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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies? Can you share your negative thoughts about hbo max: stream tv & movies?

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies for Negative User Reviews

Excellent content, broken appHow are the HBO Max apps so uniformly terrible on every platform? Surely there exists a template for a functional streaming app. HBO has occasionally done it themselves on their previous apps. This app is just so slow. It constantly freezes, it constantly crashes. It’s more jittery than any of the other major streaming apps. There are delayed responses to my inputs, so my repeated attempts to make something happen result in the app registering a bunch of delayed inputs. I would accept a much simpler app with less features and a plain UI if it would just work. It could be the blandest thing in the world and if it ran smoothly it would be a major improvement and less of a stain on the HBO brand. Please clean this mess up so I don’t have to cancel my HBO Max subscription. It is as slow now as when it was first released, and that has been the case across both new and old devices and on both old and up-to-date operating systems. It is broken on wi-fi, it is broken on cell data. It’s broken on my tv, my desktop, and on all the different kinds of mobile devices in my household. Usually, even when streaming services are performing poorly on my tv, I can count on it being a better experience on iOS. With HBO Max it is even worse. What a waste of an excellent and massive library of content..Version: 50.20.0

Great idea but poor executionI love the idea of HBO streaming service. Since I’m a Direct TV customer I was even more excited because it’s included for no extra charge. However, I’m very disappointed to find that not only is there a maximum download limit for the entire household of 30 downloads and worst of all it seems like every time you leave the app screen it pauses your downloads. Perhaps it’s just me but even when I leave the app open in the background while I text or check email I go back to the app screen to find everything was paused while I multitasked. The 30 downloads per household maximum, if you are using all 5 profiles, really limits your ability to download much depending on what the other users download for themselves and frankly if the app can’t/won’t download your selections if you leave it open in the background so you can multitask it will take so long for people like myself to download our selections it becomes counterproductive and makes it far quicker and more efficient to simply buy the series you’re interested. I sincerely hope the app improves as time goes on, as I recognize that it is new, because I love the idea but hate the poor execution..Version: 50.0.1

Really needs improvement...Fantastic content that's hard to watch on the HBO Max app. This app freezes on every platform. Especially AppleTV. My AppleTV is even hardwired to ethernet and no other apps have this issue. The AppleTV is up to date with the most recent update occurring yesterday. The app doesn't even let you get out of it without freezing and it has to be forced close every time I try to leave the app back to the home screen. It's been almost two months with no fix. Yesterday it crashed out of the app back to the home screen and then randomly had Spanish CC when I went back into it. Today anything you select to watch, all it does is show the three loading dots. Checked for an update there was none. Restarted the device, but it would still not play. I've already reinstalled the app several times, it really needs work. Today I actually switched to my cable providers app which links to available HBO content but plays it within their own app. The content played so smoothly on this app I was actually shocked. It's the only way I was able to watch the paid HBO content. The HBO Max app is frustrating to use and increasingly freezes. I thought with time it would get better, but it's only gotten worse..Version: 50.25.3

The TV app barely functions wellThe Apple TV app has a myriad of issues. For those of us who need captioning and have our Apple TV set to caption as a default, this app ignores it. It also doesn’t have the ability to set captioning up as a default, which means I have to start captions every time I watch something. The interface is wonky. It doesn’t allow 10 second advances or rewinds with a button press, which means I have to stop playing the show and try to manually scrub back 10 seconds when I miss something. It is also incredibly difficult to get the navigation system to select the right option…so I’m having to fight to even select the caption option. I get how they may want to have their own custom interface, but trying to watch things on the app is so profoundly unpleasant that I constantly consider canceling my service. Update: glad they fixed the navigation, but I still have to start captions every episode. It’s like they don’t care about their customers who need captions to enjoy the programming. It doesn’t default to captions (even when Apple TV setting is on), there’s no way in the app to make it use captions all the time in the app itself, and I’m tired of having to continuously wrestle with the remote to get captions on..Version: 50.30.1

Crashes and doesn’t work offlineThe selection of stuff on the app is great. However, the download function is pretty much useless because if you try to watch something you’ve downloaded while offline, it gives you an error telling you to check your connection. This is garbage because that is the ENTIRE POINT OF DOWNLOADING SOMETHING TO WATCH OFFLINE... It also needs to be able to pickup where it left off downloading if it loses connection. Whether the reason for being offline a flight, or for the military folks I know that download things to watch when they have WiFi, this needs to be fixed. Another issue, back to downloads, I downloaded the new Mortal Kombat movie last night. I tried to watch it and spent 2.5 plus hours with the app crashing every time I tried to get it to play. I even attempted removing it and downloading it again and it still didn’t work. I tried it today, and it still didn’t work. I don’t know if anyone will actually read this or not, because I read a lot of very angry threads last night. However, I truly hope that they are wrong and you do care about fixing this. You cannot understand how much of a moral boost it is for those military folks to be able to catch new movies, especially right now, when they can get WiFi. Please fix this..Version: 50.20.0

Default Setting is Only Stream Over WifiI have experiences a lot of problems with this app. First it wouldn’t transition into background (in-picture) mode. It would just shut off whatever I was watching when I went to use another app (the other movie/TV app has never done this to me). Then it makes it incredibly difficult to browse a tv show’s catalogue if you recently watched an episode of that same show. For example, when I attempt to watch select episodes of South Park it’s a real pain to watch an episode from season 11 if I recently watched an episode from season 9. It will only let me watch the next consecutive episode in season 11. And then the app kept crashing. Full disclosure, I use a VPN and I am aware that this may conflict with geofencing of content limited to certain markets, etc. However, it seems that unless I disconnect the VPN prior to browsing on the HBO Max app, the app irreparably crashes necessitating deletion of the app, powering off/restarting my device, then redone loading the app. And also, the downloading of content to your device feature for future offline viewing does not work. Why? Because the app doesn’t work if your not online!!! I know I’ve been spoiled by other streaming services but there is no excuse for this bugginess. None..Version: 50.63.0

Content Good - App BadI’ve only had the app for a couple of weeks but already it’s got major issues compared to other streaming apps that I am not sure how they aren’t fixing... When connecting to watch on my TV via Chromecast it will just stop a few episodes (or sometimes halfway into the very first episode I watch) and look like it’s “buffering” but really it’s just a connection issue, or something along those lines and it will never actually resume. The only way to continue watching is to disconnect, restart the app and reconnect which is ridiculous. Other issues include some of the user interface irritabilities others have pointed out like the “continue watching” section giving you no options to go to the show details, episode selection, etc. and the fact that you can skip the ads and intros when watching in the app on your device, but not when casting from your device. All of these issues make for a very clunky, unprofessional and honestly overpriced viewing experience. I’m really just binge-watching all the shows I got the subscription for so I can cancel after one month, and resubscribe in the future once they learn how to build a proper streaming app..Version: 50.5.0

Different User, Same ExperienceFirst I will agree with almost all the other comments. The content is awesome. It’s a big catalog with a wide range of selections. That is why I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1. The App is SUPER glitchy, buggy, inconsistent, etc. In my experience, no other streaming app takes this long to load. It’s not even close. Once it’s open and you select something be ready to not touch anything. Not sure what the developers were going for here, but if it was to create the movie theatre experience then maybe they aren’t as far off as I thought. If you want to pause it to use the bathroom or get snacks, want to scrub it back to replay something you missed, or stop the movie to watch something else, be prepared to spend extra time. The app rarely, if ever, responds to the first touch of anything and if you try to press it again, it will either buffer or get stuck. I have read some of your responses, so before you respond and tell me it’s my router or internet connection, I’ve checked it and it’s working just fine. But I don’t want to complain too much since a ton of others have already said what I’m feeling. I will go back to the positives and that I am able to watch content on here that me and my family enjoy. If it was a free service I would be leaving 5 stars and a big thank you. But until that happens this is the best I can do..Version: 50.25.3

Amazing shows and content-But needs fixesThe show catalogue is one of her greatest I have seen in almost every streaming service out there. There are great shows to binge and great shows to watch slowly. Now the issues. This app has plenty. It is very buggy. I have watched on multiple different devices and the same bugs persist. Every once and a while you will get an error message or a poor connection prompt. It’s annoying but an easy fix, I just restart the page or relaunch the app. The biggest problem I have that I desperately hope gets fixed is the fast forwarding and rewinding function. Even the little 15 second rewinds are a pain to deal with. To rewind a minute took me two and a half minutes. I would press the rewind 15 seconds button and it would buffer and take me back 15 seconds then almost immediately return me to the time I rewinded from. I’d press it again and the error still persisted. I’d have to wait about 30 seconds between each time I pressed it to press it again which makes it impossible to go back and see something you missed. Please if some executive hears this, just fix this and your app will be amazing..Version: 50.30.1

Terrible App! Quality ContentHBO clearly has big budget capabilities, but this app isn’t it. It’s so buggy. It crashes all the time. The main issue seems to be downloading shows. If you’re lucky, one show will download. The download will fail a few times, but eventually it gets there. But NEVER try to download two shows at once. It will crash for sure. After you get the one show to download, that’s it. Every other download will fail and/or crash the app. I haven’t tried downloading a movie because a 60 min show takes all my patience. Next you have the caching issue… every time you move from a screen back to the previous screen it has to reload the whole page again. And it’s not fast about it. And last, offline is a struggle, but once you get the app to come to terms with being offline, it will get the job done. However, it doesn’t seem to sync back to my HBO profile, so when I go back to my AppleTV, it doesn’t register that I’ve already watched a few shows of a series. I need HBO iOS and AppleTV apps to be a lot better. Their app have always been terrible, but it’s gotten so bad that I’m now one of those people leaving a long ranting app review, screaming into the void, as if it’s going to help..Version: 52.15.0

Awful app and serviceI got a one month subscription to watch a few shows that I can’t find anywhere else. It seemed like a good deal. I installed the app on my tablet, tv, and po home, and I can’t get the app to work well on any device. On the tv, the show will start, then about every 5-10 minutes will freeze and get stuck on a two second loop. Getting out of the app and back in doesn’t help either. On my tablet, I can only get to the loony half the time and when I do, I only get the option to download shows, not watch them. My phone is a bit better, but still very slow. For $15 a month, I expect to be able to watch something, not get so frustrated that I have to get out of the app for the 10th time in an hour show and hope that it doesn’t freeze again. I looked up some troubleshooting options on their help page and followed all the steps. Still not working. So I contact support and chat with an agent for 30 minutes. In that time the agent asked for my name 5 times and could not find my account during that entire time. The agent eventually just gave up. I feel stupid for paying for a month and only a week in, I can’t watch anything without serious playback issues or even get into the app half the time..Version: 50.35.1

Content is great, app is embarrassingI really thought that with the amount of money hbo has made with their top notch programming, that their app developers would also be top notch. I was wildly disappointed. I really hate to say this but this must be the worst streaming app I have ever used! So glitchy to the point that I sometimes give up watching on the platform because I’m annoyed of how long it takes to load. And forget about trying to fast forward or rewind. Not only is it slower than MOLASSES on my tv, but on my iPad, it will just continue to rewind/fast forward unless you touch another part of the screen. You should be able to double tap the screen and ff/r. How isn’t that an option? The other day, I tried casting from my iPad to my tv and the audio would only play every other half second. Like what???? Also, why does my brand new tv not have an hbo max app, but my tv that is 4 YEARS older have it? And the only way for me to use the app is through my shield device AND THE APP DOESNT EVEN LOAD. Like I’m truly just baffled. I really really really love the content but the app just makes me hate watching the shows because I get so frustrated trying to operate it. Please fix! P.S. just discovered that watching hbo on my nvidia shield is even worse than on any other platform. Sound is only heard every other half second. Nvidia has even tried contacting hbo with no luck!!! I really can’t fathom the multitude of problems with a streaming service!!.Version: 50.40.0

Apple TV App BROKENThe most current update to the HBO Max Apple TV app broke many essential features Apple TV users like myself had enjoyed in favor of them making their own video player. Can no longer ask Siri to repeat dialogue with captions (aka “What did he/she say?”), scrubbing is terrible to control, and the new Siri remote jog wheel feature is no longer available. Not to mention it’s impossible to access audio settings and content info during playback. HBO Max needs to go back to its old video player that actually integrated Apple TV features. Or better yet go back to being a full Apple TV Channel in the Apple TV App like it was when it was just HBO. I still use my HBO channel now even after it was taken off the lineup for those not subscribed as it has every feature that make it a joy to use over Max, even though it doesn’t showcase Max originals or Max-only content like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But I use it as much as I can because of higher bitrate, Picture in Picture, ability to download movies and shows for offline viewing, and a UI consistent with Apple TV+ and the other Apple TV App channels and content. Either make the HBO Max app back to the way it used to be, make it an Apple TV Channel, or lose subscribers. Right now this app is broken and unacceptable..Version: 50.30.1

Worse after update, AGAINI paid for a year of this and feel ripped off! Do the app developers actually USE HBOMax? The content is great but this app is probably the most aggravating I have ever used. The list of problems when trying to view content offline would exceed the character count of this app. Plus I’m pretty sure no one who can actually make the developers revamp it reads reviews anyway. A brief example. You can only watch offline for a limited time during the day. If you close the app and try to watch later either the app crashes or just the splash screen appears. If offline, when you try to scroll through downloaded content, everything slows to a crawl. And on and on. After today’s latest “update” the app crashes the first few times you try to launch it. When you finally try to download content, it is unbearably slow.(I’m on a 300mbps Wi-Fi connection) Remember 56.6 dial up? Yes, I have it set to fastest download. Yes, my iOS is updated as well as the app. Yes, I know speed may vary. DEVELOPERS Please try out the app! Download a bunch of video then try to watch and use the Max app over a day or so with Wi-Fi OFF or not connected. Maybe you will bang your head against a wall with frustration as well..Version: 52.10.2

Good content... terrible platformFirst of this is the best streaming service in terms of content; both contemporary stuff and originals. However the app is absolute garbage. I have serious lag issues, not the videos which play fine, but all the tools like the scrub bar and skip buttons are essentially useless. The scrub bar lags and jitters around making it impossible to accurately skip or rewind your show. When you try to drag it it doesn’t show you the frames and it never follows my finger accurately. Then it starts jumping forward, then back, then forward again with me simply praying it winds up in the right spot. The 15 second buttons do the same thing, often just getting stuck in a loop where it skips forward then back between the same two parts, even though I’m only pressing on of the two buttons. To pile on, this lag prevents anything else from working, such as the back button so I’m stuck waiting for the app to catch up. Usually it’s faster to just restart the app then back out of the video. All of this might sound minor, but it isn’t. It turns even a one minute skip into an ordeal. If HBO didn’t have such a good selection of movies, which I don’t give this app credit for its job is to play then, I would cancel my subscription..Version: 50.25.3

Love HBO, App needs workLet me start by saying I haven’t had a major issue with HBO on my Apple TV (yet), which is the only reason this isn’t one star. Like many on here, my issue is not with HBO. They have great movies and shows, quality original content, and opening day streaming all for a very reasonable price. Easily should be given a five star review if it worked as intended. My issue is with the app. Constant buffering plagues every title I attempt to watch, unless I download it first. Unfortunately the download function is… underwhelming to say the least. If (and it’s a pretty big if in my experience) you can get a movie to download, it does it at speeds that my iPhone 4 would have scoffed at. It doesn’t seem to matter what my internet source is, it’s just slow. More often than not however the download seems to suffer an error and has to start over. It suffers an error if your screen turns off, if you leave the app, if you have a minuscule data hiccup, if you switch screens on the app instead of just watching the tick mark slowly fill up… and sometimes it’ll still have an error even if you diligently prayed to the data gods for every pixel that filled up with that purple molasses. TLDR; Buffering issues if you stream and a download feature that doesn’t really work..Version: 50.30.1

Great content. Horrific UIForget about Family sharing, or being able to login with your Apple ID and password. AT and T took away Apple as a provider on their list. So if you subscribe thru Apple you won’t be able to login to the app. Then the navigation is ridiculous. You can’t back out of an episode to get back to the episode list. Additionally our entire reason for being, HBO has been removed as a channel option in Apple TV so all of those great features are stripped. It’s now relegated as a hub in hbomax where it no longer offers the live East and West Coast Feeds. Real Time is now some time in the future! We finally had to cancel our subscription with Apple and sign up direct so we could login to the app on our devices. I guess that’s one way to not share with third party sellers. Force people to buy direct from you…but it sure messes up Family Sharing which is a big deal folks. The roll out of hbomax was ridiculous. Now this nonsense points right to the AT&T ownership. They have not been able to create positive environments for clients in eons! Someone please come buy this company and turn HBO back into stellar media. If it doesn’t work then the content no longer matters.Version: 50.35.1

App STILL doesn’t work well on SAMSUNG Smart TVsPlease, for the love of god fix the apps operating on SAMSUNG smart TVs. You thought you fixed it wit your update many months ago? Well you have not! 85% of the time I have to hard reboot my television by holding down the power button and go through the hassle ow waiting for my tv to go through all the rebooting stage just to get the HBO Max to start up and advance into my menu. 90% the app goes into the loading screen of death when it try’s to auto play into the next episode or trying to select a second show to watch and requires me to hard reboot my tv again. This is NOT an isolated incident because you will find many others that are having the same problem on this app review section. No it is not because my tv or router or internet connection or human error or anything on my end. No I don’t need to clean my cache or reboot my router to make your App work. Fix the app to operate flawlessly on Samsung TVs and your programmed connectivity reliability of the app to your service. Every other app or feature on my Samsung TV works flawlessly. This is a HUGE inconvenience and burden to use your HBO Max app and negatively affects my perception of your business..Version: 50.60.1

Greta content, horrible appThe content on HBO is great! It’s just so unfortunate that it’s app is one of the most infuriating things I’ve had to deal with. Especially when it comes to basic functionality! If you try to watch something on the app you are basically only able to play and pause. If you try to forward or rewind, even by clicking the button once, the app is like “oh you want to rewind all the way to the beginning of the movie” or “oh you want to fast forward all the way to the end of the movie.” This wasn’t an issue like a month ago but what ever update they did completely trashed the app and has made the viewing experience on it just about impossible to deal with. If they were going to ruin the functionality of using a remote for their app the least they can do is add a fast forward and rewind button next to the play button in the app so you can just click that instead of using the remote. Like HBO why would you ruin your own app? I really hope you guys add an update soon to fix this issue because based on a quick search I am not the only person having this issue and is extremely frustrated about it..Version: 50.30.0

Great content/terrible appThe content this streaming app has already and is coming up with is phenomenal in all levels, which makes the following all the more painful. The app is slow, buggy, and glitchy. I can’t watch this app on my Vizio tv because it’s always freezing, glitchy and the audio desynchronizes. All of this at random times. I wish it was just certain shows, but unfortunately I haven’t found a movie or show in which it doesn’t happen. I used to think it was my internet or my tv, but it’s the only streaming app that gives me these problems. I wish it was only happening in my tv, but it also happens in all my devices, although in my phone and iPad it happens less. I end up hailing to download the shows in my phone or iPad to then watch them. However, the download doesn’t always work either; sometimes downloads have unexpected errors and I have to try 5 times to get a show or movie downloaded. I have some feedback about the interface too, but there’s no point in focusing on that until all of these bugs are fixed. Actually, there is one interface note that I don’t think should wait until the bugs are fixed, the fact that when you’re done watching an episode or movie and want to rewatch it, instead of starting over (because you’ve finished it) it goes back to where you left off in the credits. Really?.Version: 52.15.0

Service is awesome but app is BADIf this were an overall rating of just HBO Max, my stars would be different. The movie and show selection is fantastic, and with any other means to view, it works totally fine. This review is for the IOS Application which needs a HUGE upgrade. I’m unable to do very basic functions in the app that, this late in the game, shouldn’t be an issue. When I try to rewind an episode or movie, it only allows me to click and drag small chunks at a time. Even then, sometimes the control gets frozen and it just rewinds all the way through without allowing me to even exit the content. I have to force a shutdown of the app and try again. Any time I have to rewind, I question whether it’s worth the hassle and prefer to lose the scene or whatever I was hoping to watch. I also can’t even select “Next Episode” without it all freezing as well. It’s very buggy and the amount of forced shut downs of the app is pretty ridiculous. HBO is one of the original programming beats of the entertainment world, and with how established it is, it shouldn’t have such fundamental issues with its mobile streaming app. Do better, guys! You can do it! Thank you!.Version: 50.25.0

Great Service, Terrible AppHBO Max is a very good streaming service with a great array of options to watch. The app on iPhone, however, is absolutely terrible. Randomly glitches out in the middle of movies at the worst times, like action-packed endings of Harry Potter movies or in the middle of a Matrix-esque scene in Tenet. Sometimes when I watch the Harry Potter movies, they even start with the audio description mode as default, even though the audio says that it’s the original English audio. Watching TV shows is even worse. The episode select screen can only be reached by selecting the title of the show once and then clicking on it again from the first page it takes you too. All the buttons on the app’s interface are extremely laggy. Additionally, if you don’t fast forward or rewind in 15 second increments, you have no ability to do either of those. The slider can barely be touched and you’re finger slides off of it almost instantly. If you fast forward more than 3 minutes, the video keeps fast forwarding through the rest of the episode, and it doesn’t allow you to pause it, stop it, or even exit the window. It just freezes. Great service but the app is unenjoyable at best and downright awful at the worst..Version: 50.30.1

Bugs and stressI love watching the shows on this app, but it is really annoying that you can’t skip to a scene that you want to watch. I know that HBO has had a lot of problems with playing the show, and I know that their trying to fix it but it’s just insane that you can’t skip to a scene. I understand that the feature exists but it doesn’t listen too were you want to skip to in the show. When ever I click 9n the line at the bottom and try to head to a new scene it takes so long to get there. I’ve tried over and over to leave the app and rejoin but the bug won’t go away and that makes it impossible to watch the show and relax at the same time. Another thing, the show doesn’t even let you skip the 15 seconds, when I click on that button I ether get sent right back to the beginning of the scene I’m watching or It takes too long and waits till the scene is over to fast forward by 15 seconds this makes watching HBO Max on my iPad impossible. I might as well use my tv but my iPad is what I use more often. This isn’t fair and I think HBO should hire a better team so this new and serious problem can be fixed as soon as possible..Version: 50.25.0

GlitchesI normally have no trouble with HBO max, but recently it’s been on the Fritz on multiple devices. I use hbo max on my Apple TV, my computer, and my iPad and they all have been giving me inside all troubles. First, it hasn’t been letting me click on the up next episode and skip the credits. It only pauses the show, no matter where I click in the up next box, it doesn’t recognize there’s a button. I also have very choppy streaming today, the show previews on the Home Screen stream fine but the second I clicked on a movie it, first it started me 30 seconds into the movie, which I’m guessing is a glitch that has to do with how hbo shows and movies start with a preview of something else. Then when it seems like the movie starts playing it was starting and stopping every second. And there also should be a setting where if you turn on captions for a specific episode on hbo for Apple TV, you just have captions on for all of your movies/episodes, because I’m sick of missing the first couple of minutes of what they’re saying because I don’t realize the captions aren’t on. I shouldn’t have to turn them on every 45 min when a new episode starts..Version: 50.30.1

Glitchy to the point of being uselessWe’ve used HBO Max for quite some time now with no issues. Seamless just like any other app and never had any complaints....until recently. One day we found ourselves unable to access any movies or shows on our TV with a prompt to “access HBO Max” but the button wasn’t clickable. Just completely unresponsive. After about an hour and a half of trying to troubleshoot(router reset, app reinstall, app update, signing into the mobile app, etc..) and going in circles with a useless customer service, we canceled the account under my girlfriends information and created a new one under mine. For some reason, this worked. Got charged twice in one month with this solution, but we were back in action. Here we are two weeks later and the app is so glitchy we literally cannot get through 20 minutes of a movie or show. It’ll randomly start looping a 10 second clip and all the controls stop working. Resetting the TV resets the app and it’s the only way to revert back. This was happening before when navigating the menu which was also super frustrating; but now I’m literally paying for a service that is unusable. Netflix and other steaming services work fine, but for some reason HBO can’t figure it out. Absolutely terrible service. They should fix these bugs and give their subscribers a month or two free of charge for the trouble, as I’m not the only one experiencing these issues..Version: 50.35.0

The appTo start off, I have to say the plethora of movies and shows available through this service are amazing. I’m always amazed at what high quality blockbusters they have available. The app on the other hand is not great. I’m constantly having issues with downloading movies. First, when you download a movie, start it, stop it, then come back hours later the title will no longer play because of an error. Secondly, I’m having trouble with titles now crashing the app when I try to watch them. This is very frustrating as I can’t just constantly stream titles because I work somewhere without WiFi and I don’t have unlimited data. Honestly I haven’t run into any issues while connected to a network it’s only when I’ve downloaded movies. I would appreciate this feature to be fixed immediately as customers including myself pay quite a bit of money monthly to enjoy what title are there to offer. I particularly am very happy with the theater release movies that are brand new. But again, these issues make it almost impossible to enjoy such movies..Version: 50.30.1

Download function is broken and has been for months.I love HBO’s content, and I was very excited when it was announced that the app would allow downloads for offline viewing. However, I was very disappointed to discover that while you can download videos, if you try to watch them in airplane mode (say when, I don’t know, flying on an airplane), the app will let you watch for a while then suddenly freak out and become trapped in an endless loop of error messages as it repeatedly tries and fails to contact the server. This problem has been present for months and it appears no effort has been made to fix it. Additionally, the app does not keep accurate track of how many videos you currently have downloaded. There is a global limit for the account of 30 downloaded videos, and if you want to download beyond that you are prompted to delete unwanted videos to stay below the limit. However, when you delete a few videos, the app continues to give you the same error message saying you can’t download more than 30 videos, and does not permit you to download. The content on HBO is really great, but I primarily only have time to consume it on flights. It is frustrating beyond belief that this app gets so close to the desired feature a d then totally falls flat on its face in the execution..Version: 50.8.0

Great content, terrible interfaceUpdate 6/4/21 With every update I hope for a better app, but no! This is the worst-designed streaming app of all the streaming apps I have on my iPad or Apple TV! How is it that HBO can’t figure out what all the other App developers can - make a streaming app that is consistently good across platforms and devices AND have excellent content? Now closed captioning doesn’t work on the Apple TV version, plus figuring out a way to restart an episode from the beginning is only doable on a random basis. Plus I’m constantly having to restart the entire Apple TV to get just HBO MAX to work. None of the other streaming apps (and I have nearly all that are available) require restarting the entire Apple TV. Ever! C’mon, HBO, get your act together and give us a bugless, smoothe operating app, worthy of your quality programming. I’m so fed up with this clunky app I’m actually thinking of canceling my subscription! No ability to turn off auto play, getting back to episodes in series and wanting to restart episode (it can be done but only after wasting time hunting through the app for the main listing of all the episodes in a series)...I get tired just trying to explain it. HBO, there’s just no excuse for so bad an app. Fix it!.Version: 50.30.0

Buggy, slow, poorly designed, screen-wasterGot a decent size iPhone? Good thing, cause this poorly designed app will waste about 30% of the screen by putting black bars on all four sides. They apparently took away full-screen mode at some point in the past year. Seems like it was intentional, since people have been complaining and they haven’t brought it back. I just rejoined, and the bad experience is making me think it will be a pay-for-a-month-and-out situation. Get your act together, HBO. Why throw all that money at making good content if your app dev team is going to chase away your subscribers? Update: the Developer response only addresses my “feature request” for full screen. That is a “feature restore” after some bizarrely-bad decision to remove it. I’m not going to go fill out some form to get it back - this should be obvious. Also, the app is objectively bad in many ways: slow, laggy, locks up randomly, crashes, poorly laid-out, odd controls, and so much more. No amount of feedback can help a team that would release such a bad app in the first place. They need to just look at other apps that work correctly, and do that. My review here is just to give fair warning to anyone considering watching HBO on their iPhone that it will be an annoying experience. The developer shouldn’t need to read the details here to know they’ve got a mess on their hands..Version:

Love HBO, HATE the appEveryone loves HBO’s content. There’s no debating this. What I can’t figure out is why, for such a premier service, the app (for iPhone specifically) is so terribly infuriating. My single main complaint is a big one, because it affects my experience almost every time I watch something. THE FAST FORWARD/REWIND BAR FUNCTIONS ARE THE VERY WORST OF ITS KIND. On literally every other streaming service out there(even the most obscure ones), if you tap the screen to bring up the playback options, the time bar can be used to seamlessly drag to wherever you want to continue watching from. It’s likely one of the very most commonly used features of any streaming app. On the HBO Max app, if you aren’t able to sit and watch every movie/show/episode uninterrupted from start to finish, forget about it. Attempting to move back/forward to any point in the show creates enough frustration that I’m convinced it has led to many broken phones. This MUST be fixed. And SOON. Based on the research I’ve done on this issue, many others are displeased with these functionalities(and others) of your apps. PLEASE get this issue resolved ASAP so I can get back to actually enjoying my experience while using one of my very favorite streaming services. I’ve just about reached my limit on how long I can deal with it. This is my final plea. HELP!.Version: 50.25.0

A MessThe content of HBOMax is nearly unrivaled. There’s tons of great stuff here, but unfortunately I just cannot for the life of me figure out why their app development is such a mess. On iPhone, scrubbing isn’t smooth, interface requires a lot of back and forth and the overall user experience just is lacking for a service that’s meant to be such high caliber. Which brings me to the newest Apple TV update. It’s basically unusable. If you want to do anything besides press play, forget it. Scrubbing will take you back to the beginning of your show, or maybe to the very end, or somewhere kind of random in between. It has a complete mind of its own after you’ve touched the remote. No jump back or forward. And just a mess if you want to put subtitles on. I’ve also noticed occasionally that three loading dots will randomly pop up while watching (even though it doesn’t seem to be buffering). What’s more confusing is that this tvOS app seemed to be working just fine until the latest update. It seems as though the QA and testing process was completely skipped for Apple TV. There’s no way that if it was, this version would have been released. It’s truly a shame that HBOs A+ content is being tarnished by these bad delivery methods..Version: 50.30.1

Cancelling Service Until Bugs Are Fixed*Update* I was contacted by an HBO+ app developer to provide information regarding which streaming device I am using. However, the links I was given to provide a response direct me to inactive webpages…….I guess I will respond here. I’m using Roku and have confirmed that I am using the most current version. Despite current update, issues described below have not resolved. The plus is that the content is pretty decent with new items being added weekly. The downside is that the app is so buggy you can’t stream anything! Slow to start, significant delays when navigating the Home Screen, slow to load lists…this app is beyond frustrating! Don’t even try to toggle between the different app features or fast forward/rewind a show or movie (if you’re lucky enough to get one to actually load). The app frequently crashes when trying to search or stream any content. I’ve been trying to stream content for several days now and the app crashes before the movie loads EVERY TIME!! I get so fed up that I end up moving on to a different streaming service. HBO announced an update 6 days ago that was supposed to resolve these issues but I have the most current version downloaded and still dealing with the same glitches. This app is an embarrassment to HBO and their app developers. There is no point in paying for a service I can’t use. Until I’m convinced the bugs are fixed, I’m cancelling my subscription..Version: 50.45.0

Love the content, but the app leaves much to be desiredI really like the content on HBO Max. They have great original shows and movies as well as a lot of popular releases. My only grievance lies with the app. Across all platforms (Xbox, iPhone/iPad, Samsung TV) I consistently receive messages saying the content cannot be played (often times while the show or movie continues to play). I do everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app because that can be a massive inconvenience (not trying to do that while exercising, for example), and often I continue to get the error even after multiple restarts. Also, the UI is not the best - it takes some trial and error to figure out how to get to the point where you can choose a season of a show for example. There are also some other, more tolerable issues such as when l download things and try to play them it says I’m not connected to wifi (the whole reason I download is to watch off wifi as I assume is the case for most), long load/buffer times or just randomly logging me out. Again, highly recommend the content and this review would easily be 5 stars if the app itself didn’t need as much work as it does..Version: 50.25.0

Refine airplay streaming capabilities ASAP!!!Ok app overall at first but start to use heavy especially on iPhone 11 air playing to Apple TV - I have noticed a few bugs centered around airplaying that need to be addressed ASAP. First the buffering could be improved greatly especially at the first 5, 8, 15 or so minutes and around 37th- 45th minutes. If you watch series like DC Titans or others- the app hangs when switching to next episode - this happens quite often - app continually becomes unresponsive and has to be exited. I played around with security or screen lock to see if this affects but have yet definite conclusion as to the cause! Also each episode starts with the Audio description enabled. EACH time a new episode starts it resets the audio description to on! The only way I have found to turn it off is to toggle audio description on then to English or Spanish then back off. Gets old doing this each time. Also happens with some of the newer movies too. Regression test app with older Apple TV’s as it does this on earlier Gen Apple TV’s too. Does it on my older model A1469! In short refine and streamline the apps airplay abilities for a more enjoyable seamless streaming experience. Thxs in advance happy coding and regression testing :) 👍😎.Version: 50.45.0

Love HBO, but frustrating appI’ve been a subscriber of HBO for years and I love HBO. I love the overall content, but since the new HBO Max app has rolled out, it has been one of my worst streaming experiences ever. I am a subscriber to multiple media streaming services and none of them do what HBO Max does. I use Chromecast to stream and after about 15 minutes into a movie or show I’ll get the “circle of death” as I like to call it. The app is trying to buffer, but instead of doing it once or twice, it continues to buffer for about every five minutes after that until the movie or show is complete. At first I just thought maybe it was my Internet or Chromecast but it’s been doing this for weeks now. It is definitely a fault or bug within the app and it is by far one of the most frustrating things to experience as a customer. Every time an update comes out for the app, my phone automatically pushes the update through and the non-stop buffering still continues to happen. I have no idea what to do but I know for a fact, if it continues to keep happening, I’m going to no longer be an HBO subscriber because it’s just not worth the frustration. With all the technology experts out there and all the money/resources that Warner has, I’m really surprised that this bug has not been resolved. I’ve read through other app reviews and it seems like I’m not the only person that’s experiencing this. Please fix this so you don’t lose anymore loyal customers..Version: 50.16.0

Great movies terrible appI love the amount of shows and movies HBO Max is. Totally worth spending money on, the problem I have is that it’s so slow and a nuisance when watching a movie or show and I get notification about streaming either with cellular data or WiFi. It’s so annoying having to go back and forth turning them on and off because of how it won’t stop changing it’s “mind” on my connection. Wish it was like Netflix more. Where it’s automatic on both ends. What’s also annoying is clicking in and out. I can’t exit the app with it still playing the movie. Another complaint is that the episodes aren’t laid out, have to retype the title to see again what is next or reading the description. It’s just super slow and is nowhere near how amazing the Netflix app is built. I hope it develops new downloads where it doesn’t create such a hassle trying to watch my shows and movies because it’s not worth $10 a month if all it’s gonna do is create problems and not allow me to watch movies on a smooth run. Also last thing, I hate how it’s so slow when I try to replay back. This goes the same for the website as well. Like Netflix has never given me this problem (I’m not complaining that Netflix is better but in comparison between app navigation, it is top tier) I like rewinding to watch best comical scenes and whatnot but Everytime I do on HBO I have to remind self to try and not do it or it crashes into this slow time warp. Please fix this!!.Version:

Same experience on multiple platformsLook I’m not very tech-savvy so I don’t know if app quality typically transfers between consoles but I’ve experienced the same issues that everyone else is saying on here but on the PS4. It’s so bad that I legitimately thought my console and/or controllers were broken until I switched to a different app and has no issues. On the rare occasion that I attempt to pause and it works on the first attempt, it still takes maybe 3-5 seconds to pause so I end up hitting the button a second time, only for the pause to end up catching up and then have the second tap catch up shortly after so that the show unpauses again. I’ve only been using this app on my PS4 for a couple of weeks but I have rare if ever (maybe once?) successfully fast forwarded/went backwards to a different spot. I got to the point where I thought it might not be worth it but this was the only place I found I could watch the lotr franchise and a bunch of other great selections. I thought about giving two stars bc of the variety in content, but went back to one when I considered that this is a paid platform but still is incredibly frustrating to use..Version: 50.45.0

Worst streaming app I’ve seenFor starters there’s no way to switch episodes without leaving your current episode, searching for the show, and then scrolling down to the episode you want. This is obviously a huge pain to do if you’re streaming it to your tv when you might not even be using your phone. Your other option is to fast forward through the episode until you reach the end, which you also have to unlock your phone to do (unless you want to use the 15 second buttons). The other option isn’t much better as you have to manually drag along the fast forward button to the end multiple times while waiting for it to catch up. On top of that, it is extremely unreliable as far as connecting to my tv goes. More than half of the time I try to watch a show I’m greeted with a “we’re having trouble playing this right now, please try again later” which is only resolved after restarting the app and reconnecting my phone multiple times with no clear indicator of what exactly causes it or what fixes it. Unfortunately I’m forced to use this app because of its exclusives but if I wasn’t I would uninstall it in a heartbeat and never look back..Version: 50.30.0

App embarrassing for HBO brandHBO has long been known for great content, but this app tarnishes their rep. There are so many issues I don’t know where to start. First off, it is extremely slow. This includes loading time but even just clicking any button takes about 10 seconds to do anything. For example, deleting a download takes forever and there is no indicator that it is doing something. Downloads are touchy. You can only download one show/episode at a time or they will fail. Then you can’t restart the download, you have to delete it, search for the show and try again. Several times I have tried to watch a download on a plane. If you aren’t connected to the internet you can get a message that you aren’t connected and it kicks you out of your logged in session. What is the point of downloads other than to watch offline? My last complaint is usability. Simple things like when you see shows you are currently watching there is no option to go to the landing page for the show. You can only resume the one you are watching. It is not a great experience to have to search for the show when the current episode is right there I front of you. When you compare the quality of the app to others this one falls way short..Version: 52.15.0

No audio with ChromecastThe audio simply will not work when casting. It doesn’t matter if you uninstall it, update it, update the Chromecast, update your phone, reset the Chromecast, try a different show, it doesn’t matter. Servers aren’t down, as much as they would like to claim that’s part of the problem. What is actually going on here? It seems that they’re indifferent to anyone’s problems, seeing as how most customers leave a review about different problems, but they never actually take the time to address them, rather they feed you an automated answer about how your customer service is their priority. I work with customers day in day out, and if I wasn’t actually listening to what they have problems with as far as service and taking the time to fix the problems, I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble. So why is it that HBO can get away with it? Due to their “impressive lineup of shows and movies”? At this point I’d honestly rather buy everything I’d want to watch on here on Prime. At least that actually works. And as far as “Developer Response”, you can keep it to yourself unless you’re gonna start fixing the basic problems everyone else has..Version: 50.63.0

Yet another disappointed app userI am absolutely baffled at how terrible the HBO app behaves. Nearly every day, while trying to watch any show from one episode to the next, the app glitches and kicks an error message that the title cannot be played. Trying to cast to a smart TV is just as cumbersome. In order to watch multiple episodes I have to kill the app at the end of the episode and restart to watch the next. However, the app does not reload where I left off, it restarts the previous episode. Not to mention the app does not seem to save watched status across devices- I can watch episodes on my iPad and try to watch them later on my computer; pulling up the website on the computer also doesn’t recognize where I left off in an episode or movie. I have read several negative comments about attempting to scroll forward within the episode, and I can attest it does not work. While I can simply tap the screen along the timeline to select where I’d like the episode to resume... well, it isn’t helpful. Because I still have to kill the app and reload it to go to the next episode. The transition from HBOGo to HBOMax should have been seamless and user-friendly. For some reason they haven’t been able to correct the blunder with any subsequent update to the app..Version: 50.25.0

App Glitches/ ProviderThe two issues I have with HBO Max is this provider situation and the app itself… I used the AppStore to download the app and to choose a subscription (which I was charged for), logged into the app various times, deleted and re downloaded the app, and unfortunately the websites for HBO doesn’t allow you to login to your account without the app…looked around in the app functions/settings and was informed on the app that I do not have a subscription with the account I made, in the email verification of the subscription I purchased it is listed as Warner Bro’s as the provider, made attempts with them as a provider, I also use Spectrum for my wifi I attempted with them and lastly there was no option for my mobile carrier (TMobile). Tried on my flat screen as well and I had the same issues. Will be in touch with HBO as soon as possible. Hopefully I can get more of a run down on the provider issues and glitch… would be a disappointment to cancel my subscription. I used hbo years ago and was very excited to see what MAX had to offer, never had these issues with the old HBO 😕.Version: 50.63.0

App Failure on Smart TVWhenever I boot up the app not only am I confronted with a laggy interface but a incompetent system for which to look up episodes of a show Im watching. To put it in perspective, I fell asleep watching jujutsu kaisen and ended on episode 5 but the show kept going until episode 8. Not a problem right? I can just click on the recently watched and look up the episode I was last on. But no, not only does the app keep playing episode 8 but in order to go look up the episode list I have to click play and then the back button. Why can’t the clicking on recently watched just take me to the show menu. Thats a nitpick I know but when I am at the show’s episode list th app immediately crashes and takes me back to the roku menu thus having to restart the process all over again laggy interface and all. My problem is that not only is the interface a bit tedious but now it seems to be just plain broken. Giving the app a 1 star until the crashes and lag are fixed. The other issue is just feedback. Funimation has the same terrible system for looking up shows last watched and its very annoying too. Just a comparison. Hope you listen to the fans here hbo because your catalog is great but your now becoming a meme for terrible app interface..Version: 50.30.1

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