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Excellent gameReally great game just need to add some more options like practice and stuff and being able to change the wetness of the track and the in car camera with the wheel showing. The game would be even better if we got to stage in the pits and drive on to the track and have cautions and being able to go to the scales and weigh your car and being able to see the damage better like tires popping but over all it’s an excellent game.Version: 4.2.24

RacingWhen will Sprintcars be added?.Version: 3.0.39

Great gameAwesome game but it would be really cool if when u spun out u would go under yellow and rejoin the race :).Version: 2.3.6

DirtTrackinHi BennettRacingSims. So the first DirtTrackin game is awesome. But is there a way that you put some of the usmts (United States Modified Touring Series) drivers in the game like Ryan Gustin #19r, and Johnny Scott and Stormy Scott #1st and #2 to the modifieds, and possibly add some of the WOO (World of Outlaws) late model drivers like Scott Bloomquist #0, Jimmy Owens #20, Brandon Overton #116, Josh Richards #1, and Aaron Marant #70, Brandon Sheppard #1, and Aaron Marant #70 (second one for the modifieds)..Version: 4.0.03

Driver IdeasHi, a couple of my friends and I have voted on some of the top drivers in dirt racing. We came up with a couple that we would like to be on here but aren't. Scott Bloomquist, Jared Landers, and Tim McCreadie. We also would like to see cautions. Thank you, it's a great game..Version: 4.0.03

BrilliantBest game money can by for iPhone..Version: 1.3

SO GOODThis is the best latemodel game ever it will be so good when career, sprintcar, touch arrow buttons, multiplayer and street stocks come out in future updates. One thing though when I play single player it glitches alot future updates may need a bug fix for this..Version: 1.5

Sprint cars neededThis game is literally the best game on the App Store that I have ever played all you need is sprint cars and wingless sprints but I would start with winged sprint cars maybe cautions or restarts but just need sprint cars and could be the worlds most popular games out there.Version: 4.0.03

Great game for kids that love dirt track racingThis is a really cool game to play. I play it all the time. I go to a lot of dirt track racing lose to where I live. And it would be so nice to have pits and people to change your tiers like they do at all the dirt track. Up date this game have sportsman, late models, pure stock, all American. Etc.😀 I love to watch dirt track races. And have people talk way u are races in real life. Just make it more real life.Version: 4.1.03

Please add midgetsCan u please add midgets and sprint cars, cheers hayden.Version: 3.0.68

I love it but have some ideasIf you could make some more tracks for late models and make it to were you are able to set your car up anyway you want to..Version: 4.0.03

Awesome gameAwesome game so happy with it would be cool if you could do set up and stuff like that and also yellow flags of you spin out.Version: 3.0.43

ReplayAwsome game would like to have a race replay post race.Version: 1.2

Sound!The engine sound is ok untill you get too rpms then it’s annoying! I hope the gas through the turns and straights and it’s the same annoying sound, also would be cool to have a camera to see behind you to make blocks, other than that the game is fun.Version: 4.2.31

Great game just needsGreat game just needs sprint cars and caution flags were you have to shut your engine off or slow down and were you can drive back to your trailer and pick out your roll cage color your tires your sheet medal etc. and sfcr track please and thank you.Version: 4.0.03

Dirt track RacingWould like to add and adjust for this game to put into more cars up to 25 and more better in league than career mode like weekly racing ... and should add in the garage- choice of fix tire, shock etc for late model and modified... and more stuff of idea for this racing to added more effective for people and I love racing but I like to change up mode such for tire and shock and other more, and also choice of racing under days, dusk and night , and how the track of choice such like wet, mild, dry etc many more can have a best chance. And for a career mode why they set begin as stock car which I not want begin and I do want jump begin to Late Model without begin of stock car! Thanks for your time..Version: 4.1.05

DirtTrackinThis is by far the best dirt track game on a smartphone. It is worth every penny if you enjoy dirt track racing or even drifting. I would recommend having winged and unwinged 305,360&410 sprint cars, and maybe even small block modifieds. Also you maybe could add cautions. Even without these it's a game that I play constantly every day.Version: 4.0.03

BEST RACING GAMEI have played a lot of racing games, and DirtTrackin is by far one of my most favourite racing games of all time. If I could change something I would make it where you could customise all of the cars (late model, modified, and street stock), and the people who are playing DirtTrackin should be able to customise your own driver. Like you can customise: the fire-suit, the helmet, the helmet visor, your racing shoes, your racing gloves, and a neck-brace)..Version: 4.2.24

Saweet gameHonestly it's the best game I've ever played. Couple things that would make this game absolutely lit, if the game were to have like a clan. Like u know how clash of clans have there own clan of random people?? This game should have that!! And your "clan" should have race days where they race other clans. Like u either have one big feature race or each and every racer in the clan can choose 1 racer from the other team or so called clan to try to beat there lap time. Who ever has the least amount of lap times that clan wins! Not complaining Ab this game at all btw!!.Version: 4.0.03

Best dirt track racing sim around!This game is by far the best dirt racing game on iOS. It would be awesome if you added a few more tracks and drivers. It would be great if you added Lakeside Speedway, and Eldora Speedway for new tracks, and Nic Bidinger for new drivers. It’s a great game, although the graphics aren’t quite up to today’s standard. But I don’t care, I still play NASCAR games from 1994. I would recommend this game to anyone who asked. Thanks for a great racing simulator!.Version: 4.2.31

More Tracks and Drivers???I really love what this game has came to and I can’t wait to see it grow more, I love the sprint car game too but I just wish there were more selection of drivers like the big name guys and more real tracks around the US would be good like Eldora(Ohio), Knoxville(Iowa), Brown County Speedway(South Dakota), Humbolt Speedway(Kansas)...but overall I love this game and can’t wait to see you guys add more.Version: 4.1.05

EnquiryHey guys, just wanted too say the game right now is great and wanted too see if maybe in the future there would be a possibility of you guys adding in sprintcars, wingless sprints, midgets or something of that nature. And also if there could be some new tracks in the game both fictional and real tracks. Also wanted too say that late models here in Australia are getting massive and was going to see if you could add in some Australian tracks in the future because some of the tracks over here are really racey tracks eg, Sydney speedway, premier speedway, Murray bridge speedway, Perth motorplex, Bunbury speedway. Thank you very much for your time..Version: 3.0.55

Mint game!Awesome game! So glad I followed use on Facebook coz it's well worth the money.Version: 1.2

My reviewI love the game so much. I only just wish we could have as many cars as we want and you can make your own car from scratch. And add more cars like the sport mods or the legendary dwarf cars or even a mini modified, and a factory stocks..Version: 4.2.31

Make it a little better but still funYou need more tracks and if you play sign player you should be able to win money so you up grade your cars and add camping world truck series trucks and more dirt tracks for example eldora and other ones but please add the camping world truck series and eldora first please and thank you and can you put it so we have to qualify for the race and where we qualify is where you start thank you and if someone spins out and hit the wall can you make it so there is damage on the car.Version: 4.2.27

Just want setupIt is fun to play but don’t make the steering so touchy please and let’s do some set ups on the so we can make it easy.Version: 4.2.31

WishesI agree with the other review. It would be amazing if you would add classic cars and dwarfs as well. I would greatly appreciate adding driver jed emert. Hes a driver for steve richey racing. Would also love for it to show more damage and be able to tune cars and everything. Please email me!.Version: 4.0.03

Nicely doneThis game is a lot of fun once you get the hang of the steering & throttle control, they did a good job of making most tracks multi groove racing. Lots of tracks available with dlc as well. For a mobile game I think they pulled through well. Only things that I would want included is an option to have yellow flags, maybe even a slider throttle so you can car control a bit more, but even without it’s got a good feel. Still lots of people playing on multiplayer so I hope they continue to update the game in the future and make it better. Also maybe an option to run heats & mains would be nice, definitely not a deal breaker..Version: 4.1.05

Love it, but.....First of all I love it but just three problems. Number one, I have been playing this game for about a year and the game hardly ever lets me play career mode at all. Number two, also I really want to see heats,B-features, and A-features. Number three, I would like to see more cars and more classes. Other than that I love it!!.Version: 4.2.31

SuggestionsNot a bad game overall. I was an avid player of the original dirt track game on the PC years ago. I was excited to find this game. A couple updates would make it much better. Cautions I think are needed and qualifying would be great too. I think the physics need improved somewhat. I can setup my car to run good on a track but when you race other cars in Single player or career mode it’s entirely to easy to wreck. If you barely touch another car or someone bumps you you spin out. If these could be fixed would be even better game..Version: 4.1.05

Will not let me race online.I used to be able to join online races. Now I see when people are racing but no races will pop up to join. When I tried to use the support option I got nothing. Pls help.Version: 4.2.31

Just feedback absolutely not complainingI have had the game DirtTrackin for about 2 year and I won’t lie I’m kinda addicted lol.I finally uploaded the sprint car game a few months ago and it’s anew challenge that is very life like just like DirtTrackin. As a current dirt modified driver I love to play games like this especially now because it’s off season. The only thing that I think would improve DirtTrackin is maybe do like the sprint car game where you can change the time of day like it was a heat semi or feature race that’s about it. I am very satisfied with game and I think you guys do a awesome job trying to meet the needs of your gamers thank you for the games and I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record..Version: 4.2.31

ReviewAwesome ! Very awesome graphics on the cars, and also when being hit, the damage is legit ! Handling also very real ! Just one down side, wish when a car spins out, or an accident, the caution would be flown like a normal race. Also adding maybe feature laps and heat laps would be pretty cool !.Version: 4.2.31

What you need to updateYou need to add cations heats warmups features more flags and restarts and pits and you should have to drive a trailer and have your own team and you should have to pull out of the pits and you should add different types of dirt cars and you should be able to watch other races you should also get money for were you finish and be able to buy parts sponsors and crew members.Version: 4.2.31

Dirt Trackin'Love the game. I have a problem with the custom skins. The numbers are not flush to the car and you can see through them as you turn. It may be a bug in the software, so I figured you would take a look at fixing it thanks..Version: 4.2.24

CautionsThis game could really use caution flags to make it more exciting.Version: 4.2.28

Add more carsAdd mod lites or midgets.Version: 3.0.39

Dirt trackinThis is an awesome games well worth the money. But really needs more updates to fit in with the technology today. It needs Sprintcars More clear graphics To be able to save videos to ipad / iPhone To have different sounds in the cars And more clear everything to fit in with the technology And really love the new update with rolling starts and thing and how you can dent panels and stuff good job with that.Version: 1.9.1

Lots of funGreat game.Version: 4.0.03

Unable to get career mode or online racing to workI have had the game for about 2 years but ever since the beginning of the career mode update mine has never worked. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling didn't change anything. Love the game just wish I could use the career mode and online racing features again..Version: 4.2.31

Add more stuffNot going to take anything away from this game. It’s the best game dirt track racing you can get on your phone.... but that being said you guess gotta add more stuff like all the flags yellow black and red make it more realistic were you set your car up for each track. Make it were you can customize your own car in every class heck even add money where you have to buy bigger motors or build motors and transmissions and such..Version: 4.1.05

Dirt trackin is goodThis is a good game but u cant even costomize modifides.Version: 4.2.31

Love Dirt TrackinNeeds to add more cars more often and more tracks. If you could add Duck River Raceway Park that would be amazing and way more fun because it is our local track and please can you add Camden Motor Speedway also a local track and also please add Thunderhill Raceway in Lawrenceburg Tennessee. If you do add those track that would be way more cool and I would play this game more often. Thank you so much I love this game and if you add those tracks it would make it so much more fun to play. Thank you for reading this.Version: 4.2.31

Nice!Awesome game! More cars,cautions would be better. Maybe do the heats then feature? Be nice to race other people besides through Facebook.Version: 3.0.68

Maybe next update?Hey Tim, writing another review, my boys and I as in the guys I race with all the time would really appreciate it if you put tear offs in the game that would amazing and if we could y um do a little bit of a set up like springs, shocks and gearing thanks that’s all for now, everything you do is greatly appreciated thank you!.Version: 4.2.31

Great game just som suggestionsAdding more cars by choosing the amount of opponents to race against, more cars, wingless and sprint cars, some more tracks, traction and dirt options, cautions...why not🤷🏼‍♂️, realistic crashing, a couple more tweaks on graphics, more car customization, upgrades, night and day tracks, more realistic sounds, all of this is just some suggestions i think could make this game great, THANK YOU!!!.Version: 4.0.03

I love it although...I think there needs to be more flags for example yellow/red flag when someone is rolled over or not moving. BLACK flag for when someone purposely hits you. Lastly, I think there should be a customization center for building your own cars and not just painting them different colors..Version: 4.0.03

Can youAdd pits plz.Version: 4.2.31

Adding F1 stock carHey guys love the game can you please add the F1 stock car that would be great thanks.Version: 3.0.44

Just a couple of suggestionsYou should add wingless and winged midgets maybe add cautions and you should be able to customize the modified's and street stocks you should maybe add dirt super modified's also it would be really cool if you could have a spotter or maybe an announcer in the game or both thank you for reading and I over all of the game.Version: 4.0.03

A must buyWORTH EVERY PENNY SO ADDICTIVE! Still needs new updates like more cars/racing series if possible...awesome starting block though.Version: 1.2

Dig the game a lot!I bought the sprint car one a while back and couldnt drive a lap. I got frustrated and gave up on that one and Haven’t tried in months. Then i realized that this game was first and had much better reviews. Night and day between the two. So much easier to control. This game is great! Only thing I wish is that there were yellow flags and that you could replay the races. I’d bump it up to 5 stars if you add those features..Version: 4.2.28

AwsomeBest game ever but I wish u could customize the street stocks modifies and late models and not just the late model also I think this developer has more than enough skill, ideas, and if needed knowledge to make another outstanding racing game similar to dirt trackin but on asphalt I’m not familiar with asphalt racing myself or the touring series to even know the name of it but these developers are amazing a well deserved 5 stars.Version: 4.2.31

SuggestionsIt would be cool if you added cautions, you can drive your truck and trailer to the track, win money for races so if you mess up your car then you have to pay for it, you could walk around the track during other classes, scale your car, work on your car at your own shop. Your house be down the road from your house. Etc, I thought it would be a better game with all that.Version: 4.1.05

This game is awesomeI love this game I have played it since the first day you released it. I race dirt cars in real life every weekend. There is a couple things I wish you could do 1. I wish you could drive to the tracks and change the track slickness if it is taking rubber or it’s super tacky. 2. I wish you could change the setup on your car just to make it overall realistic. 3. Of you could chose your own chassis. 4. In career mode I wish you could chose what car you want to race and make it where it gives you in game money and you can build your own facility from the car you drive and the hauler to the garage. If you could make this happen that would be great! I love this game a lot don’t get me wrong I just wish I could be a little more realistic..Version: 4.2.31

Great gameI’ve had DirtTrackin for about 2 years now and it’s one the best on the App Store. Really fun to play. It would be really cool if there were more tracks like Knoxville or Eldora and my home track Cedar Lake Speedway. And if the Modifieds had open sail panels. But besides that it is a great game ..Version: 4.2.31

Lovveeee it but one thing!!!!Greatest racing game but would love an update.... more showable damage and qualifying would be nice... maybe a couple more cars in the race... also cautions would be great it would be smart to limit the cautions that way the whole race wont consist of nothing but cautions.... awesome game alot more poeple would buy if it had a couple touch ups.Version: 4.1.05

ModifidesU can see throught the computer controlled Tyers But besides that it's a great game.Version: 1.9.1

👇👇👇Add cautions, better damage psychics, pavement tracks, more customization for your cars. Also, career mode is pretty boring. More skins..Version: 4.1.05

Great AppThis app is pretty awesome. Hope to see more tracks, drivers, and multiplayer from separate iPhones. Perhaps a tour or championship, and setups... Would be great. I also think the Scott Bloomquist lookalike Scotty McCrotchtop is funny. Looking forward to the next update..Version: 1.3

I love this game but needs improvementI really love this game but could you add more cars like mod lites and stuff like that can you try to upgrade your graphics there very low quality but still ok and the car sounds need improvement like all cars sound the same in the game like can you try to make them sound different for each individual car and make them sound more realistic and the physics when you hit the wall you go flying and spin around a bunch and the cars when u turn don’t look like the wheels are turning the turning needs improvement and the ai are clueless can u make them slide around the track like normal drivers thank you and hope you read this and take some advice.Version: 4.2.31

Absolutely awesome game!I really REALLY love this game! A lot of thought was put into this app and it really shows. The physics are absolutely perfect! The racing is smooth and realistic. I would like to see yellow flags added though. Overall amazing game! 11/10.Version: 4.2.31

Ideas...I think that in career mode you should make a currency and then you make people upgrade their own cars so people don't have all the same cars and you should add sponsors and you should make the modified and street stocks customizable and also you should be able to choose what class of car you race in career mode , that would make the game a lot more fun, hope you take this review into consideration. Mind you that the game is very good..Version: 4.0.03

More funYou should make it so you can make you car type your gears name your chassis make your colours it would be more fun like that and put wissoda drivers in it..Version: 2.2.7

Great gameGreat game just wish it was more realistic, sponsors, Cautions, if u get into traffic u get wrecked most the time tires popping in car damage would be and also a great addition getting the scale your car and stuff like that would be cool to the career mode needs to have less races be nice if you could build your own car to.Version: 4.1.05

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