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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay? Can you share your negative thoughts about shipt shopper: shop for pay?

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Love the app but the pay needs to be betterI have been shipt shopping for about a year now. During the summer, in my area, the orders are slow. During the winter it’s a lot and more of a risk due to weather conditions. Some orders are for apartments. And the labor to carry food from a parking lot to an apartment building where the customer won’t even help is frustrating. I have carried 70 items before from a parking lot. Down a walkway and to the customers door and only got $11 for the order. And I’ve carried two cases of water up two flights of stairs and down to the end of the hall with no help for $7. Labor for apartments, shopping (higher than $5 plus 7.5% of the order total) and gas need to be calculated in the pay. The customers don’t always tip. I have even been told they don’t get reminders to tip either. They just happen to remember when they open the app again. The rating system is a little flawed as well because a customer will rate you low just because a store doesn’t have a specific item. Or they don’t like the substitution they are fully aware of..Version: 4.31.0

The worst app ever!!!This app will hold the money, they don’t pay you like they said they will there’s always an issue with the app freezing during transactions you don’t get paid right away ,As their advertisement states. They will close your account for anything. they don’t even give you a course on how to be a good shipt shopper when you sign up they close your account and then ask you to take the course that makes no sense. they should have a course before you sign up so you know how to work instead of Closing the account and making you take a course. once they close the account you’re rating is low so when they reopen it you’re starting low and there’s no way up from there. you can contact the customers, you can do everything that the essential course said to do, It won’t matter because they starting you off on the low rating. they will close your account with no warning that’s another thing there was no warning an email or a text or anything stating that my account is in jeopardy to be closed all they do is just close it. this app is a lie and it’s not what they claim to be..Version: 4.23.0

Service Not availableWhy is this app available in Canada when your service is not.Version: 4.10.0

Unrealistic expectationsYou get stats, by customer rating and on-time percentage, in 3 categories: All-time, last 14 days, and last 50 orders. You cannot fall below 4.7 rating or 90% on time percentage; in any category I guess, or you get deactivated. My all-time stats have a 4.8 star customer rating and 90% on-time percentage; which you would think is the category that matters most. However, Thanksgiving week, my ‘last 50 orders’ category on-time percentage fell to 86% (which isn’t even horrible) and they deactivated me. Thanksgiving and beginning Christmas shopping had the stores more packed and the orders a bit more challenging, which you would think would be understandable- but no. I could have picked that 4%! back up in the next week. I tried to appeal and they didn’t bother responding. My all-time stats were/are still within acceptable range- but that don’t matter. After I was deactivated, I still got $80 in late tips over the next 2 weeks. Clearly I was appreciated by the customers… just not by Shipt. What a shame. They should change stat expectations to going no lower than Average customer star rating of 4.0 -think 4-star hotel is still really great. and Average on-time percentage of 80% -think 80% on a test is a B and still passing..Version: 4.36.0

Lots of trouble in WEEK 1Just started shopping with Shipt. My app is glitching appears to be glitching heavily. I text customers but don’t receive any messages back (not a single one for 20 orders). When you are being rated for your level of communication, proper functioning of this feature is critical. I’ve even tried calling the customer for a more urgent matter and the system didn’t support calling. More recently, I’ve attempted to text my customers, but it opens up one of the prior communications I had with a different customer (not sure if that’s normal). I text the number anyway, but I’m not sure if my messages are going through as they should, especially since I am not receiving any feedback/responses. Finally, I selected a non-promo order today to for the requirements of and complete one of the bonuses. It was VERY far away (1 hour total) but I thought that receiving the bonus would make up for it. After I checked the bonus meter, I noticed that it had not moved and that they had tagged the trip with “promo”. This was very frustrating as it was an order I would not have taken if I didn’t account for the bonus. I accepted two non-promo orders after that. Same thing happened. I’m only a few days, but this is definitely worrying, disappointing, and deceptive. If you’re offering a bonus, offer it. Don’t be unfair. :(.Version: 4.38.0

Shipt does not care about its shoppers. Try another appHere’s my experience with Shipt. I did Shipt very part time as a side gig for a year and earned a great hourly rate, especially when I built up a base of preferred customers. But one bad apple can ruin the entire experience. In my case, a customer called Shipt and complained (lied) that he didn’t get his order. I shopped his order as I always would: I communicated the entire shop, I got all the items on his list (I even asked a Target associate to get a USB-C wall adapter from the back), followed his request to drop the bag at the back door of his house, and sent a picture of the delivery to the customer (and note, Shipt can see EVERYTHING you and the customer text to each other). In short, I followed all the rules and did everything I needed to do. But the customer wanted to take advantage of Shipt. He said he didn’t get his order and then rated me 1 star. When I requested that Shipt remove that unfair rating, they did nothing. They didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my emails. By leaving that rating on my account, Shipt is effectively calling me the liar and siding with the customer who wanted to get free stuff from Shipt. SHAME ON SHIPT for punishing their hard-working and honest shoppers! Unless they remove that rating, I am done with Shipt for good. If you choose to do Shipt - I just sincerely hope something like this never happens to you, because Shipt definitely does not have your back..Version: 4.37.0

Good but needs work1. Why does the promo label get removed once you accept the order and why can’t you say payment once you accept the order? 2. you guys make it hard to file a tardiness or rate forgiveness when in reality a shipt support person can do it from there computer even if you haven’t delivered the order I’ve done it twice, if an order is 15 min late at most it should be excused (or make late forgivness a lot easier to fill out) lots of times we’re waiting because there is a customer who apparently texts every 10 minutes An example of easier late/rating forgivness is doing a an extra bar on the menu and no need to put shopper id,order number,time window, date,time delivered, why do we need to fill that out if all that info is in the history we should just be able to click on the order it is and just put the reason why 3. Items need to be able to get categorized by section or isle number, many times there’s different types of categories and there all in the same isle or says “Snacks” But there’s one item that’s in the deli so you have to walk to the other side of the store 4. Bonuses need more variety it’s always no promo no late delivery and or alcohol delivery how about get 5, 5 star ratings today and receive $X or Do 4 Bundle orders for $X, hate seeing bonuses but then all orders are made promo 5. Customer can rate shoppers why can shoppers rate customers you’ll be surprised on how bad some customers are whether it’s no/late responding,horrible tips etc.Version: 4.37.0

Feeling disrespected as a shopperI took a lengthy drive to assist a customer with a singular item order, passing on a 40-item order that would have paid much more. Item was out of stock and I was offered $5 as compensation. I have a perfect rating and take pride in working for the company and I would really like to be respected more. It takes a lot for us to drive all over and treat the guests with dignity and shop for them while many of times they do not communicate often when needed and in turn I feel as if I was handed a “free-dessert” type-coupon of $5 compensation for my efforts. Nobody picked up the order a few minutes close to the deadline and I took initiative. Myself or the next person was going to experience this issue. There needs to be a finer communication standard within the app and through the store, especially for a single “pre-paid” item. The customer should have called to confirm it’s stock and the store should have confirmed as well long before someone was to come out to a rough neighborhood with harassing crackheads and get handed $5, 8 days from now. Honesty and transparency is key. Please don’t treat a good man and grateful worker like this, I do not want to leave the company. Thank you -Anthony.Version: 4.33.0

The thrill is goneShipt use to be a great company to work for. I started when promo could be as high as $40. You would never be paid less than $15 per order (including tip) and you were driving no more than 5 miles. There were moments you can make $100 on one order. If you had a problem it was fixed. If you put in the work, you could easily make $1500 to $2k of course that was working 8-12 hrs daily but still good. Fast forward to the pandemic. The algorithm became horrible. Shipt would give your faithful big tipping members to new shoppers and you now will get paid $8-10 per order with tip. Shipt no longer care about the shoppers. I understand its a business but lets not forget you need workers to keep a business afloat. I went from making minimum $300 daily to lucky if I make a $50. Gas is almost $6 and higher in some places. I’ve been sent double orders paying about $11 going in different directions and at least 10 miles from the store. They have not taken consideration of our time nor gas. I’ve become disappointed in the company. But the app itself is a constant headache at times..Version: 4.40.0

Logs me outThe app has been logging me out after each time I close it. This can be every inconvenient when I receive a push notification of an available order but have to take the time to log in to view it and it’s gone by the time I make it there. Beyond that, I would love to see further optimization of the lists to the individual store. Quite frequently items are categorized incorrectly. An example would be that OJ is often under beverages when in most stores it’s actually near the dairy or refrigerated section. If special requests could be categorized once added that would also help with the shopping flow. For large orders it would be nice to have items sorted away once they are added to the cart in order to easily see what is left to shop for. For multiple orders in the same time a lot it would be nice for them to be prioritized under “my orders” in an order that makes sense for delivery. In a pinch ints not always an option to plot out a route for three separate orders. PROS: I love the combined shopping list for multiple options. Accepting orders, getting push notifications and navigating through the app is flawless..Version: 3.2.0

App needs some more workI have been a shopper for a little bit here. As far as the app is concerned the isle numbers would be appreciated for Kroger stores like the other stores we shop. Kroger has the slowest cashiers that also eats away at your time, pretty much every customer who orders there is also tax exempt too. So adding the isle numbers would help offset how slow the store is. When you go to text customer support, it is a bad design to have to click done then have to hit enter to submit your message to an agent. We can’t stop and wait to chat we have to keep delivering. Need it to be easier to send while at stop lights, etc. Another thing is when I minimize the app, I lose my place in queue and have to start over. Serious waste of time. I need to be delivering and watching my map. When you call customer support it keeps saying the easiest way to reach us is online/chat. I found that to not be true most of the time because of the issue I just mentioned. Update: The app today just showed me a map of the house to deliver the groceries to but when I opened google and Apple Maps they both agreed and it was in the complete opposite direction!!!! That is a serious flaw. Also, there needs to be a mileage estimate when you open the job. This is a disservice to your shoppers. We can not make a proper assessment before taking the job without correct information..Version: 3.26.0

Shipt rating systemShipt shouldn’t allow customers to rate shoppers for things that are not our fault, like the store being out of a product. I wish the app allowed us to take pictures within the app so they can see proof that we do our best to help the customers. What gets me in trouble is when I leave the app to take a picture through my regular messages so I could show the customer the shelf. I do this to show customers that the product is no longer available. Not only that, but I give the customers a chance to choose their own substitutes so I don’t understand why I got a low rating for poor substitution. Also I think we should get a late forgiveness if we live in a environment with bad weather. People can’t expect us to speed to get there groceries to their house on time when there is snow on the ground. On the way to a customers house I got stuck in the snow and I slid in a ditch. I had to call a tow truck company to get me out. I informed the customer but it was still held against me. I think the rating system is unfair and that they should modify the app for incoming new shoppers. I feel that shipt doesn’t have our backs.Version: 4.36.0

Need customer rating systemI’ve done 23 deliveries with in the past three weeks. I started doing Shipt as a side thing to make some extra cash every month. I like how the app is designed it’s pretty much straight forward. One problem I have is I’ll accept an order for 10-15, I’ll communicate, be on time, snd everything is perfect why am I only making the 10? Please fix your scaling on the payouts.. Here is my issue when you are shopping for customers you’re suppose to communicate with them when you’re starting, if an item is out of stock, or for/about Substitution, and just when you’re checking out/leaving. I’ve found about 75% don’t respond to simple things such as items being out of stock or if they want something subbed. My next problem is how many people won’t tip now I understand that’s not a guaranteed thing however I’ve found it extremely annoying when you are literally trying to communicate with them, being very helpful, and friendly to get nothing. Now again I know tips are not always going to happen but they really need To have a rating system on here for that reason. I’ve literally seen same addresses on here already and for us shoppers we should be able to see if for example “Doesn’t respond” “Doesn’t tip” or whatever else you decide to put. I delivered a 1500 PC for 8.40 and couldn’t even get a response on Halloween when I asked if they would be there to take it in since it was very expensive item. I never received any sort or response or tip..Version: 4.16.0

You make nothingI applied for shipt thinking that it was going to be amazing for a part time job. After shipt hired me in I quit my part time job to use shipt instead (which was a mistake!) After doing shipt for 4 months all of the true colors of the company are showing now. They dropped the pay to like $6-$13 per order even if the drive is 24 minutes. They dropped all there pay this low right when gas prices rose up to almost $5 seems kind of fishy to me. With them lowering the pay per order it’s a struggle because on top of that barely anyone tips. We don’t get tipped because shipt doesn’t push tips to any customers ..They don’t care about us!! They only care about bringing money in. Now I’m going to be stuck having to file taxes for this company to get even more money taken away. You make nothing at all because after taxes all of the money you make goes out. I should have known this company was to good to be true and now I’m stuck using it as a job until I get hired into a desk job again. This is all a scam. They can get rid of you as they please with no warning, drop pay, give you no benefits but will always have people coming in because they apply thinking the same thing all of us did..Version: 4.37.0

Not happy with changes.I used to do very well with Shipt… could go on and find orders right away. I would get many alerts when my preferred shoppers placed an order. I no longer get those alerts. I am barely getting orders. I have 5 kids and this was a great supplemental income for my family. With the new set up, I am barely getting any orders. Your giving orders to first time shoppers who may not be as productive as someone who has been at this awhile. I know I will be looking for a something else very soon. I know target very well, communicate often with customers and handle situations quickly and responsibly. If your ready to loose shoppers like me, keep changing up your system and good luck to you! The rating system is terrible as well. If I do not receive any complaints, and do 40+ order or more in a week, how am I supposed to figure out who may have rated a 1. People are giving bad ratings if the store is out of a product and that is out of our control. Last is tips…. People should have to at least do a 5-10% minimum. I know a few people who place orders often and never tip. It’s not right. And their orders are not small..Version: 4.42.0

First dayThis was my first day shopping for you. I have shopped for Instacart in the past for comparison. I kept running into problems with the app while shopping. I was not able to see majority of the pictures which makes it really hard to find a product. I was even using the target Wi-Fi to make sure I had the best reception. It would also be nice if you listed the price of the item so it’s easier to find. The scanner was also not working correctly. Almost every single item I scanned it said it could not find it and I just had to add it to the cart and that was frustrating. The app also shut down midway through and would not open back up for several minutes which wasted time. Then when I went to do my first delivery the business did not have their sweet listed so I wasted more time trying to call and figure out what level they were on and what sweet they were in that should be required to write down. Downtown target where I shopped was also out of three products. and at least two of the Isles were listed wrong on the app for what they really were in the store. I’m hoping these are just beginning glitches that will be figured out but that should be taken into consideration for our pay right now..Version: 3.2.0

Glitches and RatingsI have only been doing Shipt for a short while about 5 months but nothing gives me more anxiety than my rating going down and my chances of offers goes down because of the competitive nature of this industry. I HATE that I can’t see my ratings it’s very sus that I don’t know why someone would give me less than 5 stars when I normally have 4.9-5.0 and a 100% on time rate. We need to be able to see feedback so that if something doesn’t match up we can contact hq immediately. Also y’all are making all these unnecessary updates the app still has glitches and bugs (communication and refreshing) and still haven’t given everyone instant payout after saying it’d be available soon. 😑. *Note that i OVER communicate with all my customers and call if I can’t reach them. Then contact support if I still don’t get in contact with them. And I take pictures of ALL my deliveries! Even left a note at a completely unresponsive customer this past week so they know I couldn’t get through*.Version: 4.23.0

Terrible pay structureThis service has so many problems where do I even begin! Shipt it very clearly built for the member, not the Shopper, and this reflects in their treatment and pay of shoppers. The biggest issue is how pay is calculated, it is a flat $5 + 7.5% of the order total, which does not include consideration for mileage, time, or tolls unlike every almost every other gig delivery job. You quickly realize when you start this job that the math just doesn't add up, with sticking to Shipts suggested 2 items per minute formula it's pretty clear to see that the money to be made here is limited unless you are grabbing the best orders. I have taken one with 51 items before for a payout of only $16-18, with driving at least 10 minutes to the store, shopping for 1 hour and 45 minutes, 10 minutes to the members house, you are left with $8-9/hr before gas, that's assuming you dont have any issues (which their are almost always are, I rarely have an order with nothing I have to substitute, and if you have to call Shipt support prepare to be on the phone waiting for 30 minutes+). Seriously just stick to Uber or Doordash, outside of an occasional good order their is very little money to be made here and your only going to end up being frustrated, tired and overwhelmed (many of the members are not very friendly and act extremely entitled, my total tips from doing food delivery are at least double what I will get from Shipt members)..Version: 3.26.0

I wish I could give it -5This company is the biggest scam ever. I was desperately trying to find someone to get in touch with over a pay dispute and over the span of 2 weeks the idiots who work here sent me to the same two departments who kept sending me back and forth saying “oh we can’t take care of this contact whoever else” like what you idiots? The support team is very disrespectful and does not take the time to read or listen to what you email or have to say over the phone. Don’t recommend shopping for people who can’t even take care of their employees. If they ever tell you to email them for help, don’t do it, they won’t get back to you. As for a phone number what company has only one number and way to reach the support? I’m just baffled by whoever over at shipt thinks that’s still a good idea. I truly hope you people lose your jobs over at Shipt HQ because all of the garbage back and forth caused me to be disabled by shipt. All because shipt couldn’t admit to not reading anything I said and figured the best way was to disable my account. Sad company and ever dumber people. Don’t recommend.Version: 4.31.0

Pay isn’t what they postWhat is expected of the shopper and what they get paid are not worth the amount of time it takes to shop and deliver the groceries. I spent one hour shopping, scanning and manually inputting the items that would not excepted by the app. On top of that I had to keep all the food in insulated bags. Then drove close to 10 miles one way to drop off the groceries. After you factor in the gas, time and taxes you have to consider I made less than $4 an hour. That’s not included the time I spent working through app issues with support. It was very stressful working through all the variables to get the groceries to the costumer on time. Shipt needs to pay the shopper a guaranteed amount of $15 a hour to make this worth doing. Tips should be a bonus to the shopper for their hard work not part of their pay. I decided to read the low reviews and noticed that Shipt picks who they want to respond to. As a company shouldn’t you take care of all your shoppers? They are the reason you have a company. In Business your should take care of your costumers first. How do you do that? Make sure your workers are taken care of so in return they step up and give the costumers top service. Business 101 Shipt. Unhappy employees unhappy customers. We are the ones who deal with the costumer..Version: 3.18.0

I’m concerned about Time+Mileage VS Pay / Update with Covid-19 issuesNo one should ever get into a 100% commissioned based business with hopes that you’ll succeed with tips from customers. I feel this is the Shipt Shopper pay model. Because of this I believe cherry picking for the best offers (payouts) is essential. At this time 2 stars is the best I can morally rate this company. Covid-19 update: Do to the Covid-19 situation, items in stores are flying off the shelves. Store to app updates are not being made for items that are out of stock. I had an order for 9 items with all items being out of stock. However i was unaware of that fact until I arrived at the store. I tried to contact support but was unable to. I contacted the customer and the customer asked for the order to be canceled. I myself was unable to cancel the order due to the fact that the order was do within the hour. 3 hours later I received a message from Shipt stating that the order has been canceled. In the future when all this covid-19 ordeal is over Shipt really needs to implement a real-time out of stock update to the app. The most frustrating and tiresome aspect of working for Shipt is the constant concern for out-of-stock items..Version: 4.8.0

Please add an option to tip when you payI cannot wait the entire month for someone to tip me on an old order there needs to be a better option to get tips because frankly this is where most of the money has made the base pay is just enough to cover the gas. Also the address of the store and the delivery address need to be taken into consideration with times someone should not be able to order from a store 30 minutes away from their house because I have to basically work twice as long with the same amount of pay and then they don’t even tip me half the time. there should be a 10 minute drive maximum between the store and the delivery address because sometimes people will order from a nicer neighborhood and then I have to drive 30 to 40 minutes to them making my orders late. also considering the fact that almost no one ever tips delivering to apartments should be more because I am literally sweating going up and down the stairs delivering groceries to apartments. almost not worth it. it might help to list the time it would take to drive from the store to the house on the order when you claim it so you actually know if you have time..Version: 4.15.0

Great Concept App Needs More WorkEven with the new updates the application still needs a lot of work. Aside from the pandemic and overwhelming amount of business, Shipt wasn’t prepaid to handle this type of volume. How can you shut down your call center and switch to chat and text? This is a little frustrating to your shoppers. The app needs a new chat feature, when you minimize the chat to help us keep working on orders, and you don’t get notified when an agent comes on and the chat disconnects. You lose your place in line. I will say the app enhancements are much better including the scanner feature. I see good improvements but you’re gonna have to move faster at getting new updates. You need a town hall from your shoppers to find out what’s working and what needs to be added or changed. I can’t get a hold of anyone via text or chat and you’re leaving me out here to get abused by the customers that can’t get their orders due to extremely long lines, store closers (changed hours), or product out of stock. I’m very grateful for Shipt but the HQ support is lacking. If you’re having a shortage of staff from HQ due to this pandemic, find a way to allow people to work from home. Only the strong will survive. Not having support staff readily available is a recipe for disaster. My second day now trying to get someone via chat or text. Please fix ASAP. Still a great concept and service just needs help badly..Version: 4.8.0

I HATE SHIPT!I HATE SHIPT! If I could give them negative stars, I would! There was a $1,000 bonus going on if you shopped for 30 orders! I completed 27 of them, and on Friday night (the night before the promotion ended) all of me orders disappeared! I was told by the live chat that I would have all day on Saturday to work on my orders toward the promotion! I reached out to the support team, and they told me if I would’ve done the 3 more orders on Saturday, I would’ve been eligible for the $1,000 bonus! That’s TOTALLY DECEPTIVE!! Why did all my orders disappear then?! I HATE SHIPT! I took so many orders that were required to be on time, sacrificing what I had to in order to make sure they got done on time, and not taking promo orders (which usually pay 2 or 3 times more than on time orders)! If I would’ve ignored the $1,000 bonus, I would’ve made around $1,000 in promo orders. The takeaway? Do not work for shipt! They are deceptive, and cunning. They didn’t want me to get the $1,000! I will never take another order for them! I sacrificed 4 weeks of time with daughter for this stupid company! It’s relatively hard labor for a lower pay than is deserved! Go work for Door Dash! You get paid fairly, and don’t have to do nearly the amount of work! Thanks for scamming me out of $1,000 Shipt!.Version: 4.17.0

App is a ScamNow the reason why am writing this review, is because shipt used to be one of the best paying services in terms of independent contractor jobs (doordash, Instacart, etc.) but now they’re straight up lying to people, by saying that you can make up to $22 an hour. It is physically impossible! I recently made contact with one of the representatives of shipped, due to them paying now six or seven dollars for a shopping order. Around two months ago, they would pay anywhere from 15 to almost $30 for a shopping order. As of a couple weeks ago, they rolled out a new pay schedule that only allows for us to be paid anywhere from 6 to 9 dollars for a shopping order. You’ll be lucky if you get a good shopping order for over $10. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to drive all the way out to a store shop for an hour and a half drive all the way out to the customer waste all that gas and time for a six dollar bill. Now, when they were paying me anywhere from $15-$30 to go shop for someone, that was completely understandable. But now being told that I’m not even worth a $10 bill to put in all that effort and time to shop for somebody is ridiculous. That is why I’m reading it one star, and I really hope ship to fix this issue because as of right now it is not worth my investment..Version: 4.23.0

ShoppingWhat I am paid to shop and then deliver is too low. $7.00 and $8.00 for both shopping and delivery? I purchased and delivered 8 cases of 24 bottles of water which are heavy and did not even receive a tip. I did 3 shopping and deliveries (Full Service) for the ENTIRE DAY which is too small and got $28 total. Only one customer gave me a tip which was $5.00. We need to be paid more because we are increasing mileage on our vehicles, having to buy gas often and it’s NOT worth it for the money we receive. There should also be a mandatory percentage for tips because the customers are giving poor tips or none at all! Also need to receive more orders. 3 to 5 orders per day isn’t enough. I started from 10am to 7pm. The app also needs to be updated. It gives problems whenever scanning items, we shouldn't have to type in names to find replacements they should just be there below the items requested. And we shouldn’t have to take photos of receipt. Once paid the app should automatically send us to delivery window. These things takes up too much time. Keep delivery and shopping not far away from where shopper is located because mileage and gas are killers!.Version: 3.15.0

App isn’t working correctly!This application has been giving me nothing but problems lately. It has cost me shops and a lot of lateness on delivering my shops due to its having issues. It is not sending my text messages when I am telling it to send them to the customers which is causing a problem. If I need to swap switch out of the items or replace an item I need to be able to communicate with my customers and I’m not able to due to the application not working correctly. Another issue is that the application is not sending my introductory text messages either and so I’m also getting shops yanked from me because of this and I’m told I wasn’t communicating with the customers yet yesterday when they took one I had sent 15 different text messages to introduce myself and say that I was going to the store to shop. It’s very very frustrating for me and I’ve lost out on probably $100 worth of shops in and money in my pocket in the last few days due to these technical difficulties with the application I’m not happy..Version: 4.31.0

Shipt Shopper/ Gas prices need raise pleaseIt’s not easy being a Shipt driver, but I love it. I have the most amazing customers who are generous, kind and just out right awesome. The part that is getting me is my tips that my awesome customers give me through the app. I am not receiving those when I should be. There has been times I haven’t received them for 2 weeks after I got paid. I also don’t like the fact that it takes forever to get a hold of the call center to release an order. Shipt should be giving us a raise because the gas prices just keep going up. We don’t make enough for half of the orders we receive. I know I take my orders mainly because I like my customers and I feel and I have been told other Shipt shoppers haven’t got there order right or they just aren’t bothering to ask them if there was anything else they may need that’s last minute that they would like to have added to there order. A lot of my customers are hard working moms and I have a few hard working dads. They deserve to have a good Shopper especially because they are paying for it. But again I love my job because I love meeting new people and building up customers who are so amazing.😁.Version: 4.31.0

Overall really great company, serious room for improvement though!I respect the company and overall do love being a Shipt shopper! They offer great bonuses and there are lots of appreciative customers who bring me joy. That being said, this app has some serious issues. The last few months I can not count how many times I have been scheduled, a top rated shopper, but not getting orders sent to me, I’m having to check the open metro CONSTANTLY just to find orders I can pick up, that should have been sent to me. Getting rid of acceptance ratting for shoppers has had a huge impact on my income as well. Still trying to sort out the companies logic there. I’m close to 2000 shops and I feel like it doesn’t matter that I have put in such hard work creating well known, positive customer service in my area. I’m stuck with missing orders and getting no support from the company to fix the glitch with my order receiving issue. I recommend the job, but don’t rely on feeling secure with your income. Some days I get lots of orders and can make 400$ some days I spent most of my time checking the metro trying to grab orders I should have been sent, ending up making 80$, wondering how many I missed and didn’t get a chance to grab. Wish I had a regional manager to reach out to for help. Your on your own as a Shipt shopper..Version: 4.33.0

Poor ratingsMy ratings for this platform was 3.8 and I really don’t understand why. I have done Uber and maintained a 4.8+ rating, Door Dash 4.6+ and Instacart 5. I still do some of those gig jobs and have never had such a low rating as I did with Shipt. I take pride in giving great customer service. I purchased several hot cold bags with my money for perishables and I delivered to the customers door or inside if they requested. I try to pick undamaged products & make sure to pack them carefully so they arrive undamaged. I’ve not had a good experience anyway. I had one customer belittle me simply because I asked for assistance finding her place. You know Google Maps only tells you so much. When I asked for help, the customer asked that I find someone who can find her house because it was not her job to give me driving directions. I didn’t ask for nor need driving directions however it turned out that in order to find the entrance I would have needed to go thru a gate that didn’t even have her house number on it, it had another house number which made me think that I was at the wrong place. Her house number was inside the gate which is not something I would have known. I’m not stupid and I don’t appreciate being talked to like I am. I work hard to give great customer service but it appears to have not been enough..Version: 3.26.0

Terrible AppThis app is absolute garbage, it messes up constantly and when you call for support they blame you. It advertises incentives with bonuses and doesn't tell you what the qualifications are just tells you you have to meet the qualifications. It advertises the incentives every single time you open the app even if you are in the middle of a shop and they're in the way, you have to swipe away sometimes 5 to 10 notifications at a time, even if you've already clicked on them and opened them. when the job is advertised it tells you how much you might make, but as soon as you accept it you can't see that anymore. whenever you click the button to message your customer directly, it has an automated message typed out every time and you can't just take a photo to send. Also, a more of a company review than app review, shopping for Shipt used to be an awesome full time job but they keep sneakily changing processes and policies and it's going downhill fast. You barely make your gas back unless you somehow get lucky and get a litter of promos. Very disappointed..Version: 4.31.0

Good appSomethings could be better like when doing a delivery only it should be said what you’re picking up so you could be sure the product can fit in the car. Also with substitutes people should automatically have to choose a substitute as a back up in case their choice is out of stock and if both are out of stock it should just be left. The whole texting back and forth and sometimes waiting forever for a response is just a waste of time and already having a substitute cuts all of the back and forth. We’re already on on time frame shopping and having to wait for a response can delay the delivery of the order also “ADD ONS” whatever the member want should be on the original order we shouldn’t have to add items in for them that is also adding to the time of shopping which we aren’t getting grace for and they will add on tons of things. We should also be able to rate them while we’re only being rated there is some really rude and nasty members on here.Version: 4.21.0

Glitches Cheating Me Out of Proper PaymentToday alone this app cheated me out of $31 and wasted 2 hours of my time I could’ve been working and actually reaching my goals on another delivery app. First store I was supposed to have a $28 delivery, the manager there said they had already called Shipt earlier that day about those orders being incorrect and should’ve been canceled. They didn’t not cancel the orders to not be claimed. They didn’t even give me 1/2 of that to compensate for my time and I wasted 40 minutes on the phone with them. A supervisor hung up on me. So I was trying to reach the bonus for the day and I went out of my way by an hour to make the last delivery to reach the bonus. In a glitch they are fully aware of the order switched to Promo which disqualified my bonus. That was $15. So right now I’m not too happy. It seems like they are maliciously screwing us drivers so they won’t pay bonuses/promos. They don’t even reimburse for gas like UberEats, Instacart, and DoorDash do. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with other this app..Version: 4.42.0

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