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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App User Positive Comments 2022

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies app received 6 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hbo max: stream tv & movies?

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies for Positive User Reviews

Best Deal with TRULY quality shows/moviesThis diverse library filled with spectacular original shows and classic cult content is honestly my favorite of any streaming service out there. Other services charge twice as much, don’t offer discounted prices without ADs and are so over saturated with low quality content that using this service rocked my entire mentality about streaming. As part of a low income household I cancelled every other app I was paying for to afford this, and then out of nowhere they offered 6months at 50% off, and just as that deal was about to come to an end they extended the offer for an ADDITIONAL 6months. I love how they exclusively stream movies that play in theaters for those of us who prefer to watch at home, and honestly I can’t see myself ever switching to another streaming service at this point. Hoping that there will be a continued discount for long time users and looking forward to the future of this app!!!.Version: 52.15.0

Edit: Issue Resolved - Apple TV Version BrokenAfter the most recent update the standard Apple TV scrubbing has been replaced with a version that is nearly unusable. Clicking the far right or left of the remote’s touchpad no longer skips forward/back, tapping no longer brings up the time bar, and swiping on the touchpad scrubs without the need for pausing and at a speed that makes it nearly impossible to move to an accurate time (it seems that now the width of the touch pad relates to the entire time bar so that, starting from the beginning of an episode, one swipe from left to right will take you to the end of the episode/movie). The last point causes problems because you need to swipe on the touch pad to bring up the time bar, and I’ve accidentally skipped most of the way through what I’m watching when only trying to see how much is left. This along with the removal of support for 15s skips (which is standard for any streaming service) makes it very difficult to move forward or back a short amount of time. Additionally, the Play Next Episode function is somewhat broken on both Apple TV and iOS. On Apple TV it isn’t possible to swipe to the button, and attempting to click on it seems to both pause whatever’s playing and move to the next episode, almost as if the two fields were selected at this same time. This makes it impossible to pause at the end of an episode once Next Episode has appeared, and equally impossible to move away from the next episode button..Version: 50.30.1

A Little Polish to the DescriptionsUPDATE: I was offered a response by the developer. Thank you for your attentiveness. Rating increased by 1 star to reflect good consumer interaction. TY! I am a voracious video content consumer. I pay for several streaming services, and watch videos - movies & series - constantly. With my extensive experience, I absolutely love the HBO Max content, original and Hubs. Added to that, HBO Max, and HBO Originals in particular, are fantastic about including Audio Descriptions & other very helpful Accessibility features. Fantastic, and one of my all-time favorite streaming platforms, without a doubt. Please, please, please, make these tiny adjustments to your series episode descriptions: - include the *full* release dates of the episodes, including month & date, rather than just the year. - add in the descriptions when an episode is a season or series finale. (It's added work to run over to IMDB or The Verge to find when the last episode airs.) Thank you, and keep up the good work!! 3 stars to get eyes on the review. I'll update if/when developers respond..Version: 50.63.0

HBO Enforces Mandatory Letterboxing for “CoNsIsTeNt ViEwInG eXpErIeNcE”EDIT: Freedom to watch content in preferred aspect ratio is restored! Pinch to zoom to full screen works again. Five stars restored; thanks for listening, HBO. Original review: There used to be a button in the bottom right corner that eliminated the black bars at the top and bottom, clipped the video, and made it full screen. This is the optimal viewing experience for me and I’ve enjoyed it that way before the update and even on HBO Go before that. It’s gone now and I’m livid. Without this feature, you do not have the freedom to choose your best viewing experience. You have no choice at all now; instead, you pay to have HBO decide for you. HBO makes you suffer without this feature because they want to foster a “consistent viewing experience across all devices”. So I guess not being able to watch content the way you prefer doesn’t qualify as a good “experience” anymore. My experience is derived from the freedom to watch the content how I like it, so to remove that freedom seems counterintuitive, foolish, and nonsensical. My friends, our preferences shouldn’t be dictated by HBO. I yearn for the day our freedom will be restored in an update because, only then, will we have the truly optimal experience we used to expect from the Home Box Office..Version:

Needs expanded screen and playback screen optionAs with everyone else, content is great, but in 2021 you should be able to have the option to: 1. Expand the screen Yes, I get that HBO wants the experience to be consistent throughout all devices, but not all devices are the same size. Even for content that clearly does not fill out any sides of the screen you are not able to expand that. Easy fix and implementation, yet HBO is too stubborn to allow it. 2. Video speed control Let people consume the content how they want to. If keeping users on your app is the goal, then give users a customizable experience. I would like to spend more time on this app, such as when I'm on my breaks at work, however given the lack of expanded full screen, I am unable to view the content as it's too small, so I don't stay on the app ***edit 2/9/22*** HBO Max has recently added expanding the screen, which is a huge option for users. Consistency seems to have improved as well. Big steps in the right direction, changing it from 1 star to 5 stars as I value adapting to customer responses..Version:

Much better! ..... Still no Roku language optionUpdate: Much better interface. On my phone and tablet it gives me the option to choose finally a different language. The new movies and shows recently released in the past few months made me resubscribe to HBO Max. Only thing that is a hassle and ONLY way I can view the majority of shows and movies in Spanish. Is by Airplay, and sending it to my Roku connected to my tv. Wish HBO Max could finally update their app on Roku and give me an option to do it in screen on the HBO Max app. Plus the ability to share a link to a movies or shows that you want to recommend to someone to check out would be awesome as well! Old: I have to say they have improved the app gradually. Which is nice. Now I can watch “The wire” with family and it has Spanish audio and subtitles which is a huge plus. I think more of the Latino/ Hispanic crowd will be happy now having that option on some series/movies..Version: 50.20.0

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