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TV Cast for Samsung TV App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TV Cast for Samsung TV App app received 127 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Cast for Samsung TV App? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv cast for samsung tv app?

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TV Cast for Samsung TV App for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work. Has never worked.Nothing but frustration..Version: 3.3

Good app but so many pop upsWorks well, even purchased the ad blocker. But everytime I stream something, I get 2-3 alerts purchase this purchase that, please stop those, very annoying..Version: 3.3

GarbageBait to get credit card info.Version: 3.3

Total rubbishNothing more to say really..Version: 1.4

Not idealNo sound 😭.Version: 1.19

Didn’t work for anything other than photos :(Didn’t work- really disappointing.Version: 2.1.1

Out of date, have to pay for everythingApp is horrible and out of date, can’t do anything without spending money on multiple apps.Version: 3.3

Where is Freeview (Australia) app on Samsung HubBad app design - can’t you integrate with iPhone and free to use various tv apps from iPhone to cast onto Samsung TV? I cannot watch channel 10 through Freeview TV in Australia either because the Samsung hub doesn’t have that particular app. Please upgrade your systems or add on additional apps to allow streaming..Version: 2.1.1

This is garbageThis is the worst app I have ever used. I watched about 10 ads for it to not work what so ever. Waste of time get a chrome cast or literally any other option.Version: 3.3

Video and TV Cast for Samsung Smart TV’sDon’t waste your time or money on this app as it does not work to cast tv shows or movies. It’s not a free app..Version: 3.3

Needs to be like the chrome cast versionWorks well for 5 mins then stops! Needs fixing because the chrome cast version works so well..Version: 1.20

Great qualityThe overall app runs smoothly, which is nice. But You will need to pay separately for screen mirroring and also for lifetime subscription in order to enjoy the software full potential..Version: 3.3

Buggy SoftwareConstantly crashing on iPhone6 running latest IoS...very disappointing 🤔.Version: 2.1.1

Complete garbage, unless you like 60% of a movie.Works fantastic for watching the first 2/3 of a movie, but then drops out and forces you to sign up with a ‘paid for’ service if you want to keep watching. Absolute garbage not worth the effort downloading..Version: 1.19

Lovely app butLove this app, but the quality of the video need improving. HD option. And it doesn't always stream in the background. It always disconnects but sometime it does. Would love it even more if these would be improved.Version: 1.4

Did not work as plannedDownloaded this to try to stream to a Samsung TV, happy to pay for Premium app if it worked. Connected fine but then long delays to stream video and kept crashing. Also managed to download and charge me for a 2nd screening app??!! Have deleted and requested a refund.Version: 3.3

“Browser needs updating”When I tried to play my video through the free option, it would be “loading” indefinitely. So I purchased the upgrade that would allow “web cloaking” (I actually purchased the total upgrade package) and turned the feature on. When I went back to watch the video, it would tell me “web browser needs upgrading” and wouldn’t allow me to play my video. I spent $ just to learn I couldn’t watch the video. When I applied for a refund, either their site or Apple (not sure which) automatically denied me saying I did not qualify. All around frustrating experience with $ and time lost for 0 gain..Version: 1.20

Subtitles doesn’t workI like the app and I always use it. Asked me to pay so I can have subtitles in casting but it doesn’t work..Version: 3.3

Cannot cast my F1 appDaveA 123.Version: 3.3

Unstoppable adsIt very rarely and hardly connects to the tv and comes with annoying unstoppable ads. I could understand if the ads are popping up and I can comfortably cast. It will not cast and yet ads will be popping up after each unsuccessful trial. I hard to resort to playing it on my device direct from the same app for Video cast for Samsung. Rubbish!.Version: 1.18

Time to kill use this AppThis app spends more time getting you to pay for the upgrade. Every time you try a load the live streaming video, nothing shows on the TV just the loading symbol. Then went it doesn’t load it says watch another ad. My advice is to buy LG tvs NOT Samsung, they pick up the feed without the crap of this app. I presently have 2 Samsungs and will not be buying another Samsung product again..Version: 3.4

When used for video watching always stoppedIt's very annoyed with suddenly stopped itself when watching video on Tv.Version: 1.4

Did not workDidn’t stream from my iPhone 13 to Samsung UH50 tv. At least I was refunded my money and wasn’t charged like “Screen Mirror - Smart View Cast” which also didn’t work.Version: 3.3

Scam chargesI downloaded this app and have never been able to use it. I removed all subscriptions but now I have charges showing up on my credit card for a separate screen broadcasting app developed by the same vendor (screen mirroring+). There are no active subscriptions for this app yet I am being charged. So far no response from the vendor. I’d say be VERY cautious before downloading any app from this vendor as they seem fraudulent..Version: 3.3

Can’t get it to workApplication seems to spend the time and resources on upgrading the user to premium. Needs to spend more time getting it to work without the need for an computer engineering degree. Only thing that works is the upgrade to premium. No thanks..Version: 3.3

Is the paid version as buggy as the ad supported version?I ran a standard browser stream and the TV Cast for Samsung stream of the same show on 2 iPhones. The regular browser never lost sync for 3.5 hours. The TV Cast stream locked after from a few seconds to around 5-6 minutes - never much more. Sometimes exiting the ad would let me re-establish the link. Other times I had to re-start the app on the iPhone, but the TV Cast app on the Samsung smart TV worked throughout. And it always took 3 attempts to establish a link that would display the program - no matter how long I waited between attempts. Will paying for the no-ad version eliminate the glitches? Or would it be a waste of money?.Version: 3.2

Bugs either interrupt or the app just shuts downI had paid for the ads free and yet I get more interruptions from the actual app than I would from any ads it’s either unable to play the videos or it’s shutting down on the phone and tv many times we have been half way through a tv show or movie which is highly frustrating for myself and kids.Version: 1.19

Not worth itIt’s a micro-transaction farm and infested with advertising. Don’t download..Version: 3.3

Lagging outThe app lags out of the show or movie your watching every 5 minutes. I paid for the premium app and it screws up every 5 Minutes. Update it and I’ll change my review.Version: 3.4

Waste of time in today’s worldAll I can say is I’m super happy that I didn’t pay a dime for this. I don’t like being required to download an app which has been specifically designed to ensure that customers cannot use their own technology the way they want to. In a nutshell, this app allows you to play videos from your camera roll and videos that meet specific criteria, which can only be accessed through a search bar actually built into the app itself. There is no real web-browser feature and no real screen-casting ability at all. If you want that, you’ll need to go buy another app from Samsung or someone else. FYI: All cellphones have very easy-to-use screen casting abilities built into the operating system. This garbage app for Samsung TVs simply limits everything that other devices do natively in today’s world for the sake of nickle and dime-ing customers for functionality that shouldn’t have to be paid for. My advice? Just buy an AppleTV or Chromecast. They do everything that Samsung Smart TVs can do, and more, on any TV at all, without charging again and again for functions that you should have anyway..Version: 2.1.1

Does not workDoes not work.Version: 3.4

Hate it.Can’t even try it without buying it. Not spending money if I don’t know if it works.Version: 3.3

Too much asking for moneyFirst time I used the app and asking for money , make you watch an advertisement Meh …...Version: 3.4

Didn’t work for meThis is the fir free version.Version: 3.3

I paid $10 premium because I thought the ads were crashing itNope the app is just awful instead, it’s not the ads that was crashing it. If you want to spend hours repeatedly clicking on videos with the message ‘please try again in 30 seconds’ flashing up again and again then this app is for you! Watch whatever you want on your iPad or phone instead and save your frustration and money..Version: 2.1.1

Does not workWorst app ever.Version: 3.3

Desktop Mode does not workI purchased desktop mode to watch viki and it does not work but I can’t even seem to get my money back. Truely disappointing..Version: 1.20

It’s not workingThis is not working.Version: 3.4

AwfulAwful app. Deleted right away. Doesn’t work unless you buy premium and it’s still full of ads..Version: 3.3

They’ve ruined their own modelThis app used to be decent enough, most links / casts don’t work but over time you find those which do etc. They have now added a 30 second ad for each cast. You have to watch this before you can cast, every time… given that most links don’t work, it just isn’t worth it. Watch online… they have ruined their own app trying to squeeze a little bit more money. Remember that if an app is free, the app is not the product, you are the product..Version: 3.3

TLDR: Useless downloadSamsung makes things incredibly difficult. The screen mirroring on my Samsung “smart” TV doesn’t work and never once has, so I downloaded their recommended phone app I’m reviewing here. Once you download the free app, it immediately fills the screen to ask you to spend money on a pricey subscription. If you want to stream a show on an app, for example because your 2 y/o “smart” Samsung TV doesn’t update or allow you to add apps, this app doesn’t allow it. It gives you the option to cast the last 3 videos on your phone, but I didn’t bother trying so I can’t tell you if that works. If you want to cast older videos, you’ll pay for it. Nowhere in the overcomplicated app is an option to stream a show/movie from an app. Once you leave this app, it immediately disconnects from your TV every time. Samsung puts so much work into making their products look useful when unfortunately they’re all useless beyond your basic needs..Version: 2.1.1

Full of adsDidn’t work, and showed ads constantly while trying to connect to the tv..Version: 1.18

Has potentialThe last month or so the app just stopped working. Furthermore, I contacted this app over a year ago and was told that in the bookmarks, I would be able to pick up where I left off. I patiently awaited this fix. Months later I reached out to them again, with no response. Again 2 months later I reach out still no response. I have a lot of bookmarks and this simple fix would really help me..Version: 1.17

Does not work!I have this app on 2 very new Samsung smart TVs and does not load the video on one and loads plays for 2 seconds and shuts of any video on the other. Also annoying app to navigate and use and to gain basic features such as a slider for starting a video half way and to change the main page!!.Version: 1.12

.Good able to livestream&web videos but think needs improvement on quality of video.Version: 1.4

Kinda works on the second try only or notNever casts a video on the first try but works some of the time on the second try. I would give five stars if it worked the way it is supposed to or even 3 or 4 if it worked occasionally on a the first try. But it NEVER works the first time. Doesn't matter what kind of stream or which site. Only getting worse the more I use it. They need to fix it before you give them your money. Developers just told me to try it again over a year after that post. Lol. I already bought something else that works all the time with any link. Sorry app and company. A year! Really?.Version: 1.20

No valuePoor quality, doesn’t connect most of the time. Too many adds.Version: 3.3

WorthlessDownloaded hoping to chromecast as they say you’ll be able to do. Can’t cast any photos and only the last 3 videos unless I pay £7. I would’ve considered paying something but not that much, as the videos don’t even appear full screen, they take up 1/5 of the screen. Its clearer and easier to watch on the phone..Version: 1.18

Instructions Need To Be RewrittenI swearI have an MBA and I can’t believe how difficult it was to figure out your instructions to cast the video. It took me quite a while to figure it out because some of the steps were missing (not included) and other steps were poorly written or unclear. After I finally got it figured out and working, your product works fine. But is should not be this difficult to set up for first time users. I think you should seriously consider hiring a good technical writer to outline the steps more clearly. Maybe then I would have increased my rating to a 4..Version: 3.3

Would give no stars if possibleUseless. Does anyone try and test / use app before releasing Does not connect No easy user interface just adverts and purchases.Version: 2.1.1

This app is total garbage and nothing worksThis app is total garbage and nothing works.Version: 3.3

TerribleWants payment - yawn!.Version: 1.18

A total conNot worth it as gives u little but everything worthwhile u have to pay more - misleading.Version: 3.2

HorribleJust horrible - don’t bother and just spend the money on a fire stick instead.Version: 3.3

Honest reviewTerrible application! I’ve been trying to stream a show and cast it on my tv for the last hour. It says playing on the bottom of the browser but doesn’t appear on my tv. Before you reply and say to connect it to the same wifi, it already is. I used to use this application 3 years back and it worked fine but it really downgraded since then. Whatever you do, do not download this app. Do not purchase the subscription. Giving it a one star is me being generous. If I could, I would give it a negative rating. Absolutely atrocious. Can’t believe I wasted one hour of my life on this app..Version: 3.2

BadReally frustrating, so much hassle compared to other casting services and not compatible with a lot of streaming services..Version: 3.3

GoodishMost of the stuff works without a hitch not any of the old stuff tho.Version: 3.1

Stops all the timeStops all the time.Version: 1.17

Don’t buyApp crash in every 5 to 10 min .... stream link gets broken and frustrated me to write this review... I tried multiple streaming sites and above all its not a cast tv because u can’t stream your photos and as for videos it’s gets funny if you have made any movie portrait... landscape videos works ok but portrait videos get funny as it’s try to fit the widescreen angle... wish I get to see reviews before purchase... total waste of money.Version: 1.20

WorthlessJust like your other streaming/casting apps, it worked well for a time, but then became unusable. In this case its stopped connecting to my tv. It shows as connected on my tv screen, but not within the app itself no matter how many times I attempt to connect, making the app worthless. I’ve restarted my phone & the app multiple times & still it doesn’t work. At least with the tv cast app I got a few years of use out of it before you started playing ads in the middle of videos & required a paid upgrade to turn them off. Your products are garbage..Version: 2.1.1

Horrible app don’t bother downloadingIt’s a waste.Version: 3.4

App is run by lazy jerksUsing ads as a way to convince users to upgrade to the paid service is one thing but to allow for over excessive pop up ads that get in the way of a user trying to tell how their stream is doing or to make sure it connects properly is absolute nonsense and that’s assuming the stream actually works in an effective and timely manner. The premise and abilities of this app are, in theory, a good idea and worth the download; however the developers need to get their act together and realize that the way they’ve programmed this app to run is terrible for the user and will NEVER create incentive to upgrade to the premium version of the app. An absolute waste of time and waste of space on my phone..Version: 1.16

Won’t cast. So many ads just to useTo do anything you have to watch ads. I’ve watched about 10 ads and it will still not cast. Don’t waste your time..Version: 3.3

Not greatThis app is v annoying. Constant pop up ads even after you have paid to remove them I still get tonnes of ads. Also the phone has to stay within the app to keep the video streaming. Needs a bit of redesign to become a bit more user friendly. And no I don’t want to buy weed online thanks. I’m not 16 anymore..Version: 2.1.1

What a piece of crapCan’t make anything easy. Isn’t worth the dynamite to blow it to hell..Version: 3.4

Waste of your time!!!This app needs a ridiculous amount of work. Nothing works as it intended and I did go through the tutorials to make sure I was operating correctly. And every app or add on that should be really simple and work they want you to pay some money for to use, that’s absolutely ridiculous just pulled up to the app that you said it was in make it happen. These developers need to stop trying to get a quick money grab in create a decent app/free app like so many other developers and people will start buying premium items, that is if the base app actually works correctly, which unfortunately this app doesn’t at all it doesn’t even come close. With all the apps out there that can do casting why is this on such a disappointment. Developer stop trying to go a quick money grab an actually create something and then maybe more than 540 people downloaded..Version: 1.14

GarbageDoesn’t do anything, must pay to use the app..Version: 3.4

Cant cast from any app.App sucks..Version: 3.3

Worst App ever used!! - I want my money back!Can basically play videos from your album can’t mirror phone apps, just buy Apple TV and phone mirror from there !!! I want my $10back!!!.Version: 1.19

Frustrating, aggravating and annoyingThis app can be very frustrating and annoying. Some times it runs flawlessly but most of the time it just shuts down in the begging and /or middle and/or end of viewing of your show and that brings on another problem. Even when it works flawlessly you still have to “Cast - Stop - Cast”. It never has and still doesn’t cast on the first go. You always have to cast it close the add select the “no please try again” and only then it will cast. I can deal with that if I only had to do it once but no, it either disconnects or the app just shots down. Then you have to start the app up again , search for your show againg it’s just to much. Some times I think it’s not worth it, it’s just to aggravating. And don’t forget that every time you got it casting again you have fast forward and get to the point where it cut out. I’ll give this app a few more tries, if it continues acting up I’ll just stop using it and look for something else. I though it was time to give you an update. After writing this review the app started to work a lot better. Didn’t even have to do anything different or make any changes. So I’ve raised my star rating. I still do have to cast the show twice (cast, stop, cast) before it will cast..Version: 2.1

TV CastThis is the most useless, non user friendly app I have ever encountered..Version: 1.14

Basic function requires paymentRequires preoum to scrub video.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t workNo go too complicated doesn’t work.Version: 3.3

Don’t download this appYou can’t cast anything without paying money. 100% not worth it..Version: 1.20

Waste of timeDon't bother, doesn't work with anything not already on TV. Lots of adds and error reports that do not indicate why there is a failure, but every failure results in another add. The failure is that unless your TV can access the web site directly, it can't "MIRROR" you iPad, or iphone. So if you think this app will let you watch, say, Rick and Morty on the Adult Swim website, from your iPhone to your 70" TV don't waste your time. It will not work, but you can watch the same add ten to twenty times while attempting to get it to work. Apparently all this app does is send the video link to the tv, force synchronizing the video from both devices initiating a terrible amount of lag that is not there on either device individually. Big waste of time..Version: 1.12

TerribleClunky app but sort of worked for awhile. Then out of no where it just stopped working, there were no updates it just stopped. Waste of money that I want refunded, but won’t hold my breath. Lesson learnt don’t be Samsung anything it’s cheap rubbish.Version: 1.14

Terrible app scamYou must but app before you see if it works , dumb. Junk , junk junk.Version: 3.3

Needs lots of workThis app does not work as expected. My intent was to watch Home videos taken on my iPhone, and screen share / cast them to a Samsung smart tv - something that *should* be as simple as FaceTime, right ? Wrong! The app will disconnect from the tv, as soon as you switch to your video and start play, so no luck there. Second option - Using the app Menu, then find your home video. It tells you that only the last three videos taken can be watched with the free version of the app ! I guess the in-app purchase is now required. So I tried one - result: no sound, and the video does not rotate to match the orientation of the Home video. So you sit on the couch with your head cocked sideways, with no sound. Also, the app must upload your video to a web service to “optimize” it, which means they now have a copy of your content. This process creates a web link url, so now you are streaming it to the TV app. This is not “screen casting” or mirroring at all ! It is uploading from the phone app, and downloading to the TV app ! Also / biggest pain ever is the whole “enter IP address “ nonsense . Hello Developers - it’s called multicast, or broadcast, or DNS lookup - there are many choice to find devices on the same layer 2 network without asking users to type in numbers they don’t understand. It should be as simple as FaceTime. Go back to the beginning and start over on your device discovery subroutines..Version: 1.14

Killed My Blue Ray Player!!I launched the app and was able to play one or two videos, but the app seemed to cherry pick what it wanted to play. So, after trying to get other videos to stream from my phone to my television, I gave up and exited to application. When I did that, my blue ray player no longer worked! I tried everything from pressing the reset button on the player to changing the source in my television settings to get my blue ray player to work again and still nothing. It wasn’t until I unplugged the player and plugged it back in before it started to work again. I would say that is a very bug problem the app developers should look into ASAP!! I will not be using this app again for fear that it may destroy my device..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t workTried for over half an hour to get this app to work and gave up in the end. Just get a loading circle on the tv and never actually connects. An advert for a paid casting app pops up every time so I’m assuming they are trying to get you to buy that as it may actually work. Given up now and will try another app..Version: 3.2

Have to connect 📺 &📱2 WiFiYou have to connect your phone and tv to WiFi to even use anything in this app.... can’t even use the remote without connecting both tv and phone to WiFi. Would be better if they offered a way for u to use the phone as tv remote without having to connect to WiFi like other apps do! I have used multiple other apps and was able to use the remote control on my phone without connecting to anything. But I understand a lot of new phones aren’t able to do it anymore. That’s y I got the phone I did in January when I upgraded so I would still b able to have the capability to connect phone to tv without WiFi. I live on a mountain and WiFi is not available here. Well it is available.... I’ve tried 3 different ones including at&t, Hughes net, and 1 other and none work very well where I live and all were literally as slow or slower than old dial up where ya plugged the cord into house phone jack 😂So sorry to make this so long I jus wish yal wud make it available to use, atleast the remote part of the app if u can’t do it for the mirroring too?? Maby connect via Bluetooth or something idk... hopefully yal will make the app available for those of us who aren’t able to use WiFi! If the apps updated to where I can use without wifi I will rate 5 stars.Version: 1.19

Used to work, now rubbishGot this app when I discovered my smart tv wouldn’t play certain live streams from the web. Worked great when I first got it, recently wouldn’t let me use it without updating, since the update it’s loaded with rubbish ads that basically make it unusable and surprise surprise they are pointing you to their shop to buy a paid version. Problem is none of the videos I’m trying to watch will work anymore so why would I bother risking my money? Shame as when I first got it, it worked great, and if it still worked I’d probably pay to get rid of the ads and keep using it, but seeing it now doesn’t work I guess there’s no point..Version: 1.19

So far so goodI guess my only issue is ads :).Version: 1.9

Had no problems yetThese reviews worry me. If I had read them before downloading app, I would never have got. But on saying that, touch wood As yet I haven't had any problems casting videos onto a Samsung TV. Yes the app is basic, but it is free. From responses the developers are trying to improve it. I have had interruptions but that has been down to my internet connection breaking up, not the cast. Thank you developers for the free app you have provided. I hope you manage to solve issues in the near future.Version: 1.12

Does not stream photosEven though there is a menu item for photos in the app it Does not stream photos.Version: 3.3

Doesn’t work for SamsungI loaded this, so disappointed. You would think that Samsung would support their products. Nope! This app is just a sorry excuse..Version: 3.4

HorrendousDoesn’t work as suggested on my tv. Even though my screen mirror says to get this app. It’s horrible..Version: 3.3

App is OK but versioning is a messApp works good (the only app which does what it should), with minor issues like double-attempts to stream any video etc. But versioning is real mess - I’ve ended up purchasing Ultimate and Pro versions, which are basically the same thing. I’ve requested Apple for refund, but something broke on their side - one of items was marked as Refunded, but no refund actually happened, then I’ve opened a dispute in bank. Do not sell same stuff under different names please!.Version: 1.18

Oh wellDid work nice, did really like it. Even paid for it. Since update it’s tried to get me to buy it again once. I’ll be playing videos from my iPad Air 2 to my Samsung tv and it stops working. Shows I’m connected but when I select link it pops up message saying I need to connect to tv. Looking at tv it shows I am connected. I go ahead and go through connect process and get same message that it’s not connect. I guess “upgrade” anymore means “ break”. They had a good product, worked like a dream, loved it. Actually paid for it. But now it’s worthless. Use free trial till they fix it. But don’t give them a penny till after they fix it..Version: 1.19

EhIt was working okay at first until it acted stupid. It kept disconnecting and connecting and disconnecting and yet I’m on the app and it’s open on my phone. And the video buffers on my tv. I don’t know how to go full screen on my tv. It kept disconnecting again. Then all of a sudden, there was an error on my tv. And I have to start ALLL OVER AGAIN with what I was trying to watch. I was only 18 minutes in the video/movie. Please fix the connection part. It’s so frustrating when it kept disconnecting then reconnecting and disconnecting. -_-.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 3.3

No supportI’ve tried everything as per instructions but it doesn’t work and there is no support or customer service available..Version: 1.18

Waste of time and money for meI have tried this app and the regular tvcast app and neither seem to work for my iPad. When you download the first app, nothing happens. Then you find that you must download an additional number of app extensions with the hope of getting something to work. When I reached out to customer service, I spent the next 10 days answering their questions regarding my device and the nomenclature of the devices I was using. Without offering any real help, they send me advertisements for products that didn’t begin to address the problem. They also reaffirmed that their product works for iPads. In my case, this was not true..Version: 3.4

Painful to set up you have to pay for everythingNot good.Version: 3.2

Point less appWho knows of it works you have to pay to try it..Version: 3.3

DO NOT BUYThis app wil rip you off! Plain and simple! One star means none!.Version: 3.4

Ajit235Bad app.Version: 3.3

Scam and not freeThis is not a Samsung app and need to pay.Version: 1.20

No access to photos and very limited access to videosDownloaded app for my iPhone to find it can’t access any photos and can only access videos if they are in your current camera roll. No access to videos stored anywhere else on your iPhone. So unless you have ALL your videos stored in the current camera roll it’s useless. However, you are then tricked into paying £7.99 for full access on the promise this will become available only to find it does NOT change anything..Version: 1.18

If you want to waste your money then open this appFor me this app was horrible as soon as you start watching it will ask you to pay $30 and then another $30 it makes you waste your storage from opening more apps just watch the same thing. I can only describe this app with one word and that is horrible. Trust me on this one on the CEO of nothing..Version: 3.2

Absolute rubbish!You want me to pay to play what’s on my iPhone that I have already paid for.Version: 3.3

Free version designed to not work?It seems impossible to get the free version to work. Maybe others have had some success but It fails for me 100% of the time. All I get is a pop up ad every second followed by an error message telling me that it failed. If this was designed to not work at all unless a person buys the full version why not just be honest and only offer the version that costs money - or is there a problem with that one working too? Given that this fails every time it doesn't exactly instill any confidence in paying for any of your other apps. Very bummed..Version: 1.12

Specifically Crap App doesnt work at all.Fails to find a tv my phone is connected to. Fails to provide any actualized support framework for troubleshooting. Fails to function properly except when the app is wayfaring you to a store or a third party arena where you are met with bombardment of unwarranted unwanted solicitations of aggressive duplicitous marketing and bullying and overall junk. Absolute waste of time. Cheap and dishonest callous shifty and fraudulent to sell part of something as the entire product then carrot dangle the full unlock at consumers splitting it up into various companion apps expecting them to be happy and complicit in shelling out more for what they already payed for. “You need to buy this.... You need to purchase this to have this feature You need to visit the store an give free ping so the store can show traffic as part of projected margins and sales jus so the crappy company can look good on paper.” - every button in settings leads to the above programed responses. I dont need to anything at any time unless i decide. You hiding behind a brand at the company behind this app need to get a grip on reality - you cannot serve to masters dont you folks know. Enjoy the Karma..Version: 1.19

Samsung sucksSamsung have removed all the apps that used to work on my three year old 65 inch tv. There is absolutely no customer support. I will never buy another product of any kind made by Samsung and would highly recommend that no one else does..Version: 3.3

Not goodWon’t let me view any but 3 of my videos, had a strange green line on the videos I could view also couldn’t view photos..Version: 1.17

Works but it’s pretty whack.It works… I guess? 🤷‍♂️.Version: 3.3

Absolute trashDoes not work. It is absolute trash..Version: 3.4

What a pain in the remote.The biggest pain since learning how to make fire. The app is nearly useless. Why can’t Samsung make a TV which works with Disney Plus or Chromecast or Apple TV. Seems like Samsung is not built to stay up with the consumers changing lifestyles. So try the app they said and I’m about ready to throw the phone at the “stupid” TV because it keeps connecting and then disconnecting. What a pain. And while we are at it. Why does a Samsung TV and a Samsung Blue Ray disc player have two non compatible remotes. Can’t you make this more elegant and get devices you work together and that have the ability to upgrade to newer more advanced technology and services. I feel like you sucked me into a Samsung black hole where the only answer is - NEVER BUY SAMSUNG..Version: 2.1.1

Worthless POSWhy would I pay anything for an app to get my TV to show what is on my phone’s screen? I already paid thousands of dollars for my phone, TV, internet service, cell service, and electricity. Plus this app doesn’t even work in free mode. If I could I would give this app ZERO STARS..Version: 3.3

Is not user friendlyGot this app to watch “crave” on a tv that no longer supports crave. I could use the app for watching personal videos but not for broadcasting crave. Disappointing. It is also generally not user friendly and cost extra money for screen mirroring..Version: 3.4

Frustrating wasteThis is a frustrating waste of time and money. It is NOT free—as soon as you start trying to use it, it tells you to start buying parts, like the ability to use bookmarks or even the video playback bar. I bought just enough to get started and even downloaded the companion app for the tv, and then every time I started a video, an add would appear on my phone and the TV app would crash, over and over. Was not able to make it work. Very frustrating, as I am trying to cast old home movies for my mother with Alzheimer’s, while I’m visiting her, and this is a time sink with no reward..Version: 1.17

TerribleI don’t believe it is possible to design such a terrible experience! Amazingly bad!!.Version: 3.3

Keeps dropping connectionApp is a bit cumbersome and dropping connection every few seconds.Version: 3.1

Zero DownI would give a zero …doesn’t function..Version: 3.3

Waste of timeHard to work out, got it working and doing what i want (sort of) just got fed up with constant badgering “buy premium “ notifications or “restricted to 3 videos “..... fed up before i could check it out properly..Version: 1.19

ThoughtsDon’t know why we bother as every time we get something we need to buy something to use what we bought. Life was so easy when you bought something like chrome cast and it worked without upgrade and need to purchase another app just to get told you need another to keep that one you just bought working, What a load of sxxt Cheers.Version: 1.18

Cannot watch moviesThis app is great for tv shows but won’t cast movies from my iPad to the tv. I have searched for an answer why but unable to find anything..Version: 1.18

This app makes you pay to cast to your tvThis app has a free version which makes you watch ads then proceeds to not work. I didn’t bother with the paid version because paying to stream to my own tv seems kind of dumb. Get an Apple TV or fire stick or something because this app is useless. It also has micro transactions for scrubbing and other options that are generally considered standard. Overall do not recommend. 2/5 because I guess the app opens and runs sometimes, but that’s about it..Version: 3.3

Trash appAvoid this app at all cost, I did everything the tutorials required and even spent over two hours trying to be patient with the process, only to finally get a video in the browser to come up and, then have it freeze on me, give me an option to replay a the ad, buy the premium version, or say the video played, when it did not. Then if you do play the ad again, it repeats the same options over, thereby making this an app that uses you to get paid (for watching apps), this is not worth your time or download, unless you like watching apps, to help someone else get paid to do so… ZERO STARS.Version: 3.3

Re- Subscribing!!!I paid for this app, when I changed my phone, it asks me to subscribe again!! I still use the same Apple ID. I tried all the trouble shooting many times without success. No one responds from the customer service. I got standard message in the email talking about COVI19!! Very disappointed with their customer service☹️☹️☹️☹️.Version: 3.3

AwfulWouldn't stop playing ads and displaying pop-ups instead of actually doing its job and casting a video to the TV..Version: 1.18

Full screenFull screen os so hard to do it.Version: 1.12

BrutalThey make something that’s free and easy, hard and then ask you to pay them, INSANE!.Version: 3.3

WAS GREAT NOW HAS NO SOUNDLoved this app Went to use today for the first time in a while and discovered that all streams come through without sound now Disappointed, please fix!.Version: 1.19

GarbageEverything you do is ads.Version: 3.4

Keep crashingCannot play the whole episode, keeps crashing.Version: 3.3

SadNot for a old gal like me..Version: 3.3

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Is TV Cast for Samsung TV App not working?

TV Cast for Samsung TV App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TV Cast for Samsung TV App.

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