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Good managing one incomeThe app is great and very useful but would like to hopefully be able to add other accounts and track spending and show total of accounts. It's only useful if you keep track of one source of money. Otherwise very organized and visually stunning!!!.Version: 1.1

I use this daily.Independent contractor with multiple income sources. This is simple and visual which is good for me. Great info to see where I’m at hitting my income goals. Worth trying. Create your own categories etc. flexible yet not complex and for sure not overwhelming like some income and budget trackers, at least for me. I don’t completely ignore my budget but also not a slave to it so again this works for me. I’m not totally in the dark about my income and spending like prior to using this. Thanks developers! Also their Groceries OK app is petty cool..Version: 3.2

Ease of use, intuitive designThis is one of the best financial apps I have ever used . It is helping me to track my spendings . I was doing the same with expense ok app, still not able to figure out why I have a dollar more just to add income. Having said that, this is still a very nice app with clean design..Version: 1.1

ExcellentI use this application every day when 2018 began my 2017 data was lost but luckily since I have an Apple phone all you have to do is sync your iCloud with the back ups it’s very simple and it only takes 30 seconds in the settings of this application for one dollar I’m going to be using this application for the entire year! My only problem is that the icons are not as colorful I wish there was much more decoration but I don’t care it’s an excellent app and these corrupt banks cannot get into your system like they do on your online bank statement this application is justice not corruption you write down your expenses and income not your corrupt Bank government.Version: 1.1

Only a couple little suggestionsThis app is great. So great, it's on the bottom bar on my phone. I use it every day, to keep track of my expenses. Just a couple suggestions; 1) reoccurring expenses. And 2) allow email back up. Other than that 10/10!.Version: 1.1

Wonderful mostlyGreat simple categorisation. I wish I could see one list of all my transactions though!!.Version: 1.1

Awesome!I just wrote out a huge review but my username was taken and it deleted it, so I'll keep it short and sweet! 1- totally worth the $1.19 or whatever; 2- super easy to use and customize, lock screen accessibility is great; 3- if used on a daily basis it's extremely helpful in keeping track of your spending and earning and makes it easier to budget because you can see where your money is going. Overall awesome app. I'd recommend it to anyone, and I do a lot anyway 😁.Version: 1.1

GreatWorks easily with good colorful graphics. Keeps good records. Excellent app but one feature missing that would make it perfect, would be the ability to record a photo of my receipts PLEASE.Version: 1.1

Great!Does what it says and does it well. The graphs are helpful. Pretty intuitive to use..Version: 3.2.2

Use it every dayQuick & easy to use..Version: 1.1

Perfectly SimpleThis app has everything I need to keep track of my spending while being conscious of how much I’m just swiping the plastic. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because it does not have the functionality to be able to set up recurring transactions.. yet..Version: 3.1.3

So far, so good.The interface is clean and easy to navigate. While I’ve looked at many apps and tried out several, this seems to be what I’m looking for. Something to balance my expenses v. income and show me where I’m spending my money. I like that it doesn’t link to my bank account; I never find those apps accurate and then they become useless. It’s a good way to balance your checkbook, per se. More icons would be cool, but I’m satisfied with what they’ve got. I really enjoy being able to add notes overall, as well as individual expenses. Great job here..Version: 1.1

Great buuutThis app is Great for daily budget only, however I want to know how much I spend per pay periods per month, also you need to allow daily payments to deduct from the income. I find myself still using my google spreadsheet & this. It needs weekly, biweekly and monthly settings. It's needs icons for credit cards Pros- it's very quick easy and convenient. It creates a colorful easy to read pie chart. The expense and income are 2 separate apps, but combine into one Dashboard if you have both! Overall I like but it doesn't fulfill my needs of truly tracking my pay period budget..Version: 1.1

Love this appPerfect for what I wanted. Just a simple incoming money tracker. It’s fun to use, with lovely colors and icons. It even shows you a graph with everything broken down into categories with totals and subtotals. Simple and perfect! Thank you developer 👍🏻.Version: 3.1.3

Very useful!This app, which goes one step beyond the "Expense OK" app, is something I use every day (many times per day). It is very customizable, and I love the fact that the app keeps track of the "sum" of my income minus expenses, and I can set it to whatever value I want initially, and let the app add and subtract from there as appropriate. Another great feature is how, when you first run the app, it offers to import everything from "Expense OK". Since I used that app first and this one later, I didn't have to re-enter all my data! And of course, the best and most amazing feature is the widget. It is so quick and easy to input an expense. When I'm buying something, I can quickly input the expense in the time it takes the clerk to bag my purchase! My only wish was that in the widget, it be possible to add a note to the expense without having to open the app. But I understand that might not be possible, as it would require a widget to open the keyboard for typing, and I don't know if Apple allows that on widgets. But if it is possible, please add it as a feature. Thanks!.Version: 1.1

Great! With a widget!Awesome simple to use app that does what it says on the tin. Love the interface and the widget. Wish i could recurring income/expenses though. Might have to change to another app if this becomes too labour intensive adding salary/bills each month.Version: 1.1

A simple, fine looking app.Really nice to use. The addition of the today widget makes entry quick and easy..Version: 1.1

This App RocksThis App is so simple and easy to use. I don't have to make new custom folders every time I want to enter in a new item. This is by far the easiest and smartest spending tracker app yet. Not to mention it sends the CVS file to your email. Good for your accountant to use also! 5 Stars.Version: 1.1

Very simple and fastThe app is amazing, it’s very simple to use and fast with no lag or what so ever. more than enough. I found other apps complicated when I compare it to this one. highly recommended..Version: 3.1.3

Awesome! But..No seriously I love this app! Took a second to navigate but after that it's been great! Only thing - I share a bank account with my husband so I'd love to be able to share my same income ok account with him if he downloaded it. Just a suggestion, otherwise works perfectly :).Version: 1.1

No income vs expenses graphThe Expenses OK app is the same thing minus the income, AND it's free. That app gets 5 *s. This app allows you to input you income (a feature missing the free Expenses OK app) as its own separate tracker, but you still don't get an income vs expenses pie graph. What's the point of upgrading from Expenses OK to INCOME OK if there is no comparison? It's in the name. You can still check your balance hidden away in the menu tab but this app is so visually and functionally balanced that it's disappointing. That being said both apps are great and better than most tracking apps out there. I would gladly pay $1 for either one, had one not already been free..Version: 1.1

Good appBought the Expense Okay first only to find that this app encompasses both income and expenses. Easy to use and set up multiple categories but wish there was a greater range of choices for the income section. Easy to switch between the income and expense features. Love the pie chart to see where my money has gone. Have recommended this to many people..Version: 3.1.3

Helpful for a musician on the roadI had a vague idea of how much I was earning/spending while on tour, but this app has helped me get some serious clarity about my financials. It is extremely easy to use, easy to customize, easy to make a part of your tracking routine. It has also made me a more mindful spender. If you’re looking for a simple, quick way to keep track of your money, give this a shot..Version: 3.1.3

Great app.Simple to use and easy to track expenses. Well worth it..Version: 3.1.3

AwesomeI've searched for many budget apps, and this is the easiest and most functional by far. It's a new app so looking forward to added features in the future. Would be awesome to create your budget with this app so you can see how you're tracking and have reoccurring expenses. Highly recommended app!.Version: 1.1

Very goodClear and simple. Just what I needed..Version: 1.1

Perfect expense trackingLove that this is an “accountability” tracker. My wife and I are bad about cruise control and expense trackers that are set it and forget it. This helps us be accountable and ensure we are taking the steps necessary to budget and see where our money is going..Version: 3.2.2

Easy to use & customizable!I am so happy to have found a finance tracker app that I don't have to sync with my bank accounts. This way I can still enter expenses and incomes but I can keep my accounts private! It's super easy to use and customizable. Glad I stumbled upon this!.Version: 1.1

Great Expense TrackingExcellent data representation with their charts. I love being able to add my own unique categories associated to an expense. This is like a calorie tracker app that tracks money instead of calories. It keeps me mindful of my expenses and my earnings. I am normally so all over the place that I don't realize how much it is I may be spending or on what I am spending it on. Rather than looking at a statement once a month, I can just track everything in realtime. Great UI/UX as well. Seems to be a solid app. Exactly what I needed..Version: 1.1

Amazingly simpleI’ve tried out dozens of personal finance apps trying to find what I found in Income OK! I love that you don’t have to connect the app to your bank account because I always feel uncomfortable doing that. It takes a little while to get it set up just right but once you do it’s amazing because it’s personalized to your budget and you track exactly what you want to track!.Version: 1.1

Easy to use!This app is so easy to use! I love that I didn’t have to link it to any of my bank account. I don’t like new technology because of the learning curve. This app makes tracking my expenses and income so easy and fast!.Version: 3.1.3

Great app! Keep to stay on track!I use this app everyday. It’s easy to use and I can track where my money is going with the categories. I don’t have to wonder where my money went or if I’m overspending on any category. I’m training my kids on how to manage their money with the app. It’s worth it!.Version: 1.1

Great appNow I can keep a eye on my expenses and where the money goes. Very useful app.Version: 1.1

Great appGreat app to keep in track with your expenses and incomes. My only wish to improve the app is if we could have an option to track expenses by week. We can do it by days/months and year but unfortunately not by week at the moment.. I hope the developer will see this for the new update..Version: 3.1

Love this app!So useful for budgeting and staying on top of my finances, I'd happy spend the $0.99 again for it! The only thing I wish it had is the ability to edit transactions from any day. So far I can only see how to edit today's transactions and not yesterday's or last week's (like if I coded it wrong or put it on for the 2nd but realized later it was on the 1st). But that's a minor issue. Otherwise this app is perfect and I love that I can update my earning/expenses in my notification window!.Version: 1.1

This App is fabulous!Exactly what I have been looking for.Version: 3.2.2

Easy to useLove it.Version: 3.2.2

IncomeGreat app!! For basic, personal accounting One tiny problem that you got access to 2day's history without hitting the history buttons. I'm happy with the app It's functional 👍👍.Version: 1.1

Great program, easy to useI just downloaded this program and it was quick and easy to start the ball rolling. Great pie charts and simple reporting. The only addition I would like to have added is the ability to add recurring income or expense payments so that any payment received or expense paid out on the same day each week/month/fortnight is automatically credited or debited to the appropriate category/sub-category on the specified date each period. Otherwise great job guys.Version: 3.2.2

I love this app but if...I really love this app that makes it is so easy to record personal expense, however there is no income vs expense graph or budget setting that can show a summary info of income vs expense and how many budget still have per month,wish this function can be add then I will say this app is 100% great!.Version: 1.1

Best ever!I've used a few different types of software and apps in the past for this kind of stuff. So far this one is the best for what I need. It's simple and fast to use that I don't mind entering stuff in right at the checkout while I wait for my cards to go through..Version: 1.1

Love it! Please improve so I can still use!!Love it!! The simplicity and design is awesome!! But I would use an income vs. expense graph and also a way to email/print a CSV for individual months instead of all the data every time. I would be delighted to see these changes someday and definitely keep using it as much as I do!!.Version: 1.1

Great for accountabilityI needed a way to manually put in all my expenses and earnings, and this app fit my needs very nicely. It has very simple user interface yet allows me to freely create and adjust categories of transactions. Very nice graphics and color coding too.Version: 3.2.2

It's greatThe only thing u would love is that I can swipe through months (maybe left and right swipe for convenience) and also see each months grand total (income vs expenses). Apart from that it's an awesome app and the widget is most useful. Used other finance apps before but never entered data as it always required too many steps. Great job..Version: 1.1

Almost perfectI love this app! It’s really simple to use and easy to view all of your daily/monthly/yearly expenses and income. Only thing I wish they would do is let you see both the expenses and income on one table instead of keeping it separate. You are able to customize the app to your liking and best part is, they do not ask for any of your info. They also don’t ask you to link your bank account like every other budget app. Super SIMPLE!.Version: 3.1

Excellent income to expense assistantOut with the checkbook; this app literally makes keeping track of expenses a breeze. Coupled with your income makes it very easy to point out how you're spending your money and literally reduce some of the "fat" that's eating up your wallet!.Version: 1.1

Almost perfectThe widget background color mismatches with ios 10. Please show avaiable money in the widget buy deducing expenses from incomes.Version: 1.1

Simple, amazingThis is everything I wanted in an app. Everything else was so complicated and had to link my bank account. This is the efficient way to do things. I used to this on a piece of paper but now they have the app I’ve been looking for!.Version: 3.1.3

Simple but very usefulVery easy to customize to fit my needs, well worth the price, can compare monthly expenses vs income, and can make own categories. I would recommend to my friends and family.Version: 3.1.3

Good start but needs improvementThis app is a nice easy to use app but it could use some improvements. #1 there should be a chart showing income and expenses together so you can visualize what you earn vs spend. This is most important thing missing in my opinion. #2 allow you to create custom categories for income and expenses. This seems like it would be an easy thing to add to make life just a little easier. I do appreciate the notes showing under the expenses and income and use that instead right now..Version: 3.2.2

Upload receiptsA very simple and convenient app plus great! Would be much better if we can upload document such as receipt for future references. Hope you will take note on this. Thank you..Version: 3.2.2

This is awesomeThis app is a great thing to help you keep your transactions and spending in order to adhere to a budget. Also the pie chart helps show where you can cut back from spending the most. Glad I found this!.Version: 1.1

Like it so far!I like the app so far. Would be cool if there was a copy & paste feature or a check box for monthly recurring items to keep track of. The only other issue I have is not being able to email csv file keep getting error message saying my email is not set up with my phone I checked and it seems to be, any tips on how to fix this would be great!.Version: 1.1

BEST App EverI absolutely love this app. After testing out what felt like every financial budgeting app out there, this is hands down the BEST one. It's definitely well worth the money. I use it every single day and find it to be extremely useful. If you're looking for a simple way to track your income/expenses that doesn't require access to your bank accounts, this is the perfect solution. Since it doesn't pull from bank accounts, you're in complete control - no more miscategorized charges or constant clean up. This allows you to input only what you choose, which gives you a much more accurate reflection of your overall finances. Pros: 1. User friendly design 2. Quickly input real time income/expenses along with the date and notes - ideal when you're on the go 3. Create your own unique categories, assign icons to them, and even subcategorize 4. Visually appealing graphs for income/expenses 5. View income/expenses from previous days/months/years 6. View overall balance between income/expenses 7. Backup/sync with iCloud 8. Export to CSV 9. Widget available Suggestions: 1. Add graph comparing income vs. expenses since you can only view them separately as of right now 2. Include additional icon options for categorizing. Current selection is great, but a few more wouldn't hurt 3. Add a reoccurrence feature for certain expenses (i.e. monthly bills) so you don't have to remember to input each time.Version: 1.1

Very helpful app and I love the colorful graphsI'm so glad I found this app. I was so disappointed in the My Checkbook app I believe is what it's called and got no response from that apps support. So, I searched on the App Store for a much better one and found Income Ok. I was a little confused at first on how to use it. But I ended up figuring it out after a few minutes. It gives you a very detailed overview of your income vs expenses. The colorful graphs and percentages are so darn helpful! I wish I found this app a lot sooner. It's going to be helpful for filing taxes and overall keeping track of the money I make vs the money I spend. A big thank you to developer of this app. You really did an awesome job!.Version: 1.1

SimplicityThere is no sign in. No linking bank accounts just simply entering expense or income transactions. I just wanted a clear view of where my money was going and this helps tremendously. Did I already mention you don't have to sign in or create an account??!!! Just a simple app that was well worth the purchase..Version: 1.1

Simple and efficientI have been using this for sometime. It's wonderful simple and efficient well designed app. Recent upgrade of having to view previous months was good and look forward to see many more new enhancements to come. One suggestion : it would be great to see repeated fixed transactions like rent, cell phone bill etc can be set for coming future months..Version: 3.2.2

Love itVery useful! Easy to input data. The point of an app isn't to categorise. Do that when you export the CSV. This is a good data input on the fly tool..Version: 1.1

Fast, simple and great for tracking expensesThe best app I've used to keep an eye on the day to day expenses. With a few taps on the keypad I've been able to record all theses coffees, beers and meals on the hoof, which is all I needed to ensure I didn't overspend on budgets. I start the week by inputting a combined budget for all the items I want to track and as I go through the week it keeps me informed of what I've spent and how much remains. Perfectly simple and fast!.Version: 1.1

Love this app!I've never tracked my finances, so this is a great way for me to start. Super simple and effective. I love it. I love the way everything's broken down, particularly the pie graph and percentages. It's awesome to see what % I am saving, as well as what % I'm spending mindlessly. I'm a visual gal, so this is perfect for me. Highly recommend it!!.Version: 1.1

GoodGreat app - needs recurring expense function.Version: 1.1

Excellent app!I’ve been looking for an easy to use all in one tracking app and now I’ve found it. This is super easy to use, you can set-up your own categories, and the pie chart helps you see at a glance where your income and expenditure is at. It’s a fantastic app that’s worth the investment..Version: 1.1

Love it!!So impressed with the developpers. Had a question about the app and wrote them an email. Got a response within minutes. My only wish is that my wife and I could sync our inputting expenses and income. I just started using this app and so far I find it very easy to use..Version: 1.1

Good App to control your financialGood app to help you to control your expenses. The only problem I would like to solve, and I'm asking it is an app problem or the user (me) problem, that I would l like the income and expenses to be incorporated at the same chart. Perhaps some developer at this app could read this review, I would like to know that is possible or not..Version: 1.1

Perfect just a thingI think the thing that's missing is being able to transfer money from the income to the expense. Like maybe if I have 100 in income under pay weekly. I should be able to transfer like 50 to expenses in like food category Basically. Make the expenses and income combined and workable together. Let me transfer money from income category to expense.Version: 1.1

#1 Financial ApplicationI strongly recommend Income OK to any person who needs to keep track of their budget and expenses. I was using the free version which only includes expenses(Expenses OK). And just because of how much I loved it and how simple and easy it was to use, I upgraded to this app to get the full experience (the free app has full functionality but without the income options). I used many applications and they all required access to my bank accounts and had too many procedures and steps. This app beats them all with its simplicity and functionality. In comparison with other apps which need subscriptions and registrations this app is perfection. Although this app is paid I still feel the need to thank the developer 👍🏼. Suggestions: The budget option needs a reset button which recalculates the difference between income and expenses in it has been changed by mistake. A manual option of importing data from the free version would be very helpful. Also, there should be an automatic option for reoccurring expenses and monthly fixed costs; (such as fixed monthly rent, fixed monthly bills, etc...) I salute the developer who was able to beat all the other apps in the market which are more expensive and for making it much simpler while still being able to fit it all in 6.5 megabytes of storage space..Version: 1.1

Great App...but could betterI have been using the app daily since I downloaded it. Would be great if they add features such as: 1- transferring the information to an excel file of some sort. 2- adding pictures to certain inputs maybe receipts or something. 3- recurring payments or incomes such as salary, rent, car payments etc....Version: 1.1

The best!I’m really satisfied with this app. I used to have an old release before and it was good, but this one is the best, simple and convenient!.Version: 3.2.2

Great!So far I really like this app. It's simple, very easy to use and the color theme is so cute. However, the (only) reason I gave it a 4star is because the app often freezes and then I have to get back in. I've been using this app for past 15min and it stopped and exited itself about 4-5 times for no particular reason. If it continues, then I think I'll actually get really annoyed.... One suggestion is, if we can set it up as a budget mode, I'd like to see the remaining amount along with how much I used. Currently, it seems like the only way you can view the remaining money is by clicking the little menu button. But then you can easily edit the 'Balance' so.... But for the simplicity and everything, I'll definitely recommend this app!.Version: 1.1

One of the best in the marketBeen satisfied with this app. Simple but has everthing I needed.Version: 3.2.2

Just what I was looking forThis app is so simple to use. You dont have to spend alot of time typing in information and thats whats I hate about other apps! Just enter Amount and tap the category and your done! Way to go, thanks for making my finances much easier to manage..Version: 3.1.3

Quick and easy.Update 4: Not really an update, minor issue, but I wish that the app would do landscape mode when entering from iPad. Update 3:. The app was updated. I didn't think it possible but it is now even better!! Update 2: The app hasn't been updated in over a year. Thanks for not messing with perfection. Update: I emailed the developer asking 2 questions. I got a helpful reply within a half hour!!!! How's that for support??😍 I've been using this app for a number of months and am very happy with it. I use it every day (unless there's a day that I don't have any expenses lol). I also like the pie chart showing where the money goes. It's quick and easy and I like that. Worth the small purchase price..Version: 3.2.2

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