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Best news appBest news app for iPhone, quick and response, customised news, covers national and world so wont miss anything.Version: 3.2.10

Ok for what it is.This seems to be an MSN News rebrand. I will have to see what it’s algorithms serve up but I am expecting a whole bunch of pointless celebrity drivel. On the positive side the “nearby” option seems to a maps application which does what local scout used to do on my Windowsphone. I was hoping Microsoft might actually provide a full maps app so I work between my PC and iPhone more easily. Seems to overlap with the Bing app..Version: 7.0.1

Crashing and errorsThis ap crashes continuously and error notice telling me me there is something wrong with my internet connection, when clearly it's working for everything else. This needs a fix !.Version: 2.2.96

Great newsI have to say the news coverage is really good both domestic and global. It’s my goto news app. Having deleted apple news. The only thing that lets this app down, is the picture gallery. When it gives you extra pictures to view sometimes it’s from a completely different topic or a lot of times there’s no picture at all. Shame really but that’s Microsoft for you, almost there but not quite..Version: 2.2.96

Functional and well laid outSometimes bugs me that the links in the original story don't work, you sometimes wanna find out more and you have to go search for it hence 4 stars, but otherwise a solid news app.Version: 2.2.31

Avis perso.Tant que je vais continuer à trouver ça intéressant et divertissant….Version: 7.1.11

Very HelpfulI love visiting this app. It's got everything you need according to the countries as well. Cheers.Version: 2.2.1

Real newsHas more real news than our national broadcaster. The MSN news website is also my prime source of news..Version: 2.2.134

Surprisingly GoodThe updated and refreshed Microsoft News app (formerly MSN News) is surprisingly good- says I who is someone who is not a great fan of news apps. One star short of a full house, simply because like all other news apps, other than RSS Feed reader apps, it only does reverse chronological ordering of items. Hands up everyone who wants to read who won the World Cup before reading which countries are in the competition in the first place?.Version: 3.1

Best news aroundNo nonsense news. Excellent reporting and selection of stories and facts..Version: 2.2.135

GoodVery useful.Version: 7.1.1

I really like them now!I watched the first 3 episodes last night and realized for the first time what a horrible disservice they’ve been given. I believe their story Is the truth. They are obviously very much in love. And next to nothing about Megan’s outstanding work in standing up for the rights of others, her solo work in Africa, her high intelligence and caring nature have been written about. She is constantly referred to in derogatory terms. So wrong! And Harry is obviously an intelligent, caring and sensitive man who also happens to be quite handsome. I loved the pics of their sweet family. And applaud their bravery in leaving the firm in order to save their own family. While watching I couldn’t help but wonder if William and Kate wish it were themselves. Really looking forward to the next three episodes. Also, my husband who never follows the royals watched the 3 episodes straight in a row with me and agreed with my thoughts..Version: 7.1.10

Has issuesI read this every day has issues. Sometimes you click on a story only for another story - the wrong story to appear. They will talk about a video but won’t include the link for it - which is rather annoying. If you click on the picture for the story it will sometimes include other random pictures. The “Good news” isn’t updated often enough - really? It’s that hard to find good things to report? And sometimes the “good news” is depressing. It’s just ok but better than most of the other stuff..Version: 2.2.135

Font size too smallGreat app but how do I increase font size?.Version: 7.1.11

MSN newsIt's an excellent easy to use app and superior to many paid digital news mags. I enjoy the msn digital read every morning with my coffee. There is little need for a physical daily newspaper these days though we still get it delivered for my wife who is a slow tech adopter. MSN news is the way of the future..Version: 2.2.96

Money to win playing gamesI Love money to pay my wife and my bills.Version: 7.1.7

Regular NewsRefreshing to read & listen the news.Version: 3.2.11

Timely, but too frequentIt would be an improvement for me, if the alerts were less frequent..Version: 7.25.6

I Love Microsoft NewsMicrosoft news is brilliant it keeps me up to date with every day news, as and when I need it ! Thank you 😊.Version: 3.2.47

GjOne Love Microsoft😁.Version: 7.0.2

MrI am able to watch news anywhere and anytime so that’s great and not needed to follow the news you do/did for me. Thanks so much love your program App..Version: 3.2.47

Read aloud is the reason to use this appI can be walking in the kitchen or in the yard still enjoying listening to the personalized newest content.I hope I can use a voice command to select the news or jump around this must be a totally hands-free discipline the mobile working from home or multitasking while consuming personalized news. The most impressive part is AI voice quality is unmatched anywhere! A great job by Microsoft AI!!!.Version: 3.2.59

Nice to read easy and always up to dateAs above.Version: 3.2.27

AiI would like to know that my account can open up my Apple Watch.Version: 7.1.10

Good workVery informative.Version: 2.2.134

NewsBrilliant and in fromative and don’t have any trouble at all reading the news now since the letting as been made bigger. Thank you.Version: 3.2.47

Review lachlans thoughtsDon’t really think much about search functions of the app can only see certain items in news feed..Version: 7.0.2

Fantastic!Thank you, everybody.Version: 7.1.13

A better visual experience than apple newsI liked apple news until they changed the view. I typically read my news on my tablet while it’s in landscape mode while propped up. Apple news now has a large panel on the left side while viewing and it greatly obstructs and negatively impacts the viewing experience. I found this app after the change with apple news and like it better..Version: 3.2.10

DéceptionJ’aimerais avoir les nouvelles en français. Merci!.Version: 7.0.1

Great AppI love this app. Well designed with reactions and comments. I think they could take this even farther with tags that are like reactions, but more informative. They could use tags to select content better. The articles are good and a mix, seems to have much less bias than other news apps. Also, the app has good performance. I'm curious what they do with this next. I feel that there's somethings missing still with the design to make it optimal. But it's the best news app that I've used so far and I experiment with a lot of news apps..Version: 3.2.49

Great informative appGreat informative app. Excellent Canadian content..Version: 7.0.1

Kevin LandWhat's good about this news app is the wide range & detail it provides which makes compelling reading, also the individual headlines of each items is very professional, Well done..Version: 3.2.6

PerfectCouldn’t be any better. This app is better than any other news service..Version: 7.1.11

Receipt CashbackI originally downloaded the app because it was advertised that you could get cash back on receipts. It’s true, you can get cash back - but not much. The majority of receipts get one cent back. Occasionally you get a couple extra cents but more often than not it says different categories you got were ‘declined’. (I say don’t show it as an available reward if it’s going to be denied.) Also, I have yet to have any of the manufacturers’ cash back offers work. It will say ‘Pending’ after you scan the receipt and a few days later it has magically disappeared altogether with no way of going back and looking at the status. Also, I’d say about 25% of the time it doesn’t ‘recognize’ the store (or some information it thinks is missing that it needs). There’s no option to fill information it doesn’t recognize so you just can’t get anything for it. Summary: if you want to make a buck or two over an extended period of time, this works. If you’re looking for some actual serious cash back… I have other apps to recommend!.Version: 7.25.3

Love it!User friendly, great features, everything I need. Better than Google. Definately recommend to try..Version: 7.1.10

The bestThis has been my go-to app for news for a long time now. I love the simplicity..Version: 1.2.64

La meilleure app pour toutLa meilleure app sur iOS pour tout: météo, interêts, traffic, recherches, nouvelles et OpenAI, c’est mon outils et mon app préférée que j’utilise et regarde à chaque fois j’utilise mon iPhone.Version: 7.25.3

Très d ´actualitéRapide informations de l’ actualité.Version: 7.25.4

GoodGood.Version: 7.1.2

Brilliant appLove this app it keeps you up to date on all news and brilliant weather maps!!.Version: 7.25.8

Number one news sourceEver since MS updated msn it has been my number one news source.Version: 1.0

Do I have to pay extra?Great news stories. I just can’t open up all the headlines and I am not to sure why?.Version: 3.2.57

Great AppGreat app. Every update makes it more useful. Can you please add an option to import or sync my bookmarks?.Version: 7.1.9

Excellent app ….Great app to get the daily news And be on top of our country’s current events. I would like more if it did not have the comments section. Most comments are disgraceful, ignorant and resentful. The people commenting on the news have nothing* better to do than attack the messenger and spit venous saliva. Please close the comments section so I can read the news without the feeling of grief for my country. Thanks.Version: 7.0.8

Love the new design.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add RSS subscription support. It will make this app superior to anything else on the market!! Thank you. Edit: You guys used to have an amazing MSN Weather app. Please at least add a weather section to the Microsoft news app..Version: 3.2.6

Great News AppThis app works very well. I really liked the Apple News app, (in the beginning), but then there became too many articles that where behind a paywall, which was a waste of my time. Plus, it was inconsistent where it would open and load all stories quickly and then open very slowly the next time. Microsoft’s news app has been very consistent at opening fast, very interesting stories/articles, and a well laid out UI. Big fan so far! Keep up the great work Microsoft!!.Version: 3.2.37

BuyingI don’t want to buy any stories but it is a good app if you like to catch up on what is happening out there in our world !.Version: 3.2.8

NewsLike to see it on my phone so I can stay safe..Version: 7.0.9

Best weather app ever and the news is constantly updatedFirst class.Version: 7.1.8

CanhardlyEnjoying the variety of news that you are presenting keep up the great work.Version: 3.2.11

App good Survey don't bother!I like the app. However after just a few uses got a pop up to rate the app. Was quite happy to do this as find the app is good. Entered selection, added comment, clicked tick.... now app won't load anymore!!! No more surveys for me on apps I want to keep using!.Version: 3.2.5

The app is clean, concise & easy to navigateFast and at your fingertips. Briefing articles is easy, clean and the integration of comment/input from readers and follow/follower is excellent. The interface is clean, and customizable. I removed Apple News, because of article selections and promotion. Start is the Best news app I’ve used..Version: 7.1.6

FantasticComparing this app to other news apps I found it to be easily negotiated and you always have exactly what you’re looking forward, very good app 👍👍.Version: 3.2.9

Live News StoriesLove the latest news and pictures.Version: 7.1.2

Microsoft NewsFair and balanced...quality news.Version: 3.2.3

Good job Microsoft or the product manager or the product ownerUpdated to the new version, good job. Interface looks much better. Now i will try the news.Version: 3.2.47

MillyEasy to use easy to find topics excellent.Version: 3.2.59

Cecil RenfieldA good news site, well laid out and legible typeface. I give it a once over daily and more..Version: 3.2.8

No. 1So easy to find latest news..Version: 2.2.135

Great App.Have had MSN news on my phone for some time, only last week finally installed it on my IPad. Best of all the news Apps that I use, very easy to navigate also..Version: 2.2.31

Microsoft NewsIt’s Microsoft everything is good there.Version: 3.2.29

GlitchesReading article and all of a sudden it disappeared. Couldn’t get it back or at times not even find the article. I’ve also flagged articles that I wanted to follow, and never see them again. And yes, I know the difference between follow and delete. If this was a one time issue I could accept it, but it’s not just one time. It’s been multiple times and over a variety of topics. If it can be posted IT SHOULD NOT DISAPPEAR. Or is that just good old CENSORSHIP and CORRUPTION or someone decided it was not that much of an article. OH SNAP — isn’t that the same thing?.Version: 3.2.27

Love MSNThe MSN news app is easy to navigate through to find the stories that I really am interested in. I have found MSN to be very objective in their news reports. When a mistake has been made the editorial staff will print a retraction/correction with an apology to their readers. The only issue I have is the color of the app tends to blend into the background of my home screen. I would appreciate a change to the color and design to work with a darker background like I have..Version: 2.2.31

MSN newsGreat way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. And great that the app is on my iPad and phone so I am always able to have a read..Version: 2.2.134

Much improvedContent is much better in the last 3-4 moths. Was getting sick of gossip, entertainment and Hollywood BS stories. Good job! Please drop Daily Mail..Version: 3.2.9

This App Has Come a Looong Way!I’ve used Microsoft news before, but uninstalled due to not having features I find important, especially the widget. Now it’s there and I’m happy as can be with Microsoft News, BUT there is one feature that is lacking; Custom news notifications. I want to be notified when other topics I follow have new stories. My Notification Center and widget are loaded with political stories, but not with what’s important to me too, which doesn’t make sense. Thanks Microsoft News for making a reliable app that I can count on!.Version: 3.2.9

The most comprehensive browser start page on mobileEven though I’m not an Edge user, I have to admit that the start page it offers is superior to the competition. It’s refreshing to get it on mobile even though I wish I could change the sources to ones closer to the centre of the political spectrum..Version: 7.0.5

Surprisingly relevantAs well as the top stories from around the world I also get local news. I tend to stream most of what I watch on TV which means I don’t watch the news. Great app to keep you informed..Version: 7.25.4

The new layout is awesomeRecently updated, this feels like a totally different app. Infinitely more usable and professional look and feel..Version: 3.2.47

Works fineWorks fine but seems a little clunky..Version: 7.25.4

Much better than news websitesNews websites have so many ads and other junk on the page. They take so long to load. The News app is a much experience since articles load faster and there are fewer ads. The two issues that are a pain: when swipe scrolling if the swipe starts where there is a hyperlink it navigates to the link rather than scrolling. Also, sometimes the app blanks out and I have to restart the app..Version: 3.2.13

It Is A Good News App ButThis is a really good news app but it does appear Apple has blocked the free games on this app as it did work. There is quite a lot I haven’t looked into yet but I will be looking into it. As I still have my Samsung tablet, I can play the games on that so it is not too much of a problem..Version: 3.2.46

NewsGreat wide selection of articles..Version: 3.2.25

Just like on pcMicrosoft always makes great apps and this is no differnt it even has bing ai to make things even better . A must have app for any serious news fan or all around entertainment seeker who enjoys articles videos and yes best of all fun user comments section . I love this app.Version: 7.25.6

Review for MSN app for iPhoneI like the app very much no complaints from me about it. But I do have a few words to say about the service that MSN provides and in one word is “great” a few months back when my Internet provider, Shaw Cable” gave notice that they will no longer be supporting an Internet portal so I was kinda disappointed but a Shaw Cable support rep suggested I try out MSN. So I’ve been using MSN for the past few months and I like MSN a lot. MSN makes available lots of up to date news on news headlines, sports, entertainment and travel and more at a quick glance. So keep up the great work. Eric.Version: 3.2.59

GreatLike having the ability to choose the country's feed.Version: 2.2.1

Missing widgetsApp is really good. Had it have a widget I would have stopped using google for my news and quick search.Version: 7.0.8

Great appRefresh rate is good and relevant topics that meet my interest.Version: 7.0.6

I like itReading the news first thing I the morning, it's great!.Version: 2.2.134

All news delivered by MSN. 👍Google News is filter through the minds of Google employees. 🤮.Version: 3.2.25

I don’t like change, but I get used to it!Update to my review below; review 2: I have got used to the new version of this app, but I miss the old one. Saying that, there are less issues with it. When I click on a story, it is the story. Whereas before, sometimes I would click on a story, and it wouldn’t be that one! It would be the story before! And it continued like it for the rest of the page. They couldn’t even make sure that the story and the title matched! There are quite a few mistakes and misspellings still, but hey, everyone is a reporter now, not just the trained professionals. Even I make mistakes, but then I’m not reporting to the world, professionally. Review 1: At least the pictures section has changed it’s pictures at last! It’s been months! I don’t like the new version. It’s not the app I’ve enjoyed for many years. It’s too white, and the format is like it’s another app. Stories lead on from stories rather than you going into each separate story. I will give it time to get used to it, but I might just look for a more pleasing to the eye app instead!.Version: 3.2.24

Much better coverage for New Zealand viewers than either NZ Herald or StuffVery good. Better than the Herald or Stuff..Version: 3.1

Excellent News at a Finger tap!I love waking up with a cup of tea to news on my i pad. World news and news from home is covered with up to the minute information. Have the option to scroll through and read more in depth on each headline. A very happy reader and user of the app..Version: 3.2.56

GreatOnly new to it, But easy to use,,seems like it will be great for quick news notices..Version: 3.2

Happy ReaderThis is an excellent app...the news updates are awesome and on time...just ensure that all the pictures that are supposed to go with a particular story can show up....Version: 2.2.96

New as a morning drop of rainAt my age 71 technology sometimes mystifies me back in my teenage years if I wanted to phone someone I Had to walk to the telephone box half a mile away, yes there were phones in homes but we could never afford one today mobile phones are cheap as chips and everywhere.Version: 3.2.11

One reasonI haven’t experienced any crashes yet as others have. I use this on an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus. I haven’t watched or read the news for many years since it’s mostly negative and all politics is garbage. I own this for one reason. ‘GOOD NEWS’. It’s about time someone did something like this. I can now skip all the negative bull**** and go straight to the stuff that doesn’t try to pull me down. Then I can skip right over to technology and be done. Super easy..Version: 2.2.98

RefreshingNice to see slightly different direction in news gathering. Not the same as your competitors..Version: 7.1.5

I have edge on mobile do you want me to delete itI have edge on mobile do you want Microsoft or edge.Version: 3.2.41

Good butI like most of this app and I use it for search, weather and the news. Bing weather is massively underrated. Bing news is OK but I wish there was less click bait. I've tried making my interests more serious but I still get some rubbish. And what's with everyone being so angry about everything in the news comments?!.Version: 3.2.55

Best service everWell I wasIntroduced. To this by my co partner. I really love what you have done. Including the tab button telling me how many tabs I have opened. This a incredible feature and so many “I can’t say” have never done this. Thank you. As I use it I will keep you updated as to how it is performing. So yes in in the software you developed and it is working wonderfully. We are software programmers and so far 5 Stars your way 👍.Version: 3.2.59

Works well and fastHave been using this app to catch up with the news that I am interested for more than 2yrs.Version: 2.2.31

Mon opinion personnel.C’est un excellent site internet qui nous donne l’actualité de manière très professionnel avec de la bonne information partout dans le monde. C’est très bien conçu et facile d’utilisation!. Merci beaucoup et passé une très bonne journée!.Version: 7.0.1

Good all round world newsThis is a great app to get a view / snapshot of what’s happened in the world. The snippets of detail provide a headline and you can the choose to go to the article of interest so all good for me and the way I think and work..Version: 7.1.13

ReviewExcellent!.Version: 3.2.25

NewsIt’s a fantastic service that’s been offered ,and keeping me up with the currant news.Version: 3.2.14

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