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Worked wellBit of a busy user interface but once you get through the setup it actually worked well as a solution for streams that I didn't have a chromecast option on. Ran continuously and had free ad supported option to get my stream going and it went no problems for an hour. I will use again..Version: 1.19

Best casting app than any other apps, donglesThis cast app for Samsung is very good compared to other apps even the free version works at its best. I purchased after using the free version..Version: 3.3

Tv castUse to be very good, but now keep on having buffering problems. have re booted app but still a problem. same crappy.Version: 1.20

UpsetUsed to be perfect but now all I get when trying to cast is - temporary error. Connects to tv fine just wont stream anymore..Version: 3.2

It works!Got to say this just works well for me. I wanted to playback RugbyPass videos that are only available over the internet and this is stable enough to cast it to my 2016 Samsung TV without any drip outs, so I’m very happy. Hi also have an Apple TV gen 2 which I tried airplay with but that dropped out after 10 minutes so am very happy with this app :).Version: 3.1

Best app i could find so farOkay, I see lots of negative feedbacks here. I don’t understand. This is only app in market which auto-detects videos on websites(saves me for movies online stored on OpenLoad). It bypasses all ads and auto loads video embed url. Also, I couldn’t find any other app with integrated ad blocker. It asks you every time if you want to open or block popup, so you don’t have to bother with crappy ads from which you can’t go backwards to your content. TV app needs to be installed, but as soon as it’s ran, phone finds TV’s IP without problems. Great app anyways, keep up good work devs..Version: 1.18

Love itThis app works great for me on my Samsung tv, I can cast pretty much any link from the browser. I’ve had no problems. Top app!!!.Version: 1.18

An app that deliversSo far, so smooth. This is easy to use, the web browser provides near instant casting ability, the connection is stable between app and tv and the picture and sound sync perfectly. Thank you.Version: 2.1.1

Very goodThe app works great for me. I stream football on my phone and it’s great having the ability to ping it up to my tv..Version: 3.0

Problems but worth it sometimesIt’s honestly a great app when it works properly. It can be confusing to start at first but it’s worth the try! I’ve casted many many videos just by watching one ad before hand and it runs smoothly. However, there’s times where the video doesn’t cast at all, or while casting a video it will crash or the app will crash, it’s kind of frequent, but it’s the best free app I’ve found so far for Samsung tv casting. Anyways, once that’s fixed or solutions are proposed, it’s a great app I would consider actually paying for..Version: 2.1.1

Now working rubbishDon’t buy.Version: 3.1

Best App for Viewing Web Video on TVI think many people don’t utilize this app for what it’s really for, and maybe that’s their fault for poor wording, but this is an app to essentially cast videos from the web to your TV, and it does it wonderfully. You can find whatever videos you want online on your phone, then click cast, and the TV will play the video directly from the video link, not from your phone, which is supremely useful in many situations..Version: 2.1.1

Never have had an issueBuying the premium for the set of $10 was the best thing I ever did! And this is NOT a paid review nor did anyone ask me to write this. I’ve had the pro apps for years now and I’ve never had an issue connecting to anything (roku, firetv, lg) etc..Version: 3.2

AMAZINGThis app is literally a miracle I have a iPhone and I have a Samsong TV so they’re obviously not compatible and I wanted to stream a illegal movie I wanted those illegal movie websites well I didn’t know if it was gonna 100% work but it did turn out a ten out of ten I love this app and I would definitely recommend this to people. Thank you ..Version: 1.17

No soundI’ve been enjoying this app for a few years. Recently I get no sound. Can anyone explain how I can remedy this issue. Also, I can’t seem to play videos off my iPhone either. Please advise. I want to keep using the app, but it’s impossible at the moment..Version: 2.1.1

Works greatI don’t know what everyone else is talking about but it works great for me. Loaded up the paramount network website to watch Yellowstone and eventually got it working. User interface is pretty confusing and not intuitive. Please hire a UI/UX person to fix this but it is streaming to my Samsung tv like a champ. No lag and perfect quality.Version: 1.17

Good - just needs a few things to make it perfect!Great for watching online videos on your Samsung TV. The ability to cast photos to your TV, from the folders organised on your phone, would make it perfect!.Version: 1.20

IngenieroExcelente, mejorar enlace con TV..Version: 2.1.1

Great.UI could be designed better. Sometimes you have to try a few times to load a video to the tv. Pop up blocker is great though and it provides a function that is missing for iphones for no good reason. Thank god for this app..Version: 3.2

It does a lot more than I thought it wouldThis app is great.. granted the in-app browser could do with some streamlining the streaming works perfectly for me. However it’s the extra features that really stick out for me, the fact that once it’s streaming on your tv you are free to use your phone how you wish. You can even leave the house and come back and your stream will still be playing. The optional extra of an add blocker really helps as well, I think it costs £1..Version: 1.12

Loved it but first time user ....Great over view I learned many things. As a first time I was a bit lost. Two things: 1. I felt as though the instruction started after the initial screen. At the end the main screen was shown with four boxes in a grid and things made more sense. 2. I use an apple iPad. My screen looks very different from the speaker’s version. I started my own meeting then was able to find the functions discussed..Version: 2.1.1

Live not workingTried many many times but inconsistent. Worked sometimes about two months ago but now.... nothing. Plays prerecorded packages but not live. Disappointing to say the least..Version: 3.2

👍👍a+.Version: 1.10

Excellent!This app is perfect! My family evacuated for Hurricane Laura and we were all able to watch their local tv station on the tv (instead of a tiny cell phone) in order to stay up to date on what was happening in their home town..Version: 2.2

Samsung AppVery good, when no app is available..Version: 1.14

NiceI love the app I wish u could fix the problem with gamovideo servers (can't be played) It's not about my tv or my phone, gamovideo doesn't play/work in the app in mi phone so i can't cast it, and there is a lot of videos that are only available in this server. Pstd. Thanks for such amazing app..Version: 1.12

A bit confusing to setupHave to install app on tv as well which means figuring out how to search for the app. Then you have to enter the ip address given on the phone and enter it on the tv app. Tv app will say if it is connected or not. Tv displays small video. Click on enter button on tv remote to switch to full screen. Sometimes I have to play video on my device first if it is on icloud. Then play again to convert it. Then it plays well. Had an issue with tv app going blank and nothing happened. Unplugged tv. Same issue again but it eventually worked. Tv is very slow loading apps and has to be on for several minutes before I can use the smart hub to access app. Not sure if this is why screen stayed blank. When screen was blank tv would not respond to tv remote..Version: 3.3

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Excelent app once its connected streams perfect no buffering and doesnt go off and on like other apps, ad blocker works great also. Very happy with this app infact have told numerous people to download it too..Version: 1.18

AwesomeWorks well so far.Version: 1.15

Works perfect for me, I’ve used tv cast for over a year now.I have a samsung tv and this app links up fast and easy with my iPad or iPhone. The pro version is nice with 0 ads but the free versions ads are hardly even noticeable, it actually blocks more pop ups from sites your browsing. Overall great app free and paid versions, would highly recommend..Version: 1.18

Very good service.We are enjoying programs better than before. Thanks for the app. Keep up the good work..Version: 3.2

Hands down the BEST! casting appVery easy app to use. Has a built in ad blocker that works great and can bookmark sites as well. All in all the app has been put together very well. It runs great and only ask that you watch a short adon your phone which but only once you have a loaded video on your tv. Which is great 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.Version: 1.20

I love itThank you so much for this amazing app..Version: 1.12

Fantastic AppVery useful app for streaming high quality movies on TV via the tablet, would definitely recommend the pro version as it comes with a variety of useful features.Version: 1.19

💯💯The best money spent / must have app💯💯I have been using this app for about two years for free. I have tried to use other apps. But this is by far the best. I just recently paid for it , and I love it . I couldn’t live without it. It’s 100% worth six dollars !!! If you watch t.v. And movies online it’s a must have. I use a iPhone with a smart tv. All your t.v. Has to do is cast and then it will work for you. I can’t explain how good it is in just one review. Thank you soooo much to the developers !!!.Version: 1.20

Add browser history pleaseFor those that want the bare minimum I highly recommend buying the add on where you can skip and rewind it’s essential imo. I ended up buying the whole thing cuz I got tired of the ads. Sometimes I have trouble casting but all in all this is the best app I’ve tried to cast on Samsung tv. Please it would be perfect if you add browser history 🙏.Version: 3.3

AmazingI bought the premium pack and it worked like a charm. Pausing and playing and changing the volume happens almost instantly. Works very well..Version: 1.19

It’s brilliant if you have a Samsung tv and iphonesThe only downs sides are you must buy pro for a control bar otherwise can’t pause etc.. secondly pic quality is ok but should be able to stream 4K -UHD.Version: 1.15

Yeah, fair play.I had some initial connections with my TV but.......... Its outstanding. Too much to go into but it’s great. Casting rather than mirroring is the way forward..Version: 3.1

Watch online videos on your TVThis app is fantastic. It lets you watch online videos from your iphone on your Samsung TV. Let's say for example, you log onto your favourite betting website and they are streaming a soccer match that you want to watch on your TV. This app will let you do this. You use the apps own browser to visit the websites rather than safari. It is totally free to use but you will probably end up paying for the extras anyway just because the app is so good. And yes, I did wonder about "those" types of websites, and it works for that to. Just remember to turn the sound down on your TV 😂 I hope one day their will be a Windows version of this Samsung TV cast app so I can use it on my laptop too.Version: 1.19

Works well once you’ve……..Look in the top left of your tv in the tv cast app. Use your remotes up and down arrows to enter the numbers as see in the app. Once you’ve done that’s it’s good to go! Works well. If you decide to use the app free they will show you a 30 second ad prior to streaming. I’ve noticed the ads only work in portrait mode. And it may take a little time to finally play. But it will play and hey! If you decide to pay the $10 no ads and lots of settings to use in the options menu. I haven’t done so yet but I may..Version: 3.2

Waaat?Dont need a title. This app is pretty dope y'all! I have a samsung tv and just downloaded the app to my Iphone and tv and whamo! Just match the IP on the tv as it says and your good to go 👌.Version: 1.12

Fixed and back to amazing!Amazing app, well worth upgrade or bundle when on offer to get decent ad blocker. Works really well and seems fixed from crashing I had since iOS update 👍 My most used app without a doubt thanks guys.Version: 1.12

GoodGood app.Version: 1.15

Really usefulThank you developers! Such a good app for streaming on the big screen ! No more small screen movie watching Highly recommend to everyone :).Version: 1.14

Works so well!The only app I have found that doesn’t have constant pop up adds and ridiculous subscription fees..Version: 3.2

👍 does what it’s meant toCast’s to my Samsung LC32F390. I searched Reddit for movie streaming sites, copy and pasted into the apps search bar and streamed from my phone to my TV. Boxing, Football and movies..Version: 1.18

Perfect Product ReallyTook me a couple attempts to get this app to work but I'm not massively techy. Once I got it going it does exactly what it says on the tin. I was able to cast movies and other videos onto my Samsung smart TV from my iPhone and my iPad whilst being out to use my device for other applications with no disruption to the video onto the TV..Version: 1.12

MarinelectrixAwesome app. Does what it is supposed to. Easy to install and make work for you tube. Would love to be able to run stuff Pix . Great movie app. If I can put that thru it I will be very happy..Version: 1.18

Great appIt’s really helpful app.Version: 3.0

Works for meWorks for me since Samsung don't appear update on Flash or Java for streaming even though have drawn it to their attention..Version: 1.12

D005Absolute crap! Been trying to get it to work for hours. Sometimes it plays a while then cuts out, sometimes it doesent even load. Complete frustration and waste of time..Version: 1.20

WOW!The Absolute BEAST and the best.Version: 1.17

Didn’t think it would work butIt is amazing! The on screen keyboard is extremely difficult to use with the actual tv remote. This app works wonders!.Version: 1.14

About timeFinally a free app to stream from iPad to tv without using an Apple TV box.Version: 1.18

Bonne appFonctionne très bien. Pub pas trop invasives..Version: 1.18

Very cool appIt works well. It was easy for a non tech person to follow. Thanks.Version: 1.14

It works with little hassleWish it had a pause, rew, ff when watching videos. The app has a “remote” screen with those buttons, but they don’t work with my Samsung TV. The Samsung remote’s buttons function, but very crudely. E.g., quickly tapping the ff button just once, jumps a minute or so forward in the video. But I tried other screen share apps, and this is the only one that actually functions correctly at all!.Version: 1.18

5 stars!Using this from my mobile to stream live feeds from the web is awesome! There are some hiccups here and there with annoying ads that sometimes don't let you play the stream, but if your a little persistent, then it works beautifully. I used to stream by connecting my computer to HDMI and then stream from the web browser... This takes away that and I just get the stream from the phone and then bam! No real complaints here!.Version: 1.20

Its free and worksA lot of people are giving this a bad rating, It’s for a guys and does what it’s supposed to if you don’t want to see the commercials a pop-up pay the 6.99 for the premium To be able to stream from Comcast it’s two dollars a month times 12 which is $24+ a year so you’re still winning.Version: 1.18

Great app to watch live free to airEasy to use.Version: 1.17

ImpressiveBeen using this for years now. Works really well. Just make sure your iOS device and receiver (tv) are close to your WiFi for it to work effectively. Give the app a chance as it’s a great tool once you’ve figured it out..Version: 3.3

BrilliantWorks really well once you get used to it after a couple of tries.Version: 1.14

WowI LOVE this app. It is definitely worth paying the $6 dollars. At first I was a little confused on how to make it play but once i browsed and played around with the app I figured it out. Not really sure why so many negative reviews?! Are people that lazy to troubleshoot themselves or don’t comprehend how the internet works? I’ve used this app for about 4 years. Best thing out there. However I’m switching my tv to a Toshiba and I’m scared if there is a version of this app for my new tv. I truly hope so because I can’t imagine not using this app any more 😢😢.Version: 2.1

Excellent appTook a few times to master it, use it on iPad to Samsung Smart tv Can’t fault it,i bought the premium So no pop ups to contend with.Version: 1.14

Love itStraight to point easy I like it 😘.Version: 1.20

Great App!This app is so easy to use and works as advertised. The developer is also concerned that he delivers. Every time you start a new streaming video a non annoying pop up asks if you video is working! Wll done, most complicated apps where so many variables exist, which usally don’t work, it such a welcome surprise when they do..Version: 1.19

NhyyjmLove it. Use it all the time. No adds is amazing!.Version: 1.17

It’s okay but not greatYou can turn your phone screen off when casting, unlike using screen mirroring with iOS. Tons of pop over ads even with paid version. Make sure to wait for video to start on phone before hitting cast or you might just get the previous video again..Version: 3.2

Works perfectlyNever had a problem with this app, there are a few features you have to pay to access but they aren’t needed, and on my tv I can rewind and fast forward the videos I play on this anyway..Version: 1.16

AightAlg.Version: 1.10

A+Awesome app 😊.Version: 1.10

Happy userFind this app very good on my 6 series Samsung tv.Version: 1.17

Love it!!I have an Apple TV, but sometimes my husband uses it to watch now tv and I can’t watch my programs so I saw this and tried the free version, worked like magic and now I have paid the full version and is even better! Quality is as good as seen on phone or iPad. I highly remembered to use this app and pay for extras. Thank you for creating this fantastic app!! Cheapest than getting another Apple TV!!.Version: 1.18

Apple iPhone 8 IOS 11.0.3I was so disappointed that I almost uninstalled this app when it kept crashing when IOS version updated.... but THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS APP ARE AMAZING!!!! The most recent update bug fix resolved my issues, and I am back to casting ALL the shows and movies I love. Best thing is this is free to cast, and being able to do so I am saving myself the cost of an Apple TV, or fire stick, etc. I WOULD GLADLY HELP THE DEVELOPERS TEST FROM A CUSTOMERS PERSPECTIVE. I look forward to any and every update with this app. and to the developers.... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! KEEP UP THE AMAZING TECHNICAL WORK! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND MOST RECENT UPDATE!!.Version: 1.14

Awesome simple and very convenientThere are a ton of free websites that have free movies that allow you to stream, and this app doesn’t slow down my internet at all! When I use iPhone or iPad mirroring, I always notice that it has a huge impact on everyone in the house and a lot of time I experience lag trying to play a movie. I have a very nice router with mesh coverage, my average speed is 75 mbs. This app is so easy to use with the built in browser and the app on my Samsung smart TV there’s no middle man. I highly recommend this for all iOS users that have newer Samsung TV’s. I am sure if I had a Samsung phone (never) no 3rd party app is needed, but until Apple starts to make 4K OLED televisions under millions of dollars, LOL, this is a great tool and time saver! 👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.14

Couldn’t live without tv castAmazing app. Never lets me down. Can watch everything. Definitely worth the £6.99 upgrade to premium..Version: 1.19

Nice casting app!App works great. Crashes / errors are rare, but occur. FF and rewind could work better as well, skips chapters during movies instead of gradual increments. Also, is their anyway to get subtitles onto my Samsung tv? I see the subtitles when loading the video through the browser, but they’re not on the tv, even if I have subtitles turned on through the TvCast browser?.Version: 1.20

Worth it.Amazed by the performance of this app. Highly Recommended..Version: 1.12

Brilliant App!!!Does exactly what it says, can't believe it took me so long to find it.. streams from your phone to your TV seamlessly Also easy to set up instructions.Version: 1.14

RecommendAwesome app plays my movies from my phone without appletv 👌🏼.Version: 1.4

It Works!It takes a little getting used to but works as directed. It’s neither intuitive or seamless but gets the job done. My biggest complaint is that the view doesn’t correct itself for screen size for vertically recorded video. It seems to default to wide angle which distorts any vertically recorded videos from your phone. Once they fix that it’s 5 stars. Worth the money to eliminate the need for wires though.Version: 1.18

Useful for GamepassNeeded something to stream NfL Gamepass on my tv in Australia as there seems to be no other apps to load it up. This one works perfectly with great quality..Version: 1.17

Difficult to start but once you get the hang of itDownloaded for the iPhone version and it was a little bit difficult to actually figure it out but once I learned, no problem. I actually cannot figure out why people complain so much when it was a little difficult to start yes but once I figured it out it has been smooth sailing. I just wonder if it is the attention span of today’s millennial’s. They want everything done, now. Oh wait no I’m sorry they wanted done now now now. My only complaint is high definition...it is at the lower end of high definition when playing on TV cast. But I am definitely pleased that’s why I gave it a four star. I am now trying to figure out how to play my saved videos on my phone and yes someone could teach me but it’s better that I learn on my own..Version: 1.18

Not BadMost of the bad reviews are from people that were too lazy to follow directions and troubleshoot. Once I got the hang of it things are great. I hate that I just found out this app exists. I’ve have my television for about 4 years now so I don’t have a lot of the apps that the newer models have. This helps out a lot. OH! THE APP STILL LETS YOU USE EVERY FUNCTION OF YOUR PHONE WHILE MIRRORING ! That’s the main thing I like ! I will most likely buy the paid for version..Version: 2.2

Great appNot understanding the bad reviews? I use this app daily (free version) and it works perfectly with no issues. Love the app.Version: 3.2

This is IT!I am so relieved to have found this app. after trying various you tube videos on how to play through my TV this was clear and easy and it WORKED. Yay so excited to have found it!.Version: 1.10

At last!So far so good, it's taken me ages to find the right app to stream online movies from my phone to tv, I'm so far impressed! 😁.Version: 1.10

Annoying adds that start popping up so you might as well just payTook forever to sync under the free app then the adds started popping up very annoying. I paid yesterday and today it pops up special buy now. I didn’t know what to do so it charges me 2x now I’ll have to deal with Apple to get charges reversed..Version: 3.1

Pretty goodPlays most videos, initially buffers a little.Version: 1.14

Works perfectlyAble to stream videos from the internet to my tv. Been using for over a year now with no issues at all..Version: 1.12

Brilliant app!!I love this app. Ive been trying to work out how to watch videos/movies from my iPhone to my new Samsung tv and found this. Works perfect!!❤️.Version: 1.12

Improvement neededAlthough the app is fantastic. But I would like it to enable the use of subtitles. That would be really great if this could be done ASAP. Thanks,.Version: 1.13

Quite goodA nice app, however I would like to be able to show the browser screen on tv too not just videos. Other than that everything about this app is great. 😄😃.Version: 1.17

Great app but needs to handle wide aspect ratiosGreat app works smoothly but I would like to view 2.39:1 anamorphic widescreen films. Basically the super-wide screen used in cinemas. Most players handle these automatically but there does not appear to be anyway of stopping the video looking squashed on TV Cast..Version: 1.18

Works MOST of the timeI have been using Samsung tv cast for a long time. I love it, it allows me to bring my phone to my tv. Sometimes I cannot connect no matter if i restart both devices. The tv and the phone won’t pair even if it’s on the same WiFi network - this is my only frustration. Overall great product.Version: 1.20

You should make the fire stick version this goodThis one is way more smooth. And even moves better than the Samsung app. I already brought the full fire stick version. Also if you find your video not loading sometimes I find you have to answer yes before the video plays.Version: 1.14

Tried top three, this being the thirdReally happy with the app, thank you so much for not putting the ads on the tv, definitely sticking with this one 😊.Version: 1.18

Does what it says but a bit of a pain to useWorked well with my Samsung Smart TV - now that Samsung have stopped the You Tube app . Only complaint is that the app itself is bit of a fiddle to use once installed.Version: 1.20

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈好.Version: 1.20

Brilliant App but cannot get mirroring function goingThis app has done wonders for me over the past year but unfortunately, I’m not able to get the screen mirroring function working..Version: 1.20

ReviewI just wish it connected smoothly and you can forward play as far as you want no as far as 5-6 minutes that the tech play forwards as. Other than that it is amazing..Version: 3.3

Works wellWorks well ! And picture quality is really good fast streaming two 👌👍.Version: 1.20

EasyFast and easy to set up..Version: 3.2

EcstaticOne of the only casting app worked from apple devices to Samsung TV, would highly recommend it..Version: 1.20

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