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Discord - Talk, Chat & Hangout app received 75 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about discord - talk, chat & hangout?

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Notifications bugged, lag of messages is painNever get any notifications from discord, I don’t have do not disturb on and have checked the settings, I get all other notifications from different apps but never from discord anymore, I’ve been using discord for years and it’s usually pretty good so I guess it’s a bugged update or something, the other issue is to do with messages, I can get one without knowing it while I’m still talking to someone and close then reopen the app to see they replied in the middle of me talking ect, I can edit a message and have to do the same thing just to make sure it actually changed, don’t know what’s happening but please help..Version: 36.0

Mostly functionalI’ve been using discord for nearly 3 or 4 years on PC and it’s been by far the best communication app I’ve used. Better than Skype and Teamspeak by far. That being said, the phone app version has been starting to have many problems for me. There’s a chance it’s just my phone, but I’ve spoken to many other people who have said to have the same or similar problems. The app is extremely slow and unresponsive. It can often take ages for typed text and channels to load and when tapping multiple times it still doesn’t work. Another issue is when joining a voice call, almost every time now it crashes after at most 5 minutes, and often more and quicker when I’m using other background apps. Discord on phone is at times unusable for general use, and it currently almost completely unusable for voice chat. I have tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, and compared it to other social media on my phone, nothing has worked. If these problems were fixed, it would definitely be a 5 star app and the interface, if it were responsive, is extremely nice and intuitive relative to the PC version..Version: 41.0

Please, please bring back the private call optionSure, Discord is much better in terms of quality, but by far my biggest complaint is the removal of the private mode option while calling people. I deserve a right to privacy, as does everyone else, and it’s too loud for that to be an option. Other people can hear my conversations and it’s very bothersome. I miss having the option between the two. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken please! Otherwise, there’s this constant bug with webcams/ turning on your camera. sometimes it never loads and you have to turn it off and on to get it to work properly. I’ve had to do this up to 3 times maximum to get it to work finally, which is nothing at first, but becomes annoying. Finally, (most likely not 100% discord’s fault, you can ignore this if you want) the connection seems to be getting worse. I used to love discord for the quality of the calls, but several times a week the quality becomes so bad that I have to restart the call several times to understand a sentence the recipient. The most common connection issue is definitely the that audio seems to skip out entirely for a few seconds sometimes. I understand that this could also be due to my own connection and the recipient’s connection, so take this with a grain of salt. Considering that, many times before there has been nothing wrong with our internet and this still happens..Version: 3.0.0

Nooooo!I was just joining a Minecraft 1v1 server and discord crashed on me and whenever I open the app it’s black! Please fix this I’m so sad and disappointed :(.Version: 49.0

Great, but also not.I love Discord. It’s a great way to connect with people, meet new friends, and have fun. But it’s way too easy to be raided if you don’t have bots to prevent it in your server. It’s so easy to have one person send an invite to someone, and soon there’s 50 people joining at once. Anyway, it’s still a good platform nonetheless. -Parker.Version: 32.0

Wonderful App, Shame About the PoliciesRecently discord announced they were banning iOS users from accessing NSFW servers, most likely in an effort to drop the age rating from 17+ back down to 12+ and claimed that they would not back down on this change nor introduce a NSFW toggle similar to Reddit, Twitter and every other social media application out there. As a result, I have disabled automatic updates to applications on my iPhone. I will manually update every other application except for Discord and will leave this 1-star rating until the course is changed and if no change is made, then I along with others will leave Discord and move to another service. It’s a shame it has come to this but bad organisational policies must be protested, regardless of whether you are trying to get bought by Microsoft or not..Version: 70.0

Awful service, terrible treatment of usersThis has been one of the worst social media apps I’ve ever used, been on the app for about 2 years and have had 3 different accounts, I’ve had them deleted over and over again for reasons that do not make sense as I followed every rule they had, too full of toxicity that needs to be fixed and full of weirdos and creeps, they are banning the wrong people, and DO NOT TRY to waste your time with them because they will ignore you for days on end or just give a copy and paste email, absolutely shocking service they need to get sorted out, good idea of a platform but they need to fix out priorities and ban the creeps and weirdos. Also when you ask for proof of the breaking of the rules they just send the same email again and ignore you after that, so in practice anyone could report anyone and get discord to ban them, or give lots of evidence to ban a certain person who has broken rules and they ignore and dismiss it, this app is shocking and discord i would advise to steer clear of.Version: 53.0

TerribleSometimes I love Discord. The audio quality is much better than normal phone calls and it’s a great way to text my friends aside from Snapchat and iMessage. But a lot of the time it either doesn’t work and I can’t hear who I’m on the phone with, or today for example it won’t connect at all. It’s actually making me very anxious because there may be something important on Discord. In my opinion this is a very poorly made app, I think that if you’re going to take the time and pay the money to create an app as popular as Discord then you should at least make it effective. I looked online and apparently sometimes Discord can be “down” (Which is bizarre. I’ve had it with Snapchat too.) which is very disappointing to me. In my opinion these apps should never go “down”. iMessage is never down, so why are these? It boggles my mind sometimes how poorly made this app is. And no I won’t delete it because I use it often. But I am very strongly requesting a major improvement, because this isn’t working. This is bad. Somebody really needs to get to fixing it. If your apps are “down” that is a major issue, because you’re the ones making the app not us and our use of the app is on our time and not yours. Thank you..Version: 2.3.10

Bad influenceThe Purpose of the app may be good. However the content that is being posted is absolute horrendous. The kids and adults using the app use language that is unacceptable. Encouraging other children to use the same language and thought process as the kids with no manners. I completely disapprove. Kids should not have access to messaging apps!!!!.Version: 31.0

Love it but always crashesI genuinely love Discord and I use it pretty much all the time. I love the emotes and Nitro (though it is a little expensive). When I’m on PC, there aren’t any problems and it works just great but when I’m on mobile it always crashes and takes forever to load. And there are also times where it completely crashes, logs me out and resets all my frequently used emotes. And it’s been doing that a lot. It gets really annoying sometimes. I have no idea why it’s doing that. It was working fine until a couple of months ago (I’ve been using Discord for almost 2 years I think). Maybe it’s because I’m in like 100 servers (was only in 20 servers until a few months ago) and my phone’s memory just can’t handle it. It might get fixed if I buy a new phone but this iPhone 8 of mine still has a few years left before it becomes unusable. Until then I guess I’ll just have to stick with Discord crashing all the time..Version: 63.0

Latest UpdateThis latest update has caused the app to awkwardly lag at points. Especially when it comes to trying to use discord emojis. I find myself accidentally sending my message before it even registers that I’ve clicked on what emoji I want. I’ve never had this happen before, and though it doesn’t seem like much of an issue, it also goes for typing as well. It’s like I completely miss letters, and it just doesn’t register that I’m tapping on them. This doesn’t happen anywhere else, and I haven’t had any problems with my phone otherwise. Also I’d really prefer it if autocorrect went back to the way it was, where you could send things and not have it change after pressing send. The last word becomes drastically changed way too often, and it’s especially annoying when I’m trying to catch a pokemon and it no longer sends what I type and instead what autocorrect thinks I’m trying to say. Maybe this doesn’t pose as a huge deal to others, but I really do hope you’ll reconsider forcing autocorrect when pressing send. I’ve become so used to it not doing it that it now bugs the heckers out of me. Other than that, I love discord 👍🏻.Version: 2.3.7

Functional but frustratingDiscord works well. The app does everything I need and want, group voice calls work flawlessly with almost no issues, and the design is fairly user-friendly. As other reviews stated, the notifications leave a lot to be desired. It's a bit annoying that I miss some notifications that I need, and that I get bugged about servers I have muted, but my biggest gripe is the notification grouping. You'd assume when opening a notification, it would dismiss, at a minimum, the notifications of all other messages from that chat. No. Instead I have to manually clear all notifications out of the notification centre everytime. It's handy that it doesn't assume that I have read every single message on all my servers (looking at you, FB messenger), but it seriously bugs me having hundreds of messages sitting on my lock screen, despite having read them all..Version: 31.0

I’m angry and sadOkay, so I’ve been using discord for quite a long time and I’ve been happy using it. UNTIL ONE DAY, I woke up and checked discord like every other day and when I went in I noticed that discord won’t let me in, it also said that I have to be 13 and up to use discord. I was so angry and sad because I have mostly all my friends in there that I could talk to and important group chats.. I’m so frustrated;/ I hope discord could fix this problem.. And now I tried to make a new account but it said that I can’t use the same email as I did with my old account. And that’s the only email I have;/ Please fix this annoying issue as soon as possible, thanks;/..Version: 34.0

Integrated Phone CallsDiscord is an amazing app that lets you do casual conversations without the loud notifications you would usually get from text messages. It does an amazing job at keeping notifications hidden when you want them to be. But I cannot say the same for calls. Recently, Discord started integrating their calls with actual phone calls. This means that every time I get called on Discord, it goes through to my ringtone. The whole reason I use Discord is to keep my online life separate from my personal life. Although there is a setting that allows you to disable this feature, I still get the ringtone. Whenever I get called on Discord, even though the app is closed, I still get a ringtone. I even have all notifications turned off in my settings. The ringtone only lasts about 2 seconds before it realizes that it should not be there, but it gets pretty annoying, since it forces me to stop whatever i’m doing on my phone. What annoys me the most is that this issue has been fixed before. The previous update had the setting that disabled the integrated phone calls, but it actually did its job, unlike this recent update. I had no calls going through no matter how much I was getting spammed with calls. I thought this problem would be gone forever, but it still managed to find its way back. I’ve resorted to having to delete the app just to avoid the ringtone...again. Please fix this issue..Version: 3.1.9

Let me use this stupid app!Let me just say this app id excellent for calling mobile and other! It has a variety of amazing features and qualities. But, as good as this app is it does have its flaws... Firstly it keeps on logging me out of my account saying 'somethings going on here'. Although this is to rid bots and other things its annoying because it keeps on doing it to me just whenever i have three people im not friends with in my dm's, but i just have people in my dms because there my friends that im waiting for them to accept my friend request. This makes me have to create an entirely new account and try to contact my friends with them. Ive made about 6 accounts so far and all of them have logged me out if. This was so annoying because i wasn't doing anything wrong so i just quit discord. This wasn't the only flaw. Whenever i tried changing my profile picture it made the profile the corner of the picture i chose. This too made discord very annoying! Overall i would not recommend this app to anyone who cant verify their account, though if they are able too then i would recommend it..Version: 52.0

The ups and downs of mobile discordBefore berating it, I’m going to give the team a thumbs up, since they created an app that essentially beats all other social media’s in its versatility and usage. It’s an easy to understand usage, for me, and simple to join servers. And the ability to create various rooms for various things also is good and creative as it allows for different topics to be shared. However, despite the amazing things the team has done, the mobile is still equivalent to urinating into an anthill. It’s difficult to get started, and when you’re using it there are always issues while doing it. When in a discord call in a Server, it works fine for a portion of the time in it. However at some point, the app stops allowing voice chat the moment I leave and look at memes or other things. And it only begins again when I go back in, Ultimately resulting in me having to restart the app. Second, when using discord, while in a call, the screen will suddenly shut off, but the phone will not and not turn the screen on unless hitting the power button or waiting for brief flashes of the screen. This is increasingly angering as I talk to my friends, trying to share memes, or other things and my screen is refusing to work. Please pay more attention to the mobile version, to make it equal to the laptop version, as it is difficult and a struggle to use. Thank you..Version: 17.0

Mobile app slow and unresponsive.Discord itself is fine, the mobile app though. Every time I open it up, it takes about 5-30 seconds to start working. It just shows my last opened chat and I can’t do anything until it works..Version: 53.0

Pretty good, but could be better.I love this app: I use it all the time. It makes talking to my friends online easier while we sweat a game together. However, it’s more than that - it’s a whole messaging platform. I’d suggest to the people who update and change things within the app make a certain development to the searching-in-chat feature. Currently, when I want to find something in chat, I go to the search option, find what I want... and I go to press “jump to in chat” and it takes me right to the most recent message. This is only a problem I’ve noticed on iPhone and iPad, I don’t know about androids but it’s not an issue on Windows for me. I really hope the people who change stuff make this an effort soon 😅.Version: 3.1.3

Holy HellIt’s not the most intuitive. Finding options are painful. And heaven forbid if you accidentally turn something off. The app is better than the website tho. Where you can accidentally make yourself a second account, with the same email address. And if you have to explain features, they are not intuitive. On the plus side. My friends accidentally heard me pee when I used the app in conjunction with the website to hear what was going on. That one was my mistake in not shutting off the microphone..Version: 20.0

I love discord but the app’s abysmal.For the last two months, it has been completely unusable. iOS 14, iPhone 8+ that runs way more demanding (theoretically) applications like Genshin Impact and other games struggles to run this smoothly. App crashes when you switch windows/minimise it; it takes over a minute to connect to a call and then I’m heard with a delay if at all; all key inputs take extra time to process, anywhere from 5 seconds (if I’m lucky) to 50 if not. All of this occurs if I’m in a call, by the way – if I’m just using it to text then it’s a bit slow and laggy here and there, but not outright unusable. It is quite sad – it is my most used app on PC, my go-to voice chat app, theoretically most convenient for all kinds of usage, and I’ve been really excited to use the screensharing-from-mobile service but it just doesn’t work as of… the last few months, really. The last time I enjoyed (mostly) seamless usage was back in January, I think, maybe early February the latest. Again, I would assume it’s my device because it’s three years old – but everything else is working fine. Please, fix my favourite chatting app..Version: 63.0

ProblemsThough it mostly works in regards to calling, servers etc, I can't open direct messages, nor the side bar (listing members in servers) without the app shutting on me. when I go to reopen it, it’ll shut me out again, and then I have to wait a day before it allows me to go back onto my servers. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded it multiple times, but this bug is still prevalent - I don't know what else to do. I'm on an iPhone 6, but other than that I can't see what the problem is..Version: 40.2

Unsafe and outclassed in VC by Teamspeak, useful for private chats.If you are going to be chatting for a majority of your time on Discord through voice calls, just rent a TS server. It’s simple, accessible and high quality compared to Discord’s practically authoritarian rules on bandwidth. Use this app for communities and group chats exclusively; there’s no other multi media private chat forum on the internet that’s recognised like Discord. The privacy on Discord is a burden and a pro, conversations never being tracked with data and a guarantee of safe person to person communication. On the other hand, Discord’s privacy makes it a lot easier for predators to take advantage of others; something not rare to the landscapes of Discord life..Version: 65.0

Mobile app has issuesDiscord works great on a desktop computer/laptop, other than finding the right chat room and general navigation issues like getting a message noise but never seeing the message because you were in a voice chat room. Could use a redesign. Like why isn’t voice just enable in the same chat room so there’s no switching back and forth? However, this review is for the mobile app. It doesn’t work. Every time I do so much as sneeze (another app notification/text message comes in, if I get a phone call, etc.) the app stops working. I get that the voice should stop but after switching apps and coming back or after ending the phone call, the Discord app never recovers and must be restarted, rejoin the room, and then it works...for a while. Until almost anything else happens. Worst of all, when my phone falls asleep, so does Discord, sometimes. It’s unpredictable when I’m just randomly disconnected from Discord. My friend reported his phone calls not coming through when he’s on a Discord voice channel. Not sure which problem is worse. I’d highly recommend using a different app. Often, my friends and I just use a phone conference call. And I can send a text message while on a phone call. So how does this app improve my gaming other than taking bandwidth from my gaming?.Version: 3.1.4

Account banned and deleted without reasonHad an account that was in use for years for verified games servers admin and moderation, flagged for deletion and banned - apparently by me! Got ZERO response from a support ticket. Got told in a support ticket for another matter to "report abuse" on discord. That's great... I CAN'T use the account becasue I've asked 6 times for it be enabled and you tell me to use the "report abuse" feature? Disgraceful, useless support that takes many days to reply with copy-paste answers that are not relevant. I'll watch this review and wait for the ironic delevoper response of "we're sorry we screwed you, contact support"... UPDATE: Got the expected reply of "send a ticket...". Sent my ticket and got zero response and my account was erased. Great job. UPDATE 2: The trust and safety team "couldn't find my account" after they only replied after it was erased. They have confirmed that discord staff triggered my account deletion. They are unwilling to help further even though it'd take 30s for some with a clue to update a database and relink my stuff to new account (just like they did for the recent mass account bans that they screwed up). KARL G in support did this, and then pretended he didn't know what was wrong!.Version: 60.0

Voice don’t work with iPhone properlyI think it’s since iOS 13.x/13.x.x was when iPhone users didn’t have many issues. Now since iPhone has been updated to 14.x/14.x.x the microphone doesn’t work correctly with the app, despite submitting reports about it. I’ve been told to check permissions on my iOS device, I’ve been told to make sure all devices are signed out and change my password to force all devices to be signed out and then log back in change my voice settings and sensitivity to as low as possible uncheck and recheck all options in voice settings and see if that resolves the issue. Explain this: if I’m in a call in discord with just 1 person my audio on my iOS device their side is very choppy cutting in and out. But when they mute their mics, they hear me perfectly fine. But I’m in a group chat with 8 people my volume is external good quiet. But in pc this issue doesn’t happen. You are making all of these fixes apparently. But yet you’ve pretty much made the app unusable for voice. I’ve tried submitting a ticket, precanned responses. I’ve exhausted all options including factory restoring the phone. The phone works perfectly fine one everything else except discord.Version: 44.0

Voice chat issues.If you want to use discord I’d highly recommend the pc version. The mobile app has many faults that can make the experience frustrating. For example it never rings/notifies you whenever someone is calling or sends you a message even with notifications turned on. This can lead to people thinking you’re ignoring them but in reality the call just didn’t come up. On a few other occasions it has this strange glitch where it’ll ring like someone is calling you and when you answer it you find out that the call was a missed call from an hour ago and it’s only decided to tell you about it now. Talking of which calls randomly drop/cut off for no reason at all even with perfect internet connection so I find myself having to use other apps just to be able to voice chat for more than 3 minutes. I’m using a iPhone 11 with good internet so I don’t really understand these issues. Discord is a great app to communicate with and it offers some unique features, however I believe that they need to focus a little more on the mobile version because it can be frustrating to say the least..Version: 22.0

I think the app needs improvementI’ve been using discord for so long, years maybe. But since the update recently, it stopped working. I know it’s not my phone because everything else works! I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading it, but then it wouldn’t show up on my phone. Please fix it. Xoxo.Version: 26.0

Doesn't workDoesn't matter where I tap, it doesn't register. Congrats discord you failed the most basic function of an app.Version: 2.4.4

This is buggy and it needs to be fixed now.No more sitting around on your asses, Tumblr support team. Oh wait, this is Discord - yeah well you’re acting like Tumblrs support team (who are lazy and awful, by the way). What is going on with this app? Why is it that this application is so behind in terms of production as opposed to the desktop application, or heck, even the website! Really think about it; Discord was made not just for “gamers” but also as a new way to communicate with each other. And I gotta say, things like the custom emojis REALLY emphasise the greatness that makes Discord DISCORD. Oh hang on... why can’t I... why can’t I upload custom emojis? Why can’t I view the list of emojis? What? Come on, guys... this is a MOBILE APPLICATION! The thing that was designed for communicating with people from a longer distance than the other room! But you gotta make the desktop application far superior in every way? Ridiculous. I’m EXPECTING an update sometime THIS YEAR that fixes this. As a HypeSquad member, I will not tolerate this. Fix it..Version: 2.3.0

Yikes..I've been using discord for around 2/3 years now and honestly back in the old days it used to be cool. Nothing was wrong with the app, call feature was fine and everything. After the recent update on phones, joining a call turns your originally 'on call' red bad near the top green, and initiates it like a phone call or FaceTime. It's annoying, I can't turn my phone off without hanging up or not being able to check my notifications. Not to mention, I have to restart the app and join again to rid of that feature AND to actually communicate with whoever I'm on a call with, because it glitches out and they can't hear me, vice versa. I wish it was reverted, everything seems to laggy and glitchy with discord nowadays. I love the app and I want to support it, but it's difficult when I can barely even use it..Version: 3.0.4

Discord is horrible platform fill with toxic groups!Like i said in the title 100% true. Discord platform lacks ability to record the voice chat for reporting dangerous user behaviors who bully, harass, emotional abuse they targets, simply being toxic on the platform to cause emotional damage to users. Also the discord platform on handling reports are A complete joke as well and endangerment to the positive users who are face with The negative users bent on causing emotional damage to others on the platform. Discord handing it: block user, tell owner to kick/ban user, make your own group, or leave the group. <- These are irresponsible answers and lack true resolve on handling the problems on Discord platform. Telling someone to leave the group and make their own, no one should have to leave their own with friends because one person is being toxic and owners/administrators aren’t doing their jobs or don’t care or have A neutral personalities typically. The only platform that have recorded voice chat are Sony Party Chat on console and MS Chat. This feature needs to be added to discord platform or ban whole platform from all countries. Many targeted users of harassment and abuse cry out for help on discord by reporting this to them with nothing done at all. I can’t recommend anyone to download this app at all. And if you do please invite only your true friends who care about you and everyone in your group..Version: 56.0

Please read thisFrom the very beginning, I have had numerous problems with this app. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because when it does work, it is phenomenal. When I first got the app, it wouldn’t let me join the server I wanted to and said I was banned (even though I’d never used the app before). I re-downloaded the app recently because I was joining a clan and they required discord. I got the app and I was still logged into my old account, which was glitched, so I created a new one. I actually had to create that account on my browser because the app didn’t even let me do that. I created my account and tried to login on the app, no success. I’ve re-downloaded the app numerous times since then and still, no success logging in. Luckily, my browser still works and I use that to chat with my clan. Unfortunately, even when I turn my phone sideways, I can’t see all of the writing because it shows all the members of the group on the right hand side and it takes up half of the screen. Then, I have to read downwards one letter at a time and I don’t have the patience for that, especially with all of the scrolling it requires. If I could get on the app and not have to worry about that, I would have no complaints, but this simple fix is ruining the entire app for me. If you want people to use your app, they have to be able to create an account, but so far I haven’t had any luck with that..Version: 3.0.0

Great appDiscord users be like: *pedophilia*.Version: 44.0

VolumeThe volume for voice chats isn’t appearing on my screen? I’m literally going deaf with how loud it is plz help..Version: 3.1.4

TERRIBLE SERVICEI had a discord account for over a year a I didn’t have many people added on it only people that I mainly talk to, and one day I get an email saying they disabled my account because apparently I was involved with being in a server with spam, I am only in a few servers and I have been in those servers for a long time now, if it was a big problem they would have banned me back then, they have absolutely terrible service, I emailed them one time about un disabling my account and they told me they would not, the other times I emailed them was asking for proof on why they disabled my account and they never emailed me back, that just shows they falsely got rid of my account for no reason whatsoever and now I cannot contact many of my friends since I only had them added on there..Version: 57.0

Good App, but...The app itself is nice. But there’s a few problems, what I’d like to focus on the most is Light Theme. Now there was recent changes to Light Theme and they are good, only issue is it still doesn’t look right. Discord still looks like it was made for Dark Theme, making light theme only look weird and ugly compared to what the app is meant to look like. If on an iOS device, turn on invert colours in settings and then use discord dark theme. Honestly, the invert colour function in an iOS device makes a better light theme then discord’s. But I hope this can be fixed some day, maybe try making light theme look more like iOS invert colours, only without everyone’s profile images and role colours inverted..Version: 3.1.3

The worst form of social mediaOut of all of the social media platforms I’ve tried, discord I would say is the most toxic of them. And it’s not because the employees and staff working at discord are mean, or anything, it’s because of the nature of the setup discord chooses to use. Essentially when you join a server, the guidelines you have are the ones the owner sets for you. Larger servers are often governed by mods. But the problem is that these mods generally don’t have too many qualifications to be a moderator. And when the mods are ineffective at creating a safe environment, that’s when toxic behavior thrives. Discord does have some policies, on its ToS but these are generally very simple rules, and are few and far between. I’ve had many terrible experiences on servers where toxic behavior is present and the mods either do nothing about it or they take the wrong course of action. Now this isn’t something discord has much control over, but rather design of the website in it’s entirety is flawed. I wouldn’t recommend this app to people who who are not in a healthy state of mind, or to anyone in general. However I guess discord works for some people and if you find that this style of social media works for you then by all means download it. But do be prepared for possible toxic behavior thrown your way..Version: 3.2.0

ScamMy account was charged multiple monthly yearly charges everytime the app was used. Over 20 days caused almost $1000 in charges what should have been $15.Version: 36.0

Some irritating new issuesEver since the update in late February my phone has had issue after issue. My phone locking crashes the app. I change to another app and it disconnects me from the call until I swap back to discord. The call quality is amazing when it works but the fact that it’s a 50-50 chance of failing is... not promising..Version: 3.2.1

Discord you need to see thisDear discord, Right now I’m extremely mad and furious, you want to know why you may ask? Well I figure there is a lot of bugs in your app that you may not know of. First I made a discord account that I loved with a group and a lot of a friends, I also was attending groups and having fun until I was wanting to invited people to my group. It showed up a picture saying this “Somethings going on here” it also says this “we’ve detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using discord, we will need you to verify you account” so I was like no big deal right? So I did everything. I put in my number, I put in the verification number, until it got down to my password. I was like “oh I know my password in a heart beat. So I put the password in. It was correct to I thought when I hit done it will bring me back to the page with my friend. When I hit done, it brought me to are you a robot thing. So I did the task and I was done so I hit verify. And guess what... I hit done again.. it loaded.. and did nothing. I was having a full panic attack. So I deleted the app and did the whole thing over again. Yes all over again. Same thing happened. So I don’t know if it’s a bug or you guys want people to get so angry. So if u get things please update or do something so you don’t get other people mad to. Thank you..? -sincerely Audrina.Version: 47.1

Discord what happened?Ok so Uhm, I know something was really really weird at first when changing your profile, let's say I have a cat picture, it's either my profile pointing at the background or at its ears, this is a great chatting channel but seriously I do not want my profile to be a profile or pointing at its ear, Here's the story, I found a really cute cat picture, I wanted it to be my profile, but I kinda messed up, my profile was the ears, and if I try to zoom in, it still points to the ears or it's background, before this was really really normal, now what happened, does it have to do to you, Discord, or something went wrong in the picture, also I am using an iOS aswell, so I think that's the problem, or something went wrong, if you are reading this thank you, if you are up to help with this problem, thank you very much, I wanted to give you 5 stars, but please fix this problem, would appreciate if you've fixed this..Version: 13.1

App won’t even open past main loading screenI can’t even open this app at all, it won’t go past loading screen regardless of all the fixes available on YouTube, still doesn’t work 🤬 I uninstalled and installed again and still doesn’t work, also sent a ticket 3 days ago and no reply....Version: 16.0

Really love this app, but one problemI don’t if it’s the update that dropped recently or what, but the app itself is really buggy at the moment. I can’t send messages in servers or through DM for some reason. Even with deleting and re-downloading the app, it doesn’t seem to fix the problem..Version: 26.0

HmmmWhen the app works it’s great, you can customise your channel, add bots and do all sorts of things. Perfect for phones and tablets to be in voice communication with fellow gamers. It does have some serious bugs tho... if you log out and try logging in the next day you always get a message saying something along the lines of ‘this account was trying to be accessed from a new location” which to me doesn’t sound very good and would indicate that the program is constantly under attack by hackers. If you keep it logged in tho there doesn’t seem to have this issue. Another issue is that if there is a minor interruption in your WiFi it doesn’t reconnect but keeps you logged in, (people can hear you but you can’t hear anyone else)... also from time to time the server goes altogether allowing nobody online at all! This doesn’t seem to be very often but I feel that the issues regarding reconnecting after micro disconnects and the issues regarding having to stay logged in due to fear of your account being compromised is something to worry about. Who knows, by installing this app I could be being listened to even if I’m not even in a voice channel?... pls fix these issues soon. I’ve been using the app for months and have seen no attempt by the developers to correct what should be very simple errors and flaws..Version: 2.3.7

Used to be betterHad discord for a while now and until recently I couldn’t fault it. However, following the most recent update (don’t know the exact date) I have had so many problems with this app that had been working perfectly well beforehand. Now when I open discord the screen flickers back and forth 5 or 6 times, sometimes the column at the side turns black, then when the flickering stops you can’t see the most recent message on the screen and scrolling does nothing to fix this. I end up having to close and reopen the app several times before I can use it, and then sometimes it glitches again when I’m trying to type anything. Very annoying. Please fix this problem! Would have been a 5 star review if it weren’t for these new issues..Version: 3.0.4

ISSUESThere is a problem, discord isn’t working it takes ages to load and when it does it says u have no friends. I am really angry and this situation. I was waiting for ten minutes for it to load. And I couldn’t contact my friend so I had to wait until the next day. REALLY DISCORD. I am utterly suprized that discord has done this, they should be checking their app monthly. Also when I was on a call with my friend it ended it’s self. IT IS OUT OF CONTROL. And when we would call sometimes are mics wouldn’t work so we would have to end the the call and then re call. NOT GOOD. Not only that it would say someone is online when they weren’t. I really loved this app I wish I could give it 5 stars I loved to call while gaming with my friend. But with all the maulfunctions I just can’t. Sorry discord but I can’t do it..Version: 3.1.8

Great, but plagued with bugsNever seen such a poorly optimised app in my life. Battery life goes down the drain faster than any other app I’ve ever used including games. Semi frequent crashing and weird bugs cause a variety of issues that really shouldn’t exist (voice input and output not working if an alarm goes off while in call for one example). Apart from that the usual features present in the desktop app are in this mobile version which is very good, even if it does include the terrible performance. If the bugs were ironed out this app would be great even if the battery optimisation was still garbage, at least I wouldn’t have to restart it..Version: 56.0

Can’t open appAny time i try to launch the app, it shows the launch screen for a few seconds, and then crashes. i tried restarting my phone, the app, deleting and reinstalling, i even tried opening it around 20 times. nothing has worked, and it still crashes every time, please fix this.Version: 3.1.2

HELLLLPI lost my account.Version: 13.0

Great App - lots of bugs mobileLove this App. However, there’s constant bugs which means I’m having to restart discord often as it just stops loading properly, it’s not an internet fault as everything else loads normally, discord just likes to pretend like it doesn’t know how to load anything and will just stop working completely. It’s been buggy before and most bugs are doable but this one is by far the worst patch we have had..Version: 53.0

Discord... what are you doing...Okay. Let me just state that I love discord upfront. I’ve used the app daily for over 2 years now and overall it’s so much better than things like Skype and I’ve met many new friends. However, the most recent update released today (May 11,2019) there are some things I just really dislike a lot. First off, they moved the search button feature and I used that a lot so now I accidentally start calls and would really prefer (at the very least) the option to move it back. Second, calls now come up as an actual phone call and show in recent phone logs. It also opens a new tab that is uncloseable and seems to be always on “connecting...” even though I can hear my friend and my friend can hear me clearly. I can’t close this secondary “phone” tab without ending the call and it’s really frustrating and I’m really hoping you guys will revert the call settings to how it used to be. On another note, just a mild annoyance, when calls now start, it automatically plays audio on speaker and I wish there was a way to switch it to the private call setting. Hope these issues get fixed, otherwise I’ll have to take a break from using such a great app..Version: 3.0.1

Good but needs workI use discord everyday and these problems are getting worse and worse, one I can’t set my Xbox live as a status I like to know how much time I’ve been playing a game. It logs me out for no reason, the app always needs to reload when it opened. The app will stop working and shut down every so often..Version: 3.1.9

Unethical devsUnethical devs with hidden agendas. They will sell your data with a smile on their face. They have no respect for their user’s rights or privacy. Update: Thanks for the passive aggressive response! Here’s some clarification: Discord has openly stated they will “... develop software to find and manage abuse proactively.” To put it simply: They will snoop on all your messages and activity, using the latest popular political stances as an excuse. Discord is not a platform where you can speak freely. If your chat doesn’t fit snugly with that of a modern American cooperation (investors such as American conglomerate WarnerMedia), you will be censored. Discord will not hesitate to comply with government requests for user data when you apply for a visa, or even a company looking to screen you when you are job hunting. Discord is not anonymous. Those constant new location detected warnings from snooping your IP/device/location should be enough to figure that out. But of course it’s for your security/privacy, right? Discord DOES NOT respect user’s rights or privacy. A communication platform with an estimate of more than 250 million users, that forces political views on all its users. Sound a bit dystopian? It’s discord..Version: 26.0

Unusable.My discord used to be perfect, never had any issues. But with the recent update it’s so laggy, it takes about 10 seconds for the app to respond. I’ve also gotten myself stuck in a loop, my phone isn’t the best so I usually avoid gifs and the likes. The newest update though made the app unusable, I went into a channel filled with gifs and now I can’t leave. When I load up discord it takes me to that channel automatically and starts playing all the gifs, the gifs lag the hell out of the app and make it so I can’t switch channels, can’t open options, can’t do anything. The only way I can fix this is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Who thought it would be a good idea to make multiple videos load and play all at the same time on the mobile version of discord, not all of us have superpowered phones you know..Version: 2.5.0

Why links instead of images?I wish that when somebody sends an image, it doesn’t send the link. It really bugs me how I have to always tap on the link of the file to open up the image which leads me to my search browsers..Version: 3.2.1

U can’t rickrollI tried to rickroll my friend and it shows the video. Do not Rickroll u will be humiliated and ur pride will be reduced to atoms just like the infinity stones again do not rickroll. >:( DISCORD ONE REVEW.Version: 53.0

Bruh momentApp has been crashing for the past 2 days whenever I try to open it. When I open it, it loads for a few seconds then it suddenly crashes. I’ve reinstalled and restarted my phone multiple times but nothing seems to work. The thing is, whenever I turn my pc on and open discord, mobile discord works again. Please help..Version: 42.0

Annoying bugsDiscord is generally a good app that I use frequently to chat with friends. However, recently with the new updates, I’ve noticed quality in calls drop. Granted, the calls were never super great for me, but unlike before, it would consistently mute my friends so that I would have to leave and rejoin, then it’d work. Not only that, but my friends would often cut out several times during call. It could be a network issue and I’m sure this isn’t 100% discord’s fault, however it’s been frequent and annoying at times. Another issue I’ve been experiencing is really annoying. For some reason, discord has completely stopped working at random intervals. What I mean is that even though I get notifications, when I try to launch the app, the loading glitches and I’m forced out. The only way to fix this to my knowledge is deleting the app and downloading it again. It is happening more and more frequently and is an issue I’ve experienced ever since the latest update Other than that, discord is great. It’s an easy app to use to chat with friends and I would give it a higher rating if not for the issues I stated..Version: 3.0.2

New update on top of April fool's was a massive oofI've been using discord since early 2016 & absolutely loved it, but the decisions made during 2019 have left me very unimpressed with the staff's lack professionalism when handling serious issues. I was completely unable to use the app or the desktop version due to the April fool's "joke" they decided to pull that completely removed their entire platform's functionality from disabled users, including myself. I sent emails to support only to be greeted with replies of the support staff flat out lying to me about the "prank" being a permanent redesign for the platform after I told them that I could no longer use it due to a disability. Luckily it was reverted back, but rather than actually addressing the seriousness of the situation, the team behind Discord's social media played along with people complaining about bringing light mode back. The newest update the Apple version received is just not exactly very functional for most users, options that were once quick to access have been moved to a separate menu & you need to go through that menu to even change your profile's online status. It's just extremely unpractical for most users & the way it's designed & functions just doesn't make much sense..Version: 3.0.9

Friend request don't workWhen i type my friends username and code it says invalid they told me their name and type it like that pls do somthing.Version: 29.0

Great app but no accessibility featuresI have only just started using Discord but it is already my favourite app for talking to friends I am one of a few blind users who have been using the app to talk about some of our favourite games and even to play multiplayer on them when we’re not on the same network I am using a screen reader called voice-over and I also use another screen reader on Windows called jaws if you could optimise both the mobile app and the windows addition to run with screen readers that would be amazing until then the app is on usable to me and my friends also if you could simplify the layout a little bit that would be one of the first big steps towards optimisation thank you for reading my slightly long winded review and please take my ideas into consideration.Version: 56.0

Fully featured, but poor performance.You can do almost everything on this app you can in desktop Discord, which is really great, and it’s generally pretty easy to do so. I run a clan server of about 100 people so it’s super handy, that’s why this review has 3 stars! I can’t give it the other two because the app barely functions when it comes to notifications and refreshing. I get my notifications about 10 minutes after I actually receive them. My main reason for the app is to respond to server issues as the owner of the server, it’s hard to do that when I’m on a 10 minute delay unless I sit in app at all times. Often when I open the app it will take up to 10 full seconds to actually remember to refresh itself and show me the latest comments/posts. I don’t know what causes this issue, but it feels like when I’m in the app it doesn’t check discord servers for new messages very frequently, which is odd when every other messaging app does it instantly. Also if I’m not in the app it will be once every 10 minutes which is useless. UPDATE: This review was a VERY generous 4 stars but I’m bringing it down to one because it just doesn’t work. The app won’t refresh it’s contents even if I’m IN THE APP anymore. Atleast once a day it acts like my own server doesn’t exist yet on desktop everything is working fine. It’s an unacceptable mess of an app that isn’t being fixed. It’s been in this state for SO LONG..Version: 33.0

Nice app, but confusingI have relied on Discord for my game clan’s chat outside of the game. It’s been a nice, stable platform over the years, so I’m very happy with its stability. ..... I do have some complaints, though. It is so hard for me to figure out how to do almost anything! Over the years, the developers have made numerous updates... but never, it seems, toward making basic functions more user-friendly. It’s as if they cannot believe anyone would not find the learning curve a joy. ..... I realize that I am slower than a lot of people to learn things with computer programs. But I also notice that no one in our group, if they do know how to do something, has ever found it easy to explain how to do it to others. ...... And there are some very basic things that NO ONE in my 30 member group can figure out. How do we create a new room within our channel? Shouldn’t this be as simple as adding a new folder in a file system? We’ve been using Discord over 3 years, yet no current member can figure out how to do this. ..... In terms of ease of use, Discord is a mess. I have to deduct 2 stars for that reason alone. I would give 5 stars if things were reasonably easy to learn..Version: 37.0

Way too many issues left unattendedThis platform is great, it is probably the best one for messaging, but it seems like almost every day I join a voice chat or group call there is always a problem. Either the audio keeps cutting out, everyone sounds really unclear and the worst problem is something completely random that happened very recently. I tried joining a voice call back after some time of me being out of it and all of a sudden I got kicked from the app entirely for absolutely no reason. I tried joining back, my entire discord crashed. I tried closing discord and opening it again and then joining, still got kicked, I tried even restarting my entire phone and joining back, and I still got kicked. Issues like these are ridiculous and they occur almost every day..Version: 33.0

Why this is 2 Star (Edited)Old Discord was so much better honestly. Less lag and more privacy when in a call and your phone was locked and didn't show you in a call. Discord bugs out calls so often when you try and join back in a call with someone and still says connecting until both of you guys restart the call. I understand new layout and everything is great, but if you actually fix any bugs and issues, that be great too, and please bring back old Discord from few months prior where we actually HAD our privacy in a call not being shown on our lock screen. It makes it hard because power button can also make you leave the call which is even more annoying and because you can leave the call accidentally by pressing or tapping on your earbuds which is mildly irritating. Apparently you fixed that issue lock screen issue apparently few days or a week ago now. Thank you, but others issues would be nice please because I really do enjoy your app, but it irritates me when I often complain how there's still bugs when it comes to calls and text not working while in a call sometimes until you reset Discord.Version: 3.1.5

Phone useThis has been one of my favourite apps for a little over two years now, I’ve made so many great friends. However, since two or three updates ago the app has been extremely laggy and awful to use, desktop is perfectly fine but the phone version is just utter crap. Nothing loads, it’s constantly breaking and messages always delete whilst sending. Of course, this isn’t enough to push me out of the app, it’s still one of my favourites and most used. I just wish something could be done about this lag, a couple other friends have also mentioned to me about their phone app bugging a lot. I definitely recommend this app though! It’s brilliant and just has so many amazing people on it, if you look in the right places of course..Version: 3.1.5

Worst Experience With Any Software To DateThe initial setup was tortuous and required help from my professional tech support buddies. There is very little if anything “intuitive“ about the interface. Cluttered is another word that comes to mind. And the number of times I’ve screamed, “How do I just go back to where I was?!” is innumerable. The voice connection fails more often than not. The “help” I have read appears to be out of date. I really do not understand why this app is apparently so popular but then those who invited me to join are complete gamers and nerds. I persisted with it for a couple of weeks but my brain is apparently wired differently to those who think is so great. Hate it with a passion..Version: 44.0

New Menu system is dramatically worse than the lastDiscord is one of very few apps I use daily, and I loved the way it prioritised the server tray and focused on the user through the UI. Now it feels they’ve thrown that out the window for the sake of a new design fad which makes the platform harder to use, visually obstructive and prioritises parts of the app that no one even uses. Why have everything on the bottom bar unless you click onto the useless search tab, in which case that new design philosophy disappears completely? If you want a full bottom bar to be the way users navigate your site, don’t randomly take it away on certain pages. Thoroughly disappointed and hoping these changes are looked at..Version: 3.1.5

Not impressedI love discord , it’s a really good app to connect with friends and everything- but i have a problem about the app that won’t go away and it’s starting to really annoy me . When Discord changed my screen and told me to verify by phone or email i clicked email first . I did everything right but when it loaded up the *verifying your email page* on google or safari - the next step didn’t load so I was very annoyed with that . So next I tried my phone number and everything worked once more but when I typed in my password and pressed *done.* nothing happened .. so I kept retrying until it told me I was rate limited? Like wth discord. How am i supposed to verify if none of the options work for me? They’re actually not working for lots of more people to . I own a popular server and my members are going to get worried if I’m not there but this stupid verification is stuck on my screen page - THANKS A LOT 😡.Version: 53.0

Keeps crashing and marking unread messages as read.I like Discord for what it offers, but the iOS app crashes randomly whenever I try to load a picture, gif, song, or other upload someone else posted, and crashes when I try to post pictures quite frequently. I know that a lot of people upload stuff, so the fact that it crashes as often as it does is a major concern for me. Another issue is that the app has decided to randomly mark all messages in random chat channels as read when I open them, even though I’ve still got dozens to read before I reach the end of the string. Or I’ll be reading the messages, and suddenly it marked all messages as read, to include ones that happen while I’m reading, and not even remotely caught up. It happens randomly, so I don’t even know what might be the issue. It might happen to a chat every time I open it, or just once in a while but it’s a bug I want to see gone. Being tagged in a message, and then having that indicator removed randomly is an issue. I don’t always have time to read everything in one sitting, so I want to be assured that I can read it later. It is a major issue when it starts you over at the end of the conversation, and doesn’t save from where you had to leave off. (This is mostly for my admin duties on servers.) I like that I have the ability to take Discord with me, but if I can’t use it half the time, then it’s like I don’t even have it at all..Version: 1.9.5

It’s...alright a lot of predators thoughI mean the reason I gave it a three star is because I don’t know how to connect to more people, but I have heard from my friends and others that they experienced predators.... child predators but a couple of fourteen year olds were the prey. Have the moderators seen any predators on the app? Or were they ignoring them, I would still recommend getting the app, just don’t text random people and send them any private images..Version: 31.0

ProblemThey won’t let me send funny longer videos to my friends. I can only do it If I pay which sucks. ⚠️ DISCORD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ⚠️.Version: 53.0

Great app, bad staff.The app is great; it offers a variety of things other chat services don’t. However, the trust and safety team are a complete joke. Your account gets deleted? Say goodbye to your servers. Will they get deleted? NO, but you’ll never get a transfer to your admins or trusted friends from them. Don’t bother trying to reach out for further information from them, either. You’ll get a poor automated response every. single. time. My account got Disabled twice for something I didn’t do and all I simply asked for was a server transfer and a nitro refund that is bought 2 days prior to my account getting disabled as a birthday present to myself. I sent a couple of E-mails about this and what happened? Absolutely nothing they blatantly ignored me. Even in the E-mails they DID respond to, they ignored my request for a refund which I personally rightfully deserved. Again, love the app, don’t love the trust and safety team..Version: 3.1.8

Please readThis app logged me out several times and it won’t let me log in no matter how many accounts I make. It logged me out, but I already saved my acc password and user, so I tried using that. It failed saying that the email was not registered so I thought “oh it’s no big deal I can just try registering again with the same email cause it says the email is apparently ‘not registered’ yet” so I did that and THEN sit said that the email was ‘already registered’. Okay WHAT?! So I tried creating an acc again, it failed. I tried signing back IN again, still a fail. And I know it’s not my technology glitching our non kyle and that it’s apps fault bc no matter how many devices I tried to switch to, it still wouldn’t work. I used to like this app a bit before this stuff started happened cause this app is really good for like if your friend dosent have a phone and can only text on pc or something like that and it’s also good for gaming and streaming I guess but if you keep getting logged out, there’s no point of giving the app a good review, especially if your like me and have been downloading and deleting the app several times with no success and have literally been trying this for over 4 DAYS STRAIGHT!!!! The developer(s) should really fix this problem before it gets a lot more bad reviews due to this glitch..Version: 3.1.9

Bruh1. “We have detected suspicious activity on your account” why did you do that to me now i have enter in a phone number so discord can text me WHEN I’M NOT EVEN LOGGED INTO MESSAGES. The stupid part is that it happened while i was reminding people about scams on discord. bruh 2. the call quality is terrible at least 50% of a sentence is cut off do to the bad quality..Version: 37.0

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