version: 1.4.3

Really worth itThis isn’t going to be a long review but let me just say that this is completely worth it. The game might give you some doubts, sure, but it is totally worth it. I had 8 dollars left and I spent all my money on this and it was really good. There are 20 endings to the game, it’s really cool. And you get to decide whether to deny people or accept them.Version: 1.0.12

HAIL MOTHER RUSSIAI played this after Jack played it and I could not believe of how fun the game was, and then I forgot about it but as soon as I started playing it again it was still really fun and definitely worth the money..Version: 1.0.12

Glory to Arstotzka!Great game. The same as the PC version, which is rare for originally PC games. I love this game, it never gets old!.Version: 1.0.12

Definitely worth itI was a bit sceptical about paying £7.99 for it but I was not disappointed. Definitely a game I can play for hours on end I absolutely love it and it's definitely worth every penny.Version: 1.0.12

It came to the ipad but no soundI own ipad pro 5th gen with 15.3 ios. It plays great with no lag but theres no sound.Version: 1.0.12

An Impeccable Game Like Nothing I Have Ever Played!I can totally see why this game got so popular mainly through its interesting premise and JackSepticEye it is a fun and addictive puzzle game that is worth every penny I recommend this game to all... M.O.A Ministry of Admission GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA.Version: 1.0.12

Great gamePapers please is a game set in 1982 after world war 2 in Germany(or Russia, I'm not sure). You decide who is allowed in the fictional country of Arstotska, based on the rules given to you. I love this game, as I find it a good challenge to have to be thinking about lots of things at once, but it is still simple enough to not be rage inducing at all. It is very well made and so original, there is nothing else like it, 9/10..Version: 1.0.8

Best border game that possibly ever existed in the universe.I love Papers, Please. Because it feels so fun to let people in or out of a country and stuff. It gets really stressful when you have to deny families or something like that, but I like the stress. It’s a game that had a very large amount of potential and figured out a way to use that potentials..Version: 1.0.12

One thing to improveLandscape mode for iPad, please!.Version: 1.4.12

Fantastic!My number one favourite game on my iPad, can’t stop playing it..Version: 1.0.12

An Amazing GameThis game has always kept me entertained on long trips and at home. It has so much to offer and the gameplay also will have you make hard decisions at times. I highly recommend that you play this game..Version: 1.0.12

Best game EVEROk, so this game had no glitches for me on my iPad mini. I was concerned about the amount of desk space in this game, but there is just enough to make it a challenge, but not be irritating. Kinda pricey, not gonna lie, I wish it was $1.99 but the game is ok. Just enough action and story to make this game great, I seriously recommend it..Version: 1.0.12

Great gameI love this game! There's no bugs or lags giving a great game performance and there's no ads, allowing you to play longer whithout interuption. Keep it up developers!.Version: 1.0.12

LOVE THIS GAME but issue.I have played this game on the pc and it works great. But however, even though this game is the best game even on mobile i have an issue. I only got to day 4 and now I don’t have any sound. I uninstalled the game from my Ipad and re installed it but I still have no sound. Help?.Version: 1.0.12

This game is a BLAST!I’ve seen people like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier play this game years ago. Figured I should get it on my phone, the functionality on mobile is amazing! Get this game if you want a fun game on the go..Version: 1.4.4

AMAZINGThis app is absolutely astounding. The graphics are nice, it gets complex and it even has situations that are well... Rather queer. You should 100% get this game.Version: 1.0.8

Good, but‘Endless mode’ is a bit of a laugh, and not in a good way. Not really endless, is it? Thought it would be like a sandbox mode, but no. It is a good game, however it leaves you wanting more (at least in my case) which the other modes do not really satisfy..Version: 1.4.3

Love the game but please bring widescreen supportI love the game but I has to be in vertical view which makes it hard to play since I have to keep the iPad with my hands instead of using the Magic Keyboard case.Version: 1.4.4

WowThis game is amazing..Version: 1.0.12

AMAZING, SUPER IMPRESSEDThis game works so well on my iPad mini. Ignore the other reviews, this has to be the best game ever. So addictive and really interesting as well. The price is worth it as well. FIVE STARS.Version: 1.0.8

Good gameI completed the game and the good thing is the endless mode is sooooo goooooddddd.Version: 1.0.12

AddictingPapers Please is a fun game with alternative endings. I've be waiting for years for a game like this to come out on the App Store great game keep up the good work . Oh by the way way worth the money🤑. However I have 1 concern first is the expiration dates. Some times the documents (excluding passports because they can expire anytime.) stuff like the entry permit expire before they were even a thing in the game which is weird..Version: 1.0.12

Add more features because it cost 10 bucksThe game is brilliant their needs to be more games like these but 10 dollar games need to have more feature to be worth the money or nobody's gonna pay for this game in the future and make the game in the future where you can see how people smuggle in the 2015.Version: 1.0.8

A very good game that is worth a playPapers please is simply just a masterpiece in story-telling, gameplay and is a work of art in general. There are multiple copycats on the App Store, but if you feel like spending a few bucks, then give this game a try. It is worth your money..Version: 1.4.4

Outstanding.Those giving this game a low rating do not understand the concept of this game. I genuinely feel transformed to a soviet county and feel the sadness, pain and stress of a man trying desperately to support his family whilst always making just under what he requires in his wage. This game need a sequel reflecting the changes of the Redfin in the game - maybe bring in a modern sequel representing a deprived soviet country which is lacking behind in a modern era..Version: 1.4.12

Best game evveerrrrI love it that it came out on iOS! It was bonus that it was 25% off sale, thanks! I love the art, and the story behind it! Also the different endings, and that little old man that keeps getting his passport wrong! Little things make a difference, and made this game better than the rest!.Version: 1.0.6

Thank u 😐I absolutely love the game but what would be good can u please make another for iOS and stuff I have almost finished it we want another one please thanks for the game I love u guys.Version: 1.0.12

GoodIt's really worth 5.99 It looks boring but after a while it's super addictive.Version: 1.0.12

AddPlease add the option do Detain the Ezic guy..Version: 1.0.12

Just as good as the PC versionSo addictive and immersive. I’m really impressed at how well they formatted it for mobile. Runs well. Now I can take my love of this game anywhere. Glory to Arstotzka..Version: 1.4.12

My sound don’t work fix or I cry still very goodFix sound please then I give five star.Version: 1.0.12

AmazingThis game is the greatest game for mobile I’m very thankful it came to mobile.Version: 1.4.3

Shocked and Delighted!I remember playing this in middle-school on PC when it first came out and later once they ported it to iPad. This (along with FTL) we’re two of the best indie games of that era to get ported to iPad, but neither had iPhone versions… until now!! I thought it was a bug when I was browsing through the App Store and saw a cloud download button next to… Papers, Please. So, I clicked on it, and much to my surprise, after *all* these years, Lucas Pope went out of his way to redesign the gameplay to fit on these tall phone screens we have now, much like he did for multitouch on the iPad years ago. Thank you!! Not only that, but at least in my experience, this redesign has made the game much easier by virtue of greater efficiency in accepting and returning documents, making it easier to earn money and progress. I’ve gotten further in the story I’m the past couple days than I ever did all the other times I played it. If you haven’t taken a look at this modern indie classic, give a spin and enjoy doing your part for your country! Glory to Arstotska!!.Version: 1.4.3

Glory to Arstotzka!Brilliant port of an incredibly emotional and thought-provoking game. A must play on iOS.Version: 1.4.1

NextWelcome to ARSTOTZKA (`・ω・´).Version: 1.0.12

Game crashesThis is definitely my favorite game but it crashes occasionally and I payed a lot of money for a game that crashes on every level plz fix but keep iOS at 5 please please please please.Version: 1.0.8

My first reviewMy first review and this one is worth it! I’m very skeptical of mobile games and this is a charm. You really grow with the game and feel like you’re progressing with your checkpoint each day. 20 different endings and an endless mode. This game makes you think, few compassion and rebelliousness all in the same breath. Story mode is great and I’m working on my 6th ending now! Highly recommend for anyone willing to get lost for hours into something so simplistic, yet elegant. 10/10. Good job with this one!!.Version: 1.4.4

One of the most important games ever, now on mobileWhat can I say about this that hasn’t already been said? It’s a game that takes full advantage of its interactive medium to deliver a cohesive narrative and gameplay package unlike anything else. It’s rich in themes of 80’s era late-stage communism, corruption and the roles people play to survive in nightmarish conditions. It’s truly special, and feels like it’s true art from the heart. AAA studios spend millions trying to replicate a fraction of the feeling that this 5-dollar indie game does effortlessly. No amount of “cinematic” gameplay, lore-dumping, cutscenes or gimmicky mechanics ever come close to creating a comparable experience as this..Version: 1.4.4

Stamp OverlapAbsolutely fantastic game, had no issues with it over the 8 years I’ve had it. However, the recent update has brought a new bug. It’s nothing that affects gameplay, but the stamps from different days carry over on top of one another. Hoping it gets resolved soon, it’s the only bug I can think of over the whole time I’ve been playing..Version: 1.4.0

One of the best games ever for the IPadThis might be the most original game in the App Store. Totally dark and completely addictive. Its numerous endings and twists and turns are unlike anything else you will play. Well worth the price..Version: 1.0.12

Pretty noiceIt's definitely worth the money, no doubt, and it has a great storyline. I was playing for hours waiting to see what happened. One good feature is that you can have different storylines going at once so when you fail you can go back or start over. It is the best game on the App Store by far..Version: 1.0.12

Glory to Arstotzka“Oh hey there inspector! I heard you hit your head when the border explosion happened and was hospitalized. 1989? Berlin Wall? East Germany collapse? Oh inspector, what are you talking about! You must’ve hit your head pretty hard! Come inspector, we have more passports to confiscate and treacherous Kolechians to detain!”.Version: 1.0.12

Good of funAn amazing game. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. It’s a good way to kill some time..Version: 1.4.4

AmazingI got this game seeing it on the internet and It did not disappoint.Version: 1.0.12

Great game only minor thingsI wish we could play in landscape mode, and i wish if it had an iphone version with some interface rework to fit it better with cloud syncing, other than that its a very fun game EDIT: LETS GOOOOOO ITS ON IPHONE NOW.Version: 1.4.4

As you'd expectThis is papers, please; The depressing eastern Cold War boarder simulator. I'd also like to note how perfect this port is, the game runs smoothly and the interface is very easy to use..Version: 1.0.12

Absolute Amazing game!!!This game is great . The graphics and details in this game are amazing and I love the storyline and how you have to take care of your family . I highly recommend getting the game its worth the money!.Version: 1.4.3

Major bug ruining experienceEvery time someone is missing an ID supplement I click the counter then the rules and it says it matches up. So I pass them through and it says I get a penalty for missing ID supplement. The game is otherwise fun but it is really irritating having that component not working..Version: 1.4.4

Best game everAlso I love the title music.Version: 1.0.8

This is bestBest game ever.Version: 1.0.12

Zen, yet with a tense undertoneOn the most shallow level, it is a fairly repetitive attention-to-detail game, so if that’s not your cup of tea then you’ll find it boring. But it is so much more than that. And BOY was it MY cup of tea! It scratches a similar itch for me that Ace Attorney does: chasing after “gotcha” moments while enjoying a narrative full of intrigue, mild despair, and moments of humor or levity. I definitely entered a flow state while playing, a sort of addictive satisfaction I haven’t enjoyed in a while. It plays great on mobile. Well worth it!.Version: 1.4.12

Exactly what I wantedIt’s Papers, Please for iPhone with a very competent port..Version: 1.4.4

Great gameWonderful game comrade.Version: 1.4.12

Glory To Arstotzka!Money is absolutely worth it it’s just like pc really recommend it cause no trouble!.Version: 1.0.12

Good portThis is a good port of a good pc game. What more needs to be said?.Version: 1.0.12

But....It is a little expensive.Version: 1.0.12

Papers, Please.This may be the best game I've ever played. The story is just amazing, but what's really sad is that a lot of people are forgetting about this game hell, even the developers abandoned this game. I really wish there was a sequel to continue the story..Version: 1.0.12

Now on iPhone!!Fantastic this is now adapted for iPhone! Controls are pretty well thought out, particularly given this was originally released on PC. One minor issue I noticed is that the heading on the finances screen which appears at the end of each day is slightly clipped by the notch on my iPhone 13, otherwise this looks really good..Version: 1.4.3

Just FantasticBrilliant game, and outstandingly made. The creativity and effort put into this game is amazing, the level of detail for the characters and the art and sound design really shows the love that the creators put into this game. Not to forget the very eerie atmosphere and subtle feeling of discomfort and fright that prevails throughout this game in its dystopian setting makes you even more emotionally invested in its world. I loved every moment of it, and it has become my favourite App Store game of all time (the iPad version is perfect). Very well done!.Version: 1.0.12

Gameplay better than fallout 4 ( not really)Girl invited me to striptease, better than real life. IGN 5/7 would bang again.Version: 1.0.8

A MasterpieceThe amount of care put into this mobile port is amazing. This is one of indie gaming’s greatest games, and it works perfect on a small iPhone screen with all the changes the developer has made. Please buy it and support good games instead of all this micro-transaction schlock..Version: 1.4.1

Absolutely worth the moneyI’ve had just under ten hours play time from two playthroughs and I’ve enjoyed every second. Design is great, hidden tokens are fun to find and the setting is immersive. Really great fun for fans of political sims and history. G’wannnnnn. Buy it..Version: 1.4.12

Challenging GameIt looks good, plays good and needs some thought. Works on iPad Air for me..Version: 1.0.8

Incredibly thoughtful Mobile PortLucas Pope has a developer blog post about moving this game over to mobile, and the passion really shows through the gameplay. Genuinely is my favourite version of the game now. Endless mode is great for commutes/work breaks. If you’ve never heard of the game before, then super quick- it’s one of the most influential indie games ever made. You miss nothing playing this version on mobile versus PC. To quote Pope “same meal, different plate”..Version: 1.4.12

Five stars? What about 10 stars!This game is amazing it's so fun sure it can be overwhelming at times but it makes up for it you can take the side of the government or ezic both ways are fun but ezic is more action packed. This game is amazing and I can't wait for a sequel to the game!!.Version: 1.0.12

Crazy addictiveAwesome game. Addictive all day. So much focus needed. Challenging and great storyline’s. make more!.Version: 1.0.12

Surprisingly Captivating!!! Love it ❤️Y’know I was hesitant at first but the mobile format for this game works smoothly and effortlessly. I don’t know how you manage to make literal paperwork interest but they did it and I’m hooked!.Version: 1.4.3

Great port of great game.One of those terrific PC indie games that's made its way to iPad, only here I think it's better on the iPad. Great story, interesting gameplay..Version: 1.0.7

IdeaThis game is pretty good but maybe add like different locations or a change of scenery? It’s kinda boring seeing the same border setup after a couple of hours. OR better yet a customization option for like colours and such? It would give a more personalized feel, like it really is your office! Just a thought! Anyways, Awesome game and It really is addicting! 😁.Version: 1.0.12

Beautiful gameIt is a actually decent game for mobile Glory to Arstotzka.Version: 1.0.12

Great port from desktop to mobile but-They did a good job of porting the game from desktop to mobile but there’s one issue. When playing the game on mobile you can’t click on the desk so if an npc were to walk up to you without a passport (it’s a feature in the game) so you’d have to restart. This means you couldn’t get past day 3 or endless mode. I’d love to see an update on this feature. Everything else is great in the game..Version: 1.4.1

Glory to the new Arstotzka!I like how there are multiple endings in this game such as the order of the ezic star so we can revolutionize Arstotzka, this game was released 4 years ago and I want to get it but I thought it was only Pc until I realized you can download it from the IPad I have a IPad Pro IOS 11 I thought you can’t play it because it requires a up to date thing but now I’m enjoying it and trying to get the endings Glory Lucas! (The developer of this game!).Version: 1.0.12

So amazingThis game is really worth paying for That's how amazing it is.Version: 1.0.12

You need to get itIt is one of the best game I ever played would recommend.Version: 1.0.12

AmazingI am so happy I decided to buy it, it’s an expensive price but it was originally on pc. One of the main reasons I like this game is it’s ORIGINALITY not only that but it’s laid out well.Version: 1.0.12

Pressurised FunThe game really ups the stakes and makes you become more attentive as the rules become stricter. You kick yourself over silly mistakes and just hope isn’t your last..Version: 1.4.3

OkayOkay.Version: 1.0.12

Extremely FunEasy at start hard at end Little bits of lag but same as Pc THX.Version: 1.0.8

Belongs on mobilePapers belongs on mobile platforms. Playing vertically is very welcome. I do wish I could close and open the reference docs, and in the game mode, Endless > Perfection, paused on your error longer before exiting..Version: 1.4.3

BrilliantThere are few games I would label as genius, this is one of them..Version: 1.0.12

Glory to ArstotzkaThis game deserves a sequel.Version: 1.0.12

Great game, a few issues.Paper's Please is an excellent game, and a faithful port of the PC version with natural touch controls. I only wish there was an option for the PC 'easy mode crutch' and an option for a landscape mode, as it feels a lot more natural, especially when coming off the PC version..Version: 1.0.7

Very good gameIt feels very real, and immersive. If you are considering buying it instead of the PC, or Mac version because of the layout difference, it’s actually hardly different and doesn’t affect gameplay all that much. I also saw another comment saying they didn’t have volume or sound even after uninstalling. The same thing happened to me, and I just quit and restarted the app, and it worked just as it should. So all in all, I think this game is a work of art, and the music is very pog. 10/10 would recommend it..Version: 1.0.12

What an amazing game and amazing endings.20 of them wow!!U heard the title.Version: 1.0.12

I love this gameI got this game about a year n a half ago and I'm now redownloading it for the third time. It's such a good game. I wish they would update and incorporate more people and more endings but it's still fun either way third time around..Version: 1.0.12

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