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I like it but whyWhy can’t I use chrome Remote Desktop when my computer cover is closed Well a good idea is to add a power button of course because I want my computer closed not open because it would be much easier so we can turn it on instead of going to the computer and opening the cover please add this So we can use chrome Remote Desktop easier and safely and securely instead of when someone’s using it and then you didn’t know they were using it when the cover is open.Version: 67.0.3396.22

SOOOOOOOOO COOLLLLThis app is so cool especially because it is free and mirrors my windows 10 perfectly and allows me to play desktop games from my iPad. This app also has an integrated mouse and is probably the best app of 2016.Version: 1.0.10

Works WellAs a student who can't always bring his PC to class, this is a reliable and efficient alternative. I can basically get Windows on my iPhone with this app. One recommendation for the developers: Chromecast support. Imagine being able to cast a desktop to a tv while using the phone as a trackpad along with a Bluetooth keyboard. I can already get similar functionality with airplay, but I think with the Chromecast handling the actual visual link to the desktop, latency can be reduced..Version: 1.0.10

Right clicking possible but difficult.Setup is easy and it works quite well. But I gave to say that that right-clicking only works if you tap with two fingers juuuust right. It could cause a repetitive stress injury with trying over and over. And sadly there's no way to adjust it or change the gesture. UPDATE-- Make sure you're in Trackpad mode (the mouse icon) and keep your fingers wide apart. Tap once & lift. Works better that way..Version: 1.0.10

Worked fantastic BUT..I would love for a load more settings like a super duper expert pro mlg nerd mode and make it able to transfer files and play sound on phone not desktop when connected I had a size problem but Iam on phone so that's why but make it to where when you connect like most remote programs it sets desktop to resolution of remote device like 800x350 set auto.Version: 1.0.10

Better Performance, Worse User InterfaceI’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop for a couple years and it has worked very well, consistently. Just tried this new version and I can definitely see the performance improvement. That’s very nice. The bad news is that Google changed the user interface. It takes two presses to bring up the keyboard or change the mouse mode, instead of one. (I wish there was a “shortcut” press [3D?] to quickly change mouse mode or toggle the keyboard.) Also, the new titles given to the two mouse modes are not helpful. In the previous version and this new version, iOS dictation and keyboard shortcuts (like auto-capitalization at the start of a sentence and adding a period after pressing two spaces) do not work. Still all in all, a great app that I love and highly recommend..Version: 66.0.3359.86

This is really greatThis app means you can control your of and see exactly what is going on with it and see what some people are up to on it.Version: 1.0.10

Seria bien que agreguen lo siguientePoder agregar botones de teclas a la pantalla del movil para poder jugar y un joistick para controlar el mause.Version: 67.0.3396.22

Very GoodI really like this Remote Desktop app which will be probably the only one I like since on how it’s so simple to use. One thing I would like to see is you are able to set custom keyboard shortcuts that you might have on your pc but on your phone to activate it from!.Version: 70.0.3538.28

Excellent and freeI used to use Splashtop all the time, but every update made the app worse and now they even want a subscription services, but this app is free and always works (so far)!.Version: 1.0.7

Overall good butInternational keyboard needs to be supported. Currently, only default language keyboard is supporting..Version: 74.0.3729.58

Wonderful app, BUT.!Its amazing but the app disconnects for no reason if you leave the app it disconnects even if you’re in the app it does the same thing and about that keyboard you need to make a custom one since we don’t have everything on the keyboard but i don’t really have an issue with that my main issue is the disconnecting part i've been searching a lot for an app like this so i hope you see these reviews and fix the problems we will appreciate that sooo much thank you..Version: 76.0.3809.13

Amazing but features missing.By far the smoothest, easiest, most stable remote assist app I've ever used. The scrolling is so smooth on both sides I can even use it just as a remote control for my PC from across the room to amaze people. The screen share is MUCH better then teamviewer. HOWEVER, there is no file transfer part of the app. So you cannot simply view a list of the files on your remote client to transfer to your device. You would have to email the files to yourself from the computer you are controlling. Other then that it's awesome..Version: 1.0.10

Does everything I neededNeeded a way to have remote access to my monitor while also having the ability to change my speaker setting into my phone so that I could watch with ear phones. Really helped reduce noise complaints! It’s not very laggy and made my user experience very pleasing. I don’t necessarily like the annoying tool bar that says I’m using the monitoring device but I’m sure theyll create something more subtle in the future. I also tried teamviewer and found that the free version, in my opinion, was far too laggy, hence my decision to use chrome desktop instead!.Version: 67.0.3396.22

Great remote app...Updates? Or is it just that great? ;) I'd love to see a few more features, like file transfers, but it does the basics very well..Version: 1.0.10

Great app... butMissing some essential features such as right click drag, tab, esc, windows key, PrtScr, etc... the app is great for its main purpose of accessing work or most features of a computer on the go, but I wish there were more configurations for streaming games on the go. Great app! Keep up the good work.Version: 76.0.3809.13

Works for meWorks great for me, I haven’t used it extensively but when I use it on my laptop to log into my desktop that seems to work excellent. Now being on the iPad it seems pretty well I’ve only used it for a few weeks now but all in all it does exactly what it needs to do. I have a feeling it’s not as good as screens but for what I use it for at all I need. Screens is still my go to but this has actually been more reliable. UPDATE, screens has actually been less reliable lately (2 months) so this has been my go to. I’m hoping that is a bug in Screens..Version: 76.0.3809.13

Much better since the updateThis app has long since been a handy way for me to control my desktop remotely when I’m away from my PC. It previously struggled with some lag, connection issues and some other minor gripes that I just lived with. The update that came out very recently is leaps ahead of the previous iteration. Much smoother control, more responsive. Higher refresh rate. Just all round much better. Thanks 👍.Version: 66.0.3359.48

SpottyI love this app. Used it in multiple environments. Now at the end of 2018, it is very unreliable on my Windows 7 x64 boxes. Rebooting doesn’t fix it, updates aren’t pending, just fails to connect. I know it could be a lot, but I think something is up with the app itself. Hope they keep improving, this works better than the native windows RDP in several use cases..Version: 70.0.3538.28

Good but could better utilize the iPad featuresThe app is really great for basic remote accessing your pc in a pinch or for using light programs that are only accessible on a pc. But the app miss out by not fully utilizing the iPads newer features. The proper support for the new mouse support in iPadOS is the biggest thing missing in the app this could allow for more serious programs to be used with the app. This could also enable right click, mouse drag and the scroll wheel which would really complete the experience. The app is also is missing a way to download and upload files since the iPad now better supports a file explorer. The app does everything else really well though. The lag is every minimal, at least with my wi-fi and me cellular data. The resolution hit is also not bad and I got used to the interface really quickly..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Chrome Remote DesktopIt’s alright. Don’t get me wrong, I like it for when I can check my stuff when I’m out and about as I’m a PC gamer so I can check the downloads whilst I’m at work. The only issue I have with it is the fact it runs a little slow. Other than that, brilliant app..Version: 1.0.10

FantasticGreat app by Google. Better than team viewer.Version: 76.0.3809.13

Great but not perfectThe app is at the time of this review, one of the best Remote Desktop app there is, and it’s free. The track mode is awesome to use and there is minimal to no lag, given that you have a decent WiFi connection. However, what it lacks is the ability to use ctrl, alt and other function keys! This is definitely a big draw back that most of time you can live with. If somehow the on screen key road can be transparent, it will make the app even better but this is not something essential..Version: 79.0.3945.10

I don’t understandI don’t understand every time I try and put the pin in on my laptop it keeps saying the remote computer is offline. Although it isn’t.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Meanwhile great app!For me this app works great. Before this one I tried several remote desktop-apps, also pay-apps, but in my case they all did not work. I wanted the Windows Media Center-screen from my Windows 10 Pro-computer, besides via HDMI on my smart TV, to show on my iPad. So I could choose. Nothing worked till I tried the Google Remote Desktop-app. Easy to install, free and it worked right away! Not five stars but four because after two hours or so the connection drops. Looked everywhere at the cause. Still can not find if it’s the app on the iPad or the connection of the desktop (of course both are on the same – fast 5GHz – network). Reconnection is easy made, however..Version: 1.0.10

Good, however has bugs and issuesCRD is pretty good in terms of simplicity and connectivity. What is annoying about the iOS app however is the bugginess with the keyboard and lack of key features. There is no way to invoke the arrow keys or special keys remotely, which can be a major issue in command line situations. Further, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, often keystrokes will not register on the other end unless you do a full disconnect and reconnect. This happens frequently and is a showstopper. I wish some TLC was put into the app to tune it up a bit, because it is a very good low-latency remote access system otherwise..Version: 70.0.3538.28

BrilliantWorks great on iOS and OSX ... Quality tool free ... Can't go wrong..Version: 1.0.10

Best RDP everBest RDP from the best. Very user friendly and secure..Version: 76.0.3809.13

Good but...Would be great to be able to upload and download files from PC to your mobile device, and vice Verda.Version: 1.0.10

AwesomeWorks great with windows 7. Doesn't work correctly with different sized dual monitors and/or a triple monitor setup..Version: 1.0.7

Extraordinarily simple and usefulDo not pay attention to the star ratings, sort by most critical and you will see that the 1 star ratings are from 3 years ago. I have used many remote desktops, they worked well but all seemed overly complicated. Google Desktop Remote does exactly what you want a remote to do - it lets you feel like you are sitting in front of your monitor. You simply need to try it and you will understand why simplicity is better than dozens of features..Version: 70.0.3538.28

Please get the update to lock to a screen!!The feature is now available in chrome remote desktop on PC but I would love to be able to lock the iPad to a vertical display on my main computer!! I can't wwit. PS: 5 stars for low delay and full 30 fps. Also still using h264 for the time being. If you go to vp9 so help me God!!!!.Version: 76.0.3809.13

Works really wellThankfully I have one of those ipad magic keyboards, so I haven‘t had any of the issues other folks have had. I am able to log into my home laptop from my ipad while at work or on the road and do things like gaming and logging into my military stuff (leave my CAC there at home in the reader). This makes it super easy to check email and complete online assignments..Version: 79.0.3945.10

My iPhone Connects To My PC Instantly, But ..... once connected I’m not able to do anything. I can see my Notebook-PC Desktop on my device screen, but each time I’ve tried to access my folders etc. it just won’t budge. I’m giving Google the benefit of the doubt, so they get a 4 Star rating. The issue here is likely a user error and I just haven’t seen the answer listed in the Help Section..Version: 76.0.3809.13

Saved my lifeThis app is litterally saved my life and I strongly reccomend you set this up with your computer because you never know when your going to need it. It’s amazing how this is also free!.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Very good so farI’m waiting to try long-distance use for this app, but so far, everything is fine. It connects as expected, works quickly, has perfect screen mirroring, sound, and just functionality. Of course, there’s latency with sound and actions, but its, like, 0.06ms ball-park. The only thing I can say that’s bad about it is that the keyboard is the standard one; not ctrl, alt, F1-F12, or any other command buttons. I just suggest you not use the system keyboard and use a computer keyboard. (Num buttons would be an extension) I am also concerned with privacy, since all this is true. I’m not a tech savvy, so I don’t know how this works. For all I know, I could be using Bluetooth without it being on! How does this work?.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Wow...Google, you’ve done it this time, this is EPIC!! Who comes up with a way to use your computer anywhere?!?! How to make it always avalible: Make your computer never auto-sleep Then, leave Remote Desktop setup..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Finally!Finally Googles Remote Desktop comes to IOS! Works great and with time will get better, thank you!.Version: 1.0.7

Fit to screen doesn’t work ?This app generally works well, but the option to resize PC screen to fit iPad screen doesn’t work. Looking at Reddit this was reported way back last year so why haven’t you fixed it Google?.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Nice!Works way better than I expected! Sure, if you are trying to do this on an tiny iPhone prepare to put your reading glasses on and pinch to zoom in :) But on an iPad or another PC it works great!.Version: 70.0.3538.28

Best remote client on the market!Always connects. No lag. Works great internal and external networks..Version: 1.0.10

Extremely Helpful.Works really well. Can't be anymore happier..Version: 1.0.10

Overall best app of its kindThere’s no adds like remote mouse and you can just basically use a computer from a phone or tablet. Audio is a bit behind but it’s over WiFi so there’s nothing can really be done there, only a few milliseconds but I wish I could have audio playing in the background when I don’t have this app open and not disconnect from my pc if I’m messaging people on my phone. Just kinda wanna have it stay connected in the background..Version: 79.0.3945.10

DeleteLike this app for when I am needing to access my home computer when I'm at work or wherever else I might be. I would give this app a 5 star rating if you could delete the computers that are no longer connected so those are not seen anymore. If there is a way to do that, the instructions to do that would be great to have..Version: 1.0.10

Works great for my GFs laptopI wanted to control Netflix on my girlfriends laptop which was hooked up to the tv without having to get up because we are on vacation and didn’t bring a wireless mouse. First I tried the official Microsoft RD Client, but apparently her “version of windows does not support remote desktop”. Anyways long story this app worked like a charm. Knocked a star off because I have to reconnect every time I turn my phone screen off, which is kind of annoying. Thanks chrome!.Version: 76.0.3809.13

MikeQuite Straight forward to setup with some helpful information under the 'help' section which I was grateful to. The ios software was the easier part, the hardest part was installing the two components on the windows 10 laptop as it is not in the Microsoft app store, you have to go to the google website to download, which isnt a problem just a shame that its not in the microsoft app store. The app Works really well though and I did not notice any lag at all. If I was to suggest one thing to improve the app, it would be to enable sound to be carried with the video stream. Best thing is, it's free !!!.Version: 1.0.10

Don’t bother with any othersThis is the easiest to setup, no hassle free to use Remote Desktop app. Others are a pain and charge. This does it all for you. I can remote into my pc from my Mac or phone or anywhere that is using google chrome. Highly recommended.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Plz helpWhere do I write the pin?.Version: 67.0.3396.22

FantasticApp I would defiantly recommend. So easy to use. The only thing I would want is it to be faster but that's fine..Version: 1.0.10

Perfect ToolI built a MONSTER of a computer that sits in my apartment and dual boots in Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan. When I'm on the go, all I have is a Acer Chromebook or my iPhone, and I'm able to utilize the full functionality my computer back home that's running with an i7 4Ghz processor, 16Gb RAM @ 1866, NVIDIA GTX 770 GPU, and solid state installed programs. All because of chrome Remote Desktop..Version: 1.0.10

Nothing can be better then thisI usually don't write a review but this is just I wanted great great app thanks google.Version: 1.0.10

Great - Mouse support could be improved.This app has allowed me to make use of my PC while I am at University which is awesome. Now I don’t really feel the need for a laptop. One improvement of the app would be mouse support as iPad OS supports mice now..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Good remote desktop app that is freeAmongst all the remote desktop app/softwares. Being free for use, it is a big thumb up. I normally use teamviewer personal version, but often finishes about 30 mins each session. While Chrome Remote Desktop seems no limit for each session. I saw a lot of comments about lagging during the experience, it seems depending on the internet speed on the computer and your device you are using. It is acceptable for a bit of lagging. However it does not seem this is an issue for me..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Just One ThingI love this app, it’s great and so convenient. There’s just one inconvenient thing :/, when you double click to switch apps and stay out of Remote Desktop for a bit, when you come back to it, a notice saying you have no registered desktops comes up. It’s not a huge deal because you just have to close out the app entirely and reopen it to fix but it would be better if it just wouldn’t do that. Otherwise, this app is overall amazing, easy to set up and use, and great to for me ( a lazy person) who doesn’t want to get up and change on her computer across the room, so i just use this, and it’s great!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗.Version: 1.0.10

Been waiting months for this appEver since I jumped ship from nexus 7 2013 to iPad Air 2. There's been an app I've alway missed having and now it's finally available on the App Store and it's as great as I remember it. Although a little slow but then that's probably the Internet connection speed. Remote Desktop usage has never been easier then it is with this app. A essential app if you a simple experience..Version: 1.0.7

Chromecast?Very good app! I wish I could use Chromecast with this. Also an extended keyboard to allow advanced key combinations..Version: 70.0.3538.28

DisappointedDownloaded to try to control my laptop from away, and I could only click not drag, please update to support iPadOS 14, as many iPad users have keyboards and mouses that you can take advantage of to make this way better!.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Doesn’t let me connectI downloaded the app on my laptop (chromebook) and when I went on the app it wasn’t there? Did I do it wrong?.Version: 76.0.3809.13

Useful informationWhen your inside the app swipe ^up^ With three fingers to show the keyboard....Version: 1.0.10

Simplest and easiest setupExcellent app for the job, not sure how google can offer that good app for free.. thanks.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Works greatWould be 5 stars if you did not have to put your pin in again to connect to a device every time you lock your phone.Version: 70.0.3538.28

Absolutely perfect for my ipadLets imagine you have an ipad pro and a good wifi but you are restricted sometimes by IOS ......thats it buy a raspberry pi or any other single board computer ....install windows or linux with gui.......setup up this app in chrome.....baaaaaam.....i can access this computer from my never stops to impress me....I would not hesitate to say its better than microsoft own remote desktop...its feels somehow more intuitive.Version: 76.0.3809.13

Well doneWell developed and really handy. Surprisingly smooth considering it is free. Be better if it use the computer keyboard instead (including esc).Version: 79.0.3945.10

Best Remote Desktop AppThis app is so easy to use and I've used a lot of the other ones including some of the paid ones. I don't need access to my work and home computers very often, because I use Google Drive. But I used to use logmein which was free for basic features for a long time, but then they went to a paid version and locked me out. I tried other paid versions and they pail in comparison to Google Remote Desktop..Version: 1.0.10

Great App! Just a few detailsIt's a great app. Setup was very easy. I like how the mouse moves and the scaling of the screen with pinch motion. A few missing features: 1. Right mouse click 2. Mouse drag (for selection) 3. Special keys: Esc, Ctrl, Alt, arrows, function keys, Apple key, tab, etc 4. When in landscape keyboard there are two arrows on the side of the keyboard. Clicking on the arrows crashes the app 5. When I connect to my computer, the screen flashes and the front application changes 6. When I move the mouse locally, the motion of the cursor does not change remotely. This makes it hard for a local user to point to something when providing remote support..Version: 1.0.10

BugNoted following bug: In session when I press ‘return’ instead of ‘enter’, I get ‘tab’ effect. Please fix - thanks!.Version: 66.0.3359.104

Saved me $99Thank you so much for this. I’m shocked it doesn’t have 5 stars across the board. Microsoft made it so that windows 10 home can’t have a remote connection unless you upgrade to windows 10 pro for $99. I explored another DIY method by downloading a GitHub RDP wrapper which seemed to work for everyone else on the internet but me, so that failed and took me hours! Then all of a sudden I try this and boom not only does it work instantly but is intuitive and anything else I can figure out easily. It was exactly what I needed, thank you..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Won’t connect to PC on same WiFi networkIf you are connected on the same network and you are not able to connect to your PC even though it’s showing as online, try disconnecting from WiFi so you can connect to your PC and reconnect your phone back to your wifi. It worked for me..Version: 79.0.3945.10

Great Lightweight App - a few suggestions to make it ExcellectReally is a great lightweight app, can almost always connect to the machine I need to, responds fast, doesn't slow down the machine, etc. My main suggestion would be multi-tasking, it can take 10-15 seconds to connect and if your phone locks, you switch apps (perhaps you need to check something in your email, Notes or a text message, etc) it disconnects you and you need to connect all over again. Other suggestions include ability to add a button for Ctrl (other special keys as well but this is probably the most needed / common), and finally clipboard support would be great. But overall is a solid free method for connecting to a machine remotely..Version: 1.0.10

Use gestures while using a computer remotelyUse gestures while using a computer remotely You can use gestures while remotely accessing a computer. Scroll up or down: Swipe with two fingers. Click and drag: Drag with a finger. Zoom: Pinch and stretch with two fingers. Show keyboard: Swipe up with three fingers. Show the toolbar app: Swipe down with three fingers. Move the mouse: Swipe anywhere on the screen (only in Trackpad mode). Left click: Tap the screen. Right click: Tap the screen with two fingers (only in Trackpad mode). Middle click: Tap the screen with three fingers (only in Trackpad mode)..Version: 76.0.3809.13

GreatSeriously anything another software can do, Google can do it better.Version: 70.0.3538.28

Great App but why 17+It doesn't have unrestricted web access. So why is it 17+.Version: 1.0.10

Great recent update! Needs one more thing...The adjust screen resolution to match is great but needs to support retina resolutions so that it’s not assuming a lower pixel density..Version: 66.0.3359.86

Great free appI love this app. I'm new to google products, been an apple man, however Google has made such wonderful free products I've considered switching. I tried splashtop Remote Desktop and was going to pay $10 and $15 yearly subscription until I found this app. Highly recommended for anyone with a desktop at home. Now I get use out of my desktop!!! Only problem is no audio playback, but that could be my settings, still experimenting but same issues with Splashtop. Either way FREE and works great!!! Keep up the great work Chrome-Google. #Winningcustomers.Version: 1.0.10

Updates, actual updates!These new updates are so welcome. Thanks to the team or person who’s picked this up after all these years. Linux support on CRD would be amazing but as for this app, perfect..Version: 66.0.3359.104

This is my story about this app - true storyThis is a true story One day I got this app, it is good! I can control my computer, it's good, there is a little lag, but it's okay. But the next day my computer was on and I tried to connect my iPad to it, and guess what it did, my iPad said "unable to reach this host" I got rid of the app, then got it again, but still did not work 🙁 so now I can't do it. I don't know if it was a update, but you have to fix it! A few days later I tried it again... and guess what... 😁😁😁 IT WORKED! YAY I was able to do it again! But then after I connected it it had a BIG lag, I was moving the mouse on my iPad, I saw it going to my computer but it was not coming on my iPad, so I disconnected it, and tried to connect it again, but then it said "unable to reach this host." AHHHH IT DOES NOT WORK NOW - AGAIN! I was unhappy. but a few days After, I connected it, and it worked. Just the little lag.i was 😊 it is back to normal. But then... (Just joking - nothing happened) THE END I hope you enjoyed this story, it is true..Version: 1.0.10

It’s an app. Don’t expect everythingI wanted to use this to manage chrome cast from a computer while I’m in bed. It works great, Don’t expect to be able to do everything with this, I was honestly surprised to see just how well it does work. There is also very little lag which is impressive. Again though this is an app streaming your desktop. It has to deal with your internet connection, and two OS’s..Version: 67.0.3396.22

Very goodIt’s so good that I don’t have to go on my pc.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Good app but wish settings would saveFor example dock to left setting would save. Every time I use the app I need to edit this setting and dock to left. Other then that the app has worked flawlessly. Thanks.Version: 76.0.3809.13

GreatWorks a lot better than I expected.Version: 1.0.10

Finally works!Thanks for fixing! Was so broken before but it’s great now!.Version: 66.0.3359.104

Great!This app is great, it has a nice framerate and easy controls. Please add sound!.Version: 1.0.10

Needs a patchWorks flawlessly pc to pc, however I can’t get it to work from iPhone app to desktop..Version: 74.0.3729.58

Was great but doesn’t work well nowThis was wonderful for years but it doesn’t work on my iPhone anymore. There’s something wrong with the screen resolution. I can’t tap anything on the computer I’m connecting to. I use this to connect to my PC and Mac from my iPhone and my PC is even worse: I only get to see one monitor out of two and I still can’t click anything. Something really bad happened in a recent update.Version: 79.0.3945.10

Works greatThis is great. Does what I need to do and so far has been fast and reliable. It might not be good for everything but for my needs its perfect :).Version: 1.0.7

Amazing app! Super cool, just a few flaws!Overall this app works great! I can control my laptop from pretty much anywhere, which is so cool. The app runs smoothly, but there are a few flaws. My laptop’s aspect ratio isn’t the same as my iPad, and there is no ability to have black space on the top/bottom of my remote device’s screen so I don’t have to scroll over to see things on the other side of the computer screen. Also, there is no ability to scroll down easily, you have to click downwards on the scroll bar which is a big hassle. Somewhat included in that problem is the lack of ability to drag and drop. Other than those few problems, great app!.Version: 70.0.3538.28

SoundIt brill for what I need it for no improvements but ability to play the sound out of your device would be all it needs for me.Version: 70.0.3538.28

Works great! Suggestions!Needless to say, this is a wonderful app to have, definitely more than 5 stars. I'm not on the go much and when I do end up on the go I either bring my laptop with me or have no use for it. But this app is still pretty fun to play around with. There are only a few things that I would say could be done with the app: - Latency can be reduced. I have a feeling it is something to do with the app, because it will lag on my iPod while my laptop is running quite fine. - Add mouse wheel, left click, and right click buttons off to the side when using the mouse. That would be a nice addition and add more functionality to the mouse. - Fix the mouse sync. When I move the mouse on my iPod, it is in sync with my laptop, but when I move the mouse on my laptop, it does not sync with the mouse on my iPod. - Add full screen support. I noticed that apps in full screen will not appear on my iPod. - Earlier I said I like to toy around with it. It is pretty fun to play games on my laptop through my iPod. This goes along with the mouse sync part, but it would be nice if the mouse in the app would go to the center of the screen when playing games. It makes it a little hard to play games when, depending on where your mouse is, you constantly make a hard left. Oh well! If you did these things, it would still be worth more than 5 stars! Keep up the good work, Google!.Version: 1.0.10

Sensitive screenWhen I attempt to move audio pieces around on the screen from a laptop it tends to jump around, is there any thing I can do?.Version: 79.0.3945.10

I LOVE THE APP BUT THERE IS SOME THINGS THAT NEED TO BE ADDED ...I have been using this app for a while now and it has been incredibly useful in so many situations but there is one thing that bugs me so much; The app needs is own custom Keyboard, a semi transparent, customizable keyboard. It bugs me quite a bit that they haven't thought to do it yet because it is nessessary! How is anyone supposed to use Esc or any of the other essential keys?! A 4 layer keyboard would be great, first layer has the letters, backspace, Shift/CapsLock, space bar, return/enter and the main punctuation marks ( like most regular keyboards); And again like most keyboards there would be a second and third layer of numbers and other symbols and then ANOTHER layer that has all the Esc, Ctrl, Shift, Windows, Tab, Print Screen, F1-F12 buttons among others. That would really bring it all together, and instead of having it integrated make it a custom Keyboard that you have to enable in settings and all that but have its option settings in the app. I hope you would take this suggestion into consideration because it would be so helpful to most of not all users of the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Thank you, A loyal customer..Version: 1.0.10

Great but...A great and very useful app. If you left your work on your home computer, no problem! Log in and email it to yourself. However, significant problem with multiple screens: part of the far right screen doesn't update. With my screen positioning, this is my main screen, so this is a problem..Version: 1.0.10

BrilliantThis is exactly what I was looking for. Doesn’t take forever to setup and isn’t complicated, this would be ideal for someone who isn’t tech savvy would recommend..Version: 67.0.3396.22

Love it!I have the google play version for my phone but the iOS is definitely better. Especially on the ipad! This app is easy to setup and quickly connects to your desktop wherever you are provided you have internet access..Version: 1.0.10

Amazing app!Could you add an option to use your device as a second monitor via the app? Please do this thanks..Version: 1.0.10

This app needs simulation of ctrl keyEverything is fine and it’s good this works even on Linux machines, but please, please add the ctrl key simulation..Version: 66.0.3359.48

Newest version renews my love for this useful appThe newest update for Chrome Remote Desktop has made this incredibly useful app even better..Version: 66.0.3359.48

Finally! Updated and amazing!I use CRD daily and the older version on iOS was extremely old and buggy. This runs @ 60fps, you can now choose between trackpad and touchscreen mode, it holds the connection while multitasking and offers intelligent iPhone X support. Thank you so much Google, i thought CRD might have been on its way to retirement internally. It’s a Fantastic tool..Version: 66.0.3359.48

Great app, but bad accessibility...I like the app, I love it's concept. But we got some problems. I'm totally blind, and i use a screenreader on my iPhone called VoiceOver. The problems. 1. Whenever i connect to a computer the trackpad gets in the way, ruining voiceOver support. It says, tap with 4 fingers. I do that twice, click show keyboard, and there's no tab, control, alt, windows, or anything like that. The window become fully inaccessible. Thanks in advance..Version: 66.0.3359.104

Needs WorkThe app is very good and extremely useful. However, it needs to broadcast to custom keyboards (such as SwiftKey) to turn off predictive text, or at least have the option to. Whenever I enter in a password on my PC, or the PIN to access it, the password is saved into my custom dictionary. This is a huge security flaw and rather annoying as I have to manually remove the password from SwiftKey. Thank you; I hope you fix this issue..Version: 1.0.10

Excellent appI own a ios device and a windows ten laptop. It took me a total of 5 minutes to get it operating. I dunno what others are talking about saying it took some effort. Lol.Version: 1.0.10

Does the jobAs long as you have the extension set up on the chrome browser on your desktop/laptop this app worked out of the box..Version: 1.0.7

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