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AppDose this site ship to New Zealand ?.Version: 2.33.0

The best kicks app by a mileBooooom! 🧨 The best kicks app by a mile. Wish I had more money to buy all I want as there are soooo many sneakers! All kicks received are good quality and a quick quick service. As I’m in the UK I’m a bit disappointed at how much shipping costs are but all in all a 10 star app. Will be using Goat again and again (100% better than StockX believe me).Version: 2.27.0

LanguageThe app is completely in Chinese which means I can’t even find the settings to switch language....Version: 2.18.3

GREAT PLACE TO SHOP!!!!!My husband‘s birthday is fastly approaching and I had to do some last-minute shopping being that all the major shoe stores in the mall were out of stock for the shoes that I was looking for. luckily I was presented with the opportunity to shop on GOAT. At first I was a little apprehensive about buying shoes online but I went ahead and bought the shoes anyway. In less than a weeks time, I received the shoes via UPS. I was also able to get tracking along the way which was very helpful to ease my anxiety. When I opened the package the shoes were absolutely perfect. I love the way that they were wrapped the presentation alone was an all-star situation. I also loved the authenticity card that they place with the shoes and the sticker from GOAT was cool as well!!! It shows that they take pride in what they do and are serious about their brand. I would highly recommend this Company !!!!!.Version: 2.33.0

Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)I love this app I have bought multiple pairs of shoes on this app and they're great. I like the filter for it but if you could add one of those price sliding bars for a price range that would make the app even better! Highly recommend this app if you like nice shoes..Version: 1.11.4

Do you have the Nike air Jordan 1 retro high og blue chill sneakers?I have been looking a longggg time for these sneakers and if anyone knows if this app sells them? 😃.Version: 2.32.2

A happy UK customer.Purchased Nike running shoes from GOAT. They arrived today, 100% authentic, zero import fees. Bought in USD (bank converts payment to GBP), paid $40 shipping fee as part of buying price, got UPS delivery updates when they left GOAT, after verification. From initial order to delivered took less than 10 days (inc. time to ship from seller to GOAT for verification). For reference; I’ve just bought some running shoes from Nike website, and it took 6 days for them to be delivered. All things considered in this pandemic era, under 10 days from GOAT is very respectable!.Version: 2.39.1

I love goatI have just ordered a pair of NMDr1 and I have had a lot of troubles recently with ordering shoes off of the internet and apparently this is the right place to go :).Version: 2.23.0

I love the appI love this app! At first I was a little worried about being cheated, not getting the right shoes, or losing them along the way, but now, I love this app! I recently just bought a new pair of Adidas For a great price. I think they find the cheapest shoes on the internet and sell them, because the shoes I got were a third more expensive in stores than in the GOAT app. Overall my shoes came with amazing quality, my only complaint is the shipping time, which is 13-14 days. So whatever shoes you are thinking of buying, buy them two weeks earlier. Another great thing about this is app is the simple order form. When you buy the shoes it gives you all the details (except when they arrive). It’s like a pizza delivery app that gives you the step by step process of your shoes being shipped. Would highly recommend this app to anybody who is looking for shoes at a great price!.Version: 2.33.3

Dope asIn New Zealand and got the kicks within a week. Keep up the excellent work..Version: 2.7.0

Pricing tagsHey can u please add price designation tabs for people who are limiting purchases, so if your looking for smthn for $300 you can get all the shoes that are in the $300 section.Version: 2.21.1

Great App!!!Awesome, clean and user friendly app. Have purchased multiple times and I must say I’ve had a 5 star experience. Great collection of sneakers, all legit, or will run through there pre verification before shipped, also an awesome place if you want to sell your own kicks..Version: 2.9.1

Looking for iOS developers⑩Are any developers willing to develop apps for our company♚? We need developers to develop various types of apps for our company˙. If you are proficient in a certain type of APP development♛, please contact me and we will provide a good commission️.Skype/_WhatsApp:> +⑤8615982002312 Facebook‵:estelle668$.Version: 2.44.0

Great App, Unwanted NotificationsI’ve been a dedicated Goat buyer for a few years now. I like it much more than StockX to the degree that I actually refuse to cop from StockX. But lately I’ve been getting notifications about sneakers I did not request and am not interested in, and there’s no way to disable it without disabling all notifications from the app, eliminating notifications about price drops and available sizes for the sneakers I actually want. This annoyance is pushing me to remove the Goat app from my phone for the first time in like 3 years. There really should be an option to disable the unsolicited ads. I think most people who’d be buying on a resell market would already clearly know what they want and don’t want. I don’t see the point in notifying people about sneakers they aren’t interested in, since anything they are interested in they’d request such notifications for. Goat is essentially spamming their users now. I wonder if StockX does the same, maybe it’s time to switch..Version: 2.16.2

Easy to useWith Goat, I can find various types of shoes by several clicks. So easy.. And I can also sell my used sneakers for anyone need them..Version: 2.8.3

Number one sneaker resale appBeing able to sell shoes in any condition and get super fast payouts and response. Makes them the number one for me..Version: 2.35.1

It's for meInstead of buying in stores,I use this app to buy my favourite sneakers easier. It has changed my shopping habit..Version: 2.8.3

Apparel disappearedThe apparel section in the app has disappeared out of no where.Version: 2.36.1

GOAT APPThis app really is the GOAT. They are a little different than other online “stores” i buy shoes from but this app is legit and great. I DID have to wait a little longer because they make the sellers ship them to GOAT first so they can “authenticate” the shoes and make sure the seller didnt lie about anything and then from there, they ship you the shoes but I didnt wait forever. Their emails were a little spaced out, as in I didnt hear from GOAT for a week or so when they originally receieved the shoes but i was PATIENT and i waited and then boom, a week or so later, they sent me an email saying the shoes were on the way. This app has TONS of shoes and pretty comparable prices. I will be shopping here again, and like i said you will have to be patient when ordering shoes from them but they sold me on this app, 10/10.Version: 2.30.0

Great but just the currencyIt is such a great app and has dope shoes but the only problem is that it doesn’t have English currency (£) so if that would change GOAT would 100% get a 5/5 rating from me.Version: 1.12.0

Giving it 2 starsI was choosing a size for my shoe but goat just pressed a random one and ordered it and charged it to my credit card 180 gone to waste.Version: 2.7.0

PricesSuch amazing prices on here compared to other shoe and clothing retailers and I really like the fact I can pay with Apple Pay because that means I know my money’s safe and I’m spending it properly..Version: 2.39.1

Official👍🏿👍🏿My 1st time shopping with goat for the hyper royal 13 retro’s size 12 was better than all the times I stood in line for the jay’s! I been rocking jay’s since the early 80’s and when I saw these coming soon on another app I wasn’t impressed but on the day of the sale I was tuned in and had to have them but they sold out everywhere I usually get a ticket in 2 different states and 99% of the time my name get pulled so I remember a friend of mine put me on to goat and I thought it was cool back then this was in August of 2017, didn’t think I would ever pay more than regular price but I did and the process took less than a week the emails were on point keep me updated and my joints official!!! I will be letting all my people’s know that goat so far in my book is top of the line I look forward to future business with them I wanna create a good reliable relationship with them! it allways feels good when your money is well spent and in this case I’m completely satisfied with my purchase thanks Goat!.Version: 1.15

WorldwideGreat app makes buying easier but would be better if for people outside of the US you could show the price in the country they are in for example I’m in Australia show the price in aud so I know how much I’m paying straight away, If this happens it’ll be perfect and worth 5 stars for sure.Version: 2.10.0

Its amazingIt has literally every shoe but it for example if you are scrolling through shoes and you see nmds for like 110 you go on it and it says like 200 but other then that it’s a great app and has female male and kids..Version: 2.19.0

ConvenientGoat is so convenient for everyone whether they are at home or in office. You can buy sneakers in this app as a gift for your parents on anniversary..Version: 2.8.3

Great platform, quickest paymentShoes sold within 5 hours, shipped same day and received cash out within 24 hours!.Version: 2.42.0

Currency?I haven't used it yet as I would like to know what currency is used so I know how much I am spending.Version: 1.11.4

Overall Totally ClassyI am always wary about purchasing anything online—esp shoes. I did a little research first and based on what I read, I chose GOAT and STOCKX (I found the latter company to be very disrespectful and overall unprofessional!). Every sneaker I have ordered from GOAT has been processed and delivered in a timely manner. One order I declined after purchasing bc the Sender did not specify a missing box lid (this was reported during the Authentication process)-GOAT gave me an immediate credit which I used immediately to purchase a different pair. Every package I have received in the past has been tip-top. Unwrapping each new box I receive, I know that I don’t have to worry about what’s inside bc I know it’s exactly what I ordered. I find GOAT to be a very professional business that delivers a classy package. I love the quality of product and that little signature card they put in every box. I strongly recommend this company!.Version: 2.0.1

Authenticity = 100%Can’t say I’ve had any problems ordering with this app. Only thing that could be close to problem I’ve had is at the checkout, declined my card because insufficient funds but I thought that is impossible so I rang my bank and they explained it was because it was a foreign company they couldn’t allow access but I verified it was me so that fixed the problem other than that it’s great app. Bought my self a pair Yeezy Boost v2 Blue Tints, completely real if your worried about getting scammed don’t be. Would recommend..Version: 1.15

GreatApp layout is easy to use, my first sneakers I purchased on here were yeezys and I got them fast + it is a legitimate service selling real sneakers All round 5 stars.Version: 1.13.1

Best sneaker appThis is this best sneaker app hands down 100% legit no scams all sneakers are real they also have used sneakers you can buy if they don’t have your size new or you can make a offer on a shoe brand new ur size and if ur offer gets accepted they will notify you when ever they get the sneaker and they have something call want it’s basically like a wish list just get the sneaker you want in ur size and then they will notify on the shoes they even show you what brand shoes got released lately and they even will show you what sneakers resell the best and the ones that don’t if you sell sneakers i can go on for days on how good this app is but I’ll write for days and did I mention that they have every single sneaker you can imagine of but truly thank you to the developers of this app it’s so amazing.Version: 2.24.0

Shipping costs!$60 for shipping to Australia is way too much and it would be appreciated if you guys could somehow drastically lower the cost of shipping thanks..Version: 2.23.2

New ZealandThis app seems amazing from what I’ve heard but it doesn’t ship to New Zealand so I can’t buy anything :/.Version: 2.29.3

DeliveryDo not use this app if u live in the uk i ordered a shoe and had to pay £30 in delivery 2 days later I get a txt from dhl saying if I don’t pay them another £35 in import tax I can’t receive my item.I have notified goat on this and they have done absolutely nothing what a waste of £160 wish I could give 0 stars.Version: 2.24.2

Easy to navigate, even from AustraliaTook the parcel to my local DHL warehouse and it was shipped and authenticated with 3 business days (from Australia!!!).Version: 2.15.4

No reason to shop anywhere elseAbsolutely class. Verifies the legitimacy of the item before shipping it to you. Easy, simple and clean app to use. Recommend to anyone..Version: 2.40.0

Best app everA best place to buy auth shoes, easy to use, and easy to create an order. This items will deliver to u on time or as soon as possible..Version: 2.8.3

Cheers.Quick and easy buying, all straight forward. Love it..Version: 2.15.4

Try it nowIf you are looking for an app to buy real sneakers, I think GOAT will suitable for you. It's so great, easy to use and user-friendly..Version: 2.8.3

Always on pointI’ve recently jumped in to the sneaker game and as everyone in it knows the level of fakes is getting to be off the charts. You can’t just go and buy a sneaker on eBay or other outlets without being nervous about its authenticity. This site gives you the go around to take that worry off of you. The level of insane profit that can be generated in basically 24 hrs after a shoe releases opens the door for the best fakes . Some of the shoes are going for 1000x what they are retailing for so the fakes are just about perfect and are getting to be harder to spot . If I’m going to throw $500 on a shoe I definitely want what it’s supposed to be. I tried this site before I had ever heard a great deal about it and always been beyond happy with the results every time. I have never not got exactly what I was supposed to and for that this is my main go to and will continue to. I’m waiting for a pair off OFF-WHITE AM97 now and I know they will be perfect when they get to me without question..Version: 1.15

Authentication processThis probably won’t be seen by anyone but it’s an amazing app. I sell on this platform quite frequently. My only downside is that the authentication process takes longer than I would’ve anticipate or like. Other than that, it’s great.Version: 2.43.4

5 StarI love the App but i do wish you had currency converter or option where i can change the prices to £,€,¥ etc.....Version: 2.2.0

Courier issues in the UKI always have problems shipping from London to GOAT as courier such as Rymans and some Robert dysons refuse to ship because the waybill doesn’t work on their system. Another issue I encountered with GOAT was I was able to ship in time to them but because the courier said to me that they don’t need the invoice shipment was delayed meaning it didn’t get shipped in time. Despite it not being my fault GOAT told me I would have to pay $40 to get the sneakers back which is unfair as I followed their rules..Version: 2.18.2

Free yeezyThis is a question would you be able to give these to me for a low price.Version: 2.24.2

Patience, just for my Nike’s!!Dam best runners I’ve came across, I am still waiting to purchase my first pair of Nike,s from goat. Gotta love ya Nike.s I have a pair that still look like new and they are ova 7 years old. But I do take pride in looking afta them and wearing the symbol. Next review will be about my purchase from GOAT here,s hopeing. Cheers anne( tassie).Version: 2.16.3

GOAT REVIEWI live in Australia and we can’t get everything that can be easily bought in the US. So I want to Thankyou for the variety the wide variety of shoes and clothing. THANKS!!.Version: 2.31.3

Review on goatThey actually send them to you so it's not a scam also they have amazing shoes for the right price and its amazing with shipping 🔥.Version: 1.15

Customer service is terrible. Simply horrendous.I have sold maybe 4 pairs of shoes through goat, and let me say it’s ease is better than StockX, buying I’m not so sure. Yet the questionable thing is, why is your customer service so terrible, a well known company has no Customer service number? What so ever? And it took me unprofessionally getting belligerent to get a email back after i proved to them they were wrong? Terrible i hope you all consider this as clearly there are more than enough people telling you how bad there customer service is. I sold a pair of shoes and confirmed that i shipped them. The order was apparently cancelled on a Friday when i shipped them on a Thursday and confirmed it. How do i know because another pair that i sold went out and was confirmed this same day..so how does that work. They proceed to send me a late email i repeat a late email saying they’re cancelled two days later which i saved and sent to them to which they gave no reply until i got belligerent and told them off. It’s a shame really.Version: 2.11.0

CurrencyCan you guys please make this available for NZ, i’d buy so many shoes if i could😫.Version: 2.21.1

Goat is the goatThere are several things I could comment on that are good with goats practice but I’ll mention the best. Goats system of authentication is very tight and well done so there is almost a guarantee that it is a legit purchase and if it is fake, then they offer a full refund. I ordered a pair of Air Jordan 1s for my dad and when we were told that they were fake, they gave a full refund without hesitation. I adore that goats system is so good for the customer and I’m happy to use it as my way of purchasing and selling sneakers because of its good policy..Version: 2.31.3

Best Sneaker App I have used!GOAT is by far the most consistent app I have used so far. Customer service is great here and far more dependable than other competitors (cough, StockX).Version: 2.41.0

GoatAmazing app these guys are super reliable, they have made sure all of my LeBron’s have been quality checked.... they even cancelled and refunded one of my orders because the sellers quality wasn’t up to scratch. Since then I have now bought five pairs of new LeBron’s through Goat, at ridiculous prices, especially what I have to pay OS to Australia great to be able to finally wrangle a decent price. This app is awesome and does exactly what it says... GOAT 🐐.Version: 2.8.1

Quality Service and GenuineOrdered Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Cream White’. Came literally within a week and a half of me ordering, the shoes look fookn stunning, and happy to say that the shoes are infact the real thing. Thanks guys, you’re sick!👌.Version: 2.2.0

Sneaker Candy StoreLiving in Australia, we didn’t have access to some of the gear released in the USA. GOAT is the only place I shop for vintage sneakers. I’ve purchased absolutely stunning Jordan 11s, vintage Kobe’s and will scout and buy more. Easy, reliable and credible..Version: 2.21.2

Best sneaker app in the game.This app is great they offer so much, even for this people who aren't going to buy every new release. The quality of this app is top tier although the prices are a little steep sometimes, otherwise a great app..Version: 1.7

Mad TingThis app is mad. I bought Skepta Never Sleep on tours and it was obvious that goat had secured me the real pair. The app itself has such a large data base filled some shoes that imma bout cop, much easier to use then the website as well..Version: 2.15.4

Goat Scam :I was successful on 1 of 5 attempts to make a transaction on Goat . They immediately charge my credit card but the seller is in no rush to send the shoes . Waiting for a better offer ? Also has them on another site ? Not sure . All I know is I didn’t get the sneakers I was charged excessively for and after waiting up to 3 weeks was told the seller decided not to send the shoes . How about this novel concept, make the seller put a credit card on file and charge him if he reneges ? The goat scam is great for goat ! Risk nothing and extract a large profit for having an expert 😁 funny , authentic a pair of overpriced sneakers . Good luck ! The clock is ticking on goat 🐐 6 months they’re out of business. I may open my own place and call it float ! Because that’s what they do with your Money . David DeLisi. Had to put 4 stars or they wouldn’t accept my review !.Version: 2.13.1

Great AppEasy to use, option to buy New, Used or New with defect which gives you several price options to make what you want more affordable. Very happy with it.....Version: 2.16.3

A hesitant 4/5 - fair reviewIf you see other reviews saying customer service is rubbish, believe them. Their help pages are rubbish, it’s impossible to speak to anyone and you never get any response. With that being said, they do sell your item it just takes a while, but you do get a very good price for your item. Once your shoe has finally been authenticated (took me over 2 weeks) the cash out process is very easy and pretty much instant. With all the problems faced in regard to their customer service and wait time, would I use again? Yes, now I know what to expect..Version: 2.28.3

Import dutyGoat is a great app I’ve purchased many shoes at a way better price than klekt or StockX however i just wish they had a way to start incorporating custom charges on the display price in the app because there are times when the import duty is ridiculous. One time I could be paying £40 and the max I’ve spent is £125 it’s very frustrating as it can be so up and down. Besides that I have no problem with app.Version: 2.33.0

Great app!Placed my first order! Love the app and it’s design. Very simplistic and minimalistic, but easy to figure out and use. Excited to see how this order, and hopefully more, turns out. Only feedback would be I wish there was a way for a buyer to connect more with a seller (e.g. seller contact information, short bio, previous sales history, etc.) it would make the app much better and promote safer sales; but I do understand that GOAT wants its app to be a basic “browse and buy/sell” only. Will update soon! Here’s the update!, My order came in 11 days, due to weather conditions along its route, but only a one day over the promised 7-10 day delivery. Was happy and excited to open the package and it contained everything as promised! A brand new pair of shoes in a pristinely handled box, with a tailored note to prove authenticity. Couldn’t be more satisfied! Will be ordering another pair very soon. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a way to shop sneakers of any type with out all the hassle of stores, lines, or scams! Big thanks to the GOAT Team!.Version: 2.16.0

Sandels more than Air Force 1.I bought Air Force 1 not knowing that I could cop them for so cheap until I typed I wanted to buy sandels and they cost 200 dollars. This is ridiculous. Airforce 1 are twice as good as the clapped sandels..Version: 2.17.0

Won’t open for some reasonGreat app, love it and i’ve been using it for a long time, but for some reason it won’t open anymore, please fix.Version: 2.43.4

Fix the app iconI love the app I buy a lot of my shoes from goat but since recent app updates the icon is just black can you switch the icon back to the old icon it looks really stupid with an all black icon.Version: 2.28.0

HelpfulAn interesting app help users choose and buy authentic sneakers with good price. Shipper is friendly and delivery is quickly..Version: 2.8.3

Ratings 5 rating for this appLove goat app but if your in nz n you spend more then 400 you will be charged in customs and its costly.Version: 2.21.3

CurrencyWhat is the currency that has been set in this app?.Version: 2.8.3

Bad customer serviceOrdered a pair of shoes , never received them . It’s been a month later & no one is writing me back . If you order shoes from these people you might not get them . Terrible . Written them Dozens of times every other day & still no response . Paid with my credits from selling shoes so I can’t file a complaint with my bank . So they basically robbed me . Who knows if I will ever get me $700 or my shoes . Also there will be random shoes purchased on your purchased history & when you ask about them they can’t give you any information . Chances of your important cc information being compromised & all they say is we will refund your original payment within 2-3 business days . I sell on this platform all the time & never thought it would come to this.Version: 2.5.0

DopeMean app legit as, defiantly go to shoe shop app.Version: 1.11

Great app, past events disappoint meThe app is great, I use it whenever I need shoes or whenever I need to clean out my sneaker closet. But unfortunately my birthday was a little bit ago and I had 3 sellers cancel on me. Resulting in no presents for me. Thankfully I used another app and they shipped the same day. I definitely recommend the app but this was just very frustrating and very time consuming. Each cancelled order took around 5 days to tell me, I kept getting excited over a pair and then having them tell me nvm. I’m hesitant to keep spending my money without knowing I’ll get the shoes because I don’t want to wait for something that isn’t going to happen. This app needs the ability to contact sellers!!! I cannot stress this enough this would’ve made my experience better and it wouldn’t have been canceled orders..Version: 2.32.2

Great Shoes AppI love buying shoes from here. I have bought multiple pairs of shoes and will continue to do so. Shipping was quicker than expected. Extremely happy and I would highly recommend anyone to use this app..Version: 1.11.4

Great, easy to use appThe Goat App is by far my favourite sneaker app to use. It's simple, easy to navigate and very aesthetically pleasing. The purchasing process is simple and the customer support was fast and effective. My only complaint is the lack of combined shipping which does make it rather expensive for overseas shipping..Version: 2.10.0

NiceThank you.Version: 1.5.3

GoatGoat is a really good app for buying and selling exotic sneakers. I would recommend using goat to every sneaker head itw..Version: 2.15.2

Awesome but...I love the app but i have not been able to go into the app anymore. i’ve been keeping up with all the updates and it still doesn’t work :(.Version: 2.43.2

Excellent!!I have now bought 2 pairs of Nike’s from GOAT and they have both been great! Really happy to be able to get ahold of styles I can’t get in Aus directly..Version: 2.26.0

Simplicity worksUsing the Goat App is great, I always can find whatever shoes i want without any fuss!.Version: 2.41.0

User FriendlyI like how user friendly the app and very straightforward..Version: 2.24.1

NZD CurrencyGreat app with a huge variety of shoes and sneakers. Only problem is that you can’t change currency to NZD.Version: 2.19.1

A good app should haveAll sneakers which are supplied by Goat are authtentic and have a reasonable price. So, when shopping on GOAT, i'm very excited and happy..Version: 2.8.3

Banks?Anyone here from Banks.Version: 1.11.4

We love GOAT🐐Fast seller processing process, payout is very fast as well. Love it. Hopefully they reduce seller fees to minimum 8%, as 9 is quite high. But I guess it’s worth it at the Ed of the day. Except for PayPal’s fees, don’t nobody wanna give them nothing 😂😂.Version: 2.42.0

Great app but one flaw.Dark mode please!!! Browsing kicks late at night I have to turn the brightness to minimum, but then I can’t see the colours of the shoes. Otherwise a fantastic app, much cleaner and more informative than many others..Version: 2.40.0

Hidden FeesI and many other people have bought from goat and are heavily taxed on import fees which aren't made clear at all in FAQS or anywhere online but of course they find loopholes.Version: 2.36.1

GoodGood shoes.Version: 2.24.2

Excellent ServiceCan’t be complementary enough of this site. Ships on time and has all the freshest kicks 👊.Version: 2.18.3

BlissfulI bought adidas shoes for $ 400, which is $ 50 cheaper than the web-based price tag. I feel very happy because of that :))))).Version: 2.8.3

Bought from CanadaJust have to say that as a Canadian I was hesitant , with the duties , tariffs and everything on top of everything. But I’ve had a great experience with GOAT. If you look for it there’s so truly awesome deals to find on this site, and although it’s in American currency, simply asking siri what it was in Canadian was very helpful. The bad reviews from Canadians, are because people are stupid, and expect that paying 230 us and shipping to Canada will be as advertised. It’s not, if you buy intelligently (I.e the VERY consistently surprising used shoe section which are very advantageous) you can buy some dope kicks that you can find anywhere. Copped some dope kyrie 2s that retail for 350 cad for only about 170 after shipping! Try this out northerners, and do yourself a favour and request them to ship to you with USPS. Customer service will hopefully be as consistent as they have been with me.Version: 2.17.0

Reported Company to FTC- shady unethical business practicesTo any one who is not in the states this company is great at misleading its consumers into purchasing shoes without knowing the final costs to get it to your house on a $308 pair of shoes you get charged $105 more for duties and taxes almost half of the cost of the original price When you send them back they refuse to issue a refund stating that you bought them and it wasn’t them who purchased them based on their “policies” which they hide in fine print deep in their website They have highly deceptive business practices and highly mislead their consumers You wonder why i gave then 5 stars is because no one takes a moment to read the one star ratings so this is to make sure this is front and center I will never buy from them again and highly suggest you use other apps like STOCKX to find your shoes I will also be filing a complaint with the FTC because it is illegal to misrepresent a product n its true costs I am not the first person they have done this to as you can see if you read the one star reviews They hide behind fake policies that they just made up to try n hide from being held accountable.Version: 2.43.4

Why you should buy at goat?It’s same as the name goat. Very convenient and legitimate place to buy sneakers. Their customer service is excellent..Version: 2.10.2

1st time using the appFirst time using the app to sell a pair of sneakers. Easy to list with simple instructions. I’m usually not one to leave reviews, but enjoyed my experience. My item sold within a day too..Version: 2.27.3

Interesting appGOAT makes my shopping becomes easier and more interesting. Really really nice. I'll invite my brother to use it..Version: 2.8.3

Shipping costIf you are from out of USA then never order from this website. You have to pay import duties + the shipping cost. Too expensive for non US residents..Version: 2.42.1

Greatest App CreatedJust wanted to say for a Jordan collector, I have been searching for an App, a site that does exactly what you guys do. Take the hassle and worry out of purchases by verifying everything, and it’s the easiest way to find exactly what your looking for. Highly recommended.Version: 2.12.2

Communication between buyer and sellerThe app is really goodbut the only thing that bothers me is the fact that you can’t text the seller. Would be great if change..Version: 2.20.0

Not impressed!!I made my first purchase through goat last week. Didn’t have any problems ordering or receiving my shoes but I do have some questions regarding authenticity. My shoes were sent from Hong Kong directly to me so when did they get verified to be legit? Also, if I would’ve known they were being sent from another country I would’ve avoided the whole transaction completely. Now, about the shoes, I ordered some all white Jordan’s which I have seen in person and the inner part of the shoes along with the tongue are more of a gray then white. Giving them more of a dingy look than anything. Like I said, I have already seen these shoes before and they are supposed to be completely bright white. I’m glad I didn’t make an expensive purchase to try these guys out but I don’t think I’ll be making another purchase through them until they make it available for you to know where your seller is located..Version: 2.24.2

My honest reviewGoat is better than stock x. The app is very user-friendly and everything looks professional. The sales ent through very smoothly and I enjoy using the app for my day-to-day sales of shoes..Version: 2.20.0

AmazingGoat is so helpful to get the shoes that are right for you I bought a pair of yeezys from here when nowhere else had them which is so helpful 😀.Version: 1.15

My review on goatI love this app i love shoes and finding them I honestly find this more entertaining than instagram.Version: 2.19.1

Fantastic App and Excellent Service.Easy to use app. Buy sneakers, they get authenticated, express shipped to your doorstep! Legit sneakers and an excellent service to ensure you get authentic kicks. Approximately 10 day turn around from purchasing, authentication and delivery to Australia. Highly recommended!.Version: 2.1.0

A veritable cornucopia of wants!I just scroll and scroll and scroll....Version: 2.42.3

First time sellerFirst time seller, excellent app and people behind the company. To those who want to sell their shoes this is the perfect app..Version: 2.43.1

Goat>>>>>StockXDon’t even holla at me.Version: 2.21.0

Can’t be trustedJust because you hand over money and buy something on this app does not mean you will get the item. They let sellers cancel orders then you have to wait 7 days to get your money back. It honestly can’t be trusted so avoid it. It’s a false marketplace..Version: 2.0.0

Horrible customer supportIt’s hard to not call these guys con artist. They will pick apart all kinds of problems with shoes you send them so that you are forced to offer discounts or pay for return shipping. Don’t fall for the idea that their shoes are a little less expensive, they will tax you in every way they can in every angle and drive that price up by the time the transaction is completed. Buy a pair at a good price good chance they’re going to say they are fake with no verification. Makes it hard to believe they’re not doing it in their own self interest to drive up prices. Definitely not on the side of you the small guy buying a pair of shoes or two. They’re going to tear you in every direction possible and try to tell you your shoes aren’t good enough. Multiple times they have sent me horribly damaged boxes when they were advertised as good condition while telling me brand new shoes I had bought and never even tried on were used and forced discounts. Find a different company as this one has gotten really bad over the past year.Version: 2.32.0

StartI’ve only just started using this app and I already am loving it and don’t want to put it down. It’s very usable and you could use it for just 5 minutes while your waiting or you could use it for hours and be up all night. My brother showed me this app just now and it’s the best app ever. This is a great app and I would highly recommend it..Version: 2.18.3

The best shoes everI have never seen a better place to buy beater shoes and cheap air jordans with verified authenticity 10/10 would recommend..Version: 2.19.1

An useful appUseful for both buyer and seller..If u want to get your favourite sneakers but don't have to go to stores, GOAT is made for u ! I recommend it..Version: 2.8.3

Great app, one suggestionI really like this app but I with you could filter the prices from low to high..Version: 1.15

New Zealand DollarGreat app, but could you also add NZD( New Zealand Dollar).Version: 2.19.1

Mad appNon bias review coming up I’d never heard of this app till a few days before I post this review my friend referred me and it instantly had the shoes I had been looking for for ages just like that no hassles involved and by what I can tell they have the shoes you’re after. Also easy to use and clear display of products just a great app.Version: 2.8.3

Suuuuper appMy sister likes using this app to buy her favourite sneakers and either do I. All sneakers which I and she have bought in GOAT are authenticccc. Love it.Version: 2.8.3

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