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Lacklustre and Featuring StarvedI’m about as explored as you get with iOS mail apps. From the no frills stock iOS Mail to the once feature rich but now god awful AirMail. This year I moved to Spark finally and whilst it’s not perfect, it has the best features and best overall design. Having given outlook a second chance, since getting a one drive family subscription I realised that despite it being nearly 1 1/2 years later the app lacks basic features such as moving emails to folders in other mailboxes. Folder management is a solid flop on outlook and the UI is like many Microsoft designs, poorly executed and unintuitive. It simply won’t do and I’m surprised others are rating this as highly a as it is, you only have to look at the desktop outlook to see what a hash of a product it is..Version: 4.47.0

Looks Nice but☹️This app seems clunky and obsolete lacking fluidity, user interface and basic functionality preventing user from easily executing simple, everyday tasks. Cannot SELECT ALL and DELETE emails in Trash Bin—the mobile app only selects 7 emails at a time; the Trash Icon is not easily seen at top of screen but rather I had to scroll through 90 emails to locate the Trash Icon at the bottom of the list of emails—highlighting 7 email maximum, scrolling a long list to get to the icon at the bottom of lengthy list of emails is not practical and requires an inordinate amount of time and steps to expedite a simple function. The REPLY field appears at the bottom of an email rather than easily, conveniently above an incoming email. The only readily available function choices appear to be Focus & Filter—user has to log online to use the few Settings options. The Search magnifying glass does not appear to be readily/easily available. The ONLY reason I use the app is I am unable to email a Word file unless from within the app. Simple, basic tasks are not straightforward some inaccessible on iOS Xs Max and iPad Pro..Version: 4.9.0

Load issues and buggy afNow, the fact that I have to continue to use the web browser on my iPad to view my main hotmail account is a bloomin joke. Every time I load this app I never see what was sent nor do I get to see any recent emails, when I do get recent emails it's hours later after multiple refreshes and attempts to allow app push access. When I also use to compose emails etc the app either freezes, crashes to dashboard, shuts down the app and becomes so bugged it deletes what you typed. It was working a couple years ago but Microsoft in their stupidity needed to over fix apps that were never broken and introduce their micro transactions charging people hundreds just to link their outlook to their one drive and word document apps and calling it membership. This is pathetic of Microsoft and they are killing their own business by this continued money hungry grabbing scam and putting too much effort into the micro transactions over what they were really good for at documenting apps and emailing gmail is vastly better until I can change all my work emails and correspondence to gmail I'm stuck with this terrible email service that doesn't work..Version: 2.65.0

Doesn’t work anymoreUnder iOs, on Iphone 11, After I typed a long email, I can not send it. I used my partner iphone and email, it’s the same problem.Version: 4.2109.0

Contacts emails going to Junk folderThere is something wrong with this email platform of outlook. It used to work fine and I’ve been using outlook and msn email programs and email addresses for years but now it’s putting important business mail in the junk mail folder continuously. These are email addresses and people that I have put in my contacts and have continuously told the program they weren’t Junk. These are important work emails and some I have missed or had trouble finding. I’ve had to tell work that my email isn’t working right and to resend things. Sometimes something I searched and found yesterday won’t come up today. Sometimes the only way to find a reply to my sent email is to look at my sent folder to see their replies. That’s a trick that I learned because they’ll combine your sent with its replies. People ask me what I’m using outlook for, that they’ve never heard of it and that it must be cheap and faulty. They tell me to switch. I tell them “How do you not know MSN and Outlook?”. I have to find a new email platform because this one has turned bad and it means change my email address that I’ve had for 12 years or so and I’m not too happy about that..Version: 4.56.0

Poor Customer ServiceI have used this app for a while now and all has been good. Then all of a sudden I stopped getting the notifications come through on my iPhone. Tried everything to correct this, reset my settings, deleted and re-set up my email and even deleted and reinstalled the app but I still couldn’t correct it. Sent a message through to the Help & Feedback option and got a quick response back saying they will be pleased to help. I was very hopeful that a company such as Microsoft could resolve this for me. However despite me sending three messages over the last week in reply no one has come back to me. My only hope is that any app update will resolve this but I don’t see any benefit in MS suggesting the use of the Help & Feedback option if they don’t communicate with you..Version: 4.63.0

Was OK, then got worseThis app used to be good a few years ago but the design was changed to a worse one (constrained and inefficient use of space) and performance is just atrocious. Switched back to Apple Mail and Calendar and OMG they got it sooo right: emails are super easy to read, I can see just the information I need, conversation structure nice and clear, events are super clear and everything is just easy to understand at an immediate glance without having to switch back and forth. Fantastic job Apple team! Only advantage Outlook has is access to the Global Address List, but that’s not a big problem as most of the time you’re just replying to existing emails. Anyway, once the interface and performance of Outlook improves I may switch back (but it has to REALLY improve)..Version: 2.80.0

Ok but needs improvementsGreat base to the app, although it’s frustrating that the designers have still not fixed simple features. Why can’t I change font or font size. Why can’t we add pictures to signatures. Why can’t you logout without disabling the account from app. Otherwise it’s very handy when on the go..Version: 2.106.0

2 stars for the memoriesOh Outlook, how I loved you. From the early days I’ve been recommending you to friends and colleagues who wanted something more integrated with their desktop, more control, more features. Support were responsive, development was rich. I’ve tried many third party mail apps and this was the best. Not perfect (don’t need calendar or contacts, thx. Please put a delete button at the bottom of the screen. You get the picture. We rubbed along nicely but there was some friction. Just not enough to make me want to leave. Until now. Years and years. All gone. Outlook now frequently does what it calls a “Data Wipe” where it wipes your email accounts from your device. I run 6 accounts, so reentering all those details, customising signatures etc is not lightly undertaken. Less than 24 hours later, the same happened. Got in touch with support, who were as prompt as usual. It’s a known issue with no timeline for resolution, keep checking for updates. Then it happened a third time. Sorry. I can’t live my life like this. I’ve gone back to iOS Mail. And guess what? It’s improved a lot in the interim. And - oh yeah - it works. So long..Version: 4.12.0

Poor support at times suit US biz, poor response delayOnline support is the only option for customers outside US, which is near impractical for the rest of world in a different timezone. Outlook/Micrrosoft run support thru in app conversation - i experienced random delay of each part of conversation between 23 minutes and one day. I got on with my life for two days after waiting initially couple hours then got back on my device the day after to find a msg they closed the call! The App wouldnt recognise the IMAP server of my email provider and wouldnt allow me to login or check email, despite previously working with no problems. Hey Microsoft how do you get support when you insist on only in app contact when the app blocks the user out? Next when i had time i used the little info Support sent and trial and error untill at long last found the format of the server name required (it wasnt exactly like the support message said to use). Im verry dissatisfied and am searching for a different email management app provider. zero stars rating to Outlook MS corp App!.Version: 3.28.0

Worst email app in the world.Tried it a few years ago and doesn’t appear to have progressed. Went back to IOS apps. Synching with exchange. Company just moved to 365 and suggested the app. Downloaded and yes no progress. Can’t synch outlook notes, can’t switch to calendar when writing a mail without closing the mail, plus loads of other irritants such as losing mails. However the worst impact was the rate at which my battery lost power. With the app running my battery needed recharging after 3-4 hours rather than the previous 7 -8 hours. Not built for business gone back to IOS where all the apps notes, contacts, calendar, mail are separate instances but synched to Outlook exchange so easy to Swich between data sources. Whoever wrote this app has no knowledge of business requirements when on the move..Version: 3.32.0

Keeps telling me to sign inOutlook keeps asking me to sign in to two of my Hotmail accounts but when I click the “sign in” button, a blank pop up comes up with no input fields. So I can’t see my emails..Version: 4.24.0

Sending attachments takes multiple attemptsHad this app for over a year. Every time I send photo via the app it acts like it’s sending. Stops and leaves no trace of the email no draft no sent no outbox. Usually it takes two attempts. Tried 3 times today still not working has this issue not been raised before? Pretty annoying having to check if my emails send..Version: 3.18.0

HorrendousWhat is going on? I'm someone who isn't rich and so has older devices. You forced me to use your ridiculous app on my iPad even though I had a hotmail account. You have now stopped supporting its use on older iPads and are telling me I need to update, yet what you mean is update iOS which is impossible on my older iPad. So I now can't receive or send any emails 😡😡😡😡 and I will have to abandon my email account I've had for years. I'm a musician and have used this account for all work I've done and handed it out to everyone. To say I'm angry at Microsoft is a massive understatement. Horrendous company, no morals and I will never use you again as you do not leave a person alone, you keep pushing and pushing and forcing upgrades etc., in a bid to make money from people. Yours absolutely disgusted, a person using older technology who now has numerous problems as I can't receive or send emails anymore 💩😡💩😡💩😡💩😡💩😘.Version: 2.48.0

Miserable and Virtually Unusable Mobile App.As a field based associate, I use my mobile email about 90% of the time. That said, my company recently switched from the extremely user-friendly, logically laid out Blackberry Work app. to the complex, convoluted and extremely cumbersome Outlook Mobile App. Once you reply to an email in the Outlook App., you can no longer see the sender’s original email they sent you, you can only see your reply unless you go into the email again and scroll down and click on “Load Message,” in which case you can see the sender’s original note, but have limited ability to forward or include attachments a second time. When I click on web links, it launches me into Microsoft Edge App. and very few of our intranet sites work (they all worked perfectly in the Blackberry Work browser). If I want to see my “forwarded” or “replied to” email, you should just be able to go into “Sent” items and see that, if you so choose, but in this app., you can only easily see your most recent forward or reply. HELP MICROSOFT!!! Please fix this to work like a normal email system. Why did you try to reinvent the wheel here?!!.Version: 4.9.0

Its 2019, and it still shocks me!!This app still doesn’t have the capability to remove a message more than 10/30 seconds. This is an insignificant time value to delete my in correction. I mean if you can extend the length to more of an appropriate standard by doing an epidemic to show the average time needed to correct an email then that would be lovely. Furthermore, I’d rather use my default mail app which is an in-built feature on a standard phone, rather than use this app in-itself. The reason why is because the features to click and navigate are reduced and simplistic for mail in contrast to Outlook. This makes it self-efficient and effective way to produce which Outlook needs. I hope you can consider my idea as it would make my ‘life’ easier than it opposes to be..Version: 3.31.0

Why are you threatening needs for upgradeYou want iOS 13 for your new Outlook which is not available for me on iOS 12.5. If you cant produce a product used on probably tens. Of thousands of devices its time to rethink your development line. Unless you are offering free devices to run your new Outlook? Otherwise stop threatening me whenever i open Outlook. There are plenty of other applications not requiring redundancy of devices..Version: 4.2106.0

Can’t log inSo I want to log onto a game that uses a Hotmail account so I then go to type my password and then it says invalid password so I go to reset my password and then I log into my email and then it says “ we have detected unusual activity on your email “ even tho that was me doing the same thing the day before and I am forced to secure my email and I can’t use my recovery email because Optusnet is shutdown and then I say I don’t have any of these so I it and I’ll get 1 of 3 things either nothing will happen or I’ll get a response saying our computer systems says you have not provided enough info to let you log in or it will your account has been locked for 24hrs due to unusual activity on your account and then I try logging on with a new account and then where play would be it says play demo so I can’t log on that way and I don’t want to spend $35 fillers for a game I already have for a new account also should be called out the door because that’s what will happen to your computer.Version: 4.2048.1

Keep freezing after the last updateFix it, please.Version: 3.2.2

Meh. Just like other Microsoft apps, others do it better.It’s an average app, the only reason I use it is because my dumb IT department won’t let me use Spark to access work emails. This doesn’t have a send later ability, has a pretty poor layout (I can’t find a way to show more emails on the screen) and just feels clunky. Microsoft tries make it intuitive but they get it so wrong (the quick reply bar at the bottom is horrible, you can type in it but one pixel to the left opens up a new reply window without anything you’ve typed) etc. I use a different app for personal emails..Version: 4.2105.0

Doesn’t function properly on iPhoneWho would have thought one of the worlds biggest software companies couldn’t ensure this app integrates with Apple IOS software, like sending mail from Safari etc. The app also gets stuck when trying to message anyone with an “directory” group email, like a university. Only way to message them is to copy your address form elsewhere, save a draft of you email, then try to paste the recipient again. Have contacted Microsoft support for years about this and it seems it’s beyond the capabilities to a tech giant to fix, so have finally given up and deleted this app..Version: 3.32.0

Things have gone wrong latelyI used to really get on with outlook but I keep having issues lately... It keeps asking for my Microsoft password when I use different devices, but tells me it’s wrong, so I reset it and gets me in... but then I try to log in from another device and the new password doesn’t work. I’ve changed my password about 5 times in the last month because of this. Also, when use outlook on my laptop it doesn’t load the same messages as on my phone, even when I press send/receive they still don’t update. Not a huge fan of the ads you get across the top now, but that’s just the way of the world I suppose..Version: 4.2105.0

What a horrible app.The Outlook client for iPad is, without a doubt the worst email manager I have ever encountered. The interface is often non-intuitive, and sometimes unpredictable and downright user-hostile. And it seems to need updates nearly every day. Attention Microsoft Programmers: Try to get it right the first time instead of imposing on your user base to test your half-baked code! The last straw was that for the last while, it simply stopped notifying me about new emails - an undocumented and unexpected change in function. Good riddance !.Version: 4.53.0

Doesn’t show emailsEvery time I do an update, I get notifications for an email, but when I open the app the email isn’t there. Not good considering our business uses Outlook..Version: 4.6.0

OkI have been using this app for quite some time now, it’s ok, started off better than it is now, since the last update I get spam emails in my inbox, get at least 10 every day, I report them as junk and they just keep coming, the Apple app has its faults which is the reason I got this app but at least on the Apple app you can block emails, why Microsoft have not come up with this yet is beyond me, hopefully after the next update it might sort itself out or I think I might have to go back to the Apple app, so annoying when your at work and get emails about planning your funeral, viagra, Morrison’s rewards, oh and bitcoins!!.Version: 4.47.0

Ehmmm... horribleOnly reason I use this js b/c my employer forces me to. This email app is literaly the most horribly designed piece of software Ive ever used. Its completely illogical (like unable to see the text people wrote me while responding), to being absolutely impossible to switch between email (sub boxes) have to first go to other account, then again go back to side menu and select where I wanted to go in the first place. I have several Gmail accounts, I cannot give them a name, I have to deal with some stupid symbols all looking the same and randomly guess which is which. Calendar functions are - super - slow, can take up to 15 mins for new appointments to actually show in the calendar (irrespective of which account is used, it an app problem), scheduling meetings across different time zones is impossible .... just to name a few of the things that have worked in Apple Mail for over 10 years. So yes... absolutely unusable for power users / business users... esp if you are used to any Apple product that actually was designed with usability in mind.....Version: 3.31.0

Fonctionnalités de base très faiblesJe n’ai jamais été capable d’adhérer à cette application. L’interface est mélangeante, plusieurs problèmes d’heure pour les calendriers, toujours impossible de déplacer un rendez-vous entre les calendriers, toujours des problèmes de photos de contacts en local et beaucoup de fonctions pratiques disponibles sur web et bureau toujours pas présentes...etc. J’ai l’impression que cette équipe travail en silo chez Microsoft..Version: 4.2115.2

Family calendar nor syncing reliablyEmail, main outlook calendar work all ok. However, the outlook family calendar has problems again. Happened for a while last year, the year before, etc. Happing now again for the last month or so. Reinstalling apps on all the family’s devices, resetting account until one is sick of it has always the same result. The family calendar will sync for a short while and then the problem reoccurs. Same result for all ios devices in our family. Silly enough, and an indication it’s an ios outlook app specific problem, I currently use a third-party calendar app as well. OneCalendar. And all calendars, including the Microsoft family calendar, sync fine in OneCalendar (and very timely as well). What’s the matter Microsoft, a small developer can get it right but you cannot? Too many apprentices on the job? Get your act together Microsoft. Many of us are, like me, paying subscribers to several of your services but reoccurring problems like the one outlined above may just make us wonder why......Version: 4.47.0

Extremely basic, can’t organize mailThis is a terrible implementation of outlook. It’s only good for basic reading & writing of simple emails. I can’t manage folders other than the ability to create new folders at the top level of the folder hierarchy. I can’t create a hierarchy of folders. God forbid you used Outlook for windows to create a folder hierarchy in your mailbox; it can’t be edited, new folders can’t be created within this hierarchy, and there is NO WAY to delete any folders in this app. (The native Apple Mail app is more functional with this regard than MS’ own app.) The only other reason I’d use this app over Apple Mail client is to retain the ability to create other types of outlook / exchange documents in folders. But, alas, the authors have removed this feature too. No more notes, postings, or other document types. So now I have to email things to myself and move them into folders when I want to use exchange to organize my online documents & notes; and that means sending notes through email which is often a security risk I was never exposed to before. But, then again, since I can’t do folder Mgmt, I’m better off using Apple Mail so I can at least manage where and how I store my info with my folder hierarchy..Version: 4.26.0

Update that never updatesThis thing keeps asking me to update and it won’t update ever properly. 0/5.Version: 4.57.2

Crashes when you add an accountWould be a good app. But if you can't add accounts the app can't be used properly...Version: 2.42.0

Keeps crashing.Can't open the app without it crashing..Version: 2.42.0

Battery drain is too highThe app is much better than default mail but the battery drain is much too high to justify using it..Version: 2.45.0

Spam in my inboxToday I started getting spam in my inbox!!! And notifications are lagging or don't happen. And when read they still show as not being read with an app icon notification number..Version: 4.20.0

The only thing worse than this app is their customer serviceI’m trying to use this app to access my work email from home. The app has continually deleted my entire inbox for no consistent reason I can figure out. I will open a new email and it will delete the email while I’m reading it and then my entire inbox. My inbox on my work computer will still be intact, but any email I attempted to open in the app will be missing. When I contacted customer service through the app they told me it simply wasn’t possible that the app was deleting emails and never responded again. When I attempted to email customer service on my work computer it said their customer service email address is undeliverable. I missed a very important email from my boss this morning while out sick, and even drove into work to try and see if I could access the email there to find nothing. I very well might loose my job over this and their customer service frankly does not care. If you can avoid using Microsoft (which I know is impossible) do all you can to stay away from them. They are a heartless company, and their substandard products will not only make your life hell, their customer service department seems to get joy out of your pain. If I could give them zero stars I would!.Version: 3.2.2

Do not used!! Account got hackedMy mail app on my iPhone stopped working so I thought to download this app. After a week, I suddenly kept getting "error" with an account. When I looked online, my account had a compliance lock that I went against their TOC's, looking back at my sent folder. My account got hacked and sent unsolicited emails out the same day I downloaded this account. I immediately removed accounts, deleted the app and now I've been waiting over 2 months for Microsoft compliance team to get back to me. It's their fault I've lost access to my account because of this app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, I had a very very strong password and still got hacked. I had this account for over 20 years and now lost. Cannot access my Xbox because of this compliance lock. Basically lost my entire account and all my purchased games. Thanks Microsoft! I would suggest sorting your app out..Version: 4.42.1

Constant crashI just downloaded this today and every time I open and try to enter my email and password it crashes. I tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, nothing works..Version: 2.42.0

Dumpster FireThis app is a good email reader for Office 365, and that’s it. The Contacts implementation is a hot mess that has gone unresolved for YEARS now. Gmail and iCloud alias support are broken. Documentation is full of outdated and incorrect information. Support staff are clueless. Instead of fixing things, Microsoft wastes time implementing useless bells and whistles that nobody asked for instead of LISTENING to the feedback that they constantly solicit..Version: 4.2115.2

The BasicsSo the app itself is straightforward - it connects easily to your email - you swipe left, delete something. You can click and look at your calendar. You click an email - it is read. It gives you notifications about the number of new emails. All in all, it is great in the most basic aspects. Like, if I want to visually wait for an email to come in to respond, I can leave this up on my tablet while I work on other stuff on my main computer. It is a second screen. 10/10. Where this falls short is when you want to do something more than monitor your email. Want to search for an email? Cannot really do that by categories or anything. Trying to find a sent email? Prepare for a chore to try to remember if that is even possible... is it worth looking on the internet to try to figure out how to navigate this thing? Or will I just use my actual computer/email? So there you have it. Great for the basics, but not for much else..Version: 4.2106.0

Size ⁉️Is it really impossible to diminish the size of the application ??? In general, why all apps from Microsoft must be so huge and draining battery ⁉️⁉️⁉️.Version: 4.56.0

Lag makes it useless. Fix this Microsoft!I have been using Outlook for years now after moving away from Mail because of a limited ability to deal with spam. I like the way that Outlook syncs with my other computers and tablets. For the past three months now the keyboard lag when typing emails makes this app useless. Yes- I have archived old emails and only have 2-300 at a time in my inbox and sent box. I have been putting up with this hoping it would be fixed but no. Appears to be a major complaint on the net but no fix. Also, another complaint is a faulty search function that will miss emails when searched for- they are there if you can remember the day you received them and want to scroll for them. These issues make what was once an awesome app totally unbearable. Don't waste your time until these are sorted..Version: 2.42.0

Terrible for GSuite AccountsI’ve been a dedicated user of this app for several years and have been pretty satisfied, until recently. I started a business, got a gsuite account for it, and when I started sending mail from iOS Outlook, all of the mail from the gsuite accounts would be routed to spam by my customers email providers. At first, I thought it must be my new email address...then I tried sending mail directly from gmail on safari. No problem - no emails routed to spam. Then I downloaded Edison mail (thinking maybe it’s a third party app thing?!) and sent an email. Again, no problem - no emails routed to spam. I tried iOS outlook again...and my email got sent to spam. I reported it to the customer service team, and they brushed it off saying it wasn’t their problem. I beg to differ if the emails I send from your app get flagged as spam by recipients and yet the exact same email sent by a different app isn’t flagged by spam...I think that is your problem! And to top it off, to tell me that they won’t do anything about it, is doubly annoying. I’m removing outlook from my phone and recommend anyone with business gsuite accounts to stear clear!.Version: 3.5.0

Unusable: Reply All is the default and can’t be changedI’m astonished that this app is rated so highly. Something shady must be going on there as this is app is unusable. The default reply option is “Reply All”, so you can imagine how dangerous this is for an organisation. It happens even if the only recipient is you so you get a copy of your sent email, which your email servers have to process and you then have to delete. The option can be deselected on each reply but at best it’s a nuisance to have to tap two extra times with every reply. At worst a company is fatally compromised when sensitive information is accidentally sent to inappropriate recipients. I’ve seen complaints about this from 2017 so it’s been a known issue for WAY too long. This should have been fixed within the app’s first few weeks! I make purchasing decisions for enterprise end user computing and will be steering well clear of Microsoft where I can as they clearly don’t care about their customer priorities (or just common sense prioritisation of development work)..Version: 4.21.0

Can’t email photos directly from photo appSince the update, I get an error saying NO MAIL ACCOUNT when trying to use Outlook to email a photo directly from the photos app. I now have to go into Outlook and attach the photos..Version: 2.103.0

Good app but...This app is great and its been super helpful over the years but i recently updated it and now i can not see my emails that i sent to people i can only see their responses so im only seeing one side of a conversation their side and i dont like that at all i dont know why this has happened but i would like to see my emails so i can view the whole conversations so i understand their responses better, please tell me whats going on because i really dont like this feature and i dont know if i can continue to use this app if i can only see one side of a conversation because that is really confusing to look back on and understand what me and the other people are talking about!.Version: 4.52.0

Used to be great, new search made it uselessThis was not long ago my favourite email application. The ability to reschedule an email for the next day or week was awesome. You can also select which Web browser will be used to open a link (not just Safari), so I could set it to use Firefox. But the new search is utter useless. When I search for an email I know is there, it gets drowned in unrelevant results and typically end up firing apple's mail to complete my search. Please, return local mail search. I have no need for calendar and contacts showing in my mail searches Integration with iOS 11 is poor, drag & drop attachments from the Files app to Outlook doesn't work. Almost none of the new iOS 11 features are supported, even 6 months later. Also the lack of S/Mime support was the nail in the coffin for me. My company sends me encrypted emails using S/Mime, they are unreadable using Outlook and I must always start Apple Mail to read them. So I've now stopped using it. Microsoft, please fix it. It started well, but it hasn't kept up.Version: 2.56.0

Pire appTrès mauvaise app, tjrs des bugs, ne load pas!.Version: 4.53.0

PatheticI can log in using the Edison app without issues, but I cannot log in using the official Outlook app. If it weren’t for school or work, I would have chosen Gmail without fail. Outlook is far too problematic..Version: 4.53.0

None of your services workTried sending an email from my iOS email app which is linked to my Outlook account. The email failed to send, my drafts won’t load to resend it and for some reason your website fails to load. Thought I would download the app again but it won’t even download from the App Store. Thanks for nothing. What a shoddy service. EDIT So I can finally download the app from the App Store. I sign in yet it shows all my folders as empty. Great work Microsoft. The website comes back on though which is great and everything is there... except the email I tried sending in the beginning of all this. So hours of my time wasted and the original email disappeared. May as well use Gmail, I’ve never had any of these issues with Google’s service..Version: 4.25.0

Microsoft stops at nothing to frustrate you!MS Teams was horrible enough with its lack of ability to give users any control or insight, allowing users to accidentally email 250 people at once. But Microsoft insisted on making it easy for people to embarrass themselves with a much more familiar app. In Outlook, the default reply function is “reply all.” Why would you do that when you want to send a quick reply on the go? Literally nobody else does this. If I wanted something thoughtful I would have sent it from my workstation. There is no way to change the default. Sure, I can text my friends about how awesome (or awful) the Microsoft Outlook app is, but I can’t just respond to a single person easily while I’m trying to take care of multiple tasks. No, instead people become a nuisance to others because they unknowingly reply to everyone, be it 5 people or 500 when we all have to confirm receipt of an email. Apparently Microsoft just wants to waste everyone’s time with their ridiculous features and settings. It’s not like any of us have anything better to do with their time!.Version: 4.2104.0

Needs HTML signature featureSTILL waiting for HTML signature...years and years have gone by....Version: 4.56.0

Push notificationsI’m wondering why emails sent are not being pushed through. I’ll use the native apple mail app and my emails are all received. However, with this app I’m not always receiving my emails unless I close the app or refresh to check for mail..Version: 4.34.1

Good app - frustrating bugsThis app in general is very good, however there are some highly frustrating bugs: - 9/10 times when I exited out of the app, the notification numbers would appear again on the app tile until I went back in and out of the app. - if you have more than one account, you have no ability to control what notifications you get; I have a “junk” email account which in the Apple mail app I can completely silence, but in this app you see the number of emails from both account on your app tile. Small but annoying especially when you have low-key OCD (soz!) If they could sort these two issues, I’d have no hesitation in re-downloading.Version: 4.24.0

Stick to SafariIt literally won’t let me search, there should be an option to have the focused and other categories and it’s a headache to use. I would rather have to go on safari and search for the mail website and sign in every single time than go through this. It does my head in. You go in looking for one email yesterday and you end up in like mail from 3 years ago that has nothing to do with what you’re looking for because every single function is so poor and laggy. There seriously needs to be a fix to all these issues before everyone else stops using this app like me..Version: 2.62.0

EmbarrassingI’ve submitted more than 10 bug reports in the last few months since using this app, covering a lot of basic functionality like push notifications and automatic replies. The app is clearly not mature enough yet (just go to the feature request area if you want to see for yourself!), plus the support is fairly useless — they’ve really made zero effort to reproduce any issues, and all I’ve gotten are boilerplate “try updating the app” or “try resetting your account” instructions. Even without all the bugs, given the app is missing such basic features like being able to save attachments to iCloud or type a simple bulleted list, this app really offers zero advantages over other email clients..Version: 3.33.0

4.34.1 Broke Push4.34.1 update has broken push email for all my accounts. Not exactly the best time to screw that up, now is it?.Version: 4.34.1

User friendliness and efficiency needs improvementSo when you use gmail you can do a search and it will bring up emails specifically from the word you searched. For example, if you search for Apple Pay it will pull up emails from Apple Pay first. If you do the same search in outlook it will give you all emails that include those words as the sender, subject, mention, etc. This means you have to navigate through a list of unimportant emails to get to the one you want if you don’t give up in utter disappointment in the process. If that’s not frustrating enough when you write an email and it goes past a certain line you better hope you can type really well because you won’t be able to see past that line. I would have to stop scroll up and check the sentence, correct it blindly because it toggles back down where it can’t be seen and continue typing. So I started writing in other apps like gmail and forwarding it to outlook or doing a copy paste and forwarding it to my recipient if it was a longer message. That is not how I want to send my emails but outlook hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to make it work. Thus I have several apps for emails. Ugh.Version: 4.6.0

Buggy, especially since iOS 14 updateSince updating to iOS 14, Outlook seems to ‘freeze’ and I have to close it and reopen it a few times to again be able to open messages, switch between inboxes, switch to the calendar, etc. It also sometimes keeps as unread a message I have just opened and read, And I have to click on it a second time for the new message indicator to go away. The other major cons of Outlook that have been present for a while and not fixed in the latest updates are: The search function is lousy for the calendar (especially compared to Apple calendar) and the number on the badge indicating new messages is often wrong. That being said, my workplace uses Office 365 and the integration between the various Microsoft apps is convenient, and Outlook was made for Office 365 so all of the authentication steps required by my workplace function properly without an issue. So I’m sticking with Outlook for now and mot going back to Apple Mail. But if Microsoft takes too long with the bug spray, I just might go back to the native programs..Version: 4.56.0

Buggy & too many updatesOutlook is so buggy I have discontinued to use it. Latest bug is the refreshing wheel spins endlessly, but nothing seems to ever happen. The office 365 suite is a useful suite of apps, however the "weekly" updates of the suite apps consumes huge data - up to 4GB per month just to do app updates, a real trap if you have auto updates on, even more so if you have App Store cellular data enabled. This means you have put undue effort into managing these dates and you have to find wifi regularly just to complete updates (or buy a ridiculously large 4G data pack just to do these updates automatically while travelling)..Version: 2.48.0

Well it used to be greatAfter an update a bit over a month ago this app has become nearly useless. It all started with images not automatically loading in some messages which was completely random. I found if I expanded the To/From field by tapping it the images would load. Also exiting the message and opening the message caused the images to load. Support had me try resetting my account multiple times from within the Outlook app, updating to two new versions, uninstalling and reinstalling, disconnecting and reconnecting my account and nothing worked. I now constantly receive updating notifications on the bottom of the app that seemingly hang. Opening email hangs more often than not without even loading text. I’ve had no problems with the iOS default mail app, Outlook online, and the Office 365 PC Outlook application. Very disappointing since it previously worked so well. Finally support responded by noting the issue and closing the case with no solution or work around. I pay for Office 365 yearly and this is the support I receive???.Version: 4.0.0

Outlook 365 iPad appThis is an awful app. Outlook 365 on a laptop is good but this is an afterthought and a disgrace to the Microsoft name. If you paste a formatted signature, it goes to plain text. Same goes for a web link in a signature. On iPad it works differently from iPhone (where it is better) when it comes to replying to an email part way through a chain. It is very difficult to see whether an email has been read and too easy to convert an email to being read. And if the email is at all long you have to open it in a new screen where the font is so small it needs a magnifying glass. Microsoft would not be where it is if Bill Gates had taken this approach when developing Windows. All this means that you need to carry a laptop with you at all times. That is a disgrace..Version: 4.31.0

Login issues, constantly.It appears that after any update from this app, all of my email accounts somehow lose the ability to login through this app. My passwords don’t change but yet it tells me my passwords are incorrect, upon entering the correct password , again, it will allow me to receive my new emails. This sadly is only short lived as it will then tell me every 5 minutes that my password is wrong and that I have to re-enter a password. This is ridiculous and has caused me to return to mail, sure mail has less functions and features, but if I can’t rely on your app to even remember my passwords, the your app is a waste of time for me. Sorry, bye Felicia..Version: 2.45.0

Really wanted to like it but...Use Outlook on my computer and really wanted to like it on the iPad/iPhone. Unfortunately too many issues for me. Flags didn’t work properly and I couldn’t locate flagged email within the app. The flags were visible in iOS Mail and Spark, just missing in Outlook. Ongoing calendar issue with mislabeled calendars that support couldn’t resolve. Functional app, but not for me..Version: 4.2115.2

Never refreshesYea just never ever refreshes.Version: 4.57.0

Stop clearing my downloaded emails!This latest version (a clean install, after the older version kept crashing whenever downloading new emails, after my phone has more than around 1,000 unread in the Focused Inbox) has noticeably less lag when switching between the Focused and the Other Inboxes. But the new auto-clearing function makes it useless for trying to download and deal with any emails that are more than 1 or 2 weeks old - as soon as you downloaded them, they get cleared and the app kicks you back to the top of the (in my case) Other Inbox! One can keep trying to waste phone data by continually reattempting to download the older stuffs, but the app auto-clears them before one can get to them. Offloading other apps to make more space on my phone does not appear to address the issue. My productivity is now severely hampered as I can no longer catch up from my oldest unread emails onwards whenever I only have my phone around, unlike before with the older version...until it started crashing. So until the auto-clear function becomes a user dialogue box, I am now looking at switching to other email apps. TL,DR: Only use this app if you never ever fall behind with your emails after, say, an off-the-grid 2-week break!.Version: 3.10.1

USE APPLE MAIL INSTEADPlease save yourself the headache and use the default apple mail app instead. It takes some time to set up but I have had no issues since the switch. I had downloaded this app for work purposes and have had nothing but continuous issues since starting to use it. It constantly logs me out of my account, won’t allow me to open PDF files, shuts down unexpectedly and I consistently have to reformat my signature as you are unable to set a default signature with bold/italics/underlined sections. I have tried to utilise the message support service multiple times with minimal resolution and there is no direct line to call as speak with a consultant that I can find. Could not discourage the use of this app more..Version: 4.62.0

Kinda brokenTrying to reply an email, but the keyboard would just randomly disappear so I have to keep on tapping the screen. Someone screwed up the text field, keep on calling resign first responder. This is making this app almost unusable..Version: 4.49.1

Not possible to access iCloud filesMy employer uses Microsoft outlook for email. This would not be a problem if not for this apps inability to attach documents I store on my iCloud. All my devices (watch, phone, laptop, iPads) are apple devices. I store all of my important files on iCloud. If I am replying to an email and want to send an attachment, I’m out of luck. When I click on attach, the Files section does not include iCloud. I decided to have my Google Drive sync my most heavily used work-related folder on my iCloud. But when I try to set up that account under Files, it fails and I get a notification to contact support. Support seems really communicative however. They are definitely interested in helping me make this work. Unfortunately, when I see a support notification pop up, I cannot even open the conversation without first trying to set up my Google Drive, then having it fail, then seeing the pop up with a link to contact customer support. There is no way to access the customer support chat without forcing something to go wrong then opening up the chat window. This is a definite flaw in the iPad version of this app!.Version: 2.51.0

Not good enoughThis is ok as an email App with plenty of features. But the biggest killer is lack of HTML support. Text only? Really Microsoft? And you devs have rejected the job even though almost 30,000 people request it??Can’t even add a graphic or font colour to signature blocks. This is a show stopper for a business email. Your webmail handles it, your PC app handles it. Even Apple default mail APP handles it! If you fixed just this one thing, then I would go back to using it. At least you support PDF previews now. What kind of mail APP is this!.Version: 3.27.1

AverageIt’s okay. It used to be better. Now this app crashes often and now there’s ads? Why would we want ads in our email? Going to look for something else to install now.Version: 4.2115.2

Buggy when used with Google Gsuite accountsOutlook works very well with my Exchange and Office 365 accounts. They claim to support Gmail, and the basics do work but when used with Google’s Gsuite email accounts, the app still has serious bugs. Very frequently, for example, when I reply to a message on my Gsuite account, Outlook shows “mail sent” (and does send the reply) but then marks the reply as a draft. So my inbox is littered with threads that are falsely marked as having unsent drafts. Even more frustrating, every so often Outlook won’t let me complete a reply to a message. I start typing, but after 5-10 seconds, the app suddenly closes the text input window, obliterating what I’ve written. It does not save a draft, so I can’t pick up again from where I left off. I now have several of theses messages in my inbox that Outlook refuses to let me reply to. There is nothing unusual at all about those plain-text messages. Outlook support suggested resetting the account and restarting the app. I did, and neither of the bugs above went away. My advice if you use Gsuite mail accounts—find a different mail app..Version: 4.23.0

God Forbid You Have to Rest Your PasswordI was notified today that my account was disabled for “suspicious activity.” No explanation of that activity - just directions to reset my password. Tried resetting using the request form which asked for a previous password, the email address of my previous sent email and the subject line of the previous sent email, etc. Now, if I could remember my password, I wouldn’t be trying to reset it! Anywho, send the form to wherever it goes after answering the questions to the best of my ability only to be sent something saying they couldn’t verify it was really me!!! Finally got on a chat with support and was basically told “for security purposes” staff can not enable an account. When I asked how they can disable an account with no explanation and without being able to enable it, I was told to create another account... 🤬. Now I can’t correspond with my attorney via email or send anything from this account. It’s 10 levels of frustrating and has convinced me to stop using this service and to make sure everyone I talk to knows how stupid this “recovery” system is and that your account can end up disabled with no explanation or viable means to reset your password. Just a hard lesson in frustration and a waste of time..Version: 3.35.0

Email account issuesI used outlook for iPhone for about past 6 months or so and generally liked it a lot more than stock mail app. Has a nice look, calendar view built in, lots of nice extras. This week my yahoo account kept asking me to sign in. Every time I sign back in it tries forever then asks me to try again with modern or legacy sign in. Doesn’t matter what you choose cuz nothing works at this point until you force close and restart. I also can’t get to my mail without addressing this as it won’t let me so I was forced to remove yahoo. I thought whatever that’s my junk mail anyway perhaps yahoo having an issue. Now it’s doing it with my gmail account. I re-signed in for it last night and now this morning it asks me again when checking my mail and even though I sign in correctly for both accounts (I get emails telling me so in other accounts about sign ins on Microsoft app), outlook keeps asking me re-sign in or remove account. Well now I’m down 2 email accounts so deleted this app and back to old reliable stock mail app..Version: 2.64.0

App not workingI have used this app for a while for my work email. It had been working brilliantly up until the last 3 updates. At first it stopped syncing emails and folders with my laptop version. Then I stopped receiving alerts on my phone and emails were not automatically coming through after the second update. After the last update it has stopped working completely. I have tried all the usual tricks eg delete and reinstall checked all the settings. No I cannot even recreate my account. I put in all my login information and as soon as I click on sign in the app crashes. I have tried more than a dozen times. I guess it’s no work email on my phone until a company the size of Microsoft get round to fixing it’s compatibility with an iPhone. Really poor from a tech giant..Version: 4.2102.0

Please add avatars1- I have 4 emails setup but when I receive notification I don’t know which email has got that notification. Please let us to know which email received the notification by color or an icon. 2- The other thing is unlike your first screenshot that show Google logo for gmail or Yahoo one, unfortunately there is no icon showing up for my 4 emails. I have two gmail and two outlook emails already set. Thanks.Version: 2.90.0

It kind of blows compared to the capability of using the site, or other email handlers.I’ve used Outlook since it was Hotmail originally. This app has the least of what you need, and tries too hard to be new with a weird (Focus) switch for your inbox. Meaning I miss all types of email that it doesn’t think I’m focused on. Plus, it has spam and phishing emails filtered into the Focus section. My main issue is that I can’t find any rule setting, or block option for repeated spam mail. I blocked everyday in my Apple email app, and didn’t see as many spam messages hit my inbox until I started using this app to check the addressee and mark the message junk. Since there’s no menu, submenu, or tap/hold option to do so either. I don’t know who made this app, but it’s missing most of what makes Outlook efficient, and Outlook is getting terrible at filtering out spam/phishing/general junk emails in the last year. Might need to make the full jump to Gmail, even as a Microsoft supporter..Version: 4.50.0

Data EaterThis app eats huge amounts of data!! Within 6 hours it used 50MBs and it wasn't even being used because I was sleeping!! I Googled the issue and other users are also finding the same problem. I got hit with overage charges the for past two months because I went 1GB over my plan. I have now deleted the app off my phone..Version: 2.42.0

Needs polishFirst I would say this has become my go to email app. A great design, great amount of customisation, and it connects with the mail services I use. That said there are some features and usability issues that are frustrating to deal with. First, why is there no file access to the native Files app? Every other service under the sun is represented except for the one native to the platform this app was written for. This means I _ _can not_ use outlook if I want to attach a file from iCloud. Second, there are some usability issues I feel with the send email interaction. They could be to slow network connectivity on my part but the issue is that there are seconds from when I press send to when I see that the email was sent. Even if the email has not yet been sent I’d like to hit send and have a greater feeling of confidence that the email will be sent. Instead I press send then wait and watch until I see the email sent notification appear. It sounds crazy but after years of using apps the occasional failure here and there has made me feel software and networks are generally unreliable. Overall this is a matter of polish. I work in software so I know product owners are always pushing new feature after the next. Outlook is a solid product with an almost great feature set. Focus on polish..Version: 3.31.0

It’s a nice app, but needs to be fixedThe interface is really pleasant, and the app seems to be generally reliable. However there’s been a long-running issue with events (in at least iCloud calendars) which recur at a certain time each month recurring each week instead. The problem seems to be exclusive to this app, and hasn’t been fixed in over a year. It’s hard to get on board with any email app (especially from such a well-resourced developer as Microsoft) that has a pretty significant bug left in it for such a long time..Version: 2.106.0

Overall Good App with an annoying IssueIt’s a great app but with one annoying problem. The number of email bubble on the app notification doesn’t match with actual unread emails. The bubble will show you that there are 8 unread emails but actually it’s just 2. You open the app and try to find those unread emails, the bubble starts to show correct number but few minutes later it’s wrong again. It’s so annoying that you have to open up the app few times to make sure you are looking at the right number of emails..Version: 4.57.0

Logo...This new logo and the UI changes made me uninstall the app..Version: 3.23.0

Not a safe appI’ve had outlook for a number of years and suddenly over the last few months I’ve been receiving A LOT of junk email with dodgy links that look legit. I talked to other people that use outlook and they’re having the same problem. We’re all getting multiple a day into our focused inbox. I tried to get in contact with Outlook but I kept getting an automated response and actually can’t get a hold of anyone. The way that notifications work, I’ve accidentally clicked on a few spam while using different apps and I’m beginning to not be comfortable using the Outlook app. If you’re looking for a new email app, use something else. This one isn’t safe..Version: 4.57.0

Poor Features Compared To OthersLet me first say I do like Outlook on a web platform and on Microsoft’s system - however, we changed over to IPad and IOS because of the Windows phone discontinuation. This APP has been a bugger since I set it up. I have reloaded it 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months because it fails to send- despite correct settings through our broadband supplier. Now, I can receive mail but will not send even though it worked fine for about 2 weeks - no settings changes. Besides that, the app has a very basic signature line and hardly customizable, no mail read receipts. This would be handy because I have many emails that show in the “Sent” folder that didn’t go anywhere. I understand we use this as an interface, but I shouldn’t get a banner showing a new email and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to actually show up in the inbox. Support is via ticket not live and I have waited 20+ hours at times to get a response. Personal email is one thing, but for a business.. can’t have it. There are other things however I believe i have typed enough. Version 3.5 at the moment. Again, I enjoy outlook on a Microsoft system or as used via web - but this app and it’s updates/features for IOS are lacking..Version: 3.5.0

Good but has annoyancesI use this solely for work and is integrated perfectly for it. Does everything that I need it to for work but I have one gripe with it that made me try other mail apps to get over this but due to my work integration with Office 365, I have to come back. The gripe is that while using the app on my mobile, when in an email, to move, flag, etc the options are on the top right of the screen. I’m using a large phone and it’s always a pain when using one-handed. Would be nice if we could rearrange the options or have them at the bottom of the screen. It would make the user experience easier and logical since the app is for mobile use and the UI is catered mostly for use of the keyboard and options closer to the bottom. Hope this changes soon..Version: 3.11.0

Update: An ics file issueUpdate: I’ve just discovered an additional issue. When sending myself an ics file it doesn’t show in the message (therefore can’t open it). Strangely the paper clip icon in the inbox shows AND when I forward the message it is shown in the message (though can’t open it from here), but not in the message itself Having just upgraded my phone I succumbed to Microsoft’s suggestion to use the Outlook app for iOS. To be fair I have only used it for a very short period but there is one bit of functionality I am already missing from the iOS Mail app: The option to limit the emails synced to a period of time (eg last two weeks). One of the email addresses I sync has emails archived that, while I want to keep, I certainly don’t need filling up the storage space of my phone. Please implement this feature. You should also be forthcoming by add the following warning when trying to persuade customers to switch to the Outlook iOS app: “WARNING: The Outlook iOS app does not allow users to limit the number of emails synced to the device (like the native iOS Mail app does), so if that is an important feature for you don’t waste your time with this app”..Version: 3.2.0

Problems with Outlook Contacts Synching with iPhone contactsI have had trouble with this one since day one. I have tried all the methods and gimmicks suggested by my IT Department and MS web help. And I always have the latest IOS on my iPhone 11 Pro. About every two to three weeks when Outlook App is updated, my contacts go berserk and the syncing does not happen. I try to resent my Outlook account under my O365 profile. Then it intermittently happens or not. It is a pot luck. What is MS doing about this???.Version: 4.34.1

Frustrating AppThis has to be one of the most irritating email apps I have ever used. It does remedy some of my issues with iOS email, but several things drive me crazy. I get several longer emails a day, newsletters and such, and as I am scrolling down the email it just stops with a “read more” button. It then opens the email again and returns you all the way to the top. So then I have to scroll all the way back to where it left off. If you need to switch apps for a second and return to finish the email you are reading? You guessed it. It returns you all the way back to the top and you have to scroll all the way back down. Accidentally close the window?Right again! Scroll all the way to the bottom, press the “read more” button which returns you to the top, then scroll all the way back down where you left off. There SO MANY ways they could easily remedy this but a simple one would be to have a button at the top of the email to open it in its own window. I have other issues, like not being able to create subfolders to the inbox without doing it on a laptop, but that’s enough complaining for one review..Version: 4.50.0

Trash canWhen I go to delete my emails - whether it be spam, or just your everyday emails - I’ll permanently delete it from the trash can HOWEVER whenever I TRY to permanently delete/empty deleted messages they’ll just keep reappearing and it’s really frustrating! Can someone please tell me if I’m doing something wrong....Version: 2.48.0

Near perfect with 2 exceptionsReally loving it. Push mail from all accounts but it has 2, rather significant flaws. 1. Doesn't access contacts on your device. When you compose and email it will show you recent correspondence but has zero access to your phone's built in address book. Which you would kind of expect from a smart phone email app. 2. Similarly it doesn't access your phone's build in calendar app. It can only show you your Google, iCloud or Exchange calendar. Which means no access to your subscribed calendars or CalDAV. Not sure why a smartphone email app thinks it has any place also offering a pretty basic calendar. Just stick to email and let us have the option to open date links in our chosen calendar app..Version: 3.33.0

No To-Do FunctionalityI really cannot understand why they can’t bring together the calendar and to-do list into one app. It is so frustrating having them in separate apps (and the to-do up is really a complete joke! It has limited functionality). It says in the description that it brings everything together into one app so you can stay focused on your day, but you cannot stay focused if you cannot see all your tasks that you need to complete! I love the desktop version of Microsoft outlook for this very reason but can’t understand why they cannot (or won’t) carry the same view into a web version and an app version. I know it’s a big task, but Microsoft is a big company!.Version: 2.82.0

Only one month of storage? Seriously?I don't know about the rest of you but I use this app on my iPhone for business. It has a very limited amount of storage space and I received quite a few emails. I'm only able to access emails dating back one month. No help from tech-support and I see that many others have suggested an improvement to the developers. No response. Typical Microsoft behavior. They will always think they're better and smarter than anybody else. Part of the problem is that they don't listen. That arrogance and lack of adaptation to changing behavior is what is making their company fade. The only way to access these older emails is to use the web-based browser on my desktop. This is an absolutely ridiculous alternative just simply having an app that would allow you to use local storage on your device to archive and back up your emails for easier access on the go. I'm not sure why they have such limited storage. I have tons of free storage using my yahoo email dating back to the late 90s! Absolute crap. If you can avoid this ridiculousness please find another email client to serve your business needs. And Microsoft - I hope you burn in hell..Version: 4.47.0

Please consider fixing some odd behavioursThe app is generally fine to use. However when my work password changes (eg I change it on my work laptop which is a surface pro), there’s no obvious way to update it in the app and it takes a very long time for it to determine that it needs my updated login information and in the meantime it gets stuck with “updating...” my inbox. By comparison the iOS teams app prompted me almost right away to re-enter my password..Version: 4.54.0

Unusable app. Don’t bother.Never had any issues with the Outlook app until recent updates and I’ve been using it for all my email accounts for years. For the past couple of months, the app constantly freezes and requires me to turn my phone off and on again, and sometimes, uninstall and re-setup the whole app. In the past few days, I’ve just started receiving a new and completely random screen that says “Data Wipe. Your application data has been deleted by a mail administrator.” and then suddenly deletes all my email accounts, emails, etc, from the app... This app is unusable and not worth the time in its current state!.Version: 4.16.1

Apple Watch App is a FailThe Outlook iOS app gets 4.5 stars in my opinion. I actually think I like it better than Apple’s mail and calendar apps. It does everything those apps do with a slicker UI and a little more fidelity. It loses half a star because it is not quite as simple to setup and required my to create an iCloud email to sync my iCloud calendar. Where is fails miserably is the Apple Watch app. Basically, the calendar function doesn’t work at all. It always says I have no events when I have a packed calendar pretty much every day. Randomly an event will show up, but then it’s gone the next minute. It never shows events on the complication on the home screen. Also, the number icon to show how many new or unread emails changes between a number and zero every few minutes even though nothing in my inbox has changed. There is some kind of sync issue between the IOS app and the Apple Watch App. I’ve tried everything to remedy it. My Apple Watch is how I most frequently access my calendar. So regardless of how good the Outlook app is, as a package it cannot replace Apple’s apps until they can fix the Apple Watch app..Version: 3.1.0

A gem marred by fundamental problemsThis app is superior to the built in iOS Calendar and Mail apps in almost every way. And yet I use it infrequently, only when I really need its capabilities. I’d love to use it exclusively. So why don’t I? Three big reasons. (1) it’s slow to start. When I open Mail, it’s always there. No load time. When I open Outlook, I can wait 1-3 seconds for the darn thing to load if it hasn’t been active recently. That’s a drag. (2) what’s worse, the messages are not auto downloaded. So I open the app, then wait for 5-10 seconds or pull down to refresh and wait 5 seconds to see new messages. What? Why?! (3) minor... but I’d like to have calendar and mail separately so I can look up my calendar while responding to an email. Microsoft, please, please solve at least issues 1 and 2 and I will happily carry the banner of Outlook for iOS. Until then you are just upsetting me but giving me such a fantastic app that I can’t use effectively due to these major flaws..Version: 2.56.0

Recent updateRecent update killed the ease of use. I use imap and very basic setup. But as of late, my emails are not coming through on a consistent basis. Gonna have to switch back to mail. 👎🏼.Version: 4.61.1

Endlessly frustratingI use this app so I can access my work email on my phone and ipad. Occasionally I am able to receive an email on one of those devices - sometimes on both - but it’s so hit and miss as to whether or not an email will show up that I can’t rely on it at all. Trying to send or receive attachments is even more unreliable, and the ‘focused’ / ‘other’ inbox function plays havoc with having different folders set up on the main email client. Every time I open the ‘other’ folder, the list of most recent emails is different - usually showing emails that were received months ago, even if an email had just arrived successfully moments before. I wish I could delete this app and never have to use it again. It’s wasted countless hours of my time..Version: 2.60.0

One critical limitationWe use the outlook app for our exchange Mail server at work. However, there appears to be an unexplained limitation with the app only able to show emails from the last 30 days. My colleagues and I need to be able to access our entire mailboxes- some of the information we use for work stretches back for months and years. What a frustrating limitation. If it wasn’t for that, this would be a 5 star app..Version: 4.2048.0

Not good enoughGood if sync on time with new mail.Version: 4.56.0

SpamWhy is Outlook so bad at catching spam? Constantly getting spam in my inbox and absolutely worst of all is getting PUSH NOTIFICATIONS of spam. Makes me want to delete the app despite having used outlook for 15+ years since the Hotmail days. From one app developer to another: get it together..Version: 4.49.1

FrustrationsThere are plenty of frustrations with outlook on iPadOS. The most annoying is definitely the fact that when the IOS spellchecker/autocorrect pops open at the bottom of your screen with suggested words, it is blocking areas of the outlook application that you often need access to. This is due to poor layout design by the app designers. There needs to be a much better UX around the address book to be more like the desktop client, and there needs to be better support added for things like inputting tables. One of the great things for me though, is the way it is linked up to your o365 account and allows you to view folders from your onedrive account when adding attachments..Version: 4.57.0

Average and not as good as Apple native AppsI like the integration. Takes some getting used to for Focussed v Other emails, BUT it fails because all day appointments are treated like meetings and it won’t allow you to change the dates from the app. If the dates were right that wouldn’t be an issue but they are not synching from the desktop properly. They come across a day early, so I’m left scratching my head why Thanksgiving would be on a Wednesday. This is the second time I’ve tried to use Outlook for iOS. While it works great on my Mac, it just does not measure up on my iPhone or on my iPad. It is slower than Apples built Ins and takes too much tweaking to set up. I’ve used it for over a month and I’m taking it off all iOS devices because of the slowness. I want to see my calendar and emails instantaneously when I open their hosting apps and this app fails that miserably. It’s got good features but for me this slowness is too much to endure. I’m leaving my earlier rating at 3 stars. App is average..Version: 4.2048.1

FIX CALENDAR REMINDERSI'm not giving this app more than 1 star until you guys fix Calendar reminders that were created on the desktop version of outlook but somehow are not able to sync on to this mobile version. Thats a crucial part of a calendar app, is it not? UPDATE: calendar issue fixed but this app is still completely useless if I can't log in with One Touch. I have to completely reboot my phone each time it starts throwing an error. This is an enterprise app how are you guys allowing this to happen. Still one star because I can't even enter the darn app. ONE-YEAR LATER UPDATE: this app still is unfortunately unreliable. For most professionals, calendar appointments are extremely important in their day-to-day business schedule. There are NOT ENOUGH notification capabilities through this app to remind people of upcoming appointments. My other calendar app, Calendars by Readdle, that I use for my personal life, I can set multiple reminders at 1 day, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before an important appointment so I can feel confident that I NOT MISS that crucial meeting. Unfortunately that type of functionality is missing with Outlook..Version: 3.1.0

The App is OkThe app has worked great since I got it last year, especially for school. But recently it’s stopped sending me notifications for some emails which has caused me to miss several emails and dead-lines. It’s too late for me at this point so please fix this issue. I don’t know if it’s because I had 2 inboxes from 2 different school emails or what, but this problem has caused me a lot of stress and I’d prefer it not happen in the future. Edit: The issue that I believed was originally occurring is not the only one. It appears the reason I am not getting notifications for emails is because these emails aren’t appearing in my inbox until days later. For example, several emails I received on the 30th of July did not appear in my inbox until today. I did not get any notifications for any emails on that 30th. This is really frustrating because I’ve received emails from university faculty who have been sending and requesting information and it is really creating a huge hassle for me and causing more stress than is needed. Maybe this is something I need to talk to my school about? If it is please let me know..Version: 3.34.0

Impossible to leave feedbackUsed this app a while back and have since been using a number of different mail clients for me work emails. Trying to find an app that does everything is hard but Outlook is close (at least for me). 2 suggestions for you: - Please make it possible to search deleted items. Even if it’s just a tick box on your search it would round this app out nicely. The desktop app does it, this one should too - Fix the voting system on your suggestions website. Apparently my 365 account is not sufficient to allow me to vote on suggestions and I need to log in with Facebook or Google of all things. A weird requirement which ended up being I’m leaving these suggestions here.Version: 4.57.0

Perhaps the weak spot of 365If your just using this as an office (as in workplace not app suit) email Outlook is great but if you get a lot of HTML newsletters it becomes a lumbering behemoth. It’s often slow to load, truncates messages randomly and requires reloading the message. Some messages won’t load beyond a certain point but for some there’s the “Read more” which opens the message in a pop up window and takes you right back to the beginning. Could definitely do better..Version: 4.0.0

Recent updates have killed outlookDon’t use this if you want to see your emails. Push notifications work, but the app shows very few received emails. Doesn’t show anything in the "other" inbox, shows some old emails in the "focussed". You can click on an email in a push notification to open it. It may or may not open up the outlook app and display it. If it does, if you click on another email the one opened via push notifications will disappear and you will not be able to access it again. I've switched to just other email clients to access my Microsoft and work emails. Also, the help and support team replied once and then stopped Update : I've reinstalled the app to see if things have improved since last year. Ha! They are now worse. Trying to add an existing account into outlook, if you don't enter the password in 2 seconds after typing the address the app "signs you out due to inactivity " and then crashes. Completely unusable. Train some pigeons. That'd be more efficient and bug free compared to this app..Version: 4.26.0

I hate outlookThis is the worst email app I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I have to use it because my university uses it. First of all, it’s the ugliest email app. There’s no contact photos shown next to an email, like in gmail of yahoo mail, so it’s hard to differentiate between who is sending you an email. All the emails blend together into a born blob of black and white, making me check this email the least. Also, you can’t search a phrase or sender and then select multiple emails to delete them. That’s half the reason I even use the search function. Perhaps you can delete emails this way on a laptop, but I mainly check my email on my phone, so it’s egregiously inconvenient. In addition the focused and other email tabs are so stupid. The app just arbitrarily organizes them with no knowledge of what emails are actually important to you and which ones aren’t. As a result, I often don’t see important emails in a timely manner because they go into the other tab. Checking my email shouldn’t have this many complications, and being able to delete my emails by search should be an option. Please fix your dysfunctional app. I’m hoping I never have to have another outlook email after I graduate..Version: 3.8.1

Do NOT install this updateWe are in the process of backing up my entire emails on exchange at a tech cost of $150/hr and deleting my old email, creating a new email account and restoring. This update does not work. It started by ‘cleaning’ on the iPhone for over two hours. (There are a few headers over one month that should take seconds.) When it didn’t progress further we tried to delete the app and set up the account again. Then we received ongoing messages about the max number of devices being exceeded, but on checking OWA on exchange only one mobile device was connected. There is a massive bug and conflict between the new outlook app and the iOS13 update. How dare you launch something like this untested..Version: 4.6.0

AwfulI struggle with this app so much!!! I want to look at all my mail, sure focused is a cool idea but you can’t even say how you choose what would be in our focused and what wouldn’t. I think you should offer a all section too for this of us who just want to simply look through all mail from one email address. I enjoy the unified mail too across multiple mailboxes but I need to see all mail from one box too! There’s a reason I have seperate email addresses. Then the swipe of an email, sends straight to archive instead of deleting or giving me an option, this should be delete so that we don’t have to go into each and every individual email to delete it. The notifications could have their own section as it took me a while to find what 7 notifications I was being notified about. It was 7 emails a good 3 years old that had never been opened. I have to delete this app every time I download it I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous and I use the mail app that came on the iPhone and get on fine with that. With the outlook app I’ve also missed importantly timed emails by not getting up to date/ real time notifications (I have to reload the app myself to check for incoming mail rather than the app picking up on incoming mail). Such a pain and to wait till feb 2020 for changes is crazy this has been going on from the start.Version: 3.21.0

Syncing problemsThis app works well, but for some reason, it does not sync properly with the websites as easily. I received an email in Yahoo, but I did not get notified by the app. Even after refreshing it multiple times, it was only a full day later when I found the email, which was because I checked my email account on the website itself. And it was only after that when the same email appeared on my app. This was also, unfortunately, not a one-time event and has landed me into trouble several times..Version: 4.16.1

Always notificationsWhy does it show I have an email when I don’t? Says I have 3 email and there are none in my inbox. Please fix this. It’s been happening forever. I never know if I have an email or not.Version: 4.57.0

Disjointed FunctionalityIt seems that Outlook routinely "forgets" your mail accounts, even when using Microsoft's own Exchange-based accounts (Outlook, Hotmail). Why is this? Why does Outlook have to refresh all of your mail locally almost every time you open it? There will even be a numerical badge indicating unread messages, but when you open Outlook, you will be notified that Outlook has "found" accounts on your system (accounts that you have, of course, already added to Outlook) and you will be prompted to add these accounts again. The standard Apple iOS Mail app actually seems to manage Microsoft's own mail accounts better than Microsoft's email app. How can this be? Is Apple doing sometime here to hobble non-Apple email apps (as they do with non-Apple mobile browsers) or has Microsoft not been able to figure out how to develop native iOS applications? I'm inclined to think it's the latter, because other non-Apple email apps do seem to be able to retain email account continuity. It's a shortcoming only for the Outlook email client. I keep trying to use Outlook as a mobile email client for my Microsoft email accounts and I always end up uninstalling it and reverting to the Apple app or some other third-part email app. It's a shame, really. Google's Mail app works pretty well for Gmail. Microsoft's Outlook app doesn't work well for Microsoft email. What's going on here?.Version: 4.47.0

Good when it works but became unusable and then realised how bad it actually isWorked well for some time but then one of my important email accounts stopped working. Very common email provider so contacted outlook support and sadly they are very quick to blame everything else (password, provider) for the issue rather then the app. They close support tickets as soon as they think it is something else causing the problem despite proof it is the app. Constantly asking for screenshots of the issue rather then accepting the descriptions or the error logs. I changed email apps several times to prove this problem was the outlook app and nothing else, yet they always blame the email provider. Have since moved back to the native iPhone Mail app and it’s spectacular. Very fast and easy to use and shows just how slow, sluggish and poor the outlook app is! Avoid the outlook app and stick with others, your email life will be much smoother!.Version: 4.57.0

Getting there if you look at it from an enterprise appAs I’m writing this review - I cannot see what I’m writing because the review section within the app doesn’t show you what you’re writing. When joining teams meeting using Teams, you come back to outlook it didn’t know that you’ve half easy joined it - it would be good to get that integration so outlook app knows you’ve already joined that meeting. Ability to force touch and select more emails to either delete or make it read only (something allle Mail app has ) would be great..Version: 4.47.0

Group Access in newest versionOur university uses Office365 for email and provides us access to the suite of products it includes. Because this the web portal is how most students access their email, I decided to use a O365 group to organize my student workers with a dynamic group calendar. I'm using the O365 calendar vs a Google Calendar or any other 3rd party calendar because that would require an additional account for students. I was happy to hear that group access was going to soon be found in the outlook app, because the MS Groups app is atrocious. Well here it is, and we still have ZERO support for shared or group calendars in the app, all we get is email support, which we had for the most part anyways, because I would get group emails sent to my regular account. It seems like the only additional functionality we have gained is the ability to send a NEW group message from the app. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING. O365 actually makes it MORE DIFFICULT to manage my group. Don't get me started on the discrepancies between groups and teams, that's a rant for another day..Version: 2.74.2

No drag and drop?Maybe I’m missing something here, but as far as I can tell Outlook does not allow dragging and dropping of files with either the Files app or Google Drive in split-view. The focus/other view is not well implemented, and often made seeing email harder rather than easier (although not being able to see an email is I guess a form of dealing with your inbox overload). There is an email filing integration with another web app I use that is available on the desktop version that is awesome, but unfortunately it appears that integration isn’t available on the ipad and ios versions (not Microsoft’s fault, it’s a third party integration, but really disappointing nonetheless). In the absence of a unique feature (i.e. some integration only available with Outlook) the other third party mail apps such as Spark or just the stock Apple mail app seem like much better choices for ipad and ios. I’m not sure why this app gets the overwhelmingly positive reviews both here and by tech reviewers online as it doesn’t really seem to be anything special and appears to be missing some core ipad and ios features, although again maybe i’m just missing something..Version: 4.42.1

FATAL FLAW - OutlookI changed my password and fully expected to be booted out of this app upon password change. ❌WRONG If someone has hacked your email account and you change all of your passwords, it doesn’t matter one jot. They can see you’ve changed your password. But they can still see your previous emails as well. Because there is no force logout or logout function on this app, your previous emails are sitting there pretty for everyone to see - it doesn’t request to see your password repeatedly like on iOS. Outlook SHOULD have a logout function, not just a log in function. Poorly designed, poorly thought through In addition to this - MS Outlook let’s random devices hook up to your account There is no function to geoblock/block by location or prevent adding strange devices. Notifications don’t always come through that someone else has accessed your account and attached their device. And when you detach the unwanted device: because Outlook doesn’t log out and it stores your information in perpetuity, it doesn’t matter a single bit what measures you take. Insecure system. 🏃‍♀️ <<<Run email user, Run 🏃‍♂️.Version: 4.2105.0

Makes you LESS ProductiveThe application workflow logic is a tragic mess, which has made Outlook an utter pain to use on a daily basis. Need to look at one email message? Good luck. Threading adds a ridiculous number of taps to view anything. Need to print or PDF one message in a thread? Nope. In fact, one can’t even successfully print a whole thread (and yes, some people in business have a need to print something sometimes). Calendaring is pretty awful and keeps getting worse. Mobile IU design or a logic to settings? Nope. Not exactly sure what paradigm is being used, but it certainly isn’t a model for people who run and gun communicate. Outlook does not reliably update, it freaks out if there’s the slightest network issue, and fails to smoothly integrate with anything. In short, if you don’t have to use Outlook, avoid this app. Like all Microsoft 365 products over the last few years, it has deteriorated into an unfathomable mess. Unfortunately, many of us (myself included) have to use it and lose hours of time each month because of its poor design tied to the wretched quagmire of the O365 cloud ecosystem..Version: 3.17.1

Unsure how this has almost 5 starsMicrosoft, are you sending bots to increase your rating? This app is terrible.Version: 4.2109.0

Great app when it worksGreat app to see all of my work emails and do everything that I need to do. But it’s seems as though the app isn’t supported correctly by the current iOS 13.3 update? The app will work for a few days and then I will open it up and the whole app freezes. Can’t view new emails, can’t scroll or refresh the page. This goes on for a few days before it eventually decides to work. When I really need to view important emails the only way that I seem to be able to get it working again is by deleting the app completely and then downloading again, but then it will eventually crash. This is super frustrating!.Version: 4.16.1

Not pushing mail throughSometimes I can go days without receiving emails. They don’t get pushed through. You have to manually reload the app to see if you get new mail..Version: 4.34.0

Terrible, just as bad as yahoo webThought I’d get a better email client. Think again. (1) you will not be able to connect the Apple default contacts app., in fact, there’s nothing much you can connect to in this app. It loses email. Deleting them right out for various actions you take. There is no waiting period if u accidentally delete a mail- it’s gone. (2) don’t save anything to draft folder. It will save & alter it right where u are, then put a copy of the header - that is unalterable - in the draft folder. You will not b able to change who the email is primarily addressed to, which will b you!! So insane. (3) I just pulled up the “give feedback “ form in the app, & somebody else’s review was in it. I know they weren’t using it as example- b/c it was entitled “Outlook Dogfood”. Wish I’d seen that b4 I lost 2 important email today. Advised them this was a privacy issue- but... (4) if u get this app, suddenly, u will drown in user-tailored spam. I got maybe 5 a day b4 switching, now like 60-70. Not a coincidence. (5) don’t expect to b able to attach anything easily - nothing u want to attach anyw. There are no options for file programs to download... the list goes on and on..Version: 2.55.0

BuggyStarting with version 4.29 and this version 4.30 performance is sluggish. When scrolling scroll freezes often. I flagged a message and the icon flagged froze on the screen. Had to close the app. When typing the keyboard freezes when typing. This does not happen with any other apps. This used to be an amazing app. Now it’s not usable iPhone 7. iOS 13.3.1.Version: 4.30.0

Horrible if you compose your mail from phoneIt was going good until I had to compose a large mail with 5 image attachments. It failed to send the mail, failed to convert the images which default iOS mail app does very well, and when the document got rather large (500 words), I started noticing a lag between my typing and the words appearing on screen. Soon enough editing became horrible as I would go back and forth the mail to delete some lines and the app would glitch out and send me to the very bottom of the page where it’s just blank. Many many more problems during the first 500 words I ever wrote using outlook..Version: 3.2.1

Email just stops working and prompts for password.On multiple iOS devices the email will just stop working and prompted for a password. When entered it doesn’t reconnect. Tried resetting the account, removing the account and re-entering, and deleting Outlook and reinstall. Nothing works. The “Contact Support” option is a total joke. Received initial response from my request immediately and I’m still waiting for a response after 24 hours. Opened another support ticket on my other iOS device and entered all the requested information for the original device and again received and initial response immediately but then nothing for hours. Then I received a response asking me to perform another test. Still waiting for the response from support. I really like Outlook when it works. I like the email, calendar, and contacts all in one place. I have been using this app for several years and on multiple devices. On multiple occasions I have had to contact support in order to get the app working again. Each time their response gets slower and slower..Version: 4.47.0

Works well with one game breaking omissionIn this day and age of some of the most sophisticated phishing attempts ever seen I simply can’t understand how Microsoft would omit a block sender feature from their app. This is just crazy to me. I contacted tech support through the app and got a highly detailed automated cut and paste response within seconds apologising for the lack of the feature and telling me to go login to the website to block senders. They can spend time automating a response to the issue but won’t spend the time to introduce a feature that a quick google shows is very much in demand. For Shame Update: 1 week later. I have discovered the gmail app is far better and allows me to ‘gmailify’ external email accounts incorporating their stellar spam filtering into the mix. The app instantly dumped all the spam out of my outlook inbox. Thank you Microsoft. Your poor support drove me to look for a better alternative and that’s exactly what I have found..Version: 2.103.0

Why should I report an issue with Microsoft Outlook?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Microsoft Outlook to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Microsoft Outlook customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Microsoft Outlook.

Is Microsoft Outlook not working?

Microsoft Outlook works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Microsoft Outlook.

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