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Love the App! But could use some improvementsOverall, I love the app. It does its job and I can't argue with its functionality. However, I give it a four star because I do have a few concerns and complaints I'd like to see implemented. Its the simple aesthetics of the design of the authenticator. I would love to see folder/group settings implemented where you can group codes together under a drop down menu, instead of just having a whole spew of a list of random codes you have to scroll through. Something similar to the functionality of 2FAS Auth. Another thing I'd love to see would be Icons used instead of a boring, plain grey, busthead (maybe use the MS MFA logo?) When a logo isn't supported. Which I would like to also see more support on is icon support from various different services. I find only few companies like FB, Gitbub, and a few others are on the app. Again, I think my biggest complaint is to make it look more sexy of a design and UX. It's kind of boring at the moment. But overall, great app!.Version: 6.5.86

Watch not workingCan I find settings for the Watch app..Version: 6.7.6

Authenticator AppIs fast, when you’re in a hurry....Version: 6.5.86

Not very friendly with iOS 14 and other apps it’s linked toHad to do my monthly password update/login protocol. Outlook states to enter password, click that and Authenticator opens up. Clicking continue does nothing except takes you to a blank screen with get codes on the top right. The only thin to do is to click that. It ask for your fingerprint and crashes right after. Reporting the issues says to contact my works IT because this couldn’t be their fault at all. Checked to see when their last update was and it was four weeks ago.Version: 6.4.26

It’s solidI love it. Simple and does the job.Version: 6.4.9

Microsoft Authenticator, really good! But improvements can still be made!Hands down the best Authenticator IMO. I started using this Authenticator due to work security requirements and ended up integrating all my personal day to day websites to this Authenticator to add to security in my personal life. I love how it uses Face scan unlock on iPhone. If I could add one feature, it would be the ability to Search. This would be really useful as opposed to scrolling through the list of now 20 or so accounts I have added..Version: 6.5.53

SidhuHny.Version: 6.7.7

Great on iPhone Watch app is a bustAuthenticator works very well on iPhone. It has been solid and reliable where i use it on a number of accounts. 5 stars. I was excited to hear a Apple Watch version came out. That is a complete bust, not working at all. Zero stars. The Watch app does nothing but declare that an account can be set up. Fiddling with it for a half hour gave the proclamation ‘setup successful’. Still not producing codes like it should I discovered to my dismay that the iPhone version crashed and had to be removed and reinstalled. Suggestion: take the Watch app off the store until it is properly documented and can be made to work. 5 stars for iPhone app, 0 for watch gives an average of 2.5 or 3..Version: 6.0.5

Lost all my codesFrom what I can tell, the app doesn’t automatically back up your codes. It’ll back them up the first time you enable backup in settings. So if like me, the first thing you did is enable backup upon downloading this app, you could find yourself losing everything if you don’t manually delete and create new backups regularly..Version: 6.3.7

Good app, one feature request for sanityWith so many sites and services supporting TFA, the list in this app gets so long and hard to find what you are looking for. Please can a search bar be added to the top?.Version: 6.4.1

So usefulSo useful to have this extra layer of authentication, better than waiting for texts, and doesn’t matter if you get a new number. I still use unique passwords for every site, but if my password manager is ever hacked, I’ll still be safe! I wish more companies would use this app for 2FA security. This is the kind of thing you should share with the elderly less tech-minded people in your life to help protect them..Version: 6.3.12

AuthenticatorFound it challenging but if you like mind games it’s superb for identification of Rhetoric the misrepresentation makes you dig further some people don’t like to be beaten it has to stop somewhere it cannot continue you forever something has to give.Version: 6.5.82

ThanksI am yet to use the system but I feel relieved that this will end my problem with passwords safe time and accomplished all that I want to achieve. Thank you..Version: 6.6.5

Backup is usefulI had been using Google Authenticator and moved to a new phone only to find my accounts did not move over. I have found that there is a back up and restore function that allowed me to move my accounts over to a new phone.Version: 6.4.22

Great App until iOS update failureThis is the best app for 2 step log in protection. It’s my Authenticator app of choice. However, a recent iOS 16.1.1 backup failure from an external drive showed me how difficult it can be to recover banking, the Authenticator itself, and other high security apps and and their data, and the need to additionally update the Authenticator to the iCloud - if you can fully trust iCloud security! I did everything right but the backup - for a yet unknown reason - either failed to back up or download & install correctly. Reinstalling the banking apps was a nightmare, accordingly..Version: 6.6.9

Not working on my new phoneI suggested me that performed a backup and when I moved to the new phone notified that no backup has been made. I can't reestablish 2 factor authentication because it asks me to scan the barcode but I can't get Microsoft website to show it. I need to use text message.Version: 6.2.8

It keeps crashing after installing latest update.I would rate this a 5 star app, if it wasn’t for that my iPhone 6 can’t open the app without it sending me back to the home screen. I want this fixed please. It was great before..Version: 6.3.7

Are you really removing Apple Watch app? Please don’t.I really like the ability to use MS Authenticator from all of my Apple devices in order to authenticate for work sign-in. While it’s super handy to authenticate with my iOS devices right beside me, it’s even better when I can use my Apple watchOS as its on my wrist. No need to pick up my phone when work has me authenticate. Imagine my surprise to have a pop-up message from the Microsoft Authenticator app today stating that the watchOS app will be deprecated and will not work after the next update. Please say it isn’t so! I hope this connectivity remains..Version: 6.6.9

The Best Is Back😆This is by far the best password manager and authenticator app. After using keychain for a while, I read about this app and downloaded it. It quickly became my preferred password manager, but after one of the iOS 15 updates it stopped allowing new passwords to be added automatically or manually. I deleted the app and watched for an update. I am glad to report that it is back. As my default for auto filling passwords, it works seamlessly, not requiring redirection to keychain. It’s native password generator works great. I recommend Authenticator to all..Version: 6.5.86

Great Tool! Just one request...I use 2FA on almost all my accounts using this app. It works great! However I would like the ability to download this app on Windows, and sync everything across devices..Version: 6.3.24

Master password?App works fine, i don't know what everyone else is talking about. however i do wish that there would be some sort of a master password. something other than just tapping on the app and seeing a bunch of 2FA codes..Version: 5.9.1

Stopped working with Apple WatchI used to be able to approve sign-ins on my Apple Watch but now the app on the watch says I must first add a Microsoft account on my iPhone. I have almost every Microsoft program running on my iPhone, and the Microsoft Authenticator app is set up with my Microsoft account already. I can approve sign-ins on my iPhone, but not on the watch. I don’t know why it stopped working, but it’s really convenient to use my watch if I don’t have my phone right next to me. I hope they get this worked out..Version: 6.5.87

Love itLove the authentication but however, it would be a great idea to have the code generator locked until account is accessed as this makes it harder for hackers who have pilfered the device it is on to create tunnels into the network. While I am no expert on this I have found I have had to still access to an ipv4 connection that possibly routed through the authenticator. Also make backup id mandatory as many companies don’t know what to do to resolve an issue when it is a phone hack as it was in my case and it’s taken 3 weeks to resolve. Problem is not you but them they need to have better knowledge of your authenticator to work enough to praise it..Version: 6.4.22

Data does not survive backup and restoreDoes what it says but a backup and restore to the same device causes all data to be lost. I suspect this is by design to prevent others from getting your MFA keys, still would be nice to be given a choice..Version: 5.4.8

EssentialFor those who think this is a hassle, configure it wrong or don’t read the advice on backing it up and especially for those who think it takes too long and is a hassle - I worry for you. Security takes work but is less work than recovery from losing your whole digital world. This product is good and getting better all the time. Thanks.Version: 6.5.27

Greatly improved2-3 years ago (or longer?), this app was terrible. Lots of problems, and I remember being very frustrated with it. Fast forward to the last 12 months that I’ve been using it, and I’m really, really happy with it. It’s a critical app on my phone that I use to authenticate for Work AND for my personal Microsoft accounts. I like that Microsoft products can tell that multiple accounts are being used, and Authenticator has got it where it counts. I wish that transferring my data from my old phone to my new phone was a little bit easier. The main authentication mechanism at work breaks each time, and I have to go to a special website to set it up every time I get a new phone or wipe out my current phone and re-install everything..Version: 6.6.6

Not good for 20+ accountsWith Office365 moving to enforce MFA for global admins we’re forced to have MFA tokens on several hundred tenant admin accounts. This app lacks alphabetical sorting the list, and it lacks a search to locate a token when needed. It’s great for personal users that have 2 accounts to deal with, but when you have a lot it becomes unmanageable and cumbersome. Please add search, sorting capabilities..Version: 6.4.3

Good appWorks for my purpose. I enjoy being password free and having multiple layers of protection to login to sensitive information..Version: 6.7.2

Great appDoes everything I need for MFA scenarios..Version: 6.7.7

Update to previous reviewThe requirement for touch id now seems to be working when notified from the locked phone . Now have what is essentially a three factor authentication app..Version: 5.5.2

Password sync = 5Stars from meThis app has grown in leaps and bounds and the new password sync with your MS account from edge browser is just the icing on the cake. My One request right now however is a Dark mode! The white is retina-scorching at night 😂.Version: 6.5.27

Easier to use than any other Authenticator.Way better and simpler than googles version of authenticating.Version: 6.5.85

No longer works on watchOS7 with iOS 14Each time I try to approve on the watch I get the message ‘Something went wrong. Please try again later.’ I removed the account on my phone and online. I also set up from scratch on phone and watch but it still doesn’t work. I turned off App Lock in Authenticator but that didn’t help either. I can approve requests using the phone only..Version: 6.4.26

Updates that break Apple Watch functionalityYour last update on Oct 7th, 2021 broke Apple Watch functionality again!! It has happened in the past. While this is a minor inconvenience, it is important for some of us that purposely stay away from our phones to focus on other activities like work. I can always approve access for security intensive applications (require frequent approvals) from the phone. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch application does not currently offer the same feature as it is broken and consistently fail on approvals. Please keep that in mind as you do regular updates to this app..Version: 6.5.84

Need uplifting1. Looking forward to dark mode as per system settings 2. Icon need to be change as per new design language across Microsoft echo system. 3. Wish to have unique changes to user experience..Version: 6.3.23

Almost perfectWhere I have a lot of accounts which I protect using MFA, the only issue I have is where there is not a search option, doing this would make it 5* as it would do everything which I would want from a Authenticator application, other than to have more sites be able to push notifications. Other than this a small matter is when I decline a MFA request it always scares me when it asks for confirmation for a decline request, in my opinion if a user says no then this should not have to go through the authentication process, as the authentication process should be for active acceptance rather than a rejection..Version: 6.5.88

AuthenticatorMicrosoft Authenticator is an everyday application for my verifications. Without it or my microsoft account iy is difficult to make many things work in everyday life digitally of being possible to maintain getting by in verifications and setting up of my softwares. Thanks Microsoft it has been great in the years ive had this account..Version: 6.4.7

This app is greatSo a few months ago I got my Xbox account hacked and I was really sad about it because I had lost a lot. Including my games ect. But then I found out the hacker stole my email and put it in this app because at the time I didn’t have this app. So that was a good lesson for me to use this app always and it’s absolutely fantastic because I have a lot of emails like work, school, and gaming of course but I feel like all my emails are super secure also I like the fact that when trying to log into another site with your email you have to get permission from the Authenticator app before you can do anything so if someone gets ahold of your email then they can’t log in at all..Version: 6.2.5

Great App until it Loses Your BackupAfter reinstalling the App due to changing iPhone I initially had no issue. I started recovery and all my credentials arrived. That was however until I needed to 2FA an account only to find only my Microsoft account being listed. Seriously, between this App and Microsoft’s OneDrive, which always dumps my files, which in regards to OneDrive I have become so used to the loss of my files I now have the files updated to a portable drive. Which makes you wonder what the hell is the point in having files saved to iCloud. You can barely call anything, files, 2FA apps, et cetera et cetera any safer than an old school floppy drive..Version: 6.1.11

New phone - just can’t get it to workIt did work great!…but then I got a new phone and I feel like I’ve tried everything but I can’t get it to work. I’ve removed the old phone as a device in my Microsoft account (and everywhere else), added the new one and it just isn’t working…to make things worse when I click to say ‘I can’t use my Authenticator app right now’ the alternative methods are both…the app?! so I’m now locked out of everything too. I’ve followed all the support online but nothing is doing it..Version: 6.5.63

Watch app is not up to park with Phone appI don't believe I've ever been able to get the Authenticator app to work properly with push notifications on the Apple Watch. I get the notification on the Watch just fine. I approve it, select the correct number shown on the screen, then it thinks for a second and says "Something went wrong." I pull out my phone and perform the same steps and it works great, Face ID and all that goodness on the phone. This issue has persisted two different phones, multiple app updates, and different IOS builds. Not sure if MS will ever fix it but I'll hold out hope for them to fix the otherwise great service..Version: 6.3.7

Works really wellGreat app and have now replaced other Authenticator sites including the google one with this one app. Now that I have personal and work accounts though it’s hard to keep track and organise them all. Would love a way to group items together using folders or metadata. Eg all personal or group dev accounts and prod accounts separately etc. thanks!.Version: 6.7.9

Wonderful app, but two things could be improvedLet me start by saying this app works perfectly, the interface is nice, and it is responsive to sign-in requests. I really like the ability to lock the app with Touch ID, but I would like it even better if the iPhone passcode couldn’t be used to unlock after a failed Touch ID attempt. Also, I would really like the ability to disable password sign-in to my Microsoft account on new devices after setting up Authenticator. One last request, that has no impact on function whatsoever, but every other Microsoft app has a nice unified style to the app icons, so Microsoft, can we have a new icon? Please?.Version: 6.5.29

Almost thereBrilliant app, almost a replacement for Lastpass, it just needs the ability to be able to store secure notes then I will be fully converted. Additionally when viewing passwords it’s impossible to tell the difference between lowercase L and uppercase i can you change the font to include serifs please (keeping numbers in different colour).Version: 6.5.93

Works perfectly but barebonesIt’s a great 2FA app but very little customisation (no dark mode, no grouping/ folders, adding custom images to sites that don’t put one in). If you need a 2FA app then it will do the job but if you have a bunch of services it might get a bit jumbled..Version: 6.4.39

Locked outI will highly recommend everyone to not to use any authenticator aap from any developer because if you lose access to your device or if you switch the device and erase the previous one then you will lose access to all of your accounts. This is what happened to me. I am locked out of my own accounts..Version: 6.2.8

Great ButLove it for how it works as a remote Authenticator for OneDrive & Outlook, and especially for work to authenticate with TouchID when logging in to work resources. BUT - really frustrated by how you lose 2 factor or step linkage to services when you have to restore your iPhone (either from having to erase or moving to a new iPhone) and now I’ve lost login access to some services I used it with for 2 factor. One in particular doesn’t even offer email temporary recovery so I have to completely wipe my settings and information to re-establish access..Version: 5.7.0

😊👍Thanks😊👍Thanks for the app its very useful i dont need to type my Text Code to log in to my account.Version: 6.4.6

Resolved - Autofill brokenLargely I like this app, assuming you follow the instructions, it’s easy to use, and offers plenty of options for how to secure accounts. Backup/restore not as easy to use as you may expect, and doesn’t recover completely - there’s still some manual steps to restore corporate MFA registrations, but all my personal accounts came back fine. Edit - Autofill appears fixed, and with added ability to add passwords in the app, plus a random password generator, this is looking stronger than ever..Version: 6.5.86

Put the codes back on tile viewHaving to go through to full screen view is the worst change you’ve made to date. At least allow us the option per tile. It’s not that hard..Version: 6.4.3

Super usefulI really appreciate having this app. Ive been able to register my Outlook, Facebook, Google and work accounts, so I can get 2-factor authentication for all of them in one place. I also love the instant “approve” functionality available for Outlook. Hopefully we can get similar functionality for other accounts..Version: 5.5.2

Tony HowardNot good Waiting for a number to be sent.Version: 6.7.2

One thing missingSo far this has been solid for me. One thing I would love is an Apple Watch app. Main thing you be to be able to approve two factor authentication without having to go to my phone. If the watch is on and logged in it should just be a notification with a tap to approve or deny..Version: 6.7.12

Pretty great.Been using it for years.Version: 6.7.7

Great appGreat app! Microsoft, please provide a macOS version too..Version: 6.7.7

Fixed the problem that made me hate itI recently reviewed this when they had just removed the Apple Watch app, and the only notifications that were coming through. When I authenticated with my work environment, the notification was that I needed to pick up my phone in order to authenticate, where previously I could do the authentication on the watch directly. Losing this functionality was intolerable from my standpoint. Fortunately, it looks like they restored this functionality, and I am now able to authenticate from my watch again without having to pick up my phone. Given that, I will put this back up to four stars. I would have called at five, but they still get dinged for doing that in the first place..Version: 6.7.5

Getting worse with updatesThe app used to be really great and work all the time but I’m noticing with each update it become slower with push notifications and sometimes doesn’t even send a notification to my Apple Watch..Version: 6.5.81

MS Authenticator appI highly recommend this if your anything like me, juggling numerous email, social and storage accounts over various operating systems is a definite must have. It certainly keeps you well organized, that is of course you set it up correctly from the start to make it a benefit rather than a hassle (as I found out the hard way!) But once set up it takes the fuss out of switching operating systems applicable apps and accounts that integrate well with the two step verification security and authentication.Version: 6.3.19

Almost there!App works great and interacts really well with the Apple Watch. However with multi factor becoming commonplace, I wish there was some way to sort or organise entries, as it’s not a great experience to have to scroll past some more least used tokens simply because you added them earlier than other recently added entries..Version: 6.0.5

Why does the app require me to authenticate it if it won’t let me sign in. This is ridiculousWhy does the app require me to authenticate it if it won’t let me sign in. This is ridiculous.Version: 6.7.7

Was great on Watch but not nowBeen using this app for a long time. Works superbly. Recently gave error message that something had changed on the phone and permission needed to given again but after resetting by signing in with password it now seems to work well again on the phone. Unfortunately when I try to sign in it sends approval to both the app and phone as in the past but only seems to work on the phone. When I try to approve on the watch now it just gives an “Something Happened...” error. Not sure if this fixable by a Microsoft software update or things just need to be reset due to poor communication between the phone and watch..Version: 6.5.4

This is not 2 Step verification.Updated: after doing a little more research and trying different things I realized that passwordless logins only happen on my devices. I logged in 5 different devices that were mine and I didn’t have to put a password only a pop up of approval on my other devices which scared me cause it’s one step verification. but I guess it’s cause it recognized my device. But if you grab another device that’s not yours it will ask for a password. I think this is the way it works. Not 100% sure. I think this is a great idea to make it more seamlessly for the user. But it would be pretty great if we can choose to either have that option on or off. Changing my rating to 5 stars. Great work guys..Version: 6.5.76

Our preferred MFA applicationMicrosoft Authenticator is our suggestion for all of our MSP clients when we need to suggest a MFA application to use. The only recommendation I have would be to include the ability to create groups of accounts that could be toggled to display or not; for example I rarely have to see my personal accounts for Facebook or eBay, so being able to group them as “Personal” and not have to scroll past them to find others, but expand on them as needed, would be a huge selling point. And, yes, I understand being able to organize them, but with well over 100 accounts in the app, I’m seemingly scrolling for for just about all of them except for the primary/top 5..Version: 6.5.80

A must have app.This app is a must have to app two step authentication to your Microsoft account it’s fast and easy to set up. Now even more better with auto back up this means if you get a new iPhone you can easily switch to the iPhone with out the need to turn off two set authentication on you account and they turn back on..Version: 5.7.0

Works nice…… but on the process where 4 different numbers are shown the options are too close of each other and pressing the wrong one is easy.Version: 6.7.9

Could we get codes on the watch?Microsoft Authenticator is an amazing app, works perfectly for me and I love how I can use passwordless sign-in for my Microsoft account. Super convenient with an Apple Watch. One thing I wish was added though is the ability to generate 2FA codes with the Apple Watch app. I know some other 2FA apps can do this so I’d love it if it would be added to MS Auth. That would make this app a 5/5. Also, to the person who is upset that codes are now hidden by default: you can change that. Tap the three lines in the top left and then just tap “Show codes”. Voila. Codes are back..Version: 6.4.3

Fluid at its Best, Sometimes Not WorkingThis app is is a seamless way to authenticate your logins most of the time. I use this for a personal account, and for a corporate account which is also linked to Azure. The latest update seems to be causing users to need to re-authenticate multiple times, after three attempts it is usually quicker to select an alternative authentication method such as receive a phone call. More often than not it is the corporate/ business account which has issues with authentication, however, the personal account still has intermittent issues too. Looking forward to an update, so this app and signing in will return to a fluid process..Version: 6.0.5

Very good app!Me and my family enjoy using this app. My kids have lots of fun with it!.Version: 6.7.7

Had to reinstall and Rescan QR codesWith the latest version it just crashed and was unusable. Had to uninstall and then reinstall and rescan the QR codes for all the work accounts. Luckily I have set up backup methods for nearly all of them otherwise it would be a big problem.Version: 6.5.85

Great App, but... (bug)Update: Updating my rating back to 4 star. Ok, the option to hide the input form now has a 5 second delay to allow me to see the number. This works out, but a second or two delay before the form pops up in this particular scenario would have been ideal. The app is great and does what it exactly what it is suppose to do. However, there is a bug in which our company login policy requires a number to be typed in. When the number shows up, it gets immediately blocked by the input screen, with barely a glimpse or no time to see what the number was. I'll update the review once this bug is fixed..Version: 6.5.86

Apple WatchAlready have accounts on my phone and can’t find them on the Apple Watch and when I try to approve from my Apple Watch it’s says there’s an error. Please fix it..Version: 6.5.4

Brilliant thank you. It’s always good to know that there are reasonable options.Thanks you, was considering at first a 4 Star, simply so there was room for improvement, however, I decided that it was worth the 5. Thanks again for the Microsoft Authenticator, it is without equal in terms of the unification of accounts under one familiar Secure Holder (the only opposition would be Apple, it’s a different set up, entirely though. So am not really making the comparison between those two, Apple for Apple, Windows, MS, others and PC’s in general For Microsoft. It tops the PC list. Apple tops the Mobile Device list) so that PW’s and two-stepped Verification methods can be safely stored and securely interconnected. As long as all the legalities and securities are properly addressed and covered within the terms and conditions. Security Assured..Version: 6.6.7

Keyboard issueThe app has serious issues when identifying special characters set on for example UK keyboard. For example if you have @ symbol on your UK keyboard and create a password with it - the app looks for “ character instead when authenticating. The “ character and @ character - both are located on 2 key of keyboard. Please fix this issue as you are asking users to enter “ instead of @ This is a grave concern and you basically asking users to enter wrong password and internally treating it as something else..Version: 6.6.2

Thanks, finally, for the search button!!!My rating upgraded accordingly. Search button will save me plenty of frustration :).Version: 6.6.8

ProblemFor no particular reason the app stopped accepting Push notifications. The only fix is to uninstall and reinstall, but even though it reloaded all the accounts from the backup none of the MS365 accounts worked! I had to rescan all of them, which took ages.Version: 6.6.8

Missing search functionApp is great but needs search for those with lots of entries. Ability to create folders would be good too..Version: 6.5.98

Surely turning on backup automaticallyI installed this app and was using it fine for a good couple of months. I then decided to wipe my phone without checking if this was backing up. It was not so I’m now having to back door into all my accounts. Please for the love of god turn on backup automatically or at least add a prompt on install explaining the importance of backing this stuff up!!!.Version: 6.4.3

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