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Slidey®: Block Puzzle App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Slidey®: Block Puzzle app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Slidey®: Block Puzzle? Can you share your negative thoughts about slidey®: block puzzle?

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Slidey®: Block Puzzle for Negative User Reviews

BugsAfter watching the ads, many times the rewards do not come. The screen goes to a circling icon and locks in there. The only was out is to close the game and lose the rewards..Version: 3.1.36

Decent Crystal Clear Copy of Radiangames’ “Slidris 2”Now while the design concept is cute and calming, the gameplay itself is heavily similar to Radiangame’ game, which uses the exact same mechanism except for the rising block part, which was present in Slidris one. Knowing many developers that like to “base their ideas” on other games, I can tell the marketing strategy is gonna be ads everywhere, while offering to take them out with an in app purchase. The gameplay itself feels unique, fun, but I really prefer the Radiangames version. Save yourselves some time and check out Slidris 2, same price, and more minimalistic..Version: 2.3.07

Fun game but slow animationsI love playing but It really frustrates me how slow the animations are.Version: 2.3.09

Me20199Crap game. Holds you for ransom for full ads after every game..Version: 2.3.03

Scam???I paid the $2.99 to remove ads yet I get a add each time I use a life so what’s the point in paying to remove ads if I still get them popping up what a waste of $2.99 good scam great work to the developer lol charge for no ads but let’s keep putting ads. Not happy!.Version: 2.3.01

Issues with the updateTends to freeze and crash on my iPhone. When I finish a level and open the box it doesn’t give me the gems. Also the March game seems to be stuck. I’m on level 8 at 7/10 and the goal is asking for me to collect a wizard apparently, but there is no indication of how to do that since it doesn’t come up in game play like the cherries..Version: 3.1.11

New Update sucksGame is now unstable and keeps locking up. Please fix!.Version: 3.1.6

Good gameIts great Fun and addictive. But it looses two starts because of intrusive ads. Also when you mute in game it doesn't mute the ads so the noise surprises you. And also the games currency is in usd instead of being region specific..Version: 2.0.02

Review from someone who’s played too much of this gameI firstly want to say I do enjoy playing this game and find myself playing it as a way to pass the time too often. However the game has a code in it which prohibits you from getting much further than 50,000 without using a power up purchased with gems. I played over 100 games trying to get as high as I can without power ups but always got stuck at this point. Every time I end up using a power up to get past this point it almost feels impossible to lose the game..Version: 2.3.08

GoodI like it on cat mode.Version: 2.3.04

The update that I did this morning has the game glitchingThe game is currently glitching and being very slow rebooted my phone and reinstall the app but I think there is something causing it to be slow and glitchy. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest software. I normally love this and played every day but I can’t even watch an ad because it is glitching.Version: 3.1.18

Can’t get cats back!The game somehow switched to block only. I’d been playing with the cats a long time..there is no longer a “button” to get the cat skin. Otherwise I would’ve given 5 stars..Version: 3.1.32

RansomI refuse to play games that hold items (coins, gems, boosters) which have been earned during play in a “piggy bank” which can only be opened by spending money..Version: 2.2.32

Freezing and crashingPlease hurry and fix this game bc it just freezes every time i open it. it’s also crashing my other apps which is very annoying..Version: 3.1.23

So many adsLove the gameplay, but this game basically forces ads and In-game purchases..Version: 2.3.07

Ads money slowThis game is really slow to react. It also have been design to push you to use gem. Gem that you need to purchase with actual money if you want to have it at a resonance rate. Ads are really not interesting and long. You have an option to get rid of ads but you need to pay. This is the problem with games nowadays. It’s just a way to make money. I prefer to buy a game 2-5$ instead of paying ads, paying gem, paying hearts, etc. I played 1 hour and delate it..Version: 2.3.03

Slightly racistI enjoy the game and the concept behind it. Nice fun time sink you can enjoy. However some of the art is rather derivative and I think it does a disservice to the game. The hammer being black with red lips was kiiiiiiinda way over the top guys.Version: 2.2.18

So. Many Ads.This would be a really cute and fun game, but you spend more time watching ads than actually playing..Version: 3.1.5

No cats. False advertisingVery disappointed.Version: 2.3.13

MehUsed to like this game more, but it’s become insanely hard to play for more than a minute or two before you lose. The rows fill up constantly with large cats that you can’t move in any way to win. I’ve paid to remove ads, but I’m not putting tons of money into power ups just to try to get to level 3..Version: 3.1.32

UnplayableThis game used to be great, but as others have said, the latest version makes the game unplayable. I have counted 12 rows that appeared with only large bricks. There is no skill or way to resolve those rows without burning through your diamonds and/or use up all your cheats. And then the only solution it to purchase more diamonds or watch endless ads to get them..Version: 3.1.3

Update failThe first time I opened the game after the last update it cleared my game. Had around 800,000 on score. I previously had 18,000,000 so I may stop playing game if I have to start over..Version: 3.1.6

Too many adsSimple and addictive but far too many ads and long ones so will be uninstalling.Version: 2.2.32

Still getting political adverts!Having complained about these adverts before, I was given an email to report them to. The political adverts are still appearing. It is utterly disgusting to allow political ads on games..Version: 3.1.13

OkFunny, lot’s of bug!!😢.Version: 2.3.07

False advertising - no catsYou showed me a slide game with cats. WHERE ARE THEY?!.Version: 2.2.3

Used to be funA while ago, I could play for a long time, balancing ads and gameplay. Now I have to grind ads to keep me at the same level. Too bad..Version: 3.1.13

What happened, Slidey?This game used to be great - lots of rewards with every play, so you could play really long high scoring games. Now it’s just boring, too many ads and a stupid island that seems meaningless. It used to be really fun.Version: 3.0.08

Was a fun gameGreat passive game but I swear this game try’s to make you lose next line should be random like it was before. My high score is over 8,000,000 and I lost because I was playing to fast. I am changing my review now to a one star this game tries to do anything and everything It possibly can to make you lose it’s no longer random lines..Version: 3.0.18

Interesting concept, terrible executionSeemed like it’d be a fun game, but you can’t move blocks while screen is moving up or blocks are breaking, resulting in new blocks being added, those rows breaking, new blocks lining up, more rows breaking, etc, etc, while you are watch helplessly and can’t input to the game. This ruins the feeling that you’re playing the game, and interacting with real objects, and just creates frustration instead. Could have used cleaner, more minimal graphics - too noisy..Version: 2.3.03

You have to buy most of the gems your earn.It’s fun but it would be nice if the game included more..Version: 3.0.04

Recent update makes this game worseI used to be able to play for hours without needing to use any of the “specials.” After the last update, it’s gotten worse. I’m not sure exactly what changed but assume it has to do with the logic around preferences for more large sized block rows and a higher threshold for gaining small sized blocks which makes it a lot less enjoyable since it makes it early impossible to string together huge chains. Will likely uninstall. Don’t pick up the game now. It’s gotten worse..Version: 3.0.18

StrangeI’ve been playing for a week now and still can’t work out the game. Sometimes whole rows disappear and other times random blocks. Very odd game. Would be more fun if I knew how to play.Version: 2.3.04

Game “logic” purely to force adsThe game used to reward strategic moves, but now it blatantly gives small blocks in lower levels and then switches to rows and rows of unsolvable large blocks requiring use of specials to solve. Simply an ad delivery service and micro transaction selling nightmare. Cannot recommend this money churn any longer..Version: 3.1.15

FrozenHey Love this game BUT hate the poor support . My game has been frozen for a few weeks, cannot slide a block cannot use a hammer etc Have restarted my phone have made sure my app is up to date Sent a message a few weeks ago to support , Nil response so writing a negative review as that might create some action.Version: 3.1.23

Love the game but...I loved the game. As you increase levels the ads become more frequent. I hated watching the ads and waiting 30+ seconds for the ad to finish, so I purchased to have the ads removed. Only, to find out, that after purchasing that, the ads are still popping up. What a waste of money..Version: 3.1.3

Ads too longI love the gameplay and the concept of this game. What I don’t love is the annoyingly long ads between levels. This wouldn’t be that bad if the developers offered a paid ad free version of this game. But they don’t. So you’re stuck with at least 20 seconds of annoying ads recommending other games and no way to get around them..Version: 3.1.11

Click bait - even when you buy the game ads constantly!Total con: when you buy a game to ‘remove the ads’ you expect it to do that. Slidey doesn’t. You buy it and then you have ads constantly through the game. It’s impossible to play without seeing ads. The game is click bait and is designed to show as many ads as possible without anyone clicking. Avoid!.Version: 2.3.0

Fun updates but mine is missing someMy sister and I have been playing this game for awhile. The updates are great but she has one called “stun spell” where it gets rid of the top 4 rows. Mine doesn’t have that and we are about the same place with the game..Version: 3.0.14

I love this game, but I would love to see new methods of making it unique.Update: I have lost respect for this game. They don’t give you gems when you get a high score with their slide bar. I got my highest score..and when we this happens…the ad is suppose to come up- I got a black screen when this happened. This happened on my phone and tablet…so I realized something is off. I was loyal to this game..but this is no longer fun when all your hard work is not rewarded . Old comment : I really love this game, I don’t usually write reviews. That said, it’s hard to collect extra gems. When you have a slider move, I usually get it …but I might get a notification that it can’t give it to me at that time. If they can add prizes and new things, I could see this game going far..Version: 3.1.30

Like everyone else is saying...I’ve been playing this since it was a game with no option to pay money, just watch ads and play the game. it used to be able to be played for hours straight with no need for power ups, but now i find myself putting the game down for months because i either lose, or i wait till i SLOWLY amass 60+ diamonds from the ads i can only watch every 15 minutes that sometimes don’t even work, and then sometimes the power ups don’t even help me at all. overall the game has started to try and force you into gridlock so you’re forced to spend or to start over. i refuse to do either. my stubbornness is the only thing that keeps it on my phone.Version: 3.1.5

Doesn’t workPlayed maybe 3 times? Then I am now in a never ending version it seems, the ‘mouth’ isn’t eating the blocks and if I click to restart my score isn’t saved.. seems like this game has a few issues regarding this as it is now happening every time a restart. Defeats the object of the game in my opinion..Version: 2.2.20

EventsThe event is pretty frustrating because we’re not always guaranteed the number of pieces needed to complete the level. I’m stuck on a level now because there aren’t enough stone pieces given to complete the level. We’re put in a losing situation and losing lives..Version: 3.1.35

Too much ads...Too much ads....Version: 3.1.5

DisappointedUsed to be a lot higher but can no longer play the game. Once open, screen is frozen and won’t let me make any moves. Disappointing since I used to love this game..Version: 3.1.12

Would’ve been 5 but...I used to play this a long time ago and my high score was 154,000 and now picking it up again I can’t even reach 10,000. I’m pretty sure the game has been changed to make it more difficult so people buy gems and stuff. I miss being able to play it for a long time.Version: 3.1.12

UnresponsiveKept seeing the adds pop up, and looked like the kind of game I would like, but either it’s moving way too fast, or there’s a glitch in the game. I don’t like how on my phone it freezes basically so I can’t move a block while it is “zapping” out any lines I’ve completed yet the next lines keep popping up in a timely manner. So it keeps moving Up and up and up towards the “mouth” thing, but I just CANT keep up, and that was immediately when I started, not after a while of it gaining speed or anything. Way too difficult to be any fun! Plus I’m not a fan of all the “building” in between levels. I just wanna play the game and try to beat my high score, but that’s just me..Version: 3.0.07

Purchased no adsStill getting ads. Really annoyed about this..Version: 2.2.17

It’s okIt’s a bit frustrating that you can’t make consecutive moves while the tiles are moving or breaking up. But it’s an ok time waster game..Version: 2.3.03

Ads won’t loadYeah should be great? But not for the free diamonds. I lost hundreds of them because the ad would crash the game. It’s very annoying..Version: 3.1.28

Too many adsThis game used to be good. Now you have to watch an ad after every game? Rediculous money grab that slows it down way too much for the user..Version: 3.1.35

Worse after updateI used to be able to play for hours and now since the newest update, you can't watch an ad to earn gems & double points. I will not pay real money to play a game!!!.Version: 3.1.7

Derniere mise a jourDerniere mise a joir... je ne peux plus ouvrir l'application... grrrr....Version: 3.1.3

Game froze, and now is stuck in a loopGame froze and I had to restart. Except the restart just resumes to the exact same place, which causes it to freeze again. Now it just freezes a very time I open it without me being BLE to do anything, as it is stuck on that exact same place..Version: 2.3.16

The app restarted mid game!I liked this game and the no time pressure meant I could play the game on and off and build up my score. I’ve been playing the same game on and off for a few weeks. This morning the app interrupted my game to update it’s terms and conditions and I accepted, expecting to carry on with my game after. But it has restarted my game and all the progress I’d made. So annoyed!!.Version: 2.3.07

TerribleWay too many ads. Some are over 30 secs long. It was a good game..Version: 3.1.11

Normally love, but recent update has major glitchesNow about 40% of the times that I fill a row, not all of the blocks in the row disappear. Seems to have started with the recent “update” I loved this game otherwise!.Version: 3.1.17

So cute but ad heavyThis is adorable but there are a lot of ads! The more points you accumulate the more special items you need. This keep you watching ads quite regularly..Version: 2.3.07

Could be betterOk so it is a fun game but I’d love for just infinite/purely just the Slidey puzzles the village stuff gets annoying very fast. So if you made an option for just puzzle fun with ads to unlock different skins for the blocks then I’d enjoy it and give a better rating.Version: 3.1.20

Was fun until...There's a glitch with the hammer tool... Used it and then couldn't play after without starting over. Lame.Version: 3.0.13

There are still ads after you pay to remove them!!!*UPDATE* I left the below review as 5* as it was an enjoyable game but wanted to remove the ad elements of it... you know, with the “remove ads for £1.99” option. It only removes the interstitial ads and not the ads you have to click through to unlock in game rewards!! What the hell! Applying to Apple to get my money back and will complain about this! *Original* Like this simple but enjoyable game. Let’s you play enough to get the hang of it and then you get an ad or two. Didn’t mind initially and decided it was worth the price to remove the ads..Version: 2.3.01

Not responsive enoughI can see how this could be an engrossing game but it is just frustrating as the sliders do not respond well enough to your control..Version: 2.2.20

Fun game but the ads are too annoyingThe cat theme is cute and I played for a while, but the stupid ad makes me feel bad every time when it comes out, deleted and never want to see that again..Version: 2.3.07

Bug fixer bug probNothing but trouble since I downloaded the latest version.Version: 2.3.05

Please fix itMy game has been frozen forever no matter what I do nothing helps!! Can you please fix it! I miss playing it! It’s been months now :(.Version: 3.1.22

SadThe game is so cool and addictive. I stopped playing for a while. Now that I’m back on it daily I’ve been tryto beat my old top score. At 250k. Without fail, the game glitches EVERY time I get close to 200k. I put alot of time and sometimes money to get that far. When I come back to the game, all my points are gone 😭😭😭 I try to still play hoping it’ll load. It’ll let me slide the boxes but the row won’t clear. They move up and just all drop back down. The next row, the predictor row, is just blank. Points at ZERO 😭😭 It’s been happening everytime for a month. Makes me want to throw the phone. This was my favorite game but I’m ready to delete it. 😔.Version: 3.1.16

Too RNG basedWay too RNG based forcing you to buy the cheats. Kinda stupid.Version: 3.1.3

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