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New Star Cricket App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

New Star Cricket app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using New Star Cricket? Can you share your negative thoughts about new star cricket?

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New Star Cricket for Negative User Reviews

Good game but a few tweaks and it’s a awesome game.This is such an addicting game along side NSS but both fall short in being great games. Firstly the pricing of NRG is ridiculous, without being willing to miss games and impact your relationship with your manager you can’t improve skills and still play as the drinks are too expensive to recover lost energy. Secondly the batting is a little flawed, slightly off centre in any direction extremely effected the ball, E.G. getting slightly under or over means you hit it straight up or down regardless of the power you’ve put into the shot. Tweaking these two issues and I feel the game is perfect..Version: 1.05

Potential down the drainThis is an ok game. Like its sister app, NSS, it follows the path of a athlete's career from scouting to retirement. However, unlike NSS, it is genuinely difficult to progress beyond your first season. The relationships are impossible to maintain, money is all used up on NRG making it difficult to actually play and, unless you're willing to pay, you can pretty much get the full game experience by picturing the titanic sinking. It really could be a good app like NSS but it just doesn't work..Version: 1.05

KachingFun games but energy drinks should not cost more than a professional athlete’s compensation per game and sponsors should provide free products. Imagine a Nike spokes athlete paying for his or her own nikes..Version: 1.20

EnergyThis game would be a whole heap better if the energy system wasn’t so demanding. I use 70% of my energy to play one match and only recover 25% before the next match. And I can’t afford energy drinks after every match because their price goes up with wages..Version: 1.22

Good potentialThe good thing about the game is easily the idea of it. I think it’s really cool how you a trying to copy career on the ashes cricket game. Accept its really hard to play this game. So you should think about other games on the the AppStore like real cricket 18 ,Which I think is a really good game ,and try to make the gameplay more like that. I hope this advice had been helpful and hopefully you can make the game better. 🏏.Version: 1.05

Too hard to earn moneyThe game is fun and all but the fact that it takes 10 games to buy something decent and energy doesn't replenish very well gets annoying.Version: 1.05

Game hangs in every few minutesGame hangs in every few minutes and then it doesn't work for next 5-6 times you open the game. The game is interesting but after playing for an hour you will realize that game is designed for you to lose and only way you can win is giving them a lot of money. The skills designed in the game is of no use. Calculation for your growth in the game is very unfair and you will never win. Not even in easy mode..Version: 1.05

Pointless exerciseLike its sister app, actual gameplay is limited. The mechanics of batting, bowling and especially fielding are clumsy and random, and far too much time is spent managing utter nonsense like repairing stuff so that your 'lifestyle' score doesn't drop. Given that I paid for the ad free version it's particularly galling that you are constantly obliged to manage your 'energy levels' - presumably to encourage cash purchases. Quickly became boring and tiresome..Version: 1.05

It's goodI like the app it's fun and a good mix of cricket for a tablet. Crashes a lot, like can't get more than two matches played before it shuts down, then I lose energy boosts or payments..Version: 1.05

NRG DrinksThis game is all about Energy, and every single thing require energy, from Playing game to going out and stuff. And also as soon as you get higher contract, the cost of energy drink increases too. So, basically you make no progress throughout your career, and still at the 0 level. Highly disappointed with Energy system. This game needs fix 👎🏻.Version: 1.11

This game would make Martin Shkreli blushYet another good game killed by greed. I understand you want people to make micro transactions, however sapping People’s energy after just 1 match is ridiculous... and I had the personal trainer, house and I played the matches on energy conserving mode! The icing on the cake, you then make an energy drink cost more than the contracted match fee... well played, have fun at Bohemian Grove this year!.Version: 1.6.1

Too Aggressive on MicrotxnsGreat game if it wasn't pinching you so hard on microtransactions from the very start. Not fun when it's so blatantly obvious that you win or lose based on buying energy drinks..Version: 1.22

Addicting but too much cash drivenThe game play is addictive but there's too many in game purchase options necessary to enjoy the game. would've rated it higher if the free path was not so difficult to work with. also ads after each game are really shilling for the revenue. enjoyable gameplay but extremely poorly monetized..Version: 1.0.2

Needs more work and less panhandlingIt was sort of fun for an hour but I'm fed up with all the ads and recommendations to spend money. In addition, unlike soccer, there really isn't a way to make enough money to get anywhere so it feels like they're forcing you to spend money. Controls are buggy and gameplay is cumbersome on a small screen. I get you need to make some money but wow, this game is shameless..Version: 1.05

EnergyI really enjoy this game. It has aspects to be one of my favourite games on the App Store. However, the energy situation and the money situation is too unfair and just pushes you to purchase coins which I’m not doing. The fact the energy drinks go up in price is awful. I greatly dislike that as I can’t even begin to unlock other parts of the game..Version: 1.22

Great gameOnly issue I have is the casino feature, great game otherwise I enjoy it.Version: 1.0.3

Great game butGreat game but you need to make it that when you hit a good shot it goes to the boundary because sometimes when the boundary doesn’t show up and you hit a good shot it results in no runs. Also could you pls make it easier to bowl?.Version: 1.22

0 starsAbsolute garbage..Version: 1.0.2

Good but sometimes rediculousReally great game but when it comes to having enough money to play the game successfully it is impossible. The price of the energy drink is higher than I can earn in one match which then means you cannot easily afford to train. This also means that it is hard to take part in the events to improve your relationship with the boss. You can also not improve your lifestyle as it is too expensive which leads to you being unable to go shopping with your teammates and so relationships will decrease and you get less opportunities in a match which makes it harder to improve star rating. You can also not get a girlfriend as your lifestyle is too hard to improve and so your teammates laugh at you again. However, the actual game play is good and enjoyable and I will continue to play the game for the actual gameplay.Version: 1.6.1

Money system needs tweakingI played New Star Soccer for years and it felt very balanced and fun to play. If you played often it was easy to earn money to buy lifestyle items and whatnot. With this game though, the price of nrg has been massively inflated. It's almost impossible to get anywhere because all my money goes towards nrg. Definitely needs to be nerfed..Version: 1.05

Fun but flawedThe mechanics of this game are quite fun but it suffers from the same two frustrating problems as all new star games: 1) Energy. The energy recovered between matches simply isn’t enough to be able to play each match. This pushes you to spend all of your earnings on energy drinks, which (surprise) increase in cost as you earn more money. They always cost most than you can earn from a match. This doesn’t even take into account the ‘training’ which just seems designed to sap energy. 2) Ratings. It’s just not possible to keep your rating high because unless you’re getting 9 or 10/10 each match then you lose points. If you drop a catch, fail to hit the wicket, or miss the run out then you lose rating points. This is particularly annoying because the run out mechanic is broken. Half of the time you can’t get to the ball before the batsman gets to his crease, so you fail the run out and lose rating points, even if you score a century. I have a batting average of 84 and an average rating of just 6.5. So, the game is fun to an extent but it’s very frustrating and designed to force you to pay money..Version: 1.8.0

Needs to fix the systemClearly doesn’t know how cricket works and the drinks system too is a joke. You guys did wonderful with the football but the cricket tho 2/5🏴‍☠️.Version: 1.22

Poor relative to NS soccerThis game has some fundamental flaws that make it both very frustrating and sadly unrewarding. The bowling option of the fielder catching the ball appears to have no sense. No matter how one spins it or lands it on the target area it randomly goes off 90% of the time nowhere near the fielder. When fielding 50% of the time it is not possible to get the ball and hit the wicket; this is particularly when as a right handed person trying to run to the left of the screen. Ultimately it is a shame as it has potential but leaves one disappointed..Version: 1.05

Overall alrightThis game has some nice features and quite addicting. I think this game could be so much better if some features like catching and running are made more efficient. Also the apps crashes a lot..Version: 1.05

International playI love this game, but I want to keep progressing at the international level. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared and I will never play for the windies. The coach loves me but they never play. I see that tests are in the achievements and that would be a blast to play. Would love an update to this issue!.Version: 1.05

Okay, nothing moreHas the potential to be really good, and is certainly addictive, but there are far too many irritations for this to be 5*. For one, you can score runs, take wickets and catches in a game, but if your side loses it's all your fault and you lose relationship with the boss, your team and fans. It takes way too long to rebuild relationships, which has a knock on effect on everything else. In short, you'll get somewhere with this game if you're willing to part with your hard earned cash, and lots of it. I'm not, so this is another game which is being deleted..Version: 1.05

Ok but needs workIt’s an ok game the idea is right but I hate that you can’t save or preserve energy you have to buy the drinks to be able to maintain good scores unlike NSS where you can take it easy in games and save energy there is no way you can preserve energy in a game no heart rate saver so energy gets drained quick! It’s stupid but other than that it’s an ok game.Version: 1.05

BsAfter new update app just crashes, can't even play anymore.Version: 1.6.1

New star cricketWhen you get out first ball you face why does the batting always end up 5-4 or 20-5 make it more realistic. I understand that if you get out there should be consequences per say but not to such an extent all the time.Version: 1.22

Starts fun, but notRetro Bowl, from this developer is a fantastic game so I tried this. I love cricket and this game starts okay but is more a play to win. I bought the unlocked version of Retro Bowl because it’s so much fun, this just isn’t..Version: 1.11

Started off sweet, but greed made me deleteLove the game, but when a can of energy drink goes from 150 to 450 when I haven’t gone up a league is just a scam to get people to pay money. I watch the adverts so stop putting the energy prices up. Do it when the player goes up a league instead. Soon all the money I win will be all used on energy drinks, and I’m not paying a real £1 to buy one energy drink, I’d soon be overdrawn. I would likely have spent money on other things later in the day, but have now regretfully deleted.....Version: 1.6.1

Another bunch of money grabbersAs the title says, this is yet another attempt by a bunch of money grabbing idiots to make you part with your hard earned cash. There are a lot of good things about this game which makes it sad that unless you are willing to spend an awful lot then you get nowhere. The 'developers' also need to put more effort into the gameplay mechanics as batting is near impossible as the optimum point for a successful hit is atom sized!!!! On the bowling side of things, the ball seems to do its own thing regardless of what you do. For the time being its best to avoid this game until they decide that instead of just trying to fleece everyone, they will make a decent game.Version: 1.05

FrustratingThis game has so much potential but some very frustrating things in the game make it a nightmare to play. 1. Throwing - ball just randomly appears somewhere and by the time u get there you already fail. Irritating that you get negative marking and screws up your entire bloody game 2. Batting - its an atom size sensitive shot and you hit slightly left or right you are out and sit out the rest of the game 3. Balling - sometimes you cant just swipe on the direction of the green area where you are supposed to ball and you end up getting hit for a six. On and dont expect a star man even if you hit 150 and took 5 wickets because you missed a couple of stupid throws - obviously these guys never played or watched cricket in their lives and if they did they chose to ignore everything real..Version: 1.05

Somewhat fun but in game cash to get energy drags you downIn app purchases. 'Nuff said!.Version: 1.0.2

Fun But In App Purchases Upscale Too MuchEnjoy playing this game. The losing energy to play a game or train model is not new but the way the in app purchases work is a bit too much. And the price of “energy drink“ upscaling with you as you earn more per match kind of takes away incentive to advance in the game. I was pretty disappointed in that. On a positive note, I actually learned how cricket works by playing this game..Version: 1.8.0

Great gameplay but one major problemThe game itself is very fun. However the money you get from winning the matches isn’t nearly enough. I spent all my money buying these energy drinks that are required to play on the team. And I ran out of money when the game started charging more and more money for them..Version: 1.6.1

Don’t play if easily frustratedNot a bad game but some things are blatantly not fair. Bowling: If you’re bowling and you give your teammate a chance of a catch 70% of the time he’ll drop it. Batting: Your teammate mostly drops your catches but when it comes to YOU being caught out if you spoon one up in the air, then it’s 99% of the time you’re out. Also if you hit the ball towards the boundary you mostly miss hit the ball but it you can’t see the boundary and need a single, you hit the ball sweetly resulting in “no runs” Fielding: Fielding and throwing the ball is the biggest con of all, majority of the time the opponent is home before you’ve even caught up with the ball let alone threw it, this results in you getting marked down in your overall score. Finally, if you bat poor then your whole team will get a low score. Same as if you field poorly then the other team will reach your target and you will lose the match. Not a bad game but DO NOT SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY ON THIS GAME. personally i can take it or leave it, i just like the fact you can put it down when you want and come back to it at exactly the same point..Version: 1.05

Thumbs downBoring! You barely actually play cricket. What a joke.Version: 1.8.0

Starts out good but …The game is okay. I had high hopes since I like the football game they make but the cricket game seems just like any other pay to play game. The energy drink prices constantly go up so if you want your player to have full energy you have to buy more and more drinks. But the drinks cost more than you make so you have to buy some with real money. If you like cricket skip this game..Version: 1.21

GoodGood.Version: 1.6.1

Poor systemEverything revolves around relationships. but in order to maintain relationships you need energy. but in order to get energy u need money. in order to get money you need relationships. but the second you are out of money you are screwed..Version: 1.10.0

Good game but with errorsI think this game has the potential to be amazing. However, that is thrown away by numerous glitches (e.g. being caught out by a fielder that is invisible or dropping ball that are in your hands). Also, how on earth do you get runs from the scenarios where there is no boundary? I hate to complain, but the step up from div 2 to div 1 is much too difficult.Version: 1.05

Too Easy!!!I have not played this game for a long time, but apart from catching and fielding in difficult leagues, everything is too easy. This makes me wonder why I keep playing if I just get star player every match as that is so unrealistic it is pointless. However, it is a good game on the go and I still play it every now and again. Also, when I first played it, I wanted to play as Hampshire, but I didn’t want to be in division 2 so had to move to other clubs. This game would be brilliant if these things were added, but I sincerely doubt it as there is never an update..Version: 1.05

Fun but need $$Great game but after only 24 hours my player has run out of energy and watching videos doesn’t even restore it 100%. Another money grab game unfortunately.....Version: 1.05

Crash bugIt looks nice but whenever I go to tutorials, it crashes.Version: 1.0.3

FrustratingThis could be such a good game with some really good ideas but virtually every element is frustrating in it’s own way. I realise it has to be a challenge but some elements are unfairly unforgiving and others are next to impossible. For instance batting you have a split second to connect where you want to on the ball and if your slightly off you are out virtually every time. Bowling you have to somehow determine how much spin to put on the ball to either take it at nearly right angles to the wicket or towards a fielder who very rarely catches it. Fielding you might as well not bother as by the time you have run to the ball and taken aim the batsman is already home. Good ideas but too frustrating to continue with..Version: 1.9.0

PotentialHas potential but needs to be easier to get your career going..Version: 1.05

Decent little gameDecent little game. 2 complaints though: 1: the “run out” mechanic doesn’t work very well on iPhones, I’m not too sure with the situation on an iPad, but it’s quite hard to be accurate when running. 2: The advertising and the constant flaunting of a price tag to make the game easier is a bit much. I know this developer is capable of better on this front due to their game “retrobowl.” Apart from these, they’re fun little games. The ability to play from my hometown, Gosnells, WA, makes me feel very seen..Version: 1.21

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