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Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health app received 138 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health? Can you share your negative thoughts about sync solver - fitbit to health?

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Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health for Negative User Reviews

Eh...I was using sync solver for a while and it was not until much later that I realized that it didn't correlate data from other sources, like your phone. Therefore, I had nearly doubled info in HealthKit. Since all measurements from the phone are done in increments it's not feasible to delete every single one of those data points. What's worse, is that when you use Sync Solver data it just has one long total for the entire day so there is no spread of data across the time of day. The only thing is is good for is managing your totals but it's far from a replacement for syncing granular data from your fit bit to HealthKit..Version: 2.3

Heart Rate Not SyncedI would give it 5 stars if they synced the heart rate, but I just paid 4£ and realised the only data I care about is not being synced😬.Version: 2.9

Caused me a big problemThis is terrible app. It should be zero star. This app caused me loss of the data and mess up my step counts. After the first sync, the number of the step remained as 404 for the rest of the day, even though I walked 3km later on the day. The number of the fit bit goes up and went back to 404 and I lost my count!!!! I deleted and revoked the access..Version: 2.5

Don’t botherWish I read reviews first before paying for an app that doesn’t work. It hasn’t been updated for over a year so likely suffers compatibility issues and other bugs.Version: 2.3

Doesn't do heart rate - waste of timeDoesn't do heart rate - waste of time.Version: 2.7

Freezes on downloading active caloriesAlso, there is NO WAY TO CONTACT SUPPORT. Links to “support” are just webpages with FAQs on them. Come on people. When the only way of “communicating” is by leaving bad reviews, this is very sub-optimal..Version: 2.7

Disappointed in lack of transparency of app functionsI really wish this app would have made it clear that Fitbit doesn’t use 3rd party apps anymore to sync to Apple Watch steps. I wasted 5 dollars. Make sure to read their other app descriptions to let you know. Don’t download app if you are thinking it will sync with your Apple Watch to help you compete in challenges on Fitbit app. I want my money back. I am not happy with this at all..Version: 2.7

“Unable to sync” error message all the timeI’ve got this app without reading the reviews. What a big mistake!!! It doesn't sync automatically at all as advertised and when you manually try to sync it syncs few data then gives an error message saying “fitbit unavailable” . I try to solve the problem all day, searched online for solutions but still doesn't work. There is also no place to reach out the developer. What a waste of money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!.Version: 2.3

TerribleDoes not work. Don't waste your money..Version: 2.2

Don't buy this version!Bought this app only to discover that I can't sync my data with Fitbit until Apple bug fixes their Health app—the FAQs on Sync Solver helped me figure out what the problem is, but it can't be fixed by them. So don't spend money on it until this problem is fixed!.Version: 2.3

Waste of moneyThis app has never synced the Fitbit data to Apple Health once - constant 403 error... Total waste of money do not buy!.Version: 2.7

Does not sync heart rate dataThe whole reason I purchased this app was to get my heart rate data from my Fitbit onto my Health app. It doesn’t do that. Waste of $$.Version: 2.9.2

Seems to work but...It seems like from reading the FAQ that Fitbit doesn't give very good support to third parties, so this app has issues like less granularity than you would expect (eg all measurements showing up as 11:59pm) and Active Calories not syncing. Doesn't seem like it's the developer of this apps fault, but that doesn't help me..Version: 2.3

IOS health app sync steps fitbit3When sync is run the health app updates with new steps from fitbit3. I do see that on insert data is added for each hour of the day even before it has happened. It looks like a default of 131 steps are inserted each hour of that day the sync is run. I only noticed this because I ran the sync at noon and it updated for the rest of the day until midnight for 131 steps that had not occurred yet..Version: 2.6

Do not buyThis app does not work tried multiple times to get health data from iphone to Fitbit but it does not happen!! Do not buy..Version: 2.3

Good - but does not appear to be supportedThis app definitely fills a need, however the 'active calories' data pull freezes; the author claims it's the Fitbit API, but when we ask on the Fitbit forum there is no update from the author (4 weeks now waiting) it went from great author engagement ( looking at the history) to no engagement. On the plus side this app does a great job of mapping data from two very distinct data sets. I would get it again..Version: 2.3

Didnt Work - At AllThis simply didn't work. Word to God. Pukka gen. This is a terrible waste of money, it does not do what it's meant to do AT ALL! I then found an app called Fitbit Sync which doers work, and is free!.Version: 2.5

BadDoesn’t sync at all waster of money..Version: 2.3

Junk importI have 2 weeks of Fitbit Aria data and this app imported 3 years of the same weight and same bmi. So next to this junk data is the accurate import by myfitnesspal. AVOID..Version: 2.2

Unable to Contact for HelpI quite like this app but it’s stopped automatically syncing and nothing I do seems to fix the problem. I wanted to contact someone to see if there was a solution but there’s not recent contact details anywhere I can find (support page is just a FAQ, socials haven’t been used in seven years from the looks of it). Quite disappointed in the lack of support - I’m tossing up whether it’s even worth continuing to use this app if it’s going to need me to manually update it every day, the whole reason I wanted it was to have it smoothly sync in the background..Version: 2.7

Doesn't workLike previous reviews won't sync or transfer Data to the Apple health ring.Version: 2.3

Don’t wast your money.This does work at all and there is no support from the app developers after you buy. Waste of money..Version: 2.7

Duplicates data already in healthIf you sync, it just adds the data already in your health app.Version: 2.3

Waste of moneyI thought this would bring over all my Fitbit history. It seems to only do last 30 days which is useless in my case because my Fitbit died and in waiting for replacement I bought Apple Watch. The was virtually nothing to sync. Would rather have my money back as this app did not work..Version: 2.7

FaultyPurchased this app to import data from my Fitbit Aria scales into Health so that I could view the history in the Withings app. First sync went very quickly, but important historical data without the year, so thousands of data points just appeared on the current year. Fortunately I’ve been able to remove the data from the Health app, but it’s currently still showing in the Withings app - hopefully that’s just a caching issue..Version: 2.7

MisleadingNOT impressed. This is for syncing data from FiTbit and the only time it was clear was via their website page. I bought the wrong one based on their app descriptions. Webpage: Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health (the red icon, listed in the App Store as Sync Solver for Fitbit) allows you to sync data from your Fitbit account into Apple's Health app. For example, if you have a Fitbit Flex you can send step counts into Health, or if you have a Fitbit Aria scale you can send weight measurements into Health. Sync Solver - Health to Fitbit (the green icon) allows you to sync data from Apple's Health app into your Fitbit account. For example, if you have an Apple Watch you can send heart rate values into your Fitbit account, or if you track steps with a Misfit you can send steps into your Fitbit account. Read More.Version: 2.2

It'd be good if it workedUnfortunately it won't sync Fitbit data to apple's health app..Version: 2.3

It does what the description says, but the main ad photos are misleadingThis app does what is says it does. It uploads sleep information, step count, and calorie count. It doesn’t import HR data which I didn’t realize, or I wouldn’t have bought it. The ad photos make it seem like all FitBit data can be synced. The wording in one of the photos is “Sync all your data from FitBit to Apple Health” which I feel is purposefully misleading. They do actually disclose that HR data isn’t included. If you read the app description carefully (unlike me), you’ll see HR data is not on the list of data that can be synced. It is not the developer’s fault I didn’t read more carefully and that I made my decision based on the main ad rather than reading the description details... but the main ad really should have the phrase “sync all your data” removed since it is what most people look at and is misleading..Version: 2.5

Doesn’t sync automaticallyI have this app for months now and it doesn’t do what it claims. It says “ it may be necessary to manually sync from time to time in order to keep Sync Solver automatically syncing on a consistent basis” but unless I manually sync, it doesn’t sync at all. I tried multiple suggestions found in reviews here and the developer support website but nothing really works..Version: 2.6

Double counting stepsGood afternoon, I have recently brought this app & realize it double the counting steps. Can you please advise me how to fix this. Thank you in advance. Trina.Version: 2.5

Why does it say data will be automatically synced?Why does it say “data will be automatically synced throughout the day” at the bottom of the app screen if it doesn’t do it? I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and never noticed that on the screen until recently. I started leaving the app open all day instead of closing after manually syncing like I used to, but it doesn’t sync..Version: 2.9.4

WorksWorks.Version: 1.0

Don't downloadThis thing took control of my iPhone and used up over 500 meg in 2 hours before I deleted it. Virusware of some kind..Version: 2.3

Sudden “Fitbit unavailable (500)” ErrorThis app was working great until a few days ago when it stopped syncing and was giving this error. Logged in and out of both Fitbit and the app over and over and nothing seems to fix the problem. The error or question also isn’t featured in the FAQ... I feel like I wasted my money. There’s no support email either..Version: 2.3

Simple but flawedI liked how simple it was, but data was not accurate as I didn't measure my weight everyday and Fitbit shows it but this app transferred it differently.Version: 1.2

Waste of money - I'm entitled to my opinion like the rest of you.Not worth $3.99 scaled down trial version would be nice before spending the money on something that does not sync all the time even forcing it to sync the data does not show up in Health app all the time. Data in health app is different from data on Fitbit also time says 11:59pm don't think it updates either..Version: 2.2

FailNot sure why I bought it given the reviews but I did and it’s no surprise that it just hangs half way through the sync. Initially I wanted it to sync steps only but when it hung I gave in and granted it permission to sync all data hoping it would start to function. No such luck. Just hangs. No data is synced, and my $7 is lost and gone (since I’m an idiot and bought their 3 pack of apps)..Version: 2.3

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t import my sleep data from my Apple Watch into Fitbit. I purchased the triple app package and am disappointed I wasted so much money on something that doesn’t do what it claims..Version: 2.7

Needs updateNo autosync. When I do sync it goes back days , I would like to be able to choose what day or days to sync. I also use an apple watch and have to go back to delete entries on days I used my AW to have accurate step count. It works and has good potential..Version: 2.3

Works but not always.This app has worked well syncing workout data from Apple activity until it stopped for no apparent reason. After exhausting options I gave up. If it fails just once then it's not useful..Version: 2.2

Waste of moneyFirst I was happy to pay for an app with great reviews that was not a subscription. But I guess you get what you pay for and this is a ripoff. First I get the 403 error immediately and I’ve followed the instructions to refresh login and I still get the error. So out of the gate the app does not sync. And there is NO WAY AT ALL to submit a request for help. Pure ripoff - take my advice and do not spend you your money on this..Version: 2.9.4

No app supportApp didn’t work properly-can I get a refund?.Version: 2.9

Sync and dataDoesnt sync workouts. Data then is not showing in Apple watch rings. Also uses the device not the app for data syncing - unable to sync - Fitbit not available. Hang out its on my wrist. Regret spend 👎🏼😞.Version: 2.3

Would give 0 stars if possibleI bought this to link my fitbit to Apple health, and it wouldn’t sync them accurately. One day my Fitbit logged just over 13,000 steps and the app only synced just over 5,000!! I logged in and out of everything, changed the settings and it wouldn’t work properly. Emailed them and the reply I got was they couldn’t do anything as it doesn’t link to your device but fitbit’s servers and they’re “at the mercy of iOS” so they’re selling an app they can’t even control which funnily enough is not in their description. Will be contacting Apple for a refund!.Version: 2.5

Sync works but not 5 starsSync works fine, but does not happen automatically and it doesn't transfer lean body mass data. If these two points were fixed i would give it 5 stars..Version: 2.2

Beware - no intraday HR dataThis app claims to sync “all” FitBit data with Health. After I purchased and set it up (including allowing sync of heart rate data), I noticed that there was no heart rate data in Health. When I went to Sync Solver Support to figure out why, there it is - there is no API to support heart rate data currently. Sync Solver asks to authorize sharing HR data in anticipation that functionality will be available someday. Would be nice to know that upfront, before purchase as HR is a big reason I purchased this app. By they way, it appears other similar apps have the same limitation..Version: 2.7

What is thisI’ve no idea what this app does apart from cost money. It picks up almost no information from Fitbit and as they freely admit just exaggerates what it does pick up..Version: 2.9

Heart rate sync still missingBought this to sync the heart rate. Then realised that feature isnt implemented yet 😳.Version: 2.6

Only manually syncsSync works great but must be manually triggered and never runs automatically..Version: 2.9.2

No Apple WatchDoes not pull the steps from my Apple Watch, only from the phone step counter.Version: 2.3

LimitedDo not waste your money with this app!.Version: 2.8

Why don’t the numbers match?I just downloaded the app, and the set up seemed easy, but none of the numbers in my Fitbit data match the numbers in the Health app. How is it that they “synced,” but the Health app shows significantly lower steps and miles. I’d ask this somewhere other than a review if the “support” were anything other than FAQs..Version: 2.7

NO HEARTRATEI hade to waste USD $5.00 to discover this. I hate you ppl..Version: 2.7

Bought so I could synch Apple Watch to Fitbit appI thought I’d found a solution to being able to synch my Apple Watch to the Fitbit app after reading blog recommendations as a solution for this. Unfortunately, after paying for the app, I noticed that my steps were not on the Fitbit app dashboard. After pouring through pages and pages of forums, it turns out that you can never sych your steps from your Apple Watch to your Fitbit app. None of the synch solver apps will allow you to join in Fitbit challenges. It’s the only reason I bought the app. If you want to buy synch solver for any of these reasons, don’t waste your money.Version: 2.5

Partial sync onlyHad high hopes but it doesn’t sync half the things it claims to, with steps being the major one (even after correct setup within Health app). Disappointing..Version: 2.5

Just doesn’t workSadly, this app doesn’t work - it cant seem to get Health to pick up the data from Fitbit accurately and so it often says every hour there’s activity or that 30 floors have been climbed when... no. Going to try and get a refund..Version: 2.7

If moving from fitbit to apple watch don’t buy!!!Fitbit only lets you sync the previous month, you need to go to fitbit dashboard and export data then import data by a different app..Version: 2.9

Does NOT Sync All DataThis app transferred some but not all my Fitbit data to the health app. I couldn’t find a place to contact customer support to inquire about this. I recommend that you go with a different app and not waste your money here. I couldn’t even find a way to request a refund or reach any sort of customer service..Version: 2.9.2

Creates false entries in Apple HealthI really didn’t want to write a negative review, but I can’t get any support except for a FAQ page. I bought this app to sync data from my Fitbit Aria scales to Apple Health. On days when I have not used the Fitbit scales Sync Solver duplicates the last reading it had, which is just plain wrong. I spend time in two homes. In one place I use iHealth scales which put data directly into Apple Health. In the other place I use Fitbit scales. So while I’m in the place where I use the iHealth scales Sync Solver inserts a weight entry carried forward my last weight from Fitbit scales EVERY DAY. So, every day I get an entry from iHealth plus a false entry from Sync Solver. The other point of error is that it timestamps every weight entry 11:59 PM, which is also wrong. I’m going to delete this app from my phone and try to manually repair the false entries it has made in Apple Health. I’m very sorry it dies not work as advertised..Version: 2.7

Does not auto syncSays it will auto sync, but I have to open the app and push sync manually every few days. Often having to re log in to Fitbit also as it logs me out every 3-4 weeks. Just annoying really..Version: 2.9.4

Does what it saysOnly short coming is the lack of hear rate records. But overall it does what it says. A bit expensive in my opinion for an app that cross syncs but Its a solution..Version: 2.7

Waste of (a lot of) moneyGot it to sync weight from my Fitbit scale, I have weight readings say once a week and that is shown in the Fitbit app. When this syncs I get weights for EVERY day, whether I actually have a reading for that day or not! Useless..Version: 2.5

Not impressedThe app worked for a couple of weeks, then stopped syncing with a message saying Fitbit unavailable. My Fitbit was working fine. Followed instructions in the FAQ, issue was not resolved. Emailed the ‘support’. No reply. Emailed again. No reply. Emailed a third time. Still no reply. To add to my irritation, I can’t leave this review until I provide a nickname. So far have tried many but ‘they are all taken’..Version: 2.5

Why can’t I sync my heart rate?No point to this app, if I can’t sync all my data... very disappointing..Version: 2.3

No HRFYI, does not sync heart rate data, and to be fair it does not advertise that it does. App icon somewhat misleading..Version: 2.3

Easy to useNice interface and easy to use.Version: 2.3

Poor appThis did not do anything to what it said it was supposed to do!!.Version: 2.3

Won't sync "Fitbit unavailable", no support.Unable to sync sleep data from Fitbit to health... with no contact to troubleshoot... please fix..Version: 2.3

Refuses to syncDisappointed-refund please!.Version: 2.3

Doesn't sync automaticallyWaste of money. Don't bother.Version: 2.3

Tried several times and failsBelieve the reviews. This doesn’t work. Have tried several times/reboots/resets. Nothing. Appealing for refund.Version: 2.3

The Worst!Have never written a review for an app before but the fact that I just lost all my steps from Fitbit because I used this app has made me furious, even worse that I paid for the app and will never use it again!!.Version: 2.9

DOES NOT SYNC HEART RATEShould that not be clearly stated in the description?.Version: 2.3

Sync HRI’m generally ok with this app, but would really like it to sync resting heart rate..Version: 2.6

Not syncing properlyActive Calories still doesn't sync. This is acknowledged in 'support' notes which say it's a Fitbit API issue. I'd like the dev to push Fitbit as it's been too long for me to have paid for an app that doesn't properly work..Version: 2.3

Not even remotely correctI don’t have a single day of accurate synced data. SyncSolver just makes up resting calorie rate, sometimes of 300+ calories/hour when I wasn't even moving. The result just screws up Apple Fitness. Some days I “burn” 3,000+ active calories while sitting in class and the library, the next will be 100. Save your money. The app never works and just makes up data..Version: 2.9.2

SimpleIt's a neat, simple app that does a job that Fitbit should. For me it's solves a problem that I'll fix when I replace the Fitbit with an Apple Watch. The only issue I have is that it's does not automatically sun each day as advertised. Instead I do it manually when I remember..Version: 1.0

RubbishCrashes on opening.Version: 2.7

Imported Incorrect DataThis app messed up my data in other apps. It logged a weight every single night for the past 3 years. It’s now messed up my data in other apps and is creating inaccurate trend data. Deleted the app and all of its data… yet their are still logs present in some of my apps from this terrible app..Version: 2.7

Not brilliantOnly syncs from Fitbit to Apple health app not the other way too. Also active calories sync doesn't work.Version: 2.3

IMPOSSIBLE TO UNSUBSCRIBEDon’t download this until they make it possible and easy to unsubscribe to the app!.Version: 2.9.2

Did not import all past dataThe app worked quickly, but it didn’t import any of my data before 2018. I’d been using a Fitbit since 2015, and consistently since 2016 to log my weight nearly every day. But the earliest weight listed in Health after using this app to sync the data is from January 2018..Version: 2.7

Full of Wrong DataI wish I could get my money back. I got this to sync primarily my weight data from my Fitbit account to Apple health. It was not accurate at all. It brought over data that didn’t even exist in my Fitbit account. Giving a weight for everyday of the year even if one wasn’t recorded in Fitbit. Total waste of money. I had to go and delete every entry it created. 2 years worth of data. Very frustrating when this doesn’t work as advertised and costs money..Version: 2.5

Creates “data corruption” in transferred dataWhile it is easy to use and will transfer data it also corrupts your data. Not sure why but the software is programmed to fill the last data point into empty dates, aka data corruption. No data and the same data repeated are two very different things. This will be an issue for anyone who requires data integrity for statistical calculations and analysis. For example if you had weight data every Sunday in Fitbit in health you will now have the same data from Sunday filled in on M-Sat..Version: 2.9.2

Not worth the price3.99 cad to import data other apps (some free) can already import? 3.99 i'd agree with for heart rate syncing but saying 'all' your fitbit data in the description is misleading..Version: 2.2

Unable to syncHad sync issue few times since I purchased the app...the support says its Fitbit has a bug ... Still waiting for the issue to be fixed......Version: 2.1

Don't buy itIt can't sync from fitbit to Apple health..Version: 2.2

Activity... WorkoutHi... would be great if I could sync my workout history. All I wanted was for the data to be transferred..Version: 2.3

Overall ok, doesn’t show step activity throughout dayI realize this is not the developer’s fault but more a limitation of the Fitbit API. However, I was disappointed after having spent the money for the app that it doesn’t sync intraday activity, meaning it doesn’t show when the steps were taken throughout the day. When the sync happens, it takes the number of steps and divides it evenly across all 24 hours of the day. For instance if you took 12,000 steps and look at the Health app, it shows that you took 500 steps at each hour. If showing precise data of when steps were taken matters to you and you want Health app integration, ditch your Fitbit and go with something that syncs directly with the iOS Health..Version: 2.7

RubbishWhere is the heart rate data??.Version: 2.5

Doesn’t sync heart rateDisappointing..Version: 2.5

Does not sync Hear RateGood app overall but disappointed in the lack of Hear Rate sync..Version: 2.2

Does not work since the recent Fitbit updateI have had this app for many months and was very happy with it because it synced my Fitbit data perfectly. Now it doesn't work at all since the recent Fitbit app update, and all my existing Health app data has been deleted..Version: 2.2

Don't buyIt didn't work after January, can't update steps and calories.Version: 2.3

Still not usable, unless you want years of garbage dataSyncs my data back to 2012. Trouble is, I've only had an Aria since Xmas 2014. That makes my HealthKit store bad. The latest update claims to fix this, and seems to do so, except for the initial sync. I'm not manually deleting over a thousand entries, per measurement..Version: 1.2

IncompleteNot everything syncs unless I do a hard reboot daily..Version: 2.4

Syncing more than once a dayWhy can we only sync once a day. I set it up because I had issues with my fitbit app and so only some of the data was synced to Heath ap. we need to be able to sync it as often as we need too. We do pay for the aps so should be able to use it more than once a day. Other than that it appears to be a good app. Thanks.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t do HRThe most important data I’d like to sync is HR, given the iPhone can track everything else itself. This app won’t sync the heart rate data.Version: 2.7

Doesn’t workSo I followed all the instructions and although it’s saying it’s syncing, Apple Health is definitely not pulling in data from Fitbit. I uninstalled and tried again. Still nothing Total waste of money and no support to contact only FAQs. None of which say “This isn’t working at all”.Version: 2.6

Doesnt work.This app doesnt work. dont waste your money...Version: 2.3

No goodI've been using this app for 6 months now. This app does not sync automatically! It'll only sync if you manually press sync. Sometimes, this doesn't work and it just hangs. I wouldn't recommend this app..Version: 2.2

Unable to finish sync, Fitbit unavailableOkay app, however it does sync in the background and when I manually sync all I get is “unable to finish sync, Fitbit unavailable, try again later (500)”.Version: 2.3

It had one jobI get an error every time. Is it syncing? It’s hard to say. But it seems really glitchy and doesn’t explain itself so I would say for an app I needed to pay for it’s pretty disappointing..Version: 2.3

Waste of moneyThis app does not sync automatically. When it does it distributes your steps evenly across the day rather than saying in which hour period you completed the steps. So it looks as though you were walking in your sleep. I want my £4.99 back. I reckon all the good reviews on here are fake..Version: 2.6

Doesn’t work.The app works but it doesn’t sync with Apple health, despite being set up right..Version: 2.7

Having issues with iOS updateWorked great up until I updated my phone 2 days ago. Now the sync solver doesn't show up under "sources" in the Health app..Version: 2.2

Can’t sync menstrual cycleWorks ok but can’t sync menstrual cycle to health.Version: 2.9.2

Does not currently sync heart beatThat should have been made clear before I spent money to buy it.Version: 2.7

Heart bpm not transferredBought the app to have my bpm from charge 2 sent to apple health. I’ve used the app for a week and it seems that it only transfers resting bpm, not the minute by minute bpm. In other categories as well, like sleep cycles, a subset of data is transferred. For sleep cycles I only get the time spent asleep vs awake (nothing about rem/deep/light). Wouldn’t recommend buying..Version: 2.5

Not working wellNot syncing properly! It’s whole reason for being & its not doing it:(.Version: 2.9.4

Support link broken, can’t get heart data acrossAdvertises itself is syncing all your fitbit data, but I can’t seem to get heart rate data across. The support link is broken, I’ll change my review score if I can get this sorted..Version: 2.9

Does not work.Doesn’t work. Crashes before it finishes syncing. Waste of money..Version: 2.4

Won't sync active calories.Won't sync active calories.... The only reason I wanted this app. Terrible..Version: 2.3

Really disappointed.Worked for one day and stopped syncing my steps to my IPhone Health app. None of the in app information has helped me. Very disappointed I can’t find a way to contact anyone about this..Version: 2.6

Doesn’t auto syncWhat’s up with that?.Version: 2.5

Only Transferred 7 Days of DataI have 6 years worth of Fitbit data in my Fitbit app, but I am switching to an Apple Watch and wanted to transfer all my old Fitbit data into Apple Health. I paid $5 for this app and it only transferred 7 days worth of data. And the “Support” function only brings you to an FAQ with no option to contact customer service. Super disappointing, I wish I could request my money back..Version: 2.7

MisleadingThis app is VERY misleading. HR is not tracked and though they don’t explicitly say it does, the implication in their advertising makes you think it does. Then there’s the granularity of STEPS. The app will transfer a daily total but nothing more granular than that. Save your money and shop elsewhere or just get used to having this data in the FitBit app only..Version: 2.7

Works but doesn't sync automatically as advertisedOnly works when you open the app manually...Version: 2.3

Not worth a buyIt doesn't accurately transfer the data from fit bit to apple health. Keeps freezing during sync, so won't complete the full sync between the two apps..Version: 2.3

Not Syncing ProperlyI paid for this app to sync between by Fitbit Versa 2 & Apple Health but it’s not picking up all the steps each day? Needs sorting & why have you no support for errors on FAQ?.Version: 2.9.4

Doesn't sync to iwatch activity ringsDownloaded this app but it doesn't sync to iwatch activity rings which is what I wanted :(.Version: 2.3

Don’t waist your moneyThere’s better apps around that do everything this one dose plus more for free like sync your heart rate.Version: 2.7

Doesn’t sync multiple sleep times per dayI got this primarily for importing sleep data into apple health but I was really disappointed to find out it doesn’t allow multiple sleep data for the same day! Why is that?! Seems like not a big deal to do. Really frustrated because it really can throw it off..Version: 2.5

Creates thousands of useless data pointsThis used to be an innovative app. Sadly it seems development stalled some years ago. I just tried to use it to sync weight on my Aria 2 scale to Apple HealthKit. Based on only one weight measurement, this created thousands of data points, stretching back years, with a fake “interpolated” weight measurement for every day of the last several years. Now I have to somehow delete them all, manually. Uninstalling this app immediately to prevent this happening again - much easier to just do it manually..Version: 2.7

Feel ripped offDeceptive. Advertised for $7.99. Next thing you know I have been charged $53. If this was clearly shown I would not pay. So annoyed right now as I find that deceptive advertising. What a joke..Version: 2.7

Doesn’t work. No support.After downloading the app, I searched for instructions for how to adjust settings so it would work as advertised, since it didn’t do so upon startup. No luck. Contacted customer support via email. No luck. My hunch is that it could work with some guidance, but clears instructions appear to be unavailable and support email is unreturned (as of this moment). Very frustrating for an expensive app. Don’t bother buying this app. Might as well save your money add info manually, since that is what you’ll have to do anyway..Version: 2.6

Incorrectly syncs dataIncorrectly sync’d weight data, adding thousands of incorrect weight measurements, with every day I didn't use my Aria scale since 2017 with the weight I was on the first day I used it. Now I can either delete all the data and input them manually, which is what I just spent $5 hoping to avoid, or manually delete the thousands of incorrect data points, which will take even longer..Version: 2.7

Doesn’t do what I wanted it to doI was looking for an app that would transfer my weight data to my Fitbit app. This only transfers weight data from your Fitbit app to the health app. And if you have a lot of incorrect data in the Fitbit app like I do, when you sync it transfers all of that bad data to the health app. I had to manually delete a ton of data, which was very time consuming. I uninstalled the app. What a waste of $5..Version: 2.9.4

WorthlessThis is one of the only reviews I’ve ever written. Something has to be incredible or terrible for me to write a review and this app is TERRIBLE. A diet tracker i use stated that I needed this app to incorporate my Fitbit info. Too bad it doesn’t actually do that. I paid for an app that is completely worthless. I always get an error that says “Unable to finish sync, Fitbit unavailable”. Seems strange since the Fitbit syncs to other things just fine. Grrrr.....Version: 2.3

Really disappointed.Read the reviews before downloading and thought I would still give it a go; couldn't have been more wrong. Really disappointed with this app. I would recommend avoiding if I was you..Version: 2.3

Not working properlyI thought this app would be a great way to transfer my fitness stats into Health, but so far I have not been able to make it work properly, no active minutes have been synced despite all efforts to accomplish the task it claims to do..Version: 2.3

Doesn’t seem to auto syncThis app would be exactly what I needed and wanted, but after the first sync I continue to have to manually open the app and push the sync button. I have let it go for about a week and a half to see if it would auto sync. I’m hoping there is just some setting or something I am missing….Version: 2.9.2

Don’t buy itI’ve had it a couple of weeks now, and it still has not auto synced once, I went thru there help section did everything it said, still nothing, I’ve had to manually sync it myself, complete waste of money.Version: 2.5

Don't do itIt doesn't seem to work with my iPhone. The Sync saver app has not appeared in the 'sources' screen. Really disappointed and now I can't get my money back.Version: 2.3

Doesn't sync heart rateWhich was the only feature I was looking for. It really sick to pay full price for an app without having the option to see what we're buying before!.Version: 2.5

Not workingThis app is clearly not working as described: It doesn't sync "Active calories" It does provide wrong time stamp for synchronisation operations, I.e. It's only 5:20am, but sync time stamp is 11:59pm (in the future).Version: 2.3

App no longer supported. AVOIDDoesn't sync Heart Rate data from Fitbit in any way. No sign of Dev on Facebook or Twitter since 2015, no chance of a refund. Do not download!!!!!!.Version: 2.3

Not working well on iPhone 5sWhile it does work from time to time, it failed to update Apple's Healthkit several times a day. In order to make it work again, I had to reboot the iPhone. According to the developer, I need to open an issue with iPhone. However, it should at least provide a free version and let user to try it for a week before purchasing it. One star!.Version: 2.2

🙂 Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health Positive Reviews
Is Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health not working?

Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health.

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