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Doom & Destiny Advanced App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Doom & Destiny Advanced app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Doom & Destiny Advanced? Can you share your negative thoughts about doom & destiny advanced?

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Doom & Destiny Advanced for Negative User Reviews

Can’t open appI got this version to get rid of the ads played the lite version and it worked fine..Version: 2.9.3

Updates wipe out saved games!.For crying out loud, how many times do the developers think I want to play this game from the beginning? Every time they update it, they wipe out my saved game completely! This is just ridiculous. No other developer treats buyers of their games so badly. Email to developers goes unanswered and unacknowledged. This game is very much in a beta form, with lots of bugs, and is not ready for public consumption. Your progress can be wiped out on a whim, and for me that makes this not worth the time spent on this mess..Version:

Fix menu controlsGreat game, fun dialogue but please update the UX for menu controls. Without a controller the slide and tap method is tedious and frustrating. I spend more time overshooting the menu screens and closing out than anything else in the game. TIA.Version: 2.7.6

Absolutely Great game but.....So I have to say I’ve played a lot of old school games on here many of them not completed and I have to say I’ve enjoyed this one the most, Story line: - the story line is fun and has a lot of funny scenes you’ll note from some other games. -some key points I love is you think it’s over BUT it ain’t over Game play: -One of my favourite things to do in games is over level and build and trivialize the game, BUT I also love doing that and still being challenged this game dose a great job of balancing just when you think your over powered and gonna walk through the game they throw you a curve ball and make it much much harder. -there are many different classes and ability’s and some of the classes are very unique and very innovative lots of fun to play with! Graphics: -I don’t really play a game for graphics but I’m into simple and consistent game play I’ve never had the game lag and i only ever FREEZE when I try to look at the standings in the arena (I’m not regestered so I’m guessing that is why it doesn’t work for me) Items and menus: -This is definitely one of the places that could be improved don’t get me wrong the menus are quick and I personally like the idea of the auto equip but when you want to weaken your group so that way you can farm in different ways (sorry don’t wanna spoil how I farmed money but weaker team would of been awesome) Special items you get to equip specificity it’s basically a skill anyone can equip and you only need one! You can do a lot of different things with the onslaught of different items you can acquire. So after prolly a solid 60hours played here’s a few of the issues I have. -would love to be able to equip the weaker weapons and Armor at times. -I find agility matters but the game don’t follow it well my rouge has almost 200agility next closest is like 120 and I’ll say 60% of the fights rouge doesn’t go first it don’t make since ———-I guessed the reason for this is because of primitive fights it’s random? And for back attacks it’s also random and there’s just a lot of primitive fights(this is a total guess and prolly wrong but it made me feel better cause I was super annoyed by this) ——————largest compliment———————- **********-if you read this review then you read how I like to over build and over level unfortunately even though you can gain experience at any time and level up to an extremely high level your classes have there own separate levels but there currently isn’t enough items in the game to level them all so while playing through I leveled up any class when I had the items to do it (Figuring I could just farm the items end game and level it all max before completing the game) I was very wrong so now I have a couple lvl 18 affinity classes and some completely gimped at like 8-10 and the classes you don’t get till end game that I would LOVE to use I have to mats to level the up.... it’s super sad and a very huge disappointment I got to what I currently believe to be the end of the game and have not beaten the final boss because I wanted to level up the classes first and unfortunately I cannot I wanted to use the new classes to fight the boss but unless I gimped my untied play through and saved all my regents for levelling up the classes there’s no actual way for me to level them up... So I’m hooding that they make an area with super hard mobs that arnt impossible or a 1/100 spawn that drops the regents so I can return to farm the items to level up the other classes. In conclusion: -if your not mildly OCD I would advise playing this game big time it’s fun and not to complicated a lot of fun. -but if you like to play a game for everything it can be don’t... i actually got some friends of mine playing this when I first started and now I feel bad for getting them into it because haveing a class you love but no way to level it up is super disappointing and a huge let down. Enjoy and have fun..Version: 2.7.6

Terrible controlsLooks neat, and might be a good game, but the level traversal controls (touch and slide) are also used for main and battle menu, making it frustrating to select any option but the first, leaving the game unplayable..Version:

Void troopersGood game but please fix the void troopers they are ridiculous to fight.Version: 2.7.6

TheThis game does not measure up to the original. Sure there's the story, the funny moments, and the class switching, but most things you do requires resources (food, golz, chemicals) which there's never enough off. You can't grind for them, because you can't beat any encounters since it takes resources to heal or recharge your mana. You can't wander of in search of them because you'll just die from an encounter or two (not having resources to heal after a battle). You won't be able to level up and ,are the battles easier if you can't win. On top of that, dying outs a curse on you that makes it even harder to win and get resources. Running away is not an option, that takes resources!.Version: 2.4.5

Need supportEvery time I log in and encounter an enemy the game crash. Please fix..Version: 2.7.6

IPhone iOS 9 update game won't loadJust download he iOS 9 update and now when I try to load the game it just opens and closes quick if. I go into the App Store and try and open it the game stays on the load screen. If I delete and redownload will my save data be lost? Also wondering if I delete and download if the game will make me pay again? Love the game will change to five star when I can play again.Version:

Lost all my Data by updatingIt said it had to be update by 1 hundred and something megabytes and then I had to start from the start, it has the potential to be a good game. So I'll give it 2 stars..Version:

Buggy buggy buggyLoved the first... But won't play a minute more until they fix the saving. Just lost 10+ hours randomly due to the game having an "auto save" feature and no real hard save function. Also the game has problems with equipment since it "auto equips" the best equipment and no way to choose what to equip. I was towards the end of the game and one of the characters was still using their base armor. I'll give it 5 stars if they fix this. Or I'll just never play again and stick to the first..Version:

Unplayable for > 5 minutesWill update when fixed: I enjoy the retro RPG as a game, considering its along the same quirk as the first doom and destiny. What I dont enjoy is lags, freezes, and stutters requiring a game restart to play. Please fix for +3 to rating.Version: 2.6.9

Great game but..I love the game. But since I switched to iphone7 every x minutes, game freezes (or sometime slows down) then crashes. Its sometimes every 3-4 minutes. Other than that game is majestic and I would love to play it freely. Anyway, fix it and you get 5🌟 :).Version: 2.6.4

Simply doesn't workI loved D&D from the same author and was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, after download the "game" says it has to download some content from the Internet, but then says there is no connection. It subsequently crashes. I would recommend avoiding, this is either a fake app or just not finished for IOS..Version: 2.4.5

Ios9Game doesn't open on iOS 9 pls fix.Version:

Downgrade from the originalReally disappointing. Worse graphics, worse controls, worse story than the first game. I’m really confused about how this happened. The controls are infuriating. My character moves to the right whenever I try to interact with something. The original game was so perfect, so all the changes here are completely baffling..Version: 2.8.5

Fair game but...The music is non-existant even with maximum music volume and the audio breaks or stops working after playing for about 10-20 minutes and requires the app to be closed and opened again to recover whatever remaining audio this game has. I do like the up-to-date references and jokes the game offers..Version: 2.7.6

Awesome sequel / prequelGreat game with an interesting story line and comedic character interaction / development. I would give it five stars if it weren't for the bug that causes the game to freeze for a few seconds relatively often. If you haven't tried the original doom and destiny, play that and then make sure to snag this one! Update: fantastic game but updates wipe out saved data. Unless this gets fixed... Don't waste your time.Version: 2.4.4

Buggy, do not buySeems like a decent game, but so far I had to kill it and restart twice in 10 minutes. Keep your money..Version: 2.6.9

If it's not broken don't fix it.The original game was fantastic. Then this comes along you changed the character roles made the controls weird and focused more on comedy than actually story and gameplay..Version: 2.6.9

Updates?I bought this game during launch week six months ago, and have been patiently been waiting for them to fix the bugs, and add some new content. According to the description content was going to be added monthly for free. Well there are so many games to play that I wanted to wait until at least some of the new content was added before I jumped into this. It's been a year since launch and no new content has been added. Too bad because I absolutely loved the first game and I was hoping for an experience like that again. I guess I will go ahead and play it now even with the reported bugs because it doesn't look like it's going to get any updates anytime soon..Version: 2.4.2

Added support for new phone formats?!? NOPEFinally picked this up because I had been waiting for an update to support iPhone X and larger screens. So when I saw there was an update there weeks ago that said it was adding that support, I immediately bought it. But this app isn’t updated. Still same boxed in format it always has been. Doesn’t even extend the controls (ie, you can still see the time, etc on the screen). Not a happy customer!.Version: 2.9.0

IOS 9 ProblemThis is a fun game… but it won’t run on iOS 9. :(.Version:

Not quite doing it for meI bought this because I really liked the humor of the first one. This still has some of the humor, but there too many things I’m not liking. The combat system feels streamlined, same as gear and actions, but not necessarily for the better. It takes choice and control out of the player’s hands. Yes while you can still decide if you want Cleave instead of Double Slice as your hero’s options, it relegates it to some sidebar function, like an afterthought. The switch of putting the order of players on the right side of the screen instead of the usual left is annoying and adds nothing to gameplay other than trying to be different. Same as pressing on screen for x seconds to bring up menu. The swipes were fine, why change? Everytime u put ur finger on the screen, the menu popped up or the map would. Also the humor is constantly hampered by the typos and misspelling, and hackneyed jokes. I can’t begin to count the amount of misspelling. Did they outsource this to China? I wanted to like this, but it was only meh. This lacked the freshness and irreverence of the first game..Version: 2.8.5

Game ending glitch!Level 17, chapter 6 Started game up to notice all the content was wiped out, vanished, gone. My game, everything! I was forced to download the 115mb of content all over again (which takes at least 45 min). Why did this happen? Hours of gameplay gone. Up until this point I was really enjoying the game, a possible 5 star...but as is it will just crush you when it happens..Version:

Long waitingSTILL WAITING😉 don't know what it will be like so I will give you this looks good from the description so try it out right now .... Maybe😜.Version:

Is this for gamers or 9 year olds?Is this an RPG or not? The writing/humor is juvenile and littered with grammar and spelling errors. I have yet to encounter one single piece of dialogue that is written correctly. The humor feels cliche with culture references forced into every nook and cranny. A little goes a long way.... It's more effective in the long run. The game also lags/freezes all the time. You can't pick you're own gear to wear and you can't sell old gear. The game play is fun though..Version:

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