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Mortal Kombat for Positive User Reviews

Daily Objectives?I Love this game to death, I play it a lot. There’s just one really weird problem... Every time I finish all of the daily objectives, it has a timer telling me how long until they reset. So I wait until the next day when they should have reset...and they haven’t. All of the objectives I completed are still completed, and the timer has gone altogether. I then wait until the afternoon (2pm-5am) and they’ve reset. But now I can’t get souls for logging in at 5am-2pm. So the. I wait until the next day, and they’ve all finally reset themselves. But the it does it again! It also affects the Test Your Luck thing, making it come up at random times. So it’s a bit of a bizarre problem, but surely easy to fix. Kontinue with the great work!.Version: 1.16.1

Bring max level to 100I love this game maybe add more characters and make are max level to 100.Version: 1.14

Mortal Kombat LegendsFirstly i want to start by saying that i’ve had Mortal Kombat on every device i’ve ever owned, i’ve been here for years. I love this game and it has never failed to nourish my boredom in the worst times. With all the new updates and characters i am always intrigued and interested in what might come next! Over time i have gotten to experience all the different characters with surely more to arrive. I am currently working towards grabbing the Mk 11 Jade so i can create an even stronger team. Just gotta say thanks to The MKX Team for giving me a great way to spend my time ❤️!!! PS: MK Legends would be a mint title for MK 2 if your thought of releasing a new game..Version: 2.0.1

Mortal Kombat Review.What else can I say apart from a fantastic edition to the already legendary MK genre! I am upset about the fact that when I updated the app yesterday. The game failed to load and I had to reinstall the game again, this resulted in my level 50 status returning to scratch! It had taken me 7 months to reach this far and from having 12+ characters being at level 25 and above, 3 level 50 and above. I now have 4 characters. Is there anyway you can compensate me in game for my loss? But as I say a brilliant game I enjoy playing 3-4 hours a day..Version: 1.20

Awesome!I love mortal combat but can you please make it an offline game as well as online please, if you guys can do that, that would be even better. Thanks. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.5.0

Awesome! But can be more better..This is one of the best games I ever played! The problem is that once you finish the battle mode, there is really nothing to do except do challenges(for mkx characters), shao kahn’s tower(which is kind of boring since you only have 3 entrees a day), quest mode, and faction wars(which has some hackers). Also what I would recommend is to add a story mode! It would be way better and more fun! The battle mode is pretty cool because of its fatalities, but its only once in a while once you reach a certain tower..and I was dissatisfied at the end when there was no story to finish it and they only give you a lil bit of coins and souls..another suggestion I have in mind is to add more characters! I know theres a new update right now with Bo Rai Cho, Hanzo Hasashi, and the shokan warrior, but I think you should add characters like Noob Saibot, Fujin, predator, alien, etc. I would be more obsessed with this game if they added characters like them! My last and final suggestion is to make us do fatalities..we can only do fatalities on certain towers in battle mode and some of them are guys should let us do fatalities on our own. This is why I give this game a 4*..hope you guys like my suggestions and thank you for your time on reading this..Have a good day :).Version: 1.17

Needs Bug Fixes and Character BalancesFirst of all everytime I go into Mortal Kombat and enter a battle, when it says finding allies it crashes the game sometimes even before i can press skip so plz fix this bug. Next is the characters, Most of the characters have very slow attacks and its very difficult to beat opponents when they are spamming hits and moves on you while u attack them at very slow speed. Apart from that the game Developers have really outdone themselves with this game, Stunning graphics and mindblowing X-ray attacks thx for reading my review i hope it helped..Version: 1.16.1

CheatersThis game is really fun combining a lot of characters from the Mortal Kombat Universe. It takes a bit of grinding to get gold characters but it’s doable without spending money. Gameplay is fun. Faction wars is great other than the fact that quite a lot of the players (level 35+) are hackers who have infinite health and damage attacks and skill tree and equipment hacks. I wish there were a way to report these unsavoury players as it would make the game so much better. That’s my opinion but overall very good game offline and single player. I would recommend downloading it..Version: 1.17

Great game needs some polishingIt’s a great game, I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half, I used to grind a lot on this. Due to exams I stopped, playing once in a while, then I just opened it this morning after a while and checked the “Feats of strength” only to realize I have 85 runes pack and around 300 runes currency, it was very annoying there wasn’t a button that allows ‘open all’ or ‘multi-purchase’ and another time consuming thing is after purchasing a pack is that the cards are flipped and take time, it would have been easier if the new items and the salable items were displayed out like the “Test your might” but as two screens showing what will be sold and what will be konsumed. Then a kontinue button, which will move on and sell the unneeded items. This should be in the store. Another in the store that should be added is the number of kharacters like about 5-10, and purchasing them multiple times and upgrade times should be added, I have unnecessary amounts of bronze and silver special attack and I wish I could sell them for a currency and buy other upgrade items..Version: 2.2.0

Love itBest game ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.6.0

Why so many notifications?I love this game, but I get at least 10 notifications telling me to play now In the course of an hour..Version: 2.3.1

About the New Update...With the new update I like the additional challenge of the new elder challenges for hardcore players. I also appreciate the more balanced online battles. However there is one issue, with the new update you boosted the opponents. I think this is good because before the update a player could defeat an entire team with a character half as powerful. However I do not feel like you did this in a good way. To improve the opponents you greatly increased there speed. While I do think that needs to be done, I think you went a little to far and could have buffed it in a different way. The reason for this is because now the opponents are so fast compared to you that 90% of the time you don’t even have a chance to block an attack. In my opinion it makes the game less fun. I feel like you should have buffed the speed a little bit but not so much that the players don’t have a chance to do anything. In addition to that I just feel like there should be a better way to buff the opponents. ps. (I sincerely hope you see this developers, and hopefully make some changes).Version: 2.2.0

Awesome Game, just a few things that can be changedI have been playing the game since I was a young boy and still continue to play, characters are awesome and I’ve made some great purchases to this game that I do not regret. The only thing that I would change is that after upgrading all of the characters special attacks in bronze, I think that you should be able to get some currency back from the special attack cards that can no longer be used. Besides that I think that the game is in great shape and hopefully it continues to be great!!.Version: 3.3.0

I want the offline mode backHonestly I love this game. I played it throughout higj school and even into university but since I don’t have a lot of data and the power goes out a lot in my country o can’t play the game as much as I used to so I would love for you to make it atleast offline capable again.Version: 3.5.0

Question about diamond charactersHello all, just a question about getting diamond character challenges back, or possibly in the future. Massive Mk fan and have been playing this game for many years. But when you want to get a diamond character you either have to pay 400 souls and still has a very slim chance of getting this character anyway (9% chance). If we can get our diamond characters challenge back but obviously the cost to upgrade these tier characters has to be substantially high,.Version: 2.5.0

BugLove the game overall such a great game but for some reason sometimes when I press the app it just hops off not letting me go on what’s that?.Version: 1.21

SO MUCH FUN!!Hey guys!! so i don’t really write reviews very often, but this game is so great! i love the faction wars, the challenges! it’s so much fun! i just have a little thing that i think will make the game a lot more interesting. it would be really cool if all of the characters had their own unique weapon, unique gear, and unique accessory, and that their was a tower that we could obtain these in. i know that some characters already have 1 out of the 3 of these, but i’d be really awesome if they had the whole set. to make it more interesting as well, maybe the set could be even more specific (ex. unique weapon for Relentless Jason Voorhees and unique weapon for Slasher Jason Voorhees or unique gear for Klassic Mileena, and unique gear for Vampiress Mileena) it would also be awesome (and maybe you guys are working on this i’m not sure) if we could add all of the character of Mortal Kombat, such as Predator, Strker, Kollector, etc. we are only limited to a few, when there’s a whole world out there! thank you guys so much for listening and i really hope that this gets acknowledged! i think it would make the game a lot more interesting and lot more fun for returning players!.Version: 2.3.1

Very addictive and fun but...The faction wars is meant to be online battles against real people but it really isn’t.the whole point of it is to play against actual people wich would make it harder rather then ai but you can tell they have lied because when you are inside a faction war fight you can pause the game for how ever long you want and it doesn’t affect the opponent and when you do your special move the game stops for you to tap or swipe but when the opponent does his special move it doesn’t stop for them to tap or swipe it just happens straight away wich proves my point of faction wars being a lie I should get some coins or some souls for pointing this out please add it to my account.Version: 1.21

Awesome but...This is an awesome game and is truely perfect in all ways but one, when you change fractions l believe it should tell you that you are going to lose all progress in the old fraction. This isn’t really major but it will be a nice big fix.. make inferno scorpion better and change Kung Jin’s effect special -Defensive Stance- is really not that relatable to him and is really bad for a gold. Change it to -Bow Power- as this would allow him to get +15 damage for every percentage so if someone got 100% then they would do 1500 extra damage to his first special..Version: 2.2.1

Mortal KombatThe Game is incredibly good it’s just the financial part that I can’t do and the cost of souls in the 3 Characters section where there’s a Challenge character I mean yeah that’s good but too much I think so I would say 350 as the price for those characters other than that it’s a good game love the Fatalities and Boss Sun God Kotal Kahn is too Overpowered so I would cut down the number of Totems he can summon. P.S. I would like it if there were more MK11 characters and if there was I would put them in the 3 Character Section at 450 Souls also add Diamond Cards to that Section cause I’ve been trying to Get The Terminator from the Terminator pack but never did I know that’s a Lot but there just ideas..Version: 2.6.0

BRING BACK OLD STORELove this game, have been playing since 2016 and have been at max level for several years now. I have never spent money on the game, but I always played it because I could steadily collect souls to be able to eventually get a decent team like other players who buy souls have. It would take me about a week of diligent playing to be able to fuse my triborg sub zero (best card) but ever since you guys limited the store to three random cards that I never have a desire to spend my resources on, I haven’t even been able to fuse anyone, super disappointing. I have been waiting for y’all to fix it, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening. If there is skilled based match making for faction wars then giving players access to spend their hard earned souls on whatever characters they want is a must. I know I’m not alone. Love the new update but man it has made the longevity of the game go down for sure. There is no longer a grind aspect of making the biggest and baddest team like there used to be. :(( please bring back old store or make cards more available for fusion..Version: 3.0.1

Good , but....................................................................................If you play games once then delete them or download a game then play it for years this is a game for you. BUT THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!!!!!! }:( I have played this game over ten times and each new time and before you ask I have a WB games account but when I try to link the new play through of the game to the past game it will either say “the account you are looking for doesn’t exist” or will do nothing or (and this is the first time this has happen) it will link the game but not give my past stuff to me. (And I tried In game play the game is excellent and the new update is awesome and I do still go back and play it many times before but just not this time. Now if anyone at WB games see this my account is under the name mcdoo17 I am begging you to help me link my account back to its past state with all of my stuff..Version: 2.0.1

This pisses me offSo I try to log in to my account but instead it associated with the new account and I lost all my characters and I finally got 500 soul coins so yeah epic needs to do something about this.Version: 1.21

Cool game but frustrating sometimes...I love the game, and how it usually balances different levels of players. However some things about the game seem unfair. First off, the faction war gear is a little too op for the low prices they are. They can be a HUGE game changer and only cost like 400 blood rupies. Also, in more detail to the combat, the frame advantages and recoveries can sometime be unfair, although the generally ARE fair. The primary thing that frustrates me with this is the inconsistency of the advantage. Sometimes I am even pressured into blocking but they attack BEFORE it blocks, even though I pressed block before they attacked. But most of all, is the advantage of Tremor's weakest link move. As always, the one tagging in can sometimes have the advantage if they press the special move button while the opponent is in recovery. However, when tremor does his passive "weakest link" it throws in a different character, but also gives him a HUGE frame advantage without using any of his meter. If he has two bars, at any moment he can tag in and take away half of one my my characters health without giving me ANY chance to counter. Please change this and make it so the opponent can actually attack on tag in..Version: 2.1.1

Too good.Amazing game, so many characters and possibilities. One character I would like to see in a Halloween update would definitely be Michael Myers. Just imagine, his ability could be like Unstoppable Jason Voorhees, he comes back 2 times and got knocked down and stunned for the rest of the match. But he would have to be a diamond character, no gold challenge character or pack character should have those abilities. Also, I have never been able to get klassic reptile EVER, but my friend has and I don’t know what’s wrong..Version: 2.3.0

Unable to log in. (Update)Although the game is awesome and the graphics are amazing I’ve had to give this game 1 star as I am unable to log into my WBPlay account which I’ve had since the game came out and have lots of characters on and it won’t let me log in to use them! It just shows the loading spinning thing, I left it on that for ages thinking it would take a while to no resolve! Update: after emailing wb I received an email with instructions on how to access my account and was able to gain access to all my unlocked characters etc! Game is great again! 😀.Version: 2.0.1

As expected but greatWas hoping for something like injustice and it is. Very fun though, simple and addictive.Version: 3.2

Perfect Game with Great Reasons WhyTo get right to the point, this game is perfect in every aspect. 1. There is consistent content throughout the game with deserving rewards associated with them, such as higher level fighting for higher rewards and even lower level fighting for high rewards. Realistically it’s not a pay to win game because you can get souls through the quest mode to build your team. Let’s say you work a job and you don’t want to spend the time to get all these souls to get your desired characters. You can run 3 one day quests to net around 100 souls per day and still play casually getting those weekly challenges. I will play this game on and off and I have for 3 years and it’s still as fun to me now as it was then. I doubt they even read the reviews, but if someone is reading this. I love your game and have played Mortal Kombat since I was a kid, Scorpion has been my favorite character as long as I can remember and I want all his variants in the game but Spec Ops Scorpion is so hard to get, speaking for myself, it would be awesome if someone could add something that makes it easier to get Spec Ops Scorpion..Version: 1.18.2

MortalKombatI love the game but when I link the console link it only work for 2 weeks.Version: 3.5.0

Since the update it doesn’t workI’ve had this game on my phone for quite over a year now, I stopped playing it after a while and yesterday I updated it so I could play it again. Ever since I’ve updated it, it keeps on saying “data connection required” yet my internet and WiFi is completely fine.. every time I click retry it just keeps saying an Internet connection is required, this has never happened before and I’m kinda bummed seeing as this was one of my favourite mobile games, now I can’t even play this😩😂 is it because I’m on an iPhone 5s? If this is so I don’t get why because before I updated it, it was working fine on my device lol, please help cos I fully wanna play it again and wanna level up quan chi😂 Edit: since I’ve put my review it’s been fixed!!!!! So back to five stars it goes😂😭😂.Version: 2.1.1

Game crashes all the timeMortal Kombat x has been crashing for the past day and won’t log in. I didn’t do anything there were no new updates it just seemed to happen for no reason. Mortal Kombat x team please take note in this comment and try to see what is causing this issue with the mobile mortal Kombat x. Hopefully you can fix the problem within a few days. Thank you for taking your time to read this message..Version: 1.19

Real goodI love the game and enjoy playing it with a 22 consecutive day streak. I have a couple of issues tho, I disagree with being forced to have a character on your team to complete a challenge especially harder ones to obtain such as quan chi. I play this game mainly to challenge myself by completing character challenges but struggle doing so when I don’t have the required character to do so. Also I find it really disappointing to find no benefits of maxed diamond teams when all u face are hackers making time and effort lost Only a few issues hope they could be fixed, changed or improved, can’t wait.Version: 1.21

Battle Friends?I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat X for over six months and I absolutely love it; the graphics are incredible, the sound effects are authentic and general feel of the game is super inviting and appealing. However, despite this, I feel like adding a function where players can add friends and use them as allies or just battle against them would be a really fun feature to add, similarly to the PS4 adaption, but I’m not too certain about that. However, if this is really not realistic, thrive on the fact that this game is incredible and you’ve done an amazing job developing it :).Version: 2.0.1

Nerfs and buffsGreat game. Been playing for about a year, level 44, but a few changes could and should be made. For example, the Assassin Jade character is too overpowered, because of her ability to vanish when a special attack is being performed. This and many other things have cost me many matches on MKX and I hope that this character in particular could be debuffed to a much lower chance of this ability coming into effect. Peace.Version: 1.17

Yeah noThat my friend GottaBeGold is why I don’t mess with anything online in games like this it’s always BS either tryhards, hackers, spammers, people who play WAY too much and more so I just stick to single player stuff in almost every game I can and I think you should too don’t just rate the game one star because of multiplayer BS or game glitches because they can just fix the glitches and stuff anyway this is a great mobile game and please add all the MK11 characters cos I don’t really like Raiden and I don’t care about Jade you have Scorpion and he is my favourite but I would love all the others to be in here too thanks!.Version: 2.0.1

Hey warner bros....This game is AMAZING, i remember when it first came out, and i was pumped into playing. My first gold character is Raiden... The only time i spent money on the game was getting Scorpion pack and Sub-Zero pack from then on i work with my characters leveling them up to compete throughout other challenges fir more characters. Ive never stop playing and never will. Now my down issue is the game lags, glitches, and the music doesn't play regularly. So Warner Bros, I'm asking, is there going to be an update to fix the issue??? I REALLY wanna continue playing without the lags and to hear the sound music while I'm fighting in the game. Other than those flaws im never gonna stop playing, ive worked hard to get every character i can maxed out by level and by their tier level. Mortal Kombat is my first game to ever play from the creators before new ones came out like Injustice and WWE Immortals. Ill never stop playing Mortal Kombat, but please, please fix the issue of the game, Warner Bros or Netherrealm, who ever of ya created the game for IOS please fix the issue, i dont like lagging, and glitches, and the no background sound, please?? Thank you for letting me play since the first day this game was made 😁😁😁.Version: 1.17

A bit glitchyIt’s good but on the main screen it says I have completed one of the objectives, and when I try to collect it doesn’t let me.Version: 2.0.1

Amazing game/ just a few issues To addressSo I really love the game and i have recently just got back into playing since mk 11 will be released soon but I have a few issues I must address first off my runes have been reset completely I had 200,000,000 and now for some reason I have 1,000 and don’t know what occurred especially due to the fact that I have been playing mk mobile since the release of mkx And another issue I was completing the challenges to unlock mk11 raiden and it stated it had 5 more days till it was cycled out of the shop as I return today getting ready to complete the last challenge to have him unlocked I come to the realization that he’s already been cycled out which came as a complete shock to me I understand that it’s just a game but i love collecting these different variations of characters and especially since it was a mk11 based card I’m highly disappointed and i wanted to address these issues and see what i can do if I can’t do anything about the mk11 raiden card I would at least like to address the issue of my runes due to the fact that i was pretty much robbed of every single rune I had I would gladly accept any responses from your end thank you for creating such an amazing game..Version: 2.0.1

This game is okay except one boss scorpion on tower 16 6/6I really love this game I play it a lot except from one boss witch is broken and near impossible and bugged because he has 2,800 damage but 3 shots my nearly 5k hp characters and he gets his X-ray in 3 hits so he will kill one of my characters and the other he will xray them attack another 3 times and kill my whole team it’s broken it says I need to use spec ops characters but I do and the same thing happens I can’t get past half his health and I’m wasting all my souls trying to beat him but except from that boss I’ve had so much fun playing this game and I think they should add the Jason’s into the elite pack just my opinion.Version: 1.19

LOVE ITBeen playing for about 5 months, the graphics are fantastic, the fighting sound are very close to the real sound. In this game there is so much to work toward like building up characters to their full strength, the only thing I ask is further into the game (don’t know exactly were) to tone down how hard the AI players are for example at some stage there was a fight with kinshi in it and he was soooo beefy and strong (keep in mind that I’ve never lost a battle previously) and it took me a good 12 tries to kill just him alone compared to the rest of his team. I also ask for the energy to recharge a faster because I want todo more battles but don’t have enough energy. Overall the game was great, very addictive and has an online mode. GOOD WORK WARNER BROS..Version: 1.15.1

CrashMy game is crashing every time I log on. I do not want to re-install it to loose all my progress. Plz help fixing this.Version: 1.18

This game is on 🔥🔥🔥So Amazing!!.Version: 3.5.0

Mortal kombat is just a whastI grinned so many soles to get my scopion and I got a gold Like it’s like the game just wants to make us grind so much and grind again mk stop this.Version: 3.6.0

AlphawolfTo be honest MortalKombat is one of the best games I’ve ever played it’s so much fun with all the Different characters and ability’s just one thing though it says you can customise your characters but I don’t know how?.Version: 2.1.1

Good game but could do with an update.I love this game where you can unlock new characters you can get card packs with characters also the faitality but here’s some updates I would like you to work on first is that can you please make it so that the characters you win can’t fight in it it makes it to hard for me so I want you to work on that next update is that the lava place you fight in if you fight sub zero he’s an ice guy and what happens when ice goes in lava? It melts so I want you to work on that to next on is that when you get gear from Quest then you put it on your character so when you fight it actually makes it look like it is on your character and you use it in battle.Version: 2.1.2

Why I don’t Play As Much Anymore. (Suggestions; Devs. Read Please) Bug IssuesSo I have been playing MK over a year and then all all of he sudden, I stopped playing for about two months! Also because I haven’t been playing on the IPad for awhile and I just didn’t want to play it. When I went on it said I needed the new update so I did. Once the update happen, I saw that it was super cool, but you guys made it more confusing than it was. Yes, I know you guys are trying to make the characters are real as possible, but it just makes the background kombat area looks like a 2D Print. I also don’t like how that we have to wait for the next characters to appear to buy them, I do like the gold to diamond, but I wish they would also like have more attack and health and etc. The bug thing is that you for the challenges, “Gold Characters Only” I was able to put my diamond characters in. Some suggestions I have for you guys is make it that the soul prices are lower for the character now, because they are more expensive than trying to get Shoa Kahn and also make it that we can also buy any of the characters at any time. There are other minor things that I don’t like the change, but I won’t really care for those. As you devs. will, please discuss this in with your other people. Thank you..Version: 2.0.1

Update issueLoving the new updated graphics but the game keeps telling me to update to the new version but I have and can't seem to get back into the game..Version: 2.0

Love it but needs a changeSo I’ve been playing this game for years and I really love it, has saved be many an hour of being bored. But please, I’m begging you, enough of the diamond packs. We wait for ages for characters to arrive and when they do, the only way to get them are from overpriced packs with abysmal rates of getting the characters. It’s just depressing. Can’t there be something like where you do a challenge tower like with the tower of horror or the lin kuei temple; cuz then while it’s hard and still would cost A LOT of souls, players would still be able to certainly get the cards that they’re after? Been waiting for characters like skarlet and this new tremor now for ages; and when there’s finally enough souls for packs, they’re never there. Sorry for the long message and I hope you know that your work at Netherrealm studios is greatly appreciated; you’ve all made an amazing game and I’d like to thank you for your time..Version: 2.5.0

I love this game so much!This game is amazing, I have had many accounts and every time I started a new one it had been just as fun, I play this game on every device and there is a reason for that. ITS AMAZING!!! This is a reply to Elite Gamer PRO’s review, yes Shoa Kahn is very hard to get on some towers but there is a reason for that Shoa Kahn is one of if not the best card in the game so there is a reason for it to be extremely hard to get him and if you can’t complete the tower that just means you are not yet good enough to achieve him. I have tried many times and failed but that’s fine by be and I finally got him this previous relic hunt. Once again I love this game and thank you nether real, studios!.Version: 1.21

RateI real love this game and very thing about the game but right now i am having problems even login in to game. I click on icon and it open up and loads for 10 second and i go Straight back to home screen. This happened very since i got new phone. I hope the new update will fix this. Try to uninstall and reinstall it to see if it worked but it didnt work..Version: 2.6.0

Good but liked the old versionThe game itself is very fun but I loved to play when you didn’t update and change the whole game. It is a bit annoying because when you didn’t update the game I had like ten diamond cards and one day I had a game I wanted to play and I accidentally deleted it and when I downloaded it again it reset the whole game😭. Also there is one more thing whenever i try to log back on the game says I have unstable wifi connection but, when I go check it shows 3 bars of wifi 😭. I love the game but please fix these minor issues👏🏻..Version: 2.5.0

Other people keep playing on my account on another deviceI love playing Mortal Kombat I’ve been playing it for so long now and I’m not getting bored of it, but recently I came to a problem where I keep getting kicked out because people keep logging into my account on another device, and I don’t even know who this person is, and so no matter what I’m doing I get a notification telling me to restart my MK because someone else is trying to log into my account, so if you make a solution to that problem I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.Version: 3.6.0

Where is my BLACK OPS SCORPION???I love this game. I always play it when i have time. Amazing graphics, new characters, especially scorpion. Now the most annoying thing for me is that, about two days ago the black scorpion challenge came up and i waited until the last minute for it to start. And then when it was finally time, I opened the game and there was no challenge whatsoever. This has happened to me before too. Last time I waited and again it disappeared. The challenge started two days ago. Now there is a new johnny cage and no scorpion. I want my black scorpion in any matter. Please release another challenge for black scorpion soon and let it stay there until the very end. Thanks.Version: 1.18.1

Good but dislike the character shopI love this game I’ve been grinding out faction wars to level up my mk11 jade character (thanks for that character btw) but before the mk11 update I was buying certain characters to fuse and make them stronger, unfortunately I can’t do that anymore due to the new character shop UI. I don’t like only being able to buy from a selection of three random characters that change every 12 hours. I think being able to buy from a large selection of characters was perfectly fine. Please can you change this back.Version: 2.0.1

Pack opening alternativeLove the game so far. No issues what-so-ever but one thing... would be great if you have the option to open the pack much faster. Its time consuming to keep clicking on the “Add to Kollection” when you could have an option to accept all in a matter of seconds. Would be great if this was implemented into the game. None-the-less couldn’t ask for more :).Version: 1.21

Slightly Annoying gameplayI love the game so much but I'm slightly annoyed that to get Slasher Jason you need to do something in Faction wars why can't he be a challenge Character like he used to be oh and I have a question when do relic hunts happen I'm 50% Done and I can't wait for the next one to come out make it come back again soon Pleasssse I really love how well you've done with the graphics and art also could you make some more Characters be able to do fatalities in battle towers also will Sindel be in game soon I hope so also Jade is Way too op in Relic I mean seriously Netherrelm lower her difficulty a bit not all of us can beat her but I love your game.Version: 1.19

Mk11 Update (2019 Feb 27)Got to say..Amazing update. Just a few things that I find a little broken. When i play as a character who has a SP which requires me to tap on the circles( Jax SP 1) there are small delays between selections which makes it near impossible to get a 100% SP attack. Another thing is, when i switch characters in Faction Wars, the game crashes, my device is an Iphone x, there isn’t a problem on any large game. And finally, the shop is overpriced for what you actually get. The Diamond pack is a rip-off, Wasted 400 souls for a gold Jacqui Briggs. There are no ways of getting diamond cards currently and the Quests barely give any good cards. Apart from that, amazing Update and Fantastic Graphics. Rate this a 4/5!.Version: 2.0

Terrible SupportI have had this game for well over 2 years now and over the past 3 weeks - yes 3 weeks the game keeps kicking me out in battle mode. All other functions work fine incl faction wars but it's near on impossible to gain any additional levelling up if your characters are stuck and cannot increase due to no access to battle mode. Have reinstalled game, reset iPhone 6 Plus reset network settings, rebooted my modem and done all the obvious just in case - all without success. As a last resort contacted the programmers through their website and got an automated message saying that although my message will be read I will not get a direct reply - that was over a week ago now and still the game continues to fail. Pity as up until three weeks ago I played it every day. Shame on you WB Games for being so blasé. If it's not fixed soon will be forced to delete game permanently..Version: 1.19

We need a FUSION PACK for saleSo lemme start by saying I’ve been playing this game since 2014 with new update the old store was snatched so instead of making this long review I’m going to leave at this I understand the reason behind taking the old but can y’all at least provide a fusion pack for us to buy ? It’s not fair to a loyal fan of the game that for us to rarely get a fusion and I understand the purpose of the update was for the game provider to profit but don’t y’all think y’all could make a huge profit of a FUSION PACK at almost any price I say this bc this is where the money at most player including myself wouldn’t mind buying a fusion pack in fact we would rather buy a fusion pack compared to something like growth pack or a level up pack take in mind one thing about the game that makes us love playing it is seeing our characters get stronger unfortunately without the old store we can’t access fusion as easily to continue the process that’s kept us playing for so long all I’m saying is a fusion pack is needed in order to keep the game enjoyable without it after u get to level 50 with your characters it’s not really fun to play anymore.Version: 3.1

The best 3v3 combat game!!The game is well set and the combat and all the different moves and x ray abilities are awesome! P.S. can the creators please give me at least one diamond pack?? Cause I’m really struggling with diamond characters and have always wanted my first diamond character! :).Version: 3.0.1

Love it and have always played! One thing however...First of all, love the game, absolutely awesome in every way! But one thing. By the time this is or if it is read it will probably be too late, but the Kraken Reptile tournament on the ‘Must have Ermac on your team’ 50 souls tower, level 13/15, Mileena, Kenshi, and Kitana are practically impossible to beat. Yes I know you have to have a really good team to beat them, but I killed Kitana, and instead of dying when she should have died (considering her health was at only a tiny bit left when I was finishing up my Diamond Black Dragon Tremor’s second attack) she was switched out by Kenshi for no reason, the only modifiers on were Ermac must be on your team and regeneration, but I still don’t understand, how did she not die when she should have died? She had about (as a demonstration) this [ ] out of this [ ] for health and my attack would normally deal this [ ]. But she didn’t die. I’m just a bit concerned that maybe it’s glitched out because she switched out AFTER she normally would have died. If this is a glitch, please look into it, much thanks!.Version: 3.3.0

Love ItI love this game I recommend it to anyone that likes Fighting games its very fun and easy to play; depending how lucky you are or how good u are at saving souls; its fun but i think there really should be more reward for completing the campaign. . ..Version: 1.18

Found a bug didn’t know where to putLove the game wouldn’t make any complaints about it other than please stop the plague of the kombat cup characters they are everywhere and make the game boring, but that is beside the point. I found a bug where if you spam one of your specials as soon as kombat cup sonya tags in and it one shots her she will do her passive (referee) and the game will freeze. This freeze isn’t a normal everything stops freeze because the characters, in this case Cyrax and Sonya, were in their idle fighting poses and the music continued to play however there was no longer an option to pause the game and no end screen appeared for the 2 minutes I waited. Just a heads up if you guys didn’t see that bug already but yeah good game other wise..Version: 1.18.2

Fix the sound plzIdk why the sound keeps crashing. Like when I open the game sometimes the sound is just not there. The game do be fine tho..Version: 3.6.0

Great overall but needs some changesI’ve been playing this game for a very long time and it’s my favorite mobile game to play but there are a few things wrong with the new update. The first thing that a lot of people including me want back is the old shop. The new one isn’t terrible but it’s not as good as the old one. Also I think that the chances for the rare characters in the Blood Ruby packs should be raised by at least 2% because I’ve been getting those every time a season ends and I haven’t gotten a single rare character out of them. Another thing is the cost for the characters in the Faction Wars store, they are very expensive and Klassic Ermac and Klassic Sub-Zero definitely need to be lowered by at least 250 Blood Rubies. They just aren’t worth it. You could either buff them or lower their prices, please do one or the other. I read another review also and totally agree that at the end of the 100 battles in Shao Khans tower you should get like an elite pack or some souls or something. Please bring back elite pack too. Well that’s all I have to say and if the dev’s are reading this keep up the great work! This game is really good and you guys are awesome! :) Edit: Also forgot to say, please add a new diamond character and make it Noob Saiboat please! Bye :).Version: 2.0

Lives up to me manI think it’s a really good game reminds me of the old one I used to have on xbox and yes this game brings back some good memory’s..Version: 2.6.0

It’s a Great Game, but a lot of problemsI installed this game because I am a fan of nether realm studios games and because I have injustice 1 and 2, and my expectations for this game were blown away. It has an easy to understand combat system and doesn’t get too confusing, however, for the new card MK11 Noob Saibot, his online rank required to get him is ridiculous and requires a huge grind and only has a 1% chance of acquiring. This is frustrating as no strategy can be given due to his exclusivity. If he was added into a pack that guarantees him but costs money, I would more than like buy it. Another issue is the souls. Souls are given to you in small amounts and can take a long time of grinding to even get roughly 400, which is painful. The micro transactions on this game are also expensive and not really worth it. But I would still recommend it to any Mortal Kombat fan as it a nice entry in the series. So for now, get out there and Fight!.Version: 3.0.1

I couldn’t think of a nameI don’t know what people are talking about to be honest, I did have trouble getting the classic ermac but got it and that was fine I just don’t go and try and buy EVERYTHING and EVERY card because I know that I’ll need it for an upcoming challenge so when the challenge comes,I can buy the card I need from the store then play and compete be challenge honestly I don’t know what everyone is talking about like who cares if you don’t get one card or maybe 2 in one month or a few the challenge will return for that character and then you have the opportunity to get it again in my view, I think that it’s fine and the game is amazing overall.Version: 2.1.2

Fun, but..The game is amazing. Controls are easy due to just tapping, but then there’s the other things you can do when finishing a combo or using a move from your energy bar, such as repeatedly sliding in a certain direction, tapping, etc. Very immersive and easy to get into, and the grinding aspect, if you wanna call it that, is both fun and easy as well. The characters are, of course, mostly unique, in a sense, granting lots of variety and thus making you want to play more often and longer in order to upgrade all of your characters. But then, of course, there’s a few issues I have. The main issue is that when I get a card that I already have from faction wars rewards, the bronze pack, quests, etc., it automatically fuses with the respective card I have. It’s pretty irritating because I wanna use it for another character who may need the armor or whatever card I got. Another issue I have is the game being a bit buggy with the abilities. I tap on an ability on the energy bar and sometimes it just doesn’t work. But aside from that, the game is awesome and fun to play. Keep up the good work. 😁.Version: 2.4.1

Just fantastic!I’ve always loved Mortal Kombat ever since it was released during my childhood. This game has an impressive variety of characters, moves, and skins. With a different modes and challenges, there’s always something to work towards. Additionally, I love that they add new characters and level up old ones to new tiers. They are pretty good about listening to their gaming community when it comes to suggestions and requests. And I personally have found the game to be decently generous. I often get diamond characters from the card packs and every once in a while if there’s a problem where the makers have to do maintenance on the app, they reimburse us for the inconvenience with a decent quantity of currency. I have found it to be an outright fun game with a lot to look forward to as you level up. Slight downside, it can become a money pit down the road. It’s a gamble when you have many characters maxed out to buy a pack of random characters. You might spend $10 and only get cards you’ve already maxed out. That tends to be a complete waste. It would be great for the packs that you spend actual money on if there was someway for them to filter out cards you’ve already maxed out. Or let you flip cards until you get something usable..Version: 3.0.0

Really love this gameHello, i really love this game. I have been playing it ever since it came out on phone. I deleted the game after a bit and now i have downloaded it again. I really hate what you have done, why can we only play with wifi, it was better when you can play offline. Please change this. I also hate the store, why can’t we buy the characters we want, instead of putting 3 characters on the shop, make all characters available to buy, how it used to be. Please change these things..Version: 2.1.2

Fix pleaseI must admit that so far this is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is smooth, great graphics for a mobile game and overall this game is just amazing. The only problem I have and other people may also agree with me is with the challenges. Don’t get me wrong the challenges are great, you can earn enough money to but your self one or maybe two card packs. But the boss battle, I really despise the fact I need a specific character for that exact challenge example being “raiden” I can’t buy him with the in game currency and the only way of getting him is via card packs and the odds of getting that character are very low. I don’t mind having a specific character for that challenge but it would be great if it would be affordable or at least give us a better chance of getting that character in the card packs. And one last thing I’d like to point out. Multiplayer... Faction wars keeps the community active, we fight against each other and climb the leaderboards and earn money. The thing I’d like to point out is that I want to play with my friends, either on local internet or via Bluetooth. All these would improve the game even more. Once again great game but still needs few details to fix it. by inferno.Version: 1.16.2

Ignore the pointless reviewThis is a great app, runs fine I have never had any problems in a whole year of game play. The feats of strength system needs reworking so you don’t have to mash the button to open one pack at a time. Besides that the game is great, weekly challenges that give great rewards link to console games from more few rewards daily. People complaining basically are players whom what everything doing for them and think they deserve everything for free. I have only ever played for free and it’s more than what you need if you’re willing to invest the time grinding levels..Version: 2.5.0

Fantastic Game but...This game is truly legendary for me as a mobile game. It's really fun and entertaining and grinding doesn't feel to grindy. Mainly because you want to be the best of the best and have all the gold and diamond characters maxed out. Overall I'd say the game in it's entirety, is a masterpiece but, there are a few issues I'd like to address. So when this game came out I made a WB account. Well after two years of playing with that one account for some reason I could never log back into it. Then last night I re downloaded it and tried signing in and it signed me in which is awesome. My most annoying issue right now tho is that I tried completing the challenge to get the gold reptile card and even though I've completed the fight against reptile, finished the first and third challenge columns, the game says I haven't completed any of the challenges and if I try to click on it to redo it, the game crashes. I'm giving it a 5 star for being a very fun and addicting game, but these issues definitely need fixed. (Mortal Kombat 11 Hype) -super excited can't wait!.Version: 1.21

Amazing but..The game is fantastic the big update made things better in my opinion but the 'challenge' mode needs a little work. Not many people have all gold characters so they can't actually complete the challenge. Also I think that the challenges should have gold characters most of the time but have Diamond characters then and again they don't have to be top Diamonds like Diamond MK11 scorpion but like the first few diamond characters such as Klassic raiden or hellfire scorpion or if not that someone like undead Johnny cage. Me and my friend play the game and in our opinion you should bring a diamond character to the challenges because not only do players get their first Diamond character the also have a reason to come back and play again.Version: 2.1.0

Worth your timeI would recommend this game to any body. It’s smooth, fun, and action packed. If your wondering about the fact that it’s a card game, let me shine some light. The characters and power ups you earn are used as cards, and can be equipped to your team as you wish. Over all, very good game..Version: 2.1.1

I’ve been playing since it’s releaseI kinda wanted to respond to a comment a read that said you run in to a wall after 3-5 days of playing and how you have to pay to win. I completely disagree. Although I do agree that they people who are good usually just spend hundreds of dollars. HOWEVER, I’ve been playing this game since it’s release who knows how long ago. And there’s always some type of goal (for me at least) to reach. The game is definitely repetitive but what fighting game isn’t. I like the challenges and I love the grind of leveling up characters. And as for having to pay for characters. I completely disagree with sending money. I have never spent a dime on this game since it’s release and that’s something that I’m proud of. I don’t like these micro transactions, I believe in grinding for the reward. You can beat people without spending money. It’s. It hard building a solid team without spending a dime. Lastly I wanna say the reason this game isn’t a a four star is because the pleasure of cheating playing on this game. And how Netherealm just doesn’t seam like they do anything about. Not a session goes by where I don’t come across at least one cheater with you know what type of name. They need to integrate an In game report feature. Instead of going through WB forums..Version: 1.21

Loved it10/10 Honestly this is my most used mobile app i love killing my other opponents and seeing that you can unlock the dlc characters for Mortal Kombat XL Is the best thank you for making this possible.Version: 1.19

Really good gameI think this game is the best and gives me an idea what mortal kombat is like. I would recommend this to everyone but can you put more fatalities with the bosses?.Version: 2.6.0

Logged in and account was gone after spending lots of $$$Logged is a per usual and account was totally missing, contacted WBGames weeks ago and have not heard anything, this is after spending a few hundred dollars on this in app purchases, these guys don’t care about their customers, happy to take your money but not provide the product in return and don’t respond to customer complaints, just want my account back, happy for them to keep the money, but if they can’t give me my account back then give me my dam money back!.Version: 1.16

Mkx CharactersIt’s been such a great game and I am enjoying so much. Mortal Kombat X has become my favourite game to play. The game has been expanding with new characters with amazing special abilities and X-Rays as part of the new updates recently and the past. I’m just wondering about the challenge pack though. It doesn’t really include all of the new characters from previous challenges in 1.16. I really ask please if you can add all the other characters from 1.15, 1.14 and 1.13. It would be much appreciated for me and for others who have missed out on achieving those characters. Thank you to the Mortal Kombat X company for making this game even better and keep up the good. You guys awesome!!! :).Version: 1.16.1

CoolTrès bon jeux.Version: 3.6.0

FreezeGreat game absolutely love it , but I can’t beat it , I get to the second last boss ( scorpion) and when subzero goes to fatality him my game freezes.Version: 3.6.0

Pretty niceIve been playing for almost 7 years now and its been an amazing experience.Version: 3.5.0

GameMy game haven’t been working I would like you to fix it please I have got a good players and I would like to play agen please can you fix it.Version: 1.19

A humble request!This is the best game I’ve played stoped and starting to play again in mobile.... and im curious to know if u ever thought to bring to the game god liu kang ... I would be so grateful ... at the end he was the main character to end the fight against cronica in the storyline.... so making him one of the most powerful characters diamond card 2 different powers fire and lightning... and all new 3 different abilities with a brutality or fatality and combo enders .... he deserves it i mean all players of mk11 mobile do .... as myself not strong enough in my acc but it will make it more exciting like i am every time a new character is born towers black dragon the kanos brutality ect ect . Grateful to play this game and thank you in advance if u consider my request. Thank you !!.Version: 2.6.0

Awesome game...I have some suggestions tho.I love playing this game and I’m pretty good at it. I have been playing for a while too. I have some suggestions too. I think you should be able to donate to your allies. I think you should be able to search your friends usernames and have them as your allies too. I think there should be way more packs you can buy with coins. I think there should be more challenges at once. Like the weekly challenges, there should be more than one at a time. And the rubies from faction wars should be easier to get, or the cards you get should be cheaper. Also when you unlock a card, you should be able to purchase it from the shop with either souls or koins, it’s hard to evolve the characters when you have to purchase a pack every time and hope you get the same card. And I know diamond characters are a pretty recently added thing, but I think there should still be more of them. Also when packs come into the shop, like the twenty dollar card pack, you should be able to purchase them with the gold you have, 1,500,000 gold is $100 so if you pay 1,500,000 you should be able to get the card 5 times. Thank you if you actually read this!! And over all this is my favorite game!.Version: 1.19

Fun for 2 days unless $$$Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful game, visually. But u can play for 2-3 days before you hit a wall (I’m up to level 25 in just 3 days). I know the goal for the creators are to make money, but give us more than a couple days of playing before we are just stuck. Doesn’t matter how hard you grind either. I’ve been grinding nonstop just to see how far you can get without spending money. You will be stuck on a tower with no hope of passing it without paying real money for characters. And unless you do the quick match online, you will always face players you can’t beat (after the first few days, first few days are fair matchups). And don’t get your hopes up trying to beat the special levels they have (complete ALL of them and get a good player), because you have to have characters you pay for to even do half of the battles. And not just 1 or 2. But multiple teams of characters that you have to pay for. If u just need a filler for a weekend, play this game. Just for the visuals and because it’s Mortal Kombat. Just don’t get your hopes up. Honestly this should just be a 10$ game and they let you unlock characters easier during play. 20$ per player is insane. And that’s not even an evolved version of the card. Just the base card..Version: 1.15.1

Great game butGreat game but it would be nice if they would add like predator and alien but the game play is 10/10 and the graphics are good I recommend it to anyone that like fighting games..Version: 1.19

THANK YOU GUYS!!Without really going into detail about how incredible this game has been for the Utecht me from wrong but 15 to 13 years running it has been a phenomenal game ever since I was a young child she now a 21 year old young adult working and still playing this game like it is nothing that I ever would’ve thought that would be in my life and kinda a special moment that I will never forget I’m so glad to have this in my life but you guys when all out to gift us MTK for literally anywhere we want now! And most park I really enjoy the fact that this had a real MK1-2 retro vibe with better graphics ahh the nostalgia... and its free!!! With lots of cool now content and grind to add more to your MK2 feel ride of a enjoying ride playing this game!! PLEASE MAKE ATLEAST A NUMBER TWO FOR THIS GAME DEVELOPMENT TEAM AND CAN TPU ADD A SPECIAL CHARACTER LIKE CONSOLE VERSIONS AND MAKE IT PAY TO WIN IS ORDER TO GET IT OR EXTRA HARD MISSION ID PAT FOR THAT I actually don’t pay money on mobile games but I will for you guys such a brilliant game finally!! 10/5 I can’t got that 5 even if it is max, 20 for a MKmobile2.Version: 3.0.1

SmashingI had this app before and it was alright that was about a year ago I recently got it again and the only complaint I have is the fact that when you get a character that you already have you should have the option to sell the character like with the feats of strength prizes. Also I don't think you should get characters in packs that you already own and never use. For example I bought a pack just now and got another osh tek which I fused with my previous one that was a level 12. Also I've been cheated out of my prize from the test your luck mini game by having it conveniently crash before I can claim a prize..Version: 1.21

Very good and addicting game!I love this game to bits. It is such a good game and can pass time well! The characters have unique abilities that do help and they have unique attacks that are very cool to look at ( only a few ). The challenge towers and other events are worth your time and do give awesome characters and currency for your time and effort, however there is one flaw that I have. The souls ‘complete offer’ list never loads, restricting your ways to get souls. A few current methods are: Complete towers (challenge and campaign) Faction war rewards Buying souls There are probably more out there, but those are three that I know. Please can this be looked into as it would make the game more enjoyable by getting packs faster, and refilling energy more often, enabling more fight time..Version: 1.18.2

Mortal Kombat ReviewThis is an exceptional phone game for the price of! The graphics are amazing even on a 5S. It’s also really cool if you’re a big mortal kombat fan and you have the game on xbox/ps/pc. Another amazing thing is that if you own the Mortal Kombat X on console or PC, you login with your Warner Brothers account that is synced with your Mobile account and you get Free skins on the console/pc version such as future raiden! Back to the mobile game itself, the gameplay is fantastic and is a great game to play in the car if you’re and Mortal Kombat fan. I love online battles and how the gameplay is very simple - so you won’t bump into tryhards at this game. Five stars, Absolutely amazing, totally recommend.Version: 1.17

Great Game But ...I’ve been playing this game since I’ve been a freshman in high school. It has been great to me. I have taken a few breaks from playing it too much but overall I get on this game a lot in my down time. But, recently ever since the 2.0 patch came out my game isn’t working. I got stuck on earning rewards from Faction Wars and it’s been like this for almost two weeks. I can’t play the game, collect daily rewards, I’m missing out on challenges and doing quest daily to earn more currency. I have done everything in my power to fix it. Such as delete and re-download the app, Logging out my account, restart my phone. Any trick in the book best believe I have done it. At this point I don’t care about missing out on my rewards and challenges. I just want to play the game and have all the progress I’ve been working on for almost 4 years back. If anyone knows how to help or can get a developer to contact me that’d be great. That’s another thing. I reported the bug and didn’t get anything but a confirmation that they got my message. Still a great game. I wish I could play it on the account I’ve spent all my time on..Version: 2.0.1

Please read this netherrealm mobile teamBeen playing this game for a bit and I have seen something's that could be better such as a friend battle (privet battle) and a way to add friends. This would greatly improve the game play and more people would play it as well because of the competitions between people that they know. If it where to have a way to trade cards ( characters ) it would make for a more accessible game play and it would bring more fun to the table, now yes there would be a money problem but you could include a different currency into the game that would be used in treading such cards ( characters ). This should be done with out real money. This game as really good graphics and Smooth game play and the way you have to fight engages the player and it feels some what like you are fighting..Version: 1.21

Very funRuns well on an iPhone 11 and brings me back to the good old days of middle school playing this with friends.Version: 3.6.0

New update option and future updatesI love the new updates the team have brought this month, the feats of strength is a great implementation to the game and in my opinion there’s more room for improvement. I had noticed that once achieving a title for Kitana “Day of the dead” I had noticed a small picture or art work of Kitana with the Day of the Dead faceart. I thought this would be a great window for either head, face, accessories and skin customisation. I know i may be going an extra mile and it would be hard to create different customisation for multiple characters with their events/timeframes within the game, but the idea of being able to for example choose a day of the dead face-paint accessory for Kitana would be great. As always thank you for your constant updates on the game as it has change greatly since I first played it Yours sincerely, Wally.Version: 1.19

More classic old schoolHello guys this is one of my best games from the app store i would suggest some more old school fighters i.e rain noob sibot Striker there are a few more but these were good classics from the old games the new update from MKX to mortal kombat mobile the graphics have become so much more real great fun great faitalitys i would suggest if possible the person who does the speakin when u choose a character if only like the playstation it says flawlass victory when you win with out a hit that would make this more perfect... great job guys really fun game 5star from 👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.1.0

Amazing and need to get!!!!!I have always been a fan of MortalKombat and this game has outdone its self it’s got good graphics and a bunch of characters from MK11 to the classic games it’s so fun there’s just one slight thing thought when you open a card or pack whatever you would like to call it example the Jason pack I have opened it 13 times and it hasn’t gave me Jason yet so when you buy the pack could you please just give the character or make a higher percent please other than that it’s a amazing game I love it!!!!!!!! You have to get this game hands out to the developers!!!!!!!.Version: 2.3.1

Game bugGame freezes everytime when performing the fatality on kung jin in the battle tower i run the game on an iphone 11 pro max.Version: 3.6.0

No words can describe how great this game isThe game is flat out amazing I remember when I didn’t have enough cash to buy the mainstream mortal Kombat games so downloaded and played this one and just got better ever since the graphic are amazing for a mobile game although there are not a lot of fatalities I’m still happy they included them the way you fight is easy to learn and make you feel really op at the start of the game and the gold and diamond characters... they can be annoying but I love that not being able to get all diamonds and golds fast is good it keeps giving you a objective got diamond mk 11 scorpion now get all the other mk11 characters and the rewards you get for playing the game are amazing it’s not like playing this won’t get you anything on the console games you get rewarded! 10/10 Would even rank this above mode console games.Version: 2.6.0

Unfair Advantage CheatersBEST GAME EVER!! UPDATE: no fun if you don’t get your faction wars rewards 😕 been about a month without receiving them please fix Mortal Kombat X is, by far, my favorite game I have ever played. That being said, I haven't played too many games since my kids grew up and moved out (yes, I'm an old lady) but I have played original Mortal Kombat and loved it as well so I was completely stoked to see this app for my iPhone. I have never had to pay any money to play and have reached level 51 quickly and gotten almost all the characters over the last year or so playing all on my IPhone. The one criticism I have is that once you reach a higher level of playing and your characters reach their capacity, your opponents, most not all, have multiple cheats enacted that make it nearly impossible to beat them because not only does the game give you opponents that are up to two times better than you, but they have these crazy cheats that make you completely powerless. As it is quite frustrating and really disappointing on all levels. It's an unfair advantage and cheaters never prosper in life. Thank you for reading. ~ Mortal Kombat Granny ;).Version: 1.21

Addressing ProblemsThis game is fantastic for a mobile game, it has heaps of aspects that encourage long play times and grind worthy achievements and characters. However, lots of people complain about how some content that rewards diamonds is “too inaccessible” and pack diamond chances are “too low”. Well here is my take, diamonds are END GAME content, not something you get instantly. You need to GRIND for certain characters in order to then grind for DIAMONDS. One last thing, people saying pack probabilities are “rigged”, they aren’t, when you click purchase you accept the fact that there is a slight chance of getting a diamond, and just because you opened ten plus packs doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get a diamond, chances are static for each opening. TL;DR DIAMONDS ARE HARD TO GET BUT REWARDING..Version: 2.6.0

Good game no staminaI’ve played this ever since mk1 on the Super Nintendo and this is a good game but please take off the stamina we want to play it and not have to use money to get more stamina please read my comment and plz take away the stamina.Version: 2.7.0

RatioPlease fix the screen ratio for iPhone X because half of my screen is unused and the screen seems small.Version: 2.1.1

My one gripe...Really fun game. Looks good, plays good. My only complaint is that to unlock a lot of the challenge characters you need to have other challenge characters in your team. So if you miss challenge A (or are a new player) then you can’t get character A. Then at some point down the line you can’t get character B because you don’t have character A, and because you couldn’t get character B then you’ll miss out on character C in a month or so’s time. Yes, you can shell out 360 Souls for a challenge pack, but you’ve only got a chance to get the one you need. And as more and more challenge characters are added, that chance continues to decrease. Maybe during the event, put the required character up on the store, even if it’s for, say, 400 Souls. At least then people can save up to get on the evermore frustrating ‘challenge character ladder’. But other than that, great game..Version: 1.15.1

Great fun but glitch ruined itI love almost every aspect of this game so far, but for some odd reason I’m unable to swap out my Sonya blade demolition character without the game crashing and it’s really ruining the game for me..Version: 2.0

My suggestionsI do agree with others, while I love the game and have been playing it since it’s release on the Sega Genesis platform, this version of the mobile game needs a bit of a touch up in certain areas only. I don’t believe adding a bronze character like a Tarkatan Warrior or a silver character will help those sections are fine. Areas such as battle mode can be improved by adding more towers and more lucrative rewards for its completion. This should be an ever evolving section because the bulk of players need an escape from faction wars once there premier characters run dry of energy. Faction wars need to be a bit more competitive, love the new reward payout T the end of the week but it seems like the competition has dropped and the characters your facing badly move or perform actions now. Quest are fine, I believe however the drop rate on the rewards should be increased a tad to keep players interested. I would also like to see some klassic characters available like Nightwolf, Noob, Sindel and others like Fujin and Kabal, Striker available as well. I like the feats of strength addition to the game along with the power ups and special features during battle..Version: 2.0.1

More updates :)Hey this is a really fun game and can you guys please make another update and Receive a lot of souls and free packs it is a really good update and this is far one of my favourite games to play..Version: 3.3.0

Hands down one of my favorite games.I’ve been playing this game for over two years on multiple devices and I’ve always found a way to enjoy it. I love the faction wars play and the many different weekly challenges. Now I wish the price for the characters in the faction wars store would go down about two hundred rubies. I love how I’m this update they added some MK11 characters and I now have a larger assortment of characters but I think they should add some older characters that have been in previous MK games such as Noob and Tsang Sung and the human version of smoke, sektor and Cyrax. Or maybe even the MK roster with literally everyone. Now that would give me something to look forward to. The only thing I really hate about this update is that I removed the entire roster and replaced it with only three character at a time that refreshes every 12 hours. That was almost enough to get me to stop playing the game. Literally my favorite thing in the game is gone and I really, really, really wish they bring it back. But even thought it has changed the layout completely I still enjoy this game and absolutely would recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.0.1

My review of Mortal Kombat X Mobile and ways to improve itThe gameplay and graphics are amazing plus all the awesome characters as well you should make a daily month login rewards in the next update where every day gets better rewards and the end of the month gets an equipment piece of your choice and every 100 days or every year you can get any one character card of your choice even if it’s not currently available on your birthday that would be nice also I live in Australia and the prices for Souls Koins and Character Packs are false can you please show the right prices for them please since this is an American App other than that it’s an amazing game thank you very much for making it yours sincerely Joseph or Ultima Red in the game.Version: 1.20

Freddy KrugerAre you ever going to realize that the face of Nightmare Freddy Kruger doesn’t match his card. I’m an original player and it’s kind of annoying that you never catch things like this. I still play religiously, but seriously come on. With all the updates and it’s never fixed. I agree with Awesomeaxl3. The silver and bronze characters are lacking. I mean all of the characters aren’t even represented as silver cards. For example, Kung Lao, liu kang, quan chi, bo rai cho, sector, Cyrax, smoke, and good grief even raiden, mileena, baraka, erron black, takeda, Jade. You don’t even have to come up with a name as it is their base card. As far as the store goes, you should come out with new characters to just buy for souls. Otherwise the game is very repetitive. Where’s noob saibot? Let’s not even get started with bronze cards or even a bronze/silver challenge. The only character represented at bronze is Ninja Mime Johnny Cage which means you’ve thought about it. Why not just make up some cool ideas to get the bronze cards more applicable for challenges or Shaolin Master Kung Lao? Not to forget; your relic hunt percentages are off. I unlock 1 it’s 1%. I just unlocked 15 and it was 10%. It’s always screwing you over when it comes to this logic..Version: 1.19

Can I have my account back pleaseI had a really good mortal Kombat team but then I got a new iPad and my accounts now gone I had slasher Jason and relentless Jason but now there both gone so please can I have my really good account back I don’t care what level they are I just want Jason back..Version: 1.20

I am loving the game but...Recently I have been doing the faction wars and I haven’t got 3 seasons worth of stuff. Please can I have my rewards, I was on gold elite and gold lll..Version: 1.21

Very fun, especially collecting cardsMy only problem is the monetization. Way to expensive for only a chance to receive a certain card. Also can KL Noobsaibot come in the character section of the shop, for an amount of souls): please. He's my favourite character and I want him so bad..Version: 3.6.0

Talent Tree Point Request.!Please developers I really want the legic hunt tower completed twice with talent points as some reason when we want a re-roll it, I’ll be not enough to maxed out and it been 5 years now haven’t do something about it. But you have already re-rolled it on this late update with the new sistem please I’m begging you to do that it because some they used maxed equipment with there maxed talent trees for us whine got poor account it need those talent points to help building our lower level accounts thank you so much mwaaaah.Version: 3.0.0

About Shao KahnRecently you guys added Shao Kahn diamond relic hunt which gives people a better chance to get a diamond character but the thing is you guys didn’t think about the people who have less stuff or don’t have a certain amount of fused characters e.g. tower 3 spec ops fusion level 1, but anyway you also added relics to Shao Kahn’s tower but I’m halfway through it so what if you could please add a way for us to restart that tower to have a chance to get relics for the ability to unlock Shao Kahn so people don’t miss out and have to spend souls to heal health and waste them on that instead of packs in the relic hunt towers, thank you guys you’re the best. Good job on the game but please change the things I asked for. Kind Regards ElderGod.Version: 1.15

Report a serious bugIm playing this amazing game for more than 18 months now and I really enjoy it🥰 thanks for everything that you did in order to improve the game experience including adding new characters and fatalities and brutality etc.😍 well, tonight I encountered a really weird and serious bug in faction wars, I was playing as the dark fate Terminator and my opponent was Klassic Ermac. Somewhere in the middle my terminator took enough damage to die for the first time and it was going through the resurrection animation to become the skeleton version, but the problem is this, the last bit of damage was because of Ermac explosion (Just before he dies), I had done enough damage to kill him first, and then i was killed because of the explosion, Now the worst part which is related to the bug I mentioned earlier, after the animation for the terminator was finished, Ermac was still alive! and he had become invincible!! I couldn’t do any damage to him no matter what! My special attacks were disabled altogether! The terminator died because the other player was still playing, and after that my other two characters were killed as well 😐 I know this is an extremely rare situation😅 but I would really appreciate it if you fix this for next version please 🙏🏻 wish you all the best 🌹you always remain five star ⭐️ 😉.Version: 3.4.1

AmazingThe game is amazing but due to lack of no off-online play it’s sort of ruins the game a little bit, unlike before but still amazing game, really addicting..Version: 2.0.1

Annoying GlitchMortal Kombat X Mobile is great fun for passing by time and i had recently re-downloaded the game to play it again after freeing up some storage. After i started play i went to redo some towers in the normal mode and everytime i tap “fight” it takes me to the ally screen then crashes every time and its so annying because i can’t use allys, nor play its frustrating. Please fix this bug. The rest of the game is really fun and addictive and great time passing fun. WB PLZ FIX.Version: 1.18

Amazing gameNow, i know i shouldn't be playing this came since i am only 11, but just for the record, it isn't even THAT violent. The graphics are just beautiful, and the animations are sooo realistic. I can definitely say that this is one of the most well made games i have ever played, and do recommend this to loads of people. I have only one problem and that is that the developers have put really difficult challenges to unlock characters for beginners like me. I think that with this problem solved, this game can go a long way..Version: 1.21

Mortal kombatThis is a good game to play when you are bored and it is very entertaining the graphics are great and the sound over all I will give this game a 5 star rating.Version: 3.4.1

If you want a diamond card you have to buy it for $20If you like fighting games or mortal kombat you'll love this game. I play this game all the time and it's my favorite mobile game hands down because there is always a different challenge around every corner. However my only complaint is if you want a diamond card you basically have to buy it for $20 which isn't worth it. You have souls you can buy card packs with for different characters or factions. However there's like a 3% chance you'll get a diamond card on the diamond card packs d they are like 450 souls so basically $20 because that's how much you would have to spend to get that many souls. That's basically giving people willing to spend money on the game an upper hand because diamond are the strongest and that is very very cheap. I mean who wants to spend money on a mobile game?!? Not me.. If it's a diamond card pack you should get a diamond card character no matter what just like you do with a gold or silver card pack. It should be the better cards of the diamond or gold cards that are harder to get..Version: 3.3.0

Option to sellLove playing this game. But would be good if there was an option to sell characters. Have so many that don’t get used. Also seems to crash a fair bit. When opening the game up. And I want to make a complaint about assassin jade. If there ever was a game ruining character it is her. With her passive to dodge specials and combo Enders. Especially when equipped with Bojutsu staff. You And along side punk Cassie cage. You can’t even save up to X-rays to destroy her. Needs to be nerfed.Version: 1.18.2

Best game on mobileI love this game playing it for to years now I took a break for a while just to give some other stuff a go but I always come back and grind for those diamonds. I play ml on my console but if u ask me the mobile version is way more fun. Wb if u see this can u bring back the Jason and Freddy packs back to the store. Another thing when are u going to add spawn onto mobile? He’s my main and I’d love to see him in the game thank u.Version: 2.7.0

Good game butCan you please add an option for advanced controls because the only thing you do I just spam the screen to get good combos and it takes the fun out if it and especially with blocking it’s a pain to block because sometimes it takes a second to realise you have two fingers instead of one on the screen also can you add a mode where it’s just 1v1 because 3v3 is kinda annoying because if your about to kill an enemy they can easily just switch and it’s annoying to know you were like one hit from killing them.Version: 2.6.0

GREAT LOVE IT a few issues thoughMortal Kombat x is. Fantastic game I’ve been playing it for years now but there’s one thing that really annoys me and that is when you go to the store basically everything or every good thing costs money it’s unfair when you go into a battle and the other person has relentless Jason vorhees or vengeful shinnok and more about relentless Jason vorhees he needs to get nerfed he can run away from every special attack and then after that you’re stunned plus he has critical damage which can easily 3 shot any body Thnx for reading.Version: 1.17

Whats wrong with everyoneThis game is really good and i see alot of “you cant do the challenges unless you have this or that” but thats rubbish seriously yes there are requirements but thats to stop people powering through too easy? And when it comes to it if you dont have the required cards its asking for your clearly not progressed enough to need the cards anyway? this game is very good players just have to stop being lazy and be ready to work for what they want My only complaint would be the price of the souls, but you can easily work for them if needed..Version: 1.19

My game won't stop crashingI love the game but then all of a sudden it is crashing as soon as I load it up. I don't understand. I have iOS 10 but I keep crashing. I don't want to delete the app either because I don't have a WB acc and my game center is not linked. Pls help.Version: 1.19

MortalKombat boss fightThere is this boss called the sun god and I cannot beat him because I do 5 damage to him with my 15k damage and health and sometimes I can’t even hit him because I get poison every time I try and I can’t block for some reason please make this not buggy it’s my favourite game and I can’t proceed to play it until it’s fixed I would recommend this game to anybody.Version: 2.5.0

Add more characters but it’s peakThis game is legit amazing, the combat and graphics are smooth, the specials and skills are all well made and good. The legit only thing I wanna see in this game is more characters. They have plenty already, but the thing is, they added Jason bothers and the terminator, but if they predator and the Xenomorph this game would be at its peak. Literally having a bunch of characters is great but overall it’s like the best fighting game ever on mobile and console👍👍..Version: 3.4.1

Special offers and packs.I’ve been playing for ages now and I’ve bought some packs. But I have noticed a slight increase every month in the price packs. £49 for a character you might not even get is ridiculous and I’m going to see the price climb. But moving on. With the kabal challenge (elder) I think it was way to difficult. Everyone needs a good chance of getting a card and the effort needed for the GOLD card was ridiculous. Every character needs a chance of getting as it’s just a pay to get what you want. Overall it’s a good game but it needs some fairness and possibility to get everything in the game without buying it with your own money..Version: 2.3.1

It’s a fraud , they run this game 500% against youThe problem that I find with these products were that the character they offered on this package is the one you don’t get. They said that they offered a chance to get it but them it’s like winning a lottery you never get it. As you see this packages are very pricey and if you want to build your characters you need to buy them. They have this system that you need “Souls” to buy for example Diamond or gold packages and if you want to get souls went you level up you need to buy the packages corresponding to the next levels for example levels 10-20. Well that’s good but went you spend those souls to buy the characters they offered you’ll never get them. It is like fraud!! You’ll end with no more souls and to get enough you’ll need to have these levels packages. Also the character and different tools have a system that goes from 1 to 10, in Roman numbers, so you buy the packages that offer that specific character to try to build it up but again you never get it. I have spent $2000 and still haven’t get anything the promised..Version: 2.7.1

This game has too many flaws, still a good game either way.So i’ve been grinding for three days now and I’ve seen a lot of flaws that annoy me. First, daily login. I’m there waiting to collect my card but it’s still loading so I’ve just been there for 1-2 minutes so I restarted and I didn’t get to do my daily pick. Second, Cards. There’s two topics on this one. If you open a card and then it stops loading so you restart the game you lose the chance of opening that card. The second topic is that how P2W it is to get good cards. I would buy them if they were on sale though. Last but not least, The levelling. It’s so hard to level when you have like a level 13 D’Vorah while fighting a level 20 kenshi. But besides that, PVE’s and PVP’s are fair and it’s addicting..Version: 3.1

Love the UPDATE!! But I wish some things were addedI’m a player who has played this game for well over a year and a half and I’ve been playing this game non-stop. I love the challenges, the graphics got even better with the update and I love it. Overall, the update is great but I would like to change some stuff. 1. I have an IPhone X and when I play the game, there are bezels and I’m not a huge fan of those. They really irritate me and I would like it if you guys can fix this issue. Maybe something happen or you guys are too busy and I don’t wanna sound too hateful but if you guys have the opportunity to fix it, I would love that 2. With the new update, there has been some issue that when I play the new challenge tower (for Baraka) It would lag out and restart the game. I don’t mind doing it but it bugs me and I hope you fix that soon as well. 3. I really liked how you change the shop but I like the old one better and if you guys won’t change it, I’ll just deal with the new one and hope I get use to it soon. Overall, the new music, new looks, I love them and I hope you keep updating this game because I love playing it and I don’t have any plans on quitting it either 😁 (I play this game so much, it kinda make my girlfriend jealous and it’s honestly funny and I just tease her with it 😂😂).Version: 2.0

Mortal KombatI have been playing mortal kombat for nearly 2 years. I played it everyday nonstop. I loved everything about it until now. When I got the update for mortal kombat I have to say I am very disappointed on what has changed about it. The fighting music in the new version isn’t as intense as the old version and I don’t like it. All my characters are mixed up when I tried to edit my team, I used to know where all my best characters were now I’m having a very hard time trying to find them. I wish all my characters were in the same spot when I got the update. I used to upgrade all my gold characters to any fusion I wanted I have about 50 of them and it was very easy to upgrade them to the next fusion, but now in the new version is what I’m seeing is I can only get 3 character cards to fuse instead of fusion all the Bronze silver and gold characters anytime I want to fuse them REALLY! Also I have to wait for a long period of time to fuse them again, now that is something about mortal kombat that I really hate now. The game is ok in all but I would have been better off without the update to mortal kombat and I already miss the old version please bring it back if possible. Thank you.Version: 2.0

Some issuesI’ve been playing this game for a good couple of years on a daily basis and love it, but since the MK11 update there’s been a few issues. I say issues as I understand they want to reduce hackers and the like but some of the update has made trying to play faction wars an absolute nightmare, as it can lose connectivity or not even start; more amusingly top players with the current season end seem to have points even though a healthy chunk of players have been reset to 0. Another issue I have is that you used to be able to collect souls and save for characters that you wanted in the shop, this is now gone. Instead you have a random selection of three characters that change over a time period, making it very hit and miss to get the ones you want. Also some pack prices are excessive. I’ve also noticed that the game on my iPhone has seemingly resized in such a way that I lose some of the edges of the gaming screen. Can’t seem to find an adjustment in game or in my settings. Don’t get me wrong I still like this game but some of the changes seem really foolhardy..Version: 2.0

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