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Mortal Kombat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Mortal Kombat app received 110 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mortal Kombat? Can you share your negative thoughts about mortal kombat?

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Mortal Kombat for Negative User Reviews

Good game but you have to stop thisAll right so I’ve been playing this gam for a very long time now and I really enjoy the battles as they get more challenging but the thing about the battles is that the Opponents that you are fighting block your attacks way too much it’s really annoying because I could never get a good hit on them unless if I stun them or something which is already hard enough and then it’s like the more you play, the more they block your attacks. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy and play the game but they just block too much and high makes the game too difficult and the fact that sometimes when I’m trying to block it doesn’t let me and when they are blocking my basic attacks, they can just out of nowhere start attacking you even though they are blocking and you are attacking which doesn’t make sense because if they stop blocking they should start actually taking the hits, not cutting off your attacks and then just attack you and when they finish their basic attacks they use their special attack right after and when they do that you have no chance of blocking. I hope you read my review and at least make them block a little less often..Version: 2.6.0

This game is boringRequest no skill at all, this game is the most boring game I’ve ever play. All you do is tap the punch button a million times and there’s no dodge button so you just block. The AI in this game is so stupid when the AI switch to another character they always use their ability and I can always predict that they going to do that. Don’t download this game it will make you fall asleep. I used to play this game a lot but now it’s so repetitive..Version: 3.1

CrashesWhenever in round 3-5 of survival mode the game crashes. It’s the only place where the game crashes plz fix. Thx.Version: 4.1.0

New Version 2.0 Is Visually Amazing But Negatives Outweigh PositivesI’m usually not compelled to write reviews because I don’t usually feel strongly enough about an app to do so, however, I really loved MKX Mobile for a lot of reasons and even spent money to get ahead. Since I’ve grinded for a while, I’m now beyond buying Kard Packs and have saved up souls to buy cards individually as I need them. Getting rid of the majority of the store in lieu of three random character selections is extraordinarily disappointing because it forces me to start buying Kard Packs again. Given the amount of different characters that could come out of a Kard Pack, it really seems like a choice meant to make more money off of us rather than make the game more enjoyable or more playable. This is especially frustrating, too, given that challenges and these new trials either do or may require specific cards. Before, I could just drop into the store and buy whatever card I needed or reach whatever fusion level was required, but now, it severely hampers my ability to enjoy the game. It seems like a long shot to get the developer to reinstate the old store, but I felt it was at least worth a try since I have been playing this game on four different devices since it came out and have really enjoyed it up until now..Version: 2.0

I’m not happy with the solutions of issues from Nether Realm for MKX MobileI was kontender elite for the past two weeks and I did not received BR pack and the solution from they was just 10,000 coins and some souls and helloo I lost two Characters in each factions and they just pay that for the error the past week I finished Konterder Elite again and just received one erron black and I ready have him complete fucionate if suppouse to received two Blood Ruby Pack with Kontender Elite rank. ¿Can someone in netherrealm studios resolve the issues with blood ruby pack and stop duplicate the rewards. I have more than 80,000 of coins. More than 18,000 of souls I don’t buy with those because I just received duplicate cards I’m tired to buy on deferents packs and received duplicate cards. Yo me pregunto cuándo van a escuchar y tomar en cuenta los comentarios de los usuarios. Dejen de duplicar los premios y dar tantas monedas en los paquetes que deben dar equipamentos (Kold war tower y otras) crean una torre de 200 batallas para tener oportunidad de ganar equipamentos especiales de dichas torres y lo menos que se puede obtener son los equipamentos. Crean unos paquetes para comprar con más de 350 souls anunciando unos jugadores y la probabilidad de obtener los jugadores anunciados es de un 10% máximo) La verdad es tremendo juego pero los creadores apoyan a que se desinstale. Tantas actualizaciones y todavía a más de 4 años del juego siguen sin mejorar esos detalles 👎🏼.Version: 3.3.0

Mortal Kombat XIt says on the App Store that it needs just “1.8” gb to download so I delete some apps and download the game, I come back from 5 mins of doing something and it says it won’t download because of the space so I delete more things until I give it 3.3 gigabytes and I DOWNLOAD IT AND IT SAYS IT NEEDS MORE STORAGE. So I just gave up on the game.Version: 1.14

Account suspended for no reasonI spent countless hours and money on this game and they suspended my account because they suspected cheating. It’s bizarre since a) I didn’t think you could cheat on this game b) HOW CAN YOU SUSPECT CHEATING WHEN YOU CAN’T?! I submitted a ticket to have my account reinstated but got rejected without any specific reason. The only recommendation was to create another account…….. and it has honestly ruined my overall experience on these mobile games. The amount of money I cannot get back and I regret even investing in this game/WB Games..Version: 4.1.0

Pure BS!!Caught scorpion and all he did the whole time was....get over here!!! I couldn’t stop him at all and then he has his finishing move at the end. I managed to get 3 punches in with all three characters against one scorpion. Pure BS!!!! Couldn’t block, couldn’t fight, could do anything. Game makes you have to spend money to get past a certain stage. Rip off!!! WB is just as bad a Disney now..Version: 2.2.0

OMGI played this games years ago and stopped playing because off phone issues. Now iv decided to pick up up again been playing it for few weeks now and enjoying it again that is until the update few days ago. Since the update it has been bugging out, lagging the fights that I’m trying to play, logging me out off the game when playing it and just gone down hill from there. This game use to be to enjoyable and now it’s like I can’t play it because it’s just bugging out. NEEDS FIXING ASAP. Oh and another thing with the challenge characters that come up every week that needs changing first two ok fair enough get character twice then there equipment but the fatal one when finish it only get the card again need to give us the equipment again surely. And do two characters a week instead off one will give us something to look forward to and keep up playing the game. FIX THE GAME IM PLAYING FACTION WARS AMD THE GAME CRASHES AND CLOSES DOWN AND COSTS ME FACTION POINTS FIX THE FRICKING GAME!!!!!!.Version: 3.4.1

Freezes all the time.Please fix this game I’ve played it for a long time back before MK 11 characters came out but I deleted it then re installed it then deleted it and on but now it has a lot of new updates and staff I love it, but the main reasons were that it freezes all the time I usually delete it because of that and now it says to collect my money I won in a daily challenge and every time I click it its just loading in the corner and nothing happens I’ve tried restarting my phone and I’ve tried to close the app then open it but nothing I checked for an update if there’s one but NOTHING I’m in love with the game but please try and fix the freezing problem because I had enough of it now.Version: 2.0.1

Fix the storeI have loved this game over the past couple of years, but when the new update v 2.0 was released they unfortunately made some terrible mistakes. Such as no more offline mode (which I can live without) but most importantly messing up the shop on which the game was built around. Now the game is many times more frustrating, having to rely on little luck from packs. Until they rerelease the old shop this game is practically unplayable. It would be great if the studio would listen to its fan base on this one....Version: 2.0.1

No supportI love this game and have played it since it first came out. I had loads of characters some of which I paid for etc and had levelled up quite a bit. But like other players I have had some issues, I had to uninstall the game and reinstall but doing this I lost everything and found myself at the very beginning. I contacted support but they refused to help saying that they could not restore my game as I didn’t have an account on WB games but yet I still have the original email from when I registered my account back in 2015. Support were no help what so ever and couldn’t refund anything because they wanted proof of purchase, well since 2015 I have download thousands of apps and going through my purchase history on Apple would take me too long, so I left it and decided to start from the beginning again. I will say that I did try to restore my in app purchases and got back about 150 souls and 1 gold character, no where near what I had but that just proves that I did have an old account! I’m not sure whether the developers of this game just want to make money from their players but it sure feels that way. So if your gonna play don’t spend to much if anything on this game cos if you lose it you ain’t getting it back!.Version: 1.21

Needs many improvementsLike the game but definitely needs fixing. The announcer at the end of each battle won takes almost a whole minute for him to say anything. Also, y’all need to fix your surveys for souls very badly because I spent a whole 20 minutes on a survey for 70 souls and instead got ONE SOUL for it. That is completely outrageous to waste my time like that. And also please could you start making these diamond characters just a little more easy to get or at least decrease the amount of souls needed to open a diamond pack. I just don’t understand why a DIAMOND PACK gives me so many GOLD CHARACTERS hope y’all could fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Hope to see major improvements upon this. Edit: You did NOT fix the issues with the diamond packs still. I’m getting real sick of wasting souls on a diamond pack just to have another GOLD CHARACTER thrown my way and I checked you only have a 5% chance to get a diamond character this needs to drastically be brung up its impossible to get a diamond I literally opened 7 yes, SEVEN diamond packs and didn’t get a single one out of it. Can y’all please see about getting the percentage changed to maybe say 20 or 30% chance for a diamond character..Version: 2.7.1

Please fixMuch like the thousands of reviews here, my progress has been wiped clean, all characters, koins and souls, gone, i have 2 completed missions from when I last played and I can’t collect them without waiting for an infinite loading screen, can’t even buy any characters if I wanted to cause there’s only 3 at a time within a time frame, literally everything is so unpolished and bug ridden it’s kinda ridiculous how unprepared and rushed this update was, on top of that, combat feels like a HUGE slow down compared to last version, I’ve many DAYS spent on this game and I’m quite invested so a patch or something that restores mine and everyone alike’s progress which I’m sure we all made sure to back up, would be appreciated. I love being lvl 60 with lvl 1 bronze characters :^) Also, now that I mention it, the login is broken, I waited 5 mins for it to load and nothing, restarted the app, my lvl was there, and everything else was gone however, so :/.Version: 2.0

I enjoy the game but...I really want offline mode back please bring it back 👍.Version: 3.2.1

Apple needs a report developer buttonI’ve tolerated too much disgustingness because of I grew up with Mortal Kombat enough to have some sentimental connection. But the amount this game is literally pay to win is out of control, to the point they make you pay to barely have a chance to get “Diamond” characters which are the only ones with the strength you need to win the fights that “matter”. Aka it’s a gambling game disguised as a fighting game. It’s likely you’ll spend thousands just to have a chance to build them up strong enough, then have it where that’s likely to spread between multiple characters who you have no guarantee will actually be strong enough or capable to win the fights you need them to. You can grind there but it’s intentionally designed to make it so tedious and random that you might potentially get the same characters and no others every single time. At this point the only people who really should play are those who have so much money to spare they’re willing to gamble it all away on a fighting game. Oh and not to forget the amount of game crashes and bugs that you only get any compensation for if a massive amount of the community says anything, otherwise they don’t care because people are already spending a ridiculous amount of money on it..Version: 4.0.0

I cannot get my profile back properly...I’ve played this game enough to have a lot of characters and equipment only to find out as soon as I try to log back in the logging in loading lasts forever, so I went off and went back on I had finally somehow got my profile back, then I go to check my characters but shows the characters you get after training and for some odd reason I’m level 29 with a complete full progression bar but I cannot level up, and also when I go to fight it shows the characters I had earned after playing hours of this game. , but it needed to be recharged so I got to recharge as I have 39 souls (I earned currencies that I don’t know how I earned) but when I go to recharge them it just appears with the are you sure thing and does nothing at all. No matter what I do the same thing happens and I don’t want to start again, I don’t know if it was the mk11 update but whatever it is I would like it fixed as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this happen pls fix this, it’s really annoying. If I do get it fixed I will edit this and say it’s all good now..Version: 2.0

FIX IT!I haven’t even been able to open the app for over a month.Loved this game when I could actually play it,now it just crashes on the loading screen.There goes my daily reward levels... FIX THIS PLEASE!!!.Version: 1.21

This game gotten bad over timeBring back offline mode.Version: 2.2.1

Very good game, but crash too much!!Fr.: Le jeu "crash" trop souvent!! Et supprimez le "Bouclier d'os" que l'on retrouve dans la "guerre des fractions"! Eng.: The game crash too much!! And delete the "Bone shield" who we have in the "Fractions war"!.Version: 1.14

....In my opinion it’s a good game but... I have some problems to talk about.. 1. SOULS souls need to be more common they are so hard to get and when I press the button for third party offers it keeps saying there’s no offers I don’t really understand... if there is no offers it shouldn’t allow you to press it anyway or again.. make it MUCH more common. 2. QUESTS quests are great they allow you to get good rewards but for someone like me who just Re-Downloaded the game it’s annoying because you can’t use them in battle mode which is annoying because I can only use 1/4 characters and the only way you can use them while in a quest is multiplayer which gets REALLY boring after a while.Version: 1.21

Random banI’ve been randomly banned on mortal Kombat for no reason at all. I tried to write something back to get my account back but they told me that I was caught cheating. I have not Never done any exploit in this game at all. I have spent a lot of money on the packs and rewards so I am very disappointed with this. If you value your time and money don’t even bother getting it..Version: 4.1.0

NEEDS MAJOR FIXESFirst and foremost, where is relic hunt. I have been getting countdown to relic hunt for the past week and get message to play relic hunt now. Check towers options, not there, check for update for app see same update done weeks ago introducing new characters and new playable mode, do that update and reopen game and guess what............still no relic hunt option. Second, balance out probability for packs. I have purchased about 15-20 elite card packs minimum and have not gotten any diamond characters, yet go up against other players with 3 diamond tier characters fused to level 6-7. It would not be as bad when spending hard earned souls on these packs if I wasn't obtaining a basic gold card or a maxed out gold card and getting coins for it instead of souls. Third -Faction Wars- going up against the occasional player with massive cheat codes that do not take damage at all and multiply power instead of draining (and I mean adding a full bar of power after 2-3 regular hits, not specials) or having drastically uneven matches (still not as bad as in Injustice Gods Among Us) is just not fair and needs to be monitored and dealt with. I have been playing MKX for a while and it has never been this unregulated or this bad. I have had fun playing in the past but quality goes down with the more frustrating circumstances that arise..Version: 1.15.1

No bang for your buckThe in app purchases of “souls” is expensive. You need souls to purchase any of the good character packs that the game offers. Consistently, the game gives you the same characters and equipment again and again. Often they are low value equipment cards and moderately powerful characters. The awful thing about all of this is that you can easily spend $80-$100 on the purchase of souls, so you can purchase the card packs that make you believe that you are going to get something good. Which is just a plain old rip off. You buy something that strongly suggest that you will get a very powerful character, but instead you just get some mid level character that you already have. So all of this equals to not much fun. I have spent a considerable amount of money only to be let down again and again and again. Its ridiculous that you have to spend 400 souls to then get the same character that you’ve gotten five or six times already. Very disappointing and I believe it’s false advertising/bait and switch type marketing. I have been playing this game for about five years, and there is still characters and equipment that I have never been able to get because the game simply won’t give it to you. If there was a way to sue and get some of my money back, I would.Version: 2.2.0

Scam artistsI paid for Growth Pack 1 via Apple Store, they took my money and never delivered the Growth Pack. I sent them an inquiry via Support in game since Oct 13rd. They didn’t bother to reply. Please beware of them, stay away from these scam artists..Version: 2.3.0

Pay to winThe game is really fun, and i honestly love it but the pay to win in this game is insane. The packs are ridiculous, low chances at what you want and expensive. You could grind for months or spend loads of money and most likely not get what you want. Plus some cards are so difficult to get to the point its almost impossible to get them without spending money. The prices for souls in the shop is so high that you are literally throwing money away, and the packs they release for a certain card for money is also a low chance for the card, which is also expensive! I get it they want to make the most amount of money as possible but this is a joke..Version: 3.7.1

Why?I’m giving the app 3 stars due to the inconsistency with the online Faction wars matchmaking. I constantly play around with my team trying to get the game to match me with an opponent that is relatively close to my attack etc. but the system constantly matches me with a team of far more attack or toughness & usually several fusion levels beyond my most powerful teammate. As an example I had two bronze cards (about 6-7K attack) and one gold card (a fusion 6 level 50 attack of 33K) .... the system kept matching with opponents of 3 gold cards all fusion level 7 or above & all level 45 or higher. Once the computer matches you & you see that your way overmatched you can exit the match but if you try to go back it just puts you right back with the same opponent. There should be a way to (for lack of better analogy) swipe left and select a new opponent or keep ‘passing’ until the system matches you more fairly. All I can do now is play battle mode to try & level up. But the rewards in battle mode are so low it’ll take Eons to level any card up. The only choice is to buy level up cards ..... maybe that’s the reason for mismatching in the first place. Get you to buy more in hopes of standing a chance??.Version: 2.2.0

It was my favorite until it was NOT!After doing the recent update on the app the Mortal Kombat app crashed on me which led me to follow steps to fix the crash which that went super well, but after the crash fix I logged into the app to proceed to play because I wanted to see the new update well guess what Aht! Aht! I didn’t so guess what happen I now have to start over. I went to submit a ticket online to try to get my account back didn’t hear anything from the app developers until about now. They told me to submit a ticket which at this time I have emailed back and told them I have submitted several tickets, they suggested I tell them what platform is it on, my name, country, and my game name. I provided all that and haven’t got a response so I emailed again explaining my issue and no response. I also told them All my characters, souls, and coins are gone I have worked too hard and spent too much money to have everything taken away from me. This is bad to create something so funful and make me feel like a child again to turn around and not respond to issues from people about this game its suppose to be fun and relieving but y’all are making it bad..Version: 3.2

All my characters and equipment disappeared!!Ok, first I thought I was the only one having this issue and maybe the game had bugs or even some sort of glitch as I played Mortal Kombat a lot before the announcement of MK11 and it’s update had tons of characters , souls , money etc. I just re-installed the game after founding out MK11 characters had appeared I was kinda excited to try them out. So game was re-downloaded did all the basic tutorial in order to have free will to do anything. I have an Warner’s Brother account with me old account saved as I really didn’t want to lose everything a lot of hours spent on this game. Anyway tried logging in and inform me they have found an account which was my old account with all the cards , clicked yes to load the account. My name came back with the banner , my level came back , still have the progress I did destroying the tower however this part upset me the most all my characters disappeared!! >:( , the equipment, souls, and even money none of that came back. I deleted the app and re downloaded it with no result , tried logging in again but this time endless loading. Just like everyone I too lost everything and the characters I’ve sent on the quest couldn’t even claim the reward and recharge this. Please fix this ASAP !!and help me restore mine and the rest of the people account with all characters we previously had..Version: 2.0

So much time and money spent for nothingAfter you accumulate some souls you want to spend it and get a card that you like, right? With the new version 2.0 of the game, that’s not how it works, babe. You are going to open many many many packs to get some weak/average cards of the game. You can’t have a diamond card from any pack besides Scorpion mk 11, and it’s just if you have so much luck and many souls to try have it. Good fun if you have your cards, great graphics, I like the engine of the game. Good for who put some real coin on it..Version: 2.0

Crashed GameAbsolutely loved playing this game. I took a break from playing it, and only returned recently... however upon reentering the game it loads but suddenly crashes at the load up screen? Please help.Version: 3.2.1

The WBplay account login screen doesn’t work since MK11 update....I started playing this game when it 1st came out and haven’t really put it down since. I used to play on my iPad but now have my new phone as the iPad is too old to run it now with the new engine they’re using. However, upon downloading it, I went through the boring sequence of learning how to play the game 1st (they should just have a login there and then to see if people would like to skip that) then proceeded to sign in to the WBplay account to recovery my years of playtime and it won’t sign in. It recognises that I have signed in because if I type my password in wrong, it will respond. Plus it knows I have a file from my iPad to recover from but all it does is show the game logo loading in the corner and freezes the use of the game. I’ve tried to go to the WBplay main website however that is also just left loading on my browser so maybe there’s something more going on.......Version: 2.0

WB bsI have been playing this game for over two years and then after I come back to it I have to restart because of a buggy update and when I googled it and went through all the research and still can’t get back the two years of work I put in..Version: 2.2.1

Games gone down hill :(The games gone down hill since it first came out for example the characters in the shop, it used to have a full roster where you could buy any character you wanted, I think it was still active when the diamond characters came out, why don’t y’all have that anymore? Now it’s such a pain to get started again or for new players to get into the game so unless you’ve played this game before and have at least 10-15 gold characters it’s gonna take like 4 months to be able to do anything fun and be able to participate in events. Also the game keeps crashing after around 20 battles and it’s getting hard to want to play anymore.Version: 4.1.0

Your progress can be deletedI was originally going to give this game at least 4 stars. However, just recently, the app started glitching and freezing up so badly, the only way to get it working again was to uninstall and reinstall the app. While I realized this might erase my progress, I didn’t have any other options, so I went ahead and did it. After I reinstalled the game, I went in to play it, and it recognized my user name for the game, which initially was promising. However, despite recognizing my user name, every single bit of my progress was completely erased: all of my characters and their levels, all of my koins and souls, every level I’d already completed in every tower and challenge, all of it. Gone. This means that the developers of the game had the wherewithal to make sure the app would recognize my account and user name, but didn’t care enough to make sure the game would save all of my progress in the event that I had to reinstall the app or replace my phone. I’m just glad I only spent a small amount on packs, characters and currencies in this game before this happened, seeing as some things in this game cost upwards of $100. Looks like I will stay away from this game moving forward, because I can think of easier and less expensive ways to waste time..Version: 3.1

Acccount got reset for no reasonThis game is great but it soon turned into a really disappointing game for me. My account got reset for no reason, all my character, gone, time invested in this game, gone. Everything is gone, I don’t see any point in playing this game if my account keep getting reset. Hope you fix this so others won’t have to be like me..Version: 1.21

Offline modeI need offline mode back it was so much fun.Version: 2.2.0

Won’t reload my profileI signed in and it won’t work and I’m not starting all over again.Version: 2.2.0

Top trump with pretty cut screensFirst off I have always loved the MK series of games I even have the most kollection on PlayStation store so was looking forward to getting my teeth into this game. I played the Marvel game for a while and this seems to be in the same vaine but was really surprised with the lack of actual fighting move combos or variation it really just comes down to tapping the screen and hitting special moves with some quick time actions to determine attack % of power when charged. Other games do have more combos and variation and this becomes repetitive and pointless once you unlock auto battle, this is where the game lost my interest because it means all the matches come down to just stats to determine the winner the only variation being the % of power you get doing quick time events for special moves which done by me can range from 100% down to 55% but the auto battle mode gets 95% so in affect by actual playing you lesson your chances . Makes no sense to me to create a game this way because it’s basically a game of top trumps with pretty cut scenes.Version: 3.1

App keeps crashing.Quest mode will not load nor will it reload old profile and characters.Version: 2.0

Fraction wars, card packs, and cardsI love the game but after the recent update fraction wars got more challenging but at the same time unfair. For example you would be playing with 5k attack and health team and while playing you would get a card to fight with 17k attack. Now 2 things can happen 1. The player can spam attacks constantly die after the first attack. In my opinion I would put a 5k team against a 15k card at max. Another problem is the card packs. The problem is that sometimes people like you tubers or people willing to spend money on the game would spend a lot of money for soul coins for the packs and they would get 1-2 diamond cards out of 50 card packs opened. Especially the new MK11 card pack, in that card pack your chances of getting an jade, raider, or scorpion would be more than rare than what the pack says. What i would do is add at least random diamond cards or good gold cards to the pack so If u don’t get the card u want u have a chance for getting something better or something on the same level as the card. One last problem is the card system. I would rather the old card system because its more easy to fuse of max out am card. And also for new players they can look at the roster to see what cards is better than others and see what cards to buy. Hopefully in the next update these things will change and keep improving Mortal Kombat.Version: 2.1.0

Pay to WinIts a good game at first but it eventually becomes pay to win, characters cant become good with anything other than fusion and you cant fuse good characters without plenty of souls, you cant get plenty of souls without spending money. Most diamond characters require money and to get them with souls is like a 2% chance. Because of this, it’s almost an impossible task for me to beat towers - it’s bad enough I’m facing characters that are stronger than me (which isn’t too much of a problem) but on top of that, I’m facing all of the Triborgs with the enraged effect on the match. They get their X-rays just by waiting for 30 seconds, and one X-ray kills a character card, meanwhile my diamond Raiden’s X-ray is only doing 2,000 damage. Please make it easier to make characters stronger, and to get strong characters in general..Version: 3.4.1

OhSo you’ve removed the ability to buy cards directly from the kollection menu, I’ve been saving up souls for a long time just so I could max out jade only to find this is no longer a possibility, I’m not mad because she is now diamond card instead of gold but a heads up to this change would of been nice, also the change from half server base to complete server base was unexpected. So to sum it up I can no longer play offline or buy cards directly from kollection. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I must add I do love the new ability’s and characters I think you should of just created a new game all together as there is a clear difference between the original characters and the new ones, they are more polished..Version: 2.1.0

Impossible gameThis game was so much better a few years ago. First of all I got this game around when it was new, I had the very first jade that I earned from challenge and day off the dead kitana that I earned from challenge on Halloween. Before they became diamond character cards. Those 2 characters were my absolute favourite, sadly the device I had them on broke. When I downloaded the game on a new device I never got those back and now it’s practically impossible to get them ever again. You guys have become way too greedy with making diamond characters impossible to get unless you pay for them and even then you most likely won’t get the one you want. It’s way too expensive. I’ve saved up several souls and roughly bought 50 card packs that includes the chance of getting a diamond card but never got one. Bring back the old mortal kombat, you guys can afford to make the game easier to play but you won’t, you just simply don’t care as long as you can make as much money out of us as you can. Aside from the greed there’s just so many things wrong with this game, so much lag and other bugs. I think I’ll just stick to mortal kombat on Xbox. Mortal kombat on iPhone is absolute rubbish..Version: 3.3.0

Complete trashMy account progress is all gone after this current update. Developers doesn’t address the issue even though their social media is flooded wit users with the same issue..Version: 2.0

1 star because…There is a HUGE issue with combat in this game. I’ve been playing since its release and I’ve always enjoyed playing it. But I’ve noticed something that really disturbs the user experience. Every time you are actively hitting, the opponent might just start randomly hitting you AS YOU WERE HITTING THEM, thus they end up doing combos on you, then special attacks, and next thing you know, your character is knocked out. Another thing with combat is when you which you switch characters. It’s as if they want you dead before you could switch. I pressed on another character. All of a sudden it WAITS for the enemy to do whatever attack they wanted to do, THEN it switches; this doesn’t happen to the enemy, they just switch AS IM ATTACKING sometimes. Another thing is attacking the enemy, but all of a sudden they use a special attack AS YOU’RE ACTIVELY DAMAGING THEM WITH BASIC ATTACKS. This never happens against the opponent though; they can only do it to us. A little extra comment is that bosses in the Twisted Tower are unnecessarily OP. The normal fights are relatively easy, but when it comes to boss fights, I have to spend at LEAST 20 matches to try to beat them. This is so frustrating and doesn’t really make it ‘hooking’ for users. It just makes it so much harder to get special diamond characters than it should. Lord have mercy on anyone trying to get X fusion for them too….Version: 3.7.1

REVERT THE UPDATE!!!!Would’ve given it 5 stars before the update but the new update has ruined the whole game. First of all, I hate how there is only 3 characters u can buy each day. Before the update u could buy any character at any time if u had the koins/souls for it. Myself and many others think this was much better as it gave u more freedom as a player. I used to love this game and played it every day. Also in the new update I don’t like the new layout as it feels squashed and small. Whereas before u could more openly explore the home page and game. Also I don’t like how u can’t progress onto another tower for a certain amount of time and have to wait for the tower to open when competing to gain a player. To summarise, this game is not good and would be much better if the update was reverted :(.Version: 2.1.2

No way to contact devsGame is good if you’re bored, but gets redundant. there’s no way to contact the developers in game if there’s questions or problems. They changed the way you buy characters from everyone available to only 3 available at a time & you likely don’t need the ones available. Everything takes sooo long!!! Especially feats of strength!!! Absolutely mind numbing!!! Give an open all or open however many option. Also let us click on it to speed up animations like we can with fusing. Change the algorithm for feats too. Out of 150 cards I might get 15-20 that I don’t already have & on top of that I get rune points to buy at least 20 more packs that I might get lucky to get a couple more cards I don’t have. Wasted an hour of my life getting cards I already have. Everything gives you things you already have, not just feats, rewards for whatever give you gear you’ve already maxed out. Those level up special attack cards I’ve got about 20 of each bronze cards & no more bronze characters to use them on. Once that happens take that card set out of play. Also it would actually be fun if you played real ppl instead of ppl’s character setups. So that’s why it’s only good if you’re bored..Version: 2.0.1

Stealing moneyI keep getting notifications saying purchase complete, even through PayPal when I haven’t made any purchases at all. I’m the only one with this account and only person to access my device. Have contacted apple, they can do nothing about it, which I don’t know how that works. I’ve had around $50 taken from my account for no reason at all. Sad but definitely going to uninstall this app before I get robbed again. Which is exactly what’s going on here. Check you accounts people, I bet it’s not just me it’s happening to. Update: Just wondering if this is safe to play in the new update without money mysteriously going missing from my account from in app purchases I never made to begin with? Money I work for and haven’t gotten back? Huh? Yes? No?.Version: 2.2.0

Buyers BewareFirst off this game can be fun. There is a lot to do. The graphics are nice. And well it’s Mortal kombat. However I’m a little surprised by the technical team and the inability to fix issues. You thing for such a big name they would be top notch. There is a lot of crashing going on not to mention the cheaters. Which neither they seem to be able to fix. They tell you to use a WBID to log in and save your progress. I lost my account after about the first year and there was nothing they could do. I started playing again and spent years and money into it and one day it crashes I reopen the app and poof gone. Contacted support and there is nothing they could do. I lost a full roster, characters I paid for, my equipment, 3,000+ souls, 9 mil+ coins, everything.... They offer to replace the ones I paid for but everything I earned they could not. After fussing they offer me three other characters maxed out. Little this would do with everything else gone. Funny they could not replace this when hackers seem to have no problem at getting this stuff. Maybe they should hire a few of them. The crashing is bad and people post all the time that they lose their accounts due to this. So play have a good time while it last. Everything good does come to an end. Just keep in mind that you could lose everything at any point. But I do strongly advise against putting you own money into it..Version: 1.18

Don't waste your timeNegatives: If it wasn't for the constant mismatch in opponent strength this game might be ok, then there's the basically impossible to beat Jade character that conveniently pops up at the end and ruins everything.. been playing every day for a bit under 2 months and I can barely scratch the new content, it's clearly only for people that have been playing for a very long time or are willing to spend lots of money, the sound constantly bugs out and the repetition of the daily objectives is annoying but you need to complete them if you want any hope of getting multiples ( fusion ) of the same gold characters, if you've got a month to wait per fusion that is. Some of the rewards for finishing stuff is a joke Positives: Will post another review when I think of some.Version: 1.15

CrashesThe game has been crashing for a long time, and nothing has been done to resolve the issue. Very disappointing.Version: 1.20

Offline modePlz make this game offline playable again. It was awesome :(.Version: 4.1.0

Fun game at first but gets bad fast.The kombat league is very grindy. The towers have modifiers which are not only unfair but extremely unfun. The game constantly tries to sell you overpriced offers which cost real money and often dont even guarantee you get the character you want. Some characters such as mk11 scorpion and Klassic Liu Kang have been overpowered for years while others have always been weak. This leads towers to be balanced around the strongest characters and prevents players who dont have them from completing the towers. Some equipments such as craftsman's pride are also incredibly frustrating and feel like they shouldn't even be in the game. All of this isn't even including all the game breaking bugs the game has. It feels like every time a new tower, character or pack is introduced a dozen new game ruining bugs appear. Not only that but the bugs often take forever to fix. Overall a fun game at first but very unfun once the flaws start to surface..Version: 4.0.1

My game keeps crashingMy game keeps crashing since the last update this is two updates now and still no fix.Version: 1.14

Update 2.0You dropped the ball on this one. Making current gold tier characters into diamond has forced us into spending more to upgrade the characters, that’s a dirty move. Only allowing three character cards to be purchased from the store is obnoxious. So many challenges require a specific character, you were able to purchase directly from the store if need be. That helped out tremendously when you really needed it, including the discount on said character sometimes. Overall the app is now really slow, the animations are clunky and it just froze on me, hence why I’m writing this review. You should have left the characters alone and just added new ones like one of the top reviews have said (that a “dev” even commented on). Instead you arbitrarily raised how many diamond characters there are by forcing the “upgrade”. It’s really a shame that the overall conscious for the company is how to pinch ever dollar out of the people who have played the game for years and scare away any new players you may have gotten. I hope someone reads this and steps away from downloading it, it really used to be a fun game that I sank way more hours into than I care to admit. Devs, I’m sorry, I know you guys work hard on all of this but you really missed the mark. Unfortunately I know there is no turning back. Unfortunately this is my stop on this crazy train of a MK. Hopefully you can fix it..Version: 2.0

Simple but entertaining.Impressed with the updates and with support. The game initially seemed boring where you just have 2 different moves to play from but later on when you dig deeper into the synergy, challenges, etc it gets quite interesting..Version: 2.2.0

Kard packsI have opened approximately 23 mk11 diamond packs and I have gotten one diamond card and that was the first. Since that first pack I have gotten not one other the chance is so low it isn’t even funny.Version: 2.1.1

Fix this?While fighting the opponent (which I can tell are bots) hit me with a special attack but the problem is it hasn’t even recharged fully yet and they hit me again with same one so I directly die. I don’t think it’s getting fair for the damage, please fix this because it’s annoying. Second of all, I’ve bought ALOT of diamond packs but never get a diamond character , I get that it’s 10 or less percent chance to have a diamond card but I think you should separate the gold ,diamond, bronze and silver card in a individual pack because i know im not spending 400-200-375 souls for the end receiving a gold character 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: 4.1.0

Equipment pack drop rates are trashSpent 1.4 million to get 20 equipment packs and got 4 rare equipment cards and the rest were common and uncommon which anyone who’s played the game for more than a year already has all of them at fusion X, increase the rates stop being soo greedy.Version: 4.1.0

Took my money and ran3 weeks ago I wrote a review asking for help because my game crashed for some reason at the start up screen. No response, no updates, contacted your help desk and again nothing. No updates available so I reinstalled game, I've lost all purchases, characters and progress. Very disappointed that to take my money your process was seamless, but you couldn't support me in return after I've spent hundreds of dollars already. I only voted 2 stars because I'm hoping this gains some attention since you've chosen not to respond any other time. If you're a new purchaser of this game I'd seriously reconsider spending any cash. I have iPhone 7 plus and no reason for the crash. I've contacted the support team and after a clunky process I still have no response. Again disappointing..Version: 1.14

Banned for THEIR mistake, AWFUL customer support.After playing the game for many hours, ( around 200 ) I decided to take a break for a month or so and log out, upon logging back in I re-synced my device with my online account, only to find my in game currency was missing. So as you’d expect, I refreshed purchases, and was greeted with a glitch, whereby my purchases seemed to have been quadrupled, giving me vast amounts of souls, The in game currency, as well as cards, and other items. Ecstatic with my discovery, I tried it again to see if this was repeatable, and sure enough I was greeted with more souls. However... three days later, I was told in game I had been banned for hacking. I wrote to customer support explaining what happened, and they were having none of it, stating I broke the rules and that I ‘hacked’ the game, when in reality it was just poor programming on their end, and all I did was log in and out twice resulting in a lucrative glitch. So now, a game I spent £70 on is useless to me, and the developers couldn’t care less. Dreadful customer support, and equally dreadful programming. So disappointed..Version: 2.1.0

Worst support team & not support iphoneX screenWorst support team, waited for few weeks for reply & Switching other similars game now . I loved this game played for 3-4 years changing rating 5star to 1 star from recent experience. I was at level 56, most characters fused to 7 and level 50, 6-7 diamond character. But suddenly Challenge mode crashing for days for me ,fed up & decide to reinstall as suggested in official forums. My bad luck after reinstall lost all my game progress. Tried so many time to contact support with all details & screen shots but not even a single reply from support team. And now decide to play from beginning with different id installed on iphoneX I see it’s not supporting iphoneX screen resolution. Please provide iphoneX support soon. And pls pls reply to my support mail to restore my game progress. P.S: will edit my review if my games process restored.Version: 1.18.2

Cool, but there’s a major issueReally cool game, very addictive but not in a way that costs you an arm and a leg just to play. The issue is one day you’ll try and play it, and it just won’t load. It happened to me a few weeks ago and I had no choice but to delete it and re-install it - completing wiping out all my characters and progress. So I begrudgingly started again from scratch, and even bought a few packs to give myself a kick start only to find that the same issue has happened again. It’s been an ongoing issue for users of this game for over a year and the developers just can’t seem to fix it...or don’t want to. You can see on the support forum how many people are frustrated with this. They say that if you have a WBPlay account, you will have all your progress recovered but everybody seems to be saying that even that doesn’t help. I do have a WBPlay account this time, but not sure I’ll take the risk in deleting the account, as by all accounts it makes no difference. Save yourself the time and disappointment and don’t bother buying it..Version: 1.21

Lost my profileI was getting on the game as usual when it just made me start over. What can I do to get my account back?.Version: 2.2.1

Crash and LoadingHi, I literally was just buying a Dark Raiden from the store with my souls and it crashed my game. I’ve restarted the app, restarted my device, even turning on and off the WiFi (Even though I could literally access the Internet) and the game still would not load and tell me (game needs data to load/continue). I’ve tried loading on my other devices the game and the same things are happening. Please fix this issue..Version: 3.1

Been an original playerLove the Mortal Kombat franchise as I’ve played from the very beginning (quite literally) and when the mobile version came out I was one of those people that was all excited about it. But after this most recent update of the game I just can’t give it anything higher than a 3 star rating especially since you can no longer play off-line besides the fact that with doing the current Jade towers I have repeated the exact same tower (50 soul reward tower) for over a week and when I do finally get to advance past it I only get the first 3 matches and than it freezes than I wind up repeating the same BS. By the time MK11 actually hits the shelves this challenge will be over and I will NOT be able to get Jade from the challenge. If they actually fix this version of the mobile game I may consider changing the star rating but I won’t hold my breathe as I may turn BLUE from doing so. This aspect of review is to address some complaint from some people stating that the game never said or suggested to create an account is a load crap as they have suggested it for about a year or so plus if playing with an apple product “game-center” should be able to help with back up and restoration if not complain to those morons who were so kind (NOT) to remove it from the home screen..Version: 2.0

Improved? More like Ruined!What did you do to Faction Wars? Every now and then before the update I was challenged by a set of characters that bested me in Faction Wars, this was fine, despite this I still had a chance to complete a 7 match challenge. Now? I have no hope, continuous matchups that you call meaningful and informed I call unfair and unbeatable. I used to be able to complete a 7 match challenge but now I can barely survive 1 fight and if I do I don’t make it passed the 2nd fight. I have no chance beating even the single match challenge. I keep getting opponents that receive little to no damage with ‘Basic Attacks’, when dealt damage to my fighters from ‘Basic Attacks’ I watch my health plummet, we are no match. This was my main possibility for levelling up my characters. I played this game every day however, playing it today, I’m not sure I want to come back and play tomorrow. I enjoyed this game before it was ruined with the current update (2.2.0). I’m disappointed. If this isn’t put back the way it was I will be putting all my concentration back onto Pokémon GO. How do you feel Pokémon has dethroned Mortal Kombat as my favourite game on my phone..Version: 2.2.0

Mortal KombatI opened a dark fate diamond pack and got a gold card and it was a bad card.Version: 4.1.0

Game is crashing in battle mode towersRunning on a iPhone 7 plus , would like a fix for the crashing in battle mode towers.Version: 1.14

Kinda want my acc back & some other issuesSeen many reviews about losing old characters etc. Only redownloaded this recently on a new iPad and was stoked to play with the new features, characters and so on, put my WB account details in and it says it found a profile and so I confirm and it begins to load.....and load....and get the picture. In the end, I have to restart the app, I’ve genuinely waited for an hour before but to no avail. Please help? Also on a side note, not really enjoying how they removed the ‘friend’ system and that Kard Pack you could purchase. Furthermore I’m not a fan of how they restricted you to purchasing a choice of 3 characters per day, that really slows down progress to a point where there is little point in grinding. On the other hand, the new features (Trials, Side quests, X fusion characters to lvl 60....) are a nice addition, however overall, the game just isn’t as fun as before. Hopefully they’ll at least fix the accounts, but I don’t know if even that will redeem it for me..Version: 2.0

Great game but there is a problem that can be fixedThis game half the time feels unfair especially on aftershock tremors tower going on right now (btw plz nerf aftershock tremor or any tremor for that matter) some characters have either unblockable attacks, one hit kill attacks or krazy kombos that go on forever that will turn into either unblockable attacks or one hit kills. Please fix this problem it is a major annoyance for anyone trying to complete a tower or fight certain characters (I’m looking you Jason,D’vorah,Quan chi,Tanya and All the Tremors.) I just want to play your game in a good, fun and fair way please sort this out (and bring Rain into MK11 don’t care if he is a dlc character just do it).Version: 2.0.1

Awful appThis app has so much potential but uses cheap tactics to “challenge” the player, you fight against Ai that gets iframes on tag in which you don’t, can do specials that if it knocks out one person will carry on to the next (you can’t), their teams can use the same piece of equipment again which you can’t and to make it worse they have the equipment so all the common pieces are the same type so you can only equip one piece per champ unless your will to spend then maybe you’ll get a piece of attack or armour. Save your time and don’t bother getting this piece of trash app. Oh yeah and the battle pass is the worst battle pass in any game you need to spend to complete even if you pay for the premium pass complete joke and scum of developers completely out of touch with players.Version: 4.0.1

MK11 update is promising, but there’s many problems that need to be addressed immediately.First off, there are some serious bugs affecting the save data of the game. After exiting the game, any progress made in challenges is erased. This is the case for both Baraka and Jade. The frame rate is also a bit unstable, so if something could be done about that, it’d be appreciated. Though I understand it may be a hardware issue that can’t be helped by the developer. I will not be able to play the game until the save data bug is fixed. It prevents me from finishing challenges, and I’ve enjoyed this game in the past, and would hate to walk away from it like this. Second, the new store layout is disappointing. Although I’ve generally purchased card packs with koins and souls, it’s a bit concerning finding that selection of individual characters is very limited, and that small selection is reset after a certain period of time. This isn’t fair if we have a new challenge that requires a specific character, like the Triborg challenges did. In addition to this, it has affected some characters. Cutthroat Kano, for instance, no longer has a special ability. He used to cost less than most gold characters, but now costs the same as others. I look forward to a bug fix update as soon as possible. NetherRealm rarely lets me down as a customer, so I’m willing to let this incident slide for now. Thank you..Version: 2.0

Majorly flawed mobile game!Tried playing again recently and now I have a few decent characters the inexcusable flaws become apparent. The AI in this game is so badly set up it’s depressing. If the AI wants to beat you it just cheats, pulling off moves that are impossible to do yourself. It’s blatantly obvious when the AI decides it doesn’t want you to progress. Does not make it fun, battles are very dull and much of the same over and over again. Previous reviews from a couple years ago below; Had to delete and download again as I couldn't play the online bit, lost all my characters and had to start again☹️ New update is very laggy which sometimes means I lose in faction wars. I've lost out on rewards for all my hard work with no apparent reason even though faction history shows I should have got more for my position on leaderboard!😤 Desperately needs bug fix update!! Previous review: Brilliant but ruined by crashing at the loading screen stage whenever connected to the internet resulting in an often unplayable and extremely annoying game. Has to be said it is very addictive, and superb when it works even if only up to a certain point! The crashing has rendered the game unplayable in faction wars mode so daily challenge and weekly rewards are now unavailable. I'm guessing this is why some allies who once were fully upgraded suddenly appear as 1 star X-Ray. Without this major flaw it would a 5star review.Version: 3.5.0

It wont saveIts dumb how this game wont let game center save your progress and it only saves by making a WB login i had to delete and install the game again cause it wasnt working and when i played it again my progress was gone.....Version: 2.2.0

👎🏽CRASHING GAME - LOST YEARS OF GAMEPLAY!👎🏽DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS FAULTY GAME SCAM! Constant crashing of this game made me lose ALL of my progress! I’ve been playing this game since it first came out YEARS AGO in my spare time without issues until a couple days ago. Every time I would attempt to play the game, it would make it to the animated opening scene/trailer of the app and crash trying to load the daily log in page. Unable to do anything, I was forced to delete and then reinstall the app, and by doing this it completely erased my entire history of the app with ZERO way to restore it! Why can’t I restore it and resume my gameplay? Because I didn’t make an asinine WB account to have my progress sync to it - which I might add, was NEVER even recommended or mentioned as something to do in the app at any time! It’s despicable that I have essentially been scammed by this company for a couple hundred bucks on their micro transactions with no way to restore any of it! I couldn’t even log in to the app to get the necessary info to create a WB account even if I wanted to because of the constant crashing which is the only reason I’m compelled to write this review! I even checked forums online and countless people experienced the same issues as me! IT’S A COMMON ISSUE THEY ARE AWARE OF AND HAVE NEVER ADDRESSED! Never again will I support this shady business after their inability to fix their crashing game and because of their complete failure to protect their customers!.Version: 1.21

Please fix!!When I go onto the game it doesn’t load and instead says I have to connect to the wifi which I clearly have. I would press retry and it just stays on the loading screen. Please fix as I was just starting to get good characters.Version: 2.2.1

HELP!!!I love this game and I updated every thing on my phone had enough storage but MKX closed me out of it and I deleted it once before and got it again and it won’t let me enter MKX and I watched lots of videos on how to fix it I’ve turned my wifi on and off and I don’t want to delet it cause of my data can some one help me my version is 1.16.1.Version: 1.16.1

Latest Upgrade No GoodThe latest upgrade has put me off big time. If any thing its a step backwards. You can’t build your teams up like you once could, you know have to wait until they become available to upgrade - this is really dumb & frustrating. Also kard packs are now worth more & mainly give you character cards you don’t want. I was really looking forward to the upgrade that promised big things but unfortunately apart from looking better its a major disappointment. Unless they fix it soon I’ll stop playing it & wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 2.0

Update 2.0 is not that brilliantI started playing this amazing game since it was released. I have got a decent collection of characters. I had couple of breaks so it was not a non-stop journey. First thing - I would like to say thank you for the Update 2.0. It is good. I really enjoy the rework of the old characters. New special effects are good as well. Main menu is just more user-friendly. More diamond characters is good as well. Now the really bad parts of the update which ruin the whole enjoyment of playing. 1. Old store was mich better as you could buy characters you want/need. Now there are only 3 characters in 12 hours? Seriously? How do I upgrade my golds or diamonds? This thing makes the gap between short/medium term players bigger. Please return the old store. Because of this change you can’t even complete challenges. 2. The new default way of sorting kollection of characters is not that good. When you change the sort method to “by level” and move in character in your team - the game crashes. 3. Special attacks which use “slider method” to achieve extra damage react to the click with delay from 500ms to 1second and the closer you are to 80% the bigger is delay. Old one was much better 4. Special attacks with “spinner method” have delay in 1 second after you click it and the game just freezes for that second 5. Camera focus made all characters to be with legs partially cut off..Version: 2.0

CrashingThe game crashes when signing in to my WBID account. After that it won't even get past the loading screen without closing. Running on an iPhone 5s..Version: 1.14

Polishing needs to be done!The game itself is brilliant but there are too many moments as a player when I feel like the game doesn’t want me to progress (mainly in the story). Currently I can only fight three times before having to wait a long period of time for my energy back to full. I can understand not wanting players to be able to finish your game in a day but if I’m struggling with a certain match and I’m only getting three attempts; it could sometimes take me days. Another thing that makes me feel like I’m being dissuaded to complete it is the towers in Which you are given an ally by the game - when I first started playing I thought this was meant to be help for the player, but as you get into the more difficult towers they become a burden; the tower where you receive grandmaster sub-zero is made more challenging by his presence as he is the weakest card on the table with around 4K attack (which is extremely weak) and 17k health. This is nothing compared to the opponents we face who are sporting anything from 23 to 29k, because of this it ends up being a 2v3 because he can do so little..Version: 2.1.1

Why just whySince then mortal Kombat has been a really fun gaming until one single update, we could used to buy characters taking out that 75 hour grind to get that one character, which I really liked until they took it out please add it it back.Version: 3.3.0

RidiculousI don’t think any compensation can suffice, with what me and other players have had to go through! I was 105 consecutive days, but because I couldn’t sign in, due to issues with this game, I now have to go another 50 days to have the chance of receiving good support or even gold character cards! Then there is the tower, where some people are going over two weeks, where they can’t pass level 135 That could be 2 tower completes they miss due to your game bugs! But many more bugs, where your customers/players are missing out on I started this game when it first came out! And have amassed a great team Yet MY EXPERIENCE LEVEL is back at 27 now ( please explain ) Considering the money you expect people to spend to try jag a diamond character card through your shop! I believe you guys, should actually look after your customers who love this game and spend money on it religiously and compensate them what they deserve I love this game like many more! But expect people to pay or even take their money! When your game isn’t up to the standards they should be! You should compensate your customers accordingly It’s disgusting we are still at this point in the game Thankyou.Version: 3.7.1

MY PROGRESSSS!I lost all of my progress and I just beat Kotal khan with a diamond kold war scorpion! How can I get my progress back..Version: 2.2.0

Crashing.Its been a few days after the update and after every match the game crashed and it was like i was getting used to it but now even in the middle of the first match in online battles the game crashed when i'm about to win and it doesn't count now i can't fight due to the game crashing when i go in the fight, please fix the crashes.Version: 1.14

Ruining a fun game in a single updateI seriously don't know how or why they thought it would be a good idea to make some of the changes that they made in this update. NRS have managed to screw over pretty much everyone with the store changes considering now it's an rng fest to see if you can get the character you wanted to fuse and considering that there's only 3 characters in the store each time you visit out of god knows how many it could take ages just to get the card you want. The lag in battles is horrendous, especially for the special attack minigames and the chances of getting the MK11 characters from the MK11 pack is only 3%, that's worse than the chances of getting a diamond character from the elite pack..Version: 2.0

MikeyI have never written a review because I never usually care, but this update I have been looking forward to for a good month !! Didn’t even mind the wait time. But getting rid of the shop in which I still have gold characters left to max out but i can’t any more ... the new diamond pack is actually disrespectful spent 5k coins in which I have saved up and got the most basic standard cards! Which fair enough drop rate was low but wish I had spent the soles before the update. Never hacked like most people used to in this game, playing for 4 years and I think I’m gonna have to delete it. The bugs and everything I can forgive it can get ironed out, but the game just feels no better than injustice games or any other fighting games now, it’s lost the mkx feel, sad really. Not even hating first time I’ve written a review, thats how let down I feel..Version: 2.0

Total failure.This update really screwed this game up. The factuin wars aren’t realistic and the kard packs odds to get diamond cards aren’t better. They want you to spend real money to buy packs and have a 3% chance of getting them. Ridiculous and now impossible to play normal diificulty levels in faction wars..Version: 2.2.1

Horrible updatesAll the updates have more harm then good to the game, huge bugs don’t get fixed for like a year, all the new characters they add are locked behind a pay wall and the recent update has reset most player’s accounts and the compensation for the inconveniences are always horrible..Version: 3.7.1

Update IssuesThe game pre update was fantastic, 5/5. However, the newest version has some major issues. A lot of the changes were made with good intentions but they just don't really work properly. The new blocking mechanic is very slow (MUCH slower than the AI fighters) and matchmaking has gone off the rails. Faction wars has become way too difficult and the 'improved matchmaking' seems to think that a team of gold X fused cards is a fair fight for a silver team. The new challenges are a very good idea, but 140 battles total for one gold card is a bit ridiculous, plus the cards you face are basically overpowered. I feel the game in its current state rewards the people that spend money on it, with growth packs starting at £9.99. Everything could be fixed with a small patch, but for the time being this game is pay to win..Version: 2.2.0

One star and less for the new updateThe new update is not a update but a downgrade. When it’s an upgrade it should provide users with more functionality bt you have limited us in most of the things. You can’t buy characters, you will have to wait 12 hrs till it unlocks. I am not saying it’s bad to bring options that pays u more bt think in users perspective as well. At least don’t take away or degrade the options which were already there. Please bring back the old one. 5+ star for the old version.Version: 2.0

Game Gone WrongThis was one of not my favorite game, I played it every day for years, until I hit a glitch at tower 45. My team would have to gain energy and I will exit the game and whenever I got the alert that my team was ready, I’ll hope on to continue the fight only to fight out that I had to start the whole fight again then after I purchased the energy with my souls and completed the tower then started on the next one the section I exit the game it’ll take me back to the previous tower to the first fight. I repeated the same thing, purchased souls to complete the towers then go back to zero once I exited the game. Ran out of souls, started the towers form the first one to get more souls and lvl up some other characters. Well, nothing work. After I started again, I got glitched at tower two. Long story short this went on for months. I quit it for awhile in the hopes that there’ll be an update that’ll fix it, I’ll check here and there, but nothing same thing kept happening. I came back to the game like 3 weeks ago, I got fed up with it and uninstall it and reinstalled again. I lost all my characters, my souls, basically everything. I started fighting again and now I’m stuck on the first screen where they tell you how to fight. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Glitch did not go away..Version: 2.7.0

Good premise ruined by excessive greedI’ve played off and on for years. Spent a medium amount of cash on the game (what I feel it’s actually worth). And the main reason I stuck with it over similar games (Contest of Champions, Injustice 2) was that it seemed to strike a balance between needing to make revenue and providing value to the player. This update squashed all that balance. They took away so much freedom the player had to choose when to add to their roster, what cards to prioritize, what to save their currency for, etc., and locked it all behind time-gated artificial restrictions. The goal is obviously to make it take so long to earn new cards that you’re either playing the game constantly for months or you’re spending real money far beyond what the game is worth. You can buy the specific DLC character you want for a console fighting game for around $5 USD, or you can drop $20 USD in this mobile game for a 3% chance at getting a partially complete card you may not even care about. The greed has gone round the bend and I’m now just waiting to see if the game dies or the devs cave first. And I’m a lifelong MK fan, so I want more MK in my life, not less. Bummed about this, NRS. Disappointed. If you read this review, I’ll say it clearly: you should not download or play this game. It’s not worth the time and money it will demand from you before it lets you enjoy yourself..Version: 2.0

Beyond frustrated & annoyed now!!Annnnd now, since the last update a week ago, the game constantly crashes. At first I thought it may have been internet issues but, as I’ve just noticed, it’s not just happening to me 🙄 I can get through 2 fights in FW, at the most, and it crashes. Worst thing? When I log back in, that entire team is now dead. I no longer can play FW survivor at all because every single team and all equipment has been used/ are dead/ is broken. Oh, and the nightmare tower does the same thing. It’ll crash half way through a fight, I finally get back in and it’s crossed off the fight, I haven’t progressed up the tower tho AND I missed out on any reward(s). Cmon NR & WB, this is getting ridiculous 😑 This “was” my favourite mobile game.. The last few updates have been rife with bugs and issues. Why release the game when it doesn’t work properly? #FAIL 😑😒 P.S it’s nice to see you’ve turned into money-hungry people as well 😒 the “special offers” are ludicrous, the chance of getting any decent character is slim, at best, and I am yet to see any of the Skarlets or Terminators or Smoke or Noob... Thanks. Much appreciated. *sarcasm intended*.Version: 3.0.1

Needs more in game information.I changed faction wars team during the season and I lost all my progress rewards, I did not know that would happen and I would like to warn other players that the game developers do not have enough warning for this. This is like starting again which is a reason people stop playing this game. I also noticed opponents do special attacks without even having full power, how is that even fair? And the damage they inflict is too powerful on a high leveled character. The percentage of chances of getting a diamond character doesn’t make sense because of duplicated gold characters are way more common and therefore stronger..Version: 2.1.2

MK FIX YOUR GAMEStop updating ur game it’s bad stop making it worst. The Store is useless and your making people poor. There’s way too much hackers and exploits can you ban theses people! It crashes like every ten mins and it’s impossible to get good luck when it comes to packs. So if you try to buy this game this is just a warning⚠️ bc this game is just very bad. 🤬.Version: 3.1

From a player who has been playing for yearsI have been playing this game for around 4-5 years on and off and, despite taking breaks sometimes, and sometimes rather frequently, I have been keeping updated with what has been happening with the game and what’s being added. The game plays well, the graphics, the character design, the art, the game mechanics, are all really good. The ability to mix and match your teams to really have whatever you want on there, to make your team be able to be good in certain fields really makes the game feel not as limiting as one might feel once they start off new on the game, which gives the game a lot of replay ability, and it kept me coming back whenever I had new ideas. However, with all good things there must be a negative to shadow it. The game has a terrible balance between being able to play for free; and paying to win. The game has incredibly high prices for its packs, souls, and even characters when they first come out, and this makes the game feel as though it is a money grab, instead of an actual project the developers want to become an even better game, than it already is. For these reasons, I’m giving the game a 3/5 rating, and the *almost* forced pay to win feeling takes over the actual good parts of the game..Version: 3.5.0

Very annoying problemsI absolutely love the game. The graphics are fantastic and the characters are various. But the gameplay is sometimes almost impossible. Most of the time you can’t get a hit on them, yet they can do immense amounts of damage to you. They gain power so quickly it’s not funny. And in order to beat them, you have to have good characters, but you can’t get good characters if you don’t beat them. And so on and so on. So I decided to spend around $50 aud in souls in order to get a diamond card. I only found out after that you only have a 7% chance of actually getting a diamond. Which is outrageous. I did this three times. In addition it can be really hard to complete the character challenges. It requires a specific card to do so. And I’m not spending 300 souls on grandmaster sub zero. It really needs an improvement. Thank you..Version: 1.17

Hackers?If I try to Faction War with a maxed out Shao Kahn I keep getting matched up with super powerful opponents. Players are impossible to inflict any damage on....not just hard, you can’t inflict any damage at all. In addition they apply all sorts of bad effects on you, even though they aren’t powers the characters have, and in some instances don’t even have a power bar and can just do special attacks at will. What was the point of going to all that effort of maxing out your diamond card when you just get matched up against cheats? This means I can only use lesser characters in faction wars, thus less points. These cheat players also seem to possess ALL the talents in the talent tree and just apply effects over and over. Would be great if this could be fixed to make it fair and worthwhile trying to get Diamond cards UPDATE: why am I now being deprived of elite pack pro and klassic reptile in quest mode. It’s been about 3 months since reptile appeared and now three cycles of diamond equipment pack without the pro. How am I supposed to upgrade these characters now? Or is this how they are stuck? Fast running out of patience UPDATE: I would estimate I’ve now opened around 150 Diamond Elite packs without getting a Diamond Character. I want to get Liu Kang Classic to level X, I’ve been trying to get from IX to X for about a year. I assume it’s impossible and I will not be able to..Version: 2.6.0

Matches in Character Challenges not evenly matchedHow is it that my Gold characters are no match for the character’s in the challenge series? I’m currently on the last tower for Kintaro of 11/15 and it’s ridiculous. I’ve maxed out on fusing my cards and all my characters are over 30. It doesn’t make sense and I’m slowly losing my patience. I love the MK series and I’m stoked it’s available on IOS. Please fix this bug. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge and don’t mind having to have more than one go at it but this is a nightmare and just not adding up. I’m not spending any more money on the in app purchases - the souls are a bit exy guys!.Version: 2.0.1

A few more charactersThe game is heaps of fun,I play it everyday!! Maybe instead of having 2,3 or 4 characters with the same costume....chuck in some characters that will give us the WOW factor! eg horror names(Freddy,predator,DC characters,MK3s Stryker? It would be cool to get more characters for the collection!! Even if you had to earn them from weekly challenges.Version: 3.1.1

Cash GrabThe graphics and gameplay is smooth. But it’s so blatantly a cash grab game that I refuse to play it anymore. If you want gold characters you have to save up which takes aaages or use real money to buy souls. But the joke of it is that you can buy silver characters with in game coins so why can’t they do the same with gold? Also it’s quite clear they don’t really care about the reviews on how to make to game better as they never reply. Also when climbing Shao Khan tower you can only have 3 fights in a 24 hour period then you have to pay with souls for it to reset which I don’t think is fair. You have to wait hours for ur characters to go on quests and then when they complete them the reward is measly. I personally wouldn’t recommend downloading this game as you will eventually get bored unless you got the cash to splash..Version: 2.2.1

Lost the fun in itTrust me, I love MK in general. But recently, I’ve had so many problems with it. No glitches, the game has just gone downhill in the recent months. Packs get too expensive, the drop rates for diamonds are completely BS, as well. Everything all of a sudden is this type of cash grab. You really want people to pay $50 or more for a diamond character and some level up cards or support cards? It ridiculous. Also, the actual LOOK of the game itself has just become more ridiculous. I’m all for ‘improving’, but when all the characters look crappy for the back of their card, it’s just laziness to me. I miss how the game used to be. Nothing was as expensive as it is now, and the mentality of ‘diamond packs’ is ridiculous, as well. I would love to see the developers bring back the old packs; I’m sure a lot of people want them back. The new packs are just overly expensive for the low drop rate. If I’m paying 400 souls, I should have a much higher drop rate than 3%. We also need actual new kombantants. I’m sick and tired of being hyped up for a new character and it turns out to be another version of Mileena or Kitana. I’m sure a lot of players agree with me, and I hope the developers will read this and take it into consideration. Thank you.Version: 2.4.1

Data connection issueHave played the game before and would be a 4 star review however I have redownloaded the game as I want to start playing again and every time I try open the app it comes up with data issue and connection is required I have been fully connected to my wifi and every other thing that requires data is working. I have tried rebooting both my wifi and my phone however none of this worked Rather disappointed.Version: 3.2.1

Was Great, Not AnymoreThe graphics and gameplay are really good but every update makes the game harder and virtually impossible to beat any towers, unless you spend all your money buying packs and even then the percentage of getting something good is so low it’s not worth paying real money for it. To make any progress worth while you have to be grinding away a solid 6-8 hours a day, every day, but with this latest update the towers are impossibly difficult to defeat. Combine that with the repetitiveness of Survivor, Challenge and Battle mode, I’ve lost interest in playing. Also whenever I update to the latest version it resets my consecutive days played and reward rank which determines the value/rarity of the cards you get. Customer support is a bit frustrating to deal with as it seems they don’t actually read your email if you write to them. They give you an answer that is completely unrelated to question, this has happened need every time I’ve contacted them. It’s good for a free game but you’ll probably lose interest eventually unless you start shelling out a lot of real money to get any good characters or equipment cards..Version: 4.0.1

Bring back offline modeWhen I first played MKX it was so awesome how you could play offline...I WANT IT BACK.Version: 2.0.1

Great game but has flaws...So I’ve been playing on and off since 2015 and I’ve never really had many issues. I’d definitely recommend trying this game. Though, my only issues would be the fact that you can no longer just buy a character you want, it’s all based on pack luck or you have to wait and hope the character you want comes up on the three options. It’s a bit tedious. Also the new auto play feature kinda takes away the whole point of the game but I guess it’s good for players who just want to AFK games 🤷🏻‍♂️ anyway, would be 4 or 5 stars if they didn’t make the game so micro transactions heavy. Apart from that it’s a great game if you put the time into it..Version: 3.0.1

Game crushes a-lotI love this game, but my problem with it is it keeps crushing after playing for a certain period of time. Also when you are playing faction wars, if it crushes when go back to faction wars you would have been defeated, which is somehow not supposed to happen..Version: 4.1.0

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