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Streaks app received 51 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Streaks? Can you share your negative thoughts about streaks?

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Only twelve things you can track!Horrible.Version: 6.1.2

Ne fonctionne pasJ’ai acheté l’application et je croyais que l’installation serait connecté à l’application santé automatiquement, j’ai pas de montre alors rien ne fonctionne..Version: 7.5.2

Looks good, limited functionalityGreat design, but after just two weeks using it I ran into three basic pieces of functionality that were missing. I couldn’t add a task to repeat on a specific day every two weeks; I couldn’t pause a streak (e.g. if I was out of town and couldn’t do to the gym); and I couldn’t set tasks to fall in particular parts of the day (e.g. for a whole range of tasks I do just before going to bed). I won’t be using it any more, so I’m frustrated there wasn’t a trial version to try out before paying for the app..Version: 6.1

Great Design but with GlitchesCurrently there are 2 glitches on the Apple Watch (S4 or later). First, the graphic corner slider sometimes doesn’t update from the previous day (e.g. I can have done no tasks for today and it thinks I’ve done 2, which I did yesterday). Second, for the graphic bezel dots, the next task often defaults to some random task (in my case calories to burn), even if I change to set next task to display order in the settings. To be clear, this second glitch only happens on the dots view; next task view is correct.Version: 6.1.4

Needs more tasks!I have lots to do and 24 slots just ain't gonna cut it. Give me more tasks please! I'll give you a perfect review in return ;).Version: 7.5.9

Great, but it’s missing something.I like this app and it’s vast customization, however, what’s the point of having 1 task that needs 2/3 completions if it only tracks it if it is entirely complete? I’d like to see when I’m only completing half the task and when I’m completing it entirely. And example of this is, let’s say you have “brush your teeth” as a Streak and you want it to require 2 completions (brushing in the morning and in the evening). Well, if you complete just one of those, it doesn’t count for anything and will not show up in the overall graph. Let’s say you went awhile only brushing your teeth in the morning, well, that’s as good as not doing it at all because it doesn’t “track” partial completions. There’s got to be a way to integrate this into the app, it’s a good way to visualize when you are doing well vs. doing ok vs. doing poorly. Otherwise, the app is easy on the eyes, but the widgets are pretty ugly, I don’t know how to tackle that one hah!.Version: 7.1.9

Minimal functionalityIt is the most basic app for this function, but comes with widgets..Version: 6.1.2

Good but insufficientI need to add more tasks but there’s only room for 12 (6 on each page). Also, the number of times you can do a task is capped at 18. First of all, 18?! What a random number. Secondly, I think if should go upto at least one hundred so it covers all bases. What’s even the point of having a cap? Edit: they added two more pages which I’m very happy about but I have a new problem. If want to do a task every ten days or on certain days of the month there’s no way of doing it so I’d suggest adding my options in terms of that. (That is, of course, unless I’m wrong and just which is very much a possibility.).Version: 7.0.6

Lacks graph over timeBeing able to see a “streak” in a horizontal bar over time as the main UI is much more powerful than this circle with super tiny number below it, at least it is for me. With a such a visually small focus on the actual NUMBER of days you’ve completed, it’s most setup so you won’t feel bad when you do fail. This app almost assumes that you’re not going to make it past a few days or a week. With the other app I use, I have streaks that are at almost 200 and will definitely go much higher..Version: 7.1.3

Truly awful UII used this app a while ago and it was quite good, but it seems somebody let a monkey with a paintbrush come in to redesign the UI. It’s quite literally the least intuitive mess I’ve come across in quite a while. Colours are vile, the page transition effect is terrible and so jarring, god knows what that dropdown up top even does. Sometimes I can change pages and sometimes I can’t, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add more than one task per page…the plus icon disappears after adding the first task. The settings pop-out is horrible..Version: 8.0.3

New update takes away from the simplicityWish the 4 pages were optional. I preferred 2 pages, 12 streaks. It was easy to remember and commit to. Now there’s too many. I feel the need to fill all four pages with streaks because with a swipe of a finger it flips to the blank page. Make the additional pages optional please. Also the colour options aren’t really necessary. Less is more with this app..Version: 7.0.5

Literally the best habit app on the Appstore!Edit: New update makes the interactive widget (the old original one) not work anymore. It just shows an error in the widget. The new non-interactive widget works fine. I hope it gets fixed because I used the widget the most to complete my habits. I've searched forever for a good habit app, tried free ones, and there was always something missing from one that the other would have. I debated buying Streaks but was worried I'd be disappointed. But it was totally worth it! Beautiful design, great stat tracking, and lots of customization. The way it looks and feels actually makes you want to keep your habits. Heck, you can even change the completion sounds. And my favorite part is actually the ability to change the icon! It's not related to habit tracking but it's so wonderful to customize your home screen and the app icon looks beautiful no matter where you put it. The creators deserve the incredible rating you see on the Appstore! 5/5 easily..Version: 7.0

Correct my recordsI add this app to my iPhone recently . It was helpful in the beginning to track my habits. By everyday using I felt it needs to be improve in some points. I can’t adjust my records to any habit once I mark that I did it by mistake or even I can’t erase it . For example I add drinking water as a habit I want my self to be used of it .I put 12 notifications in different times to remind me to drink 200ml of water and by end of the day I should finish drinking 2400ml . First problem I faced it that I can’t easy record the same actions in the same time . As some times I drink 2 glasses ( 400ml) in the same time so I can’t record twice. Second If I was keeping my finger in the icon to record my second one sometimes it accepted and sometimes it shows that I complete the whole recording which is not true . In this case I can’t delete the wrong record . I hope that the developers can update this app and fix this problem. Thanks.Version: 5.3.6

Most ConfusingI think it’s a good idea, but instructions are inadequate and navigating the app — well, I have not figured it out yet … I won’t give up just yet, but I don’t think I would have purchased it had I realized it isn’t as simple as I was led to believe….Version: 7.0.6

Good but custom times don’t workI love this app. I really want to use it to remind myself to do tiny habits that I want to do more of. I set up custom notification times for all 12 of my streaks, sometimes up to 5 reminder notifications a day, but they seem to be a bit slippery, not coming through when I set them to, or not coming through at all. Otherwise I love this app, and would recommend it..Version: 5.1.2

Watch syncing still problematicI’m using iCloud and I’m not against it, but the latest 7.5.x changes (I’m on 7.5.6 right now) seems to have broke automatic syncing on the Apple Watch. Normally my day starts at 7am as indicated in the app settings, so meaning my list of streaks reset at 7. This works fine on the iPhone, and it used to work well on the watch too. But of late, the watch will still show streaks from the day before even after 7am (my reset), and even if I kept the watch app running in the foreground, it doesn’t seem to know that it’s a “new day”. Background sync to the watch also seems finicky. If I complete a task on my phone, the watch doesn’t get that update as quickly as before (when Bluetooth was used). Is there some background sync setting I’m missing? I’m all for improving the sync to make the app more scalable across platforms, but if it breaks the watch functionality then that’s a large regression IMO. Update for 7.5.8: Watch now syncs, but it’s manual, I have to launch the watch app manually for it to realize something has changed. This is particularly grating because I have my complication on my watch face that’s perpetually “all blanked out” the whole day unless I launch the app and have it update. Why can’t the app refresh in the background anymore? When I launch the app manually there’s that spinner interface which suggests the app was dead..Version: 7.5.8

Not user friendlyBought this app to track a streak I was already on and planning to continue. First problem, there does not appear to be a way to backdate a streak you are already on. Have to start from zero. Later, I get a notification asking me to complete and start my streak, but I have no idea how despite pressing every button imaginable. Can’t find any documentation about how it works. You just have to magically know what o do. Guess I just paid for an app that I won’t be using..Version: 6.1.2

Needs ImprovementThe concept of this app is good, however it falls short in several key areas. The first issue being that the interface is really not intuitive at all. Trying to figure out how to delete or edit a task shouldn’t take ten minutes trying to figure it out. The second thing that the app should offer is a larger selection of colors for the interface. All of the colors available are either blindly bright or just plain dull ( having full control of the palette would be optimal ). Lastly, the selection of icons for tasks is fairly weak. There needs to be more available or at least some fairly obvious generic ones. The devs of this app must not go to grocery stores because there’s no icon for one I could find. I believe if this app was updated with the few suggestions mentioned it could easily become a four or five star app..Version: 4.0.3

UI too complicatedThis app looks nice and has innovative ui but I guess the price for that is it’s not really intuitive. I’m using it both on Apple Watch and iPhone and same actions - clicking habit once, holding it have different actions (undo on Watch, no action on iPhone) and few weeks later I just decided to give up. This should be really more intuitive. Choosing between calendar / finish task / stats view also doesn’t convince me. I’m a front end developer so I spend some time developing UIs, really not impressed with usability of this one. It does look nice though..Version: 4.0.9

Great! - But could be betterI got this app mostly for its watch comparability and because it was marked as the app store’s editors choice for habit apps. I love the way the app works and how simple it is, but since it is paid, I would like to see just a little bit less simplicity. Since it’s a paid app but you still want to stay true to its simple nature, I think it would be nice if you could tuck away some in-depth statistics that could help users with their habits, should they choose to view them. For example, I use this app to mark when I take my medication. It would be nice if I could see what time of day I most often complete this task (like morning, afternoon, or evening). It would also be nice to see what time specifically a user most often completes a task. There are others you could include like what days you miss tasks most, what days you break streaks most, etc. These would all help users because they help us to know when we are or are not accomplishing our goals. Overall though, great app!.Version: 6.1.2

More than 12Streaks needed. Great app!.Version: 4.0.8

Not enough options to traxkOnly tracking 12 streaks is pretty restrictive in my view. Maxed out straight away, and this won't work for my workflow. Some of the design choices are a bit tricky. Took me forever to figure out why the dots at the bottom of the screen changed colour. Not very clear for an app that's gotten so many awards. You can only choose to start your day between 9pm and 6am, how does that make sense? Can't figure out how to link health app data, aka automatically mark if I've walked 10k. I keep adding to this review as I try and figure out features, and the score keeps going down..Version: 4.0.10

Good, but...I've been looking for a good habit tracker for a while. Most of them out there are either setup as a to-do task manager or a basic timer. In fact, I used to use the Things 3 app not only for my daily tasks, but also for my habits. I was really glad when I came across this, and even went far enough as to buy the bundle (streaks and workout app). The workout app needs improvement too, but that's what this review is about. Overall, this app seems to be working great. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, and I still don't understand why you're only allowed two pages, but overall it's pretty good. My problem with it is that sometimes when I try to delete a task (which the delete button is in a super weird place), the task pops back up numerous times in the coming days post-deletion. I delete the task, and the next day it's back and in my face. This has been happening since I've gotten the app. There's also a glitch in where when I hold down the task for completion, the icon does the little circular motion to display the button being pressed, but after the animation, it does nothing. It works usually, but sometimes it glitches out and doesn't complete the task when I tell it to..Version: 4.0.5

Not worth itIt’s cute, but seriously not worth paying money for..Version: 4.0.5

How is this so highly rated?After an obnoxious intro where you are forced to perform a series of patronising actions, you are dropped into a confusing mess of an app that uses a whole set of icons that are unlabelled and unintuitive (maybe that would have been useful in the intro steps, instead of assuming that ‘tap and hold here to continue’ is something you can just leave implied). I tried to contact the developers before leaving a review, but the app though design, omission or just poor UI doesn’t make that possible. Not worth dealing with for the gimmick..Version: 4.0.5

More screens is a must for some usersI appreciate the ideal of focusing on only 12 habits and can see that some UI currently hinges on the two screens. But it feels arbitrary to not have the option to add additional screens if I need them, and the option would do no harm to anyone that can manage with the default two screens. Alongside other habits, I wanted to track weekly streaks for running, cycling and swimming targets, but tracking their streaks individually uses up a quarter of all my slots. Why should someone that runs three days a week have more other habit slots to track with than someone that does three different exercises per week? I also wanted to track sleep as when I go to bed and when I wake up, rather than just overall time so I can see where I’m missing my targets. I find that habits work for me when I can focus on specific details, but I’m having to generalise or cut other things out to make space. I really like the way the app works in general, and to be honest I’d pay for additional screens or a second instance of the same app just to track what I want. Compromising on what details I can track is a real frustration though, and I do regret paying for it at the moment rather than finding an app with no limits. I’ve already spent time setting up shortcuts and some habits so I’ll cross my fingers for an improvement while I test out other apps for a secondary/replacement tracker..Version: 6.1.6

Incredibly unintuitiveI don’t understand the interface. There’s a bunch of icons that could mean anything. Every time I open the app for whatever reason, I find myself aimlessly tapping around in search of what I want to do. Normally I end up long-pressing something looking for options, which I think marks the task as done — not usually what I intended. Then there’s no clear way to undo that, so I tap around a lot more. Some times the screen turns black, and my tasks disappear. I don’t know what that means. Some times I want to look at the calendar, but I don’t know how to reach it..Version: 4.1

Rough StartI bought this app based on a rave review so I have the ‘pro’ version. While it is easy to get started for basic habit tracking, I remembered reading that it could be used like a Pomodoro task master which is what I now want it for because the existing ones are either too involved ‘to do’ type apps or simplistic timers. It took quite a while to wade through how to create tasks with adequate specificity because it takes numerous passes through editing a task because all the options are not present when you first set up a habit; you create a default habit and then edit the heck out of it to get to a scheduled habit of specific length with notification reminders. It also has weird language like when it specifies the number of times a day you want to perform a habit; instead of phrasing it that way, it says “number of days” when what it means is number of times during your specified time period (day, week, month), yet the previous three options are phrased correctly. I am pretty tech savvy and it took quite a bit of playing around with the app to figure things out, even with the help section. I guess I like words more than icons (hieroglyphics as we used to call them). This app could definitely benefit by on app instructions..Version: 4.0.2

What’s All The Fuss?This app doesn’t do much at all. I can’t believe it was $7! Basically it just sets reminders but it looks nice and clean. Problem is, if you’re trying to break a habit, it assumes you’ve abstained so you don’t have to check in. But it’s the act of checking in and ticking off achievements that help when you’re trying to quit. Overall, I’m using it but don’t know for how long and to me not worth the cash..Version: 3.1.5

Slick design, a little challenging to use, missing monthly habitsNice app, design is slick but I few goes a little bit too far in trying hard and crosses the hard to use line.. I’m always asking “wait, how do I edit a past entry again?”. The thing that is most needed is monthly goals... I have plenty of things I want to do once a month eg read a book - but I can’t track that..Version: 3.1.7

Great function but intuitiveness of use could be improved.The best app I have found for habit tracking and organization. It’s aesthetic matches the iOS design which makes its appearance on iPhone and Apple Watch really seamless. It also allows for a lot of customization with regard to the “look” and colours which is always an awesome feature. The widgets available for iPhone Home Screen are also very useful. The reason I did not give the app 5 stars is that I found it very confusing to operate. I’ve had the app for months now but did not use it until recently because I found the navigation really not intuitive. I only got a grasp on it after really playing around with all the settings but still find it confusing to operate. As a Gen Z’er, I can usually understand how to use an app the first time, but I just find the layout and animations to be rather confusing. Because it is a paid app, I expected more on this front and was as a result disappointed. Again, still a fantastic idea and I’m looking forward to any improvements made by the developer..Version: 7.2.3

StupidEach time I create a new task it auto completes brushing my teeth lol. Super annoying. Deleted..Version: 7.2.3

Nice app but Broken sync with Apple Watch.I bought this app specifically to be able to complete streaks from my Apple Watch. But for some reason the streaks don’t sync between my watch and my phone even though I have iCloud sync on, and have installed and re-installed the apps. Developers never got back to me about the problem when I reached out via support. Other than that the app is easy and nice to use..Version: 7.0.3

Not a fan of the new widgets layoutReally loved my Streaks widgets — the four circles looked nice in the 2x2 widget. But now they’re bigger and take up more space in the widget and look silly. It’s a shame, because the widgets made me use Streaks more often and now I need to go back to the standard app icon..Version: 7.1.0

It is not well organisedIt doesn’t give you time to time I felt it is messy.Version: 7.2.0

Very good app, could be better.I’m glad I can export the data because I’ve not actively used the app for a while and I may want to use the data file in the future, but I’ve decided I’m deleting the app for now in favour of using an alternative that displays more detail in less space whilst maintaining a clean design. The problem of water still not being measured in cups remains and has been on the developer’s to do list for a long time and is the only feature I need to be added. I don't drink an ounce of water or a litre, I drink a cup of water at a time, and 8 cups per day are recommended by doctors. Most drinks bottles are 500 millilitres, but this unit of measurement is also not available. I can set it to 0.5 litres, but there is no quantity (number of drinks) option..Version: 3.1.4

Great app - but there are limitationsGreat app, however I am upset that despite purchasing the FULL version it still only has space for 12 habits, especially when I have more I want to track on a weekly basis etc. I would like the developer to look into increasing this..Version: 5.1.2

Just 12 habits?The integration with Apple Health includes over 30 possible habits you can track. But the app can’t track more than 12 habits at a time. Does that make sense? Not to me. All other habit trackers I’ve tried allow for the tracking of far more, if not unlimited habits. I’ve reached out to them about this before, pointing out how many reviews complain about this. They treat it like a pipe dream. I periodically come back to see if their devs have figured out how to track more than 12 habits (I mean really, if it’s not a technical limitation then what on earth is holding them back?). If they ever opened it up to more than 12 habits I’d probably give it 5 stars and tell you all about the amazing features it does have. But for now I can’t get past the 12 habit maximum and am rating and reviewing it accordingly..Version: 5.3.5

The Interface and Gestures Get In The WayI wanted to like Streaks, but as time has gone on I find that the set up of the app gets in the way of actually tracking and keeping up with progress. It looks amazing and has a great amount of themes. The level of customization is incredible. If you’re a power user, you’re going to be very satisfied. I was very happy with the ability to customize when to get reminders and how often and with the options for how often to try to get tasks done!!! It also has very well done Apple Watch complications and app. Ultimately, though, I find everything takes too many taps to get to for things like history. The UI is confusing when it comes to tracking your streaks (best, new, when you’ll break if you’re not on a daily). I don’t like the only 6 on a page set up either. I’d rather a list style with all of them showing up on the page and then maybe I could swipe to the second page for stats. It’s just really cumbersome to use and I felt myself trying to adapt to how the app wanted to be use, which had just grown annoying to the point of me not wanting to interface with it now looking for a more traditionally-styled app. I wish the team more continued success as it is a beautiful and very feature-rich app, just not designed for speed and utility unfortunately..Version: 6.0.6

Great app, but not enough tasksI really like Streaks a lot. The interface is simple, and they have really nailed a lot of details. But there are a few simple issues holding it back that, if they fixed, would make it a five star app: 1. Allow more than 12 total tasks. How many tasks I wanna do is my business. Having a limit of 12 feels arbitrary and insane. (Am I supposed to use a different app for tasks 13 and up? It should allow at least 24. 2. Implement the swipe gesture between screens. Right now, you have to tap on the icon at the bottom of the page, which is very old fashioned. I find myself regularly trying to swipe to the next screen of tasks and getting frustrated. 3. Would be great if there was an option to have tasks be one page that scrolls up and down, instead of only having them be discreet pages. 4. Would be nice if the task icons could be made smaller, so that there could be 3 across and maybe 4-5 down per page. (I have an iPhone XS Max, so I’d like to be able to maximize screen real estate).Version: 4.1

Don’t waste your money.After purchasing this in the Apple Watch ‘recommended’/featured page, I was sorely disappointed after not being able to link my phone to the Apple Watch app itself. The app fails to launch and states launch from the iPhone and the phone says the Apple Watch doesn’t have it downloaded (despite it obviously being there). Tried deleting and reinstalling on the cloud, no fix. I asked for assistance and the team who said they have no idea why it happens but said it’s a bug that fixes itself in two days.. 2 days+ pass and yet to see any improvement. They also said they are working on this in a new patch? I’m sorry, but if you are paying $7.99 (highly priced as compared to other organisation apps) and it only allows 12 recurring actions, you would expect in the very least that it works. It is a fault not a simple bug. It’s sad I can’t get a refund for this. I was hoping it would help with my depression, reminding me to have a shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair and do basic task. Really it’s only made me more stressed from it’s lack of functionality. My recommendation, don’t waste your money..Version: 5.0.2

Infograph ProPaid for this app to find out it doesn’t support the infograph Pro watch face. Should be informed of this ahead of time. Will request a refund..Version: 6.1.5

Intuitive, simple, somewhat useful, but limitedOnly 12 tasks can be active at 1 time. I’d like to have the option of creating more and have 12 just be the recommended default, not an enforced limit. Also it’d be nice to have previous deleted streaks saved in some habit history cache. Using the app over time you’ll eventually have to delete less important tasks to make room for any new ones you’ll want to add(hopefully those removed habits are strongly developed else they are neglectfully forgotten). It would be useful to have those tasks optionally saved along with their streak counts and specific configurations(re setting up daily intervals or timed tasks is a hassle). Being able to easily add them back when desired and allowing checkup notifications on their continued progress would do a lot in helping this habit tracker app become more effective at long term tracking of progress that’s made.Version: 6.0.9

Fundamentally strong with usability issues.I found the management of individual streaks to be really confusing and honestly frustrating. I think it’s held me back from using it much more than I have. • Deleting a streak is unintuitive, as the streak options are contextual based on whether one has been preselected. It took time to figure that out. Not sure it’s a net positive. • Moving streaks between groups is difficult too..Version: 4.2.1

Can’t sync tasks with iCloudSays « No active iCloud account on this device » or something like that (I’m translating from French). I have plenty of iCloud space and I’m obviously logged on my iCloud account on my iPad. And iCloud sync is enabled on my phone. Please solve this bug..Version: 7.1.7

Nice idea but buggyThis does help a bit when trying to form better habits, it is a good idea and has a nice simple interface. I feel it might have been better with more customisation and maybe the ability to add more tasks. As an example the application is always asking me to do a task I have set to twice a month, but this is unhelpful because the particular task needs doing at the beginning and end of the month. I have given up with one task as it seemed to break my streak even though I met the two failure goal (I think it is because I had to go back to update that I passed the task). The timer feature is completely useless. My device turns off because it is idle and after that it fails to time correctly. Sometimes i need to pause the task and restart it, others I open the app again and it still says I have just started the task, and the timer starts going down but a bit quicker to make up for the error. I raised a bug back in January but it still seems broken..Version: 4.2

Missing basic feature==TASKS== There should be a way to set a goal for completing a task a certain number of times in a week or month not just in a day. There are some tasks where I don’t need to do a certain number of days per week, I just need to do them a certain number of times in the week. For example, if I want to make sure I read for 10 hours a week, it doesn’t make sense that I have to set the same time goal for each day. Instead of having to set my goal to something like “2 hours a day for 5/7 days of the week”, I’d rather just set the goal to be “10 hours for 1 week” without being forced to break it down by individual days. The “Done” habit tracking app has this feature. I prefer this one overall, but I really miss that option from Done. ==AESTHETICS== Also I would like a way to set the color of each task individually instead of being tied to a theme. Right now the only way to make each task a dif color is with the rainbow theme but you don’t have any control over which task is which color. Ideally you would also have the option to use a hexcode to specify exact colors. But this is just visual, the actual functionality of the app is great! Just wish it would install on apple watch..Version: 5.0.1

Cannot time Intermittent Fasting (IF)The goals/ habits have the ability to set a timer to track how long you complete a task for. However, the timer resets at the end of the day. Therefore, if you want to time you Intermittent Fasting (IF) from you evening meal to the following day it will not work. For example, if I wanted to fast for 16 hours starting Monday at 19:30 until Tuesday at 11:30 it will not work. I’ll wake up and see that the timer has been cleared. This is especially disappointing as I purchased the app based on a very good rating. Clearly I should have looked into it further before committing to an app..Version: 5.3.5

Doesn’t track for meGot a message from streaks that I had not completed a task. I had but went in to check. Streaks said I had completed it as well. The next day streaks showed that I no longer had a streak. This has happened more than a few times. Checked the app on my phone and watch. Both said I had finished the task yet kept getting reminders and the next day it would say I had not completed the task. Sometimes both were in agreement, sometimes not. When not I would change the one that claimed I had not completed the task. Next morning, sometimes, the streak was zeroed out. Sometimes not. The app also does not track my watch well. I complete three rings and Streaks sometimes says I have not and the next day my streak is over. To a degree I don’t care if it keeps track of the streak. Part of my life is hard to predict and missing some tasks on certain days is necessary. That said, I like to reflect and and this glitch makes that impossible. I can’t know if it was the program or me. I do like how the app focuses my attention and helps to form habits. Entirely worth it for just that. Not sure what else is out there but Sreaks is far better than anything I have tried. That said I will keep looking while using this app or hope this issue stops for me..Version: 4.0.8

Cannot add any notes to day tasksSo cannot let you enter any notes. For example if you set a task to record your weight every day, you can only mark it as completed, and it’s won’t let you actually enter the weight for record keeping. If you missed any task , cannot add notes to record background information for that day neither Not too good.....Version: 6.0.9

Lack of multi device syncing let's this app downGreat app in every way except for an almost fatal flaw that doesnt allow syncing of data between multiple devices - so you end up running multiple data sets until you eventually realise it has an obvious flaw.Version: 3.1.7

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