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Love this gameI love this game it’s the best you should really play it you should all so play among us too it’s made by the same creators of this cool game!.Version: 1

One of the best indie games I’ve ever playedThis game should be way more popular in please please please make fly to space because that would be actually great please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒏𝒚.Version: 1

Made it 2 china!This game was surprisingly entertaining! I only learned the day I finished it that it had a soundtrack- a very fun one, at that. I'm kind of goad I didn't hear it the whole time though, I might've lost it lol. Very fun game, 100% reccomend, no ads, no in-app purchases. Great time killer!.Version: 1

I love the gameI love the game the game is amazing but can you make a part two because you said what should I do next so.Version: 1

I think among us is betterI want to go to China I don’t clear dada I did that and that was the most biggest mistake ever idiot (me) So far I am up to the centre thingy sorry I don’t know what it’s called I’m after that second lava stage. But among us is better. have fun and go to China! 🇨🇳.Version: 1

AmazingJust the right amount of stuff not to many ads not too much addiction and waiting just the goldilocks of gaming.Version: 1

DisappointedThe game doesn't load for me anymore.Version: 1

Love it!I love it but I think there should be more planets and more upgrades! Other than that it’s a great game! Also I love among us innersloth!.Version: 1

Great gameThe game is awsome and I recommend having it.Version: 1

OilThe further down you go the more the oil should go in value. Awesome game tho.Version: 1

Add a part twoMake a sequel that’s space related because the end kinda ended on a cliffhanger.Version: 1

Please make part 2I really wish there was a part 2 like going to space to moon or something.Version: 1

IM WOWED AT THIS GAME! ITS SO GOODThis game should deserve a 5 star rating from everyone, first the kid filling the hole is pretty funny, second, 4 me the graphics r great! I haven’t got to China yet, but then I thought u guys should make another game, dig 2 hell. Awesome game, Hunter (ThunderGaming) 5 Stars from me.Version: 1

I love this type of stuff but…I got this from me and I ♥️♥️❤️♥️♥️ but at the end of the story it was kinda ofputing cause the guy was like thinking about like science so I thought that it would give me like a new game+.Version: 1

You should add more content to this gameI really like this game and you should add some more upgrades and more things to do in the game, maybe a trip back to china where you can upgrade to get yourself even faster or something like that, I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy if that had to happen.Version: 1

Nice little gameA nice little game implementing a bit of strategy, reflex, and clicking. You basically control a little digging machine to go through the layers of the earth. You buy upgrades to help you reach “China”. A few hours and you reach it, but it’s fun and simple..Version: 1

Great game but sum think went WongGreat: I got my way in China I’m fine I got to China 4 times half done and it’s best game ever can you do update please. because it’s the best..Version: 1

Really addicting!I really like the game and maybe you could make a Dig2China 2 (I know this review is short but I just wanted to give you a review).Version: 1

Among usThese people made among us. Of course it’s good aha.Version: 1

AmazingWell I enjoyed playing this game and it’s such a calming game and I highly recommended this game so if you’re reading this amazing 5stars although I do suggest an update but who cares amazing game plus Among Us is also great well I don’t know how the update is gonna play out but non the less great game.Version: 1

There is a digger among usThis is fun.Version: 1

GreatReally fun game.Version: 1

Very addictive. Worth a try...It is so fun and it is free and easy to play and if your the kind of person that likes upgrading and trying to reach a goal then this is defiantly the game for you.Version: 1

Another great game!!Wow..I don’t get disturbed while digging?!ITS FANTASTIC!!!One thing that could be changed,you could have a odd neighbour and normal neighbour instead of a kid and a bully.Another thing you could change is the kids’ looks (avatar).Funny mistakes , cool items . Super fun!!!.Version: 1

New Favorite GameI downloaded this game after getting tired of getting kicked from Among Us games for being annoying and it wasn’t a letdown..Version: 1

FunAll of your games are fun awesome and addicting please make more.Version: 1

It’s ightYo it’s ya main man.Version: 1

Badass gameThe idea for this game is so awesome. The whole storyline is nice and the music is badass. I also like the things that the person that’s filling the hole says. Only thing is who is he?.Version: 1

Great game butI love the game but there’s a bug that makes it so I can’t play I’m close to maxing the ability’s and stuff and getting to China please fix this if you can I would love to finish the game.Version: 1

NoiceI luv all of ur guys games. :).Version: 1

Pretty goodWhen you get to China, maybe add a hard mode... more obstacles? Less fuel? Dig to China and back? One thing I’d like to add, is this kid’s mum ok with this?!?!.Version: 1

Love this gameI was super addicted and made it to China! It took a little while and now I’ve finished the grind and I have fully upgraded my digger. Super fun game I love the mechanics, maybe more upgrades and a sequel?.Version: 1

Finished the game in a record time!!!I loved this game! It was so addicting, that I made it to China in a week! What a game! The upgrades were the best too. I play it over and over again, and im good at stragety games, but that was great!.Version: 1

I love it but it’s easy and I want a part 2Truly a good game but add a part 2.Version: 1

Ur game is litSo can u please make a game called dig to India thank u.Version: 1

OMG I love this game sooooooo much 😍My friend showed me this game on the bus and I fell in love with it immediately! I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR PART TWO, ideas: fly2space or boat2antartica or train2newyork I WOLD LOVE THOSE!!! So please please please please please please please plllleeeeaaaassseee make one 🙂.Version: 1

I finished the game ;-;I have concerns they say it has no ads but theres a version that costs money ???.Version: 1

Sooo 👍I love your hard work and detail you put in your game keep up the good work and stay safe stay home!!!?.Version: 1

Please add a part twoPlease add more ideas and add more suggestions and everything I want more ideas I want more games I love this game I completed it it’s really good come up with a maybe like flighted the sun and something like that how to fly to the moon or fly to other planets in our mean :).Version: 1

Awesome game I love itI want to play other games but then I just click on the game then I just start playing it and among us is awesome.Version: 1

Should put some adsThis game doesn’t have any ad and don’t have IAP too I just wondering how this game make money.Version: 1


Fun relaxing gameThis game is a fun but simple game, meaning it’s quite easy. These types of games are supposed to be like that, and this one does it well. The upgrades are cool and keep the game moving at a good pace. Will take a couple hours to reach China, and it’s fun doing so. I recommend this!.Version: 1

BEST GAME EVEROk so first off you may thank this is stupid but believe me it’s NOT it is so fun for in the car or just waiting you can do all sorts of upgrades to get 2 china when you get 2 china there’s this cool scene and this game is the best game I’ve ever played also it’s made by AMONG US CREATORS best 5 stars I’ve ever reviewd..Version: 1

This game is amazingI love this game so much and I understand why they don’t update it anymore because they are working on among us.Version: 1

I’ve done itI’ve dug to China and now my life is complete I can die happy now, thank you that game was *chefs kiss*.Version: 1

It’s a free2playNo one can pass up on that offer.Version: 1

More updatesThis game is very fun and amazing it also inspires me to never give up but you should add me more updates in the game so far I have travelled to chine 50 times I counted.Version: 1

Maybe even funner than among usHi Innersloth! :) you guys make really good games. Please make the Henry Stickmin games available on phone. Keep up the great work! 👍 🦥.Version: 1

Good app but minor issuesIt has pros and cons. Mostly pros but I’ll cover the basics first. You build your digger and upgrade things in order to dig to China. But your neighbour keeps filling in the whole! So you have to dig it all in 1 day. You earn money by finding stuff under the ground. There are things you crash into, things that make you money and fuel tanks! Overall seems great. But sometimes you’ll get a black screen or they’ll be a bug. Also I feel there should be something else to do once you’ve completed it because I had to delete it. I think there should be part 2 or he goes to Italy or something. Overall great, don’t see why you have to pay for the other one. They seem exactly the same so I’m confused on that part. Anyway that’s it and you should definitely download it. Bye.Version: 1

This app is so good 😊Dear inner sloth you are the best company for making games. I absolutely love this game I also like among us.Version: 1

Great Game!The game is lots of fun and in the 5 times I played it over there was always new things to discover! There are different ways to play the game with different strategies and I recommend this game..Version: 1

Good butIt gets boring after a while bc theres nothing else to do.Version: 1

Love itI LOVE IT no more to say.Version: 1

Great!I have not finished it yet but I have gotten pretty far and it’s really fun.Version: 1

Great game!I recommend this game it’s so fun a play 24/7! ❤️❤️💞❤️💞💞❤️.Version: 1

So fun!It’s super fun and addicting hope to see some more games by u guys keep up the great work! :).Version: 1

Great gameI think it is a great game and I like the idea of the game and I like that it is ad free it one of the best games I have ever played. I beat the game in a few hours great game but I think that you should make a sequel called Fly2Space!!!.Version: 1


Best game everSo in 1st grade in free time everyone would rush to the computers to play this (there were 5 comps and 18 kids) and we loved it after all these years this popped up and I love it!.Version: 1

Great gameI had lots of fun beating this game.Version: 1

Wow more plesI wish you guys made more parts to this o make something that includes flying.Version: 1

Amazing game, but very shortI downloaded this today, and have already beaten it. It leaves you on a cliffhanger, with the character wondering what to do next, but I have waited a while and nothing new has been released. I repeat, great game, but I and the rest of the community want to see more of it..Version: 1

ChinaI like the country China.Version: 1

Good GameIt’s a good game to have for a while and it’s really easy to finish, but not too easy. It’s fun to have for a while... 😋.Version: 1

Wayyyy Better Than Among Us!Dear Innersloth, this game is way better than Among Us. This mobile game is one of a kind, it has no ads like the other games. The story is hilarious. For people looking at the reviews before downloading here’s a spoiler: A kid tries to go to China but, his neighbour thinks it’s impossible. After a day of digging, his neighbour would fill up the hole with dirt. After Digger goes to China, the neighbour thinks that he gave up but Digger shows him pictures. It’s simple and the background music is like an arcade game. I recommend this game for Among Us players that finds Among Us boring. For the creators, I give you 5 stars..Version: 1

Fun game but hoping for updatesI imagine developer attention is probably on Among Us but this is a great game too. Will there be any updates or new worlds to dig through on this game at any point? Keep up the good games guys!.Version: 1

Life changingNow I know it is scientifically possible to dig to china why hasn’t Elon musk played this game.Version: 1

Great gameI finally beat the game by buying all the upgrades! (I also reached China a lot of times).Version: 1

Make a part 2 plsThe game was great but I really want a part 2.Version: 1

Great game! But FYI...I love your game and I’ve been playing it for over 5 months and I just want to inform you that there are people hacking in the game for unlimited money and I’m not saying it’s bad what I’m saying is I want to know how to get that hack🤣.Version: 1

SUSThe person in the cart should be among us.Version: 1

LOVE IT REALLY ADDICTING AND STUFFThis game is really fun because you can actually see the upgrades. I REALLY like -earning-money-to-upgrade-things games so this game deserves a 5 star!.Version: 1

0/10 unrealisticI did it in one afternoon when I was a kid. So unrealistic. What's next? A game with space travel that's complicated? Get a cardboard box, bro..Version: 1

Addictive afIts addictive..Version: 1

This is coolThis is better then among us lol.Version: 1

Great little game!This game is great but it would be awesome if it received more development and more content, and bug fixes. Maybe different maps and quests after you finished digging to China..Version: 1

Good gameThanks for no ads.Version: 1

Amazing gameNo ads free no in app purches fun and takes less then 100 MBs recommend installing game.Version: 1

Story is well written comedyIts your classic digging gameplay, but its got personality and its got stolen concept and its funny and i like digging to china.Version: 1

Would recommend!This game is addictive so I would recommend it but you should add some challenges to game so then it won’t end. You could also add a hard mode once you’ve dug to China.Version: 1

Best game I ever playedThis game is so cool I like how you get to make money the deeper you go, also there’s something u You could add in the game make it where the deeper you go the more money you get besides that it gets five stars from me 👍👍👍.Version: 1

EhIt’s nice to be able to play one of my favorite childhood computer games on the phone. I knew it was going to be a knockoff, but cmon, put some effort into it.Version: 1

InnerslothCan you please keep creating amazing games like Among Us, and Dig2China. Please keep creating. I love this game. I think it is very fun. I love to dig down really deep. But I would just like to say please keep creating, and I love this game. You did well with Among Us..Version: 1

Awesome broThanks marcus for making this game you rock.Version: 1

Dig2China 2!I think you should make a part 2 because it was fun, enjoyable, interesting and challenging so pls make a part 2!.Version: 1

Your the bestIf You keep nailing games like this and among you will be to successful very fun games!.Version: 1

Incredible Nostalgia TripDear Inner sloth. Please release another one. I loved this. What a trip down memory lane for the flash game universe I grew up in. Wow. No ads. No difference with the paid version and incredible simple game play. Games like this and doodle jump are how iOS games should be. Not bombarding you with deals on gems etc. 10/10 Incredible. You have to get this..Version: 1

There is a miner among us.Quick quick. But FUNNNNNN.Version: 1

Very funIf you're looking for a game to kill time, or if you want a game where you have to put in effort, this game is for you. I would seriously recommend this game..Version: 1

ReviewI played this game from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Great game..Version: 1

A Very Good gameThis game is very good but it’s kinda short I beat it 2 times But add more like at the end he falls back down the hole bc he what’s to go to Japen now just plz add more I love this game play it now also the free version is way better than the other one that cost money.Version: 1

So far, so good!So I found this game by looking for games that were stolen for online flash games. This one seemed to be original so I was interested. A couple of games later and I like it. I personally games in which you upgrade and get further and further to your goal. If you like games like Toss the Turtle and Penguins can Fly (I think that's what it's called) At least give this game a try! TL;DR- short and fun. At least try it..Version: 1

The game is good but...I truly like this game and it’s very fun, but it’s very easy to beat it. I downloaded this game yesterday and beat it today while playing for about an hour each day, so I think you guys should make more levels to the game and add more abilities you can get other than just the boost ability because that would make the game more challenging and more fun to play and spend time on it. I am deleting this game because of what I said because it is boring after you beat it and get all the power-ups..Version: 1

EzzWhy is there a free one and a one that cost money?.Version: 1

One recommendationThis game is fun and cool, my one recommendation is that there be a boost button instead of tapping the screen; because sometimes when I try to turn I boost instead.Version: 1

Why is they twoGood game it’s just why do you have a money one and free one why cant it just be one not two.Version: 1

AwesomeFinished it in one day!.Version: 1

Pretty goodThe game was pretty fun overall and you can actually dig to china.Version: 1

GoodIt’s a fun game and all but as soon as you hit a certain point in the game you tap to go and it just kicks you out. But other than that it’s a really nice game it gives you something to do and it cures boredom.Version: 1

GREAT GAME!!This game is very fun. Very adventurous and addicting. I would definitely recommend it to others. "10 out of 10"!!!.Version: 1

Perfect, just like among usIts a wonderful game, its not to hard, not enough to be frusturating but not so easy that you beat it right away, also no ads. So yay.Version: 1

Fun but needs more cool stuffDig2China is fun in all but it need more stuff like center need to be hot and core not but you have core and center not hot so I say you guys make center of the earth be really hot because that will be asome someday guys can you make that money truck be a lot of money when you hit it and can you make a the game with guns to hit the money truck because that will be asome so please it’s fun but need to be a little bit more harder To play.Version: 1

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