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Amazon Alexa app received 126 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon alexa?

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Slow, doesn’t follow standard iOS App functionalityWhat a disappointment my Echo Dot has been. It routinely forgets my Hue lights and my Sensibo air conditioning controls, meaning I have to go into this clunky App to re-add them as devices. Would love to get rid of the Echo Dot but unfortunately there’s no Siri/HomeKit support for my air conditioning..Version: 2.2.264205.0

Pretty DumbDoesn’t work well. Ask it to turn on, asks which device and then ask to turn that particular device and says not supported.. still new tech but frustrating and I wouldn’t buy one..Version: 2.2.284971.0

What had happenedThe Alexa in general is starting to become very inadequate. The sad reality is it used to respond so much better with correct routine defined behaviors. Now each time you provide directions or request either don’t know that or goes into a topic that is entirely of track causing unnecessary frustration. Example good night master bedroom as programmed should turn off lights and turn on fans, in lieu after requests are made multiple times it states I don’t know that or goes into a internet query. I do recall voice recognition being a stated priority of improvement. What ever upgrades that have occurred are clearly failing and undermining this technology’s assumed benefits. I’ve made a huge investment as there is a Alexa device in just about every room in my house so I had faith in the product but now ready to remove and manage all implemented smart features manually. Please improve or revert voice recognition to last years success..Version: 2.2.315391.0

Japanese characters an ongoing issueAfter restarts a plenty, reinstalling the app and fiddling with settings I continue to have a huge amount of the app displaying in Japanese characters making it impossible to explore the functions of my new Echo. Very disappointed as this seems to be an issue which has been ongoing with the app and iOS users.Version: 2.2.282049.0

Language messed upApp is a joke now after the recent update claiming to bring in ability to talk to alexa on the app by pressing the alexa button. The language suddenly has changed to Japanese. It can't understand English and only responds back on Japanese. Please enable English (Australia) developers. Don't you do basic user testing before deploying a feature like this. So many others have posted the same issue and I am hoping someone takes notice and fixes this asap..Version: 2.2.216514.0

Amazing but she needs an updateI’ve had an Alexa since late August 2020 not too long. She’s been working perfectly sometimes messed up but not everything’s perfect. Ever since December when you say “Alexa i’m leaving” she’ll say “ Okay i’ll start guarding now.” now she works normal but when you come after 30 minutes and say “Alexa turn off guard” she continues to say “ okay turning on tv okay powering off tv.” constantly until you unplug her. Now it never did this before and to be honest if they have a feature working why can’t it stay working. I’m not sure if Google has that same ability but i’m thinking about switching to Google very soon if this continues. Yes I know technology is frustrating but it’s becoming every time I tell her to stop guarding. Me having to unplug and reset an Alexa every time when it should work normally shouldn’t be the case. Also when you whisper play rain sounds or something a lot of the time she’ll say on the loudest voice okay playing raining sounds. I don’t live alone and people are trying to sleep she should whisper when I whisper and that’s rarely. Again it’s a new issue and I use her for those 2 things other than a few minor questions here and there. But at this point she’s as good as nothing..Version: 2.2.389238.0

HATE THIS APP!! WORST APP I HAVE EVER USEDThere is absolutely nothing about this STUPID app that’s user friendly! And the best part is I’m only using it because the Alexa refuses to learn either of our voices! And I can’t change anything with my voice..,all I’m trying to do is listen to music...that’s it!! And I can’t even get that to happen! I’m so frustrated it’s a joke! I’ve tried the settings...but honestly, I want technology to simplify my life, not be another TIME CONSUMING annoying thing I don’t have time to spend hours learning!! I can’t even get this stupid thing to go from Tunein to a local radio station on my phone. I’ve tried everything...I’m usually pretty good with this stuff too....but this has me baffled. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please. Or just knows how to figure this dumb thing out? Or if there is a better app I could use....I’m grateful for any assistance at all. I can’t find it when I googled it & the support page just frustrates me more. I just want to listen to some music ....I’m not trying to get this thing to cure the Cov. lol. Thank you..Version: 2.2.387809

OkIt’s ok but there seems to be a bug we’re I can only connect deezer and not Spotify or Apple Music.Version: 2.2.353608.0

My address7 times I have tried Alexa App to record my home address properly and it doesn’t. Therefore is very hard to access anything. Very disappointed..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Software faultSince the IOS update to 11.4.1 the App returns an error please try again on both my iPad and iPhone..Version: 2.2.219248.0

Totally useless‘Sorry I can’t play music to the group yet’. so what is the purpose of even creating a group of speakers in the app? The whole thing is totally useless. The simple task of having an echo and 2 sonos speakers in a single group and playing music to all 3 speakers at once doesn’t even work. If they can’t get the most basic stuff right why would I expect them to do anything right. What a joke..Version: 2.2.274975.0

SkillsA bit difficult to teach her things especially to only listen to my voice.Version: 2.2.309845.0

Not fit for purposeI’ve now deleted the app five times because it serves up a blank page and freezes when I follow the set up instructions. So basic. Not enough expertise, time, care or money has gone into the development of this App. Bundling my Alexa devices to sell online and going over to Google. Very dissatisfied customer..Version: 2.2.250839.0

RubbishNone of the help section works so not able to provide feedback or report issues. Everything goes in circles back to same place. Nothing seems to work as advertised with the app or the product as this stage. A great intent, fails at execution.Version: 2.2.250839.0

Worst app I’ve usedAlexa app is the least intuitive app I’ve used in my life. It crashes every time. In Australia is impossible to add a household to the Alexa Echo Dot account. Find things in the app takes longer than any other app I’ve used ever. Doesn’t remember my settings if I do half of a process, e.g. adding a device Really really bad user experience.Version: 2.2.297601.0

Just annoyingSo I got this app, it insists I’m not in New Zealand... which I’m pretty sure I am 🙄. So it won’t let me play NZ radio through iHeartRadio. Seems like no solution to this bug....Version: 2.2.358771.0

Somewhat decentI’ve had my Alexa since December 2019. It used to be amazing to use. But now, sometimes when I’m connected to internet it says it’s not and takes ages to load. There’s other times where I’ll ask it to stop playing music and it just won’t listen so I have to unplug the whole thing. I recently got a new phone and had to log in to my Alexa account on my new phone. But I forgot the password. I went to reset it and it made me a whole new account which then my dad is now paying an extra £11 a month than he should because it’s paying for two accounts!! The app is so confusing to navigate and also keeps logging me out so I keep having to set everything up again. It’s just getting worse..Version: 2.2.408756.0

Unable to delete contactsI am unable to delete contacts that are on my Alexa app. A lot of contacts are people I have no interest in contacting, especially through Alexa. There is no delete option. According to Amazon’s website “You can create contacts in the app or you can import them from your device's local address book. To manage the import of contacts from your device, please visit the contacts section in the Alexa app. You can also edit and delete any contact created in the Alexa app by visiting that contact's individual contact card. The Import Contact feature is ON by default.” This is not so. Even if I try to go to “Edit”, it tells me to go to my device that it used as a source to edit the contact information. Okay well that would be nice if I still had that device. At some point I had already disabled Alexa from auto importing my contacts, but I am not able to delete the contacts that are already in there. I would greatly appreciate this becoming an option..Version: 2.2.274975.0

Wont support spotifyI just cant sync my spotify account dont know why im really frustated.Version: 2.2.345247.0

Lack of flexibility re: screen colourMy screen suddenly changed to white with dark writing recently, but the moment I gave feedback on finding it inaccessible and not able to be changed back, I received to two emails offering help (and 14 emails about privacy on Alexa!). The advice wasn’t helpful, but it gave me the right search term for googling for help (light/ dark mode)! You have to change the light/dark setting for the whole iPad (or iPhone), you can’t just change it for the app, which is what I want. I don’t want my emails changed, but that’s the only way to change the Alexa app. I can’t believe it’s so hard to allow settings within the app to do this, so nothing else is impacted..Version: 2.2.401007.0

I just want a god damn speakerHello.Version: 2.2.410802.0

FeaturePlease support Chinese language.Version: 2.2.297601.0

I can’t connect!!!I’ve tried to connect through my iPhone five and it does not work I hate this service you should make it compatible with an iPhone five I have to buy a whole new phone just to be able to use this Alexa.Version: 2.2.309845.0

DisappointedI was tossing up between a google home mini and an echo dot. So gutted when I got the dot home and Alexa did not recognize any local locations for weather, movies, news etc etc etc. Absolutely no recognition. Good for music but useless for everything else. Disappointing..Version: 2.2.271763.0

UnreliableQuite often request music or song and it plays something totally irrelevant, eg. asked it to play Banjo music and it played random songs though banjo station or something. Asked to play pink and it comes through as some other random music with pink in the name but the most likely pink not played at all. Gift from son, but doesn’t do as expected..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Latest upgrade causes clashes for me.Following the latest upgrade on my iPad I have lost the communication tab. It was used to drop in on my mothers echo show in her house.I will never update on my iPhone in case I lose it from that device as well. Overall we like the Alexa system and have 3 dots in the house. Update..I have just found out to drop in on my mother using video via my iPad I now have to use a voice command, however my echo dot downstairs also answers my voice command causing complete chaos. and when I went upstairs to try to drop in via voice on my iPad , both upstairs dots also answered. It doesn’t help,either to swear at Alexa 😀Very poor upgrade removing the communication button from iPads...I now have to unplug my echo dots before I can video call from my lounge..maybe I’ll go to google instead of Echo dots, that way no clashing of units on voice commands...Version: 2.2.358771.0

Still no grouped timersSo with the latest update we can now have reminders alert us on ALL devices but this feature has still not been added to alarms. Why why why!? This is long over due! Here’s my scenario: I have 2 echo dots in the lounge as it’s a large room. Both are pared in stereo left and right and both have been added to the group “living room”. I ask Alexa to set a timer, she sets the timer but depending on where I am in the room Alexa will tell me there’s no timers set. I physically have to walk over to the device that set the timer and ask again. If more that 1 device is added to a group, they should all sound the timer in that group or at least be able to ask how long is left on a timer from devices in they group. Come on guys, fix this! 🤦🏽‍♂️.Version: 2.2.355856.0

Device Location Issues And Sonos LackingWith the latest version it looks like the developers messed up. When setting device location, after you choose a country the keyboard doesn’t come up. Tried it with 2 different devices. Had to use an old app version on an old device to fix it. Also Sonos integration is pretty poor. You can’t set Sonos groups and therefore can only play music to one speaker from each commands..Version: 2.2.206669.0

Different languageOn the app the language shows chinese and english. How do i change it to just english. It has an option for the echo dot but not the app on the phone when i choose which device to change..Version: 2.2.345247.0

Love the hardware, hate the app.I’m up to 9 devices now including the Echo sub and 4K fire stick and can’t fault any of them (the sub being my absolute favourite addition), but wow this app needs a serious overhaul. I just don’t understand how the company with literally ALL the money haven’t got a super slick app by now. Nine times out of ten I have to close this app down as it gets all confused with commands and then spits its dummy out and becomes unresponsive like a toddler lying on the floor in Asda having a meltdown because it can’t have some sweets. It takes 4 clicks to get to the section where you can adjust the bass, treble and mid which is at least two too many in my opinion, then you have to do that for each individual device which, when you have quite a few devices, becomes tedious at best. Why not have them all in one place on one screen so you can get the sound just right? And why the bass, treble and mid are in a different order on some devices compared to others is a bit of a mystery too. This app is probably fine if you have one or two devices, but for a company that wants you to buy into their complete eco system and fill your house with their hardware they really need to re-design this app from the ground up because it lets them down big time..Version: 2.2.324480.0

Slow and Echo software issuesSo I know that this is supposed to be a review about the app and although I have much to say about it, that isn’t the only problem I’m facing! I tried to report a software issue with the Echo only to have my Echo automatically replaced (which due to the nature of the issue, that wasn’t going to solve it). If you accidentally say the words ‘Alexa, set a RECURRING alarm for weekdays at 7am’ the alarm will continue to sound no matter how much you try to stop it (even turning off / on the Echo at the wall doesn’t help!). It also doesn’t allow you to cancel the alarm in the app as it continuously turns itself back on! If you also say the phrase ‘Alexa, set a 7am weekday alarm’ it will set a RECURRING alarm. You have to say ‘Alexa, set a weekday alarm for 7am’ in order to have a functioning alarm. It would be great if this could be sorted :).Version: 2.2.200196.0

App is brokenI can’t seem to get the app to work. I use Alexa for my Sonos One Speakers and the app is never functional. It only worked once when I first set up the app and the speakers but now if I want to go into the app to add skills and change settings I cannot. Please someone fix this in an update!.Version: 2.2.211695.0

Items disappearWhen using lists, I add an item and it disappears a few seconds later. It does the same for the alarms set using the phone app. If I want an alarm set I have to use the Alexa device and can’t use the app. Very frustrating..Version: 2.2.291375.0

Could do with a few improvements.I got the app primarily to do video calls with my elderly parents. We got them an Echo Show as it seemed be easiest route. Took a lot of experimentation to get the thing working correctly as my folks don’t have a smart phone. When the app video calling works it’s usually reasonably good. It could be improved though. There’s no way to save favourites on the apps contact list. As I only use it to call them this would be useful. Also you can’t send messages, recorded videos or images which I think they would love. In short, I’d like it to have some of the features what’s app has..Version: 2.2.403648.0

Device settings not showing for Echo PlusWhen I click on my device settings for my Echo Plus they appear for a split second and then the screen is blank. The device settings for my other echos and devices work fine. I’ve tried turning the plus on a off and it otherwise works fine so just wondering if it’s a glitch with the latest app update that I did today? UPDATE - So I eventually deleted and reinstalled the app and I could finally get into my (now reset) device settings until I went to setup my DND schedule again and it blank screened me again. Logging out and back into the app works but the glitch seems to have something to do with the DND schedule as it also happened with my other echo as well..Version: 2.2.302117.0

ConnectionAt times it has difficulty connecting to the internet.Version: 2.2.355856.0

Maybe work out issues like when asking Alexa to play my music it plays top popAlexa is awesome for the most part but has major listening issues most days I have to yell at it and ask itMultiple times to do the same action that I’ve asked for six 60 billion times in a row before they play my music oh did you mean top pop no Alexa I said my music or u ask a question I don’t know that over and over again or that stupid messagePlease Refer to the egg Alexa app to help and help and feedback section which you don’t get to provide proper feedback with this should be a way so we can wait for experiencing instead of that stupid just a thumbs up or thumbs down like can we have some way to tell you what the hell is going on in the app.Version: 2.2.408756.0

SoftwarePlease fix the music side add a custom playlist we can add music to, fix how long it takes to skip a song once you press the button. Fix song duration to show it in second not a couple second later the bar goes across for how long the song has been playing.Version: 2.2.355856.0

Alexa friendly; app not so muchI don’t regret having my Echo, Show and Dot; however, I don’t find the programming and navigating the app to be nearly as user-friendly as I would expect, given Amazon’s resources. Maybe it is because I live in the Apple ecosphere where most things just work. Perhaps it is growing pains with AI, since Siri is Apple’s weakest link. People shouldn’t need an app to learn how to use an app. I also find that I discard most of the skills as fairly useless. I love things like Find My Phone, but a lot of the sleep sounds, etc. are low quality compared to other apps I use. I had to get a new cheap coffee pot for her to control with the plug since she can only work with a toggle, no buttons. I understand why, but wish she could control my Cuisinart. The Show will put up a video I want to watch, but move on before I can ask for it. Asking for it after it isn’t on the screen doesn’t work. My echo used to be very sensitive, but now I have to yell at her several times to turn off an alarm. What’s with that? I like Reminders, timers, alarms, weather and my morning flash briefing, which I need to edit, since some is either an ad or just annoying. Please work on making the interface more intuitive..Version: 2.2.318557.0

Region limited is a dragI like Alexa and my Echo View but it is ridiculous that I cannot use ‘skills’ because they are only for a different country. In this case AllRecipes which is only available to US devices. My echo was set for US but I am in Australia and want my local news headlines so changed device control to Australia. Now I can only get very limited Australia specific skills. So either I switch back and put up with US headlines and settings or get gimped on usefulness..Version: 2.2.396043.0

This app is ridiculousIt will not let me do anything, I have downloaded and reinstalled the app twice and I still can’t app my device or even go on settings, I got this as a Christmas present and I can’t even use it I am extremely disappointed and upset.Version: 2.2.389238.0

Something is brokenThis app was working ok but in recent weeks, when I’m viewing my shipping list, the screen just freezes and I cannot scroll, check off items I’ve put in my cart, or even back out of the list. I have to exit the app, force quit, and then re-start it. Needless to say, this is a huge pain if I have a list that’s longer than the screen on my phone will display. This is so disappointing. Also, why does it take so many keystrokes to GET to my shopping list in the first place? I feel there should be a way to customize the app to show me my top three (or four, or five, or whatever, really) actions that *I* use all the time, so that when I restart—which as I’ve mentioned I have to do all the time now—I can then just tap ONCE to get to what I need, eg, to my shopping list. (I really don’t care what are the last few commands I’ve asked Alexa to do, and feel that first screen upon opening the app could be WAY more useful.) This is 2018. These kind of glitches should not be happening in a mainstream app like this..Version: 2.2.210259.0

Updated to the latest and it still freezes on my iPhone XI was glad to see the update for my phone, but I’m still unable to use it once it’s opened. The screen becomes unresponsive before crashing..Version: 2.2.213531.0

Updated to something worseI downloaded this app a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I used it daily, for hours each time. Well, I haven’t used it for the last couple of weeks and I noticed when I opened it up today, something was totally different. It was not functioning correctly. I proceeded to get on the chat line with technical support and after chatting with a few representatives, it was quite clear that they had no idea what was going on. Needless to say, they couldn’t answer my question. The operating issue was blamed on a recent update. I would have given 5 stars to this app a couple of weeks ago but now I can only give 1 star. The reason it gets 1 star is because 0 stars is not an option. UPDATE IT AGAIN AND PUT IT BACK LIKE IT WAS! If it wasn’t broke to start with, why are you gonna try to fix it?! Stop updating things that are working perfectly fine! I’ll be waiting for the next update and hopefully it will put things back the way they were. If not, I’m done with this mess..Version: 2.2.345247.0

Good app, slow and a bit buggy.App has served me well for the 12+ months I’ve used it up until recently. It’s always had a bit of an issue being slow, but I’ve been able to deal with it and not care too much. I recently moved and bought a few more Alexa products and also changed all my groups around to fit the change from apartment to house. Now, when I’m setting alarms, and I try to set one up for my new Echo Dot, it switches back to my previous group called “apartment” and doesn’t show that it can find or recognize the new Dot. I have about 6 seconds if I want to set up or edit an alert before this happens. This bug is infuriating and I really hate having to deal with it. There’s no reporting system for bugs either except leaving reviews. I will alter this review if the bug is fixed to a 4 star because overall the app is very good, just a bit slow at times. This bug has made it almost impossible for me to use the way I like to..Version: 2.2.276988.0

Need to fix the issueThe app was very slow with all the annoying loading icons pop up every time I switch to another screen I want to integrate with other apps and use skills but the device said I have to switch to Japanese and there’s nothing I can do about it as the settings is in Japanese. Really disappointed with the app.Version: 2.2.240789.0

La sync avec mon spotify ne fonctionne pasLa synchronisation avec mon spotify ne fonctionne pas c’est très frustrant..Version: 2.2.345247.0

UpdateIt doesn’t update.. looks like it’s going to and then it just goes back to update.. super annoying!!!.Version: 2.2.318172.0

Never stops talking and is always selling.I just want a simple response to my questions, I don’t want to know all the things she can do or say or answer JUST TELL ME WHAT THE WEATHER IS RIGHT NOW. Her features are cool, but come on. I’ve had this same device for YEARS and she STILL constantly tells me the things she can do! I KNOW! I USE THE STUPID CRAP YOU ARE TRYING TO “SELL” ME ON! Shut up already!! Honestly, I think the selling has really just gotten way worse this past year or perhaps I’ve finally hit my breaking point. I can’t take it anymore. I love the idea, but no matter what settings I change or what I ask or if I tell her to not talk as much it doesn’t matter she is constantly freaking talking. It wouldn’t even be that bad if she would just notify the app every time instead of speaking it. Sure it would be annoying, but I have a one year old she doesn’t want to be yelled at about all these crazy features or things to ask when all she wants is for the box of cats to meow. The one thing she does right is turn on my smartlights without being a smarta** and talking too much..Version: 2.2.370110.0

Units not in sync, cannot redesign lists orderOur sons and our bedroom are close together. He has an echo kids. When we say good morning Routine it plays on our echo in our bedroom instead of his bedroom. We constantly miss listening to our morning news and weather. Other than changing Alexa’s name we wish you could make Alexa ignore a 2,3,and 4 year old. It was cute at first but now it totally annoying to the point where we just want to get rid of Alexa and the 4 units we bought. I like being able not to have to talk to Alexa and being able to type commands or to switch buttons. I don’t like the volume control as it blasted as it jumps several volume levels at a time and help destroy my new very expensive speaker system on my stereo which also is hooked to sound our TV. This is bad having Alexa listen to your 3 year old crank up the volume. A lot would have to change for me to ever give it 5 stars. There are some nice features but are outweighed by the bad. Alexa needs more and better Setting Controls and a way to ignore small children who like to change music every 5 seconds. I want to turn on my garage lights first and after I scrolled through every other light in the house I finally arrive to where I can turn the switch on; you should be able to arrange the switches the way you want. Still haven’t figured Kids Free time out. Hard to have other main adult family members use the app too; only one master..Version: 2.2.410802.0

Unresponsive and uselessApp is incredibly slow, stops responding to any input every time you use it, keeps saying offline when I have wifi or 4G, freezes completely most of the time making the app literally unusable. Update: April 2017. The app is still terrible, if anything it has now got even worse. Incredibly slow jittery app, feels like you're trying to run something that requires the power of an iPhone from the future on the original iPhone. Except it doesn't look like, or provide the functionality of, an app that would require a lot of processing power. Update: October 2017. App performance has gotten slightly better but still awful. Shopping lists usually don’t work when offline. I open the app, it tries (for ages) to login. It used to (in an older version) allow you to access the lists offline. In the newest version it might about 1/10 times. But what happens most of the time is that it stops trying to connect and just asks you to sign in (even though you already were signed in), which you can’t do as you’re offline. This is a problem as the vast majority of supermarkets I go to for some reason have low to no signal. Making Alexa useless for shopping lists as I can never access them when I need to..Version: 2.2.364.1

Terribly unstableHorrible app, constantly crashes and I’ve needed to reinstall multiple times. Very buggy and can’t handle the processes it attempts to make.Version: 2.2.237800.0

No way to connectI hesitate to give this app any stars, because I don’t know what’s going wrong. I recently replaced the router, now there is a new password, but I can’t get my Echo Spot to connect to Wi-Fi. At all. It wasn’t hard at all the first time, but changing the router password seems to have thrown it for a loop. The instructions say to go to Settings, and then scroll down to Wi-Fi, but there is no Wi-Fi option in Settings. I tried to Add Device, which directed me to Manual Setup. In Manual Setup, there is no option for a Spot, specifically, so the instructions don’t correlate. There is no orange ring, there is no sign the app senses the Spot at all, or vice versa. I hold the button down on the Spot, and all it does is turn the thing off. I’ve turned everything off, and then back on, I’ve even deleted the app and reloaded it, I’ve reset the Spot. I’m out of options. Pity. I liked the little thing. Like I said, I hate to rate the app if the problem is actually me, and something I’m missing. But the app is not really what I’d call user-friendly either..Version: 2.2.237800.0

WifiFor me it says Alexa is having trouble connecting to the WiFi but I don’t know who to connect to the WiFi and when I try she doesn’t display a orange light.Version: 2.2.326868.0

A little help for the blind peopleNow I can tell this is a very capable app. I was able to set up my account and subsequently my echo dot in a short time. It's also decently organized. The app has 3 main problems for blind and low vision users. The app does not have well labeled elements for voice over to read. This is consistant throught the app. The app is unresponsive. Of course, using voice over takes up some technological resources on my iPhone, however there is no excuse for the latest iPhone and the newest version of iOS that I should have to wait 3 seconds for the next screen to load. Along with that, trying to link services is incredibly difficult and there are a fair amount of buttons, text fields, elements, functions, and even just on/off buttons that just don't work when pressed. Lastly, when putting different gesture inputs into voice over and doing things in the app, everything starts to slow down after a short amount of time. This can effectively hault or freeze the app and then crashes. The only comparison is that the google home app is completely accessable and easy to use. If you want accessability feedback, please reach out to me..Version: 2.2.379445.0

I’m having trouble understanding right nowRecently, and I don’t know exactly when, but I can no longer drop in to my echo spot. The app shows it as greyed out and suggests it has do not disturb enabled which it doesn’t. Secondly the blue button at the bottom centre of the app just won’t work on my iPhone X. Each time I press it Alexa says “sorry I’m having trouble understanding right now” and skips away from the screen where you would give your voice command. I have installed the app on an iPhone 7 as well and it works just fine from there. Annoying issues that put you off using the app or devices. They need to ‘just work’ as they are aimed at the general public..Version: 2.2.243227.0

Getting dumber by the dayJust endured my house “dropping in” on itself & carrying on a conversation between speakers after a night of Audible refusing to play the book open on my phone & insisting on opening the latest book acquired rather than any I have downloaded & open in a folder. None of the podcast skills are updating properly, so I’m stuck on episodes from shows deleted in July rather than the updated current ones in the same app on my phone. Of course their answer is to phone in & spend hours of your own work time helping them troubleshoot their buggy software. Best of all is after a power outage when every WiFi bulb in the house flares to life & the devices won’t automatically reset & reconnect to the WiFi when it comes back on. Yeah, nothing says smart like having to drive home, unplug & replug all the Echoes or trudge around in the middle of the night turning off every light in the entire house until the internet comes back on..Version: 2.2.372607.0

Alexa Doesn't Like WomenOverall, Alexa is great, but she is really irritating when she doesn't respond to higher pitched voices. When I really lower my voice, she hears me. This is a forever ongoing problem that's been brought up repeatedly to Amazon staff in the past. Must have been created by men for men..Version: 2.2.410802.0

Quit making it less useful.Every time an update comes the whole system seems thrown out of whack. Annoying. The latest update seems aggressively intentional to annoy users and make the whole point of Alexa as a music app frustrating and both incredibly and bafflingly less useful to use. Why on earth would you remove access and literally any possible way to see the playlists we created? Literally the reason I pay for unlimited music service. Literally the reason I create playlists. I also frequently start music from my phone when I neither need or want to speak to Alexa. Ffs quit doing idiotic things that remove the most basic and logical functions. Let alone the most useful. And judging by recent reviews on this specific idiotic move few people are fans of you removing any reasonable and easy way to view and use the playlists they create to listen to the music they want to listen to,, and pay to do so..Version: 2.2.307017.0

Download errorAfter 1/4 downloading, restart to zero without another try. I can’t redownload it, installation crash any time. Please resolve it quickly..Version: 2.2.318172.0

HueDoesn’t not connect to Hue, frustrating.Version: 2.2.410802.0

To The Creators Of Alexa...It isn’t much about the app, but the echo doc it’s self...I recently got an echo doc, and there is a few STUPID things about it! 1. You have to scream at the Alexa, you can’t just say it softly which is very dum, because if your like me, I listen to music at night I don’t feel like screaming at the thing just to hear some music... 2. When you ask it to do something or no just ask if a question.. It takes forever to answer, now I’m not stupid all these things are things to spy on you, your phones, laptops, iPads, etc...So yea, try to make yourself not so obvious. Stupids. AND LASTLY! The dumbest of them all.. WHY WHEN YOU TRY AND PLAY A SONG, for instance if I wanted to play peaches, it would say “You have to buy the premium.” Now I could just get the premium if I wanted to, but not everyone is able to pay what is it like 10 dollars a month, just to play some music.. not everyone is able to give money but they most likely wish they could. Thing about the people using the echo docs. All you guys care about is the money. So over all, the echo docs aren’t that great and don’t waste your money on them..Version: 2.2.410802.0

What a fail!Trying to setup my echo with the “Alexa, recognise my voice” command setup. The setup says repeat these words “Alexa ...” than its hears itself say Alexa so thinks it has been activated and stops the voice recognition. And no, I got no other Alexa devices, the device isn’t next to a wall, and there is no background noise. It’s just an absolute fail. Worse first experience for another trying to get convinced of Alexa..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Stupid APPCan't even get the app run in my phone! And had to delete and re install many times and then told me can't connect to WiFi! What a useless APP.Version: 2.2.250839.0

EmbarrassingI am shocked a company would be pushing out their smart speakers with such an underdeveloped and faulty app. Not only Is nothing available in Canada which is so disappointing I would go back and purchase google home minis instead but the app itself fails to do about everything that it supposedly can do. Cannot pair devices without rebooting the app 4-6 times, can’t even forget paired devices no matter how many attempts I’ve made. Routines will just stop working out of the blue, etc. I fully regret investing in echo devices and will likely look to change to google as soon as possible..Version: 2.2.270096.0

Welcome to crash cityCrashes when trying to write your own skills in Q&A as well as setting a countdown date such as “how long to vacation?” Crashed three times, forcing me to enter the information again. Can’t figure out how to edit a skill. Not easy to use. Probably have to go online, which defeats the purpose of the app. I set a day countdown to the Ohio State-Ichigan game in November but when I ask Alexa “How many days until Ohio State and that team up North” she tells me it’s not found. She has no clue. Keeps asking about a holiday and that she can’t find a holiday to Ohio State or a holiday to Clearwater (the vacation this summer I tried to set). Very frustrating. Also, bought smart plugs (brand Aoycocr). Was able to connect devices to the Smart Life app but Alexa can’t find them. Tried at my house and mother-in-law’s house. No dice. Tried with the light solid, flashing slowly, and flashing quickly. No luck. Ultimately, I was very excited to enter the smart home world and have appreciated the Alexa device (8” screen is nice in kitchen). I have been sorely disappointed in the app, it’s non-ease of use, and it’s unreliability..Version: 2.2.401007.0

Frustrating many timesOn one level it is a Great thing, but too many problems. Many routine names are not recognized and Alexa starts yepping a lot of irrelevant stuff. Routines running cannot be stoped. If I put multiple devices to be turned on or off, it will not be done, unless I put a delay, and the delay is minimum 5 seconds. The way to get around this partly is to get Alexa to say something in between each command , but if internet is slow then this could take a longer time. A favourite flute album cannot be played as Alexa does not recognize the name and even if put in a routine, cannot find it, ( can only select it on my phone and stream it to the echo devise). Several things that she is asked, she would say “ I do not know that” but google and Siri, will have an answer. I will still use it, but one day if not improved I will trow my 3 echo and one echo dot away. But I am thankful such things exist..Version: 2.2.323029.0

Adding music feature doesn’t workThere’s a glitch in the app where you cannot add your Spotify or Apple Music account. Therefore you can’t listen to decent music, and only what they offer from Amazon music..Version: 2.2.343801.0

Everything you don't want in an appLaggy and slow mixed together with frequently crashing- this app is a nightmare! I don't understand as Alexa is so great, yet she's totally let down by this b-grade app. Skills search is disappointing, and awkward: you scroll through acres of results and after you've looked at one and go back you're returned to the top of your search result list- ridiculous! Also: please make Skills searchable the language they're available in, or add more filters so I can easily find german Skills as an expat in Australia. I'm sure there are others who would find this extremely useful!.Version: 2.2.250839.0

MrThe Discovery Function NEVER WORKS - ever ..Version: 2.2.408756.0

Doesn’t downloadStuck on downloading. Tried wifi and 4g. Two iPhones X at home..Version: 2.2.318172.0

Getting more and more inconvenientI have had my echo devices for years, right from the start really. There were teething problems but on the whole, it was exciting tech and I ended up buying one for each room in my house. However lately the tech seems to be stuck. Things don’t work. Every other command results in a long winded response from Alexa about how she doesn’t understand or she just does the wrong thing. So lately, a little at a time, I find I’m just giving up even trying and reaching for my phone or walking to computer to do stuff manually that Alexa used to do but can’t anymore. I used to say ‘Alexa, wake me up at 8am with music’, and for years it worked. But now, I get ‘what do you want to hear?’ Before, I was able to say ‘Alexa, play my reggae playlist on Sonos Kitchen’, and it would play. Now, only one song from any playlist gets played, the silence. These are just two examples of why Alexa is making me lose the will to live, and why I’m finding myself using voice commands less and less. I guess it won’t be long before I sell my Alexa devices..Version: 2.2.396043.0

Still difficult to useVery difficult to make routines or control things around the house. It should be much easier to see any decide or gadgets around the house, light bulbs or speakers, outlets. Still a lot to work on Alex’s capabilities to make her more efficient. I’ll be happy when in 1,2,3 minutes and she would be able to see and discover every new devise found in the house or any Bluetooth gadgets she did not know. Phone calls shouldn’t be a problem if Alexa is connected to my network regardless if she's connected to my phone call should be allowed and what's going in with WhatsApp? It's worldwide as possible why not to give her access to use it to call other countries? That's really a plus ++++. . Once Akexa has access to the network it should be easy to discover anything hooked up to the same network via Bluetooth or wifi it's all password protected and in the same house why d8es she need constant permission? She should be able to discover my car Ior husband car or the house or office callif she has been there once and access was granted why can't she always has clearance? Constantly having to connect her tiny cell if leave the house then she gets totally disconnected. Akexa should be able to call my cell in her own to ask if she should turn on the lights for my dogs. That's how efficient she should be and she's capable, just have to work the perks..?.Version: 2.2.406546.0

Just annoyingSo I just bought a echo dot 3rd gen and I tried to set it up. I opened the app and started making an account then it just said error. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. 4 times! Still doesn’t work. Not happy.Version: 2.2.309845.0

Don’t tryI had Alexa working with an Australian accent on my Sonos beam and One surround system and then tried the app and Alexa doesn’t work at all she says she can’t understand and has an American accent. Not only will she do any of the new functions the app promised to be able to do but she no longer does ANYTHING! Don’t try if you have a working Alexa in Australia.Version: 2.2.250839.0

Not installingWorst app. Not installing in my any ios devise. Bought new echo speaker and app not working. Hell experience.Version: 2.2.318172.0

FunctionsI can’t seem to find the AUX function on the app. It’s either not available in my country or on this app. I’m unsure.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Underwhelming and slowSome functions work well but the app takes to long to open and to switch between functions..Version: 2.2.313419.0

Won’t work with my iTunes!My parents and I have tried multiple times and apple music won’t work! For me it says I don’t have a subscription although I do and for my parents it just won’t play.Version: 2.2.333444.0

UselessHave tried several times to download this on iPhone X and it won’t go past the login page. Just freezes up. Not worth the time..Version: 2.2.240789.0

Terrible UI designWorks as expected and all smart devices operate perfectly. My only gripe is the app is ugly. I have a few iPad mini’s hanging around walls and using this as a control centre type functionality, the UI just looks terrible. Please give us something that you would be proud of displaying. And don’t let the work experience kid work on it..Version: 2.2.377054.0

Annoying Audible InterfaceAudible is what my Echo Dot is primarily used for. My kids listen to books to help them fall asleep. The menu to select an audiobook from Audible is very annoying. There’s no search or reorder options. For someone like me with nearly 200 titles in my collection, it’s a pain to scroll to find a book in a chaotically ordered list. Both the Audible and Kindle apps have ways of making this much easier. Why wouldn’t Alexa? And now, with the latest update, EVERY SINGLE TIME an audiobook is played, it’s followed up with an ad to start an Audible subscription and a sample of another book. We have a shared family plan so the main account logged into Alexa doesn’t have Audible but the connect account does-hence why I’m able to play the books I own. So logically if I’m already playing books, why would I need to hear about getting a subscription??? And at the very least why can’t I turn that feature off??? The last thing I want after my kids have been lulled to sleep by a relaxing audiobook is Alexa talking. Make it stop!.Version: 2.2.216514.0

Seriously fixSeriously fix your app every time I go to tv and video it just shows up blank page.Version: 2.2.291375.0

Unable to Access the Home menuEvery time I try to go to the home menu it loads of a sec then the page goes blank making me unable to go to the skills page or the smart home page etc.. everything else works fine the app just need a bit of fine tuning. ( The Echo Plus works Fine just the app).Version: 2.2.222061.0

Discrimination.So I don’t understand why Canada is constantly discriminated against. We pay the same money but get less product and features. All of the skills I want and pay for are not available in Canada. So we are paying so the US can have apps. This is not fair. Charge less in Canada until you get the skills working here. It’s not like they don’t work. This is systematically deleting and excluding us. Don’t tell me it’s a license issue. It’s the same thing everywhere. If you want it to work you will solve the red tape issues. Get apps to work in Canada. We pay for this the same as they pay in the US but we get screwd.Version: 2.2.307017.0

Cannot even download the appBrought Sonos, try to set up the Alexa, but the app just stop downloading in the mid of the process. I tried downloading google home without any problem. I got plenty space and connecting to WiFi. I have no idea how to deal with it..Version: 2.2.318172.0

Buggy since last updateReally buggy !! I can’t update. So I tried uninstall and reinstall and it fails constantly. Can’t install it!.Version: 2.2.318172.0

Public Wifi Needs Fixing & Scrolling IssuesConnecting Echo to public wifi: After clicking through to continue to the public wifi landing page, a pop up loads and then immediately closes. After 2-3 repetitions, the app brings up an error message and, at present, the only workaround is to use a desktop/laptop to connect to public wifi- Definitely in need of fixing Scrolling issues: After editing settings/viewing skill descriptions and then going back to the previous screen, the app automatically scrolls from the top rather than returning to the last position. Very frustrating, especially when looking through long lists (e.g. skills)..Version: 2.2.265941.0

Slow & unreliableNegative stars if possible. This app is super slow, it freezes and doesn’t acknowledge New Zealand as a location so receiving weather updates etc don’t work. The echo dot continuously fails to connect to bluetooth speakers. I’ve spent hours trying to get this to work, it has been a complete waste of time and money, I could of just played music my usual way and goggled what I wanted to know..Version: 2.2.250839.0

Good but could be betterSome useful features that should be added - ability to program multiple variations of voice commands for the same set of actions. - ability to group lights into a single name to make programming actions simpler..Version: 2.2.337555.0

Slow & Can’t Utilize Many FeaturesThis app takes forever to load, but I’m willing to accept this could partially be due to my older phone. However, I can’t fully utilize so many of the “features” in the app. For iHeartRadio, there’s no option to log in using Facebook through the Alexa app, so I’d have to create a brand new account to listen to podcasts and music stations through my Echo Dot. I couldn’t properly finish creating my Food Network Kitchen profile in the Alexa app, nor would it finish letting me log in successfully. I couldn’t even save my home address, work address, or the address for basically anything else through the app. I gave up trying to see what else I could do in the app for now because I got so frustrated with all these features I apparently have but cannot use. Please have your developers go thoroughly through the app to fix these bugs and others I’m sure they are to find. Other than that, I’ve discovered much I can use my Dot for using this app, and there are features that do properly work (for now), which is why I felt to rate 3 stars instead of 1 or 2..Version: 2.2.326868.0

LanguageWhere is the English (Canadian) option? Can’t use any of the skills.Version: 2.2.464.1

Not reliableApp not reliable. Echos always get a incompatible network, even all of them are connected in same network. To resolve the problem I have to make a full reset of every device and reconfigure them again. Crap. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Later version is garbageTrying to play TuneIn. Will not load playback options (multiple Echo devices). Will not recognise radio stations. Completely unusable..Version: 2.2.240789.0

Impossible to connect a Music serviceApp goes blank on multiple devices when attempting to connect our Apple Music account. Is there a quick fix?.Version: 2.2.353608.0

Too slow and old setupI have never written an app review before but after Leningrad my alexa device for more than a year, I have simply run out of patience. The app is a big roadblock in my use of the device. It is too slow compared to other apps. And NO it is not my network or the million other excuses that is usually thrown at you. Bottom-line is that they need to make a better app. Also the setup in the app is too simple and is limiting the user experience tremendously. It is like they never consulted anyone with expertise in user-friendliness for real people. If they did - they got ripped off. Given the share of the market that Alexa devices are currently covering, to have a good app accompanying the devices should be paramount. Clearly not a priority for them - why? Why not be ahead in the game with the app side of things too? If I had known how useless and slow this app was I would have opted for google home. I never recommend anyone getting Alexa devices simply because they do not prioritize the user-side of things. This app is a testimony to that fact. Even if the app was not so incredibly slow, the interface would still be far far behind other apps..Version: 2.2.233205.0

Does not fully integrate with Ring DoorbellI purchase the Alexa Show 5 as it’s advertised there is integration with the Ring Doorbell which I have. I was extremely disappointed to learn after purchasing the Alexa Show 5, that when the doorbell is pushed, the video does not automatically show up, only a sound is played. This is extremely disappointing and to be frank, if I had known this, I would have not purchased the Alexa device. This should be a simple software change within the app to allow for this feature..Version: 2.2.337555.0

Oh how you frustrate me, Alexa!I’m getting a little tired of asking Alexa a question, then asking a follow up question and having her respond, “Hmmm, I don’t know that.” Then when you repeat the original question you get the same, “I don’t know that” answer. Why is this so difficult?.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Alexa auto connection issue to my F-PaceThe setup is not easy. The guide isn’t too helpful. My Amazon music played for 10 seconds and it stopped. The app needs to have more instructions. Maybe Google will come up with a smarter ‘auto’ option..Version: 2.2.389238.0

First time userI really do like the app this is my first tike with an echo dot and I think it is very helpful. One thing so far I am really annoyed with is the fact that I cannot adjust the volume from my phone. I go to device settings, my echo dot. And try and adjust the slider bar and it says to change volume, you must be playing audio. If audio is playing, check your network connection and try again. I know it’s not my connection because I don’t have a problem on any other devices. However, for the most part the audio im playing are from skills like sleep sounds or focus sounds because im studying 24/7 as a full time student. If i switch alexa to apple music i can then adjust the slider bar. The frustrating part is I want to be able to adjust it when I get in bed without talking to her or when im studying and need to focus. But the app only lets me adjust it for apple music when two seconds earlier i tried with the same exact internet connection on the skills sounds i have and it wouldnt work..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Why so soonHave only used this for a few minutes, it’s not very intuitive so far, and may be great but as it has pushed me to give a review, as most companies seem impatient to do so, well so far it’s terrible. It would be better if it just gave a bullet point summary of what skills and abilities the App can do from the get go, and can then go more in depth from there. Rather than trying to railroad you into the ones they wish you to try, in an attempt to get us to purchase more premium content. I’m sure once everything has been set up properly like the drop in which seems good, then it will start being more efficient than just being able to google or download an app or game directly I guess..Version: 2.2.318509.0

This has not been a good experienceWe have 6 echos throughout our house. Our family adapted to using Alexa quite quickly, discovering more use within day to day life but the flaws with Alexa soon became very apparent. Now she is basically just a voice controlled temperature gauge. The recognition is often good but regularly terrible. Daily alarms fail, making it totally unreliable for us to trust without a backup. Take today for example. Morning wake up alarm set for important day ahead. Alarm set with Alexa on the previous night, confirmed twice and a backup alarm set on iPhone (old faithful). Alarm doesn’t go off, echo showing a spinning blue ring and not responding to voice commands. Useless. Unreliable..Version: 2.2.282049.0

Great hardware let down by a poor appAlthough the Echo’s I have run generally flawlessly, I find the app really slow in responding to commands, especially when manufacturer’s app’s run instantly on the likes of smart switches and plugs. There is always a considerable delay when I use the alexa app. I also find the app difficult to use. For instance if I set numerous actions, in a routine. I.e turn light on, wait 5 mins, turn light off. Instead it’ll set them as turn light off, turn light on, wait 5 mins. Why doesn’t it put them in the order I set them up? Even when I try to sort them in the correct order, I have to figure out what sort of press is going to get the action moving. Sometimes it’s a hard press, sometimes it’s a soft press, sometimes the two lines on the right hand side work, sometimes they don’t. It’s such a let down for an app that should run effortlessly..Version: 2.2.308706.0

Try playing a podcastHonestly I would hope that it would allow you to play a stored podcast from your phone. It doesn’t. It’s great for working with smart devices but it has to add some natural language support. Having to find and add a specific skill for everything is a pain..Version: 2.2.259842.0

Her screaming makes her pointlessI’ve given up using it. It’s basically now an occasional speaker I use, but I no longer interact with it. Every week I get an email about “what’s new” with pointless suggestions to make her my bff. I don’t need that- what I wanted was an assistant. Now for some reason she can speak faster or slower... woopie. Whisper mode is absurdly bad- to get her to be quiet you need to whisper- but if you do it can’t hear you over music, so if you need any info it screams at you louder than what you were playing. Absolutely sick of being shouted at in the morning. If they can change the speed & it can be set, I don’t know why you can’t set a volume. A pity because it was helpful for awhile but I can’t trust it to work properly and I can’t deal with it.Version: 2.2.345247.0

Not connecting to deviceUnable to connect my device to the echo really frustrating it is . honestly garbage device.Version: 2.2.389238.0

Dark/Light More Setting failure + Music stop playingI’m trying my best to control my anger. Near Alexa designers and engineers, please bring back the original dark blue background… It's ridiculous that the loop mode and 1 time music playing button looks almost the same in both modes… yea, they are slightly different but its not an optical test, please… also I prefer my phone to be in light mode while Alexa in dark (actually the original dark blue background. Why do I have to change both to achieve dark more. And it’s tooooo dark that hurts my eyes in dark… last but not least, music stops in loop mode… I tried restarting Alexa a couple times but didn’t work. I’m still looking for other solutions… as a mom who has to take care of a baby that walks a lot, I am so done with these tortures… Dear Alexa, although most of my friends switched to Google for being more stable and having more attractive features, I still believe in the potential of Alexa. Please be more thoughtful in the future when releasing new features….Version: 2.2.401007.0

Very unresponsiveI was considering my choice between Alexa and google. Unfortunately one of the light products I wanted only worked with Alexa so I took that choice. I have 4 lights and two tvs running through my Sonos speakers. All keep frequently dropping out and Alexa loses control. Seriously thinking it’s time to cut my losses and switch to google.Version: 2.2.318557.0

No Apple MusicSorry only in the US...After buying two and waiting for the launch date, nothing. After a reading few more articles, found out that Canadian’s don’t count. I understand if it was Apple’s fault, we’re used to that, but right before Christmas Amazon was the company pumping it up..Version: 2.2.250839.0

CanadaCannot access the skills section. The app does not have Canada as an option..Version: 2.2.464.1

Drop in not working anymoreRecent updates have rendered this feature unusable. Got an Amazon Echo Show 8 for my 97 year old grandmother who is living in a LT home. This was allowing us to communicate with her until recently when Drop in just stopped working. Troubleshooted the hell out of it and have concluded it is a bug or bad software update. Thanks for nothing Amazon..Version: 2.2.353608.0

Great in concept, but limited and rarely works correctlyThe main reasons to utilize Alexa in your life are to make life easier and the “cool factor”. Unfortunately, it makes life easier about 25% of the time and the other 75% of the time, it doesn’t work correctly and I spend this time trying to troubleshoot all of its flaws. In other words, it actually takes much more time and effort fixing all the problems than the efficiency it provides during the times it sometimes works as advertised. Side note, to provide a reference of validity: I’m an intermediate expert at smart home systems with about 60 different smart devices tested in my home and currently running and tested about 45 different routines. I have the best WiFi plan offered in my area plus a $500 WiFi booster - so the WiFi connections are solid. I point this out because I understand WiFi connectivity issues are probably the biggest problem with most people’s smart home systems. But for me, the issues and my rating/review are due to the products and the technical faults and limitations of Alexa software. Still, I’m hopeful they will get resolved eventually..Version: 2.2.372607.0

Connection issuesI’ve tried for last 2 hours to set up Brand new echo dot in the living room. You get half way through setting it up on iPhone echo app on iPhone, put in wifi codes (56 times now) and it starts to connect. When it gets to the video part on app little miss echo dot decides to tell me “set up mode is off, just a moment while I Blair blah blah. Turned it off 19 times, reconnected 19 times, deleted and reinstalled the app 19 times. It’s now in the bin. Waste of money..Version: 2.2.355856.0

Works sometimesThe app gives the illusion of lots of control and features. Unfortunately, routines are seldom executed properly or at all..Version: 2.2.410802.0

AnnoyedHave had the Sonos for less than two months and Alexa is already buggin out. When we ask her a question she either responds with “sorry I can’t understand that question” or just pure silence..Version: 2.2.318509.0

App works fineBut with every update, Alexa gets dumber and understands less, voice commands that used to work fine, she now cant understand or doesn’t have any information. January she was great, March, she is dumber than a potato..Version: 2.2.265941.0

Impossible d’ajouter le service Apple MusicÀ chaque fois que j’essaie d’ajouter Apple Music dans les services de streaming, l’application n’affiche plus rien. J’ai acheté l’appareil dans le but de profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités annoncées et il m’est impossible de le faire. Je suis déçu de mon achat..Version: 2.2.345247.0

Abit slow and disfunctionalAwesome system... but very slow. Use this app for sonos one which works well... setting an alarm is quick and convenient and links to the app, but unable to adjust alarm volume or use the gradual increase which unfortunately makes the alarm useless as it isnt loud enough..Version: 2.2.216514.0

FeedbackCannot find some of the radio stations.Version: 2.2.401007.0

Want to do lists? Better off with paper.I can't handle using this app. I keep trying because I desperately want to use it for our grocery lists. That's most of what we use Alexa for. But when I go to the store, the cell service inside is always spotty at best, and the app in CONSTANTLY refreshing and trying to get a new signal, so even if I miraculously pull up the list, within seconds it disappears while trying to sync again. It's incredibly frustrating. And while they claim to have an offline shopping mode, when I go into Costco, which has no cell coverage at all where I live, it spends all it's time trying to find a signal, and shows me nothing. I've had to call my husband to tell me what's on the list every time, when it should be in my hand! I've even turned off WiFi hoping that would help, but no luck. And I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to turn off cell data to see my grocery list (which, by the way, doesn't even work either). Long story short, this app is utterly useless for lists. You're better off with paper..Version:

The product is unreliable!Keeps disconnecting. Does not recognize voice commands. Goes silent!.Version: 2.2.410802.0

App is in a foreign languageI’ve had Alexa for a day and for some reason my app is in a character language I don’t read. I never selected this as the default and have followed instruction online and have changed it to English where I can. Off to a rocky start..Version: 2.2.309845.0

This sucksDon’t buy the Alexa enabled Sonos speaker..Version: 2.2.410802.0

GlitchesCan be glitchy.Version: 2.2.408756.0

Often doesn’t pick up the music I ask forOften I ask Alexa to play what I am listening to on my iPhone and she just doesn’t connect it. Very frustrating!!!.Version: 2.2.324480.0

No Alexa app, No...The app was descent, not excellent but was ok. Well today they introduced the light mode /dark mode but this is annoying. It appears it automatically mimics whatever preferences your phone is set to. Well where is the setting to manually control this? I can’t seem to find one if one does exist. My iPhone is in white mode and I like Alexa in dark mode. Now I’m all confused where things are because it looks different. This is horrible UX..... not letting the user select. I get it and accessibility importance, but accessibility is about customization not forcing people into a choice. I know, I’m studying accessibility in grad school. you shouldn’t just assume if they like light mode for one instance, they will always want it. This needs a setting and customized option bad, and if it exists.... it’s too hidden. I’m kinda disgusted that they want to chose for me, and now it’s hard to even recognize anything in the app..Version: 2.2.396043.0

Why should I report an issue with Amazon Alexa?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Amazon Alexa to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Amazon Alexa customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Amazon Alexa.

Is Amazon Alexa not working?

Amazon Alexa works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Amazon Alexa.

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