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Google Photos app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about google photos?

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Hate this stupid appI’ve used google photos for 4 years now. Little did I know that this was a mistake! All of my photos have been backed up and saved to google photos over the years- and apparently this supposed storage app was actually a black hole. I am now out of storage space, and because of it, my phone practically doesn’t work anymore! It’s been the biggest mess! It’s keeping me from sending messages, receiving mail, taking photos, sending and receiving calls, and just generally using my phone! In an effort to fix this, I purchased a photo drive usb type thing to download all of my photos onto. Little did I realize that it only downloaded from a normal photos app, not google photos. So now I had my work cut out for me. I started off by trying to transfer all of my google photos pictures back to my normal photos app, and was very frustrated to find that the only way to do this was to go one at a time through every single photo. I gave up after about 200+ transfers. So I scoured the web searching for possible solutions. In the end I keep coming to the same conclusion. I either have to change all of my saved photos and videos to a lower resolution, or I have to pay money every month for more storage. I feel really stinking frustrated. I don’t know what to do. If anyone knows a solution I would really appreciate it, thanks!!!.Version: 5.22

Google changed their policyGoogle is changing their policy of storing the photo for free, I feel cheated.Version: 5.19

Below average app, extremely poor given Google Devs are behind the wheelThere are so many areas ‘Needing’ improvements! Some areas are simply hanging about in some form of inefficient ‘angsty, loitering teenager wanting attention’ fashion and other areas that would, if tweaked, would offer a touch of class; all of, any or even just a few changes would benefit overall look and feel. Areas ripe for development appear to remain unidentified, subsequently neglected with zero enhancement opportunity realised. It begs for an injection of, sorry - an aggressive, high-freq, high-dosed course of - innovation which could and would bring this app forward and thus far closer to the standard which Google should demonstrate instinctively. From the UI to the background operations to the basic functionality through to enhanced functionality, user privileges through to the customer journey, the overall experience and bespoke customisation, skins, editing tools and plugins... and almost everything in between...simply requires ‘more’..Version: 3.29

Bad googleGoogle has broken the app so that you can no longer access it unless you grant Google access to all of your photos so that they can scrape your data. I wanted to use the “Selected Photos” option to only upload certain photos to share with family, but now Google has made that impossible. Unless you consent to grant access to all your photos and associated meta data Google won’t let you open the app..Version: 5.11.3

Irritating & non-intuitive :(Downloaded today... so far just irritated! :( It didn‘t give me options on which photos to backup, just uploaded everything & ran out of memory!!! I‘ve tried deleting lots of photos, which I didn‘t want uploaded, but it still tells me it‘s full! At one point I found the bin & deleted ~100 pictures, but now can‘t find bin to empty it again now I‘ve deleted more! It also appears to generate random „panoramas“, which I don‘t want, presumably fill the available memory, & sends me messages which interrupt my work. It is not intuitive & I‘m not impressed, in spite of the recommendation from a very tech‘y friend :( I‘m going to back up onto my computer & my Terabyte drive instead. Old tech‘, but reliable & easier. I can control what transfers, keep it local & secure. Also I won‘t have to worry about losing data on a cloud or security of my photos ;).Version: 5.39

Fantastic app but has its problemsFantastic app but boy can if frustrate you I delete a photo only to find next time I log on it’s back 🤯😳 it drives me mad and also where is this bin 🗑 as when I delete a photo it go’s in a magic bin. Looked all over the app including the settings and there is no bin anywhere if it’s like the iPhone that has a recently deleted section at least let us see them. Right that’s the bad part done ✅ and out the way and I would give 5 starts if it wasn’t for this frustration but on a Plus note this app is very good and has some fantastic things to offer like the assistance that will make pics and videos for you to save it also improves bad snaps and makes em really quiet good. The best thing is it has everything on it and takes no room up on my phone. Well done google. Cure the bin section and I will be back to re rate this app Thanks from the google pic police 🚨 lol 😂.Version: 4.8

NEW POLICY!!!Keep the app free!!! The only reason I picked google photos in the first place is because of the free unlimited photo backup. If this changes I’ll be gone. Lots of other options out there if I need to pay. I regret setting up my whole family on your “free photo backups”. They’ll be changing as well. Don’t ruin a good thing Google..Version: 5.19

Make it Free! >:(I don’t have enough space to even get the app! MAKE THE GAME FREE SO “IT” DOESN'T TAKE SPACE!.Version: 4.43

GlitchyWhen i try viewing old photos from years or months ago, it never lets me scroll down . once it scrolls down it resets to another time period in that year and its so annoying. please fix it..Version: 4.49

Assistant does assistWhilst the process of storing your photos in the cloud is relatively straightforward, loading the photos “in the background” is not in the background and can take over your WiFi denying other use whilst images are automatically uploading. Secondly it has an assistant that will do all sorts of things such as “remember this day” and add fancy effects to produce stylised photos. All this is a gimmick. The assistant will automatically find images that it thinks needs rotating which is excellent and necessary. My bugbear and the reason why have only given it three stars is that I have hundreds or maybe thousands of photos that need rotating and google photos rarely, maybe once every couple of months, makes suggestions for maybe 10 pictures that need rotating. So Google if you are listening cut out all toys and give us the functionality we know you are capable of doing..Version: 3.22.0

Being back back the automatic photo suggestionsStill good but I miss the automatic photos suggestions (colour pops, mini movies, enhancements etc).Version: 5.1

Was happy with it - not anymoreSomeone recommended this app to me a while ago and it was absolutely wonderful. I backed up and stored everything on there, before cautiously deleting everything from my phone. And a week later, all of my memories were gone. Over 15,000 photos and videos. I can’t tell you how upset I am by this. Those memories can’t be restored and I will never be able to see them again. If this was a glitch in the system, please FIX it. I won’t be relying on this app anymore, and I hope no one else will have to experience something like this..Version: 5.22

Can’t get rid of unneeded photos even though there’s a delete option, not organized, uses my storageI admit it’s good for keeping photos backed up but I have another issue. There is a delete option for pictures and videos. I’m able to delete them, go into my trash, and delete forever but when I close the app and go back in, they’re all back. I’ve restarted my phone, made sure the app was updated, look up it up and couldn’t find anything. Pretty much everything I could do, I did. Point is, I’m in desperate need of storage and deleting thousands of really, unneeded photos is probably the best way to go. I don’t have many apps, just a lot of photos. My photos automatically back up so I don’t have a chance to go through them before they’re saved to my email. The app isn’t organized and nor are my photos. I go in to find photos that I may need and can’t find them. I’m sitting for hours before I find anything. I take lots of photos. I do a lot of photography and am one of those people who loves taking photos instead of living in the moment. I’m contemplating on just deleting the app and going on to use something else. Plus, it’s really buggy and slow. It’s constantly asking to “make space” and delete the pictures in my photo library. When I say no, it just keeps popping up every 5 to 10 minutes. Apple users, honestly just use photo stream. It’s a waste..Version: 4.3

Warning - Very hard to get your photos backGoogle have added some convenient bugs which mean once you start using this, you will not be able to get your photos back off the Google platform in a clean way, effectively meaning you are locked in to Google photos for life: 1) there is a bug in the app which prevents concurrently downloading photos and videos back to the device, ie once backed up to Google and deleted to free up space on the phone, you are not going to be able to re-download them unless you do it one-at-time, also 2) slo-mo videos lose timing data when downloading and 3) although you can download all the photos via the web using the Takeout service, this can corrupt the photo metadata (date taken etc) and does not download Live Photos correctly. Once they are inside the Google ecosystem you are not going to be able to get your photos back out in one piece - Google do not want you to stop using this, ever - and so you will find it almost impossible to switch back to iCloud or another photo manager - be warned!!.Version: 5.22

I’m cryingI downloaded google photos so save storage due to the fact that I have a lot of photos. Once it properly downloaded it deleted over 1000 of my photos and videos and I do not know how to get them back. I have a very personal video of a loved one who battled cancer and lost his voice and I had a video of him singing. That footage is now lost to this app. Please if you have anyway to help me contact me. Any help will be much appreciated!.Version: 4.16

Biggest mistake ever to use this appWas trying to clear up space on my phone and was recommended this app for my photos. Transferred my photos over, even put quite a few of them into albums, favourite sections as well for easy access, then go back later on and all the albums I created had disappeared. Type in locations of where photos were taken and can’t find photos. The face recognition part will show faces of people in the crowd from photos which is pretty useless. Bought a new phone last week, same brand just newer model transferred all my apps over and now the only things that are on my new phone now are videos only. No photos, yet all my photos are still on my old phone..Version: 5.22

Almost perfect, but there’s a killer flaw for sureSo I use google photos for every single photo I take - I back them up daily from my camera, phone and laptop, and have been doing so for several years. The smartphone app, and the web based page for computers on chrome have been practically perfect. The one flaw ruining this particular iPhone app for me, has been the fact that whenever I try scrolling further than a few months down my photo stream (I have 31,000 photos at the moment and fast rising, so I know it’s a fair old task for the app, fetching them from the cloud), the page I’m scrolling down clicks back up to the top again, and stops me finding those older photos. This leaves me forced to either use the PC version, or wait for an update of the app, as I’ve tried every possible solution I can come up with. I would love to know if I’m not the only one having this problem, as I’ve not seen it on other devices. I have a relatively new iPhone 7, running the same settings and IOS version as everyone I know who’s using the app, and I don’t see them having problems! Perhaps it’s the large number of photos on my account? I’d like to think an application this popular/large wouldn’t start to pick up issues around the point of 10,000 photos (that’s when I first had the problem), but can’t think of any other cause of the problem. DEVELOPERS - please get back to me, as it’s been over a year, and no update’s mentioned this problem, or a possible future fix!.Version: 4.22

Google photosGreat app appreciate it, would like to do more to save space, but to complicated & hard I’d lose photos & wouldn’t be able to recover them when I needed to. Modern technology is all for the younger generations these phones are to complex for people in their 60’s & 70’s Even the word google is a child’s word not a mature adults word, in my entire life I have probably only said that word in a sentence a couple of times when I was a teenager. Even the stupid nickname at the end you can’t send unless you have a nickname and guess what every nickname you can think of is taken so you’ve gotta put something ridiculous... this is exactly what I mean about technology.Version: 5.22

Stressful with the most important imagesNo idea what this app does really! With no real help to specific problems. I had dates all mixed up so tried to delete them and start again - Result it deleted from my iPhone too! Luckily iPhone has a deleted box to catch them and restore! Thank you iPhone and apple. By deleting on google photos, should not allow you to delete them off the devise you clowns! Also tried to update and they have backed up again but now not showing! Not happy Google! Not happy at all! No clear instructions. No clear buttons to say add photos, delete photos (off google app only), no clear re arrange step! I nearly lost some important personal photos that needed storing and organising until I have a storage devise. More stress than it is worth! I thought it was brilliant until you need to work with them. I am a small ripple in a big ocean but I hope I reach someone who can make a difference!.Version: 3.11.0

Everyone needs this app!UPDATE 2020: Love the idea of this app and I’ve been using it for years across my devices. The latest update isn’t great however. I use the “search” function a lot and now there is an extra step to it as the search bar at the top has been removed. Also, please bring back the “open in Snapseed” option for all photos. It now only seems to work on certain pictures. Otherwise it’s a great app for backing up precious memories. Old 5* review: This is probably my most used app. I have it installed across all my devices, so I'm able to access and edit photos seamlessly. I have it on the free unlimited storage setting, and it has literally thousands of my photos backed up without any issues. Very simple to use. I originally only downloaded it due to my old iPhone 5S being 16gb, and I required the extra storage, but when I realised that I can share photos directly from Google Photos in to an editing app, I realised it was a keeper, much easier than the built in gallery. I now use it as the default photo app on my 64gb 6S. Honestly, I'd be lost without this app! Highly recommended..Version: 5.0

Photo accessI’m giving this 1 star because the app insists on getting full photo access even though in the privacy settings, the option of selected photos says it should work. There’s no way google needs full album access for me to view my friends shared photos. Please change this, Google.Version: 5.19

Unlimited high qualityI just learnt that google will not provide unlimited high quality pictures and videos to be uploaded starting mid next year. This was one of the best options that was provided and I’m very disappointed. Could you please tell me if all users have to pay after the new change and remove all the previous photos?.Version: 5.19

Google promisesWell this didn’t pan out, with them going to paid service. Not going to work long term.Version: 5.19

Keep it freeWe loved this app. It was one of unique services. Please keep it free like now. If it needs payment then there are lots of alternatives out there..Version: 5.19

Issue with google photosHello I love google photos but I’m a little frustrated at the moment, I am suggesting an update with google photos and I am having an issue. When I go to into trash tab in google photos app there’s pictures and videos I never put in trash it’s just there automatically. I see ones that I actually did mean to put in trash but there’s ones that I never put in trash and when I try to restore all it goes back into trash ones that I never meant to put in trash. Also when I try to delete all in trash it goes back in there. This is frustrating because I know photos and videos stay in trash for 30 or 60 days. I believe and if photos and videos are in there that I never press delete for after those 30 days them all of them will delete automatically and permanently and I have some important photos and videos on the app that I can’t loose. It’s putting photos and videos in trash without me knowing, I don’t know if it’s a bug issue or not but I am suggesting that you guys come out with an update to fix this. It could be doing this to other people putting stuff in trash automatically without them knowing and after those 30 days they may loose everything bc it deleted permanently automatically..Version: 5.22

Google photosI do not like google photos controlling the photos destiny that I take with my I-phone. Very hard to download photos to my laptop photo library. Not happy with this app at all.Version: 5.22

Like a virus on my phoneI hate google photos. I was really excited to try it. I backed up all my photos from my phone to Google photos. Unfortunately I couldn’t scroll through my photos to see any of them. There’s apparently a glitch where when scrolling through photos the app forces you to scroll all the way back to the top so you can’t ever look through your photos. This continued even after I upgraded my phone and deleted and re installed the app. Nothing fixed it. Finally, I decided to take all my photos from google photos back on to my phone so I can upload them to iCloud instead. Of course when you try to do that often you don’t even get the option to even save photos to your device/phone! And when this happens you have to restart the app. And then when you finally do download images from google photos to your phone in the slowest way possible so the app doesn’t crash the photos are out of order and a complete disorganized mess of photos. Oh, and I’m now trying to delete photos from google photos and it is also deleting those photos from my iCloud even though I disabled syncing. So I’m STILL trying to figure out how to delete photos from google photos (and be done with google photos altogether). I’ve never even written a review for an app in my life but this app is terribly painful to use and even more painful to break up with. I regret ever using google photos. Hours of my life wasted trying to recover my own photos. Useless..Version: 5.19

Limitations vs good featuresLove being able to store & back up but unless I am missing tricks moving photos to albums is laborious- one by one? Albums seem to allow the same photo to be added multiple times. I can’t see how to put an album in date of photo order no matter when added to an album. It seems chaotic and now and again I get alerts to rotate pics or it ID’a a face that maybe should be added to an album. Random. I do like to look back, collage and enhanced photo suggestions but they are less important.Version: 4.50

Great app until.... $$$$$$This app is amazing, I’ve lost important photos before when I’ve updated my phone a couple of years ago, then I found google photos that constantly keeps all your photos and videos in the cloud so you never have to worry about loosing them again! This app is a game changer compared to iCloud that has just a tiny amount of space, and you need to purchase more space to adding photos, and that was the best part about google photos, it was free. And as a student with student loans I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend it on extra cloud space, especially when the money could go towards food or actual space in the real world like my rent. But I’ve gotten the news that google will now be charging for more space, and I’m absolutely devastated I’m using this service as of now, ( while it’s still free), but I can’t guarantee that I’m going to keep using it once I need to purchase more space, like what’s making me purchase google photo space, when if I was gonna purchase more space I could buy Icloud space, and have it be way more convenient and without all the extra steps of uploading my photos then deleting them off my phone and opening another app on top of my Apple photos? It’s just not practical and I’m very sad that I’ll most likely have to move from google photos once I run out of space. Rip free google photos, you will be greatly missed..Version: 5.22

Great app; you done messed upIf you’re getting rid of the unlimited cap; you’re gonna have a bad time 😕.Version: 5.19

Too much privacy invasion.Switched to apple. More private and nicer to use..Version: 5.19

Why?I seem to get a little #1 on the app icon everyday, as if to say I have a notification! But when I open the app there is no notification, seems google just want you to click on their app once a day for whatever reason??? If you open the app then immediately close it, it won’t hassle you again today, but tomorrow we go through it again. I try my best to support all google products only to find fault, on the 30 or so occasions I’ve had to deal with customer support with both a bug report and a FIX for them, half the time a patch is written that night with an update available the following morning, AWESOME!!! The other half of the time I felt 100% ignored. This 50% success rate of google actually listening to your legitimate complaint makes them the leaders of many industries, as most companies won’t change their product to suit you, they will give you a walk through on how to use their product but if you’re going to complain most companies will ignore you, not at Google! If your complaint sounds legitimate and can be fixed, Google will get straight onto it. This is a FIVE star product that only lets itself down by scamming you into clicking on it once a day by way of a fake notification that doesn’t exist when you get there. The reason for one star is, if you don’t get 5 you get 1, as I don’t read reviews rating 2, 3 or four stars & assume either do many people. That’s all folks ;).Version: 5.20

Why would you?Why would a service like unlimited photo storage change? many people use it to save up storage and this is just sad if y’all can change your mind, many people would keep the app.Version: 5.22

Missing key featuresGreat app, easy to use, creates custom album recommendations by location, time and date. When on vacation it knows and compiles them all together, on a evening out, it knows too. It’s phenomenally smart, BUT! Google has removed the ability to download the photos. I have multiple devices and use the app across them all, sometimes I download photos taken by other devices on a different device and do editing etc. Google allowed it before and now removed this feature!!! Also, iPhoto has the ability to recognise faces and tag people, you can search by name of person tagged and their photos will appear. With all the AI and ML power of google servers, why do we not have this feature yet??? Google is supposed to be the best, with features being TAKEN AWAY and other features competitors have makes google photos that far behind. Google, please, bring back the ability to download photos/videos and add the ability for facial recognition and tag with contacts..Version: 4.25

Constant signing in. 😡I originally gave Google 5 stars and was happy with the service, until... Now when I’m transferring photos and videos to the app from ‘photos’ (on my iPhone), I’m asked every 10 minutes to sign in with my Apple ID; it IS EVERY 10 MINUTES! I have screen shots to verify it. If my screen shuts down, I have to re enter it, too. I don’t have a problem with one sign in at the start, I’d even expect that. What happened to the app I gave 5 stars? This is just frustrating and pointless, why is it happening. No forums can help me, as the only one to ask the same question, has no answer (and that was a Google forum!)..Version: 4.52

A lot to like, but fallen from greatnessRight from the word go, Google photos was always going to be in the shadow of Picasa, and whilst it has proven to be a very effective way of viewing and storing your memories, it lacks so many features that we came to love Picasa for, and really doesn’t stand out from Apples own photo app. 1) Not able to geo-tag photos - No I know that most smart phones add GPS information to the image, but not everyone uses a smart phone, some of us, use a ‘real’ camera 😱 2) Face detection and being able to select and add a ‘person’ or ‘Pet’ when the auto detect system has missed them - again, I know that some people may not see this as a game changer, some might not even know it exists, but really found it useful in Picasa. Finally - The decisions to break apart ‘Drive’ and ‘Photo’s’ - Albums are good, but Folders are better, especially when dealing with large numbers of files. So on reflection, you’re not going to go wrong with this product, and if you’re ‘new’ to Google photos, then you are not going to miss any of the ‘good old days’.. but that said, why use this over Apple Photos, unless your just interested in the ‘lower resolution’ image storage..Version: 5.0

Wants full access to photosNo way I grant access to all photos. And the app won’t work without it ... uninstall.Version: 5.15

I’m really upsetSo I’ve been using this for years and now they will be removing unlimited storage. This is really going to ruin the app for me and I have to find something else to use.Version: 5.20

Violating Apple rules?I can’t use this app because I refuse to give it acces to all my photos. I don’t believe an app should be able to demand access to ALL our photos in order to work, specially now that Apple has given us control to select which photos we’re willing to give access to. I pay to store some photos in their cloud and I can’t use this app to have have an easy access to it. Apple shouldn’t allow this to continue, even if it’s a Google app..Version: 5.15

Currently really glitchy with albums and shared albumsI've actually become a little underwhelmed with Google photos of late. Given that it is effectively a paid subscription (if you have GOOGLE ONE or more) by pretty much the largest internet company in the world it's now pretty dated. Photo editing features within app aren't but should be Snapseed level of detail and OMG the current glitches on iPhone with albums??!!! I've had to creat the same album multiple times as it just vanishes randomly? I've shared albums with my wife - these shared albums are not intuitive to find. Why isn't there a shared tab along the bottom? Kind of like Google drive. The fact that the link with WhatsApp/third party apps doesn't let you share specific chats is a missed opportunity too. Would be great if you could save photos/bids from specific chats rather than all or nothing (avoid random stupid memes from mates ending up amongst proper photos!) There's a lot good about this but also a lot that can still be done. Personally, the current three tabs along the bottom is annoying and really missed SHARED tab..Version: 5.16

Brilliant until the new announcementI’ve been using Google Photos for a few years now, mainly as my primary backup of my photographs taken using my phone. It allows me to keep my phone space free while being able to formulate albums, mark favourites and easily share memories to other apps. I am an avid photographer of my children (my memory isn’t as good as it was, thanks baby brain) and the Recent Highlights/highlights of this week from previous years has enabled me to easily revisit cherished moments. Now if I had written this review last week, it would have been 5 stars, but the announcement that there will now be a charge has put a dampener on whether I continue to use this app or find another free way of storing my photographs. I’m trying to find a way of writing this without sounding petty (and failing) but it’s disappointing to see this currently free service now be charged for additional storage, of which shall be within 7 months if the calculated projected timescale for me is correct. The fact that it was free for unlimited storage at a marginally lower quality (which was still amazing quality) was a huge pull for me to use this service. I don’t have a lot of spare time to sit and manually back up and organise my photos so this app has really helped me to feel organised and up to date when I’ve been able to have a spare few minutes. I am really reluctant to have my photos in different places, but if the charges come through then that may have to be the case..Version: 5.19

Features break over time + no supportI’ve used Google Photos since launch. It works fine at first but as the amount of metadata builds up, features start to break. First it was “sharing in progress; keep app open to finish” that would last for days at a time despite it appearing to complete immediately. Then one day it just stopped syncing edits, at all. Next it started failing to show new photos that had been downloaded locally and not yet uploaded. Around this time it also started uploading duplicates of things. At some point during all of this, assistant creations began failing to save. They would show up again every time I opened the app. Shortly after, it stopped showing new assistant suggestions and only the old “stuck” ones that I couldn’t clear or save. Somewhere along the way, it halved the number of photos it was tracking for backup from 3,000 to 1,500 without me deleting anything locally or freeing up space. Reinstalling the app fixes some but not all of these issues, and only for awhile. Buyer beware. You’ll get hooked by all the cool features and then it’ll start to fall over. Also, there is absolutely no support whatsoever, which is sad because I actually bought extra storage for the service. I’m a paying customer and there is literally no way to contact Google about any of my issues..Version: 4.4

It’s ok for free!Free high quality unlimited storage! It is feature rich and excellent with searching features. I took one star off, because I hope one day google creates a stand alone photo app for my computer, rather than just an uploader for computer. And another star off because the use of my uploads in googles policy is not as wholesome for my liking (they explicitly explain that google scans your photos and combines it with other services likely to advertise to you). Videos take ages to buffer or play once uploaded. And uploading lots of stuff takes ages too, and doesn’t seem to remain uploading in the background if you leave the app. But for a cost free overall alternative, how can you not like the service, with apps for iPhone and iPad and is free..Version: 3.14.0

What a reversalI’ve suggested this app to family members for years and now with the limiting of uploads I find it to be a truly selfish and self serving reversal of what this app was advertised to be..Version: 5.19

Yet another appThat’s defying it’s own mission statement. They chose to say never run out of space again. Now there will no longer be free storage (beyond a pitiful amount). Well, guess what? You broke your own promise..Version: 5.19

It was good for freeBait and switch. I never needed a cloud solution. I moved all photos from a free desktop solution that met my needs. Now i need to reverse this decision and I need to download everything back to my desktop solution to get rid of google photo’s..Version: 5.22

Won’t run without full photo permissionsThe new iOS photo access restrictions are fantastic, and unfortunately this app refuses to run h less you give it access to ALL of your photos. I have no interest in backing up all my photos, I just want to interact with a few albums, for which this app does NOT need full access. This overly broad access requirement is unacceptable..Version: 5.22

A poor substitute for PicasawebHaving comfortably used Picasaweb (and Picasa) for many years and having built up over 100 albums, I find Google Photos to be a big disappointment. The album sort options are non existent. The thumbnail view is not available, instead a collage view which seems to randomly select the size of photos rather than allowing you to make a more meaningful selection. It also seems impossible to prevent GP from backing up all of the pictures on a phone, most of which are rubbish sent by others. Google needs to leave things that are working well (Picasa) alone until they can offer something better. Further comments- uploading is slow and bandwidth intensive. Unlike Picasa which resized the photos locally before upload, GP uploads full sized files and then resizes for ones albums. This leads to painful and unreliable uploads A couple of years on and my opinion has not changed. I still use Picasaweb to view thumbnails and photos that I have not uploaded to Google. Please implement sorting of albums manually. Still 2 stars only..Version: 5.2

PainfulI was convinced to upload my photos to google....I have a lot! I’m not young so have accrued a lot over the years, I have had photos stored everywhere, Mega, one drive, Dropbox, you name dream was to have one place to store them, I thought this was the ideal option. Downloading was fine ...relatively quick and easy considering I had a few approx 60k pics/videos ....and finally everything in one place., but when it came for me to access them .....I could have thrown it out the window, frustration didn’t cut it. I wanted to organise and and restructure my photos.....problem is I can not get to my every time I try to access anything older than 2019 it’s chugging away so hard trying to cope with me scrolling it just continuously bounces me back to photos in 2019 it lets me glimpse photos before then but in a few seconds it just bounces me to 2019. My partner said I was being too impatient I should give it 10mins or so to down load the photos ...I gave it 30mins it did the same thing! He then said make specific searches I searched for pictures with ‘mountains’ it still kept bouncing me back to 2019 photos ..... so what is the point of having terrific storage with no actual access?????? Not Happy!.Version: 5.22

Can’t export or delete photos from google photos without deleting it on your phone photo library.I used to think like everyone how convenient this app was to take space out from my phone. But now it seems like when I delete photos from google photos it also deletes the photo straight on my phone library as well. It also uses up my Drive space which was why I had to delete them.. but it also automatically deletes photos on my phone when I do so?? I also can’t seem to export the photos from google to my phone without sharing to someone? It’s so not user friendly and it shows that Google wants to take control of your photos!? Which is also really frustrating about how it connects to your phone and I can’t seem to find a way to disconnect google photos from my phone entirely. Not just un-sync it. Entirely. It’s impossible. They still have the control to keep your photos. This app honestly does not deserve a 4.7 stars rating..Version: 4.45

Double chargeI’m extremely disappointed. I went to google photos so that I could afford to save photos as my iCloud was costing me a lot. I agreed to pay $3.49 a month for this app but didn’t realise that I would be charged this from Apple as well as $2.99 from google itself for the storage amount I chose. I’m not actually sure how to fix this and have spent hours online going around in circles with no real answers from google or Apple. This is confusing and an absolute rip off..Version: 4.49

Great product. Buggy app- Constantly freezes for 4-5 seconds on both iPhone and iPad (latest models). Especially when navigating between different screens. - Using the editor to crop and rotate will often result with “unable to save” or a duplicate photo. - After assigning a face to a name group, the back button won’t work and there’s no way to go back out requiring a force quit. - Faces that have already been tagged are constantly reset back to unnamed. - Faces of statues and paintings that have already been removed and reported as not people still keep showing up in people list. - When suggesting photos for things it will ask “Does this contain {searchQuery}?” - Error message “trouble joining album” when trying to join a shared album. - Editing date and location of photos in Google Photos doesn’t update the metadata when downloading photos back to device (especially for photos scanned with Google Photoscanner).Version: 5.39

Google removing unlimited photo uploads ?Typical, first get users to upload to your platform then try to stick it to them to pay for more storage. I figured you give me free uploads and in exchange google can sniff through my emails 👎🏻.Version: 5.19

Doesn’t respect privacy.The app no longer functions unless it has access to your entire camera roll..Version: 5.11.3

Go F$&@ yourself for this ap!Download the app and accidentally clicked the back up option now I cannot delete my photos from my Google account without deleting them from my phone because Google permanently links them like heroes that your stuck with for life! Now my Google Drive account is full and I have no choice but to make a new email address or pay for more storage! really wish I never downloaded the stupid app! USELESS! TOTAL SCAM!.Version: 5.19

Ok for folks that take social photosFirst, most of my computers are Apple, and I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. This Google app/ system is ok for users that want to take snapshots to post on social media. As an Engineer and technical craftsman, I can’t discern if there is any way to use it for these purposes. My requirements are for technical photographs showing processes and assemblies mainly to send to publishers (and to publish on-line) illustrations for engineering uses. From what I can determine, is’s not too good for that, although I have never purchased a “For Dummies” book and learned the full capabilities of Google Photos. However, I vastly prefer it over the Apple Photo program that takes control of all content, holds them hostage, and deletes them if you don’t want to play by their rules and pay their fees. I actually purchased a Windows-10 laptop for my phone and camera downloads rather than struggle trying to convert and download my pictures to something a user completely “Apple” can use. I do store my social photos ( family, weddings, and vacations, etc.) on Google Photos, simply because they separate them by date and Google doesn’t mess with them further. And, you can download photos to a thumb drive and take them to a corner drugstore photo printer and gets prints for Granny, something impossible with anything Apple..Version: 4.10

Why do they need access to all photosI never made it past the screen where they ask for access to photos, I tried to give them access to a select few photos but it would only allow me to use the program if I gave access to ALL my photos. I’m normally not super paranoid about privacy and that sort of thing but I really don’t understand why they need access to all my photos, not just the few I allow them to access🤔.Version: 5.12

Needs faster upload speedWhen I first used this, it took weeks to upload all my photos. Even though it is set to operate in the doesn’t!!! I have to have the app open and ion at all times for this to upload my photos. After being away and out of wifi range for a week or so, usually a few photos to upload at once, takes forever. I have been trying to upload for the last week, but soooooooooo slow, it isn’t funny. Yet internet speed is fine, so don’t know why. So I need to sit my phone, plugged in and always on to finally finish the uploads. Needs to do better, way better. Would be great app otherwise..Version: 3.18.0

You get what you pay for, and this is free.Save yourself now and have nothing to do with google photos. Seriously the worst and least user friendly app for photo sharing. It takes 10 min to upload a 1min video to the cloud on high speed internet. Ridiculous. Also it doesn’t separate your “uploaded photo/video” from the photo video it’s viewing off your actually phone so if you’re not careful you could accidentally delete photos thinking they’re on google cloud and they never actually uploaded. Lastly if you ever decide you want to delete google cloud and have no connection with it good luck because it is a long process to delete all your photos from the cloud and disconnect your photos from the account. It raised my blood pressure and ruined an entire day for me. No wonder it’s free. I’ll stick with Icloud. You get what you pay for at least. On icloud i could upload over 3K photos and videos before google cloud could finish uploading a couple of 60 second videos clips. This app is a joke. No idea how it has such high ratings. Maybe people only use it for uploading a few photos to share. If you have hundreds of photos to upload and share you could get them devolved and sent to the person in the Mail before google photos would finish..Version: 4.45

Select photos vs all photos.I decide what you can access. Uninstalled..Version: 5.12

It was great up until the recent update.I currently have an iPhone XR and I take pictures with it everyday. I use google photos to save all my photos about twice a week. It worked perfectly fine. I have thousandsssss of photos and videos online and Google Photos worked for me for over 1 year. It worked perfectly fine. Now my videos won’t upload. I’ve tried changing the setting on my camera to lower settings for storage. I thought that maybe the files were to large. But after countless to testing none of my videos have uploaded. I’ve even tried screen recordings and Live Photo’s. They don’t upload either. So then I thought it was my WiFi connection. It might be slow or something. So I tried it in my school campus’s WiFi which is really fast. I’ve tested it up to speed over 1 gb a sec. didn’t work. I’ve tried it with my LTE full bars unlimited thanks to Verizon and still nothing. I’ve tried my WiFi at home and disconnected every device from the WiFi and left my phone to upload for 2 hours. I then came back and nothing. My phone has 92 gb of video alone and a ton of photos. Idk what to do. This app WAS amazing and I promise you all it worked for me hundreds of times before but this update ruined it for me. I hope it’s a glitch or something and they fix it soon. I’m begging you guys google 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.Version: 5.1

Broken promiseGoogle betrayed every user by breaking the free unlimited photo storage. I’ve been using it since 2016 and if google goes ahead with its plan, I’m planing to ditch all google services..Version: 5.19

Some bugs to sort outGreat app with a great AI assistant. Does exactly what it says. However, if you have a lot of photos and videos, the initial backup takes a long time. In all fairness my phone had 14GB of content to backup, but the initial backup quite literally took me months. A second (and quite frequent) problem occurs with this app too. The app dates photos, but a lot of photos of my son taken 3 years ago show up as being taken 6 years ago. It’s probably worth mentioning that my son is currently only 5. The app doesn’t let you amend or change these mistakes. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update.Version: 3.18.0

Beware! Infringement of privacy for a forced feeGoogle photos uploads photos and screenshots without any permission from iPhone devices using sync. It is advertised as kept encrypted but who knows?!.. Apple iCloud team, for example, screens all photos that users upload to their servers. Deleting is a nightmare: I’m on my second day manually deleting all photos Google uploaded to their servers without me knowing about it and permitting this. Deleting when Camera Roll is still unsorted/exported via iTunes can result in losing all your photos PERMANENTLY. This is a data fascism as Google Photos do not own any of this data and have no rights to “virtually detain” my life moments as well as storing on their servers screenshots of my medical cards, passports and travel documents which where uploaded along with my family and travel photos. I read a couple of other comments: Google plans to charge a fee for data storage now. That’s Orwellian - we are on your memories and you have to pay to us to get access to them 🙈.Version: 5.22

Plus possible de caster avec ChromeCasteJ’utilise plusieurs produits Google YouTube et Google Play ont le bouton caster. Et sur Google Photos le bouton n’est plus affiché en haut d’écran Ou est passé le bouton.Version: 4.42

Great features but some failingsThe assistant is a great idea and provides interesting stylised photos. The backup solution from my phone is great and better than iCloud backup. My only issue is the consistency and sync across apple photos and Google photos. When I edit or delete live photos in the native app, Google photos doesn't retroactively update which photos to sync or delete. This means I have to do manual cleanup in Google photos. I need to edit live photos in the native app because Google photos doesn't provide all the editing features that the native version does. Also, when I try to view live motion in the Google app there is always a delay and it feels clumsy. Fix the clumsy Ux and the double cleanup/sync work and you'll have 5 stars!.Version: 3.20.0

It was great until it didnt store 1 video that’s very important to me.I was very upset it didn’t warn me that my videos weren’t backing up, so i ended up deleting my original photos in my iphone, google photos shold stop receiving videos and photos all together when it is NO LONGER backing up coz what’s the point???? I am very upset coz it let me edit a long video into a short one and i even make an album out of it beleiving it was backed up coz why can I edit if it’s NOT saved in google photos??? Is that the reason and purpose of tour App??? To back up files??? Yes i may or may have not turn on the “turn on back up” but I have a new fon and my settings must hve been new. My bottom line, i wouldve appreciated it if you tell me straight to face that the video I EDITED in your google photos ate not saved so you better save it somewhere..NO IM NOT UPGRADING IN YOUR UNTRSTWORTHY F#%^*APP!!!.Version: 5.10

NEW POLICYI started using google photos because it had unlimited storage for photos and videos. and now with this new policy it will no longer be the same. so what the hell am i supposed to do now..Version: 5.19

Completely devastatedI’m really, really heartbroken to hear Google are discontinuing their free photo backup service. Is there not even an option to continue free backups, at a reduced quality? I have thousands and thousands of photos in my Google Photos library, going all the way back to 2009. I understand these will all be safe, but it’s incredibly frustrating to think I will have to now migrate to another service, as Google Photos will no longer serve any purpose for me unfortunately. Very disappointed to learn this, and it feels like an unashamed attempt to persuade people to switch to Google Pixel phones, which are allegedly unaffected by this change and will continue to receive free high-quality storage. I feel misled and deceived that I could depend on this “reliable”, “free” service, when in reality that is evidently not the case..Version: 5.19

Nice interface but requires full access to all photos!Good interface and the fastest online photo viewer I’ve tried. Photos show at a decent quality and it’s quick to navigate around, I also like the memories widget. However, you’re unable to even view photos stored on Google without giving it full access to all your phone photos, even selective access to a limited number of photos isn’t good enough for this app! Even once I do give it access to all photos there’s no way to control what iOS photo albums get backed up, it’s all photos or nothing, making this feature useless. Why would I want all my screenshots, snaps and numerous WhatsApp photos other people have posted uploaded to my Google account, it’s just more junk to sort out later! Also no simple way to delete photos from Google without it deleting the local phone copy if it was previously backed up with the app. Could be great but these limitation are frustrating and limit it’s usefulness..Version: 5.22

Love it and hate itVery good backs up my photos and saves them from unreliable I iCloud after I had lots deleted off my phone by iCloud and luckily most were backed up on google. However, this sharing idea is a really good one and super useful as me and my friend went on a trip recently and can’t share our photos through iCloud because it doesn’t work (as per with Apple) and so thought to use this google share fracture which is great for about 50 photos that actually upload whereas most wont upload and it they do it won’t ever allow you to add more to an album I selected 200 photos to upload and it comes up with a loading bar saying ‘uploading 78 items’ that the bar never even moves and the items never upload. Fault in the app and I’m very disappointed about it..Version: 3.15.0

No flexibilityGoogle photos is an all or nothing app. Either it backs up all your photos, every single one, or none at all. Sometimes I use a screen shot as a quick reference for a few minutes then delete it from my phone, but then it’s still in the google account. It’s extremely frustrating to go back delete them from google, especially because that too is difficult to do. There’s no easy way to scroll through and delete quickly. You either have to view them from a small thumbnail and hope you’re not deleting something important or take a long time looking at each one and having to click multiple times to delete 1 photo. I am trying to free up space on my phone so deleting photos is supposed to be the easy choice since I have them backed up to google. However it either gives me option to delete ALL of the photos off my phone or none at all. There are still plenty of pictures I would like to keep sorted in the folders I created on my phone for quick reference. I’ve heard the argument “well they’re still on your phone you just have to open google photos instead of your regular photos.” This is of no use if you are somewhere with spotty or no internet connection. The app is not user friendly, the interface is not clean, and the way it sorts photos is of no real use to me. There should be extensive settings where I can toggle on and off different combinations of options..Version: 4.34

Why should I report an issue with Google Photos?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Google Photos to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Google Photos customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Google Photos.

Is Google Photos not working?

Google Photos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Photos.

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