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Technology is the new wayTechnology is only getting smarter, which means we are going to be the smartest to learn about this technology! So many people have no idea what’s really going on in this time and age! No matter how old you are, if you’re not learning something new every day of some kind of a learning device, I feel really sorry for them! Sincerely, The Learner.Version: 223.0

Love to use Workplace to communicate with other eXp agents!I love that you can use Workplace to collaborate with agents all over the world and find solutions. I just wish more agents would embrace the workplace environment and understand that it is more effective been walking into someone’s office..Version: 238.0

Can’t log inAt the moment must be a bug because I cannot log in and data is not showing anymore.Version: 285.0

Love itWorkplace is great it allows you to keep up to date with everything and everyone..Version: 263.0

Kenco Bucket TrucksMany of our crews stay gone out on the road for prolonged stays, Workplace is a great way for us to keep our teams in contact with the other team members who may or may not be away from the office. It serves as a great platform for us to help build our team morale and spirit. Thank you.Version: 274.0

WorkplaceGreat app to keep in contact with colleagues when you can’t use your phone. It really helps to improve your work numbers since you can contact them all the time whenever you meed advise. It is a direct communication with colleagues..Version: 229.0

InspirationalLove seeing what others are Creating, Doing and Achieving in our stores across Australia and New Zealand. Gives me inspiration and creates a great portal to help with ideas and planning. I’m not a Facebook person but I love this app..Version: 198.0

Good appWe have three shops which are in different towns so this app is ideal for us and it’s easy to use..Version: 217.0

Georgia DeblingGreat app, nice to see what’s going on in other offices..Version: 356.0

Crew memberI enjoy working at belconnen McDonald’s. I meet some great people and I get to learn new skills.Version: 383.0

Best Social Media AppHands down best social media platform. Highly recommend for your workplace.Version: 213.0

Missing fundamental featuresWhile a basic user, the ability for the admin to delete inactive accounts or for the user to remove there own is absent from the feature list until you activate premium access. This seems like a fundament tool for the basic membership to be useful. I understand third party integration to be attached to the high tier but not sure removing accounts or being able to delete your own..Version: 208.0

Best app everAwesome community building for a pricate community and company!!.Version: 329.0

FantasticGreat tool to see what we are all supporting and doing..Version: 225.0

Valuable tool for businessWorkplace has stood as a pillar for office socializing, collaboration, and unity, especially as things have gone remote. I highly encourage anyone to consider as a platform for office community and a proprietary social network. It’s worked wonders in my organization..Version: 330.0

Is this the offical Bunnings workplace communication format?Good online & communicator tool as long as everyone connects to it. Some TM’s know about the App but are not connected and/or do not want to be for what ever reason. For some of the management team this is the only form of communication and assume all TM’s will get the message & then those TM’s not connected miss out on the communication..Version: 256.0

Enjoy the new AppFind it really nice to see how all the different houses are doing and getting all the updates.Version: 373.0

A really great app! Really great!Great!.Version: 233.0

GoodGood idea.Version: 210.0

Stephen gaskinIt’s proving to be a great way to stay in touch with employees and their great work throughout Ontario Region..Version: 207.0

What is there not to like?Love it, great to keep up with info, communicate, learn, collaborate etc etc etc.Version: 195.0

Effortless Collaboration Within Your NetworkThe Workplace app has worked wonders for my business. If we don’t communicate, we don’t get connected to the right people. We use Facebook to be connected to news, memes, updates from family, and join groups to join other people that share the same ideas as us. With Workplace, we network in a way we’re all used to, the FB interface. A separate app for the private chat is the only reason why I give it a 4. It didn’t have to be like FB there with a separate app. Overall it is super solid, helpful, and easy to use since it has FB’s interface..Version: 251.0

Love it!!Love it!! Such a wonderful way to network and communicate..Version: 390.0

Tagging peopleAnyway we can have a set up people saved that we tag every post so don’t have to search for them. I notice there is a list of people when we are going to tag people but they are just random people. Maybe let us customize list of people to tag?.Version: 356.0

Brilliant!!This is a great way for our park’s to see what we are all doing.Version: 258.0

Great Means of CommunicationWhat I enjoy most is the ability for communication with Team on issues affecting, and relevant to all stores..Version: 259.0

Awesome with one needed improvementI love the app. One improvement, though. Streamlining photos on the app. Easy access to my own photos and albums. The ability to save photos from workplace directly into one of my photo albums would be so helpful. Otherwise, I love it..Version: 193.0

Workplace appUnfortunately there are way too many updates that continuously “load”. I am unable to use the app when this occurs and it happens very frequently now..Version: 198.0

Dream Stream Rocks!So happy to FINALLY have my Dream Stream up and running. This took a long time and several emails and conversations. But I am overjoyed now to be able to use it to stay in the loop with my business partners. Thanks Dream Steam!!.Version: 294.0

Good first impressionsRecently installed, but it looks like a good platform to communicate with the team. We are a small company, but we do use a lot of cloud based tech to streamline our day to day. This was super simple to set up. It’s going to be a great panning and collaboration tool for team members on various internal projects. If it does catch on there is also the option to invite external companies to share info which could be very valuable. I see see a bit of a mesh of multiple styles of platforms in this: Facebook, linked in, CRM’s, Dropbox, plus some unique features. There is already the option for external integrations too which is good. So far I am optimistic. The Paid $3 per user for unlimited data storage seems fair and suggests it not all about data collection. It is cheap and a paid version suggests this may grow in to a serious business tool. FREE advice here: Jump in early on the paid subscription if you think this works for you. I’ve done this on a number of new cloud programs / apps and managed to lock in pricing schedules before often significant price jumps. One program I pay $7 a month for when new users now must pay a minimum of $30 with not all the benefits I have, and this has happened on several cloud platforms now. It’s worth a punt at $3 but only if you are going to use it. Fingers crossed this turns out to be a great value app..Version: 175.0

Great way to connect.Great app 👍🏽 Love being able to connect with our incredible partners and leaders. Easy to use for the most. Serves its purpose for our team. With the recent update, I no longer see the “Photos” tab when in our profile. Before the update I thought this was a great way to organize our photos and find them easily as well because they didn’t get lost in the timeline. BUT I do see that we can still add photos to albums we created prior to the update when you are writing a post/adding a photo. Just click the drop down arrow at the top, and choose the the album you want these pics to be added to..Version: 181.0

It’s so easy!I’m pretty technical, but my team is not. Slack is awesome with all its capabilities, Yammer as well, but unless you want to be a team of one I suggest Workplace. Anyone who can do Facebook (that’s like half the planet) can do Workplace. Spend your time collaborating, not training or doing technical support..Version: 207.0

PhotosHave enjoyed reading posts and seeing photos on Workplace.Version: 301.0

Lifeline of work groupsWorkplace is an excellent tool to keep everyone at work connected. Very friendly and easy to use application..Version: 310.0

GreatEspecially for tutoring.Version: 390.0

.It is a great app to use for work and post on only thing I’m having trouble with right now is signing into my job when it asks for region and language.Version: 394.0

Excellent toolAn excellent private collaborative tool for teams and groups. Don’t know how we lived without it!.Version: 207.0

Good but lacks MS Office integrationThe title says it all !.Version: 201.0

Super easy to useIf you can use Facebook you can use this offspring! Super handy and a great way to keep teams together.Version: 285.0

Facebook at work really works.Such an awesome tool. Nice way to stay in touch with people..Version: 270.0

GOAT APPWorkplace. Wow. It works. Remember to call it Workplace, not WorkSpace (LOL). And it works much the same as external Facebook. Obviously it's perfect for internal Facebook. I could definitely see this tool very useful for social engagement within any large company. With the ability to create highly engaging work groups or even common interest groups, such as dogs, or DCI Drumlines, or even capybaras. There is something for everyone. Every medium to large company needs an internal Wiki and a Workplace!.Version: 198.0

Amazing appLoving it👌.Version: 171.0

Enjoying itA quick way to see how all your work colleagues are doing and keeping people informed on what’s happening.Version: 194.0

Works fine for business teamsA good replacement for G+ for our team. Not dissimilar in functionality and very easy to pick up and use from day 1, even if you’re inexperienced..Version: 245.0

Simple. Efficient.Connects people the right way.Version: 235.0

Time wasterTime waster.Version: 221.0

WonderfulThais app is terrific and easy! the it for creating this app!.Version: 331.0

Workplace is amazing!Dream stream is a place where we can positively encourage and support one another in all of our hopes and dreams. It is void of drama and negativity which sets your whole day up for success! I love the energy and encouragement I receive! I highly recommend it to anyone!.Version: 249.0

Sue Smith Cherry Wood GrangeLove workplace and encouraging my fantastic team to use it more 😃.Version: 389.0

Work place teamsHome video all very good and encouraging especially for the NHS initiative.Version: 267.0

Best App Ever!!I use Workplace daily to stay connected to my team. It is the perfect platform to communicate, share goals, hold each other accountable and get information out. Highly recommend to any business or organization that is looking for an easy, versatile and private way to enhance there current methods of connecting..Version: 202.0

EasyEasy to use, simple and straightforward. Like it..Version: 206.0

Works great for small businessesWe are are boutique brokerage that uses workplace to educate REALTORS, manage blank forms and collaborate with each other. This tool levels the playing field. I didn’t need to buy an intranet platform with this social tool for business..Version: 208.0

Tool box talksBecause I learn what’s going on at other stores and what my store Iam not getting talked.Version: 394.0

Perfect for Professional BusinessOur team loves workplace by Facebook. What is wonderful about it, is that this is a more professional platform to keep things business and not personal. Definitely worth the investment with your team to keep the drama out And the business focus. We also love all the wonderful plug-ins that you can add to Workplace by Facebook. And probably the most amazing feature on Workplace by Facebook is the knowledge library. Our entire team loves it and it’s worth every penny..Version: 356.0

Fun and easy! ❤️💜❤️I love the workplace app. It’s so easy to use. Just like another huge social media app most people use everyday. And it fun. Love seeing all the pictures and connecting with people..Version: 227.0

Best Network StrategyI have been a member of Workplace since I accepted my current FE Coach position and it has been an amazing tool. This is one of the most efficient ways of networking and finding other resources when your local sources are not able to fulfill your need. I enjoy the friendly competition, encouraging posts and motivation this platform brings to others and the many ideas that are shared for us to add excitement to our store and Market but also a way to share your associates wins and provide ideas and assistance to theirs in need. SIMPLY AMAZING!.Version: 254.0

Better stuff available free!Have used workplace for a year and they just announced that it will be a per user charge from February. Although I was happy with it, I decided to look at alternatives. I was pleasantly surprised that Microsoft teams is better and still free - so unfortunately we will all move to that!.Version: 301.0

Great tool for workGreat source for connecting, collaboration and particularly while working as a team from various sites. Really great tool.Version: 337.0

Excellent for communicating with all my teamIt really is a GOD SEND.Version: 234.0

WorkplaceThis the easiest and more convenient platform I have seen for inside the company communications. What a great way to have different groups, interactive platform and to top it off, a direct messaging option. I love it..Version: 356.0

Bringing the Team together.Enjoying sharing results and recognition with our store team and throughout our fellow stores. Bring us all together in one format full of information, sharing results and ideas. Connecting from a DJ store in QLD down to a store in Victoria, connecting with national VM, buying group through to our CEO and senior executives. Visually and more entertaining the team are embracing Workplace.⭐️.Version: 295.0

AwsumGreat platform to pass on information and get in contact with team members in your store or in Bunnings..Version: 215.0

WWDB Essential Tool for SuccessThis app is far more than just an app to an All-In-WWDB. This is a gateway to positivity for those of us that are feeling down and depressed. This is a holy place where so many great people come to love each other, motivate one another, inspire their teammates, Grow their Dreams. This app is one of the essential tools for an All-In-WWDB to not only grow themselves positively but to help others grow by sharing those great moments of achievement and those Mountainous DREAMS that will one day move mountains. Thank you for creating this app and god bless..Version: 195.0

FunI like looking and seeing what everyone is doing, we r a great big family and business don’t have any of that like we do Wc is a special company with great folks working for them. I know I’m staying till I retire. Why leave something good.Version: 371.0

Finally it is formatted correctly for full screen on my iPad Pro...It has taken a while but the latest update this morning has enabled this to work properly with an iPad Pro, no more black borders around the app! Thank you!.Version: 226.0

ProductivityLove this app for workplace chats.Version: 198.0

Great put-together appAlways helps with giving a nice outlook for a campus with the activities and different work groups and really easy to maneuver the only thing I think would be better is on the home page you also put all the groups in the side of the screen not only just a few. Anyways lovely app though !.Version: 248.0

Great topicsI absolutely love this app. The fact that I can not only read what’s going on in other states but also upcoming topics and news. My favorite 2 pages are Coffee Knowledge and Armed Forces. But I really enjoy every one of the pages. Especially Miss Angi😃 Workplace lets me feel speak and read information from my work family on a daily basis. Thank you.Version: 247.0

Workplace review - Kevin SageI’m happy we have this tool, it aides better communication and collaboration on my Accounts and indeed the wider Securitas environment. If we are ever to get past the maxim “if only Securitas knew what Securitas knows” then we need these tools. We do not communicate as 1Securitas and this will help resolve that..Version: 203.0

Great but...Great app, love it. But needs a dark mode.Version: 288.0

Easy to useVery happy easy to use and no issues..Version: 356.0

Linked in a good wayGreat way to stay in link with your favourite ppl in the world, youknighted interprizes.Version: 210.0

Workplace drives Connection and Results.Workplace helps me know what’s going on, what’s important in the views of others, what I need to know, and how I can get better at collaboration and connection. It’s easy to use and the mobile app eliminates all those email notifications. I’ve found a variety of ways to get and share information, provide and learn insights, make better decisions, and drive results..Version: 194.0

Ashmere family is a awesome company to be part ofGreat company and so kind. If a care home understands care! It’s ashmere best team!!!!! Xxx.Version: 274.0

Excellent platformThis app provides an exceptional social engagement platform in the work environment and helps colleagues engage from around the state..Version: 284.0

NotificationsStill NO Notifications on iPhone XS Max with the latest iOS.Version: 282.0

Regrarians WorkplaceThe Workplace from Facebook has totally revolutionised Regrarians engagement with our global network of leading regenerative agriculture producers, advocates and advisors. It’s a brilliantly intuitive interface that allows us to manage and deliver content like never before and is continually getting better!.Version: 245.0

ExcellentGreat platform for sharing within and across our organisation. It allows me to directly communicate with over 500 of our staff and importantly allows them to contact me directly if they wish. Highly recommended..Version: 208.0

Better than sharing my personal lifeThis app has similar functions to Facebook (same company) but enterprise based, so your posts do not go beyond your workplace (hence the name). Great to not feel like I have to “friend” 200 people I barely know just so I can discuss work related issues..Version: 266.0

FeedbackAmazing platform for any company as long as it is used effectively. Using it for over a year and I must say it is a amazing platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and discussion. 5 star..Version: 202.0

Easy peasy communication tool5 star.Version: 196.0

Good stuffLove the feature of being able to switch accounts but it doesn’t allow me to save my logins so I can’t even use it I have to logout everytime and re login.Version: 351.0

Great start!Just started to use workplace, great tool, easy to navigate/familiar to most people. Love to be finally be connected to all colleagues. Infinite potential for learning, networking, self-expression and above all working in synergy to achieve organisation common aims and objectives. It is so good that customers should have their own version too 🙂.Version: 205.0

AsmBusy schedules, a set of eyes to see everything, and call out things to be fixed, looking through the customer perspective. The customer perspective “ I want it now and perfect .” Who are we? Well yeah... we are customers at some point, lol, and what we want....^ I already described it now and perfect. LOL.Version: 235.0

Great appNow I don’t like Facebook if I’m honest but I love Workplace as it definitely makes the company I work for seem smaller and more community driven and see business and personal posts just makes thing seem more friendly. I didn’t think I’d like workplace but I do. Definitely recommend.Version: 292.0

Game ChangerThis is revolutionizing organizations! We’ve been using workplace since 2017 and the continued evolution only gets better and better! We have cut emails but 60% and the multi-company group is my favorite feature. Our clients love it and we can collaborate and respond faster..Version: 219.0

Works great once u are in it!I love workplace! The only problem is getting everyone in with their email addresses. Once we got them in, always fine but getting them in was a real hard issue. It is so much easier to be able to communicate with my teams and see what they are talking about as well the same time. It’s also great to be able to watch several teams work together all at once. Great for someone who ever see you several teams like I do!.Version: 202.0

GreatGreat for keeping up to date with what’s going on.Version: 251.0

My reviewLove the app, very useful, very smooth, never freezes or have encountered any problems, 5 stars , and well deserved.Version: 254.0

Nice App to Collaborate with Teams and FreelancersI find Facebook Workplace very useful to collaborate with my teams, especially the freelancers who work with us for various projects. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t get any of the other apps to work with outside consultants (except Asana.) I also enjoy the simplicity and ability to share different types of content. I don’t think I want a separate Chat App though... so would highly recommend consolidating and integrating the chat within the Workspace, and not belabor the users with notifications about downloading the chat app. If you do that, this becomes an instant 5-star app!!.Version: 197.0

Super easy to navigate.Loving this workplace, by Facebook, so super easy.Version: 280.0

Worldwide Dreambuilders LLCJust wanted to say thank you Facebook and WWDB management team for partnering up. It’s really cool to see other people’s dreams, ambitions, goals, and motivations. I like how there is no advertisement. There is no judgement and there isn’t “trolling” which really makes a difference. Both companies are positively changing the way North Americans help the world and make it a better place. I’m really grateful and appreciative to have this feature on my phone and it’s one of a kind! I love it! Thank you! Jeff.Version: 192.0

Great idea but needs a little pushI love the idea of a business related social media. I wish there was a way to sync my Facebook business page to my workplace account. I wish bot building would be easier. I have spent 2 days trying to configure a bot and all failed. I love the aspect of all company based email addresses can login without a invitation. A custom login page with company's logos would be more friendly..Version: 164.0

Safety DirectorFun and interesting way to become familiarized with the broader scope of your business! I’ve made many new friends across North America and have used Workplace to elevate the message of safety and health awareness throughout the company! Great tool, both socially and from a learning/sharing/messaging standpoint..Version: 194.0

Game Changer for us!Workplace has transformed the way we work as a charity. It’s enabled us to safely collaborate, communicate, share knowledge / documents / resources. We now have a sense of alignment that we’ve not experienced before. Really excited about how we can leverage even more of the tools available to create a single platform for working together. The fact that Facebook supports the charity sector through providing the technology and training has been a true game changer for us, transforming how we engage our partners and volunteers..Version: 244.0

Imagine a Perfect Version of Social Media!Seriously though, imagine Facebook with all of the pros and NONE of the cons. Say no to advertisers, no to trolls, no to mindless, meaningless and endless debates, and then fill it with the people you actually want to stay close to. And there you have it—welcome to Workplace!.Version: 356.0

Special Orders Team ResponsesGreat app for asking questions. Team members around the country are on hand to help out. Fast and efficient when Team Assist phone line is busy. Thank you.Version: 283.0

AusAwesome app love how I can see if the an opportunity .my dislike are the thing people post on matter that has nothing to do with take shift or never get a call back for lead opportunities to grow even tho you don’t know if you get a interview for it.Version: 205.0

Workplace is amazing!!Workplace has changed the way my business communicates as a company! The only thing I would like to see changed is the ability to upload files and documents via the app instead of having to use a desktop..Version: 147.0

The #beyondlimits workplaceWorkplace is a global meeting place where the amazing 100,000 strong BT team can come together, share ideas, positively change the world and find new and exciting ways to harness technology to achieve our human potential..Version: 248.0

5StarGet to know about what’s happening in and around our bigger family is Scotiabank buddies.Version: 326.0

Some constructive ideas? Perhaps?I think it would be very beneficial to be able to schedule a post for a future time or date. Even maybe to schedule a post for each day indefinitely. Users choice. Many times my managers need to communicate important information daily but forget sometimes due to the hectic nature of the job. Food for thought. Love the app..Version: 270.0

Stay connected..It’s the best tool available to share your ideas, raise issues, learn from each other on a wider level. Brings the whole brand together and you always feel connected to your colleagues and work. It’s amazing when you go to a new branch and you feel like I know this person before.. oh yes from a workplace post... it’s wonderful to get recognised on workplace.. it’s like an achievement.. all in all.. a great tool to stay connected and work towards the same goals and values.Version: 192.0

Issues to loginI have uninstalled and reinstalled, I tried sending a link in text to myself, every time I try to login I get an error saying the app is not configured for user. Can someone fix that? I was downloading for work.Version: 221.0

It’s a Revolution!We are loving Workplace in our school. It’s brought the whole team together and really empowered staff who previously ended up out of the loop. Improving communication was a big target for us and we have sorted it with this App. Everyone uses it and we can share important info instantly. Thank you!.Version: 248.0

Keeping me informedLike that I can select what departments pages I want to see posts and updates from that are relevant to myself and my work..Version: 345.0

Ça libère ton organisation!!Vachement pratique !!!.Version: 218.0

The way we communicateOur business has been using Workplace since just after its release and it has really transformed how we communicate. Most features are used across various teams. My favorite is live streaming which is used for team meetings and training across locations bringing everyone together and also allowing someone that couldn’t make the team meeting to see what was covered..Version: 208.0

GreatThe perfect tool to keep everyone in a growing business connected and up to date.Version: 326.0

Facebook workplaceGreat collaborate app, works for us.Version: 303.0

Great for work.Like Facebook only more private..Version: 282.0

Love the work placeReally enjoying reading ideas dog spotting and all the communication.Version: 213.0

WorkplaceWorkplace is an amazing platform to keep in touch with colleagues and help out where you can and celebrate different events or achievements or goals even. It’s amazing how it’s only the people who are either in your organisation or the people who you work with that can see what’s happening on workplace, if there was 10 stars or more I would give this 20/10 stars but Sadly I can only give 5 stars but it is 20/10 stars worthy. Keep up the great work and I am really looking forward to anymore apps from yourselves.Version: 384.0

Fiona WatkinsI must say that the workplace App working well. Great , supportive and amazing staff . I play a senior role myself within the hospital Oncology setting and have had support and professional guidance from our own Pharmacy and, Haemotologist team..Version: 285.0

Great for keeping in touch at workWorks great for our company.Version: 210.0

HandyLove the app..Version: 209.0

Best app ever!There aren’t too many things to say about this app without using it yourself. All of the features and functions work seamlessly and pretty effortlessly. It allows my wife and I to share and pull content almost instantaneously with its integral controls and abilities within the app. It’s truly one of many man’s best gifts to the internet..Version: 195.0

Thank youAll you lovely people thanks for the support.Version: 300.0

Workplace makes a positive differenceI love Workplace as it helps to bring teams together that may be in different locations or states. You meet people you would not normally meet - and people only post good moments in time so it’s a positive experience.Version: 197.0

Amazing platform. Perfect for small business.This has helped my business tremendously. I have a small startup growing company. This helped my business to be well organized. Managed employee task and projects. Assigned a manager to employee profile. Create new group pages. Do training in groups and classes. I am very happy that I came across this app. I am happy that it’s free. Because this is working and growing my company one step at a time. It’s a startup company I have I don’t have much money to work with it. I really appreciate the free products produced by this company..Version: 227.0

Work placeI love this app, it makes communicating easy. We use it as a forum for questions, pictures of new installations and as a way to let everyone know what is happening in a speedy way..Version: 253.0

Saturday nightThankyou a million times for such a great night was feeling down so over lockdown but tonight was a huge pick me up.Version: 332.0

ConnectionIt’s a great app to keep everyone in the company connect..Version: 234.0

New.Yes new to the work place. More stars to come..Version: 259.0

CoolioThis is an effective way to stay in touch.Version: 308.0

Tagging coworkersWorkplace is fantastic! It’s great to be able to share ideas and wins with everyone in the company. This has been a game changer as we continue to innovate within the company.. thank you! Tagging coworkers does not always work and I’m not sure why.. I am able to tag them within the body of the text but if I use the tagging button it generally does not find them..Version: 253.0

Powerful Culture building toolThe single most powerful tech tool to fuel culture and team spirit. From a 20 person company to now a 100+ employee company this tool has been instrumental in facilitating the building of the dynamic culture we have today..Version: 355.0

KinnearThis is a great way to communicate all things Cire.Version: 300.0

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