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LeafSpy Pro for Positive User Reviews

Absolutely fantasticWorks flawlessly with the recommended Bluetooth LElink OBD II diagnostic interface. Very detailed data, this app shows more information and is much quicker than the my expensive hi end, autel diagnostic computer. this app is worth every penny.Version: 1.7.38

Paid for itself!This app just paid for itself by letting me register the TPMS of my winter tires/wheels instead of paying a tire shop or dealer to do it. That alone is worth the app price, but it also adds all kinds of useful information regarding battery health, etc. only downside is that I wish the UI was a bit easier to use..Version: 1.5.21

Leaf Spy Pro should be standard equipmentI made the mistake of trying a wifi OBD instead of the recommended Bluetooth. The application has so many features that I continue to discover that shows the state of my Leaf. This is a must have application and do get a Bluetooth LE OBD. Answers to application questions are answered with in a very timely manner..Version: 1.4.19

Great access 2 infoWorks very well. Highly recommend.Version: 1.4.19

Looks good,Important app for Leaf EV owners. There is no other like this in the market. Shows many meaningful parameters for battery condition on the car. Perhaps would be good for me to mange and prolong my battery life using this app and make the best use of battery management system (or lack of it in my car). Looking forward to use this app to its full capability. Particularly interested in GID, SOH, settings, fault finding and temperatures on battery pack. App’s Interface is a bit chunky. Developer could spend some time making it look nice & modern. £19.99 Price is a bit too much. But hopefully it will pay for itself in a few months time..Version: 1.7.38

HelpPlugged the Lelink2 in my Leaf 2018 and it worked, got out of the car after a few test. Came back and the device doesnt want to turn on anymore. I use a Iphone 6, lelink2 which is said you support it. Lelink2 talks to use it with another app. With leafspy pro the light sticks to red and doesnt go green. Help! In the app, I see LeLink2 plugged but in the settings I cant seem to set it in the system section.Version: 1.7.34

Great appBit expensive but worth the money when you consider the extra range and usability you can confidently get out of the leaf. Great to see actual tire pressure in real time. Only thing I would add would be to replicate the tesla style power consumption chart with cumulative energy use and horizontal line across to show estimated range based on instantaneous and average consumption. Keep up the great work..Version: 1.2.5

Fantastique!Superbe application. Très bien conçu. Fonctionne très bien. You should indicate that your application is not only in English, on the App Store..Version: 1.5.21

Still going5 yrs later and this app is still going! There’s a new group of people buying old leafs to help save money on Biden’s crazy gas pump prices. Hopefully we see some updates in the UI. Maybe a refreshed UX !.Version: 1.7.38

Must-have leaf accessoryThis is a great accessory for the leaf. A few functions in particular: - better estimate of range (given your personal miles/kwhr) - state of battery health (good when purchasing car) - charging status graphs, particularly useful during a quick charge - ability to view and reset trouble codes - a few options can be set (door locking) a few changes would be nice however: - the "developer website" redirects to a forum thread - help is spotty and incomplete - the user interface is a complicated jumble As an example, how would a new user determine if his battery is healthy or not? Although it's there, not one page says the word "health". However, none of these organizational shortcomings will make me me dock it a star - it's just too useful!.Version: 1.3.12

Easy to useUsed the dongle suggested in the help page, works like a charm. Easy to see my battery status, especially when low..Version: 1.7.38

Fiat 500eAny chance this can be made to work on a Fiat 500e?.Version: 1.7.38

Well worth the price!All the info I need for my leaf, well worth the price for what it can do..Version: 1.7.38

Works well on my 2020 Leaf using LeLink2Works well on my 2020 Leaf using the LeLink2 adapter. Lots of useful information. The UI/UX is obviously pretty bad though otherwise it could be 5 stars. Nice app..Version: 1.7.38

2023 model year unavailable yetI’m wondering when an update will enable the above-mentioned setting. Thx..Version: 1.7.38

Get this before you buy a used LeafI used this app to shop for a leaf with a good battery. I went to the dealership and used Leafspy to hand pick the battery in the best condition vs age. I ended up buying the less expensive car with a better battery! Leafspy saved me $1000 on the first day of use..Version: 1.4.19

Great tool for anyone with a LeafThis is a great tool to get additional info from the Leaf about battery health, battery temp, tire pressure, and more! This latest version added support for turning off the annoying backup sound as well as the slow forward motion high pitched sounds - allowing the 2013 and later Leafs to be quiet as they should. The moment I got this version I turned off the annoying VSP sounds making the Leaf much better! Thanks for adding this functionality!.Version: 1.5.21

Love this appI used it to find out the State of Health of the used 2016 I wanted to buy with 41K miles on it. SOH was 86.1% 2 1/2 years later, and 8,000 miles of local country driving later, my SOH is 83.3% and I still have 11 bars. This in the cold New England winters and hot-ish humid summers, living outside, no garage. Sorry app, does exactly what I need to ck the battery health, charging balance etc..Version: 2.0.0

Leaf noiseTo get the noises to stop are worth it. Hope the app will one day be able to work on my 2022. Thank you James.Version: 1.7.38

AwesomeA real asset for the community. Tons of data to geek out on your Leaf. You can also change modes to unlock doors upon pressing Park rather than on power off..Version: 1.0.10

Great app for Leaf ownersAmazing app, a must have for owners of a Nissan Leaf. Please, please, please update this app to allow us to change the language displayed on the dashboard on Generation 1 cars..Version: 1.7.38

Outstanding ToolLeafSpy is an outstanding tool that was very beneficial when purchasing a used leaf. After the purchase it has been a value add for monitoring the battery state of health as well as monitoring the leaf in general. One thing that I would like to see in the app is the ability to have two profiles for two different Nissan Leaf‘s so that I can select which Leaf I’m connecting to. Well worth the purchase price. Absolutely no regrets..Version: 1.7.38

Solid!Absolutely no issues with connecting. Self pairing and just works with LELINK I had laying around..Version: 1.4.19

Brilliant AppNoticed right away that one tire over-inflated. Would not think to check that coming off lot. App packed with useful info, helping to ease learning curve transitioning to ZEV. Anticipating more great functionality in updates to come..Version: 1.0.10

Very interestingLove to have such detailed stats. The UI could be a bit tidier but it's very functional as is. Wish they could add a CarPlay app!.Version: 1.7.38

Nice app with all nerd knonComplete stats of the battery Nice reprogram feature Wish for carplay in next release hopefully.Version: 1.7.38

What’s up DocYou got me Doc.Version: 1.7.38

A must-haveAn indispensable aid to Nissan Leaf owners, providing accurate much needed additional information about the car’s electrical workings, power consumption and much more..Version: 1.7.38

2023 update!Great to see updates after all these years! This app is a tool and you must read the manual to get the most out of it. It provides a wealth of data that helps you confidently squeeze the last bit of range from your LEAF. It’s not the prettiest design, but it’s practical and useful, like the original LEAF. I use it on every drive and have never found myself stranded thanks to the data out provides..Version: 2.0.0

Still going strongApp has been running great for more than 4 years on a 5, 8, Xr, 12mini, iPad mini, and iPad Pro. GUI could use a refresh but it works regardless of ambient lighting. TPM feature has been a life saver!.Version: 1.7.38

Works with 2015 Leaf and LELinkI have a 2015 Leaf and bought the LELink Bluetooth Low Energy BLE OBD-II OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool For iPhone/iPod/iPad, and everthing works! Very useful app, that not only helps you determine the health of your batteries, but also lets you manipulate the settings in your car that control how doors automatically lock, and lights automatically turn on and off. You can also link the app to a dropbox account and download the app data automatically in a spreadsheet format for backup reference purposes. Maybe in a year or so I will take a look at the spreadsheets and graph out how the batteries are holding up over time..Version: 1.4.19

Works on my 2011 LeafI have the old Leaf and we’ve decided to not buy a new car and do a lot of the maintenance ourselves to save money. This app worked out of the box for us. Probably because it was originally designed for old Leafs. Was nervous about spending $20 on an app, but happy with the purchase after using it. Someone mentioned that the design is for engineers…yeah, it’s not pretty, but I’m an engineer and it makes sense to me. ;).Version: 1.7.38

App won’t start? Apple os updated?Today it won’t start it’s suspicious that Apple did an update last night. I reset my phone and now the app launches.I wish all electric cars and plug-in hybrids had this app.Version: 1.7.38

Great app!This app is great for determining all sorts of information about your Nissan Leaf and its battery. On its surface, there is a lot of visual reporting for the health of your battery, tire pressure, state of charge, even elevation changes while you drive - all in real time. Under the hood, there are enormous amounts of raw data that it collects and will show you. It can also be set to sync the raw data in csv format to Dropbox, if you really want to nerd out and create some of your own analysis. This app is a little expensive, but for all of the information it provides, and for how much it can save you if you understand how to alter your driving based on the data, I think it is well worth it. Support is extremely responsive and helpful. If you own a Nissan Leaf, this tool is invaluable..Version: 1.2.1

Use it all the time, but.....This is a great app and I use it just about every time I drive my car. The but is.......I moved to a new area with varied terrain and seasonal temperatures. The miles/kWh isn’t as accurate as I would like when discovering new routes to my destinations. I think it’s because the kWh units are too small (the degraded battery in my 2011 holds less than 14kWh. Instead, I think a GIDs/Mile feature would allow better assessment of various routes, and sections of routes, as I have 200+- of those when starting out. Perhaps a real-time GIDs/Mile reading as well as an average reading would be helpful. Anyway, thanks for the great app!.Version: 1.7.38

Excellent functionality. Poor designExpensive app but worth the money. It works well and provides the info that a Nissan Leaf owner needs. I’ve already had my money’s worth by being able to switch off the annoying reversing sound on my 2023 model. The only complaint is that the interface is poorly designed. It doesn’t follow navigation standards and the fonts and colours are quite amateurish.Version: 1.7.38

Tool for Distance Diving and Car BuyingI use this whenever i am driving "longer" distances or running low on charge. I have also used it to check battery capacity of cars i am shopping for. Love the details..Version: 1.7.38

Totally brilliant - works every timeIPhone SE - Leaf 2013 I used this app to check all the Leafs I looked at before buying one 2nd hand. It's brilliant. Well worth the £10 and £25 for the proper LE Bluetooth plug..Version: 1.3.12

Lots of infoI like the app but when it is open there is a clicking sound near the left tail light on my 2022 Leaf SV. The are 4 clicks then silence then 4 clicks then silence then ……..Version: 1.7.38

This tool paid for itself the day it arrived.This tool paid for itself the day it arrived. I disabled the backup warning (it had to go) and low speed warning noises. The tire pressure monitor (TPM) is very helpful. It took about 15 mins to get the TPM assigned to the correct corner once I understood the GUI. The assigning process could be much more simple, but it does work fine. I like having the live data from the TPMs. Very useful battery monitoring tools that take some time to understand the data your getting. I found some of the change options under the service screen (if used incorrectly) detriment. The warnings are there and would recommend users heed them or at least proceed with carefully..Version: 1.5.21

Works with some OBD 2 devicesI had to purchase a different WiFi OBD 2 device to get the app to work. Then it stated working fine. Good data and clearing codes is great..Version: 1.7.38

Required app for LEAF ownersMake sure you follow the suggestions on the website for which OBD dongles actually work with the iOS version specifically! This will give you accurate battery status and range predictions, as well as easy access to diagnostic codes (“scan tool”) that can save you thousands in repair by working out the issue instead of just trusting the Nissan dealers….Version: 1.7.38

Finally for the iPhone!I've been waiting for a while for this to come out. Makes monitoring capacity degradation easy and is required whenever you are going to be cutting the range close..Version: 1.0.10

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