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TurboTax: File Your Tax Return Negative Reviews

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TurboTax: File Your Tax Return App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TurboTax: File Your Tax Return app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TurboTax: File Your Tax Return? Can you share your negative thoughts about turbotax: file your tax return?

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TurboTax: File Your Tax Return for Negative User Reviews

Baiting and switching product fees“Free to file” is a great slogan for this product. The act of federal filing may be free, but along the way of using the app, you will be charged for certain tax situations. Made contributions towards a retirement plan (401k, IRA)? You must use the TurboTax Premium ($). Have stocks and sold any? You must use TurboTax Premium Plus ($$). Have a question about something on the form? You have to upgrade for Live Tax Advice ($$). Need to also file state taxes? You just purchase the state option ($). If there is a bug in the app, I’ve no idea how to proceed. I found it impossible to report the issue through the app itself. And there was nowhere that explains what to do if the user experiences a problem with the app itself. The only help options built-in are for live tax advice or searching FAQ/forums. They do try to make things easy. But they also upcharge you along the way. It is still cheaper than going to a tax professional, however at least there you have an expert who can answer the questions directly. So if you have any “uncommon” tax situations (retirement plans or stock brokerage accounts), I would recommend going to a tax professional over using this software..Version: 8.6.1

Not free, no help when the IRS sends a letter, and still waiting for refund four months laterI used the TurboTax app to file my refund in early February. The app was relatively easy to use, but it did get old going in circles sometimes. Unfortunately, the free option really is not usable. If you have to file state taxes like just about everyone, then you will have to pay $40 per state. If you’re a college student in another state like me, that means two states so $80. Of course, no student discount. Honestly, that was not too bad since I was supposed to get a lot back. Unfortunately, that was not what happened. I did get some from one the state returns, but that was it. The IRS sent a letter for a health insurance form that didn’t even apply to me. If you want help with that, guess what? It will cost you even more money! At that point, I wasn’t paying TurboTax any more so I went off on my own. Eventually I got it figured out, but not without massive disruption to my school work. None of that help was thanks to TurboTax which sends you to FAQs that don’t really apply. They have online discussions which appear to have many people with the same problem. This program is made to look easy- and it is at first- but the headache it causes later is not worth it. Never had trouble like this with H&R Block so I think I’ll go back to them next year. Whatever you do, don’t use TurboTax. It is seriously not worth it. Still waiting for that federal tax refund BTW..Version: 6.6

Not the Same AnymoreI’ve used TurboTax since 2017 and never had a complaint or an issue until this year. It used to be the easiest, truly free way to file taxes but that was not the case this year. Last year filing my 2019 taxes, I was forced to pay for the Max package even though I was confident in my ability to file my own taxes. I understand that TurboTax was worried about me filing the forms I had without representation, but don’t force me to pay and not file my own taxes on my own behalf. This year, i choose not to pay for the Max Package so that I didn’t have to pay them a cent and GET MY FULL REFUND, but when reviewing and ready to file, I owed $140 for filing both my Federal and State Taxes, plus a $40 service fee for having it withdrawn out of my refund? What a joke. I made sure I was going through everything to have the free service and declined renewing my Max Package fee. Looks like this will be the last year I file with TurboTax and I’ll move onto an actual true free service..Version: 7.3.2

Please do not use this app. THIS APP IS A SCAMLast year I used this app to get my return because I was in a military Boot Camp I couldn’t get to do it physically so I chose to use this app. I paid about $200 for a representative to assist me because I only had my phone for 30min each weekend she said she couldn’t help me if I couldn’t be on the phone with which I totally understand, I never got a refund for that so I was like whatever. I tried to fill it myself and the return was $273 and they said I’d get it within a week on and I paid about $200 to fill it myself so that means I’d only get $73 but money is money ! It’s been a year and I haven’t got my money I talked to a lady on the phone with a really bad attitude who told me I’d never get a refund for anything and the IRS is backed up and it’s ok that I haven’t got money in a year. Now I tried to get in touch with someone again but they said I can’t get in touch with anyone if I don’t fill my tax for this year and my account is invalid or something. I feel so helpless and disappointed. PLEASE GUYS GO TO YOUR LOCALE TAX FILLERS THIS APP IS A SCAM.Version: 8.2.1

Terrible company and terrible appAll i want to do is file my taxes, is that so hard? I have my W-2 and none of my previous year information has changed so why must i answer fifty questions about charity or donations for the presidential campaign? (which by the way if it supports biden then oh heck no!)… I found the 1098 forum that i apparently need and it doesnt tell you how to calculate if its split between two people or five. All it says is for “what you’re liable for” which tells me nothing! Add on top of that they want me to pay them $34 for their deluxe package because my job thinks my stocks count as a retirement plan and i apparently am getting $15 for it. I dont invest into the company 401k so why and where is this $15 dollars coming from and why do i need a special package to not get it? Heck heres an idea! Let me opt to not get that credit and just file the most basic i can because thats whats going on! I dont do crypto, no charities, yet im being asked as if i donated the entire estate of bill gates to some random charity last year. I never had this much trouble with H&R Block and if this is how turbotax is going to commence business i would much rather drive the thirty minutes to their nearest office and pay them the $48 fee like i had the years prior to doing turbotax. Or considering my job i can always go to Jackson Hewitt because i get special offers due to my job..Version: 8.2.1

DO NOT USE TURBOTAXI’ve used TurboTax to do my taxes for the past 7 or 8 years and never really had any issues. This year is the last year I’ll ever use it. If you you haven’t done your 2021 taxes yet and are considering TurboTax, don’t. This year, the great people at TurboTax decided to have you manually choose the “free” option not once, not twice, but three separate times. If you select “free” the first two time times and don’t catch the third, well guess what? You now owe TurboTax $120. That’s right even after selecting “free” multiple times, they select their pro package by default whenever they ask for the third or fourth time. I would not recommend this app nor recommend doing your taxes with TurboTax. Their shady practices, unnecessary bombardment of asking what package you want multiple times AFTER selecting, and automatically setting YOUR choice to their upgraded package are just horrible, opportunistic actions. I will never use TurboTax again and will tell everyone I know exactly why they shouldn’t either. UPDATE: Their automated reply addressed nothing on my initial review. I had two W-2s. TurboTax CLAIMS I had additional paperwork that required the MANDATORY upgrade to their premium services. That is COMPLETELY FALSE. Upon investigating other reviews and other websites, TurboTax is scamming people..Version: 8.2.1

Do Better!! ShadyYou would think after the stimulas fiasco you guys would make sure you were in top working order. I’ve used you all for several years, but these past issues are making me tap out. Go all through to the end. Only to be told I can’t Efile my state because I don’t have a SSN or EIN for my dependent care providers. There were no dependent care providers. Why would I need number’s for something I didn’t have? Then When after I’ve spent HOURS double checking, deleting and then imputing information again and again. I cave and ask for help. Only after agreeing to PAY MORE. Then to be told it’s nothing I’ve done it’s you!! I was never offered to have my fee reduced back since the only help I needed was something I didn’t cause!! Then to be directed to a post that say “your working on the issue” and for me to sign up for Email updates! Really? That’s all you got. By the way it say’s that post was made 3 days ago. Seems there could have been a email sent out about this issue instead of waiting for us all to agree to PAY that higher fee to talk to someone. Shady business practices TurboTax!! Do better!.Version: 8.2.1

"Tax Expert" Was Zero Help, Bordering On BelligerentTo preface my remarks, I am still smarting from my conversation with a person from whom I was seeking tax advice. Hey, anyone can have a bad day, but it appears I caught “Tax Expert" Corey on a PARTICULARLY bad day. She was semi-belligerent from the start, very combative, and only seemed interested in (and continuously repeated) telling me my problem was with the IRS, and that TurboTax was not at fault. I would say Corey hates her job, but that is just a guess. Listen, the money quickly became a secondary issue. I detest being talked down to by people that have no respect for anyone other than themselves. I whole-heartedly advise anyone considering this app to take into consideration how this company treats its customers. I have used TurboTax for probably 25 of the last 30 years. I will no longer use their service. My advice is to go to a CPA or other tax professional where you are face-to-face with another human being. Honestly, after the fees TurboTax charges (especially considering their complete lack of Customer Service), I would think the cost would end up being similar. I’m not saying your experience would be similar (I didn’t need to talk to a “Tax Expert" at TurboTax in the past, however this year I needed help….my experiences were, up to this point, good), but just a cautionary warning that if you DO need help, based on my personal experience, don’t expect too much..Version: 8.6.1

Tears of frustration. Is 0 stars an option?To start, I only decided to use turbo tax because my friend received an email promising him $25 if he referred a friend and they used TurboTax because of him. He forwarded me the link. I went through the link to the site, in order to get him the promised $25, since money is tight. I filed through Turbo Tax and he has not heard a word about receiving the promised $25 for referring a friend. Definitely makes me not want to refer anyone. Also, the website and app are anything but user friendly, and this is coming from someone with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I’m pretty sure something went horribly wrong because this is the least amount I have ever gotten back. It is significantly lower than usual. I had so many issues with nothing resolved when I attempted to call for help. I am so upset. I was in tears trying to get the app and website to work. My mom offered to just do them herself, but I went through the frustration because my friend was really hoping for the $25, and he didn’t even get it..Version: 6.8

First year I refuse to use it.If you would’ve asked me the last 8 years the best filing prep I would’ve recommended turbo tax. This is the first year I’m not using it. There’s no logical reason to be charging me over $120 just to file. On turbo Id also have to pay an extra $40 some to file state just because they can. on Top of paying $89 for what? Having to take two extra pictures of forms and having to double check it all myself anyway, no access to basic support even for that much? No thanks. It didn’t make doing my taxes any easier (in fact I feel they’ve purposely made the prompts more difficult in recent years to convince you to pay for their help. I was convinced I needed help because I was so confused using turbotax, imagine my surprise when I used freetaxusa for $14 Total and got it done *quicker* AND *easier* than I would’ve paying $120 before tax on turbo tax! That’s insane!!!) especially as you promote that you’ll straight up complete simple returns for people for no charge whatsoever. That manpower could’ve easily been directed to the people holding your company up paying $140 dollars for nothing. Edit to respond to developer: no I didn’t have any “issues” - this is simply what you charge for anything past the simplest of returns. I’m not confused, I understand completely, and still stand by the fact that it is ridiculous..Version: 8.5

Tippadee was right, Annoyed frustrates and disappointedI too have used Turbo Tax in previous years and am now struggling with the same concerns Tippadee warned about a year ago. They claim their services to be free but continue to add on a $40 charge for this and another $40 charge for that. At the end of it, I am being charged nearly $100 to file one extra form and to file my federal and state taxes together. Adding insult to injury when charging an extra fee to file state taxes that are offered free through the state, they provide a very friendly message stating I don’t have to pull my wallet out just yet, they’ll happily take from my refund and issue the remaining balance. And if all of this isn’t frustrating enough, the app keeps freezing. I understand I am paying for the convenience of filing through one company, but at this point I feel I am being overcharge, especially when the service and support isn’t there. Plus the lack of transparency with their pricing and advertising has me thinking I will not be using them going forward. Take the warning as I should have done and don’t waste your time..Version: 6.2

Think you’re all good? Juuuust waitTwo years in a row, this app has auto populated data into my returns that made them get rejected. Last year, I didn’t even realize the rejection because I was too busy and not scouting for my returns, but discovered just in time to miss out on student loans through Fafsa. This year, because of negligent wording on their questionnaire, I was rejected again. I spent hours on the phone today with Turbo Tax, and while their “concierge of concerns” who answered did point me in the right direction, it took hours for even her to figure out how to deal with the issue! Not to mention, because I had a single “off” gig event that paid $188 on a 1099, they required me to buy a $120 program to process it. I was then told that they had lost my payment from last year and that to rectify their own auto-populated data, I was going to have to buy the software and mail in my returns. Thankfully I found a receipt on THEIR OWN WEBSITE and got them to provide the previous year’s program without charge, but I do still have to file through mail A YEAR LATE. This site is a mess and I used to put up with it because it was a way to just get the taxes done, but I guess I’ve learned my lesson..Version: 6.5

Disappointed in 2018 returnFirst, I was disappointed in not being able to find Turbo Tax at my local Walmart and also at Sam’s. Walmart said they stopped carrying the program and I was unable to find it in early February at Sam’s. So I was forced to spend a lot more using the online purchase. At the end of March I saw it available at Sam’s. Second, I didn’t find the program to be as user friendly as in my many previous years. I was told the standard deduction was best for us and then was not informed if my charitable deductions would be used. At other points in the process I felt as I was moving along in the dark...not like previous years. Third, other years I purchased the state form along with the federal when buying the disk. No disk available this year so I was forced to pay extra for the state if I wanted to efile. Before purchasing next year, after many years with Turbo Tax, I’m quite sure I will explore other sources unless I’m told there has been a noticeable improvement for 2019..Version: 5.6

TurboTax is going downhillI originally used TurboTax in 2015. It followed by the IRS saying my information was obtained and steps to follow. From talking with other individuals and research, it sounded like this happened to TurboTax users. I switched to a different company, TaxAct, to complete my 2016 taxes. I returned to TurboTax in 2017 as it sounded like more security was in place and they had the flexibility of mobile filing. For someone who doesn’t have a working computer, this was a great option! Unfortunately, upon filing, the IRS rejected my information since I did not provide information from the previous year. TurboTax did not highlight this from the get go, but they had to problem requiring me to sign up for several other fees - the site required me to sign up and when I pressed the back button to go back to review my options, it kept refreshing the page until I agreed to the fee to continue. For me, TurboTax is not there for its customers and is not seeing the big picture - making filing taxes easier. I guess at the end of the day when I talked to a representative, my understanding is Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I would suggest looking into another company, since TurboTax is not like it used to be..Version: 4.6

Aggravated!I’ve used Turbo Tax for the last 5 years to do my taxes, I’ve never had any issue until yesterday. Year after year it’s been a breeze to do my taxes through Turbo Tax. Yesterday I started my taxes and like always chose the Free Edition, throughout the process it tried telling me I needed to upgrade to Deluxe more than once and I chose not now. I was to the last step just before sending my returns in electronically, and the app told me that in order to proceed I had to purchase the “Deluxe” version of Turbo Tax. It stated it would cost $40, once everything was said and done it charged me $40 for federal, $40 for state and $40 bc I chose to have it deducted from my refund. It would’ve been nice to have that info upfront instead of sliding it in at the very last second after filling in all of my information! Had it just been $40 like the app stated it wouldn’t have been so bad but to charge $120 is crazy. I claim single and have no dependents so my taxes aren’t difficult to do. I strongly advise going a different route to have your taxes done, I will be looking for an alternative place to have my taxes done next year..Version: 6.2.1

CPA Money Scandal/DeceitThe CPA I was assigned had told me we will do both my 2019 and 2018 taxes. He assured me to complete my 2019 first, then we would worry about the 2018 afterwards. He told me he will contact me the next day to pick up where we left off. This didn’t happen. I don’t even have any contact info of my CPA. Three weeks go by and nothing. I call back, wait 5 hours for a random rep, then wait another 30 minutes for another rep to tell me the CPA I was assigned was away from his desk, and that he’d return my call. Two months later I am still trying to contact both intuit, turbotax, and the CPA that I paid $80 for. Once I left the 5 star review as they encouraged, I haven’t been granted service since. I called today, 4pm, wait time over an hour. They returned my call at 9:50pm eastern time. The lady said a CPA will call Me shortly. They called 30 minutes later and I answered, only to be HUNG UP ON! I’m very scared and disappointed in this. I genuinely trusted their “extra” services and feel awfully slighted. I was so convinced and wanted to trust turbo tax’s services as if it were heaven sent. I will be taking a course on Udemy for taxes and do them myself to save my emotions, money, and patience. Thanks for the pain..Version: 6.7.1

Waste of time.I will never use the TurboTax service again, especially through the app. I filed with the app last year and it was nothing but a hassle. I filled out my information, moved through the process outlined by the app, and encountered an issue. My card information that I was using went through on my end but wouldn’t register on their end. I called the service, was told to enter my card information again and I did. That one went through on my end as well. I once again called and was told that the two charges, both for the entire amount due, were used to one to verify my card and two to pay my taxes. I felt this was a reasonable explanation. I was WRONG. Both charges went through on my card. I called again and explained what had happened and what I had been told and the individual who was supposed to be providing “customer service” laughed. LAUGHED at the issue I was having. Paying taxes twice through a shady company like this will not be happening again..Version: 7.2.1

Highly Discourage Using This App.Filed my taxes through turbo tax. I was going through complete circles throughout the app. When it came down to finishing, it processed and payed a few hundred dollars! Later I got an email stating the IRS declined my process and needed some more information. I called customer support to just cancel the whole process and get the few hundred dollars I spent to file and figured I’d take it to a tax doctor. I was told they could refund me and the representative had to read off turbos contract to refunds to us due to not knowing herself! then proceeded to transfer us to management. management said she will start the process and then walked away from the phone. In the background it was screaming and talking from a television! As I am writing this now, I have sat on the phone with this manager for 2 hours!! My spouse called from his phone to speak to another representative and she told us they can not do refunds. This lady helped out as much as she could. I highly do not recommend using turbo tax. I was to pay $49 to them for filing and the total price came to $240! Will not be reusing turbo tax..Version: 8.2.1

I’m so upset with turbo tax.I am so upset with turbo tax and how wrong they just treated me I’m almost in tears. I sign up with them I upload all my w-2s and they tell me I have a 1099 that needs to me uploaded. So I then try to figure out where this 1099 came from and it’s been 2 months and no one is helping me. I call every one I might have a 1099 from and they all tell me they did not take a 1099 out on me. So I go back to turbo tax they make me sign up for the 90 dollar one because of this 1099 turbo tax says I have so I sign up for it and now they still keep telling me I have to fill in all the info for the 1099 so I call the irs and the irs tell me I DONT EVEN HAVE A 1099. I’m so upset. I have been dealing with this mess since January and now I don’t know how to fix my taxes and I have to pay turbo tax for a service I don’t even need. This has been the worst experience I’m never filing with them again and I will be telling everyone how much of a headache and a disruption they have caused me. I even had to post pone my vacation untill next year because I can’t afford it with out my taxes and I missed my vacation deadline at work. 😡.Version: 6.3

DO NOT USEThe 2021 version does not import data correctly from Webull. The tech support people at TurboTax acknowledged this is a bug in the app. The error is that it doesn’t import the acquisition date of some of the stock sales and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get past this error. Trust me, I tried it for days with the help of tech support. After my call with support, I was promised I would get a case number sent to me. It never came. I was also directed to the refund page by Wilma who was handling my case. She failed to tell me that TurboTax does not offer refunds for their online version. Wow, TurboTax does not offer refunds for a broken product. I called a second time and spoke with another representative about the issue and I asked her for the case number of the second call and she said her computer glitched or something and that it would be e-mailed to me. I asked her to promise I would get a case number, and she assured me, but it never came. I am disputing the charge with my bank. It’s kind of difficult when TurboTax is not tracking their customer support cases. I will get a refund for this product if I have to get legal help to. Don’t use this app!.Version: 7.3.4

Don’t use if you have a self employed side jobI downloaded the app just so I could write a review because there is no place for feedback on the website. I made less than $1000 on a side job this past year (piano teaching). TurboTax got rid of their free file partnership which means I need to use their most expensive tax preparation service ($119) just because my couple-hundred-dollar side job is self employed. By the time I pay that and the self employment tax it’s not really worth it for me to even have a side job. Extremely disappointed because I’ve used TurboTax exclusively for years; I love how easy it is to use and that they save my info from previous years. Please create a cheaper option for people who are only self employed part time. EDIT: Developer responded but only told me what I already know. My feedback remains that you need a cheaper option to file for part-time self employment. $119 is ridiculous for the small amount of money I made..Version: 8.6

DespicableThere I was, filing my taxes like any tax-paying citizen, until I realized I was being charged $90 for something I wasn’t clearly told that I would be charged on. I went on for an HOUR trying to fill out a load of nonsense, not knowing I’d get punished for it in the end. Of course it’s only after an HOUR LATER of filling out all these redundant questions that I was notified of these charges. I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN, because I am literally so poor that I can’t afford to pay $90 right now! You guys are SICK! You knew this would happen with the way you developed this app! I’m at a really vulnerable time in my life right now, and this is how you run things!? I’m never using this disgusting app again, ever! You won’t get me for this Year, or any of the next! I’M DONE! Also, I don’t want to hear anything from the useless developers. You’re feigned concern, your inability to understand, and your passive-aggressive responses aren’t welcomed, nor are they needed. You only enrage people further! You’re redundant presence here as Developers is garbage, just like you..Version: 6.2.1

Duplicate Profiles on the Same emailI want to submit a suggestion to the product developers of Turbotax. Please allow a way to merge profiles. I am shocked that I was somehow able to create a separate profile for the same email. I suppose I accidentally created a separate profile for my 2018 tax return. There is also no way for me to update my main profile with my tax return for this year or to easily switch between profiles. I’m extremely frustrated as now my two returns I have filed (2018 and 2017) are not linked together. Makes it difficult for me to have an integrated experience and use your other software (like mint). I think of this as a customer service issue. If someone is as distressed as I am you should be able to merge my profiles. This seems like a basic service especially considering that the other profile I created was by accident. Or there should be a way for me to delete a profile. I called and the answer they gave me was no we can’t help you. If there is some legitimate reason why your platform has this bug I would really like to know..Version: 5.5

Turbo tax intentionally over charges youIt’s cheaper to go to an in person tax expert than to use this application. I had finished inputting all my information, I even tried to add the extra charge for self employment help. When it came down to paying I tried to pay with my refund, it didn’t let me. I didn’t think that part was a big deal, I was just going to pay out of pocket. Then when I went back to the payment screen they had added a $44 charge for “premium service benefits”. It gives the option to remove but whenever I click that button, the screen goes blank. I am able to go backward and try again but the same issue happens. This is obviously not an accidental technical issue but an intentional scam. May the IRS take your company and CEO down for scamming people. That’s absolutely repulsive that you would do that. I’m waiting to hear back from technical support now so they can manually remove it but Im most likely just going to go to an in person tax expert if I don’t hear back within a certain time frame. Please do not do your taxes with turbo tax or any program/system this company has. They’re taking advantage of people..Version: 8.6.1

Feel like I got scammedI kinda got the same problem as many people this year. Most years it’s been pretty simple but this time was the most stressful I’ve ever had. It talked about some retirement thing I needed to process but I needed to buy the deluxe to do it. It said it was only $49 so I didn’t mind. It said I’d be getting a little over $2000 back but after 5 straight hours of complete stress I finally got to the end and it said I had to pay the app some $130 for deluxe and I’d be getting $1300 back after all the “fees”. I am still extremely confused about this but I just wanted it to be over so I went ahead and filed. Not much has changed with my income/life this year but the filing process was 10X more stressful and confusing. I’ve never had to pay to file my taxes before but this time there was no way around paying $130??? And I’m really not sure where the other $500+ went; kinda just disappeared into the app. I definitely don’t think I want to file on this app ever again and would definitely recommend people not to use it..Version: 8.6

A worse value every yearThis is my 3rd year using TurboTax and I get gouged and worse service every year. The ads say that it’s free in most cases. The first year I needed to pay $40 for the standard deduction... ugh fine. The second year I was charged $40 for the standard deduction and $40 to file state taxes; really?!? Whatever at least if you pay $40 more they will just pay you out when it was accepted by the IRS and you can at least have your money quickly. This year $120 and the IRS paid me but Intuit hasn’t yet so I paid $40 to delay my refund essentially. I guess my main question is, “who are these most people who get theirs free?” I have an extremely modest income and my only deduction is student loans. That is $80 right there since it’s $40 for state taxes. How many people could possibly have no deductions or state taxes? I doubt the majority. I tried to get info or voice my displeasure but the live chat doesn’t ever work for me and calling on the phone just tells me to call the IRS... but they already paid me! So where is the support so I can get information on why I haven’t gotten it yet? This will be the last year and I’m calling all my friends that I actually recommended this app to and telling them about this!.Version: 6.2.2

This is a jokeI used turbo tax all the time when I was younger, it used to cost very little or nothing at all. Now even what’s advertised isn’t what you pay, you click no to all the premiums and extras and still end up paying $150 to file? That’s happened to me two years in a row, the biggest and last reason I will never use turbo tax again came this year. I was out of work due to Covid-19 like so many others, unemployment is backed up, my personal life feel apart, and I was broke as can be. I was checking the IRS website daily hoping for an update on my stimulus check so I could like keep my lights on. Every time I get the message about information not available and just assumed they hadn’t processed my return yet. A month, an entire month goes by, and I check and still haven’t gotten it, and still getting the same message on the website. I thought I should check my turbo tax again, I had received emails from turbo tax just about they’re standard spam mail. I never once received anything personal, signed into my turbo tax only to see that my tax returns had been rejected. I waited a month for nothing with no notice or anything like that. I will only use an in person CPA from now one, this website is a joke. There’s a reason there’s a viral video of a 13 year old working for them..Version: 6.6

TurboTax is a joke nowFiled my taxes for 2017 and it went great. No issues, good customer service. Filed for 2018 and it erroneously told me I owed $1591 to NYS and only got $945 for my federal refund. I made $40,000, claimed zero, I’m 21 and single. Spent an entire hour with one of your customer service representatives in “smartlook,” while she tried to guide me through the app to explain why I owed. I told her I’ve looked through the app and it doesn’t give an explanation. After 45 minutes I asked for a supervisor, or a manager. She said she could only type to her “team leader.” She then proceeded to google “why would someone owe money to NYS,” and read various generic possibilities from a forum on GOOGLE. I spent 50 minutes to get an “expert opinion” from someone sitting in there house with zero information, zero training, and zero ability to admit their inability to answer my question. This service is a joke. Then when I tried to get advice from a “tax advisor,” you guys asked for $120. This is not how you run a business. First I wait for 20 minutes to speak to someone who might as well be my neighbor who delivers pizzas. I want a discount or some type of service. You guys wasted an hour of my life that I could’ve spent making money. You obviously don’t stand behind your customers..Version: 5.6

Turbo Tax Live’s “experts” barely understand tax law.I have used Turbo Tax for years and so this year they were asking questions about if we owned Traditional and or Roth IRA’s. My husband and I each have both so we responded yes. We were trying to find information on the web platform about whether this pertained to workplace sponsored IRA’s or just individually held IRA’s such as our ROTH’s. There was no information available so we decided to upgrade and pay more money to Turbo Tax Live and use one of their “Tax Experts”. We asked the man our question and at first he said that we should not report our work place funded contributions and then he needed to look through the questions the program was asking as if he has never seen this program before and the changes his answer to yes we do need to report these employer sponsored contributions. This caused my husband to have an over contribution according to the Turbo Tax software. So we had to call our financial planner and ask to withdraw funds in which case she informed us that we did not have an over contribution and that the information from the Turbo Tax “expert” was completely incorrect. So now we are going to have to file an amendment on our taxes and incite more expenses because of Turbo Tax’s “expert” that gave us incorrect advise. I will not be using Turbo Tax in the future..Version: 8.6

Never using TurboTax again!!!If I could give zero stars, I would! I finished my return and when I went to e-file, and it told me that it could tell that I used a different account to file last year. Which is completely accurate. My ex-husband and I used his account to file during our marriage. It then told me that in order to verify that it was indeed me trying to file my taxes, it prompted me to log out and log into the account that was used to file last year’s taxes, so that they could verify last year’s AGI. I was then forced to contact my ex-husband to get the log in information. I logged into the account the account and then back into my account, but it still said that it had to verify my AGI. Why can’t I just input it myself?!?!? I looked in the helpline, but nothing was even remotely helpful. I then resorted to calling customer service where I was informed I would be automatically upgraded and charged FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS for trying to get help!!! I then changed my filing method to file by mail where it took me to a screen that only had a link to change it back to e-file. I still have not been able to file my taxes...four days later..Version: 4.2.2

Frauds.I honestly don’t understand what happened... I used this app last year and it was FREE. As it’s advertised EVERYWHERE. The only reason I even chose to use it, to be completely honest. But this year I HAD NO CHOICE. I chose the free option, but was then forced to upgrade the plan. If not I wouldn’t be able to file my taxes. The only reason I didn’t go anywhere else was because I didn’t feel like going all the way to H & R Block. So you got lucky TurboTax, my laziness just got you guys $155. Next year I’ll definitely be taking my business elsewhere. I’ll also make sure to express my opinion on this app to all I know. I work in a place where we handle people’s finances (to an extent) and they’re constantly asking us advice. I’ve recently had people ask me where I think they should do their taxes. Well thanks to this experience I definitely know where to tell them NOT TO GO. Another company, that seemed like it cared about its consumer, switching up because they’re rather rob their customer to get more money in their greedy pockets..Version: 6.3.1

Does taxes ok, but needs workI like doing my own taxes, and I like that I can do it on my phone. But there are more than a few issues on my iPhone 13 pro max. 1) All of my imports of tax forms failed. All of them. 2) So I had to switch out of the app and look at a photo/pdf. If I was out of the TurboTax app for more than a minute, TurboTax would take me back to the opening screen, like I had closed the app. 3) Cutting and pasting numbers from photos frequently failed, especially if there is as ‘$’ in the number? 4) I must have been nagged to upgrade from the deluxe version at LEAST 10 times. 5) I paid my federal taxes with my credit card, and was charged a fee twice by Value Payment System (both still pending, so hopefully one drops off). 6) unbeknownst to me Value Payment systems has a very bad reputation with the BBB. Why would TurboTax choose such a company to process payments for their customers credit cards?.Version: 8.6.1

Functions often do not workI’m quite honestly now scrambling to get my tax returns done in a timely manner since there has been so many delays using TurboTax. In theory, it seemed like a great tool, however I have encountered many errors in some of the functions which seem to not work unexpectedly. For example, at some point last week i attempted to download my crypto information from the exchanges, however the TurboTax app said this feature was not working until April 6th for some reason. I have returned since to finish this process, but yet again the crypto downloading feature says “something unexpected happened and we can’t connect” and tells me to return in a few hours. I don’t have time to only be able to make small steps of progress every few hours. I’d like to be able to get my taxes done in a single sitting. I’ve now had to drag this out for weeks and is adding unnecessary stress. I may finish filing my taxes with TurboTax (if it lets me), just because of how much time I’ve invested in putting in my info, but I do not plan to ever use this again or recommend it to anyone..Version: 8.6.1

Switched To H&R Block, it’s actually FREE! 👏🏻The fact that TurboTax has to put so much fine print in order to scheme you out of more money is nauseating. Either just let people choose to cancel the Deluxe/Pro/etc. instead of making them delete and restart completely... just so they don’t have to pay the ridiculous fees, that suddenly double at checkout. I have the most basic taxes imaginable, just wanted to include my student loan taxes. In order to do this I needed to pay a $40 fee to upgrade to Deluxe. Ok, done. Now, after finishing all my filing.. I’m told it’s not only $40, but an extra $40 for state filing as well, you know.. the thing that was free an hour ago. So in order to get the less than $100 refund from my student loan taxes, I would have to pay $80 of it back to TurboTax. Absolute joke. After switching to H&R Block (since I would have to completely redo my taxes with TT anyways), I got the exact same refund I would’ve gotten from TT, minus $80... literally scamming people and making it look like they’re giving you more money. Used to be a helpful site, now it’s garbage. USE H&R BLOCK, ITS ACTUALLY FREE 🤙🏻.Version: 6.2.2

Demanding a refund!Had so many bugs not fixed on tax day. I had used it months earlier to get an idea of what my refund would be but when I found out I would owe money I decided to wait until I had the money before filling. On tax day it said I owed $0 and refund was $0. I got all the way to the end and it said I was ineligible to digitally file my Federal and would have to print it off and mail it to the IRS instead!?? Every time you clicked the link to print the federal the app cycled you through the last 2 or 3 pages. I was unable to file AFTER I already paid $107 to TurboTax! I didn’t have time so I started over with the H&R app instead, was easy accurate and not glitchy as heck. I called my bank immediately to try and cancel the payment but was told because I couldn’t go to my bank that same day I’d have to work with TurboTax to get my money back. I’ve been trying to research how to get my money back while I wait till Monday when their call hours are. From what I’ve read you can’t get your money back from TurboTax after it’s already been paid. I’ll be demanding TurboTax repay me the $107 I paid to file. Wish me luck and never use TurboTax; it’s honestly easier to do it by hand..Version: 4.7.1

Constantly Spams you to upgradeThe app will constantly spam you to upgrade or purchase some other service. By the time I was just completing my taxes it said i must upgrade to deluxe version which cost 60$ more. So i clicked on that but decided to just remove the part that was required for the deluxe version. But guess what, there’s no way to go back to the free version once even if you fix the issue!! They instead ask you to restart your entire form from the beginning if you wish to go back to the free version. Which of course is totally unreasonable considering I’ve been working on the form for hours! How come then I shouldn’t have to restart the entire form to upgrade to the deluxe version if I needed that?!? They make it very easy to spend more money and very difficult to go back if you accidentally click on one of these “upgrades”. Theres no way to email them or ask for a refund either you have to wait on the phone for 2 and half hours to get a hold of an agent. This service tries to nickel and dime you at every chance!.Version: 6.8.1

Accuracy not guaranteedI had used turbo tax to file my 2018 tax and was going to do the same this year. But I got the tax audits ny state that I owe 90 dollars with 9 dollars been fees. So I contacted turbo tax and submit all documents they require. Was told they will pay the fees if is their fault. Which I can understand. But I was denied even that. Because they said I enter category for Line 14 wrong. I paid over 200 for the self employed version with online help and free reviews. My wife works for the city but we do not live in the city. So we have to file 1127 and I was on the phone 3 separate times for more than 3 hours tries to get help on that when I file. And she have few things need to file on line 14 because of her job. To be honest I don’t know which category all of them belong to. I think turbo tax is expected me to know more than their tax expert for denying the fee. Because their expert can’t even help me for a few times. I am going to compare tax act to see if they r any good so I might switch..Version: 7.3.4

BEWARE of Deduct TurboTax Fee from RefundTurbo Tax does not transparently disclose the fact that when you select to deduct their fee from your refund in lieu of paying with a credit card your refund will be handled by a 3rd party (in my case Santa Barbara Tax Products Group). I received an unsolicited email from this 3rd party requiring personal information (social security number, and tax refund amount to log in, and images of my driver license) with a threat of withholding my refund if I didn’t comply within 5 days. I’m sure Turbo Tax is required to disclose this and does so buried in a web link to some fine print legal document, but they do not disclose this in a transparent upfront way that I would expect from a company like Intuit or a product like Turbo Tax. When I contacted the Turbo Tax help line and expressed my desire to pay with a credit card and not involve a third party they were unwilling or unable to intervene and advised me to deal with Santa Barbara on my own. This lack of upfront transparency is shocking when dealing with financial matters and as such i will seek other tax preparation services in the future..Version: 5.6

Price is very misleadingI’ve used turbo tax for years and didn’t have issues. Always used their free version. This year I had to file for 2 states. One of their questions was confusing and I had to call and ask. To ask a question, they have you upgrade your version. It said it was about $40 to upgrade. I wasn’t super pleased having to pay $40 for a question, but figured I’ve had my taxes done for free for a few years now so not a huge deal. The person I was talking to didn’t know the answer and had to look it up, and then gave me the wrong answer. Then, when I finished my taxes, I saw the price is not just $40 altogether - the price is $40 for federal, and $40 for each state. That turns what was represented as just $40 to $120! And I can’t file without paying it. $120 to ask a question? That wasn’t even answered correctly?? And now that I’ve waited to file, the price went up. I got an email that I can get 25% off, but when I go to the app I can’t use it. Now I noticed in the fine print, some discounts you can’t use in the mobile app. I don’t even have a computer. Honestly this is very disappointing. I’ve recommended TurboTax to many people and now I don’t even think I’ll use this anymore. Pretty ridiculous..Version: 5.5

Credit karma does not work!There is no way of reporting login problems to credit karma. I have the Turbo app the TurboTax app I have the password and everything for credit karma I paid extra TurboTax max and now I can’t access Credit karma when it sends me alerts it won’t let me login! The most it will tell me is that I need a different browser what’s wrong with Safari when the browser is Google! And why wasn’t I told any of this before I shelled out $150 extra when I did my tax! This is fraud when you don’t let me into the website after you let me set up an account! I am so disappointed with TurboTax! After I sent this review I tried the credit karma logs and I discovered I am not alone and being dissatisfied with TurboTax. I’ve used TurboTax for many years now and been very pleased with its monitoring of my credit and willing to pay the extra money for it because it was reliable and allowed me to use the safety of the SafariBrowser. This Will be the last year I use TurboTax or recommend it unless this problem with credit karma is fixed! I do not want to be sold anything by this credit karma site and now that it doesn’t let me login I can’t even monitor what I have! I am an old lady and I feel as if I have been cheated by TurboTax.Version: 7.5.2

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