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Origami Live App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Origami Live app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Origami Live? Can you share your negative thoughts about origami live?

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Origami Live for Negative User Reviews

No support for fontsYou spend ages creating a prototype, get ready to share and then realise...No support for fonts!! There is no documentation to offer any guidance..Version: 86.0

Doesn't properly mirror Quartz ComposerThere are some issues with text layers an iterators not properly rendering in this app..Version: 1.0.1

No workyTried two demos. They do nothing. iPhone 5c latest iOS. One demo didn't even conform to my phone screen. They all launch frozen. Bummer. UPDATE: also tried connecting to my mac; current origami studio project doesn't show. hitting studio button says "connect" ... hmm... studio seems awesome, though. hope to see a fix!.Version: 2.0

Tab bar doesn’t work wellBuggy is fine, I’ll find another way and fix it. Transition not smooth is fine, at least it still work and I’ll reduce the complexity of my prototype. But I just don’t understand why the tab bar works terribly. Had to keep tapping it until it works. That is not ok at all. Tried it on a newer version of iPhone and it has a larger screen. When it’s not resized the tab bar works perfectly. Once it’s resized(the tab bar again is at the bottom of the screen), it doesn’t work anymore. Please fix it. Even though it’s buggy and slow (both this preview app and desktop app), I still think it’s one of the best prototyping tool. I really like that I can control the logic and make it like a real app. That makes it a great usability testing tool. Hope the team can put more effort on it and make it better for everyone :).Version: 2.6

Doesn’t support iOS 13Tried multiple times to display prototype on my XS MAX iOS 13, but it just failed to display the prototype model on the phone..Version: 2.8

ConfusedLike I don’t understand what this has to do with origami but okay.Version: 2.8

Always crashingCrashes all the time.Version: 1.0

Would be nice if it worksIt keeps crashing on startup on my iPhone 5 :(.Version: 1.0

BuggyNot sure what they fixed but I don’t see any improvement. Origami live is not only not showing the same thing I see in quartz, but switching between views is blinking while it’s not in Quartz Composer. Not usable outside simple single screen example so far..Version: 1.0.1

Not on phone5Demos not working on iphone5. All freeze on the first frame except the Instagram adjust..Version: 2.0

Live streamA week ago i could still do a livestream. But now i can't..Version: 1.1

Amazing but needs to be more reliableOrigami is an incredible tool that has so much potential. For the life of me though please make the preview app more reliable. I often find myself having to restart the app on my phone and on my mac multiple times before I get the prototype to actually show up on device..Version: 115.0

LiarsThis app is horrible there name is phony this app has literally nothing to do with oragami I come on here wanting to learn how to make paper boats hats and swans and find nothing of the sort I would not recommend this app for anyone.Version: 1.0.1

Cool, except it crashes every 2 secondsIt didn’t even stay open long enough to do any amount of prototyping..Version: 1.0

Iphone 7 plus not really supportedNot able to fully scale screen sizes like other prototyping tools. Need to be able to run iPhone 7 & 7 plus mockups at their respective resolutions. Blocker for serious use..Version: 2.0

Crashes instantlyMirroring instantly crashes on iPhone 6s plus.Version: 2.1

Good update but unstableHi Origami Team, The new version 3 or Origami Studio is beyond my expectations. However, Origami Live crashes instantly when trying to use the Viewfinder component. Would it be possible to fix this please? Thanks! :) P. Côté.Version: 73.0

Don't download thisThis is horrible.Version: 1.1

Mirroring only works for exportsCan't view a prototype on iOS while plugged into the computer. Have to export the prototype and look at it while not plugged in. Also, there is no way to let "return" on text fields end editing on that text field. Great concept. Too glitchy..Version: 2.1

Alpha-QualityCrashes frequently, layouts often haphazardly mis-layed-out, even with the packed-in samples. Needs quite a bit more work before it could be considered “Beta” much less release-worthy..Version: 2.0

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