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Meta Ads Manager App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Meta Ads Manager app received 181 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Meta Ads Manager? Can you share your negative thoughts about meta ads manager?

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Meta Ads Manager for Negative User Reviews

Impossible to useI have tried so many times to use it in two weeks now and I have not been able to do anything! Freezes all the time and you have to just close the app and after few attempts.. go to your laptop to get it done or even check what’s going on! Needs A LOOOOOT of improvement.Version: 243.0

Worst ever. Don’t waste your timeI can’t even open it on my iPhone 8plus. I deleted and re-added it a couple of times. It states i don’t have an Internet connection but here i am using the Internet while writing this review..Version: 165.0

Just HorribleReally really bad platform to advertise, it doesn't work they should refund the money spent in vain.Version: 174.0

Glitches too oftenIt stays open for less than a minute and glitches back to login screen. No way to report the bug or anything..Version: 160.0

Cannot log in.Keeps crashing. Not able to log in. Been crashing for months.Version: 243.0

ReviewWe are not feeling these are very successful anymore..Version: 237.0

Full of bugsIt tells me “we limit this feature” when I try to logout and login with a different account. It thinks i’m trying to post! Also the ActivityIndicator isn't center aligned. Come on guys, you’re supposed to be holding the mantle for React Native. Just pull this app from the store and spare yourself the embarrassment..Version: 169.0

Worst platform to advertise onEspecially with their privacy invasion scandals this company continuous to surprise me with all the complexity needed to run a simple ad, their policy is so strict one little minor thing will get your ad account disabled. 90% of the time it’s by system error and they will lie and lie to you that you must accept this as a final decision. I am 1000% sure they didn’t even look into my account when the replied. You know why? If they told you how they found out why your account was disabled they will be revealing their tricks about obtaining your personal information, thats why they treat you like animals and close the case up right away. Use google ads, it’s a lot better and gives you better results for your budget..Version: 183.0

Why so many useless apps?!One for Facebook, one for pages, how many different ones for managing ads? Try to promote an event and if there are words on the cover picture, you’re wasting your money. .59 per click for 8 clicks? No thanks. Why do you make me pay to communicate with people WHO ALREADY WANT TO SEE MY PAGE IN THEIR FEED!? I can understand charging me for mining and trying to gather new likes and followers, but just promoting an event? This is crazy. Another thing I hate— you try to get me to promote posts that are no longer relevant. So automated and useless. I’m stopping my ads and going to google..Version: 116.0

Dismiss the manager of facebook advertsTrying to promote advert to students, the app does not have students listed or when I try and search for demographics for students it comes back with no search results. The whole process of adverting on face book has become infuriating and over the years I have spent over £8k. They try to simplify it so much its does not do what you want it to. The director of facebook adverts app should be dismissed!!.Version: 75.0

Just use the computer.Regularly broken. Shows placeholder text. Crashes. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Every time Facebook updates this app and business studio it gets a little more useless..Version: 240.0

Zero supportI have written multiple emails back and forth with concierge team to sort out my issue with ad accounts and I still have not managed to organize a call in over 3 weeks. Honestly the most painful experience ever trying to get help from a company so I can give them ongoing advertising money. Shouldn’t be this hard for a tech company to have better service..Version: 286.0

Doesn’t work 90% of the time!It’s easy to use when it does work but in my experience it rarely works. I’m on a iPhone X and it’s just says connection lost all the time. The internet is fine at the time. Just a sketchy app. Not recommended.Version: 131.0

Doesn’t show you basic data from adsI don’t usually leave reviews but I had to because this app is awful. It constantly gives me notifications that are not true when I open the app. It also sends me double notifications for everything. The app doesn’t even show you ROAS or the amount of money you made from the purchases. Completely worthless app in my opinion. You would think Facebook would have the money to build a better app..Version: 212.0

Payment issuesI needed to change my card to pay for an ad and every single time I try to do anything it gives me the same error issue… I’ve tried sending reports multiple times but no one has gotten back to me! DO NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 267.0

Great AppVery average app and impolite facebook ads team. Hate to deal with them.Version: 6.0

Worst Ad Platform of All TimeNo other ad platform comes close to how horrible and expensive Facebook is. This app only allows you to monitor your ads and campaigns, not create or edit them. You can’t even adjust your ad spends with this. I mean, if FB was thinking straight, they’d have figured out some way to easily take more money from the app. Social media is a cesspool of unfulfilled promises and wasted opportunity. Invest in alternative methods like GoogleAds, LinkedIn, and traditional print. There’s a reason those annoying magazines keep showing up in your mailbox: THOSE ACTUALLY WORK!.Version: 100.0

No notifications for new leads? Great idea!You spend a good amount of money on ads for leads, get leads, and get no notification for said leads. Also no way to view leads on your mobile app whatsoever. Thus not being able to follow up in time and lose the lead. This is a great system they have going! Now if you want to actually want to get a notification for a new lead, you have to integrate a third party service, sign up for their platform as well and connect your Facebook account there. Because why would a multi-billion dollar company bother to set up their own notification service for their own leads? What a concept!.Version: 256.0

Not iPad Pro FriendlyDoes not support landscape mode. Useless with iPad Pro.Version: 238.0

Why is this app so limitedI have to go to the desktop website to do what I actually need to do. Annoying. This app should be a first class way to run and create ads.Version: 132.0

This app is the absolute worstFor whatever reason, this app would not let me run an add. First it kept rejecting my PayPal account, then when I finally got it to work it kept giving me an error message saying my ad could not be published, even though it was well within facebooks policies and was reviewed multiple times. Oh, and forget about trying to reach out for help, your request doesn’t even go through most of the time and if it actually does go through, they completely ignore you. Worst service ever, I will advertise somewhere else. Don’t waste your time.Version: 290.0

Useless... incompleteIf your ads are rejected for some unclear and undetermined (Fb style) reason you have no way to ask for a “human” review on the Apps, you need to get on a computer... like so many options, you need to get on a computer to make it work. So useless..Version: 238.0

ShamefulIf this is the best FB can do... no wonder the platform is dying.Version: 122.0

Requires login in over and overDon’t know what’s happened with the latest up date but this is almost unusable at the moment just keeps asking me over and over to re login in. I log in and 2 mins later I have to log in again😡 So annoying and didn’t have this issue before.Version: 163.1

Terrible!The app is clunky at the best of times, but now templates for ads in Instagram stories don’t let you add text, which is very important if you want to provide a possible buyer info. Oh, and when you want to report the problem, the app says ‘Something went wrong.’ Terrible!.Version: 202.0

Terrible doesn’t workUsed to work well and then around last autumn it decided not to. Facebook don’t respond to any help requests and nothing is being fixed . This is very annoying when trying to run a business off the Facebook platform Use another app as this one has stopped working.Version: 219.0

Keeps closing itselfThis app has worked great until today when I have not been able to successfully open it at all. It loads and then Immediately closes again. Super-frustrating!!!.Version: 113.0

FuriousAbsolutely appalled. Facebook gave me a $10 ad voucher and I stupidly allowed my card to be linked to my account. They then ran ads past what I authorised and charged me $15 which I did not agree to. Removing my card was then an ordeal and could not be done through my phone on the app. When I tried to get support I just kept getting an ‘unavailable’ error. Simply disgusting..Version: 183.0

Terrible, it’s just terribleI need to use it, but it’s awful. It’s horrible to use and Facebook keep changing it for the worse. It’s never the same from one week to another. It also has a kind of its own, e.g. you set the audience to a city in UK. You check it twice. You submit an advert and all is okay…. You check back a few hours later and discover the audience has been set to the US. I’ve been using it for years (I have to to promote my business) and it only gets worse. If you can avoid, you should do!.Version: 252.0

Useless! The $ input through fb a month and you can’t even fix edit issues???Collectively with all the clients I represent.. the amount of $ I input through Facebook a month is becoming increasingly astonishing to me.. and yet the few years I have been doing administration... you have yet to fix the simplest of bugs! Editing the body description of a campaign should not be this painful and nor should tagging the company I am currently logged in as... seems like a no brainer I would want to market the company? fix your bugs!!! This ad app is useless as it again has the exact same issues ‘pages’ and ‘Facebook’ itself have... so why bother ???.Version: 150.0

HorribleCannot log in, error message makes no sense, uninstalled and re installed a number of times, still not opening. Been able to open it using a personal account but not a business account..Version: 176.0

RIP OFFThe adds kept running in the background and went way over budget. It did not generate any further sales. When I went in to check if the adds were turned off, I could not find them running. Very deceitful form of theft by stealth. When I contacted FB they ignored me totally. I only wanted to spend around $100-$200, instead they told everything in my PayPal account, which was more like $700. I feel Devastated and violated..Version: 227.0

Crashes every timeIts not loading and leads to white blank screen as soon as I perform any action Its not expected from facebook..Version: 139.0

Bugs since yearsSince 2 years I can’t edit my carrousel photos. I cant save my new carrousel photos. Photos take forever to load whatever the internet speed I have. Useless app. Plus they changed the data view, I cant even know how my ad is performing on a week and daily basis. Guys we work from phones. When there was online support, you alway told me to go to my desktop. Well 2021 guys my photos are on my phone, get our life easier please..Version: 243.0

Response keep going lowerEven with several different ads and changes and increase in budget, FB projects to reach large numbers but actual reach and response received is very low..Version: 232.0

Something changed and I don’t like it!I’ve used this app for a few years and it has been a wonderful tool to help me change my ads quickly and efficiently. Until something changed and the ability to edit my ad by choosing a previous post that has been getting a good response, is no longer an option. Now if I have an ad running and want to edit it, I can only edit a picture (choose a new one) or edit the text, among other things. So to change my ad and keep the same audience, budget etc, I now have to choose my picture and save it, and then go back into it and change the text. I feel it is forcing my to just buy another ad set and I don’t like it. I generally have just set my budget and let it run indefinitely and would go in every week or so and pick a new post to advertise. Now it’s a lot more trouble and I’m thinking I may have to end my ad every few days and start all over to instead of simply editing it. Can’t we get that option back please??!!.Version: 193.0

Where to begin...This app is predominantly useless. On multiple occasions I just put it away and waited until I could get to my computer. Lately I’ve been using it to check ad performance, but even that is abysmal, only giving the most shallow stats. And you can’t get help. Don’t bother trying. Glitches cause an ad to stop and you’re basically screwed. Build another one and hope it survives. FB ads use to be available for phone support to fix that stuff. Then it was email. Then it was messages through the help center. Now it’s nothing. I doubt they’ll even read this review. So tonight the update they pushed out went ahead and just killed the app altogether. Maybe they’re just driving the last nail into its coffin..Version: 63.0

Super buggyHalf-implemented “night mode” changes the wrong text and background colors so instead of white on black it’s white on white and black on black🤦‍♂️ I've had to delete and reinstall the app a few times when it fails to load ads (clicking through the adset level into a list of ads). Overall it's somewhat useful and really helpful to be able to use on the fly for increasing budget and such... but wow is it hard to use with all the bugs..Version: 212.0

2/5Wow Facebook 2/5 maybe you should be banned from the AppStore, just like you ban legitimate paying customers for no reason, with no way of contacting you for a solution. Humans use your services, maybe try employing humans to deal with peoples individual problems, instead of relying on algorithms for everything....Version: 211.0

HorribleGetting messages a day after putting a ad online that it’s being shown in the us Not easy to navigate and very expensive per message conversion.Version: 267.0

Mr ASThe app doesn’t let me to edit the payment methods or says I don’t have permission to amend the payment details so annoying because I’m the page owner and first admin! If you care please respond because I have opened cases in Facebook but you are terrible in terms of support! Because you are big brand and made your money you don’t care about fixing the issues for your customers?.Version: 71.0

Dues t workSeriously you provide an app to help us spend more money on your platform and it continually crashes.!!! It’s never worked properly since you released it and the latest version won’t load my accounts at all. Get it right Facebook..Version: 125.0

Disabled and crashesMy account has been disabled for zero reason costing my business revenue. No support or explanation. The app crashes the entire time including whenever you try to use the search bar for the support. Would vote 0 star if it was an option.Version: 205.0

Won’t log in or even startEvery time I open it and go to sign in it tells me the internet is not connected, I even deleted the app..redownloaded and went to log in straight away and it still thinks I’m not connected to the internet.Version: 148.0

Worst existing customer service in the worldBy “existing” I mean that there is a customer service that actually responds back, but all the answers are automatized without hearing my side of the story. The short story is that I was hacked by some Bulgarian and/or Russian people that made to ads in two occasions that charge my account for some advertisement that violated the terms of use of facebook. Facebook didn’t even bother to check in with me about what happened, but they were definitely interested in the money that they charged me, before blocking my account. If anyone from facebook sees this, please respond and help me with my problem, since our company needs to use ads (which have always followed your policies) to promote our products for sell. I will be waiting for your answer since I got tired of send help tickets through the facebook support page..Version: 212.0

Doesn’t even loadI’m on the latest iPhone 8 plus and the app doesn’t even load for me, it’s stuck on the preloaded icon.Version: 66.0

WORST BUSINESS PLATFORM EVERNot only is the support for problem non existent & beyond generic but they don’t even try to personalize banning or solutions when they make a mistake & van the wrong person. Like they’ve banned me from paying for more ADs after I’ve already spent $200 I worked truly hard to get together as a single mother for my FB page that empowers women & is a support group that sometimes needs to use certain words like trauma or addiction simply to explain you can recover & spread hope. It needs to be case by case the trigger words. YET THERES PAGES ADVERTISING DEGRADING PHOTOS & CHILDREN IN NOTHING BUT UNDERWEAR CLAIMING ITS A KIDS LINGERIE LINE & THATS OKAY CAUSE ITS LABELED UNDER CLOTHING?! But I can’t provide a service helping women empower women & end bullying?! And instead of providing a solution to this error on their part I’ve spent weeks messaging just to keep receiving the same generic message for weeks. So now I’ve lost all my advertising money to this group just for it to shut down my ability to advertise & waste all of the money I have trying to make a life for my child & help create a world of hope. DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY OR WORK FIND A BETTER ADVERTISING PLATFORM FOR SURE. WORST EVER AND I NEVER REVIEW THINGS BUT I HAD TO PREVENT OTHERS FROM ENDURING WHAT IVE ENDURED..Version: 67.0

Fraudulent use of my accountI have been trying to contact any human being on Facebook Ads team as someone is fraudulently using my Ads account. As a result I’m now liable for 123$ for an Ad I know nothing about. Help!!!.Version: 276.0

Terribly DisappointingAfter they banned my ad account in February for no known reason, I didn’t think this service could get any worse. Almost 24 hours ago, I boosted my Earth Day advertisement. All of a sudden, the new thing is that ads can be in review up to 24 hours. They just spring that on you. Long story short, I deleted my boosted ad because I wasn’t going to miss Earth Day and pay for boosting the ad the day after. The support staff, unfortunately, haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on. Very poor service. Seems as if I will have to find a different platform on which to advertise..Version: 275.0

Hate the new and improvedIve had a page that I manage (for business) for almost 8 years. Recently changed it to the new business page and HATE it. I cannot make posts, updates, interact with customers as easy as I used to. Why does facebook constantly have to change things that are working great and ruin them. So friggen frustrated I want to just delete it. But I worked so hard for 8 years building MY page and followers to even consider that option. I want my old page back the way it used to be!!!!!!!.Version: 206.0

HorribleFacebook ads are such a headache.Version: 262.0

What a mess!Pages don’t open up, can’t find anything without opening 5-6 different tabs! Don’t try to fix what was working..Version: 257.0

Forgets loginWould love to use this app, but this and the business suite app.. they never remember your login. Pops up saying login error as soon as you open the app and have to go through the login verification every time. Absolutely kills me especially when it says it’s not the password and it is.. seems to be a sub par app from “meta”.Version: 270.0

RidiculousIf zero stars was an option, thats what I would give. I have lost work on ads with app crashes over and over and managed to save it in drafts and now the app does not work at all, soo as I do anything the app just crashes over and over..Version: 185.0

No customer service and I can’t remove my Credit Card1. No customer service, I reported a issues 2. I can’t remove my Credit Card cz been used by FB for no reason. 3. Can’t delete the ads that hasn’t published so FB forcing us to publish it!!!!! I spent huge money for you guys but nobody’s appreciating their loyal customers. Kind Regards.Version: 89.0

App inconsistenciesTrying to add an admin and there is no clear way of addressing this. Tried google. It took me to business manager on web browser then denied me access and sent me to the app where it is impossible to find. Despite google having clear images on how to address it, the app is completely different than the images. This is a piece of crap. Whats even the point in giving you money?.Version: 295.0

Fixed ItI was having similar problems with the app crashing after going through the checklist feature, but I deleted and reinstalled and is now working again. Worth a try for anyone who is experiencing crashes. But seriously, GET RID OF THE CHECKLIST - it's beyond irritating. It's a good app, when it works and down marked for the checklist feature..Version: 71.0

Ads not showingThis app is only showing ads run for the page and no Ads created on Desktop from Ads Manager. This is basically useless..Version: 79.0

Banning people for no reasonFirst off they banned my ads i did a review they answered back and said sorry it was a accident gave me my privileges back then 2 days later! They unpublished my page and deactivated my ads so they deny some ads ok understand but then they approved some ads then 2 days later disapprove thats so un-professional im looking into legal action as we speak facebook needs to get sued for this im building a class action and im sure im not the only one that had this problem its robbery you take peoples money they get good high percentages in there rankings you take that away without a warning literally even a email like hey make sure you change this or we will deactivate your account so we can fix it no just makes mistakes and then does it again 2 days later i have all this snap shot saved so this will hold in court you dont make a mistake then say sorry then 2 days later i do nothing different then ban us this will be addressed whoever's working that section in facebook needs to be fired making mistakes and no compensation is a big mistake.Version: 177.0

Please add the ability to add call to action buttonPlease add call to action button on my iphone? it seems if your going to load a video for sale of a product or service >> your going to want to add a call to action button option i have to go to a lap top to do this - this is handy as you know many use there iphone/mobil for business. why have this app if you cannot ad a call to action button to ad. Also were is there a link to share an approved ad with a co worker? there is no share link with the the ad for the user/admin to share it with? ad goes out no share:-( please on iphone tell me where i know on post you have this i just go to page. but on mobil the ad does not show or have a link to see on that page? does this mean i duplicated ad and leave off the call of action button as on post with video i have not seen where as well. please fix app call of action thanks.Version: 140.0

What’s the point?Downloaded this because I had rushed an ad and needed to edit the target audience. The only good thing about this app is that signing in is so easy. Deleted after five minutes due to everything being uneditable through the app,so what’s the point of having it? All the ads information is on either Facebook or Instagram,is this supposed to look pretty on your phone...can’t say it does that either. Beyond useless and a billion dollar company like Facebook should be doing better!.Version: 164.0

Slow as heckApp is incredibly slow; React Native is great for lazy developers but awful for users..Version: 56.0

Lots of technical issues and complicationsI can’t do anything because every technical difficulty the app had I tried to solve it and it ended up banning me because they thought I was suspicious and I don’t have any permission to create anymore ads and my account is disabled and I can’t solve this problem either. What kind of nonsense is this? And plus they don’t have any live support which I could’ve really used..Version: 251.0

Facebook ads is useless.Paying customers that use Facebook are treated with contempt. Ad app is rubbish, no ability to contact support, all responses automated- just really a waste of time. Facebook is cool, for now, but it is a tax dodging multinational corporation whose mission is to use your data and money for their own gain. Don’t bother with Facebook ads.Version: 171.0

Version 108Buggy earlier, doesn’t work AT ALL on iPhone X since 108. Each time opening is like the first time I downloaded (doesn’t remember me and I’ve had it installed 12+ months). Since update keeps telling me app is out of date, sends me to App Store and store tells me it is..Version: 108.0

Lacking most of the functionality neededWhile this app lacks a considerable amount of functionally (I can’t even see comments on ads?? for example). The website is unusable on a mobile. So what Facebook, even though you know the majority of the world uses their phones as their primary way of transacting these days, you can’t even be bothered to make the services you make the majority of your money from work on mobile? Or is the truth that you only really care about your corporate clients? Newsflash: even corporate staff use mobile!.Version: 195.0

Don’t download this appThe worst app I’ve ever used! Just felt like they were taking money out of my account constantly. I tried to delete this account many times and they have literally made it so hard to delete your account and stop payments. And now I’m waisting my time trying to delete this account DONT TRUST THIS APP..Version: 244.0

They keep updating to “fix issues” but never worksHad 2 updates recently but the app hasn’t even worked for the last 4 weeks. What a joke..Version: 124.0

Payment nowThe payment now button doesn’t appear to work. It possess but doesn’t actually charge the account..Version: 273.0

Worst appEvery time I open the app it always shows unexpected error 401, even though I deleted it and downloaded it again still the same..Version: 236.0

Real time ad performance?Not sure if it was a part of an update, but I’ve lost the ability to track real time spend by ad creative. I used to be able to check to see how much each ad is costing per result in real time, but now all I see is a rollup of the avg spend since the ad started running. I’m fine with making major changes on the regular site, but that real time tracking is literally the only reason I use the app 😩.Version: 236.0

The Facebooks Ads platform is a SCAMI help manage a Facebook page for a band I’m in and recently we discovered that our account had been charged over $120 (even though our spending limit was set at $0.00). At that point, we tried to remove our card information from the account, only to be prompted to download this USELESS app. After downloading, we found out that there is NO OPTION TO REMOVE YOUR CARD INFORMATION, OR YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT! Whatever you do, stay FAR away from the Facebook ads platform. This experience has made me seriously consider deleting Facebook altogether.Version: 91.0

It won’t open anymoreWhat is going on with this app? I have deleted it and reinstalled and it still won’t open. It was useful while it lasted. Fb please fix.Version: 195.0

Bugs! Insects! Animals! Seriously FB?Hello peeps, I know you guys are working hard 24/7 to improve this app as much as possible. But HELLOOO! Guys, you gotta see this mess and sort it. Its basic man, no rocket science. May be no one noticed that or may no one pointed that out but we need to sort this: - I cannot access all photos in my camera roll through this app! Only a few photos in a random order show up every time i access my camera roll through this app! - I cannot add a banner sized static image for a campaign as it cuts off but on the other hand i can easily upload it on desktop! - I cannot make a duplicate ad set! This app is only limited to duplicating campaigns! Can you please get these small blockers sorted so that i don’t have to look at my desktop ever again for any campaign related stuff? P.s. don’t give me the “reinstall the app and make sure you have the latest version” crap! I got the latest app and a new phone as well! Make this world a better place! Do your part! Do it! Just do it! 🤘🏻.Version: 122.0

Not full capabilitiesI’ve been using Facebook business manager and adverts manager within it for over a year now. As soon as I found out about the mobile app I got a hold of it, but soon realised it was limited. The desktop version gives you full capabilities of the product however with the mobile app you’re not able to control a lot of the features like the text, links and/or the pixel of it. It gives you control of the audiences and budgets if you’re on the move and want to decrease or increase them. It also reflects the performances and gives you charts and graphs of the ad performances but only to the extent of older data going back to 30 days only. So above all it’s just a mere visualisation of what’s going on but with minimal control of the apps itself. Adding these and other features of the full desktop app would definitely make it a winner!.Version: 124.0

Facebook is horribleThe ads do great if you target them right. The bad side is dealing with Facebook. Every so often they charge a lil’ more than they should. (They will fix it after a day or 2 of arduous efforts to contact almost non existing support). The tactics and trickery they use to scam you are amazing. Including the new update in which they invalidate small pages to be able to advertise specifically for likes. They always try to squish the small guy. Facebook hides organic content to thousands of followers and then gives you this scam machine to waste absurd amounts of money on a faulty service that constantly looks for a way to make you spend the most and once you reach people, they hide you again from them so you need to pay again. It’s truly abusive how this system treats creative people trying to branch out..Version: 209.1

So bad it’s hard to believeFacebook, in all its glory, made this? I tried, desperately, for an hour, to give Facebook my money to run an Instagram ad through the app. The thing was bewildered. It couldn’t figure out that I wanted to run an ad, through Facebook ads manager, on Instagram, for Instagram. It either wanted a Facebook ad, or wanted to create an Instagram ad targeting Facebook (which then gives an error that it can’t send Instagram traffic to Facebook). I gave up. I’ll be considering adwords or even Bing. Yeah, that desperate..Version: 149.0

Facebook adsThe problem with running Facebook ads is if you are running ads for credit they force you to advertise to people way too young to get a Mortgage so you’re wasting money advertising the people that can’t have it and they force you to advertise to places where it’s actually against the law to advertise so that they can charge you more money for advertising.Version: 279.0

GrrrrrI use a tablet with a keyboard, how fricking hard is it to get the app to turn so I can use it properly. It is just insulting how bad FB’s business apps are after all the money it makes selling ads and data. So done with FB business..Version: 265.0

Very good app in theoryI find the app very useful however it doesn’t work on the iPhone XR. Buttons are at the top by the notch. Considering how much money Facebook makes I’m surprised they can’t do simple things like design UI considering the very basic level developer can. The app always opens up on the create advert page for me too. Again it’s amazing how an app that could be so good just has the most basic errors in..Version: 119.0

Full of bugsI don’t understand how a company the size of Facebook can have such a poor performing app. Not even the desktop version is any good. Getting random notifications that are irrelevant to me, ads disappearing, error messages that make no sense. Cant contact an actual person- only stupid automated replies that don’t assist at all 😡.Version: 116.0

RubbishWhat is the point of an advert app if you can’t edit the post.. oh you can edit the money/budget but every time one tries to edit the creative/Picture part of the post or to change the text .. the app FAILS. I don’t trust this. There is no recourse of action. You put your trust and Money into the app but there is no specific proof it works, there is no accountability..Version: 93.0

Poor appThis really is a terrible app. It just doesn’t have the same features as the computer..Version: 93.0

So many bugs!I’ve been trying to create ads for my business with the app, but it keeps freezing, not all the options are available (Get event responses), I authorize the app to get access to my photos, and then again it keeps telling me to check my settings. I’ve checked the same settings over 50 times and still not getting me anywhere. There’s no point to use the app if I have to do it on the desktop version if I want to get something done. Very frustrating..Version: 289.0

Horizontal support please!!Cannot believe this does not support horizontal view on the iPad.....Version: 184.0

TerribleEverytime an update happens something never works. Saved replies now do not work now at all. Once not a bad attempt at an app now it rarely if ever functions properly and fails always when you need it most. Like many things related to FB most of it is unreliable and not treated seriously. These are toys not business tools..Version: 163.1

Worst app everThis app is not at all helpful..Version: 276.0

Lame lack of optionsGot all these apps to make story ads, but you’re Unable to upload vertical media - you can only use their ugly templates..Version: 139.0

SuuuucksLike every facebook product.Version: 220.0

So horrible I actually think it’s a troll!This app is the sole cause for my loss of hope in the future survival of the human race. If this is something the largest social media company is ok with putting out, then god help us all. It is incredibly basic as far as insights on ad results that you might as well just guess. It banned my ad immediately for containing political content. I was trying to get people to buy t shirts for a history podcast. Just the logo on a shirt but no, that was too political. The appeal for the ad was somehow the source of more frustration in my life that has led to a drinking problem to cope with the PTSD this app gave me. The only thing it does well is try to get you to spend more money in any way possible. If this app is good at anything, it excels at begging for more money like a hooker in Vegas trying to get you to spend more..Version: 105.0

Please help!Ads have been disabled, I can’t appeal and have tried to contact Instagram/Facebook so many times. The new algorithm is already affecting the influencer community and in the past week I have had numerous faults on my account. It seems like as one thing is fixed it creates a new problem. Your third party assessors have confirmed my account is not under investigation and they have been notified by Facebook that there is a fault on ads. Why has this not been sorted/communicated!? It is so frustrating that you can ‘report’ problems but have no contact from Facebook so no knowledge as to whether anything is being looked into..Version: 204.0

Zero supportWhat a joke. If you’re going to encourage people to boost their marketplace ads, why doesn’t Facebook offer basic support when things go wrong? Set up a campaign for a car I was selling. The performance of the campaign manager was ok. I then encountered issues accessing my Facebook marketplace account. Received an alert that someone has accessed my account, after which I tried to get support from the fb team. Over the next 8 hours, my account was supposedly ‘used to breach marketplace conditions’ 3 times. How this happens when I didn’t have access is beyond me. I tried to seek help from Facebook - they wrote back twice saying they had ‘identified the issue and fixed it’ (when they actually hadn’t). This was incredibly unhelpful - at no point thereafter could I access my account. Poor experience. Recommend avoiding..Version: 273.0

Great app but poor review serviceI've had so many ads rejected and not properly accessed claiming my adds do something they dont. That's my only issue.Version: 239.0

No longer worksUpdated and can no longer view all my advert sets because it continually fails to load..Version: 64.0

Time zone changesMy Ad account is set to my local time. Created an ad via browser and scheduled. Then edited time in app and it’d set to Pacific time now, plus can no longer edit the start time in browser. Fix needed to default to ad account time zone settings.Version: 208.0

Absolute garbage. ERRORS ALL OVER THE PLACEAnytime I try to do any reporting of an issue that I am having the app just shows me an error after I submit the request. Someone hacked into my account and used ads and spent my money. I’m trying to report this issue and every time I submit the report it just return me an error or an error page. Nothing is getting through, they don’t even have a call center. Facebook absolutely is the least secure big data social networking platform I’ve ever used. Be better.Version: 250.1

Account disabledUtterly rubbish. I was using my ads account and suddenly it has been disabled! Tried to contact Facebook with no response! I have been using it for my Instagram as I have few collaborations and now I can’t do anything! Not only I can’t go through anyone to help but seems that this app is telling me I’m not even the admin of my account, what a total rubbish! Is anyone going to fix this?!.Version: 205.0

Ads managerI have spent crazy money to promote my business of Facebook and ads manager but no conversions seen in the last 3 months . I hired a company to do my ads but still did not get any sales. Very disappointed ! Spending 100 pounds a day with no results I wonder if it’s worth it or not . Very disappointed 😒.Version: 252.0

DisappointedFacebook please fix this, we lost all functionality doesn’t track conversions, reporting is awkward. Last app was much much better if you could bring it back we were happy with it 👍.Version: 262.0

ApprovalApprovals take too long..Version: 251.0

Won’t use againNot sure if it was my error or what but repeatedly I’d attempt to place an ad in my country excluding all others as I did not ship. Every engagement I’d get was foreign and wasted my money. Data was easy to follow though..Version: 216.0

Easily Corrected Notification ErrorsI love the app, it’s intuitive, comprehensive and honestly something that outranks the Google Ads app, that said…. Why do we constantly get ghost notifications? You know, you see the red badge go into the app thinking “oh my ads been reviewed” then… no notification to show. Is this a notification for the sake of getting advertiser’s to check the app? I’m just baffled by the fact that something this simplistic is not corrected on what is a masterpiece of an app otherwise. Fix it and this review will instantly be the 5 stars it would deserve, there’s one things humans desperately hate, irritation for the sake of irritation. Other than that, we’ll played Meta! 💝.Version: 283.0

Built with React Native by any chance?This app smells of React Native and it shows, janky UI, weird glitches, odd things all around including the crashes as mentioned. If this is what Facebook itself can manage using its own tooling it’s not much of an advert for the technology. Go back to native this is not the place to experiment on something that otherwise would be genuinely useful..Version: 164.0

Awful AppWith every new app the advertising is made more time consuming and with more errors. I’ve spent an hour trying to do one as today. First time it deleted the entire thing because some interests from a previously saved audience were no longer active. Second time I edited the audience data and saved it, published the ad and it published with old audience data. It rarely targets the people I need even if it does get it correct. I’m now refusing to ever advertise and waste another penny on Facebook again..Version: 212.0

Afraid to installAfter reading all the reviews, I decided not to install this apps because I believe it will be a waste of space’s memory and my internet data. I will give 1 Star for such extreme poor reviews of this apps..Version: 157.0

Let’s Be HonestThis is just more stuff for us to stay under the Meta umbrella BUT DOESNT WORK. I log into this app almost everytime I use it because someone how I’m always getting logged out. The business page that I’m using it for is never properly connected. Everytime I go to make a new ad they’ve only load 3 posts from the Instagram and there’s 13. I need to find another way to promote my business because Instagram & Facebook are making impossible and disheartening..Version: 276.0

Margins buggedThe margins of the app are messed up. The title is like under the notch and the bottom tabs are way too close to the bottom edge. Fix and I’ll increase the stars..Version: 210.2

No way to get supportSupport is non existent - they just send you through an infinite loop of robots.Version: 286.0

The worst customer supportFacebook seems completely disconnected from the people who actually pay this company by purchasing ads (unless you’re a VIP). Customer support is nonexistent. There is literally no contact information of any kind to use when you have a problem. It takes days to get a response through their help system and then they close your ticket before you can even confirm that they have fixed the problem. My account keeps getting locked for “unusual activity” with no explanation. My ads violate no policies and in fact get approved. If they spent one tenth of the effort on this that they do on tweaking the newsfeed for the millionth time, they would probably have a great service..Version: 68.0

Better off withoutThis app is inaccurate and doesn't seem to work at the moment - only the front page of results works. When it does work it will tempt you to make tweaks and changes based on false readings. This app literally doesn't know what day it is. Don't use it for anything other than checking results of low level campaigns every few days if you don't have access to a laptop / say if you're in the woods with your leg caught in a bear trap..Version: 212.0

Absolute rubbishSet a stop date for 2018 and this stupid app is still charging me and not allowing me to turn off the ads or delete my card, slowly taken over $500 over a couple years..Version: 173.0

Why can’t I place order for ad that I’ve createdYou go to the trouble of maki go your ad, when it comes to placing the order the button won’t light up and won’t let you place the order. I’ve been over and over to see if I have missed something but I haven’t. What is the point? Am I missing something?.Version: 169.0

Does nothing to improve painful Ad experienceDownloaded out of frustration with the ever-changing, and annoying browser-based ads experience but: - No iPad version - No Landscape View - Worse than already annoying browser ads manager All-round bummer sorry..Version: 79.0

Hacked FB ad acct and won’t helpI’ve emailed Facebook on multiple occasions after I found out that my Facebook account was compromised. Someone had created ads under my Facebook account and locked me out and made themselves admins. I’m unable to delete these ridiculous ads and have no control of the ad portion of Facebook. I never got a response from anyone at Facebook, and now I’m currently on deployment serving in the US Army I’ve been bombarded with these notifications for these ads once again. Facebook won’t help in any way. I hate your company and what it stands for when you can’t prevent fraudulent use of accounts, let alone stop it or want to help with correcting the issue..Version: 263.0

Signed up for something that I didn’t wantYou make it really difficult to get unsubscribed I’ll see your advertising media thing that you charge my PayPal card up to $280 so far in the last three months unbeknownst to me ..Version: 269.0

App doesn’t workPlease fix this app, it’s not opening..Version: 124.0

Horrible experienceToo many errors, doesn’t load all my IG posts so I can’t promote the new ones. Only shows old posts. Errors whenever trying to connect Instagram to this app, keeps saying “Instagram account already connected” but it doesn’t show there at all, remains disconnected. Absolutely horrible.Version: 251.0

Buggy1. From the create ad page select the carousel pictures option and select pictures. The user interface is foreign to iPhone users. You have to select a picture in the “carousel”, then change it with a picture in the tab interface for the image source. If you change the source tab often enough it will crash. 2. For some reason, it won’t link my Instagram account. When it reports the error, if you select the “Back” arrow, your work creating the ad is lost. 3. The settings icon is also foreign to iPhone users. When you select Report a problem, an error screen appears. Facebook Ads Manager needs some more QA testing. I found these bugs trying to create my first ad..Version: 144.1

Glitches all the timeAlways glitches, can’t change date sometimes.Version: 230.0

HorribleFacebook treats small businesses like dirt. Constantly banning ads or accounts out of the blue, and there is never an actual person to talk to in order to straighten things out. Then they give admins lifelong bans. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve advertised with them or whether or not you adhere to their policies. Facebook has the worst possible customer service in the history of business, hiding behind AI algorithms and making it impossible to contact them..Version: 255.0

Ads GlitchingAds aren’t working on my instagram when using this app, I spent hours on a chat with Facebook support they had no conclusion other than to inform the app that there is a problem. I have used ads for over 3 years but now for some reason I can’t upload anything which isn’t good for business. Please sort this out.Version: 206.0

App bugThis app won’t let you remove existing payment method. The app tells you to come back again in 30 min to try again. I’ve been trying for days. Won’t let me delete my payment method no matter how many times I try. I have no outstanding balance and no ads running. Facebook support is basically canned messages pointing you to help pages. Also, Facebook ads are heavy with “bot” responses verses “real people”. Before you spend money on Facebook ads, do your research. You’ll be glad you did..Version: 259.1

Latest version doesn’t work on iPhone 8You can’t scroll & select different ad accounts at all on the app. The latest release you guys did broke the app. It’s unusable..Version: 270.0

Needs VAST improvement.Don’t bother. Use your desktop version. Too many bugs. Too much lag between what you do on the app and when you switch back to your desktop. Frustrating and causes issues with how your ads work..Version: 160.0

Une crosseJ’ai suprimer ma page et sa arete pas de me charger de l’argent impossible de suprimer ton compte 😡.Version: 247.0

Crushing on IPhone XNot working. Crushing on iPhone. After spending a lot of time creating my AD I lost everything as I was just about to finish when it crushed. Now it doesn’t even open..Version: 67.0

Can’t get an ad to runI set up an add, it says it is in review for a day. Two days later it says complete but has 0 metrics. I click on report a problem and it says “something went wrong”. I can’t get a Facebook ad or Instagram ad to run. Very frustrated..Version: 234.0

Greedy ThievesYou block your customers from posting in market place & market groups so they have to use your boosting option to advertise. I’ve been paying to boost my post along with posting in groups to promote my products but will NEVER do it anymore..Version: 191.0

My account won’t let me place adsI too like the person above me have been blocked by Facebook and cannot promote any of my business activities using ads it’s say my account has been blocked. Many, Many many reports to fb have resulted in nothing and this has been going on since 2016....., yes 4 years and I still can’t promote any of my fb posts it’s just a joke.Version: 213.2

Please fix! - The app won’t even openThis app suddenly just went down on me and won’t open anymore. Tried to re-install it but no use. Please fix this, FB!.Version: 190.0

Urgent need for an upgradeDoesn’t work well on an iPad, disregards that advertisers actually use tablets and mobile devices to manage ads etc etc. I would’ve thought when the majority of revenue Facebook makes is from advertising that Facebook would produce an app to make advertising even easier. Pretty ordinary Facebook and judging from the ongoing feedback it doesn’t look like your priorities lie here anytime soon! Please upgrade the app so it works on all devices and includes the same functionality as a desktop.............Version: 65.1

Not worth itHonestly save yourself the money with ads. I thought I’d try Facebook ads as I’ve been having success with my sales myself but thought this would be fantastic to boost them! I had an add just run for 5 days, 7 engagements total - which counted myself as one and the rest were “my friends”. Did not get one sale out of it - posted a new add myself and shared on a couple pages and got 15 sales within the first couple of hours....Version: 197.0

Constantly crashes, bloated, less relevant every dayDespite re-installing the app constantly crashes and needs re-installing. Obviously a bug. Facebook feels very bloated these days. No other online offering requires 4 different apps to manage an online presence: Facebook app, messenger, Facebook pages and Facebook ads. The ads Facebook offer seem to offer ever diminishing returns which mean less of what you want and more money in Mr Facebook’s pocket. Oh, and zero privacy. Meh meh, meh!.Version: 113.0

RubbishAbsolute rubbish.Version: 151.0

Just, terribleTerrible app, doesn’t post the ads, deletes you work..Version: 199.0

Stopped workingWas a great resource for checking up on my ads from my phone. Today it stopped working. Actually I’ve got all kinds of bugs in my ad account ask of yesterday. Please fix, Facebook!!.Version: 208.0

It works but is like an overly needy partner......that rings you at work about trivial problems that can wait. Despite turning all notifications off it kept sending some and none of them were important enough to bother with so it got uninstalled. Other than that it works ok..Version: 119.0

Edits not appearing in app.Edits made to my audience or ad sets don’t appear in the app. I have an ad running where India was consuming most of my budget so I went on my computer and excluded India from the target list. The change would show up on the computer but not on the app. And on top of that, the ad kept going to India! The app also doesn’t let me scroll on my “edit countries” list. Overall the app does not refresh edits timely at all..Version: 206.0

HorribleCan’t do much without desktop AND the conversion objective doesn’t show.Version: 250.0

CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS APP?!! PLEASE!?!?!After the recent update over a month ago, not only am I not able to view ANY notifications whatsoever in this app (yes notification settings are all turned on, but the notification page shows “no notifications” even after the badge at the bottom is displayed as having new notifications within the app) but EVEN WORSE - now I can’t view, edit, do ANYTHING with any of my ad sets, only my campaigns! I select ad sets from any campaign and it just says “failed to load” on the would-be ad set display page!!! And the campaigns are visible, but they stopped showing data on the campaign level altogether! I relied on this app for my business since I was frequently on the go. Now it’s become completely useless to me for two months now. (And I NEVER get a response, message, feedback, ANYTHING from anyone about this problem!) Ive even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, made sure my phone and apps were all up to date - NOTHING WORKS. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, current software. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!.Version: 212.0

Not accurateGreat concept and a very convenient way to monitor your ads. I have to take 2 stars off for the stability and accuracy of the data it presents. I’m running 5 ads and the data for one of them is zero, yet that’s my best performing ad. Great for a quick progress report on the run, but go into your AM on desktop for true reporting..Version: 259.0

Failed to edit adsAfter latest update yesterday, I have trouble to edit my ads. When I tried to report a problem, it shows that it still fails. Report a problem button also fails. Not.Version: 201.0

New update over complicates everythingI’m sorry but something that took about 1 minute and 5 clicks now takes about 20 minutes what’s the point? If I want to go into extreme detail for an ad I go through the web version on my laptop not on my phone . Never using this app in its new current state.Version: 287.0

Please what have I done wrongly?My Facebook shop is being disabled for a long while !! I don’t know reason why !! Maybe I have disobeyed Facebook policy! At least I need to know what I have done wrong to enable me be guided and not do so again. If truely I have gone against Facebook policy , I want to apologise and promise I will never do so again but I also need to be told what I didn’t do right so I can be guided next time !! Thanks.Version: 216.0

Constant crashing hasn’t worked for monthsThis was so helpful for the brief period it actually worked. I upgraded the app and it hasn’t worked since — repeatedly get ‘login error’ or the app just crashes. How does a company as massive as Facebook get away with such an appalling app? Particularly considering it’s for its paying customers!!! Useless..Version: 126.0

Frustrating app!Why can’t this app do everything that the online version does? Secondly, is it necessary to be asked to turn on notifications every time I open the app? Pls get rid of this annoying spam like feature..Version: 62.0

Terrible appThe least user friendly app. Truly terrible..Version: 209.1

The absolute worst app everThis app makes me want to bang my head against the wall. It freezes, it doesn’t publish ads, even if it looks like the ad is active, it doesn’t actually publish but doesn’t let you know, what’s in the app doesn’t correspond well with what you see in a browser, adds disappear. What a disaster. I could understand the poor quality when it was first launched, but why is this app still so unbelievably poor quality? Obviously Facebook has a monopoly position, which is why I come back to it, but I really hope a new platform takes over, just because adversing on Facebook is such a stressful, frustrating, disastrous experience. And while I am a paying customer, there is no customer service. Barf, absolutely terrible..Version: 232.0

Why on earth does this need to be a different appNow it takes me four apps just to use Facebook to manage a page. Hootsuite, Facebook, Pages and Ads Manager. Why on earth can’t this be included in the pages app. It’s ridiculous. App is fine, just doesn’t need to be its own. 🙄.Version: 204.0

META SCAM SMALL BUSINESSESNot only did I get charged three times for a one off promotion for my small brand. Facebook then told me I had an outstanding amount for my Instagram ads - I paid immediately, and they overcharged me, and now tell me the amount is still outstanding, despite having a PayPal receipt for every payment I’ve made to them. I wouldn’t recommend advertising on Meta platforms, especially as more and more businesses as pulling out of advertising with them….Version: 264.0

Get you act together FacebookAdvertising with Facebook has became a nightmare and I have been advertising on the platform for over 10 years. The customer service is dismal. Now I cannot even access my ads on mobile unless I have this new app which starts up with an error. Super crappy UX guys..Version: 254.0

Worst Customer ServiceTheir support has been the worst thing I have ever experienced. The people that help you aren’t knowledgeable about fixing anything. Then they open a ticket and take forever to get back to you to just tell you that they can’t even address anything. They were not helpful and didn’t even try and troubleshoot any of my issues. I had to troubleshoot everything on my own. This platform is very bad and their support is awful. I moved my ads to google but I still have a shop on Facebook but it has many bugs which nobody knows how’s address, the experience with Facebook support has been frustrating to say the least!.Version: 180.0

Automatically reactivates stopped campaignsI noticed that when I stop non performing campaigns, Facebook automatically reactivates them without notifying you. This means less results for you, more money for Zuck. It’s a scam, not acceptable..Version: 112.0

SLOWER THAN SLOWJust too slow to be of use..Version: 35.0

Terrible - Purchases on its own.Don’t use. I suggest avoiding ads on Facebook entirely. It has tried multiple times over the past few hours to run an ad campaign it’s plucked out the air and attempted to charge my paypal. Absolutely impossible to get in touch with any sort of support and even harder to remove payment details and de-activate your account..Version: 170.0

GlitchesVery glitchy trying to make ads buttons don’t work so have to exit and start again.Version: 284.0

Wrong infoI’m paying &19.71 and it’s only distributing to 300 people. I have to change my audience many times to test it. It ruins my pixel and waste of time..Version: 253.0

Absolutely terrible, a HUGE mistakeI can’t even begin to explain the holes in the app and site. The customer service in nonexistent. Someone might send you the same automated message 2 weeks after you try to report a problem. For me, I built up an instagram profile, and then a payment went through RANDOMLY and was denied because it WAS NOT SCHEDULED and i do not keep money in that specific checking account. I tried many times to pay the .20¢, YES, TWENTY CENTS that I owed, but everything about the app glitches out. It banned me from trying to pay, and it disabled my account. I’ve reached out and gotten the same response at least 15 times. “We’re sorry... we see the issue... we’re reactivated your account.” Except my account is never actually reactivated. I’m no longer the admin of my own Facebook page, and I cannot disconnect my instagram account from the page. I’m 100% helpless to have this issue fixed. BE WARNED THIS APP IS ABSLOUTE SH**..Version: 174.0

Terrible!Facebook advertising is so complicated that it’s ridiculous! Not user friendly at all. When I chatted online with the help desk, he ended the chat as I was typing my last question!.Version: 86.0

Not 12 pro max optimized...The ad account / campaign / ad set / ads buttons in the top left corner of the iphone12 pro max are in a spot where you can't click them. You have to press on them 10x before the phone finally catches it. Please fix.Version: 209.1

More reliable?Last update supposed to make this app more reliable - now all I get is “failed to load”..Version: 63.0

MrsMine was stuck when i open the app and all i can see is the white screen. It froze and i have to restart my phone then when i retry it again it still doesnt work.Version: 113.0

Ads randomly startedPaused my ads weeks ago, and they just suddenly started up again of their own accord. Also, why is it so difficult to get in to ads manager in the new Facebook layout?.Version: 205.0

Glitches and bugsIt’s in many ways a good app, but there have been many glitches and bugs recently causing me to have trouble paying. This needs to be sorted out. It’s not good for a business to experience these kinds of problems which cause stress and use up so much of one’s time trying to resolve oneself. When you report this issue, you wait forever for a response. Business is a serious thing and business people haven’t got time to wait for such simple things to be sorted out. There are bugs and glitches galore in Facebook lately. It’s the biggest social platform in the world and it really is about time that all these continual issues were sorted out once and for all..Version: 259.0

Waste of timeThe ads do not deliver to the intended target group, the ads deliver in my own news feed costing me to view my own advertisements, the ads deliver to a few hundred people when I can reach a few thousand by sharing a post a couple of times to the right groups, after 1 year I have spent hundreds on advertising with no sales generated Facebook makes a lot of money from me with no results my advice to whoever is behind the advertising side of Facebook change the cost to results only when my business is being charged for views and not sales this is theft the advertisements should charge when actual results are made!!! Stop scamming businesses!!!.Version: 176.0

Been Down for MonthsThis app has been down for so long and is more designed for marketing people. If you’re an entrepreneur or run your own business, try downloading the Advoz app. It makes Facebook and Instagram advertising way easier..Version: 126.0

Nor worth itIf you have an iPad, then You are better off logging into your account with Safari. You have more control over managing your campaigns. The app is buggy and very limited.....Version: 163.1

Super challengingFB ads are tough to figure out. Multiple shutdowns, changes in policy and lack of definable/ measurable infractions makes it a gamble to get anywhere..Version: 259.1

Still has bugs. Slowly improving.The old school app was so clean and fast.Version: 237.0

A lot of installation errors popped up butIt still installed, not sure it works too well. Should be looking at your feedback to get this app working as good as it could or stop advertising to us.Version: 105.0

Please squash the bugs, ZuckEvery time I open this app, it asks me to "allow notifications" and "go to the checklist", like it's my very first time opening it. Every. Single. Time. Plus I'm always getting notifications for no reason. This app has a lot of potential, if only they would squash the bugs..Version: 107.0

Doesn’t display properly on iPhone 12 miniDoesn’t display properly on iPhone 12 mini- please fix.Version: 244.0

Poor from day 1Have re-downloaded app to give it another go! As the functionality is VERY POOR! When people message or comment on ur business page.. u get a notification, but when u click/tap into it. NOTHING! I’ve been persevering with this app for years and learned to live with it as it doesn’t update and quite frankly just doesn’t work! I rarely use it now. However willing to keep it going and re - downloaded the app. Previous reviews are pretty bang on with the refresh function.. publishing paid ads. The list goes on. Poor show FACEBOOK - considering the main fb social platform is top notch compared to the business platform! Has the cheek to mention bug fixes.. try fixing the entire BUSINESS APP. Facebook earn enough money so why not actually put into making the app that tiny bit better..Version: 219.0

Disabled AdsAs soon as this app was downloaded, I was unable to use it. My ads have been disabled with no explanation from Facebook, and as many times I have tried to contact them I receive no reply. How are businesses supposed to deal with this when there is nobody to contact and fix problems?.Version: 216.0

Data Breach!I was prompted to download this app to run ads from my phone..sounded easy enough..made an ad, but it doesn't show up from Ads Manager on my computer which is weird..and the ad says it's active but isn't going anywhere.. THE WORST PART is that I got a notification saying all my passwords had been exposed because it didn't verify that I was myself and locked me out of my Ads Manager until I went through the verification process. It says I need to reset passwords for places I don't even have accounts with anymore! I'm very confused and frustrated!.Version: 203.0

Needs a lot of workI wished that they would have put a lot of the same functionality that’s on the desktop on here. Most of my time I’m not at my house to be on my computer and when I am at home, I’m doing things that have to be done at home, so I want an app that works the same as desktop version. It’s not fair to someone like me running a business and working a full time job that I don’t get the same opportunity to use Facebook ads the same way just because I don’t have access to s computer 99% of the time, other than my phone..Version: 122.0

How many appsHow many apps do I need to work this one site?! I’m up to THREE.Version: 182.0

ScamThey are taking 3 times money for the same add I have opened a claim they never get back to me and this happened 4 times now.Version: 274.0

Not workingLogged in, but it won’t go past the screen telling me to add notifications. It doesn’t show as ads or meta in app list for notifications. No shake to report problem feature. Terrible..Version: 283.0

This app destroyed my add accountUntil I downloaded this app I always ordered advertising from Instagram app and it worked well. But since this app gives more opportunities for settings I decided to try it and after several times my add account stoped working. What happens now is when I set up the new advertising either on Instagram or in this app I receive a notification that my add was approved but nothing happens and add actually doesn’t run! And there is no way to fix it because it’s extremely complicated to even contact customer support to get any information about my case. So I just can’t use an advertising on my Instagram account anymore :((.Version: 209.1

Terrible appIt simply doesn’t work properly at all. If I run ads straight from FB and Instagram they work fine. If I do anything on the ads manager app it breaks my ads. Which apparently I still get charged for even though they aren’t being shown. I set up an add a couple of days ago, adjusted some parts of the advert on the ads manager app and now my account is disabled and I can’t resume my ads. DO NO DOWNLOAD THIS APP!.Version: 203.0

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