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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies? Can you share your negative thoughts about sling: live tv, shows & movies?

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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies for Negative User Reviews

Great potential, horrible results.The concept of sling is great. An app that allows you to watch your favorite shows live and on demand, where ever and when ever, without all the equipment, hidden fees and insane contracts that regular cable a satellite providers are know for. It's a great concept, if sling was able to deliver. They don't though. There's still many channels that sling doesn't offer, like spike and TLC. They also don't offer the big channels like CBS,NBC, ABC, Fox, etc. The on demand shows rarely work, the app usually crashes. Often times it will crash in the middle or towards the end of a show, and the only way to ever see the end is to restart it from the beginning and pray you make it to the end before it crashes again. There are symbols that you'd assume were fast forward/rewind/pause buttons, but they don't do anything when you press them. Sometimes the pause button works, but the app crashes when you try to resume. So if the app crashes 5 minutes before the end of your show, you can either restart it from the beginning, or move on with your life and never see the ending. Take my advice, spend the extra money and go with a provider like dish or direct TV. Sling may be cheaper, but it's not worth $20-$40 a month considering it barely works. Spend the extra money of a different tv provider, at least their products and services function properly and you get all the channels you want and not just a few..Version: 5.2.1

FREE TRIALS DO NOT EXISTI went to the Sling website to try a free trial to see if the quality and quantity of channels they offered. That is when I noticed the lowest subscription was $30 a month. I couldn’t afford that, but went ahead with a free 3 day trial anyways. After two hours I cancelled it to ensure I didn’t forget to cancel and get charged later. Well $60 was taking out of my account two days later. I called Sling and they told me I started a two month membership with a free AirTv Mini. I DID NOT! And there wasn’t even a confirmation email from Sling when I signed up. But I did get a cancellation confirmation. So basically they just let you sign up and don’t even confirm via email that you have signed up, and then tell you that you signed up for something you didn’t. I think I would have realized I was signing up for a membership that is going to ship something to my house. I put in a billing address for my card, but not a shipping address. Worst service and customer service ever. I will happily pay for 3 different streaming apps before I get Sling..Version: 6.1.0

So disappointedTo say I’m disappointed is an understatement, especially after paying for a subscription!! There were shows that I wanted to watch that I was able to through other apps, but not all I thought ok, based off of other reviews and other family/friends experiences, what the heck....the APP STINKS!!! or the subscription, I don’t know! The amount of times that I spend, shutting down, all apps, my phone, the TV, etc (and yes, not that it matters but, I do have a new iPhone 11Pro Max...) it connects MAYBE 25% of the time and even then it doesn’t always stay connected, if I have to pause the show to (ya know, have a life for a moment) and hit resume, IT RESTARTS THE SHOW!!! Then, when I try and skip ahead back to where I was, it freezes, and says, oops, UNABLE TO CONNECT, AGAIN!!!! I spend more time trying to connect and get back to my show than I do actually get to enjoy watching my show (and I’m talking 60 min long shows) I don’t think I’ll be paying for another month. It’s not worth the hassle, great idea, but I’m so beyond disappointed and frustrated that it’s not worth my time or my money (PLUS, even after paying, I still have to watch why?!?! What’s the point?! There isn’t!!) Nice try, but, bye-bye’ve let me down and I would NOT recommend to ANYONE!.Version: 5.15.3

Cheating! Misleading advertisement And bad customer service experience!They sell fast and sell aggressively but provide no good support compared toother streaming services, i have tried all of them but Sling is the worst. There is t any option to give lower than 1 star here. I like to watch live cricket matches. There was an offer where you can buy Annual Willow tv package for little cheaper. So i bought it. After few days i realized Willow tv was not showing the live match. Instead it was showing some old match highlights. And then i saw bottom message that as per willow tv and sling tv partnership they cannot show the live match. Then, the willow tv on Sling is showing different matches than you take Original Willow Tv subscription from their website. This is misleading. When i contact them to discontinue subscription after 3 days. I asked i can remain subscribed for this month but i dont need Annual package. They said you can not discontinue Annual package. WILLOW TV CHANNEL AND WILLOW TV ON SLING SHOWS DIFFERENT PROGRAMS SO DONT GET ATTRACTED TO CHEAPER PACKAGES, YOU WILL BE STUCKED. Suppose tv streaming company tells you about new offer where you can watch HBO channel for $10 a month. You would buy it and then you realize that HBO channel showing old programs. How would you feel?.Version: 5.6.0

BuggyOverall I like Sling. I like the selection mostly. I have noticed, however, that they’re buggy no matter what you watch it on. I have it on my iPad, iPhone, and Xbox one, and they all have issues (e.g, crashes). The MOST annoying issue (on ALL platforms I’ve tried) is when you stop a prerecorded show and it NEVER wants to play for you again! Instead you get the message “We’re sorry! Temporarily unable to load video. Try reloading or changing the channel.” Now, they use the word “temporarily” very loosely, because that show will NEVER load again. I mean ... I saved one prerecorded show for two months hoping it would eventually play, but it was broken across all platforms. Sorry Dateline .... guess I’ll never know who the murderer was in that episode! Ok, no other streaming service has this issue ... so figure it out ... please!.Version: 6.2.3

WORST INTERNATIONAL INDIAN CHANNEL SERVICEWhenever these Sling people do an update there is some flaw included with their patch, always their indian channels or any other games channels come hanging and the orange ring keeps turning and it gives an error message of 4-310 or 4-410 when we tried to reach their customer service all they give are lame and dumb excuses as restart your app or delete app and re install it, I have told them I work in IT security and I know how all you guys work and what they come up is we will let our engineering department know and they will try and fix the issue on 1-2 weeks time or it may take more, am like you must me joking with me and she said no mam., she sure doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about., Sling you either close your service or fix and dam bugs right away and let our parents watch indian TV channels and news with no issue., this is absurd, train your people fully and fix the issue 1-2 week to fix and issue? Cut the crap I will tell all my friend not to have Sick Sling no more.Version: 5.11.1

Pretty Much What We Needed I guessUpdate: Changed my rating after dealing with awful customer service rep. I noticed that all of my shows had two or three extra long commercial breaks and when the show would come back on, it was like I had missed several scenes. Turns out Sling was airing their own commercials after the live program has returned to the show. What? I’m paying for TV and missing a third of the show so Sling can make money from me and it’s own commercials? Nope. When I explained this to the representative they were incredibly rude and said they weren’t going to fix my issue but could tell me how to turn the app off and back on. Completely ridiculous. My family enjoys sling tv. We use it on our smart tv and our iPads. It does freeze occasionally, has a few blurry channels during high demand hours, and it often crashes a time or two at start up. However, despite that, it works for us since we don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on channels we don't care about. We love the selection of shows available to "watch now" and many of the channels are ones we would choose to buy if we could pick individuals. I do wish they had more 'add on' channels available, but that is probably a dish contract stipulation. Hopefully more will be added in the future. I only gave it four stars because they could do even more to make the channel set individualized..Version: 5.11.2

Great service, get another deviceSling TV in itself is a good cable alternative because you get what you want for the price you want to pay. I have had hardly any complaints about their service in itself. I pay $35 a month for all the sports I ever watch, which is just about unbeatable. However, the connection using the app is abysmal. The first couple months I streamed everything through my google chromecast but then it started glitching out after about 2 months. It was unwatchable and Sling’s average customer service reps had no good solutions for me. The right answer after discovering I was not the only one having this issue is that sling does not stream well using that type of device. I bought a Roku stick and the difference in performance as well as picture is night and day. So that’s why I say this app in itself is below average at best but when utilizing the proper platform, sling is an affordable service very much worth considering..Version: 5.2.1

Great Start, Needs ImprovementSling has great potential, and with some improvements, it could be a great app. The improvements needed would include PiP. As far as I know, Sling is the only streaming app that does not take advantage of PiP used with the iPad. Therefore, I have to shut the app down when I need to check email or try to do other tasks. A comment made by one of their competitors, when I checked to see if their app has PiP, was, they didn’t think Sling had the technical know how to do PiP. I’m beginning to wonder if that is true. There is no clock to see the time. You can get a general idea of the time based on the show you are watching, but to get the specific time, again, you have to shutdown the app. In fact, I had to shutdown the app to write this review that the app asked me to write. I feel disconnected when using the app due to having to shut it down just to check on various items. The app hangs and/or shuts down. I have missed many “good parts” due to the app either hanging up or just completely shutting down on its own..Version: 5.6.0

Very poor serviceI am a subscriber of sports channels in Sling and very sorry to inform that, the pathetic service that Sling is providing will soon make me to run away from it. Their Bot support is a smoke scree, one of the worst bots may be prepared during medieval time . Tried to reach out to them and they have a timing for that as well. I waited too call them for the next day(my match was gone) They don’t pick the call. There was no other way for me to reach out other than writing this review. I wanted to switch streaming on my phone to my tv, after that it is complaining it can’t play as it exhausted the max connection. If that is the case Why on earth I cannot have control to shut connection that’s part of my home WiFi router or that belongs to my account ? Is it such a big deal ? To resolve this why on earth I have to face your sub standard Bots Or in fact your service that I am experiencing ? I am shocked to see the rating of this app 4.4 out of 5 average. Is it the Bot effect ?.Version: 5.3.0

TerribleThis service is terrible. It's saving grace is that it's the only major streaming service I've found that doesn't have ESPN and thus is affordable (I don't need ESPN). If you're looking for a package with ESPN, there is absolutely no reason you should be using sling TV. IF you can get the app to load a program you're trying to watch, it very often will not load it to a Chromecast. Just a spinning orange loading screen. It's impossible to watch a program on demand as the app is guaranteed to crash at sometime in the program everytime. What make this worse is neither of the "resume watching" or fast forward function have ever worked, so your only option is to start the program over from the beginning. Incredibly frustrating. I had this app for several months but couldn't stand wasting my money anymore and cancelled as I couldn't believe that they'd done nothing to fix the multitude of problems that this thing has. Save yourself the frustration and go with literally any other streaming service..Version: 5.3.0

Commercials follow you everywhere...I like convenience of sling. I can run it on multiple devices simultaneously and it works great... well, when it does. However, the biggest annoyance I’m experiencing with constant advertising. It seems that 99% of the time, when I start live streaming, I’m getting 5 min. of commercials staring away. At first I thought it was just coincidental, but after using this service for several months, I can see a clear pattern. Also, commercials would continue popping up and you can’t even escape from them when watching archives. Today, I started CNN live and was presented with 3 min. of commercials right away, then there was a small 2 min. segment of CNN programming, and then it went back to commercials again. This is ridiculous. I’m sure sling people would dismiss it by saying that they are running the channel normally and commercials are being delivered as scheduled. But, my experience begs the difference. I’ll be probably canceling my service in the near future in favor of commercial-free services like Netflix. In the meantime, I’ll mute the sound and go do something else while commercials are being played. Those practices are very unfair, especially if you are a paying customer. At least, others would let you opt out of commercials for a bit extra money. Not sling..Version: 6.1.2

The idea is great and the service is affordable - but not always usable.We signed up a couple months ago and would use it with our Apple hdmi hook-up on the tv and it worked pretty well. No error messages at that time - it would, however, take a long time to start a channel and sometimes i would have to shut the app off, and restart several times before it would start up. My iPhone 8 auto-updated the app and now I get the ‘screen-mirroring’ message which makes the app unusable for me. Very frustrating. I don’t like paying for a service that is so glitchy and now completely useless. If this ever gets fixed I will sign back up because I like having the hallmark channel for the Christmas movies but it looks like that won’t happen this year. I hope the technical issues get fixed. It’s really a great idea and a good value when it works!.Version: 5.2.1

All the channels I want, nearly impossible to watch.We have had Sling for over a year, and while I love all the available channels and being able to stay current on my fave shows in-season, the app is so glitchy and it’s nearly impossible to watch a show from beginning to end without some kind of issue. It usually takes an hour and a half minimum to watch a 45 minute program. Crashes after the exorbitant number of commercial breaks, forces you to rewatch the same block of commercials after a crash, blips back to the beginning of programs after the last or next-to-last commercial breaks. These are just a few of the issues we’ve faced with the app. It’s the only way I have to watch certain shows I like to keep up with, so we keep our subscription, but it’s been a lot of hassle. Really not worth what we pay for it. Had I known it was this bad going in, we’d not have subscribed in the first place..Version: 6.1.5

The fail to have a fundamental featureI left the directtvnow app and tried this for the month. I would have saved $25 a month having this, but my family didn’t let me keep it. At first it was just the complaining of my children, and I could really care less about their opinions about the app. When me and the wife sat down to get out Sling, the first thing she noticed was the LACK OF AUTO PLAY. That was her one and only deal breaker. We both binge shows because 3 kids and full time jobs take up most of our time, as it should. When we are home together and want to watch Below Deck, we don’t want to get up and go into the menu every single time an episode ends. I couldn’t believe this app was incapable of integrating a feature that every other video streaming service has. I googled, Reddit, went through Sling Help section and I found nothing except complaint about them not having this feature from a lot of customers. Had to cancel and go back to the old directtvnow (now at&tnow). Until that feature is introduced, I will wait over at at&t and keep the family happy..Version: 5.12.1

This is beyond atrocious....Vue went away. Fubo is FUBAR (the one good thing about it being that I was finally able to make my own profile, then star channels in the order I want them in the guide.) I'd like to try Dish but like Sling, it appears to be missing a particular crucial channel, somehow. I mean, what year is this? It shouldn't be too much to ask to have ONE perfect service with every channel that isn't an intelligence-insulting ripoff. You'd have all the customers. That I can't create my own profile, login on the site, arrange a custom channel list in my desired order, and save it, is disgustingly prehistoric at this point. I've got a list of about 116 channels, of which none should be missing from a service; don't you want the widest, largest audience possible? (Note: I cut out all the boring news, sports, etc. I should be able to choose the ones I want.) Also? You should be able to watch while scrolling. The guide boxes should include as much text (episode titles, descriptions, etc.) as reasonably possible. It's probably best to see a highlighted channel's program info at the top of the screen so that only one click is needed to select it. I guess it'd just be a miracle for the free over-the-air channels (with the vastly superior guide) to be able to be added in with the rest instead of having to be separate..Version: 6.0.0

Good but tv app trashI like sling - although the apple app is great the tv one is trash . We downloaded the sling app for our Samsung curve 65” . If watching live tv it’s fine but watching previous season of a show it constantly stops and blacks out, then returns, it restarts, it black outs and freezes blacked out, etc . It also is slow when receiving remote control signals . Like I click down down and it’s stuck at the top . It takes a few tries to pause a show also . I thought it was the reponte and went to a different app - perfectly fine . I don’t know if it’s does the same rn for recoded shows but for previous on demand shows it’s trash . So frustrating . Please fix it . We’re paying $54/m the same for cable - an cable doesn’t cause these issues . So please fix otherwise you’ve lost out services and I’ll make sure family and friends are aware of these issues and recommend they stay away from sling . Thank you..Version: 5.7.0

WORST SERVICE EVERYour on demand programs crash and won’t cast to the TV, and in spite of several attempts via customer service to escalate the matter to get them resolved, after nearly a month, nothing has been resolved - even with proper error codes provided. To make matters worse, your customer service department says that you don’t credit back for the services you have failed to provide. This is INCREDIBLY unethical when a customer signs up in good faith to get a service and the provider fails to correct a problem, then adds insult to injury by saying they can’t credit back anything! The worst part of all is that I paid for your service unawares for 3 YEARS and never once used it until I researched charges on my bank account, and in good faith decided to try it out anyways - without complaint - and even upgraded the service to add STARZ and it doesn’t even stream on-demand without error codes and crashes (I never have gotten to watch a single on-demand show to it’s end). On-demand is the only reason I want this service to begin with, and your company simply can’t provide it- as is evidenced by bad review after bad review on Apple’s App Store! Your so-called customer service reps keep saying “sorry, but there are no refunds” and nothing ever gets fixed. What kind of business are you running there? This is outrageous!.Version: 5.6.1

A lot of glitches still, some improvements needed.Apple TV: After watching a channel for around a minute, the channel stops playing and it brings you back to the main menu. This happens about 75% of the time. [Update: it now happens more frequently than that] It’s really frustrating especially when you click on the channel and walk away to do some cooking and you have to stop to go back and click the button again. Also the scrubbing/rewind/fast forward controls are the most frustrating and erratic thing. You’ll be scrubbing slowly, then all of a sudden it moves over 10 minutes. iPhone app: When using Picture in Picture and you go back to the app to watch in full screen again, sometimes the video disappears entirely, forcing you to close the app and reopen just to be able to watch it again. Improvements wanted: I would like to be able to change the order in which my favorites show up. One of my favorite channels shows up at the very end of the list and I have to slide all the way over in order to click on it. Quicker access would be nice. Another improvement I would like to see is the ability to record from the beginning of the when you started watching . Say you’ve been watching the show since the beginning and you see that yellow bar indicating that you can rewind and you decide you want to hit record it only records from the point you hit the button, instead of when you started watching..Version: 6.3.4

On Apple TV 4KAfter three full sweeps up and down I might be able to get the info on each channel to load on to a half sized grid, broadband connection. However the app doesn’t buffer the Apple remote swipes well so I’m often 6 hours in the future without knowing. Impossible to go straight up or down. I click on a show that is out of sync with the back end near when it’s about to start another show and one of two things happens.i get offered to record but not watch or my view changes away from grid view. Suggestions: Put views in settings and Not within UI since app writer cant control remote well. Also I would like a full screen grid like I had on androidtv but no way to get same interface on Apple. For the money being exchanged the interface and control aspects of this app are unacceptable. Considering alternate services that offer better app quality. This was magic on appletv but on Apple I feel you made my tv smaller and I am swinging to see past the half page ads. I don’t like ads. Give me full screen and a settings menu to never go away from a FULL SCREEN GRID!.Version: 5.15.13

I would give a ZERO if i could...I tried the free trial and was very disappointed, it kept having to buffer and it froze alot. So I cancelled the free trial online and it showed that it had been cancelled. Then 3 months later i find out that it actually never cancelled and that they have been charging me $30 something dollars a month and i called customer service so i could get my money back and the represenative over the phone was very rude and had an attidude and kept saying they couldnt do anything about it. I asked to speak to a manager and the representative over the phone again says he cant do anything about it. So at this time i guess i got screwed out $90 dollars but im on here to tell everyone “DO NOT” get sling tv!!! You all should check out VADER STREAMS or NITRO TV. You get 1700 channels including all these channels that sling makes you pay extra for and only for $20 Check em out!!! Well i guess it is what it is and as long as at least 1 person doesnt get sling b/c of my review then thats worth my $90 dollars that they stole from me. Deuce!!! XD.Version: 5.3.0

A swing and a missI like the idea of Sling and I like the service WHEN it works! Was better in beginning but worse for last couple of months, and always well below ideal. There’s the frequent rebooting and streaming lags. Last couple months app will start recording 30 mins into a one hour show. Very frustrating!! But the WORST thing is that recorded shows almost NEVER play back on Chromecast and often won’t play back on Firestick. I occasionally watch content on my phone when on the move. But who wants to watch all of their recorded shows that way just because it won’t play back on big screen via chromecast/fire stick (because the service they paid for won’t perform as advertised)! SLING, do whatever is necessary to make your app actually work with Chromecast and Fire Stick, or at least honestly advertise that these platforms will likely not work. Customer service is completely useless and apparently only there for appearances, and all of the many negative reviews doesn’t seem to bother Sling at all. As a last resort I’m hoping Sling responds to my review and makes a good faith effort to improve situation. If so I will change my rating &review. If not I will dump Sling like radioactive waste! Sadly I won’t hold my breath..Version: 6.3.0

Buggy and just not worth the subscription priceI have had the app for a couple of months... it’s been a rather inexpensive choice to gain some access to channels that don’t yet have a live TV subscription from their standalone apps. That’s about the only good thing with this app. Almost always, the app will crash within a minute of first starting the app. The guide does not allow you to keep a program playing in the background while you browse the guide for future showtimes. If you tune to a channel towards the end of an hour and a show is starting at the top, you cannot tune into the live channel and have to wait for the live broadcast to catch up to the guide. If you set up “my channels” the guide resets at some unknown interval, but quite frequently. You always have to set it again to just see your preferred channels. Programs often freeze and buffer. I stuck around this long just because I had enough tolerance and wanted some live news channels through the end of the year. But I will be checking out other platforms even if the cost a bit more to avoid the frustrations..Version: 6.2.6

Worst Live TV I’ve ever experiencedDon’t want to be mean but it really is the worst. I am so poor but really want to listen to live news so I put up with it. I cannot count how many times I have had to shut it down, turn it on/ off, restart a show and have a show black out on screen or delete the app and reinstall. Lately it decides to shut down at the top of the hour or when a show might end, it just shuts off. Or it decides to replay the show I was already watching. It buffers constantly. Watching an on demand movie is ridiculous as it’s picture is so bad, if you want to pause it can’t because it can’t remember that it’s playing a movie. Honestly there’s more but not worth the explanation. And it’s not me, I’ve tried all the suggested fixes as I am quite the researcher on these matters. Not my internet as my Prime shows come in completely clear with no buffering. We had a better picture in the 60s with rabbit ears..Version: 6.2.0

Update FailedI love the concept of the app and didn’t mind the minor issues. This recent update stopped the revolving favorites list, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, this update has made this app almost useless. It’s continually glitching up. In the shows with limited functionality you could generally go back if it skipped over something, no longer. It stops playing video, but continues playing sound and the app must be closed to sink them. I thought perhaps it was the channels I was watching. So today two hours ago I tried to finish 17 minutes of one show on a less stable channel, watch a 23 minute show on a fairly stable channel, and watch a 45 minute show on a very stable channel. As of now I managed to finish with difficulty the first show, not get past the preview to the second show, and some where between 15 and 20 into the third show. It glitched up again, so I decided to review the app. If this is not fixed soon, I will likely have to cancel my subscription. I did give it three stars because until two days ago, it was a pretty good app..Version: 5.10.1

Great offerings but poor UX and UIThe levels of channels, packages and device options at such a reasonable price makes SlingTV the service wonderful. However, it’s application solutions on every device (smartphone, Apple TV, web) hav such difficult and poorly performing user experience as to make it laborious to even want to use. The channel selection, the navigation, the program guide, and even the program options are just poorly thought out and weak. You can select favorite channels, but Sling app will never return to this custom list upon each app have to manually select it again as your guide preferences on each visit. Filters often don’t fully deliver their selection...I can choose Movies and be shown three movies, but select all channels and you’ll see 7 or 8 movies are available. There are no last channel options or channel range selection. The use of pull down or drag up dialog windows (like program info) is often hit-or-miss in can take several swipes to get the intended action to occur. Again, great streaming service is countered by such a poor user experience and interface as to make you seek alternatives..Version: 5.12.1

UX and Ads are a nightmareThe app itself on our TV is the most irritating to navigate, slow, unintuitive and clunky. The ads are even worse. It’s not cheap enough for me to excuse the ads. We pay enough that the ads should be least intrusive as possible, however it’s the opposite. The stupid “iBotta” ad for example is glitching out and plays on repeat endlessly. What the duck. That causes my “on demand” to freeze and quit. Then...I have to navigate all the way back—start the show over—watch an ad before I can even fast forward to where it stopped—watch more ads—iBotta comes on and freezes—start process over. SO FRUSTRATING. Use all that ad money and hire people to fix your junk. (Currently watching the iBotta ad on loop with the spinning ball of death...) oh, and it just quit. Back to click through and find my show again, watch an ad and fast forward to finish 7mins of a show. YOU ARE WASTING PEOPLES PRECIOUS BREATH AND MAKING WHAT SHOULD BE RELAXING—a blood boiling experience. I don’t need Michael Phelps to tell me about mental health if Sling could just get current with basic technology..Version: 6.2.0

Worst customer service ever!I do not have a problem with the product itself, it is a decent product. But after being sold devices that I did not need this is when things went terribly wrong! Over a 3 day period, at least 10 phone calls, and several hours of my time I continually explained that I was sold devices I didn’t need and could not perform the functions I was told they could. I was repeatedly given the same stock answers has if everyone there was reading from the same script, operators and supervisors alike. There was nothing anyone there could do, there was no customer satisfaction to be had. And if I really wanted to I could send the equipment back at my own cost! They made no attempt to make the situation right or even offer to take a single penny off the bill. Just kept saying there was nothing they could do and that there was nobody in the company who could even give a return. I highly doubt that! These people have no respect for their customers and will out right lie in your face! Buyer beware!.Version: 5.5.0

Terrible.My family uses Sling at home with no problems. The app for XBOX works amazing. However, the iPhone app is GARBAGE. No matter where we are or what kind of connection we have the app crashes constantly across all our devices- tablets, phones, laptops, everything but the XBOX. For every 30 seconds of show you’re able to watch there is at least a minute of buffering. All the buffering and trying to get a better connection absolutely kills our battery percentage. Your typical trouble-shooting measures like reinstalling the app and upgrading your network connection do nothing. I’ve tried downloading and using the apps for the individual channels I like, but Sling doesn’t work with any of them so unlike other cable services I am unable to use those apps as an alternative when the Sling app is down. Also, again unlike the XBOX app, you are unable to skip through commercials and they play the same one over and over and over and over and over. Sling as a cable service is great, however their iPhone app is HORENDOUS..Version: 5.5.0

Zero customer serviceI had sling for a month and a half. The first two weeks it was great then it started being glitchy. One day it completely stopped functioning, the little thinking wheel just kept turning and nothing was happening. I tried everything I reset my device, my internet, rest my account downloaded the app three more times , etc etc. I called customer service they told me to do everything I’ve already done which was fine, then they tell me there must be an update on the app that they need to look into so they have to escalate the matter to the engineering department. I said ok sure thinking it will be fixed maybe later in the day or next day. I called again after 3 days still same answer. A week later I’m getting frustrated because there is no follow up on their end and the app still doesn’t work. I call to cancel and was hoping like any other professional and ethical company that cares about their customers and customer satisfaction they would compensate me but they said the couldn’t unfortunately but can remove any new charges to my account. I was appalled!!! How can you ask a customer to pay for a service that isn’t working? It wasn’t about the money it was more about the principle. Oh and that was me talking to the manager who apparently has no authority to do anything. Unprofessional and extremely disappointing!!! Will never use them ever again..Version: 5.9.0

Good on demand, glitchy appThe idea of sling is great that you can watch on-demand as well as live tv. However, the app is very glitchy. When casting to google chromecast, sometimes the show won’t load, ads will freeze, and pausing never works and if you exit out of the app for too long (to scroll fb or something) the app will glitch. The only things to fix this would be to close and reopen the app. The interface is also very unorganized and “cluttery” in a sense. The search engine needs to be better. I also dont understand why some on-demand episodes won’t let you watch them if they’re coming on live soon even if they already aired. That’s the whole point of on demand. I don’t have any problems with the actual website on pc. I just think their mobile/portable apps need better technical support. Besides all that, I think Sling is a great idea. The glitches are aggravating but they’re not deal breaking and I would rather deal with these glitches than get cable..Version: 5.12.1

Sling TV ServicesI use SlingTv with my smart tv and I must say that this has been a horrible experience. I attempted to call the customer service number for troubleshooting and the service professionals were extremely dismissive about the glitches that I detailed. When watching any program that has commercials, be prepared to be interrupted with 2 minute buffer and blackout periods. This is such an inconvenience as it subtracts from being able to have a seamless viewing experience. By the time that the program returns from the blackout/commercial break I’m completely exhausted and lost about what I was watching and where I left off. I would be far more satisfied if Sling would fix this issue. If I must be subjected to commercials, they should play from beginning to end without stopping and starting then blacking out for two minutes before returning to the program. It’s exhausting and often times I’ve fallen asleep simply because the tv blacked out for so long! It’s very frustrating and the sling representatives were unhelpful and unwilling to offer any sort of compensation for this issue even though I’d only had the service for 2 days. I feel like I’ve been ripped off and I will not stop until my voice is heard!.Version: 5.11.2

Flawless.... if the app worked.I don’t normally write reviews but after being a paying customer for over a year I’m about done with sling. Don’t dare try to watch anything on demand. The app constantly crashes especially if you’re using your cellphone. Doesn’t matter if you have the greatest cellphone provider along with WiFi just don’t even bother because you’re not going to be able to watch an entire show no matter what. It typically crashes towards the middle to end so if you want to watch anything you’re better off dvr’ing it and then watching it on a smart tv or Xbox. It’s a joke honestly. Unfortunately for us where we live we don’t get very many options as far as cable providers and WiFi providers. If sling doesn’t up their game we will be switching to direct tv now. Only reason I haven’t switched is because sling is the provider my autistic children have been raised on and big changes like that make for weeks of meltdowns. So frustrating when you pay for a service and get less than 1/2 of what you’re paying for. It’s like buying a bag of chips. You pay for more air than actual food..Version: 5.11.2

Inconsistent functionalityI’m reporting inconsistency on this app on all platforms be it apple, Samsung tv, or google play store. Here’s my issue. First of all the system won’t let me record a specific program. That program being any Formula 1 race. I can record almost everything else I want except for F1. I have to watch it as a past program only if I don’t catch it live. Doing this prevents me from fast forwarding. Normally I would be ok with this but the “resume” feature does not work @ all! So if I pause or exit the stream that I’m in the program will start itself over every time no matter which device I start or resume from. This is obviously frustrating not to mention how sluggish & unresponsive the commands are from my remote ...& it not my tv cause every other app works fine & does not crash nearly as much. I deleted all unnecessary data & have everything set to auto update & it’s still glitchy. As of right now I regret paying for Sling TV. I hope they can fix this because they have a good thing that could easily turn customers away to other platforms if they don’t fix this..Version: 5.8.0

It keeps crashing.This app used to be great, but ever since iOS 13 it is glitchy and crash-prone garbage. Across the board, on all my devices, this app will not work for longer than 10 minutes before something happens. Do you like watching television with audio? If so, don’t use this app because the sound drops out every third word. Do you enjoy not having the news freeze? Well, you’re not in luck here. The news will freeze right when the information that you were waiting for begins. The upside though is that after the freeze, you get to restart the app 4-5 times and it will still not work. This is followed by restarting the device of your choosing to 2-3 times - still no luck. The cool thing is that you get to miss out on the information that you waited to here over and over. However, the silver lining is that it never seems to crash during commercials. If you like watching commercials on-the-go, then the Sling TV app is for you..Version: 5.11.1

Rude customer service -1 starThey have some loopholes in their policy. Better read it completely, understand it thoroughly. Do not trust like any other normal subscription company. I took it 4 days back and called them 2 days ago and mentioned that I was particularly looking for a program and it wasn’t coming and they said that they are working with them and they don’t know the ETA to resolve it. And two days later I called them to check on it they mentioned they are not providing that program and rudely answered that big boss is not only the show you are getting on MAA tv you can watch any other show which we are providing. When I requested for cancellation and mentioned that I can pay for 4 days they said we can cancel after an year. The point was is if they are particular about their policy, they should be particular about customer satisfaction too. There is no mentions on their web site regarding unavailable shows when i signup..Version: 5.4.0

Atrocious for Nhl hockey. HATE ITSLING! PLEASE READ I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE I upgraded to blue plan plus news and sports add ons so I could get all of the NHL playoffs. Two days into playoffs and I’m completely regretting not going with directTV or something else. The games have been going blacked out before they end, the streaming keeps tearing, and the app on my appleTV has been locking up and freezing my whole AppleTV. I can’t get any customer service on the phone because they only allow for online chat, I spent a half hour waiting for them and then another half hour chatting through the issues. I hope someone at the company reads these so they can fix these bugs so I can watch the games and see the last two minutes and overtimes. Hugely disappointed and I never write reviews, I’m just hoping they are reading this and can get their programmers on the issues. UPDATE: I HATE this app!!! It’s infuriating!! The games keep going black minutes before the game is over!!!!! FIX IT!!!.Version: 5.8.0

POOR CUSTOMER SURVICE, pray you don’t have a problem if you sign up.So, let me start with Sling is a great “idea”, allows me to watch sports when I’m not tie to one tv. HOWEVER, it has happened to me multiple times that Sling wouldn’t start, or just wouldn’t let me click on ANY channels, saying it wasn’t available in my region (which is obviously not the reason, I was in the states, using regular WiFi) And when you contact the support (either on phone, or with chat), all they tell you to do is, restart your app, restart your website, delete your app and reinstall, restart you phone. Which, I tried all of it, and none of it helped. And then they’ll just say sorry, while your problem is unresolved, unexplained. It makes me feel like they don’t value their service nor their costumer. So yeah, I’m an upset paying customer. All I’m saying is you better hope your service never have problem, because when they do, you might not have a solution and just wasting money..Version: 5.6.1

Beware of the time stamp....I signed up for a free trial, some of the shows played well some would cut off right in the middle of live tv and forget watching “on demand items” you aren’t even able to fast forward without it kicking you off or freezing. And you better make sure you cancel tour free trial at the precise time that it says to cancel or else it will charge you at hat very moment. I cancelled my account 10 minutes too late and while scrambling to figure out who to contact and cancel the chat room representative tells me that she couldn’t couldn’t refund my services because I was presently in streaming mood. 🤔 that makes zero sense. Not an hour later 10 minutes later! And because I was presently streaming something she told me she couldn't cancel it. I figured they would just stop the service right at that second and cut it off the tv...that’s what a cable company would do. That to me made no sense. And for that I would give them a 0 In customer service. They say beware the fine print, in this case beware the time stamp!.Version: 5.3.0

Regarding My Satisfaction with SLING TV,,,I really like Sling TV, but I am unable to acquire the basic TV Channels of ABC NBC CBS CNN FOXNEWS, etc. But, I was wrong. This Sling TV app, was suggested to me from an employee at Best Buy’s Electronics Dept., & that I would be satisfied with this app. Well, I can get channels that I always enjoyed on cable TV, prior to my moving, but those channels were ALL of the Hallmark Channels, HGTV, DIY, Food Network, and others that I enjoy. But I am unable to acquire the major networks, and FOXNEWS Channel. Once I get to my sister’s, until I actually find where I will eventually relocate.....she has no televisions in her home. Therefore, the service of this SLING TV, will not really meet my needs. I may very possibly be searching for another TV APP, hat will provide me with more of what my needs really are. Otherwise, the channels that are on SLING TV, are OK....but not sufficient for all that I’m needing..Version: 5.3.0

Great service, okay appI really enjoy using Sling in lieu of cable to watch live and recent TV, but doing so on the iPhone can be annoying at times. For one thing, the menus are confusing: Suppose I want to watch CNN live. Should I look under “My TV,” “On Now,” “Guide,” or “Channels”? The interface doesn’t make it easy to watch the channels I view most often. It also cuts out at breaks between live shows, forcing me to refresh the app to watch the next program. On some channels, that maybe makes sense, but on news networks program boundaries aren’t supposed to be so disruptive. One of my biggest gripes though is that the audio doesn’t pause when I receive or accept phone calls. Every self-respecting audio or video app silences playback during phone calls, but Sling keeps the show blaring in the background as you try to talk to the person on the other end. I like my Sling subscription but I really hope they make some improvements to the app..Version: 5.11.0

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