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My Spectrum App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

My Spectrum app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using My Spectrum? Can you share your negative thoughts about my spectrum?

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My Spectrum for Negative User Reviews

Hot spotsCan’t login on the ‘cable wifi’ when we aren’t home. No one can help despite calls or stopping in at store ☹️.Version: 5.1

Frustrated 😡😡😡😡 WORST COMPANY EVER!Worst decision to move over to Spectrum. If you are thinking about moving Mobil service to Spectrum DO NOT DO IT!! I’ve had a new iPhone 13 for going on three months and Spectrum can not “activate” my phone after they were the ones that shipped me the wrong phone. I’ve spoke to representative after representative and NO ONE can help. They blame it on their system…. and I can never speak to a Supervisor or manager. Just these poor clueless reps that can help and have to read through all my notes. But I tell you what, they sure want their payment every month! Can you believe that… they won’t even credit me for the months that I’m paying for a phone that THEY can not turn on!! WTH! WORST MISTAKE EVER! Oh and if you ask: why don’t I just return the phone: because they are threatening me to have to pay for ALL the phones up front to get out of this contract! WORST MISTAKE EVER!.Version: 10.7

TerribleNot iPad friendly, won’t let me pay my bill online. Always something wrong with Spectrum. Avoid them. Then again it seems like all internet/cable companies are equally bad..Version: 7.0

UnreliableI’ve been a TWC/Spectrum customer for 4 years and it’s a rocky relationship to say the least. Most of their customer service has shifted from talking on the phone to a representative to chats via the Spectrum website or via this app. The automation is trash and this app is not useful besides basic problems. I was finally able to speak to a person by scheduling a call back 3 hours later. The first issue I had was my router constantly having to be reset. After getting advice that I should just do it daily by an actual rep. I had to escalate the ticket and needed to demand a new router. (Turns our my router was indeed faulty) The second issue was being unable to schedule a pause on my children’s devices. The end result is that there is no way to schedule a pause over night. Example: 10pm-7am. Seriously?! I was assured that this issue will be brought up and a change “may come”. Surely I can’t be the only one frustrated by some bug with the app..Version: 8.8

Missing menu option!Since this update I can no longer see the “Account” option in the bottom menu bar!.Version: 10.17

No way this app has such a high rating.Terrible app for a terrible company. Ever since it was updated it has been one of the least functional app in existence. Spectrum itself always had poor service but at least the app used to work. I could log on using my Face ID in order to pay my bill. Now none of that is saved and when I try to log into the app it just takes me to their web page, where nothing is saved for quick access. I have spent the last 15 minutes trying to log into my account and can’t even recover my password. What is the purpose of the app if I have to log in through a web browser? Why won’t it allow me to log in and save my info anymore? These high ratings are either bought, fake bot accounts, or Spectrum users are just a bunch of mouth breathers that have no idea how an app is supposed to work..Version: 9.11

Outdated/Not User IntuitiveI don’t know where to start. The app needs to be more user intuitive. If there’s an outage, there’s no way to check, without going to the website, but easiest if I go to my web browser and do a search. The same goes if my particular account is affected. You cannot do anything or get any information from the app, in a world where every consumer manages their life through an app. Additionally, internet service is not great. I pay for the upgraded, higher tier, for internet service and I still have issues with all my streaming devices. Again, in a world where everything is streamed and connected. If Spectrum invested as much money in their apps, user-interface/experience, and infrastructure, as they spend in media trying to get customers to upgrade to their other offerings, I might actually give them more than one star. I cannot tell you how much crap I throw away coming in the mail, emails, etc. It’s wasteful and a waste of money, harmful to the environment..Version: 8.17.0

Lol no one actually gives spectrum 5 starsI’ve never heard anyone praise spectrum in their lives, so this app having 5 stars is obviously fake. Every single time I use this app, it forgets my log in, it fails to use face recognition sign in every single time, it resets things if you have to look somewhere else for info. It had to have been designed by an idiot. Since it forgets your log in, I have to have it reset my password monthly every single time I have to pay a bill, so it takes like 30 minutes to pay this overpriced internet bill. It’s even worse if there’s an outage or they cut you off, you know what’s funny, Spectrum? You need internet to view this app to pay the bill or check on what the issue is. With your awful service going on and off all night there’s no way to check the app!!! Foolish and I think you know it is too. Bad app. But we have no choice but to use this..Version: 10.2.0

Updates too often, let me use the last updateI use the app pretty much once a month when I need to pay my bill. The annoying thing is, I have to Update the app every time before I can pay my bill. I appreciate that you want to keep the app current, but if I’m out of wifi range and have bad cell service, I don’t want to spend the time waiting for the update to load just to pay my bill. I know, you’ll say ‘sign up for auto pay and I wouldn’t have to’. Nope, my rate would sky rocket unchecked if I did that. Other apps let me use the ‘old’ version, I just don’t have access to new features. There isn’t that much change in the app every month that you couldn't allow me to use the ‘old’ version. Another annoyance is the app doesn’t save my previous payment method. Every other payment app I use saves my payment method. I WILL NOT sign up for auto payment, so make it easier to make a monthly payment manually..Version: 9.9.1

FIX YOUR INTERNET, CHARTER SPECTRUM!!GET THE INTERNET FIXED IN SOUTHERN MIDDLE TN NOW! I’m so sick of having the internet go in and out all the time lately. It’s become so unreliable:( I pay a fortune for your TV & Internet monthly. I don’t know what’s going on with your company for the past several months now, but you’d better get it straightened out fast. The TV portion is working right now but there have been issues with certain channels being heavily pixelated & freezing up at times to where you can’t even finish watching your show. It’s frustrating. But the internet is NOT currently working. I’m sick of paying you monthly for the full overpriced amount that I’m billed as it is, but this makes it ridiculous. You should credit people’s account & make our bills less when there’s so many issues with your service. I’ve thought about changing jobs to where I could work from home due to health issues & convenience. But that would require a reliable internet connection at home & sadly I can’t depend on you, so that limits what I can do job wise. I’ve been a loyal customer for years, but I’m thinking of taking my business elsewhere..Version: 6.2

Lied to multiple times , app doesn’t workI was told I was going to keep my internet speed and get cable for 5 dollars more because I was on an old plan with brighthouse, in addition there would be no installation fee, once they installed cable, I was downgraded on my internet’s speed from 200 to 50mbs, also I was charged for installation, I requested them to just please put me back on my old plan, I was told they no longer offered that speed since it was Brighthouse. Yet I had it 20 minutes before. After getting the run around and speaking to a supervisor, he assured me that I would get my speed and be given it at the reduced rate I was on prior. It never happen, I called again and was told they could up grade my speed to the max speed offered in my area but there was a 200 dollar installation fee. I wish there were other options for internet in area but sadly this monopoly has bought out every cable company So they do as they please. With disregard for the customer. If I had other options besides dsl I would gladly pay double, just to not deal with these thieves. Oh and this app doesn’t work it’s on “authenticating” screen, apparently it’s he only screen within the app because I’m still “authenticating” ..Version: 5.0

Help! MLB Ch 90 is not “available” tonight as a pre-season game began at 8 pm. Why?Why is the MLB Channel not working, not available tonight on the last night of the baseball pre-season exhibition games are played? Games were scheduled. Now, tonight, there is a fresh block on the channel. We have waited all day to see a game. We are once more disappointed in Spectrum’s service - or lack of it. We have been loyal to cable in Lexington, KY since the beginning. Pricing has escalated and is far too expensive. The Internet Speed is not near what we pay for. It is highly stressful during COVID to have to deal with another breakdown and disappointment in expected service. What can a customer do? Cable news and rerun movies are wearing us down as time goes by. We, like many, want to see sports again. Live All-American Sports! Let’s get this right for the health and well-being of our Country and all!.Version: 8.13

Internet problemI lost my Internet this past week and I had to call spectrum seven times the second time I called I asked for a technician to come out because they could not fix it over the phone. They ignored my request. Finally the third call they said they could get a technician out but it would be a few days before they could. That was unacceptable because I needed the Internet for an important matter. They finally called me and got me a an appointment for the next day but when I called back the automation system said my appointment was still for a couple days later. When I asked to speak to the dispatch about the appointment they said they could not transfer me that no one calls dispatch. I finally resorted to a computer guru in my neighborhood. This man came over and fixed my problem within five minutes. What is wrong with spectrum? They have a lot of people there who don’t know how to fix a problem that a 70-year-old man was able to fix in five minutes. When it was Brighthouse service was 100% better..Version: 7.6.0

Spectrum does not careI have been a Spectrum user for over a evade and they do not show any care in people using their service. I have made payments consistently every month but for some reason 11/17's payment disappears. They sent no notice until one day they robo called me to inform me of late payment and they would discontinue my service. Their accounting is deplorable. Customer service doesn't help. Went up the chain of command as far as they would let me go. I demanded to go higher and was rebuffed continually. I have two kids with autism that have a routine of watching online programming every day. Yet when the service gets interrupted because Spectrum decided to disconnect the signal my wife and I have to calm our kids which is not easy due to their condition. I have had accounting issues in the past where they made error and we fixed them. However even though we have a receipt stating that payment was made they will not honor that. I was told that a receipt is not proof of payment. Funny.... Every store that I make a purchase provides a receipt. They are bound by that receipt. But not Spectrum. Spectrum is a fraud. The Attorney General for my state had been informed..Version: 6.4

Lied to by agentWhen we signed up for spectrum we were told by the agent that our bill would be 127 per month and would not increase. When asked if this was a promotional option with a time limit, we were told no, and that our bill would not increase. One year later, our monthly bill increased to 145 per month. Additionally, we paid for Cinamax as part of our package. Spectrum stated that cinamax would no longer be part of our package and if we wanted the service, we would have to add it for an additional cost. So when signing up for spectrum service, we were promised one thing and a year later they increased our bill and removed services from us. This is poor business practice. When speaking to a manager/supervisor, we were basically told that there is nothing that can be done and we would receive a 20 dollar credit. In a time in which Netflix and Disney + are better than cable, this is a bad game to play with customers. I’d rather purchase cheaper internet service from a different company than continue playing these games with cable service providers. If you are contemplating getting spectrum, beware because the agent may lie to get you to sign up and then the company will go back on its word and charge you additional fees. When bringing this to the attention of their supervisory staff, we were told sorry for the inconvenience, but there’s nothing we can do. Shame on this company.Version: 7.9

Cash Grabs and poor qualityI’ll try to be quick to save you time for being on the phone with Spectrum support. I’ve only been using spectrum since September of 2020 it’s now April 2021. I am a full time student, I don’t have tv, I live by myself, needless to say I don’t ask to much of my internet, I only use it for class work and my phone. Despite this, having only been using this provider for a few months and I have already had to call half a dozen times for them to fix my router!!!! Every time it takes at least an hour to see any improvement or change. That alone is frustrating and should be more than enough to reconsider using this provider, not even considering yet that your gonna have to deal with spectrum calling you over and over and over and over again trying to upsell you, even after you’ve said no and to be taken off their call lists, don’t do, let’s make better decisions.Version: 9.5

Frustrated new mobile customerI am extremely frustrated with this company I wanted to switch my mobile service to them and the first step is you have to have another service with with. I do have a home in wi and IL. I have their service at my home residence so I make the call to make the switch on line but couldn’t complete as they wouldn’t allow changing the address to where the phone would be shipped. So I explain this to the customer service person who took over making the order to ship the phone. I asked for confirmation that the correct address to ship was on the order and they confirmed yes. So I make payment to process the order forward. We complete the call. I get email confirmation that the phone is being shipped to my address in WISCONSIN not Illinois as requested. So I call to see if it can be corrected they state no as you made payment. I am quarantined in IL. My phone will be sent to WI and there is no one there to sign for it. I called again to see if they can instruct FedX to send to Illinois not possible. Please revisit this order conversation and tell me what could I have done differently to not be here 🤬.Version: 8.5.0

Very frustrating...This app is convenient in that you can check your total bill amount and when it is due. However, I have been unable to make a payment through the app since downloading it. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem. When I press the option to “make a payment” on the initial opening screen, it brings me to a second page that doesn’t allow me to choose the payment amount, date, or payment option. Therefore I’m left having to call and use the automated recording. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely not fast or optimal. I don’t like the autopay option. I rather be able to pick when I make payments (I can maintain bills better that way). I really would just love to be able to pay through the app without having to call and go through a bunch of prompts before actually completing the process..Version: 7.6.0

I’ve been having ongoing problems for years!It’s very hard to avoid a few major issues such as removing old profiles including user names & passwords. It’s hit or miss when signing in because of the confusion pertaining to deleting old and unused accounts from My AT&T app. I’m going to have to go into the AT&T Store in my town and pray that there isn’t a long wait for a customer service representative. All I need is a quick fix which is probably going to take 5-10 minutes for the agent to resolve. I may have to change my review after I go to AT&T and rate my experience with them today. Hopefully I’ll get rid of all the confusion related to old and unused profiles on my AT&T personal accounts for cable and wifi services and another account for my wireless subscription for my iPhone…..Version: 9.15

Can’t even watch a show!I got Sling do you watch specific channels. At first it worked OK, at least during the trial. Within two months, streaming is failure, it doesn’t respond to commands. Every channel on sling jumps back five or 10 minutes several times an hour, showing the same commercials and starting back at part of the show I watched 10 minutes ago! This happens every time every channel at least 3 to 6 times in an hour show, fast forward doesn’t work or only works once, then no controls don’t work at all, not even to ask it does show!! Understand this, I already watched that batch of ads and beginning of show segment and your app jumps five minutes backwards or 10 minutes backwards making me watch same thing over again, several times an hour!! I tried everything, turned off do you, reset modem, changed electric outlet, changed to different streaming service and back. Interesting, no interruptions or jumping backwards to see same stuff happens on other apps. If this is not fixed I will cancel! Yes quite angry because I’m paying for a service you’re not giving me!! And don’t thank me for feedback, just fix the app or give me a refund!.Version: 9.22

UselessEvery time my internet goes out I open the app to report the outage. Of course I have to use my cellular data. Inevitably it insists on me updating the app (more data wasted). Every GD time. How many updates do you do?! It doesn’t help because the chat is useless. Troubleshooting is a joke: Unplug it and plug it back in. There’s no human on the chat. It’s a bot. If you ask for an agent it just tells you it can answer most questions without an agent. Lies. Unless the answer to your question is unplug it and plug it back in, it does not have the answer. Useless..Version: 9.9.1

BadThe app doesn’t work.Version: 8.8

Check your bank accountI usually pay my bill through the time warner app. It switched automatically to the spectrum app now. Paid with my saved bank card which transferred over. Got an alert to check the card number; invalid number. It was correct but wouldn’t work so I added a new payment type; my checking account. $150 Payment went through immediately. No issues. Two days later I have two separate charges from spectrum for $150 each. Called customer service and apparently the card error I got in the app didn’t register on their end. They got the first attempt at a payment even though the app said my card was incorrect!! Do they refund it? They can, but it’s almost 2 weeks to get it back! That was all the money I had budgeted for groceries for me and my children for 2 weeks. Thank you spectrum for taking the food from my kids mouths. Your app error is inexcusable. Your refund policies are ridiculous..Version: 7.0

Forced and failed updateThe app is poorly designed. When an update is push you are forced to update right now. That is poorly elementary level IT personnel writing that. This current update will not complete. It downloads then when I try to go in it downloads again. Hopefully this will be corrected soon. I will not be paying my bill until it is. Much history of poor service from charter. Including noise from house. Tech disconnected all wiring from spectrum installed amplifier and left. Took a few months to get the billing corrected. Will never go back to TV services due to that. Will go back with competitor for internet if this is not corrected. I refuse to be the customer having to bend over for a service I pay for. Hire competent people. Place a policy that updates are optional for the first week released..Version: 9.24

Don’t even call them to ask about the mobile service!I did that and before I knew it, Ithdy sent me a phone and They refused to take it back. They finally said I could return it to the spectrum store but they would not take it back either. They have billed me at least 4 times even though I told them I was with Sprint and didn’t know if I could get out of that service. I haven’t been Able to f/u with it but you can bet I will. They are Liars and thiefs!!!! I would give them an even lower score if I could. I was taking care of my 94 yo mother when this happened. and she has now died ! I haven’t even opened the box, in fact I don’t even know what model it is . the SIM card is not installed and yet they won’t let me return it and have charged me all this money. The guy I spoke to knew I wasn’t buying it and he even said well , if you do want it, don’t buy it from the store, call back and buy it from me! I am giving you fair warning, stay as far away from Spectrum mobile as possible! DON’T EVEN CALL THEM ! If they lie and cheat sending and charging you for a phone you didn’t want them no telling what they will do in the future ! !.Version: 8.19

Horrible QualityI write this review knowing that in the area I live there is actually zero competition to spectrum. They constantly update this application and add in some random fix that no one asked for. Please Spectrum, I use you all as my only means to watch sports. All of my friends who also have Spectrum, due to the there being no other company in the area, also use this application as their primary application to watch sports. The quality is HORRIBLE, it never fails to drop to 240p right when the Quarterback snaps the ball. I’ll give them credit, hence the two-star, it does jump up to 1080p every once and a blue moon. It will hold at that quality for about all of thirty seconds then it dissipates right back to 240p, leaving me to do nothing but count the pixels on the screen as my entertainment. I would have dropped this useless company by now if there was some sort of competition in my area. A joke, is what Charter Spectrum is..Version: 9.0.0

SPECTRUM I AM APPALLED!My sister had her AP exams today and the WiFi cut off by itself, this hasn’t only happened once! I am appalled on how spectrums “5g” and “2g” WiFi is, I mean it should be running faster and we shouldn’t have to restart the router everytime it decides to not work for an hour, after an hour just incase we wait for the light to turn back on like yea maybe there will be some technical difficulties since were all on quarantine and everything but, this has happened before quarantine and now during. Now my sister will have to report the issue and RETAKE the AP exam she had finished and was waiting to turn in! This is total BS and I’m thinking should I have even switched to spectrum for all these WiFi cut outs, this is the worst. And yes I’m aware this is mostly about the app and the charges to your account but overall think if you really wanna have the WiFi blackouts and constant restarting the WiFi box!.Version: 8.8

Negative 5 Star Rating 👎WARNING: Don’t use this app, it’s a DISASTER! I had trouble with the website so I logged into the app to pay my bill. I attempted to make a $40 payment with my debit card. I selected the option “pay other amount” and fully excepted to have the options to choose the amount of the payment, the payment date, and the payment method (as I do with ALL of my other apps). Unfortunately, after I selected the "choose other amount option" an ad popped up asking if I liked the app. Annoyed by the interruption, I clicked no. Then I received a receipt for a payment of $103 to a credit card I stopped using months ago!! I searched the app for an option to edit or cancel the payment but found none. I searched for an option to change my payment method and to delete the credit card but found none. I called Spectrum and 1.5 hours later after speaking to 4 different representatives, I was told that there is nothing that Spectrum can do. I was advised to call my bank to stop the payment (in my own time, dime, and energy). Furthermore, representatives were rude and didn't seem to care about my concerns at all. Because of that experience and the slow and intermittent WiFi, I will probably cancel my account!! 🙃 My rating is negative 5 stars! 👎.Version: 7.6.0

DisappointedWell I’ve been with AT&T for about 30 years and I got tired of them. So I looked it up and spectrum was recommended. We called spectrum and they send us our self set up deal. Then they had to come out and put in a cable line so they did that. Well we have the same amount of buffing going on. Wi-Fi is slow as heck. I’ll be watching a everything on my Roko. Instead of getting cable which I love so much better. The only problem is in the middle of the shows the cable loses connection takes me back to the TV saying there’s no signal. On my phone it does not help speed anything up feeding it slows it down. To update my phone takes forever because of this slow Wi-Fi. So I was thinking maybe spectrum would be different. At least I’m not spending as much money as I was with AT&T for the same kind of connection..Version: 10.1.0

Lack of Device ManagementThere’s a photo of device management, but there is none on this app. I really need it, so I can limit my kids’ WiFi access and schedule when they’re allowed access. I tell them to be done by 9p for bed, yet one of them continues to go past that and changing the WiFi password doesn’t work because my kid uses an Ethernet cable and somehow doesn’t need the right password. I will resort to unplugging the cable tonight, but he’s likely to just plug it back in. I’ve had problems where I can’t edit the WiFi password on the app, so I’m unable to change it back. And another kid doesn’t do her chores like I’ve said to. I’d really like to manage their devices without directly confronting them every time and confiscating their devices or computer. It’s tiring having to repeat my stance and reasons every time. Back before having the computer with an ethernet cable, the kids wouldn’t put up much of a fight when I used to be able to manage their devices on the IP address, but that IP address is gone now..Version: 8.17.0

Duplicate PaymentI couldn’t remember whether I made a payment for the month. I checked the app to see if I had a balance. It showed that I did I had a billing amount. Subsequently, I made a payment. When I discovered I made two payments for the same billing period I contacted spectrum as my bank cannot stop a pending transaction. Spectrum, rather the csr Stephanie K. stated that they could not stop a pending transaction too. I asked if I could receive a refund check, because I do not like vendors holding my money for a credit that seems to disappear at times. The CSR said that they had spoken with their supervisor just yesterday about the issue and the supervisor had said it was not the policy of Spectrum to issue checks, rather they issue a credit or debit card. I said I would like to speak with the supervisor. Stephanie said she had spoken with her supervisor and that that person was not going to provide a different answer. Then she lapsed into how Spectrum pays its employees in card form. It was amazing how we went from talking about getting me a refund to her receiving paycheck via debit card! I am not impressed with the app, nor am I impressed with Spectrum’s CSRs..Version: 6.7

So far, I don’t like it!About 2 months ago, as I was going to check my bill status on MyTWC app, I was alerted to the new MySPECTRUM app. So I downloaded it and took a look and saw that everything looked okay, but there was something lacking; a way to check and edit my voicemail. So I continued to use the MyTWC app for that purpose. As a matter of fact, I used the MyTWC app about 3 days ago. Now today, I’m told that I have messages on my phone, so I go to check them from my app to clear it out because I know it’s mostly spam calls that are too stupid to recognize a voicemail system. But lo and behold the MyTWC app won’t login, it just keeps referring me to the MySPECTRUM app which still doesn’t allow me to access my voicemail. Other than checking my voicemail, bill amount or equipment status when I see a issue, the app is worthless to me. You can’t schedule or change the scheduled time of a repair, and I can’t check my voicemail without dialing into the system and punching in a bunch of numbers. The older MyTWC app was so much better! Either fix the new app so that it’s comparable, or allow people to continue using the older app. I kinda wanted to give it a 1 star because of what it can’t do, but decided to give it two stars because of what it can. Still got a long way to go to make up the difference..Version: 7.2.1

Updated doesn’t mean betterI agree with previous review 100%. Also with the TWC app, I was able to receive notifications on my iPhone of an incoming call on my home number pretty much in real time. It would show the name of the caller and time of call, (just as it shows up on ur TV, if you have turned on ur called ID in settings on ur remote). If there was a voicemail, there was notification would pop up as well. I’d tap on the notification on my iPhone, and it would take me directly to the TWC app and I could listen to the voicemail. I could even send that VM to my email if I wanted to keep it or forward to a family member so they could listen to it. Why is this not available? And my mobile service is thru AT&T, not Spectrum. So that is not an excuse. After the price jump on our bundle of services, and losing channels we had for years, that are no longer in our tier unless we pay extra, we are looking into “cutting the cord” and getting our services elsewhere. Spectrum there is a lot of competition out there, keep your customers happy. It costs you more money to get new customers vs maintaining the ones you have..Version: 7.3.1

Scam Artists!WARNING DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH SPECTRUM. Spectrum may have great internet for the price. But highly recommend that you go out of your way to find another company. Because hours of your life are worth more than a slight convenience. The customer service team is terrible, I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes of my life with the sales team, validating team, customer service team, and leadership team all together. I had to deal with someone else’s problem, which was the previous residents causing a block on the new address. All had ZERO power to compensate me with a discount. If you have ever done business with a company and had to wait long times for calls I would say spectrum is equivalent to going to the DMV at 11am on a weekday. Put your money where it deserves to be and get a provider that puts the CUSTOMER FIRST. Because you will be last as long as you stay with Spectrum..Version: 9.23

Forced update requiredI normally despise a forced required update. It brings to mind Windows. With that out or the way, this current app build is filled to the brim with problems. I attempted to notify Charter Communications support about them. I even notified their security team, both replied that the problem does not exist. I through my research found the app is leaking information through a previously known exploit. When I informed their security team of the bug, I used the standard CVE format, and apparently no one in their entire company knew what that was. The first person emailed me to specify what a CVE was, At first I tried to expound on the problem. A second email reply however was even stupider than the first. ‘We are unable to determine what this CVE acronym means, if you are unwilling to tell us what cve means then we will be unable to assist you’ I was floored. As Im sure the entire tech world is as well. I didnt bother attempting a second time. I simply copy pasted their response and came here to write this review in hope someone with a brain will be able to assist me and hopefully understand basic tech terms to patch their app..Version: 8.3

Frustrated with App and serviceMy router and modem were upgraded which gave me the option to control devices connected to our home network. Half the time, the app only displays a blank screen. I cannot get the devices to pull up. A few times, I have placed a device on pause, and cannot unpause the device because I cannot get the device list to display. I have tried calling customer service and get long wait times (almost 2 hours on a chat and no one EVER came on even though I was listed as #2 in line). I have deleted and reinstalled the app and that worked ONE time but has not worked since. Restarting the modem and router also does NOT correct the issue. I also tried turning off the WiFi on my phone, restarting my phone after closing all apps - neither of which solved the problem. All of a sudden I will open the app and devices will be displayed and the next time NOTHING..Version: 8.15.2

Spectrum InternetSo I got a coupon for package and the woman even agreed when I said is this your highest speed cuz I need for security system woman cx serv rep says yep ‘lies so now I need my Internet updated to the higher speed with no cost but if it’s there fault then they should have to send someone out and change routers to accommodate a customers security system!! It’s not convenient to go to the Store to change it cuz not every body has a car. I don’t. But I get rides although I’m fully disabled and would help me if they come out to my address and check all wires so I know my security system is set ! There should be an option on the website to be able to push button to upgrade at no extra cost and put your information done name and such . Address and then service man deliveres to you plus makes sure it’s all connected wires for the internet are all connected and in good spots for security system to work correctly . Thank you Your Customer , Rachel Sloan.Version: 9.8.1

Limited control...when it worksWhile the ability to schedule and pause devices from your mobile device is nice in principle, it doesn’t work nearly as well or with nearly as much flexibility as accessing your router using the old-fashioned Internet interface method. Then, occasionally you will not be able to see any of the devices on your home network in the app for hours at a time - and you will not be able to pause, unpause or schedule any of them, period. A real dilemma if you need to use them for, say, work or something! If they are paused, the only way you will be able to use them is to do a remote factory reset of your router, erasing all of your scheduling, network information and password. And then manually re-enter that stuff again and hope that the list re-populates. Or you can sit on hold waiting for help. Forever. But that’s another unrelated part of the Spectrum story. As for this app, beware. Badly designed controls, spotty usability..Version: 8.15

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