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TV Cast for DLNA Player App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TV Cast for DLNA Player app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Cast for DLNA Player? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv cast for dlna player?

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TV Cast for DLNA Player for Negative User Reviews

Keeps crashing Intermittent functionalityI paid for this app it Keeps crashing. I hope you can fix this bug as the application is great when it does decide to work..Version: 1.15

Useless!I tried to connect this product to my Samsung Smart TV using my iPhone 5c, only to find out that it didn't work. I called Samsung support, only to find out that not only would I have to somehow contact the app developer, but to switch my phone to a Samsung phone for it to *actually* work. Not impressed! Here is to hoping changes have been made since August (2016) and are being worked on, to safely accommodate Apple users, as well. Thanks!.Version: 1.8

Awful app don’t waste ya timeOnly giving it one star bc I can’t give it any less. huge waste of time, many pop-ups, very laggy. you think you’re going somewhere and it might actually work then it drops your connection and your at step one. awful app, just took an hour out of my night. bottom line, this app DOESNT WORK AT ALL.Version: 1.13

Don’t bother wasteDoes not work waste of 5 bucks.Version: 1.14

Thumbs downTerrible app! I have paid for two of the so called premium Apps, “this year,” and neither of them are being displayed in my purchases in the APP STORE! The reason I bought the 2 nd “premium” app, was because the first one did not provide the full suite of functions. The main feature that I was interested in was the ability to fast forward or return bar. This function was missing on both of these recent purchased apps. Why is this important function missing, and why haven’t either of these purchases appeared in my Apple account called, “recent purchases?” Please reply to these two questions Thank you JM.Version: 3.2

Doesn't WorkWon't connect to any device.Version: 1.10

JunkDoesn’t work.Version: 2.0

Keeps CrashingAfter the latest update, the app no longer works for me!? 👎🏽.Version: 1.6

Ok appTv cast dlna is ok, the only problem is that it doesn’t play in the background like the rest of the tv cast app for roku and fire tv.Version: 1.12

Okish app with one big disappointmentIts ok app but you have to leave your aap open to stream videos. You can't do anything with your phone while a video is streaming and if you use any other app or if you wanna call or text anyone the app disconnects which is frustrating.Version: 1.4

AwfulNo picture, Ads constantly appearing.Version: 1.11

It sucksBro if your gonna. Get it don’t it’s a scam a waste of money.Version: 3.2

GoodGood.Version: 1.4

No videoTakes a while and a lot of attempts to actually connect to my TV. But even when it does and I try to cast videos, I only get audio, no video. Very disappointed..Version: 1.15

Won't workCan't get it to work on my Sony Bravia KDL-32WD751 I'm not paying for it unless I can preview app.Version: 1.11

Poor quality app and tech support is a dumb botThe app casts tiny photos to my TV and their tech support is a bot which answers your questions with a completely different answer like -me “is it possible to fix this?” Bot “if you want to cast photos you need to press this button” Fantastic.Version: 2.1

Not happyOnly get voice not picture ... and sometimes nothing, can anyone please help.Version: 1.12

Works alright until you PAY for the upgradeUsed this for a little bit and it worked okay, I decided to pay for the upgraded version now it doesn’t work at all!!!!.Version: 1.12

Does not work with Sharp Aquos TVNever detects connection, and does not provide options to manually connect to a DLNA device. Very poor design..Version: 3.3

Doesn’t work on older lg TVsIt says invalid file..Version: 3.2

Poor“File type not supported” on its own adverts that it insists on trying to stream on the tv, wouldn’t mind if they actually worked. And because they don’t work, your content isn’t able play until they do, which they don’t!! Mental!.Version: 2.0

HorribleNot giving specific instructions.Version: 2.1

Does not work - very complicatedFrustrating.Version: 3.2

It sort of works I refuse to pay to tryWorthless no pay no play what happened to try first, I have been stuck before.Version: 2.0

It doesn't workI have three other applications, on the same phone that see my dlna server and have no issues with it..Version: 1.16

CrashesAs soon as you browse to a site in iOS 11 the app crashes and closes. Do not purchase the in app upgrades as you will not be able to use them..Version: 1.11

Terrible doesn’t workDon’t even bother with this app. Absolute junk. Doesn’t work on my 2018 Hisense TV, my 2017 Sony TV and only works for 5 seconds max on my 2015 Samsung TV..Version: 1.15

Doesn’t WorkDon’t waste your time.Version: 2.1

Buggy AFTotal waste of 5$, doesn’t stream well and keeps crashing ALL THE TIME on a Panasonic Viera TV. Useless!.Version: 1.14

Very poor and annoyingDoesn’t work.Version: 3.1

CrashStream crash.Version: 1.11

DisasterOne of the worse app I ever purchase, please don't waste your money on this useless app, It does not work..Version: 1.1

Waste of money. Can I get my money back?The app crashes all the time. Can’t detect the wifi network sometimes and is very unstable. Guys please test your app before publishing it. Ever heard of QA?.Version: 1.14

No useThe thing doesn't work..Version: 1.0

Can’t get to workPlease upgrade please upgrade blah blah.Version: 3.1

Wish I could get it to workI have a Sony Bravia TV and stream from my iPad a number of apps without any problem. This app did not work for me. I rebooted my iPad a number of times and played the waiting game for this app to work. Too bad, as I really want this app. Too difficult to figure out how to get it to work..Version: 1.0

Unable to play videoUnable to play video, was good 2 years ago..Version: 2.1

CoolNice app, can cut out at times.Version: 1.15

Toujours deconnectëNe reste pas connecté impossible de lire les vidéos. Application pas stable.Version: 3.1

Needs to be fixed or updatedI have both this app and the one for Samsung and this app keeps closing out every time it plays a movie or I go into another app also makes my whole phone freeze and closes out the app and stops playing the movie. The Samsung app on the other hand I can close it and go on other apps and it will still be playing on my tv but this one is very bad..Version: 1.14

MehKinda works....Version: 1.11

Hate it confusing doesn’t workHate it confusion.Version: 3.3

TerribleDoesn't work in any of my devices. Waste of money..Version: 1.10

UnsatisfiedIt is not working..Version: 1.14

50/50I’ve had this for three days.. It’s casted one video. . The rest of the time my tv screen does something wrong? Like blanks out or freezes..Version: 1.11

Fix problemIt asks me to watch ad to cast the video and then asks me again when I play it and it just repeats so I can’t watch it..Version: 2.0

Doesn't cast for me!After several fruitless attempts to cast any video I simply gave up and moved to something simpler that actually worked on the first attempt..Version: 1.3

Junk!!!Does not work! Wasted 4.99 on an app that crashes every time you try to connect to a video. Where do I go to get my money back?.Version: 1.13

As bad as the Samsung appAnnoying and frustrating. Disconnects after viewing anything. Shows ads after almost every user input. Tries to get you to visit its store after every action. Requires at least two attempts to stream anything. Buffers constantly. Has a video option which can't see any camera roll videos and no photo option. I don't know why this app exists..Version: 1.4

Not as good as the chromecast versionI use the chromecast version all the time with no faults. However this version does not work just says the video format is not supported yet and every video i try. Useless..Version: 1.4

Failed to load YouTubeConnected to tv, but failed to load the video on tv , tv stuck. Worked with earlier version on my old iPad..Version: 1.17

Doesn't detect dnlaI have a simple router based dnla which all my devices, iOS, windows, Mac OS, see just fine, all iOS apps see the dnla except this one!.Version: 1.0

Good appVery good app, I have the full version of the chrome cast app, I'm just disappointed that I cannot restore the purchase to the DLNA app..Version: 1.4

Crashes after bundle purchaseLiked the free version so paid for the bundle which included the ad blocker. However whenever I try to turn it on in settings the app would crash and even subsequent restarts would crash as well until I reinstall the app. Please fix and will revise the rating..Version: 1.2

Does not work with Sony BDP-S6700/ IPhoneI could not get it to work with iPhone 6s and Sony BDP-S6700 I kept getting broken file or unsupported file message. Ads pop up before getting it to work at all. That is frustrating. I won't be buying this one. I'm sure it must work on some products just not mine..Version: 1.11

Terrible!I tried two different sites to cast from and both did not work. If the free version does not work, why on earth would I pay for full access?.Version: 1.8

No remoteI really think this app needs a remote to be effective in what it does..Version: 1.12

Change it pleaseI can connect on my TV but when the video is about to start, it crashes.Version: 1.15

Good app, except keeps disconnecting!It's great for streaming videos from weblinks on my phone to the TV, the only issue is that it randomly disconnects whilst I'm watching something, or once I turn off my screen. Please fix, thanks!.Version: 1.5

HopelessApp does not work with Hisense TV even though it is one of their apps.Version: 1.3

RubbishDon't work, tried sending feedback and no response.Version: 1.0

Tor removed, they lie in the descriptionOriginally tor connections was included in the free version, then they duped me into purchasing the upgrade version to get it (read their description) Tor is no longer in the app. I own all their pro versions. They work well, But flat out lying about a function that's not in the app is total bull cokamallocky..Version: 1.15

Doesn’t work with PhilipsUnfortunately.Version: 2.2

JunkDo not buy this. I want a refund. It will cast a pic but in no way will it cast a video. They lie. It does not work. Please refund my money..Version: 3.1

Too much ad more like a ad search engineDon’t download this stupid thing.Version: 1.14

Awful so many versionsThis is really fragmented,.Version: 1.8

Over run by ads,This app plays too many ads to be useful. Ad pop ups consume the entirety of the screen time and you are unable to even begin to load a video. Completely useless and junk. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.15

TerribleMakes you watch ads and still doesn’t stream the content. Purchasing doesn’t help either. Buyer beware..Version: 3.2

Videos won’t load. Update app!!!Won’t load or fast forward videos. Fix this app!.Version: 2.1

Latest update has ruined the appThe app does not work anymore, since the latest update. It finds my Xbox One, but no longer streams to it. Such a shame, as this app was great..Version: 1.6

Didn't play the online videoIt just didn't work. Don't buy it.Version: 1.1

Auto connects to a source.My dad has a 75 inch Samsung TV in the living room. NO ONE is allowed to even touch it except HIM. The app automatically detected the tv and connected to it. I request you to remove this feature..Version: 3.2

Connect to tv and that’s itIt connect to tv but does not stream.Version: 3.2

FOR KISSANIME USERS!!!So heres the deal, i have used this with my XB360, and kissanime does not work with it. Now before you say “well that probably is only for that system!”, i have a feeling you will get the same results for any other system due to the way kissanime checks to verify that you are not a robot. I i remember correctly, the app works via link relay vs standard sender-receiver streaming so as to increase stream quality, however I believe that this is where the issue lies. While i am not suggest you switch the entire OS of the app to conventional streaming, i think if you add a option to choose between the two it would prove beneficial to most problems like this. My opinion..Version: 1.14

ScumbagsScumbags.Version: 1.14

Nothing worksI tied opening field on tv only an mp3 file did open out of all my media.Version: 3.2

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TV Cast for DLNA Player works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TV Cast for DLNA Player.

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