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Scrivener app received 96 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Scrivener? Can you share your negative thoughts about scrivener?

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No longer syncs with drop boxI’m a big fan of Scrivener and having it on my iPad has been a big productivity boost because the sync via drop box means I can work seamlessly on my iPad away from my desk and on my desktop. At least that has been the case for the last few weeks. But now the iPad version won’t sync. Changes made on the desktop don’t appear on the iPad when a project is opened there. Pressing the sync button does not do anything the app goes through its sync routine only to announce that everything is up to date. But the iPad has an older version of the project I’m working on and fails to upload the changes made on the desktop. What am I missing? I haven’t made any changes to the settings and I can’t see what has changed. It’s more than a little frustrating and takes away the point of having the App on my iPad in the first place..Version: 1.2.2

Good app but seems to be breaking on iOSI have a series of projects in drop box which sync from my computer - but it seems to be not opening..Version: 1.2

Sync is not ready - Don’t use for critical workI just got the iOS scrivener after having the desktop for years. I’m a former software dev so technical experience is not the issue. Basically, sync on Dropbox with Scrivener is flakey. I recently lost (as in gone!) 25 pages of work after a sync. (Luckily I have work backed up elsewhere. I’ll never trust this app on iPad or Mac again.) I had a series of conflicts that were seriously messed up and all of the re-organization I did to my binder has been shot. I’ve read a number of the responses to reviews and the developer here often falls back to “well, this is just a small software shop, we can’t do everything.” Well, that excuse doesn’t cut it when you charge $25+ dollars for your app. You’re making decent money, you need to absolutely ensure that you do no harm to people’s work. Disappointed in the app is an understatement. Don’t bother..Version: 1.1.5

Held back by poor Sync managementI finally bit the bullet and got this because I wanted to be able to access my projects from my iPad. I had hesitated before because of complaints about the syncing. Those complaints are justified. Word of advice, sync your initial projects up, and then change your drop box folder for the iOS app. I manually copy across my new and edited pieces to the PC version. The first time I tried the app, I lost a whole night’s work; unlike the desktop versions, this app does not appear to create a ‘conflicting copy’ you can reconcile if the local version doesn’t match what’s on Dropbox..Version: 1.1.5

BEFORE purchasing this app - read thisWhen you are typing on this app in screenwriting mode the app will choose certain words where when you attempt to type them, the app will freeze and then you have to completely shut down the app. The words are completely indiscriminate. Whenever I attempt to type the character name SUPERINTENDENT, the app freezes. When I try to write a scene heading using the word APARTMENT, the app freezes. There have been other examples and I never know which word in which screenwriting section is going to set it off. What happens is that you will get halfway through typing the word and the app becomes unresponsive. I have contacted the app developer and they have seemed disinterested in assisting me with this issue. I understand that I am completely unimportant and that they have already received my money. There are other writing apps available for the iPad, and many are free, or very inexpensive. I would URGE you to try those out before making the purchase for Scrivener. The features with this app are very useful, but for all the frustration you will get from not being able to simply TYPE WORDS INTO THE APP it may not be worth it. Also, Scrivener was developed mainly for the Mac and, like most other app developers making serious productivity app, the mindset that is professionals don’t really use the iPad to get work done, so we won’t work on it too much. (Eh, but let’s do bump the price up a bit because, hey, it’s Scrivener!).Version: 1.2.2

Don’t botherThe iPad Scrivener is mostly useful for generating synchronization conflicts and losing your work. Stick with the desktop version and forget about synchronizing between devices. The sync function is figment of the developer’s imagination..Version: 1.1.5

Oct 2019 App locks me out of writing projectsAs of today, this app has locked me out of my projects three times. It goes from the regular screen to one with a white background filled with white boxes that appear to be folders, but when you touch them, they will not open. When in this mode, the app only allows you to start a new project folder (which you cannot open), sync with iTunes (nothing appears to happen) or link with Dropbox (it seems to work, but upon opening Dropbox, the Scrivener folder that was created is empty). I managed to get it working once by restarting my phone, but upon trying it again when Scrivener randomly went into this locked out mode, it stayed that way until I shut down the app twice. Looking for a new mobile word processor, as Scrivener has become unreliable. Not sure if this app is even being supported anymore, as this developer has a habit of abandoning previous incarnations of its apps in favour of creating an entirely new one (with few updates, if any) that you have to re-buy at full price. I used to love this app, but the developer has become unpredictable. Very disappointing. Great app when it works and doesn’t lock you out of your work..Version: 1.2

Mind-bogglingly confusing :(I used Scrivener on my Mac for years. Loved it. Eventually I started spending more time on my iPad than my desktop so to be able to keep on writing on that device and having everything in sync seems ideal. So I bought Scrivener for iOS. I have absolutely never been able to keep my writing synced up. I find it extremely confusing. Once I get everything working properly it goes along for a while and then I start getting error messages. It’s probably my fault – I’m doing something wrong but why does it have to be so confusing? I am a writer, not a geek..Version: 1.2.2

Please fixI spend a decent walk of money on this program and I’m extremely disappointed, I have to return my words in for them to line up. Please fix this.Version: 1.2.1

Terrible DesignWhy make it so frustratingly hard to setup templates. The instructions for setting it up are buried under confusing groups and they don’t work. This has been such a let down I am switching to another tool for both iPad and Desktop. You should have put more effort into making this app usable..Version: 1.2.1

Bought by mistakeSo my daughter bought this by mistake on my and I’m wondering if I can get a refund for this.Version: 1.2.2

Does not sync across IOS and MacI bought this app and went to all the trouble of learning how to use it on the IOS to find it has a different interface on my mac and also there is no easy sync capability. You need to use something like dropbox which is a hassle. Am now using Ulysses which is excellent. Has the exact same interface on both, syncs seamlessly across all my apple products and is a lot easier to use. Scrivener feels very amateur in comparison..Version: 1.2.2

No iCloud supportI LOVE THIS PRODUCT as a writing tool on my Macs, but it’s quite limited on iPad because of how it stores files. I’m constantly moving from computer to computer and cannot access my writing projects easily or practically with Dropbox as they throttle back the number of computers you can use on their free accounts to only three devices. I have no interest in paying for Dropbox storage (because I already have a NAS Drive (and an iCloud account that has no such restrictions). I’m hoping that Scrivener will consider making this product more iPad friendly soon by releasing an update that will support iCloud storage (or that you’ll consider supporting NAS drives) but until then, I can only give this great software one star..Version: 1.2.1

Terrible syncingGreat writing app but the sync between iPhone and iPad is terrible. Im still waiting for my projects to show up on the iPhone app. Why is iCloud not being utilized for syncing?.Version: 1.2.4

Amazing except syncFor what it is, a word processor, this app is 5/5. Very neat, and extremely functional, I really like the layout and this app takes some familiarizing but doesn’t take long and is super super rewarding. My problem with the app is the entire concept of syncing and sending anything anywhere is horrible. They only sync with iTunes or Dropbox which right off the bat that few of options for a 20$ app? And I don’t use Dropbox so that’s pretty inconvenient. Well no matter I paid 20$ it can’t hurt to make a drop box account just for this one thing to sync even though that’s pretty impractical. Well now that I’m linked to drop box, I can’t even believe how bad this works. You can’t take a project or even a single, page/document and move it to or from the cloud. Not simply like that anyways, the process for any syncing or sharing is so unpolished I can’t believe this app is 20$. Developers now that you have my money, what the heck. Please add more support to this app and the ability to move docs and projects around more freely. If you could add support for iCloud or google drive, or even OneDrive, just something other than JUST Dropbox. So much limitation is reason for me to possibly find a new text editor and not even bother with getting the Mac app.Version: 1.1.5

Rich program on MacOS, limited on iPad due to DropboxThe main interest of the app is to access your Scrivener projects from anywhere and add notes directly into the app when new ideas arrive. This brings the issue with Dropbox syncing to the forefront. I do not use Dropbox and don’t want to start now. iCloud syncing should be a priority for this app..Version: 1.2.2

Cant Sync Between DevicesWhat is this, 1993? Brutal that you can’t access your data across multiple devices. Delete..Version: 1.2.4

HorribleThe windows version of this is amazing but the hoops needed to link it to share files between iOS and windows is just agonizing and a waste of time. Requested a refund on this app. It seems from various videos and research that this app is best with a Mac book..Version: 1.2.2

Not Synced With Desktop ScrivenerThis doesn’t sync with iCloud from your PC and $80 Scrivener, it syncs with Dropbox. So you can’t take your PC work with you on your phone. I don’t think they should call this the same app, and should disclose this massive flaw at the top not at the bottom of their about info. It’s disingenuous to market these apps as the same or as seemingly intuitive as Apple when you’re not using iCloud, not even as an option, alongside Dropbox. Not what I wanted. Not the same app. Not PC version. Not synced to my desktop work. Not helpful..Version: 1.2.1

Missing FeaturesDoesn’t have opml import/export, drag-and-drop reorganization, nor changing views to view all documents in a folder as one like the desktop version. This right off makes it less intuitive and useful. It’s better than just an outlining app, but a scriptwriting app that can import/export opml can replace Scrivener entirely. Plottr or Story Planner have more specific tools for fiction and if they could do that and export to Word or Final Draft, again Scrivener, at least the iOS version, wouldn’t be necessary. Add those features, add something like tags to replace labels and keywords (including coloring), and you have a perfect tool. A timeline feature to organize notecards linearly on multiple planes would also be killer seeing as how the strength of Plottr is mostly in templates. Make an iPadOS version of Scrapple ASAP. It’s predestined for tablets as they say. Nesting in what Scrapple already offers also makes it perfect along with opml import. iCloud sync is also needed. Windows has iCloud..Version: 1.2.1

No iCloud integrationI quite like scrivener desktop overall, but since the iOS app will only sync with Dropbox, it really impacts the utility. I wish the devs would add the ability to store projects in iCloud rather than just on-device, since Dropbox only offers expensive, high capacity plans, and also I just don’t like their service very much, it’s bad.Version: 1.2.2

No updatesThe app hasn’t been updated in over a year and the bugs are starting to pile up. Dropbox sync still takes a lot of time an no option to sync using iCloud. App needs some attention..Version: 1.1.5

Doesn’t work with Mac appSo surprised, once downloaded, to find that the iOS version doesn’t sync with the Mac Scrivener app. I can’t sign in to my account and access my Mac projects with iOS devices, which is such the norm for other apps (Final Draft …) that it never occurred to me to check for this. Very disappointed. It looks like everything I create in iOS will stay in iOS, attached to my Apple ID. And everything I create on the Mac app will stay there, linked to my Scrivener account. How does this even make sense in 2022? I understand that complexity may be an issue for cross platform interactivity, but to not even link the two for backup/filling purposes …. Makes no sense … On a positive, the iOS app looks clean, easy to use. Since I’ve spent the money, will probably use it for short writing projects, butnot sure about that as it’s important to me to save all of my writing projects in one place in the Apple ecosystem (can’t stand Dropbox or Box). If Apple can create a whole cross platform functionality for its apps, and Final Draft can create useable cross platform functionality for its apps, why is Scrivener not even offering us the chance to link the content created on two platforms to one account? I hope I’m wrong, have missed something, and Scrivener will answer and set me straight :).Version: 1.2.1

Update. This. App.If it weren’t for the ever-increasingly buggy and erratic behavior of this app, plus the syncing issues (yes, perhaps it was even worse 1+ years ago before I began using it, but it’s still not without potentially grave, data-losing issues...), I might be inclined to give this app 5 stars. And in fact I’ll gladly change my 1 star rating to 5 stars once this app is updated and it’s issues resolved. Hopefully this poor review and rating, along with a mounting number of similar user’s feedback, will motivate the Scrivener team to get their buttocks in gear and fix their unnecessarily subpar product. Fortunately, I’ve developed a 3-level backup method (using a local Scrivener copy, as well as a separate writing app) that has saved me numerous times from losing either recent additions to, or the entirety of my currently 395 page manuscript. In closing, I’ll echo what is undoubtedly the sentiments of many a longtime Scrivener user: For a company who charges a premium for both the desktop and mobile versions of their app, and touts itself as being (and wants to be considered) the pinnacle of modern writing software, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Whatever your reputation once was, it is certainly slipping in recent years, and this should be deeply concerning to you and your business....Version: 1.1.5

Absolute rip off for IOSI was totally lulled into a false sense of security with this app - I have an iPhone/iPad and regular dell laptop and have always used good old google docs to plan, edit and create my stories as I love that I can use it across all platforms and it automatically saves. After hearing everyone RAVE about how one HAS to have this app, I paid the £23 fee only to find that you can’t actually use it across multiple platforms (unless I wanted to pay another £23). The IOS version of this is a stupidly dumbed down version of the real thing (for the same price). It does not support the creation of tables of any kind (rendering any kind of scene template useless). It does not support numbered lists (unless you want to insert numbers every time). You can write in it - but you can do that on Google docs for free. Please get the IOS up to standard or lower the price..Version: 1.2.2

Adore Scrivener, but...Drop box is a huge deal breaker for me. I've been using it and trying it for well over a year because I love Scrivener that much. I've been trying to get over the reliance on an app I don't want to use or install--Dropbox. I love how in-depth Scrivener is. I still use Scrivener as my main tool on the Mac. I just can't use it on mobile anymore. I hate Dropbox that much. Please untether the reliance on a third-party app. Drop box always has and most-likely, always will mess up my files. It's the only online storage that has done this to me over and over. I've gone back to Storyist for now. It's okay, but I'd rather use Scrivener without needing DropBox. Is there a way for us to choose which online storage we can use? I will come back in a heartbeat if this option becomes available. For now, I will stick to something that offers less headaches. I just want to write; I don't want to fight..Version: 1.1.5

Dropbox Drops Flushes Functionality Down the BoxDropbox creates the inability to link Scrivener work across personal platforms.. by itself, Scrivener is a ‘what a great app’.. but try to work on multiple or linked devices.. forget it. One would think that if less expensive apps, can link via browsers, that two Paid Scrivener apps, would be able to play nicely with each other... but, that is not the case.. a third party has to be in the middle. Scrivener: useful only on single devices. And only where internet works, no ‘off grid in residencies’ for you..Version: 1.1.5

Practically uselessUntil the Scrivener iOS app realizes that it’s no longer 2007 and that there are more cloud services than just Dropbox, this utility of this app is questionable. It certainly isn’t useful. I am a OneDrive user..Version: 1.1.2

DisappointedExcellent app. However I am not best pleased that the only way to sync seems to be by paying for Dropbox which is just under £20 a month, for more data than I am likely ever to use. I feel a little cheated in that they expect me to pay the same price as I paid for this app, for the privilege of sharing files with my computer. I can’t justify spending that sort of money on this! I bought this app because I wanted to be able to continue writing when I wasn’t at home, but now I find they expect me to pay through the nose for something many other apps have no trouble doing. What a con!.Version: 1.2

Missing features hold this back from being excellentI was surprised and disappointed to see the complete lack of the synopsis/notes/comments sidebar and inability to have two documents open side-by-side for the same project, something I rely on heavily on the desktop version. Those two features are essential for me and finding them missing was a let-down, especially at the price of the app. Synching files from desktop is also a bit of a faff, if you wish to move your projects from desktop to iPad, you first need to add your dropbox account, then create a new dropbox file on scrivener on ipad to sync to dropbox, which creates the right folder you need for you to drag and drop your files from desktop into dropbox (navigate Apps->Scrivener). I really wish there was alternative cloud options as well, personally I heavily use Google Drive, I don’t want to have to worry about multiple different cloud services. It would have been nice to have the option. All in all I’m a bit disappointed with the iOS version of Scriv when the desktop version is comparatively so full of features..Version: 1.2.2

Syncing broken on iPad ProI have been a huge fan of this software for years. Unfortunately, after migrating everything to Scrivener project by project, and then buying an iPad Pro specifically to use this product on a bigger screen while on the go, I can no longer use it. Dropbox syncing is totally broken and now results in crashing on iPad Pro, which defeats the purpose because I work on multiple devices, depending where I am and which is most convenient. I have spoken to tech support and they have confirmed that the problem exists, though no solution has materialized for 5 months now. Scrivener + iOS seemed like a real win over the alternatives... but now I’m forced to migrate everything back to the competition because this is an unacceptable delay. Writers need something reliable. I’m not pleased that I had to waste valuable time migrating everything elsewhere when I should have been writing. To be clear, the software still syncs perfectly on Mac and on iOS for iPhone and iPad mini (which I also have), but for how long? Who knows if another update will break compatibility with other devices? Not trustworthy in the slightest and it’s really unfortunate because this WAS the greatest tool I’d ever used..Version: 1.2.1

No iCloud syncI’m incredulous that, in 2018, a professional app with a professional app price is unable to sync with the OS’s own cloud service. Basically a waste of money for me..Version: 1.1.5

App crashes on launchI updated to the latest version and it crashes on launch. Cool..Version: 1.2.3

STILL haven’t fixed sync issues?First off: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the desktop app. This review is about the mobile app, which is essentially useless because of how bad the syncing is. I took this down to a 2 star because this problem has persisted ever since I first got the app almost a year and a half ago. Like, it’s actually dangerous to use the mobile app because it’s likely you will corrupt your organizing structure or files on yr desktop if you’re not super duper careful. Even if you are super careful (closing desktop app every time you possibly can), seems unpredictable. Other than that the app & design is superb! Sometimes I use it to just look at/ refresh myself on what i was writing while out. But it’s still scary knowing I could be messing with my doc when doing even just that. I don’t have time to reconstruct from my backups and wonder what I missed all the time. Backups should be for when the computer or app crashes; not because the mobile app is deranged..Version: 1.2.1

So Close, and yet So FarThe MacOS version is fantastic. While iPads were previously quite limited in their capabilities, they have come a long way and can now be used as an effective laptop replacement. Unfortunately, this app sells an iPad and any writer who uses their iPad in lieu of a laptop or desktop short. The capabilities and the layout are extremely limited. Perhaps one of the most frustrating limitations, after having used this for well over a decade, is that there is STILL no iCloud sync support. I long for an improvement in this area, but with the most recent release over six months ago, I am not holding my breath. Dropbox is a maddening solution for interoperability between mobile and desktop. I would gladly pay a reasonable monthly subscription to continue to support L&L if it would enable them to more rapidly iterate and create some modernization in this. To not have iCloud integration and to still be treating an iPad version as a “desktop lite” edition in 2022 is a big mistake and missed opportunity..Version: 1.2.2

Please update!!!I echo the views of other reviewers here who have been complained about this for years and yet Scrivener is not doing anything about it! I use Scrivener on my Mac and purchased this app with the hope that it syncs directly with my desktop app. This is not the case and it just seems odd that you can not sync to already existing projects with your desktop app. If you have an iPad don’t bother purchasing this and just use sidecar. The fact that Scrivener haven’t updated their app in two years is frankly shocking..Version: 1.2.1

Poor compatibility across devicesI love the desktop Scrivener apps and I use both on PC and Mac. However, there is a deal-breaking bug that erases hyperlinks created on the desktop platforms anytime the Scrivener project is opened in iOS. This means that if I do any editing on an iPad, all of the links I’ve created to files for my manuscript are erased and I need to waste time creating them all over again..Version: 1.1.5

Syncing is troublesomeCan’t figure out how to sync between one drive and iOS, only other option is to continuously copy back and forth from Dropbox, that was a problem solved 10 years ago for most other platforms.Version: 1.2.1

Great for Desktop, not IOSSyncing between devices using Dropbox is a tedious process and has been for years. I had shelved the app away after seeing how unusable it was more than five years ago. It’s a shame that there is not a better sync feature. Compared to other writing softwares syncing options like Obsidian, Scrivener has fallen way behind in the app world..Version: 1.2.2

DO NOT BUY!Bought this crap recently. Worked on editing all morning... then guess what? It crashed and all my work disappeared. How nice. Please don’t give these idiots another cent..Version: 1.2.1

No more fonts in iOS 14!!I’ve enjoyed this app for years and I honestly didn’t foresee myself ever writing a one star review but here we are.... Not one update in over a year?? Serisouly?? Please update to include the new font management in iOS 14 or else I will need to find another app to continue writing with!.Version: 1.2.1

Please fix bugs!I genuinely like the desktop/laptop app and was looking forward to have an iPad version of it. However, the app crashes a lot. It might be because I have synced my document on Dropbox but the entire point of getting the scrivener iPad app is to be able to work on the go on lighter devices. In that sense, i feel quite cheated by the end product as I often need to reset the ‘clear Dropbox sync cache’ as well as delete re-download the app for it to function. This has already caused me to loose a couple of hours of work. Regarding more minor issues: I was disappointed that some of the greater features of the computer app version were not included. I particularly miss screenshots, the dual navigation, scrivenings, and the fully customisable visual options, such as, for example changing the background to sepia and the font to a grey colour, as opposed to only having the choice between night and day (black or white) modes. Scribble is also not optimal. It works but is less efficient than on other (apple and non-apple) apps. I’m confident the company will improve this product but would suggest delaying your purchase in the meantime..Version: 1.2.2

No iCloud syncing is a big minus for meLike the app but I am really put off by not being able to import or export from iCloud ... or sync my work there..Version: 1.1.5

Left to rot?Scrivener should be at least equal to rival Ulysses. Especially as that rival has shot itself in the foot with a subscription only model. Sadly, though, Scrivener remains a ‘could be/ should be’ great app. For all the good points, and there are many, there is no grammar checker. No iCloud back up. No way to spell check just a chosen section of text. No accurate retention of cursor position within a document between sessions. The list goes on. The app gets updated infrequently, as if it is an after thought. It could be the king, if only its developers had the time..Version: 1.2.1

I. NEED. CUSTOMIZATION!!!I love this app for the most part (except for the fact that it crashes every time i try to save my manuscript as a word file but whatever) but i have one complaint and one complaint only. MORE CUSTOMIZATION PLZ!!!! i knew that when i got the ipad edition of scrivener it wouldn’t have as many features as the mac version. and that’s fine—there are wayyy too many features on there, and i like to keep things as simple as possible thankyouverymuch. but the one thing i liked most about computer scrivener is the themes! you can set photos as background on there, change the page color, make things more aesthetic, etc etc. i need to use themes and colors i like on it to set a mood while writing so i can focus. i can survive with this basic version of scrivener for now, but it would be soooooo so so sooooooooooooo helpful if there were more features customization-wise. no, it doesn’t have to be exactly like mac. but as long as i can have a choice of page colors, and i can add photos as backgrounds and such, and maaaaaybe change the fonts of things like folder names, i’ll be satisfied..Version: 1.2.2

Bewildering App to use for first time on iPadIts literally taken me DAYS to figure out how to buy this . My Mac crashed and I purchased a version again only to discover I need a different version for IPAds/. Paid AGAIN, finally loaded it, opened it, and have spent the last few hours trying to understand how on earth to write a screenplay with it. How to write ANYTHING on it. Even after reading the tutorial and finding about what sounds like the very useful outliner, Corkboard, I really am bewildered about how to go forward. It says somewhere that it may be difficult for those who haven’t used the full Laptop version, but this is like landing on Mars. I am, as I type, downloading Final Draft which I suspect I will have better luck with. I’m sure its fantastic as I hear it is from friends, but the developers have made little effort to make first users intuitively find their way around it. It assumes we all have and use the full versions of it elsewhere. And don’t get me started on the tutorial which is definitely written by an aspiring Novelist... it goes on, and on, and on and on, more like a manual to assemble a car than a guide on how to use a writing app..Version: 1.1.5

Risky for syncingThe desktop version of this I find very useful but I dare not share its files with the iOS version. Syncing creates too many errors..Version: 1.1.5

Mediocre, poor maintenance, not full featuredThis app, without comparison to its Mac sibling, is mediocre. 1) Awful syncing: requires you to remember to close project so that it will sync before you try to open elsewhere. 2) Clunky interface: lots of unnecessary extra swipes and taps. Doesn’t take advantage of the intuitive interface possibilities of iPad. 3) The last time it was updated was over a year ago! (I’m writing this on March 3, 2018) In comparison to its macOS counterpart, the iOS app is utterly incapable. I’m not looking to copy all the bells and whistles, which would make the iOS version bloated. But, this is so ameliorated, it doesn’t deserve the same namesake as its macOS brother. It feels like this development person (or team?) is overwhelmed. Needs more competent and creative people to scale up the development across as many platforms as they’re trying develop for. (I think they’re adding a PC version... which is a scary proposition for the future of its iOS development)..Version: 1.1.5

Only great if you're using an iPadBought this thinking it would have most of the same features as the desktop version. Then realized - no corkboard for iphone version. It seems like all the positive reviews are from people using an ipad for which that feature is available. Also, no performance targets either - at least on the iphone. So my two favourite features that puts scrivener above other writing apps are both not available and yet I just spent $30 AUD on it for the pleasure of finding that out. Not happy..Version: 1.0

Spend more time in Dropbox than writingThe lack of syncing is not only frustrating, it is broken. You have to constantly manually sync with Dropbox, because if you ever have a hiccup with your internet and it doesn’t sync, your work creates conflicted documents and you will spend your time solving that problem and doing your work again. Syncing can also take a long time, and takes over the entire screen, so when you want to jot something down quick, it is impossible. After a year of working with it, I find myself avoiding the app because of the errors, pasting in from my notes, and afraid of clicking on the icon from my phone..Version: 1.1.5

Unusable typing performanceThe idea behind Scrivener is great, and if it worked properly I would probably love it. But on my ipad the dismal typing performance makes it totally unusable. Lots of characters are skipped when I type rapidly, so I’m perpetually having to go back and edit things. And it has occasionally gone into a repeat mode where the same character is repeated rapidly and there is no way to stop it short of killing the app. I’d hoped that it would be a better tool for writing text on an iPad than Word, but instead it’s been a huge disappointment..Version: 1.2

No ICloud Syncing???Having bought both the Mac version and iPhone version it is disappointing to see that the iPhone version has no iCloud syncing. Dropbox doesn’t really do it for me and iTunes copying is too much fiddle. Please progress to iCloud syncing!.Version: 1.1.5

The iOS app isn’t as good as the window versionI have both the iOS and the Window version. Sadly they don’t sync together. On the Window version I can open my files as I please with OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. But with the iOS version, it is only available to sync with DropBox, which is very disappointing. I would like to see the iOS app being able to sync with OneDrive as well in the future. But so far, this app version will only get 2 star from me. As I am very disappointed with it..Version: 1.2.1

IOs13 crashes in seconds when syncingNew upgrade crashes about 10 seconds into syncing. Older version on iPad works fine. I’ll skip the next upgrade on iPad until this is fixed..Version: 1.2

If only for iCloud...Scrivener on the Mac is an amazing app and such a bargain. I’ve used it to write at least one book and couldn’t have done it without it. I bought the iPad version as soon as it came out. I then discovered that it was not compatible with iCloud, and this at a time when Apple had finally sorted out its crazy filing system and given back control to users. I do everything on iCloud these days and have put Dropbox behind me. Scrivener stayed on my iPad for about 3 days and then I deinstalled it. I switched to iThoughts mindmapping which enables me to organise and even write chunks of text. It also works using iCloud on both the Mac and iPad! But the Mac version is not a bargain. Scrivener is still great but it is soooo frustrating that it is the only app I use that I cannot use on my mobile devices. It’s crazy and as a result I am using it less..Version: 1.1.5

Hugely frustrating and something of a racketAs a standalone writing tool, yes, it has all the bells and whistles you need. It is not surprising that thousands of writers choose Scrivener for their projects. That said, this ridiculous and clunky loyalty to Dropbox as the means to sync between devices is practically useless. Case in point: I am writing a project at the moment and am writing it on my Mac. I have chosen to save my work into Dropbox. When I try to access this project on my iPad I get an old version with none of my revisions in place. I go into Dropbox to find my file in the Scrivener folder - it’s the old version, not the latest. Where’s the version I worked on my Mac? Nowhere to be found. Also, full compatibility depends on regular purchases of the latest versions on both platforms. That’s a swizz. It’s not fair and does a huge disservice to users who have already made a considerable investment. I’ve switched to Ulysses which I have on both platforms and my revisions and additions instantly communicate. It may not have the bells and whistles but it trumps Scrivener in usability. Really disappointing. One star..Version: 1.2.1

Disappointed - going back to WordI felt I had done all my research, but I guess not. Was really looking forward to using the cork board but it is only available on the iPad. Feel ripped off and disappointed..Version: 1.2.1

No better than a notes app on the iPad ProI love my desktop version, it is a powerful tool however on the iPad Pro v3 this app is more of a trial than a tool. There are so many aspects of the desktop version missing you would get just as much out of using a free notepad app. The iPad version does not have the ability to lay out plot, no cork board, character sheets, world building tools, none of the things that make it a good program for writing. Exporting work in this app to the desktop is fraught with issues. These things add up to a really poor iPad experience..Version: 1.2.1

Worst app everI got a hook up to my iPad so I could pull scrivner files from computer over to the app only to find out you cannot upload a scrivner file format to the app (I know how stupid!). Nor does it an anyway sync to anyplace I would care about like my portable hard drive that I could switch between the two devices just...drop box which I never use nor does this app cross platforms so it could update whether I am on my iPad or laptop and not have to worry that I am missing stuff between the two when writing. Rendering this app completely useless to me. Any writer wants flexibility when an idea strikes to write and this app gives you the opposite of that boxing you in to either write purely on your iPad or purely on a desktop. Apps are suppose to make a program mobile and easily assessable anywhere so why these two different formats of the same program on the desktop and app don’t mesh blows my mind. Office products apps do. Had to submit a refund within a half an hour after realizing it didn’t do anything it promised it could prior to installing and buying it. So fingers crossed I get my money back..Version: 1.2.1

WASTE of £20I have Scriv for my Mac, and have loved this software. But, I got tired of having to constantly import it into Word, emailing it to me or putting it through Dropbox to access the file on my iPad, then having to email or Dropbox the changed file and copy and pasting it all back into Scriv. I got this software on iPad cos I was lead to believe I could move from Mac to iPad and back again without a problem - a seamless handoff between devices that would sync up with changes and without having to email or Dropbox it. I've had this more months, and my Scriv files from my Mac are never recognised - it says I'm not authorised. So to access the files, I have to import it into Word, email it to me or put it through Dropbox to access the file on my iPad, then having to email or Dropbox the changed file and copy and pasting it all back into Scriv. Sooooooooo why did I waste £20 on this app? I've tried creating files on the iPad Scriv as well, and it's worse that Word for Mac. End of the day, this very issue is making me consider switching back to Final Draft. I've always preferred Scriv for Mac, but at least FD has a handover system that works. All in all, really disappointed with this app, cannot recommend it at all - and I'd demand a refund if I thought I'd get one..Version: 1.1.5

Most Dysfunctional App cripples writersThis app is so bad, quirky and ultimately dysfunctional that it’s causing me to finally leave Scrivener altogether on all devices (including desktop) and go to Ulysses. This developer has virtually zero interest in EVER updating and fixing this app. What a rip-off. Dropbox sync is tedious and time consuming at best. Doc editor features are a joke. Good luck finding them. The simplest features (highlighting, bold, underline,,etc) are several levels deep & others just don’t exist or are buried so deep that it’s not worth looking for. Just trying to select a line or two of text is almost, and sometimes completely impossible as the whole page goes nuts and selects. PDFs cannot be magnified making it impossible to see detailed images on a small screen, nor can they be resized. I could go on but you get the point. I’ve tolerated this pathetic excuse for an app for years but it ruins the writing experience and with apps like Ulysses that are actually supported I’d have to be nuts to keep using Scrivener. Unless your married to your desktop and never leave your computer, Scrivener is a joke. And even then, it’s too complicated. Old, out-dated technology apparently or the developer just isn’t that good..Version: 1.2.2

Cross-platform functions need workI bought this app and started using the free trial of the PC version, lured by the promise of writing things on my phone and then switching to my PC to keep working on them. Too bad the Dropbox sync is intrusive and prone to having documents suddenly vanish. Also, the formatting is inconsistent between platforms, so things I write on my phone look different from things I write on my PC, leaving the whole thing looking like such a mess that it’s almost a relief when the shoddy Dropbox sync loses the document. At least the problems were obvious enough that I encountered them before my free trial on the PC version ran out!.Version: 1.2.1

Appreciate the Sync but iCloud?I appreciate that you allow third party syncing. But the fact that there’s no support for iCloud sync is a little strange considering the PC version is an obvious after thought. I would love native iCloud support with proper collaboration, side car, etc..Version: 1.2.1

Incompatible file format with windowsI bought this, expecting to be able to use my Scriven or three files from windows in dropbox I was shocked and astounded to find out that the windows application and this one use different file formats so far. It’s been impossible for me to import my 100,000 words into this application. It is useless. I have an email from the developers saying people will ya they use one or the other, but never both I have applied for a refund This is the most shocking disgraceful piece of rubbish software writing I have ever seen it looks like they wrote it from the ground up in a hurry because it barely looks finished. It has no iCloud’s sync the file formats are completely different Even if I manually, drop the files on my iPad next to the ones created by this application and cannot be seen. I would advise anyone not to touch is given her for the next project it is easier to use a VPN and remote desktop to my windows PC and use mobile Scrivner.Version: 1.2.2

AvoidScrivener is great, the desktop version. I couldn’t write without it. The app is a disaster. It doesn’t always sync correctly and randomly wipes files. The file is still there but all the text is gone. Not worth the risk..Version: 1.2.2

It’s a hobby kit not a writing tool.Poorly designed, the antithesis of the reason for using a Mac or iOS over other platforms. Feature rife but not feature rich. If you want to play around with frameworks for writing projects it’s great. But it gets in the way of the actual research and writing. “Compiling” the final document is byzantine and obtuse. The user community is active but starstruck. Support for the desktop product is weak and actively rude. About a paid update of all things. I was trying to spend more money with them just to keep my software current. I’d not toss any more money into the sink now, though. Apparently this is a company that takes a 15% restocking fee for a digitally distributed product. At least that’ll give you a good laugh if they ever demand it of you. But if anything goes awry they’d likely tell you to drop dead. I recommend Mellel on the desktop/laptop and iPad, and Bear on both. The drag-and-drop content organization in Scrivener would be nice if it weren’t so freighted with insalubrious side effects. But you can do the very same thing in Bear and other apps if you don’t cling to the attractive but superfluous cork board visual model..Version: 1.1.5

Stopped working.Upon opening the app, I’m unable to open any projects at all. I can only start a new one, but then I can’t open that one either. Wonderful. Mobile writing has been brought to a halt. Back to pen and paper. iPhone XR with the latest updates..Version: 1.2

It will not open old Scrivener files!I bought the program for my PC in 2014 or 2015. I’ve been using it without issues until my PC died. Today I bought the app for iPad (my new device). I went through the whole routine of saving to Dropbox and syncing only to get a message that it’s an “older format that cannot be opened on mobile devices”. I cannot afford to buy another computer just to open my 150 000 word fantasy book. Please create a way to open old files, otherwise this app is useless. Note to self, if I manage to open it by seeing if anyone I know has an older program, I will have to remember to constantly export for word so I don’t lose my book in the future..Version: 1.2.1

Some issuesHaving issues when typing. I’m using the iPad for my work with scrivener. At times while writing, I will change lines and the font will change.... as well as this the writing cursor doesn’t always stay where I’m writing but goes a line down as my writing continues on the line above. Very annoying and distracting. I usually have this problem when trying to use bullet points, but it occurs frequently. I want to continue using this app, and will gladly give it 5 stars if these small issues could be addressed..Version: 1.1.5

If I could turn back time...I would take make notes in an app other than Scrivener. But since I can't, I'll have to accept that I have lost them for ever. All those hours... all that information... The document was backed up to Dropbox and is still there, but Scrivener says that "it doesn't contain a valid binder structure file. Please ensure project has been fully uploaded from other devices..." It was, but I had to delete the app in order to gain space and now the project is lost. The Dropbox syncing system always looked precarious to me and made me feel uneasy. Next time I'll go with my gut..Version: 1.1.1

Very annoying bug present thoughI use the dark mode, but the annoying thing is that they achieve this by changing the actual font colour to white. So when it comes time to compile a draft, I can’t see any text because the text is white and the page is ofc white, And there’s not even an option to change the text to a different colour, I can’t believe this is a thing in an expensive writing app.Version: 1.2.1

Syncing is terrible(IPAD ver) I got this as an alternative to Evernote as I can pay one payment rather than monthly bill. With that said, I am comparing this to evernote quite a bit. Organization is a bit limited and rather clunky. I can work through that but what is the most frustrating is the syncing system. I have often lost work or hours of organization simply the syncing lags between the IPhone/IPad. (I usually use iPhone to jolt down idea and then use IPad for longer entries).I honestly try to sync every time I open the app on both my devices but it always lags and causes file conflicts. I would only recommend this for using on one device rather than syncing this to two. It creates a whole lot of trouble..Version: 1.2.2

IOS version not worth a pennyThe desktop version is OK and I use it for all my academic writing but I recently got an iPad for school and need a word processor, not an notes app with tabs..Version: 1.1.5

FrustratingA good piece of software for organising research and large-scale writing. However, trying to synchronise across multiple devices (I bought the Mac and IOS versions) is messy, overly complicated, unreliable and risky. At this price, the setup for synch ought to be better thought through with the complexities and risks of data loss managed within the software. Until it is, I can’t really recommend this software or risk using it for serious work on more than one standalone device. Disappointed..Version: 1.2.1

Disappointed IOS versionSo I bought Scrivener iOS for nearly $60 Australian dollars. I wanted to simply put my apple Pages writing project into somewhere where I could access notes, plans and create chapter folders etc. Wow what a mistake. The written and video tutorials by scrivener and third parties do not even show how to create chapters correctly in the default ‘untitled document’ , I created two chapters and it placed chapter 2 above chapter 1 in the time line and when I tried to drag them into correct order it wouldn’t let me? I’m sure there’s a way but come on, I should ebe able to drag them for the money they are charging. The filing of chapters and notes is the primary reason people would buy this app yet they do an average job of explaining it on iOS. The full desktop version apparently has a ‘novel’ template that saves technophobes like me having to set up their own project but for $60 I get nothing? I tried watching the desk top videos but the interface is too different. I have heard great things about Scrivener but if they can’t design an IOS version that is intuitive and easy to use than they shouldn’t be charging so much for it. just one simple video made by someone who knows how to teach for writers wishing to create a novel template on iOS would solve this. TIP: To teach someone something new your need to start from the beginning.......DISAPOINTED..Version: 1.2

Good but it needs moreI have used different word processing programs since 1980. There are some pretty important basic elements missing. Why is it impossible to set a certain font, size, and text color? If I backspace too much the text settings disappear and it goes back to teeny weeny. SOME OF US WEAR READING GLASSES darn it and yeah, teeny weeny type is the bane of my existence. I feel like this is a bit of a gyp. I have a mac mini and I wanted to take my writing with me. So I bought this app, which I thought had advantages over using Microsoft Word. In reality, it does not. Give me useful features that work and not a fancy sales pitch to make me think its worth the price you’re charging. I’m a student and know how to use my resources/programs/AI (only for editing, grammar, spelling) to write exemplary papers for college. I don’t just get A’s, I get A+’s on my writing assignments. I’m intentionally being critical here because I read the description of this app and let’s be real, you haven’t delivered on those promises. Make it right and I will make it my goal to let everyone know that I write with your app..Version: 1.2.2

Crashes when syncing with dropbox each timeVery annoying. Couldn’t use..Version: 1.1.4

Syncing is inconsistentI lost an entire day’s worth or writing because the sync doesn’t work properly. I’ve had issues multiple times. If you don’t force it at the right time, if the computer version doesn’t pick up the changes, you could have your files over written. I can’t stand it. What good is the rest of the software if I can’t reliably sync between mobile and mac?.Version: 1.2.2

Beware, no iCloud supportIf you're hoping to use this and access your writing in your mac, you'll need to install Dropbox on both computers. Unfortunately, Dropbox is a very dubious file sharing and syncing service with an enormous amount of controversy widely documented on the internet regarding privacy, snooping, and, to put it kindly, curious attempts to access your computer's security. Personally, I'm disappointed to have bought it and won't compromise my security so will have to ditch it. Expensive mistake. I have written to Scrivener and they seem to have no interest in changing their syncing method..Version: 1.0.1

Syncing is a DisasterEverything about Scrivener on iOS is fantastic—everything I ever wanted in writing software. This should be a 5-star review and I should be a loud fan. But the syncing across iOS devices is a disaster. I have and iPhone 13 Pro and an iPad Pro linked through Dropbox. The syncing will always eventually fail, I’ll have files in conflicts that don’t exist where I wrote them, so I can delete them and there begins the endless compounding conflict errors that make this software unusable. I’m constantly having to start fresh with clean files, and I’m losing days of writing every couple of weeks. I’ll never finish the book this way and, sadly, will have to go back to MS Word, or anything but this software that screws up my files. This is not going to work. It’s such a waste that the syncing is so bad. ***UPDATE*** So much time later, and it’s now obvious that Scrivener has no intention to fix the syncing disaster that is their software. What’s the point in selling software that’s barely usable? You can use Scrivener, but you can only use it on one device. If you try to use two, it’s a complete mess. I’ve never seen software sync so badly..Version: 1.2.2

ICloud Integration is essentialI’ve been using Scrivener for years but I was really looking forward to being able to just walk away from the desktop with my iPad Pro. Dropbox is a dud and the integration clunky. Two stars until iCloud functionality is a reality..Version: 1.2.1

Okay I have some complaintsOne I cannot scroll thought my notes in my chapters, it seems wildly stupid to be unable to do this as I have many notes and things to keep up with why I can’t scroll?? Also there was no image based tutorial and so I spent hours trying to figure out how to make my title bigger and find the back button and how to use the new layout after using google docs for years, and when I tell you I was lost I mean lost at sea kind of lost. And even when I did it get it to be a title it didn’t even get bigger, looks bold but remained the same size. I hate this but it seems like it has so much potential..Version: 1.2.2

Scrivener Junior, Lite EditionAn application with modest capabilities, sentimentally linked to its namesake found on Mac’s and PC’s. No support for tables, although it will kid you along until it’s finally time to give them a proper wrecking. To be fair, the limited capability is deliberate, based on re-envisioning the mobile app as a fun opportunity to build real code on bring-your-child-to-work day..Version: 1.2.2

Let down by DropboxScrivener is a great writing app and I use it on my Mac (4/5 stars there). Trouble is that it won’t sync with my iPad version without Dropbox. If you don’t need to sync with mobile versions, Scrivener is brilliant - don’t look any further. However, if you want to work on an iPad, and you’re not already embedded with Dropbox, look elsewhere. Scrivener is the only app I have that needs Dropbox - it won’t look anywhere else for its files on iPadOS. Luckily, there are other writing apps that work well within the Apple environment..Version: 1.2.1

Ugh! Sync! 😫Please please PLEASE! For the love of all things good in this world, please. I don’t like Dropbox. I don’t trust Dropbox. I don’t want a Dropbox account. I just want a different syncing option. iCloud would be great. But if that’s really not possible, there’s got to be some other non proprietary way to sync between Mac and iOS. Why is Scriv the only app with this problem?.Version: 1.2.1

Good but needs OneDrive (and iCloud) support to be functionalThis is a really decent conversion of a great Mac tool. Problem is, it only syncs with DropBox - which means if you’re not a Dropbox user it’s a huge pain to use in a meaningful way with your desktop projects. Everyone on a Mac has iCloud. Most people on Earth seem to have OneDrive with their M365. The lack of inclusion of these is frankly baffling. Google Drive is pretty popular too! Singling out DropBox and expecting users to change their cloud storage/workflow is pretty myopic..Version: 1.2.1

FineI brought this app so I could sync my work on my Mac and review when I am away etc, I don’t use dropbox but thought that I could sync using ITunes which is clearly stated that you could, having tried many times following the instructions It has failed miserably, very frustrating, Got in contact with Scrivener and they were very helpful gave me the same instructions which I had already followed but also said that Apple App needs to update Scrivener so it’s compatible with one on Mac. Wouldn’t have brought this app if I new it would cause problems, also no updates for this app on Apple..Version: 1.1.3

From BEST to WORSTFor a long time I’ve enjoyed using Scriener app. Sure, like other app you have problems. Your update, from going to fonts & changing fonts, sliding left to right. Don’t like at all. The old version seeing the most used font, easy, you pick one & your back to typing. Now, from time to time I go to fonts window & there isn’t font to pick. I have to close the window & open again. And some times when I scroll down I see rectangular squares in place fonts. Probably from the updates. Went to look at my book, or section of my book and it’s not there. It took a long time to write that section. Not blaming you guys. It’s the updates Apple puts in our devices. It messes the apps up. — it’s my leisure time playing with my iPad. I’m an old retired geezer trying to enjoy myself. Might quit with the word processing entirely. I made a copy of my book from another app just in case. It’s all there. Not my rewrites. Only thing is, I have to break the paragraphs into sentences. 900 pages! To much work. Tired of fixing Apple updates..Version: 1.2.4

Potentially wonderful - frustrating design flawsThe biggest - almost only - problem with the Scriv app is how it syncs with Dropbox. When it works, it’s wonderful. When it doesn’t, it makes you want to scream. You can be working in one file, go to the next - and it’s nothing but blank pages. Or half the chapters in one file will have content, the other half won’t. About the only predictable factor is that chapters with embedded images seem to load more often than text-only. What makes this a design flaw rather than just a frustration is the fact that, of course, you can’t force the app to re-download from Dropbox. Nope. The sync button means it tells Dropbox to overwrite the files with its flawed empty versions instead. When it works, it’s worth every cent. When stuff like this happens, you wish you’d never bought it..Version: 1.1.5

Waste of time and moneyThis app is a waste of time and money. You can’t send any work to scrivener from other apps like the apple notes app. You change the default font settings and they don’t stay that way so you need to change them for every new document. When you copy and paste from Apple notes it doesn’t always copy in the same format or font so half of your note will be in one font and the other half in a different font. It’s very time consuming to try and sort out. I wish I didn’t bother wasting my money on this app that has so many glitches in the first 30 minutes of use! Really not happy at all with this app.Version: 1.1.5

Navigation is too friction-heavyTL;DR: It is absolutely unusable for daily use on the iPad if you need to be able to easily navigate between your documents easily while writing. Scrivener had been my go-to app for years but, ever since moving to the iPad as my daily driver, I’m finding it untenable to keep using. If you use the iPad version of Scrivener to just jot down a quick idea while you’re away from your main version on the Mac, this should work just fine for you. If you want to use it as your daily writing tool, though, I’d recommend moving to something else, even if, like me, you’ve been a long-time Scrivener evangelist. The main issue is navigation. It is excruciating to move between the documents inside your project. Instead of having an easy-to-use drop-down-style document browser that opens up each document folder with the documents underneath it, you have to enter that folder, enter the next document in the hierarchy, then the next sub-document in that hierarchy, and so on, until you get down to the one you want to get to and work on. Forget easily popping between two different documents to compare or to look up bits you may have collected or drafted in other parts of the project. It’s essentially like you’ve hidden every small section of your project deep in a series of file folders and are only allowed to see one of those at a time. (Oh, and it’s been many, many months since there’s been an update. Maybe the App’s been abandoned?) Great on the Mac; unusable as a daily writing tool on the iPad..Version: 1.2.1

Ipad version function very limitedI intended to use my ipad to replace my laptop. I thought Scrivener can be my app for word processing. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of like about the app. It lets you neatly organizing all the research and different parts of your project together in an organized fashion. BUT the functionality of the ipad version of the app is very restricted (I expected it to be limited somehow but not that much). For example, I cannot create tables in my writings. When inserting photos, you cannot adjust the size of the photo in your writing. And the footnote system is kind of a mess. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make them compiled as footnotes instead of endnotes. Even though the button says “add footnotes” — in the end they just all become endnotes. So, what I am trying to say is, it’s not that this is a bad app but one should keep ones expectation realistic. And I do think they should be advertising the very significant differences between the laptop and tablet version more explicitly. I bought it thinking that I would more or less get everything advertised. Feels I little bit cheated..Version: 1.2.2

Nothing like as good as the Mac AppCompared with the Mac app, the IOS app is clunky, syncing is slow and tedious, and it lacks some significant features of the Mac app. As others have observed, edit conflicts can arise. The app has not been updated for a year, giving the feeling that it 8 being neglected. Unless you really need all the bells and whistles of Scrivener, its rival Ulysses is simpler and quicker to use, has better organisational features for notes and research, syncs quicker and much more smoothly, and the IOS Ulysses app offers all the features of the Mac one: and it can double up as a general note taking app..Version: 1.1.5

Can’t import templatesNot having this function available is a major drawback of the IOS version. I only use an IPad Pro and an IPhone 7 because I can easily dictate or type everything I write and conveniently carry either device with me wherever I go. I did not purchase the Windows version of Scrivener because I don’t want to drag a laptop around with me. I would now like to import templates designed by others to speed up my output on certain projects, but the IOS app apparently has no way to do this versus the Windows and MacOS versions which do. I have been told there may be a way of starting my project with an imported template on either of those platforms, then syncing it with my IOS devices. But to do so, I would have to purchase another license and what do I do if my laptop is in New Jersey and I need to start a new project thousands of miles away? Bottom line: I really do LOVE Scrivener. It streamlines research, and using the cork board to pull it all together is a powerful tool. I would like to give it 5 stars, but having to reinvent the wheel on the different formats I want to use is annoying and makes this app a lot less functional than I hoped it would be..Version: 1.1.5

Appearance tab on ipad gives no formatting optionsAgain, another very limited writing app on Ipad..Version: 1.2.1

Francophones, abstenez-vous!!!Impossible d’utiliser les guillemets français (« ») dans l’app iOs sur iPad. Quelle déception!!!! Et n’essayez pas d’avoir un remboursement, ce n’est tout simplement pas une option. ARGH!!!!.Version: 1.1.5

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