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Download this life saving App!!!I typically like to make small payments rather than a lump some of cash for something. This is perfect! I do my Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, Mother’s Day, etc on this app. Lowest rates ever! Not to mention you get options of how many months you’d like to pay back. And recently I can’t make payments due to injury and off work, and the process to push back pay dates was unbelievably easy!!! And they add no extra payments or interest for missing a payment! I’ve taken probably a total of $5,000 in loans and I barely make $20,000 a year. And I’ve never missed a payment nor couldn’t make it regularly (till recently) bc everything is so easy to navigate, Its all paid out neatly for those her stress about a difficult layout. Like this app has been my life saver for over 2 years now. It’s perfect..Version: 3.106.1

Overall good but...Easy to use, pretty self explanatory app. Enjoyed it a lot to pay for a jewelry purchase. However, if you make a payment, interest will still accrue while the payment is processing, which can take a few days. I made extra payments and set it up to do a final payment on the amount leftover, and had an item I thought paid off 1.5 months early, and I log into Affirm and it says I still owe 42 cents. Why would anyone pay all but 42 cents for an item? Affirms system left me unable to pay the remainder as I’ll explain further. No problem, I try to pay the remaining 42 cents, but it cannot take a payment below $1. So I think okay, I’ll pay a dollar, but no, it won’t take more then the balance due. This is not an acceptable set up. My interest rate is low so it’ll be a long time before it’s accumulated to be able to make the dollar payment. I wanted to have it paid off as of the last payment. Which should have been the case. The app should not be set up in such a flawed way that people cannot be able to make early payments IN FULL and their loans be paid off. If anyone from Affirm is reading this, fix this bug in your system right away and make everyone’s lives a little easier. These flaws only hurt consumer confidence in your system..Version: 3.109.1

SkepticalI’ve been among the most critical in judging on line shopping experiences. So, far I’ve found Affirm is well received by the banks I use. I gave 4 because it’s not that old yet. The lists of merchants using Affirm are pretty respectable as well. This is for legitimate purposes and like any other banking world tool, you have the same control and responsibly. The idea of allowing payments overtime without interest accruing is a true bang for buck deal for consumers and merchants. I think it may make the marketplace reflect more reality and therefore act as a stabilizing influence. It’s covering a broad base as well allowing people to recover from losses, share wealth and slowdown waste. Thank God! Really great idea and seems like a cleaned up improved idea from others. I think(hope) it’s pushing out the disingenuous, those, seeking to fence stolen goods, sell knock offs or set up other various online scams. At least so far, so good. As far as I know I’m the biggest mouth around calling fouls. I call myself too if I’m wrong. We all need integrity & accountability to have respect for each other. If we lose that honor in ourselves I’m afraid we are nothing. Also, for letting me preach a little bit, ThankYou. Back to work now, Happy Campers..Version: 3.102.0

Excellent Way 2 Pay!I’m a Youtuber Jay Moore Reviews and I review movies, tv shows and products. I have been using affirm for a couple years now and it’s a excellent way to pay for what you need without spending all your cash at once or charging a lot on your credit cards. I have used affirm to pay for trips through Expedia as well as clothes and shoes from Nike. I love it! I could have paid in cash but then that cash wouldn’t be in my bank. I could have used my credit cards but then I would have to charge thousands on it and run my balance up. Instead I just pay monthly as I get paid and get everything I need and the best part is that I can prepay my balance at any time and save money on interest charges which is what I did when I paid of my Expedia trip to California! I love this app because not only do they have a great way to pay but they also have discounts for you when you shop which is great. I recommend this app if you need to build your credit or just don’t want to make big charges on your cards and want to keep some cash in the bank. In the end trust me you will be happy with the service 💯.Version: 3.117.1

Wanna shop and pay later? No prob👌🏻HIGHLY RECOMMEND Was kinda hesitant to try buttt glad I did!! This is basically a small loan or finance app if you wanna buy anything but aren't trying to blow all your money they finance it for you CREDIT DEPENDING. You will qualify for something which is better than nothing, they don’t leave any inquiries when checking your credit which is a PLUS. Probably the simplest app to barrow money on. I Use this app for car parts when I want to buy some but don’t wanna blow my money all at once. They will let you see how much you’re pre approved for and it isn’t a lie no gimmicks or hidden fees they show you what you pay or a late payment process. everything is there for you to see and you’ll even have the option to pay off complete balance and it’ll show you how much you’ll save in interest! Definitely Definitely recommend you can use this anywhere where they accept Affirm !!.Version: 3.28.1

Dreams do come true!Imagine winning a cruise for two and all you have to do is get to the dock in Miami from Atlanta. Wow, right? Nope. To plan for a trip now is to pay for a trip now so I was going to have to turn down the free 8 night cruise because I didn’t have cash or credit available for the flight. (I hate driving). However, as I began to make the flight arrangements to calculate costs ... up pops an offer to pay later with AFFIRM. Of course I took advantage of the offer! We can fly to Miami the same day the cruise departs, no need for a hotel or agonizing long drive. We return and fly home no down time no massive expense! Whew! The free cruise is a go! We leave in July and I’ve only had to make 1 / $86 payment for our two round trip tickets that include seats and bags! Don’t deprive yourself! Live within your budget but enjoy your life! With AFFIRM I can do both!.Version: 3.40.0

Awesome Service & App!This is a such great financial service. I really like the fact that there are no hard credit checks performed and the terms are not the same as a traditional credit card where there is a revolving balance. They have an extremely extensive listing of participating retailers in multiple categories such as clothing (including super high end like LV), beauty, home appliance & furniture stores, and even some major airliners plus travel services such as Expedia! Travel expenses, especially if you need to make plans last minute, can be extremely costly, so having the option to use Affirm to fund your purchase instead of putting it on a credit card is awesome. I also love the fact that you can get an estimate of the amount you may qualify for, and that the total you’re ultimately approved for isn’t fixed. Another thing I appreciate is not being penalized for paying off my loans in advance. Oh, and the app is just as fantastic too. Super easy to navigate, straight forward FAQ/answers, and is very aesthetically pleasing. I am so, so thankful for this service, 5/5 stars all around!.Version: 3.15.0

5 stars all around!I found this through way-fair - I wanted to buy a new mattress (which we all know they get fairly pricey) and I found one I liked and it was on sale so I wanted to seize the opportunity, but didn’t have as much as I needed. I used Affirm to buy the mattress and everything has been wonderful. The process to borrow was fast and simple, the interest rates are relatively high but that’s assumed with companies like this - that being said, if you pay it off quickly and in lump sums you save on interest fees and essentially get it for a decent price with the interest. After all, you can’t expect to borrow money and not give money for the convenience. I wouldn’t use this all the time or in a frivolous manor, but it def is great to use on purchases like I mentioned above. I haven’t had any problems with Affirm. I got the money, spent the money, repaid the money in a timely manner, and everything was as it should be. 5 stars, all around!.Version: 3.21.0

Change your way of life today with Affirm!You no longer have to earn a high salary or be born into wealth to live a more affluent lifestyle!!! Get approved to use affirm today and give your quality of living a total upgrade overhaul. With affirm you can work swiftly towards achieving goals and dreams you never even imagined making progress can even pay for monthly groceries using affirm virtual card and apple or google pay on your device, just make sure the store offers mobile pay or make your purchase and pay online then go to pick it up or have it conveniently delivered. I was approved for affirm just after the holiday season ended and made Christmas come a second time for my household, I am now a huge fan and pledge my undying loyalty to the affirm program... seriously, your app has completely altered my life and the lives of my entire family for the better. From the bottom of my heart.., thank you. I give Affirm five stars, I would give it twenty stars where allowed - I recommend it to friends and family and will continue to recommend it to absolutely anyone and everyone I can, I strongly believe affirm has the potential to alter finance and healthy living for the individual forever. Everyone should be using this service!.Version: 3.116.0

Affirm opened up a whole new chapter in my life.For a young person who is mostly responsible with their money, Affirm is a gift from above. Affirm allows me to make the purchases I’ve always wanted, but could never afford on my current budget. Both the IPhone App and the online website have such a user friendly display. It shows you precisely when and how much you will need to pay each month along with the total left of your entire purchase, including the breakdown of what you are paying for. On top of that you can even pay early to stay on top of your purchases. In my experience with returns, they are a breeze. I sent back the product I bought to the company I purchased it from ( ECS Tuning ), and within three days of leaving my local FedEx there was a return taken right off from my affirm payments. Overall if you are responsible with your money and have good experience with paying monthly bills ON TIME... affirm is a great way to allow those expensive, in my case recreational, purchases into your budget..Version: 3.43.1

Change the way you allow folks to qualify for creditCurrently I just paid off a loan with affirm and about 6 mths ago I tried to see if I was prequalified for something again and I wasn’t which is understandable however credit scores change and my credit score went up since then to a good rating but because of that particular time frame I put in for a pre-qualification 6 mths ago, still to this day you say your decision is final even with a paid off loan and it being 6 mths later. It’s cool no hard feeling but I think from me, I give this app a 1 star for that issue because you are a creditor and telling somebody no and that’s final knowing credit always changes isn’t fair but hey it’s your app. not giving folks another chance at a loan to me shows (A) not a good credit source provider and (2 )obviously you don’t want to increase revenue for customers who return for future loans cause you base them as a risk off one credit check.Version: 3.28.1

Quick and efficientThis app is set up easier than any other account I use for my credit cards. It is designed to be simple and straightforward so a user can get on with a thumb scan. A user does have the option of using their phone number to log on but that takes a bit longer. When you start using the app, you just give your account number you will have money withdrawn from, and either go on every month and pay......really takes less than a minute to do, or set up auto pay. They also have an option every time you log on to see if you are prequalified for future spending. No hard credit check for this either. I did this to buy an expensive exercise machine and I just accepted the offer and then was shown how to pay for it with the pre-approved funds. Be aware, once you start a loan with affirm, it does go on your credit report. Pay everything on time and hello higher score. Overall, best app I have used so far (and I use a lot of them)..Version: 3.35.1

Wonderful, easy, and simple app to use for those who are looking to build credit!Love this app! It’s so easy to use and I have used it for almost a year now. It lets you know what your total payment will be before you even begin your loan; it doesn’t charge you extra if you’re a little late on a payment and I just love it! Getting a loan has never been easier. It’s been simplified down so that anyone who’s looking to build good credit can do so easily! I’ve been able to purchase my first really great mattress and absolutely love how affordable it is with Affirm. I’m able to make payments that coincide with my income and balance out my financial situation. Being an adult has never been easier with this app at the tips of my fingers! I highly recommend everyone to give it a try!.Version: 3.5.0

Easy perfectI got the app as it was a way to pay for a willow breast pump (also amazing) and it’s paid now before my baby has arrived. as this is my second child I knew the pump would be worth the investment but I didn’t have the money up front with all of the other expenses we had. We also ended up having our laptop break the same time we needed winter tires and were able to get that set up in payments as well. I have been using affirm 6 months I have paid the pump off and am paying about 100 a month (for the 650 tires which were a Black Friday deal and a good brand with installation and warranty included) And my chrome book so I could continue to work on my graduate degree. It’s easy to pay and apply if someone told me about this I don’t think I’d believe them. I’ve told friends and family and they have now tried it too and now use it..Version: 3.31.0

Very good financingI have poor Credit and was very happy with the help of affirms financing. It’s great and cheap. Even with my terrible credit I received 15% which is much better then the 19-21% on cards I get. 15% is still high but for those with even better credit would reap much better benefits. Got 450$ financed for only 38$ in interest over a 12month payment plan. And the app is very easy to use. And doesn’t start the actual payment day until your order is shipped. So even thou my Order was placed on sept29th. I would log on affirm every day and watch it go from the 1st. To 2nd to 3rd and add by 1 every day until the 7th when my package arrived at my house. Which is great because the high quality websites I use have parts coming from Germany directly for my car and so shipping takes 1-2 weeks and instead of being 2 weeks into my order and having 2 weeks to pay my affirm account It didn’t start the payment dates until i received my items. Will be using affirm from now on over any financing program for a long time currently..Version: 3.61.2

Great app , and great and quick loan service.Honestly was quite unsure about using this service as there is a lot of misinformation online about them . But once I tried it , I may never go back to traditional loans , that is , for stores that they cover . I would even opt to use them instead of my credit card solely based on ease of service . Not that my credit card isn’t easy to use ( LOL ) but the fact that loans build credit different than credit cards . The customer service is awesome , very quick , responsive , and kind . Returns process relatively fast and you usually don’t have to make any payments if it’s processing , and if you do they reimburse you as long as it was in processing before your due date , at least from what I understand . All in all it’s a dime . If I could give it 10 stars I would . And they definitely deserve some credit for this service! Good job, I’ll continue to use fs !.Version: 3.115.0

Quick and easyI hate having to dish out $300 upfront for a part for my car. Using this app and their services I can make quick and easy payments. Yes they do have interest fees but I’m all about doing payments instead of paying upfront a huge chunk of money. You can use their services anywhere that takes a card. Its amazing when you use their service and before you even pay a dime you get the part or item you wanted then you go and do what you want with it. Like right now my car needs a radiator $450 for radiator and hoses. Then I got me a timing belt and water pump kit (needed to be done at 100k it’s at 125k now so Better do it now) that was $276 so a total of $726 and got those parts in less than a week and I haven’t payed anything on it yet. Payments aren’t horrible at all. But all in all I really enjoy using this app it’s very easy and simple to use. 100% would recommend to a friend..Version: 3.58.1

Simply Amazing!At first I was skeptical about using this app. But after a few purchases, I am nothing but very satisfied. It helped a lot with online purchases and gives you 3 options of payments, 3mo., 6mo., and 12mo. As long as you do your part and pay your monthly payments, you have nothing to worry about. It helps when you have other bills to pay but need to make a big purchase online. I have used this app for more than 2 years now and haven’t had any problems. I use it mostly for ordering car parts online and gifts for the holidays when my spendings are very limited. **A few tips I have is to make sure you pay your monthly payments and to not go too overboard with your spendings. There were a couple instances where I was standing on the ledge trying to make the monthly payments..Version: 3.26.3

Affirm AppI found this confusing at first but probably because I skimmed everything and didn’t read everything. When I was first given the loan it looked like a check and I didn’t realize that had to be used for one purchase only and what was left over wasn’t usable. I was booking a trip so I applied again for the AirBnB and the loan I was offered was much lower but covered where we were staying. That had my total loan at around 500 because I started paying it back and wanted to secure my car, I was then declined because they could not establish who I was suddenly. I have since tried 3 or 4 times but to no avail so I wrote in to the company today to see what was up. Until the not being able to know where I am the program was a cool app to use you just really need to have what you want already found and be able to have it as a single purchase. I haven’t given up on the app just because the simplicity of it is great! It truly was the easiest line of money to get and pay back. Give them a shot.Version: 3.94.1

Affirm is WonderfulI love this app because it’s super-easy, but also provides all the information you need. With some other apps, I have to go to their main website for more detail. On the Affirm app, I can find all my current and past loan information, and easily find out how much interest I’ll save if I pay off early. Because they don’t penalize for early payoff, I finance my loans for 12 months, just in case...and then usually pay off within one to three installments. When you make your payment, the app shows your total balance and the interest you’ll save by paying off that day, or you can choose a different date and get a final payment amount. I’ve used Affirm at Wayfair, but today I used Affirm for a purchase at Nike. I got 0% interest over 12 months, so I might just take my time paying off this loan..Version: 3.21.0

Affirmative on Affirm App!This app was a savior in a rough time for me. I had a huge expense essentially eliminate all of my savings at the time, and wouldn’t you know it - suddenly I needed more money for a flat tire. Doesn’t make much sense to replace one tire at a time, so at bare minimum I needed to get two. I had a few days left before payday so I needed a good chunk of money to make my purchase and I was talking to my sister, who told me about Affirm. It was so simple. No credit check. No hassle. I put in my information, and was approved for way more than I needed. Making a purchase was just as simple too!! This app is so easy to maneuver, and to get the money you need - and to pay back. The interest rate is high, but if you pay it back early and timely, the amount paid towards interest is worth the ease and ability to borrow money from a lender from an app. No phone calls, no pesky questions, no credit checks, and I get money for my purchase. It’s amazing. You cannot use this with Apple Pay or to send money through Western Union or any of those apps. It’s all electronic currency, nothing you will ever be able to put in your hands..Version: 3.29.0

Just Amazing 🤩So easy and professional 👏 this is my first experience with Affirm and I am really impressed by them 🤩👏.Version: 3.160.1

Budget WiseAs a single mother of 4 with less than stellar credit, affirm came through when I didn't know what to do. Pandemic hit and I only had a small fridge, I was able to purchase a deep freeze to make sure I had things in stock when going to the store wasn’t an option. Soon after, my dryer broke and I was able to purchase one without being charged huge financing fees or high interest rates. I’ve been able to replace a 20 year old tv and 10 year old mattress with affirm. I will continue to use this option to make my larger purchases without breaking the bank. Thank you for having my back and helping me to slowly, but surely improve our quality of living. Large expenses aren’t feasible, though I work full time. I’m also a full time college student working towards my career goals. I’m grateful there’s an option out there that works for and with me. 🤍.Version: 3.114.0

CREDIT ON YOUR TERMSAffirm provides small loans for a verity of purposes (shopping, vacation, etc.), and unlike some lenders Affirm allows customers to repay loans on their terms. Using Affirm is extremely easy. After ones account is setup borrowing is quite easy. Basically after shopping online and obtaining the full amount of a purchase, you can click over to Affirm, request your loan, then be given a virtual credit card to complete your purchase with a merchant. When you login Affirm will tell you the amount that you’re prequalified for, without staining your credit report and score with hard inquires. You can choose your repayment terms, whether that be 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. You can sign up for automatic payments, or manually submit payment of a monthly basis. Either way, Affirm provides timely messages via text message and/or email as a reminder when a payment due date is approaching. Affirm allows payments to be authorized and submitted via text message. Affirm reveals up front how much you’ll pay over time in interest for a loan, but also allows you to skip paying interest altogether. You can repay your loan in full, without penalties, at any point. It’s like having access to an American Express card, without needing a credit score >800..Version: 3.61.2

High APR but worth it.My credit was in poor status, affirm gave me a $250 credit line. Although my credit was poor at the time, due to a divorce and foreclosure on a home, I was able to get that small amount of credit and pay it back quickly. Affirm takes into account your payment history with them, in a years time I was approved for a $2k line of credit. The interest is high, but when your credit is suffering it’s just the way it has to be. Since my first time using affirm, I’ve been able to get 5 separate loans that I was able to pay back at my own pace. You pick the the length options available for a better rate or smaller payments. It’s up to you! And yes, you can use it ANYWHERE, instantly!! Not just online. They issue you a virtual card to use immediately. So easy, and the app makes keeping up with payments seamless. Thank you Affirm!!.Version: 3.61.2

Be carefulYes there is no prepayment penalty if you pay the balance early. But beware that if you pay the balance in the first month as the Social Worker said you will still be required to pay the interest that is calculated on the total purchase. For example, you finance $1,000 for a trip. If your yearly interest rate is 15% you owe $150 in interest. Total loan $1,150. Prepay in first month you must pay the entire $1,150. Not 1/12 or one month of interest that would normally be $30. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. $150 instead of $30. You owe the entire amount of interest anytime you pay or prepay. Just understand that. It seems illegal to me but if you agree to it I guess they can do it! Learn more about Finnace before you assume you can do something and then get hurt because you err taken advantage of..Version: 3.46.0

Convenient, but they need to manage vendorsI have used Affirm 5 times. Convenient with competitive interest rates for this type of loan. The problem is, they don’t verify purchases have been completed. For the second time they have set up a loan before the product has been delivered to the buyer. When you advise them of product delivery problems, they tell you to contact the seller and work out the issue yourself. That’s fair once you have received what you purchased. My issue is for the second (and last) time a loan has been set up and billing has begun BEFORE the product purchase has been completed and shipped (or delivered)! They don’t have a resolution process that is easily accessed. Once this last purchase is completed, I will go back to using a credit card. Customer service, if you can call it that, leaves a lot to be desired. Not worth the hassle!.Version: 3.97.0

Great loan program but has its risksThey are very persuasive and will harass you hundred calls a day and threaten you verbally. The app shows you the opportunity to pay up 2 times consecutively if so, who doesn’t have one month of hardship a least 1 time a year. These people will even block you the opportunity to apply again so where else for a 1 time late payment. I was late less then 30 days because they only take debit or bank account payments and I even paid the following months loan at the same time 2 payments upfront. I have great credit plus amazingly 100 % good standing payment history, and I’m still denied to access this program for another loan option elsewhere. Wish they where a little more considerate specially if I did not by pass to the second month of payment and paying both payment one less then 30 days and the next following one made it super early..Version: 3.46.0

I didn’t knowMy grandson call me up And he said Meme do you think you can get credit for this place its called Affirm I told him I don’t know I had never heard of it gave him my information and told him to try because he wanted something for his computer that was like $800 I believe they gave me like $3200 credit and on the $800 they charged $109 I believe it is for interest but it’s paid over a period of time and everything is done right they take out the money out of my account on the 20th of every month my grandson bring somebody over here to me on the 18th of every monthMy grandson knows that if he makes these Payments on time Then if he needs something else he will use it again It just took a few minutes to apply so he’s happy and I’m happy I would recommend it.Version: 3.58.1

Kendra Scott ( Love Affirm)I received beautiful pieces of jewelry for Mother’s Day and was able to buy for my mom also! What makes using Affirm great is you can have the payments split in 3 monthly payments interest free which makes it nice to be able to purchase the beautiful necklace, bracelet and ring you wanted at the same time just because at the time of ordering you might now have the total amount of money to pay for all 3 items and you can split them up! I hope everyone who uses Affirm will pay their bill so Kendra Scott will continue to use Affirm! I know I had my second payment due June 3rd and I paid it early and now I only have one more payment due in July but I will pay it off before then! It’s nice to know if you can’t pay all at one time you can make payments! Thank you for this program!!.Version: 3.39.1

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