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Wear OS by Google App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Wear OS by Google app received 196 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wear OS by Google? Can you share your negative thoughts about wear os by google?

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Wear OS by Google for Negative User Reviews

Super friendly in being uselessI have spent hours trying to add my google pay card onto the watch. It looks like Google has written off their watch OS users with an iPhone. The process of pairing and adding payment methods look archaic and most likely was developed and untouched since 2015..Version: 3.36.26

Really Google?!?I had Wear OS/Android Wear on my previous 2 pixel phones and could connect both of my Michael Kors watches at the same time in case i wanted to change up the style. However I’ve since migrated to iOS w/ my iphone xs max and upgraded to the 5th gen MK watches and cannot pair my second watch to set it up without factory resetting the watch currently paired. You cant just disconnect watch 1 in order to pair watch 2 and connect. So i cant alternate watches without factory resetting whichever one im not wearing. Apparently the idea is you get one smartwatch and only one which would be fine if i had an apple watch since all the cases are the same style..Version: 3.27.27

Unstable - always resettingSo all the data is lost if you reset your watch to factory settings, but the app is always losing my watch and so I wonder what the point of a smart watch is when you don’t get to see your data? Pretty dumb! Google needs to FIX THIS APP!.Version: 3.30.52

No connectionThis update provides amazing new features, especially for left-handed people, however it continuous to fail to connect to a TAG HEUER. Did not have the same issue with the previous version of the App..Version: 3.47.145

Connection issueGen 5 fossil watch wear os2.2. iPhone XS os14.4 Bluetooth connection issue. NFC didn’t work without internet or phone connection Can’t answer phone calls on watch. So in a way it’s useless. Either it’s OS issue or hardware issue..Version: 3.29.52

Utter garbage! ZERO STARS!I never would have bought a Casio wsd-f20 at retail price, but found one so cheap, I couldn't resist. Even at less than $100, it has been one of the worst purchases I have ever made. A big part of that is this amateur-hour garbage app. Took 4 tries to set the watch up and each time a different problem arose. Won't connect. Endless tutorial loop. Can't find WiFi, etc. There are actually 3 different core programs running ar the same time. OS Wear, the watch software, and the watch itself. They don't work together and changing settings in one, doesn't change it in the others. Long story short- Don't buy any watch thay requires or runs OS Wear and don't download this app if it does..Version: 3.38.174

Doesn’t allow to link smart watch on new iPhone 12For some reason Google have not improved the functionality for when you change your device and how this pairs with an existing watch. Currently have an expensive smart watch that can not be linked to my iPhone 12 as wear OS thinks it’s still my old phone, as I set up the new one by copying over (Apple function) Highly frustrating - PLEASE SORT THIS OUT!.Version: 3.33.3

SucksWhat a worthless pieces of Sh$:.Version: 3.33.3

RubbishI can’t remember the time I was last able to connect my Fossil watch with this app. Which is why I stopped using the watch as it was dumbed down by this app. My smart watch couldn’t do anything more than just tell the time. Not very smart is it? Just a watch. It can’t even tell the right time since it synchronises with my phone’s region when I travel around the world. A real let down. I suppose I’ll get myself a proper smart watch like the Apple watch..Version: 3.18.14

TerribleI have this app for 2 days and I’m already incredibly angry how such a thing is not compatible with my smart watch at all times!!! I used to have Fitbit before and I was really happy. Got new beautiful watch for Christmas and after downloading this app I am very disappointed! There is no collaboration between the app and the watch. When my watch lose Bluetooth connection it says to open the app to continue to connect. However, the app doesn’t detect any watch and there is no option to connect or refresh the page. Very very very disappointing!!!!.Version: 3.46.115

2 x Fossil Watches rendered uselessHubby bought myself and daughter an expensive Fossil watch each and this program has never worked properly for them. Lots of money down the drain. Up your game!!!!!! Lots of dissatisfied customers. Fossil themselves should be disgusted. Provide a program which actually compliments your watches and runs them properly..Version: 3.29.52

No love, only HATEI have never been so frustrated with a “smart” watch and it’s software. I have a Fossil watch that was purchased as a gift some years back. For 4 days I have been trying to get it to connect and stay connected. I have had no such luck. I have reset the watch. I have updated the watch software. I’ve updated the software on my phone. I found a page on troubleshooting this very problem with connecting. That didn’t help unfortunately. I feel bad because I didn’t try to wear the watch sooner. It’s unfortunately out of its return policy. I would put it for sale but the buyer would only leave me a bad review because these watches and their software is absolute trash. The watch is beautiful, if you just want something to look at. I thought it was because I was using my apple iPhone. So like a fool I switched to Samsung just to be able to use this watch. To my surprise it didn’t work any better. So I took the Samsung back and went back to using my iPhone. This watch has connected and disconnected 4 times while writing this review. My daughter has a knock off snartwatch she got from TEMU and it works like a charm. What a waste. Now I have this nice looking paperweight watch..Version: 3.47.145

Can not connect to google accountPhone and watch will connect but will not let me log into my google account. It just says connection failed and there is no option for trouble shooting.... watch needs google account for a lot of things.Version: 3.7.48

One job and it’s not done wellIt makes no sense to me who you can’t edit the watch faces in the app. It would be much easier. This could be far better if some thought was put into it..Version: 3.18.14

Garbage app since updateApp won’t let me change watch faces, Doesn’t send notifications anymore for texts or calls Very glitchy Always disconnecting Complete garbage app Buy an Apple Watch, save yourself the stress.Version: 3.36.26

Never againI was so super excited to get a “stylish” smart watch on the new Kate Spade Scalloped Smart Watch. I should have done my homework. My fabulous watch requires this application to run which in essence DOESN’T “run” at all. If you are an IPhone user, BEWARE. This app continually tells me I need to copy my google account from my phone to the watch but I have tried everything and it always says failed to copy. 😡 Due to this, I can not use what limited features I actually have access to (since I have an Iphone). Basically I have a glorified digital watch thanks to this disgrace of an app. I’m amazed that with today’s market that Google actually made something so disgraceful and that so many designer brands who have introduced their own brand of smart watches are relying on this app for their products!!.Version: 3.10.13

Super lameOnly can connect 1 watch at the time!!!! Please enhance support for multiple watches when multiple brands use your systems!! Come on!.Version: 3.46.115

Fix the notifications and add contactless pay to most watches please? :)It would be good if contactless pay was added to all available watches. Snapchat notifications no longer come onto the watch either so if you guys could sort it out please.Version: 3.13.14

Issues fixedI contacted the Michael Kors access support because this is the watch I have. The replied with some suggestions and they worked for me. Hope they work for u as well. Good luck Therefore, we would suggest you perform a complete factory reset and hope it solves the problem. Please follow the instructions below step by step: · Update your iPhone to the newest iOS 11.3 · Fully charge your watch and your phone · Go to Wear OS by Google app>Advanced Settings>Disconnect Bradshaw or Forget Watch · Go to your iPhone Settings>Find Bradshaw under My Devices>Choose the blue circle with letter "i" in it and choose Forget This Device, if the blue circle is not showing, please switch off and on the Bluetooth · Uninstall the Wear OS by Google app and reinstall it · Go to your watch Settings>System>Disconnect & Reset · Go to your iPhone Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Turn the main switch on and turn on the switch for Wear OS by Google · Once the watch turns back on, tap to begin on the watch and follow the prompts to pair it with the Wear OS by Google app · Please do not pair the watch through Bluetooth directly, we will need to pair it through the app.Version: 3.1

Please! Please! Update the app and fix the issues!Wear OS on IOS is very difficult to use. First of all, most of the options are not available! and you have to keep the app open to use your wear os smartwatch otherwise it won’t get any notification at all. Secondly, don’t know about others when this app and bluetooth is switched on wifi internet doesn’t work or slows down so by turning bluetooth and the app off only the Wifi internet works.. this is a huge problem sometimes either I have to turn on DND on smartwatch or turnoff the app and bluetooth to use internet. Please update this app and fix the issues so that people who loves wear os can at least use that with their iPhone. This is truly disappointing and frustrating..Version: 3.18.14

Unreliable!!! With IphoneAs an update can google please respond to at least one comment! Buy a 2k watch and this app is totally unreliable the connection keeps failing and you can’t get it to reconnect. it’s a one star because you can’t leave that field blank ! Otherwise would be 0 Nothing has improved absolutely garbage!!!!! TAG HUER get a grip! Need an updated urgently the dropping connection is making me miss appointments and calls as I have my phone on silent. No improvement at all even called Tag customer service 3 times left messages not one call back. Very dissatisfied will be looking for my money back as it doesn’t do what’s specified so not fit for use.Version: 3.18.14

I’m disabled guess I’ll die.So I’m disabled I have this for my smart drive was told I could connect it to my iPhone but guess what nothing is happening they won’t connect!!! Guess I’ll just have to not use the features of $5000 device that I need to function as a proper human being..Version: 3.19.84

App completely uselessGot my MK smart watch for my birthday (September) was overjoyed until I realised how useless the smart part was. The wear os app has been glitchy from day 1, constantly disconnecting from the watch. Very frustrating, since the last update haven’t yet managed to get the two communicating at all. Basically £400 for a petty watch! (November now) not connected the phone (iPhone 8) and watch for about 2 weeks now just keeps saying unable to connect. USELESS!.Version: 3.18.14

Constant connection issuesYou’d think that with these negative reviews with the same issue that are over a year old, this would be fixed by now...but no, it’s still happening! Silly me for not checking the reviews before purchasing - lesson learned. I will NOT be encouraging others to buy this watch!!.Version: 3.26.29

InfoI own a Fossil Q, and at first I loved it, I still love the watch, but there are a few issues. Recently, my step counter stopped working and it now says I walk 0 steps a day. The calorie meter is screwed over and it tells me I burned 1,994 calories a day. I saw that I could receive messages and updates, but I could not answer them. This is not the app. If your watch does not have a cellular option in the connectivity section of the options, the you cannot reply to calls or texts. It still works great and I don’t have to delete in reinstall, but I wished that the app had said that some watches wouldn’t work with calls and texts. Also the app gets a lot of updates, forcing my watch to disconnect and then spending like 30 minutes reconnecting.Version: 3.5.22

DO NOT UPDATEI’m using a Fossil Qexplorist watch and since the beginning this app is not reliable. Missing Bluetooth connection all the time and getting issues with notifications too. But after the last update is wors.. the watch get freeze and is almost useless because every time I try to open any feature included in the watch it’s simple not possible because is freeze. Beside this, the wear app installed in my iPhone do not show data or any other relevant info. The user interface is one of the worst I ever seen. And is a chame that fossil release their own app but do not work with this model...Version: 3.47.145

Not comparableI bought a fossil smart watch (Garrett HR) because I’m a little bit of a watch collector and wanted a smart watch for my collection and the fossil is more affordable than the Apple Watch ( which I will also add to the collection). Downloaded the app in the fossil store everything seemed to be ok. I was told I had to update the watch over WiFi (must be able to input WiFi ssid and password). I was on vacation and wound up using a iPhone hotspot, everything was fine. Updated the watch downloaded some apps, all was well until the watch disconnected from the app and would not reconnect. Check that WiFi and Bluetooth were still connected to the phone they were. I came to the conclusion the the app is garbage it won’t stay connected to the watch. Got home from vacation re-connected to my home WiFi again the Wear Os app disconnected from the watch. This app needs a major rework. Gave it one star couldn’t give a half star..Version: 3.19.84

App has connection problemsThe app does not stay connected to my phone. I have had to reset my watch 3 times already. It will connect for a few days and then all of a sudden it stops connecting. The app also has two different Bluetooth connections to my watch. One for the phone call function and another to receive notifications and both connections do not work together all the time. The connection issues need to be addressed immediately because the watch does not work properly without being able to connect to the app..Version: 3.36.26

UselessHuawei watch 2 constantly loses bluetooth connection with iphone XS Max rendering my watch pretty much only good enough to tell the time with. As you can imagine this isnt exactly what i bought the watch for. I have tried pretty much everything from resets, powering off and deleting and reinstalling apps. Sounds like this is a problem for mostly everyone with this app looking at all the reviews. Since latest ios update at the weekend i have not been able to connect my watch and phone at all. From a company the size of google i expect much better. Disgraceful really..Version: 3.11.27

Isn’t compatible with AppleI couldn’t connect my watch with my iPhone. It’s very disappointing, my expensive and beautiful watch that was given as a gift, even can not start as it doesn’t go on because cannot be connected to the watch. We should be warned in the stores and for MK company to not buy this watch if we are apple users. Since you will lose your money. Otherwise, then update this app..Version: 3.29.52

Crap for SkagenWhat a horrible crap piece of software, doesn’t stay connected to Bluetooth it's pretty much useless! Find my phone what a joke, as for battery use on the device itself this app makes it gobble through the battery. Won’t even give it a star it’s that bad. Only showing a star otherwise won’t let me post. Google get your act together on this..Version: 3.29.52

Just disappointedI bought this watch because I didn’t want to pay $450?for an Apple Watch. This watch is $295 so you would think it would work properly. I’ve had it for only a week and it has constant problems. It refuses to connect with my phone unless this app is ALWAYS RUNNING in the background. That shouldn’t be seeing as that it is a simple Bluetooth connection. I don’t like that google did this. The Samsung watches just connect t to the phones Bluetooth without the app for them always running. My watch never wants to connect to the phone and when it does it constantly disconnects when they’re within 2 feet of each other. The watch itself is nice, but the OS by google isn’t very good. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy a fossil watch that uses this OS. Just disappointed for something that cost almost $300.Version: 3.18.14

This is not OKThis app was working semi-fine before the iOS 13 update. Now my watch is completely dysfunctional. It does not work at all. I have reset the watch. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it. NOTHING WORKS!! I’m am completely and utterly disgusted with this poor excuse of an app. Even before the update I would constantly have to go and turn on notifications that were supposed to be on all of the time. I wish I would have never bought my Kate Spade scallop watch because now I have a piece of tech that is completely unusable. If there is an update that will fix it, I’m here for it but for the time being I guess I have a really nice paperweight..Version: 3.17.74

Not fit for use with an iPhoneBought the blue Tag connected and was informed it would work a treat with my iPhone. That’s absurd, it doesn’t work with an iPhone. The phone and watch wouldn’t connect, then eventually I got it up and running for 3 minutes. At this point the watch just kept rebooting, I gave up after an hour and took the watch back for a full refund. If you own an iPhone and need a new watch I’d advise you not to buy the Tag connected..Version: 3.24.47

ConnectionAlways seems to have connection problems and not much features going on the app for my smart watch. Can’t even update the watch. Wish there was a feature you could update it from the app..Version: 3.14.49

Worst appWorst app i am not able to stay connected with watch through app every time di connect worst app please update it and fix the issue.Version: 3.30.52

BRING BACK THE FACEPlease bring back the option to change the watch face from the app like before this stupid update..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workMultiple phones and watches. Multiple complaints to apple and google. It works for a release then stops. Avoid..Version: 3.7.48

GarbageGarbage app. If I can give 0 stars, I would. I can’t even pair my watch. Just won’t recognize the watch..Version: 3.35.19

Just uninstallThis app is literally useless, save your money and don’t bother buying a watch that needs this app. It’s actually a joke how am bad this app is, feel sorry for everyone who made the mistake to resort to this app tbh.Version: 3.35.19

Better connectivity for IOSRecent update resulted in better connectivity, google fir data, but lost the function to select watch face from the app. Now on IOS you can only select different watch faces via the watch itself. No great hardship but a lot easier via the app..Version: 3.2

30% of the time it works all the time.Just unreliable. Google pay works sometimes and then doesn’t with no explanation. Disappeared from the watch and phone after a week of working in Singapore. I have no trust in the software as most the time it doesn’t work, making you look like a moron paying on your watch. I have to take my phone with Apple Pay or credit cards with me anyway so there really isn’t any point until the software becomes more reliable. Great concept just a failure to execute. Mont Blanc summit 2.Version: 3.24.47

Not impressed at allI have been with Garmin for years. Decided to give the new fossil watch a try. The Wear OS app is a huge let down. Watch doesn’t always sync properly. Sometimes I have to restart my watch to enable it to sync. The profile interface is terrible and not very user friendly. Just copy what Garmin is doing and you will be fine! App doesn’t sync with Myfitnesspal or Apple Health. Connection keeps dropping out and forces me to reset my watch completely each time. Would not recommend at all..Version: 3.28.48

Last updateI have a tag watch and an iPhone. Thanks to the last update, they don’t communicate with each other now. I have reset the watch numerous times to go back to the previous update, but it keeps downloading the latest one. When is it going to be fixed!!!.Version: 3.9.29

JunkUpdated iOS and now my watch does not receive text notifications rendering the smartwatch not so smart. Used to be really impressed with this app but now completely disappointed. Please fix this as it was an expensive watch!.Version: 3.18.14

Updates rare nowUsed to love this app but for the past 12 months there has been no new dial faces and not sure why as they used to be regular occurrence is there a reason why they are not adding new ones ??????.Version: 3.33.3

Waste of timeI’ve actually never left a review for any apps, but I couldn’t not for this one. I have spent days trying to get this app to connect to my smart watch but for some reason it wont. I’ve tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting the watch to factory settings etc. I thought it might just be my watch but then read the reviews which confirmed it’s actually just the app. I expected more from Google. So disappointing..Version: 3.36.26

All this feedback but no fix 🙃Recently got a new iPhone 11 ... cannot connect to the new gen fossil watch with this App. Is it on Apples end or on Googles? If you are thinking about purchasing a Fossil Watch and have an iPhone maybe reconsider as you won’t be able to use the smart watch to its full potential..Version: 3.27.27

Connection issuesI have the Misfit Vapour 2 and my watch always seems to have connection issues. Never liked to be connected and when it does is only connected for a short period before disconnecting again. Also have problems reconnecting, seems like I have to restart both the watch and my phone to get them to connect. There is also a problem with syncing the time. Often the time zones change even though in the watch settings the time is local but the watch face shows differently. Tried restarting both devices and that didn’t help. Besides these problems I would like to be able to be able to have multiple screens/pages. So I have the option to scroll right to Fit and right again to my chosen app..Version: 3.13.14

Google Assistant broken outside the USCan’t use Google Assistant on my watch to do anything useful (e.g. control my Google Home) or speak responses in Australia, unless I change my language and region to the United States.Version: 3.35.19

Loss of functionalityI can no longer change my watch face to a new design, other than those defaultly stored on the watch. My phone also struggles to connect to the watch now, after the update, and takes several attempts at connecting.Version: 3.0

Calendar syncing doesn’t work!One of the main reasons for a smart watch is to keep track of your meetings without needing to constantly check your phone. The calendar sync only works for Apple iCloud calendar or google calendar, it does not work for calendars added to the iPhone like Microsoft exchange/outlook calendars. This is a major issue that should be fixed and significantly reduces the functionality of the watch..Version: 3.29.52

Not bad but unstableNot a bad go at integrating with iOS. Shame you need to restart the app or watch frequently to keep the notifications working. Don’t know how many times I’ve missed a text or email because the watch hasn’t notified..Version: 3.10.13

Cannot connectI’ve been trying to connect my watch for days now, cant really wear the watch when the times wrong. I’ve been reading the reviews and I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve had this mk watch for over 3 years now, I’ve been having issues with the app but this just next level. I love my mk watch I don’t want to move on to an apple one but if I can’t connect then I’ll be switching. I just find the mk watch more girly than apple one, even tho apple one would do great with my iPhone. Just fix the app!!!.Version: 3.36.26

Bad appThis app is is useless and does not at all and does not connect to your iPhone and I do not recommend this app to anyone who is trying to connect there iPhone do not use this app 👎👎👎 0 ⭐.Version: 3.32.44

Doesn’t work anymore.Since I updated IOS the watch doesn’t connect to it anymore. Which really sucks. I used this watch a lot before. Now I can’t use it at all. That blows..Version: 3.36.26

Moto 360 Support LackingI used to be able to edit my watch faces through the app and be at least able to talk to google. New update does not even show an icon of my watch and I can no longer change the watch face to anything except the defaults and I cannot connect to google to get basic stuff such as weather and google searches. Please Fix!.Version: 3.2.57

Worst App EVERAfter many many hours over many days I’m experiencing the same problems everyone else has. Does not connect to watch and if you ever do manage to get it connected it won’t stay connected for long, disconnects after a short while and will not reconnect again. Frustrating. Hopeless. Tried absolutely everything. Disappointed my new watch won’t run off any other app but this!!!.Version: 3.19.84

IPhone 11 wont connectIPhone 11 Pro Max won’t connect to my Fossil Q watch via Wear Os. The iPhone won’t even find the watch and the watch shows the iPhone name as disconnected. Not impressed. I do not know whether this is because Apple has stuffed up Bluetooth for the latest os (my connection Audi was also not working properly) and/or because I upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now on OS 13.2 and my watch still will not connect to Wear OS and us know useless. Have tried resetting to factory settings, turning on and off Bluetooth settings, forgetting bluetooth connections. Nothing. The watch does not find my iPhone and even if it eventually does it connects for barely a second before stating it is unavailable. Watch is useless!.Version: 3.18.14

Constantly having to reconnectOnly giving this one star as that’s the lowest option. Watch will not stay connected to phone, so am having to reconnect every 5 minutes and that’s not exaggerating. Tried resetting my watch to see if that would help, but nothing. Will be switching watch soon and won’t be buying another product that uses this system..Version: 3.19.84

Michael kors smart watch returnedTried to connect my iPhone 13 to the new Michael kors smart watch via this app.. just terrible absolutely no chance of connecting. The message told me to try again and forget the device when the device wasn’t even there on the blue tooth list. Loved the watch it’s such a shame. Should have known better than to try and connect any thing other than apple to an iPhone. I’m sure the companies do it on purpose. So frustrating Watch returned and app deleted.Version: 3.46.115

Unforgivably RubbishSame theme as previous reviews and I’m also one of the ‘I never write reviews but’ people... My watch is useless because of this app. Absolutely will not connect. Had my Fossil watch since Christmas 2017. All was ok but updates on this app have resulted in the watch and phone failing to connect. Done multiple factory resets on the watch and deleted the app and then downloaded again. No joy. Occasionally it connects a start up but soon drops out and back to square one. Such a basic requirement! Forget any features. Had a Smart watch. This app makes it a Dumb watch.Version: 3.8.18

The worst app everIt made me factory reset and now I cannot use my watch because it would not connect to my phone. What a waste of time..Version: 3.30.52

Just won’t connectNot sure what to do at this point. Tried everything online and this app won’t connect. Why you have it here and what should I do with my watch now !!??.Version: 3.33.3

Can not connectYay.. I just wasted half an hour. It seems impossible to pair my watch with this app. I’ve tried resetting everything, checked like 10 times if both my phone and my watch are connected to the same WiFi, turned the Bluetooth off and back on a few times, clicked on ‘forget this device’, tried again... my phone can see the watch but can not pair with it 🙄😔.Version: 3.21.7

Bluetooth connection drops frequentlyCan the developers please try harder to get the Bluetooth connection to be more reliable? I got my fossil smartwatch for Christmas, and it would stay connected to my phone about 50% of the time. It would at least reconnect though. Now, nothing I do will get my phone and watch to pair! It’s been a week without connection and none of the steps in the “help” section of the app have fixed it. Updated my phone, restarted both phone and watch, can’t update the watch though because it won’t talk to the app 😒 I’m left with factory resetting the watch to see if that works…shouldn’t have to be this complicated..Version: 3.46.115

Solution to connection issue with iPhoneI got the fossil gen 5 and as soon as I got it I had problems. It connected for 5 mins then wouldn’t connect to my iPhone. I tried everything on the wear os website nothing worked. The fix: pair to a different device, I used my iPad, then update the watch. The device and app worked perfectly afterwards..Version: 3.24.26

Issues issues issues….I want to use wear os in iOS but after trying this on my Huawei watch 2, I don’t have much choices… 1. I can’t get any phone call notifications which is critical 2. It has google pay option but there’s no way I can have a card on my watch because it can’t be verified by the bank 3. The connection between watch and app shows disconnected at all times if I pair my phone with airpod 3.Version: 3.36.26

Not working on my smart watchI have a Montblanc summit 2 plus smart watch with LTE This application was working before the update. Google did a bad update.Version: 3.30.52

Cannot change faces on iPhone XI have recently bought Fossil Q Marshall smart watch and after downloading this app I cannot change or even access different faces on my phone?! Why is that? In the app description it says I can do such a thing. My mate has iPhone 6 and on his phone everything is working fine. Is it because of the model?? Can somebody explain this to me please?!.Version: 3.0

I hate updates!Why is it updates which supposedly improve apps usually create more bugs than they fix? I cannot get my watch to connect with my phone anymore! Very annoyed!.Version: 3.1

Poor and getting worseI have had a Huawei smartwatch for about 3 years now and initially the app worked fine, however it’s increasingly been struggling to get and keep connection. The app itself also has limited functionality and my watch have now become ‘just another normal watch’. With so many people saying the same thing for so long (check previous comments) you would think that google would address this or at least respond to these comments. Sadly I am moving on to another operating system and watch as there seems to be no attempt to help its many loyal customers..Version: 3.19.84

Useless….Version: 3.33.3

Waste of timeI downloaded this app and it was working fine until apple updated to IOS16 now I have a watch that doesn’t work.Version: 3.45.21

Booo! Terrible appI purchased a Tag Heuer watch in Dec 2022. I have an iPhone. In the beginning, even though connecting the phone and watch using this crap app was clunky, it still worked despite having to disconnect and reset the factory setting on the watch 6 times At the suggestion of the Wear OS app. Then came the upgrade in March of 2023 and Wear OS became non-responsive despite deleting and downloading the app 3 times and resetting the watch as well. The instructions given do not coincide with the newest version. Oddly, the Tag Heuer app doesn’t have such biases and pairs with my phone instantly. You see, you must run both apps in order to get the bells and whistles. Without Wear OS app, most of the fitness tracking advantages, weather and other enhancements are lost. So I have to ask - Hey Google!!! What gives ? Why can’t you guys get rid of the quirky, buggy stuff bogging down Wear OS 2 ?? No one to call. No live chats. Nothing but a broken app and a building resentment towards Google indifference. No bueno!!.Version: 3.47.145

Doesn’t work well with iPhoneAt best, it tells time. Other than that I’m continuously having to go back into the watch app and allow messages notifications, which should always be on, so I know when I’m getting messages, but it is ALWAYS disabling messages. I have no idea why but it’s very frustrating. The other half of the time I’m having to reconnect my watch through the app because my watch somehow, again, isn’t connected so no notifications are going through. What’s the point of having a smart watch if it’s never connected and not telling you when you get a message? Apple users, don’t opt for this option, it doesn’t work as well as it is advertised. I’ve had this watch close to a year. The faces are very pretty and I like the design much more than apple, but the smart functionality is absolutely terrible..Version: 3.15.6

Wear Os & Fossil watchesI wish this app actually worked & stayed connected to my beautiful watch but it never has. I’ve had several fossil watches and none of them have ever stayed connected. I’m constantly having to reconnect. Battery life is horrible because of not being able to disable media controls no matter what I’ve tried and yes I’ve done every step recommended on Reddit/google. I hate having to switch to an Apple Watch since they are so basic looking and have no beauty at all :( app constantly auto launches Spotify/any app even if I’ve disabled media controls on all devices. Drains battery and doesn’t stay connected even if devices are right next to each other all day..Version: 3.46.115

So so badMy Michael Kors watch is easily the most disappointing purchase I have made in the past ten years and the app works no better than the watch. I have had the watch in my drawer for the last 6 months and pulled it out hoping the app had improved enough to at least be functional. Save your money and time..Version: 3.17.74

UselessVery little to add. When ever you go to you google it just fumbles around and in only 5% of cases will actually provide a proper response that is pretty useless. I was unsure if it was hardware related but I have changed the watch and the same errors and bumbling nonsense prevails. Ultimately Wear OS is really really badly executed and has is so limited in what it can do you are better off buying a regular watch and make yourself feel good by giving the difference to a charity or someone less fortunate and more deserving than the over stuffed wallets at google. Fair enough there is integration with iOS, but it’s hardly fluid, so limited in functionality I honestly would not bother. Both Apple and Google/Samsung need to have their heads banged together and try to collaborate rather than deliberately work against each other as I’m sure some of the integration issues are related to the pigheadedness of these companies. Buy a wear os device at your peril. You have been warned..Version: 3.27.27

MK Watch loverAny chance you will be replying to our reviews soon to at least keep us posted on your app fixing progress ? I thought I was doing something wrong in connecting but now see I am one of many. Disappointed.Version: 3.4.29

Requires tweaking...With this latest update there is still poor syncing/connection to my Fossil Q Explorist HR as the connection constantly drops out. The app was not showing all of the notifications I get on my phone and is only showing a limited few. I found this on a forum on how to enable all/most of your notifications on iOS: I found that to enable notifications from an iOS app to the Wear OS watch you need to enable lock screen notifications on the iPhone for that particular app notification..Version: 3.6.1

Mediocre.The latest barely allows for any adjustments to my watch through the app. Used to be able to change watch face and view apps and their updates. Very unimpressed I can’t edit more through my phone. Change it back!.Version: 3.8.18

Cannot Get Texts & WhatsApp After IOS UpdateSo like most users we have noticed that text and what’s app notifications are not coming through the watches. I read online that you need to change the notification settings to “always” show preview, not ideal to be forced to have to do that when we didn’t before as I don’t want to have my incoming messages displayed on my phone for all to see. Update needed ASAP!.Version: 3.17.74

Location locationHere’s what is really irritating in an app that really should stay in the background, and that’s the demand for permanent access to GPS. If I set access to “always” IOS keeps complaining. If I set it to “while open” wear OS complains. Now I know having the GPS on places extra load on the phone battery..Version: 3.24.26

Bluetooth problemBased on the previous and most recent two reviews, I’m more than positive that the issue with my connection is the apps compatibility with iPhone and watch connection. I also have an iPhone and was told at MK that these watches will work well with an iPhone. I’ve since switched my iPhone to a newer one since the purchase of this watch and it has not been connecting since. I’ve had my Bradshaw since 2020 watch is still in fairly new condition , no cracks or wear and tear, and the watch functions well. The problem is I can’t get it to connect to my phone and have had this problem for a year or so. I’ve tried resetting the watch to factory settings probably more than 20 times now but once I click pair it goes right back to Bluetooth screen or tells me to try again. I love my watch but this is Utterly frustrating and I feel like I wasted money..Version: 3.47.145

Michael kors smartwatchFor an app made my google I’m very disappointed. It just constantly disconnects and 2 out of 10 times will reconnect and when it doesn’t you have to restart everything to connect it back. Spending £200 on a watch I obviously expect the app to work with it. What’s the point in me even buying the watch when I can’t use it properly. I actually would of have you 0 stars if I could.Version: 3.30.52

Terrible ApplicationI got this watch thinking that it was an alternative to the Apple Watch. I’ve now had this watch for 3 months and I couldn’t be more disappointed in a product. I’d like to think that the main issue is this “wear os by google” application and not the actually watch, but I could be mistaken. My watch is connected to my phone roughly 3 minutes of the entire day, it is continuously trying to download a systems update, it always shows that I’ve walked 0 steps during the day, and despite having Bluetooth and WiFi turned on “automatic”, I NEVER have access to internet. The app tells you to “tap the reconnect icon on your watch”....which gets you nowhere. The help page says to go to “wear os by google > connectivity > WiFi > add network”. It’s interesting advice considering my app is up to date and there is no such option as “connectivity”. I absolutely hate leaving poor reviews like this, but I feel like others should know what they are getting themselves into if they opt for this product. I wouldn’t waste my money on any product that requires this application to operate, until the developers give this application a 360 degree upgrade..Version: 3.2.57

Poor softwareI just bought this watch and spent nearly half hour. In the app it says everything is setup but the watch is still struck on the pair screen. Very disappointed ! Ps: Please don’t buy it.Version: 3.32.44

Poor connectivityI have to use this app to connect with my LV watch and it is useless to say the least. I can’t remember the last time I tried to connect it and it actually worked!! So surprised that a reputable brand like LV would use an unreliable app like this to support there brand/watch..Version: 3.4.29

ProblemsThat watch disconnects frequently. Also when the watch randomly connects if you are in an active call, the call disconnects. This is the worse problem..Version: 3.36.26

Developer Please Listen to Everyone & Fix!!Just got the Bradshaw MK Rose Gold watch, and I Loved it!! I was told it was compatible with the iPhone which I have an iPhone 7Plus. I had invested hours of my time to try to figure out how to get notifications at the least! I have been unsuccessful! I think false advertising that it’s compatible with an iPhone is so wrong on Googles part. They have to given false hope to people so they can pay all this money for a watch that will not work on an iPhone. Like y’all don’t get enough money?! I have to mention that I do have an Apple Watch which works wonderfully, but I wanted a variety as I love watches, and this new age digital watch has been intriguing to me. I sat here reading everyone’s reviews, and I think I only read one review that you all replied to, and that in it of itself should show the companies character, and credibility. Listen & Fix the issues y’all have promised or just reimburse everyone for their products, time, frustration, and stress etc. This isn’t worth it! Had I known I would have gotten a basic watch. Thanks!.Version: 3.10.13

Always Connection errorsI don’t even know how to fix it. My watch was connected no issue for 2 months now it refuses to work even after updating ap on my phone and software on my watch. I’ve reset deleted and re installed the ap and watch and still nothing. Really not working so should be 0 star..Version: 3.29.52

DéçuDepuis iOS 13 les messages textos ne sont plus visibles sur ma montre. Grosse déception!.Version: 3.17.74

App does not functionThe app refuses to pair with my watch. I have deleted the app and reset the watch several times and it does not work..Version: 3.29.52

Absolutely rubbish avoid at all costsThis app doesn’t work and has made my fossil gen5 redundant. Please avoid at all costs relying on this app. Google should be doing more to remedy what’s gone wrong because looking at the other reviews, I’m definitely not the only one. Moving over to apple now, as they seem to know what they’re doing..Version: 3.36.26

Iphone 12 pro max with Sony smart watch 3My Iphone 12 pro max can’t connect with my Sony smart watch 3. Restarted both still not help. Been reset the watch and still can’t connect. The watch shows on my Iphone Bluetooth list. But never connect with this app. Been trying to forget the watch from the phone Bluetooth list, but still same. Please fix the problem..Version: 3.29.52

Glitch CityHalf the time it connects to your phone and randomly it won’t. I had a google pixel phone and it worked sometimes. Now, I have an iPhone 12 mini and it doesn’t connect at all. It’s purely an expensive decorative accessory..Version: 3.33.3

Terrible don’t waste your money buying a watchSo terrible I bought a $400+ watch for my mum and run by this software and now the watch is unwearable. So buggy cannot answer calls so delayed makes the watch useless. Fix your app so people are not wasting their money on expensive smartwatches.Version: 3.32.44

PLEASE FIX IT!!So I’ve had my moto 360 for a few years I can’t removed exactly, but when I first got it it worked fine with my I phone 7 I got calls, msgs, notifications, etc. I upgraded to the 7plus it worked fine. Messed up the van in it an it was put up for about two years. Got the band fixed charged it reconnected my phone, an it was working for about a month. Then it wouldn’t connect to my phone. So I reset the watch, reset my phone, reset the app, an still nothing. I’m not even able to connect my Bluetooth.. can you guys please fix it or do I have to buy a watch?.Version: 3.28.48

Watch face background doesn’t work{"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Insufficient developer role"} This is the error message popping up whenever I try to set a background image for my watch face. Just wondering why I cannot do this anymore..Version: 3.38.174

App doesn’t work, interferes with watchThis app is completely ridiculous, my watch won’t stay connected if I leave my phone 10 ft away from me. It is excruciatingly slow and has really no features in the app that aren’t features within the watch settings. The funny part about it is, I had to reinstall Wear OS because I thought maybe that would help. But I noticed that once I had uninstalled the app, al of a sudden the watch sped up, and was functioning much more quickly. But of course you have to have the app for the watch to work. This is definitely a problem from google wear OS, and not my watch. You guys need to scrap it and rebuild from the ground up. I usually set google to a high standard with anything. This app is a joke. Since the app is so slow and nonfunctional, I had to reset to factory setting five times for it to finish setup without a crash. It spent me the whole day. And I believe that is ridiculous- it should’ve been able to set up and get working at an hour TOPS. Can we know if this is getting resolved ever so we can get functions watches, or should we all just say enough is enough and get a watch that has an actually functional OS?.Version: 3.26.29

Doesn’t work!This app doesn’t work with iPhone 12/ ios 14.6. My watch can’t connect at all with my phone now.Version: 3.33.3

Update made my watch useless.The factory reset solved the connection problem after the last update on my Fossil Q Explorist. But now the battery is dropping the charge 2% a minute... I didn’t had this problem previously. Also I not would you like spending one hour to reset my watch after every update..Version: 3.10.13

ApplicationL’application DEXCOM pour montre intelligente n’est plus offerte..Version: 3.36.26

Possibly needs an updateWorked initially, but since the release of iOS 12, it’s no longer connecting. Didn’t work too well before that either..Version: 3.7.48

Simply doesn’t workFossil watch now useless. Trying to connect to iPhone 13 pro max. Recognises the watch, asks to pair then doesn’t. Tried resetting phone, resetting watch and still nothing. I see I’m far from being the only one but not much consolation when I can no longer use a £300 6 month old watch! Shouldn’t be allowed..Version: 3.42.2

Love the watch, hate the app.I’m an iPhone user who received the Venture HR Gen 4 as a birthday gift and really loved the watch until I had to download this app. The watch is only connected with the phone when the Wear OS app is running in the background. Tracking my workouts and being able to see details of each workout is important to me. This app does not give detailed, individual workout info but groups an entire day’s activities together making it hard to distinguish what I only accomplished during the workout. Instead I have to log on to google fit on a computer to see more in depth. I also do not understand the concept of “heart points” and “move minutes”. Seems like an attempt to make the app and watch sound more complex than it actually is. There’s no new or interesting information that the app tells me which makes this app’s only use to be a gateway between my phone and watch..Version: 3.6.1

Terrible appI have a fossil watch and trying to use this horrible space taker of what they call an app is the worst part of owning the watch Never connects to watch ...half the apps on the watch don’t pair to app.Version: 3.30.52

Software is unreliableThe software has intermittent bluetooth connectivity issues. The solution is to delete the software and download it again and again and again. Get your act together developers software needs to be reliable and seamless. very poor..Version: 3.45.21

So frustratingWorked ok until I updated phone to iOS 12.1. Now my watch will not connect via Bluetooth. Have tried absolutely everything including reset to factory settings, re-installing apps etc etc. please fix.Version: 3.9.29

I didn’t think it possible!I have an LG Urbane II which did work with my iPhone. Between Apple’s updates and Google’s updates I now have a worthless hunk of technology! Even when it worked the functionality was minimum, but bearable (I.e. no ability to answer texts or calls or download apps for the watch; which I’m sure was an Apple restriction). It did however it did receive texts and emails, monitored my steps etc, and looked like a traditional watch. Now it just sits there unable to connect at all. Googles update really worked out the bugs al right!! I had to give it 1 star because the system wouldn’t let me give none!! Not everyone wants an Apple Watch!! Thoroughly disgusted!!!.Version: 3.7.48

Disconnected from my Suunto 7 watch!While I have my Suunto 7 worn on my wrist and connect it to my iPhone, it is disconnected after a while and doesn’t let me to have incoming notifications on my watch! I know this happens when I don’t touch my watch screen or any of its buttons for a while but this is not acceptable as I always need to be connected to my iPhone as long as it is on my wrist..Version: 3.36.26

UselessMy LV Tambour watch won’t reconnect with my IPhone 12. Tried everything and waisted so much time go nothing. Very frustrating and absolutely useless..Version: 3.35.19

Google. The “if it works break it” people.Another fine example of, out of touch with reality outside the west coast of america, software from the clueless bum muffins @ ABC/Google. The crap factory people. The whats new features of this is app. Its a c&p for years..Version: 3.33.3

Don’t buy a smartwatch using Wear OS!I spent £300 on a new fossil smartwatch only to find out people have been having issues since last year. Can’t connect to my phone and when it does connect it disconnects soon after. I’ve seen thousands of people with the same issue and still it hasn’t been fixed by a large company such as google? Scandalous..Version: 3.24.26

Update required urgentlyI wish I had read the reviews before I purchased the latest Huawei gt2 watch. Will not pair with iPhone on os 13.3.1 Can u please update tomorrow?.Version: 3.19.84

IPhone 12 MK Sofia modelThe connection with this watch to my phone is terrible, terrible, terrible. They said it was compatible with iPhone . but I don’t really think that it is. This was false advertisement. I spent a whole entire day and a half reconnecting and connecting. I had reset to my watch to the factory setting at least 4 time . My Bluetooth cannot pair with this app . And it’s is constantly disconnecting. I am unable to get notifications. My phone is brand new and the watch is brand new . This system is poor .I don’t think there was enough testing done before this watch and app was launch.I don’t recommend this for anybody please save your money do not download this app if you are an iPhone user unfortunately your best compatible smart watch will be an iPhone smart watch. Until this system has worked out all the glitches.Version: 3.29.52

Can’t keep MK Lexington 2 syncedGot my Michael Kors Lexington smart watch after pining for a nice semi-flashy (I’m not to Rolex status) Michael Kors smartwatch. First time ever treating myself to jewelry. First piece of jewelry I’ve owned. So excited. Setup went fine. But within 45 min it lost connection with just the app. Still showed as discoverable from the Bluetooth list an and still synced outside the app but for some reason this app wants its own rights to your Bluetooth and wants you to sync in the app to access the watch controls from your phone and, the main reasons to get a smart watch, see notifications and respond to them if i want to on my watch. Also makes a mess of your Bluetooth list making two or three instances of my watch as seperate devices to connect to. First google app I have come acros that disappointed me.Version: 3.24.47

Expected moreThis app feels like a test rather than a production application. I choose not to log into a google account - don’t have one - during my setup. Maybe that’s the reason??. There are no features in the app itself that isn’t already in the watch. The app successfully loaded my contacts. However, you cannot dial out to a contact from the watch. Calls show up on the watch, you can even accept calls, but that’s it! You cannot talk to the caller from the watch - guess there’s a phone for that. Very slow connecting to the watch! Also, have to force connect with the watch and app after some time of inactivity. Hope the final product comes out soon!.Version: 3.29.52

Someone needs to create an Apple iPhone compatible app because this DOESN’T WORKI have the Louis Vuitton Tambour and literally can only use it as a watch with a digital face. Wear OS will not connect to my watch. It did once, about 2 or 3 years ago. But never since; and believe me, I am very tech saavy and if I can’t do it, no “normal” smart person can do it. Tons of factory resets (oh what fun!), re-starting and waiting….. waiting…. This App WEAR OS simply is not Apple compatible, period. Someone at Google needs to hear this. Apple can work together with Google, but not if you think absolute train wrecks like this will suffice. This has taken so much of my time and the watch is over $3,000. Do NOT get a non-apple watch if you have an iPhone (unless you want it strictly for looks and it will do nothing but tell the time). Shoulda bought a Swatch..Version: 3.47.145

Never stays connected always a problemUsed with Gen 4 Fossil smartwatch this app bugs out and disconnects over and over. Worked for a couple months and now I give up. I suspect Apple just keeps blocking the app so you have to get an Apple Watch but still this poor review is worthy of the end user problem..Version: 3.36.26

IPhone 12 and Wear OS not compatibleI have got a new iPhone, I was on Samsung before and my Micheal Kors smart watch all worked fine, low and behold I swap to iPhone, I try and sync my google account to my watch, and after I enter password it just goes to a blank screen every time, I love my MKGo watch but with this issue forces me to get an Apple Watch of which I don’t like. Will this be fixed??????.Version: 3.29.52

New App- Can’t connect 8/5/21Updated the app and now my LV Tambour won’t connect. “Thanks” Google!.Version: 3.35.19

Fix your connection issues with iPhoneWorst mistake I made was to do an update abs now my skagen watch won’t connect with my iPhone 12. Appears that this has been an issue for over a year but nothing has been done to sort it. Poor effort by both google and apple..Version: 3.35.19

Doesn’t connectI have a Fossil watch and IPhone XR and they don’t talk to each other. No matter what I do to either the watch or phone nothing changes. Even better now is that my watch is trying to do a system update that has been going on for over a week. Not happy and a complete waste of money buying this watch. Never again..Version: 3.15.6

Iphone 11 Pro Max not connectingMy fossil watch doesn’t connect anymore after changing my phone :( I cannot use my watch even after factory reset. I read someone with same issues now what to do.Version: 3.18.14

Glitchy and unreliableFossil and google!! Please put your heads together and sort this mess out! Watch keeps disconnecting for no reason, it’s then a struggle to get it to connect again, usually have to try 3 or 4 times turning the phone Bluetooth off, closing the app and trying again etc..... so boring to have to do this. Now I can’t get the app to find my watch at all, going to have to reset the watch and set it up all over again. 1 star is generous for how well this works. 😩.Version: 3.17.74

Connection failsThe app does not work for fossil watch at all.Version: 3.44.10

USLESS. Nothing but frustrationSince the last Tag update. Wear OS does not recognize my watch.Version: 3.47.145

Top Tier GarbageThis application is awful, plain and simple. It is quite literally a waste of money to buy the smart watch if you have an iOS device, because this app does not work and you need the app to use the watch in any capacity. Developers obviously gave up on this app long ago but are still selling the watch as if it’s compatible with iOS - quite shameful and absolutely false advertising. Watch looks great and that’s all it’s good for, can’t even be used to tell time now that it’s been reset and cannot connect to the app! Don’t buy the watch, don’t use the app, wish I had seen the reviews before purchasing..Version: 3.23.16

MASSIVE battery consumption issuesConsumes my iPhone 7 battery very quickly using location services and geofencing Otherwise works perfectly for pairing and customising devices.Version: 3.1

Connection problemSince the new update a few days ago I can no longer connect my watch to the app even though my watch is connected to the phone according to Bluetooth settings 😤.Version: 3.27.27

NEEDS AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Very annoyingNeed a update . Not connecting.Version: 3.21.7

Pairing issues with update.Never had any issues until this most recent update. My watch will no longer pair with my phone at all. Have tried resetting and reinstalled everything but still can’t get my watch and phone to pair. Please take this back a stage or address this issue. This update has completely nullified my smart watch..Version: 3.8.18

Cannot connectHaven’t being able to connect my watch to my iPhone since iOS 12 came out. Updated wearOS to the new version that came out yesterday, hasn’t changed a thing. Still cannot connect my watch, have done a reset and tried to pair as a new watch and can’t even get past the setup.Version: 3.7.48

Doesn’t go well with Apple iPhone users at allRecently I bought this the Fossil Gen 5 watch which is pretty good looking watch who likes a traditional round watch feeling. Unfortunately the environment of Wear OS app, fossil Gen 5 and my Apple iPhone 11 is disastrous. It’s like all of them repel like they hate each other. Well guess what my 500$ is down the drain. Watch never stays connected, Google assistant pretty useless in this combination, microphone exists just for the sake of feature and slow like a sloth. P.C advise to Apple users: Do not go with any watch that is connected to Wear OS. I repeat. DON’T. There are similar feedbacks that has been given for the past 2 years and still if they cannot fix it, then better boycott the app . A very costly mistake buying this watch that uses this useless App..Version: 3.29.51

New update kills the battery lifeWhatever this update did completely drains the watch battery. Before the update I could get at least 2 days use. Now I can’t even get one day and the battery diagnostics in the app show wearOS using 73% of the battery..Version: 3.46.115

Seriously google?! Not working on fossil gen 5This app is an absolute joke. At first I thought I had been sent a faulty watch but from looking at the amount of different watches having the exact same issues it seems the app is the problem. For a company as massive as google to create such a bad app is beyond me. Especially as you’re a technology company! To buy a £300 fossil watch for it to be totally useless as it depends on the app which never connects to the phone and when it does for about 5 minutes. Had to factory reset my watch daily for the last week to try and re pair. Still not working. My watch is literally only good for telling the time and counting steps. Heart rate doesn’t even seem nearly accurate. Cheers for having me waste my money. Think I will just have to go buy an Apple Watch 👍..Version: 3.18.14

Do not by a fossil watch if you have iPhoneNo longer works with iPhone :( waste of money. Do not recommend this app or a fossil smartwatch..Version: 3.36.26

Sort of worksHave a fossil Gen 5. I used to have a wear24. With the updates to ios14.x have noted that on my iPhone 8 Plus that there is an initial lag that happens when launching the app. That and had a bit of a time getting the watch to connect. I did a complete reset and some adjustments on the watch and I am now getting really quick reconnects via Bt. So far so good. It does the basics but would like more consistency and possibly a few more setting adjustments in the app..Version: 3.29.52

Doesn’t work with iphone anymoreUpdated my iPhone and now it doesn’t work.Version: 3.42.2

Not functional at allI got this watch for a Christmas present. My husband bought it on sale, so by the time I got the watch and got to really try it, the return window had passed. I am thoroughly disappointed in this product. I have had constant issues - my watch is never “connected” to my app, my data is never transferred to and from my watch, my messages never come through, etc. It is a constant battle to just get the watch to work, let alone do anything extra like show a text message. I am emailing the support and getting steps to go through to update my watch, make things work, etc. Just spend the money for an Iwatch and do not hassle with this. I was a lifelong fossil watch person until this watch/system and now I don’t think I can go back..Version: 3.17.74

Keeps Losing Bluetooth ConnectionSince the last update, I keep losing Bluetooth connection with my Michael Kors Smartwatch and Iphone 7. I have tried everything from deleting the app and resetting the watch to factory settings and it still doesn’t fix the problem. Reading other comments, I am not the only one with this issue. It clearly needs addressing and soon..Version: 3.10.13

Worst app everEvery time Apple iOS updates, I face the same problem over and over. which is unavailability of pairing my Polar M600 with my iPhone 12 Pro Max, therefore unavailability of synchronization. I have about one month of data needed to be synchronized. since iOS 16.5.1 last update I lost all my connections with my Polar M600.Version: 3.47.145

GarbageGarbage app, with my new iphone 13 i can’t connect it anymore.Version: 3.44.10

Bare minimumI am not sure if it’s different from watch to watch but there are very few tiles and faces available. No updates to tiles or faces. Customisable tiles and faces would suffice but at the moment we are unable to take advantage of our watches and what wear is is capable of..Version: 3.46.115

Not sure what I had expectedThe app itself isn’t bad at all. I see from past comments that connectivity was an issue, I feel like that may have been resolved, my watch stays connected until I accidentally close the app. However, I had hoped I’d be able to look at my workouts, steps, heart rate etc in more detail on the phone (and even the watch) which it doesn’t let me do. It displays the heart rate over the day, but not in detail. I’m also not able to connect apps such as MyFitnessPal which is a shame. I’ve read that i should be able to connect the app, so maybe I’m doing something wrong - but at the moment I’m a little disappointed. Overall though, the app works well enough..Version: 3.13.14

Worst appThe worst app I've ever had to deal with. Phone says connected via Bluetooth but watch still doesn't connect, it's been three months of trying and still nothing. DO NOT try to pair your Apple product to this, it just simple won't work and no one helps with fixing the matter. If I could give it zero I would!.Version: 3.46.115

Will not work with new iOS updatesI have had this watch for a while as it was a gift to me and it paired with my iPhone 8plus with no problem. I was even able to connect my socials for new watch faces but ever since I got my new phone and updated both the watch and app it runs slower and does not stay connected. I had to reset the watch multiple times before I could get it to connect to my phone and even then do many of the features do not work anymore. I can’t even connect my socials to change the watch faces. I love the watch but the new updates are just making it useless..Version: 3.35.19

Software is a POS - do not get watches that use this software!I have never been so frustrated by software issues as I have with this app and connection to my fossil watch. I’ve spent over 3 hours trying to get my watch to reconnect with no luck. The trouble shoot guides are not helpful at all and I’m now stuck with a $500 watch that will not connect with the app! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT IS GOING TO CONNECT WITH THIS APP! IT WILL BE A WASTE OF MONEY!.Version: 3.28.48

Please fixI love the designs of the google watch over apple, but I wish they would make it more compatible. I see everyone has the same problem where the watch doesn’t stay connected and they make no attempt to fix the issue. It would be nice to see apple and google team up to make a decent cross platform app, but they both are too selfish to do anything like that. I wish it would work better with my apple phone because i like the design and style better than apples boring rectangle watch. If they could fix the connectivity issue then the app would finally deserve five stars, but i guess google doesn’t care about their horrible reviews..Version: 3.36.26

Unable connectSwitched from one plus 7 to iPhone 12, was able to connect my fossile watch on one plus but unable to connect on iPhone struck on “Getting Watch Details..” screen on iPhone waited almost 30 mins was able to go to setup screen and completed the setup but my Fossile watch still unable to connect even though in the app it says connected.Version: 3.35.19

MkwatchI cant pair my watch I have tried so many times. I kept on resetting my my watch agin and again, I kept on deleting the app and downloaded so many time hoping to refresh it..Version: 3.47.145

It’s good but not quite there yetReally enjoying my watch and the app however I find the lack of stored information frustrating. It would be much ore helpful if the app was able to update the linked information. To the apple health app which stores year to year data as well. The app is great to look at the days activity but then seems to loose all of this information over a 24 hour period please sort this issue.Version: 3.12.30

Interface is okay, fitness is uselessSeems to have no problems connecting and staying connected, but besides changing the watch face I have no idea what this app does. The fitness app, a crucial part of my getting a full smart watch, is beyond useless, wildly inaccurate and nonsensical data. No way of contacting any department to get help on this either, no support and altogether a severe disappointment. Will now be returning my watch.Version: 3.14.49

Hopeless and worse offAfter updated the new version, my TAG Connect lost watch change function on iPhone and my watchmaker is not working on the watch! I cannot reverse back to the old version..Version: 3.1

FrustratingMy weather on my fossil is stuck on F and can’t get it back to C, have reset the watch, changed my language settings on watch and phone and still won’t change, very frustrating as it is one of the features I like to use.Version: 3.13.14

HorribleSince the new ios update my fossil watch got randomly unpaired with the app, I did the full manufacture reset and just doesn’t want to link. This is very disappointing considering the whole point of getting the smart watch was to get my notifications on my watch. I would give this a minus 10 stars..Version: 3.29.52

Disconnected phone problemThe disconnected phone problem is if you close out of the app it will disconnect your watch. I have had the same problem as most people but I went to the fossil store today and they even replaced my watch. I walked out of the store and it disconnected again. I have a habit of closing out all my apps when I put my phone away and when it tells you to check your notification to reconnect your phone you just scroll to look at your notifications on the watch, open the app on your phone, hit the notification on the watch and then hit reconnect. It will reconnect your phone. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and i was starting to get really irritated with the watch for that disconnect reason. So if you leave the app open on your phone and just keep it running in the background you shouldn’t have any more problems. I called the store and let them know. They need to make this issue more known and how to fix it. Now I just got to get used to leaving it open on my phone..Version: 3.18.14

No connectionRecently upgraded to the iPhone 11 pro from a Xs Max This watch usually goes in and out of connection a lot and I’ve been dealing wit it wasn’t too bad just a little annoying, but since my upgrade it won’t connect at all. I get through the pairing and it shows my phone in the Bluetooth on my watch but it still won’t connect it just says unavailable. I’m highly disappointed and at this point wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, it’s a waste of money i should of just got the Apple Watch but I really liked the design for the price smh..Version: 3.17.74

GarbageI have a fossil watch can’t even connect to iphone.Version: 3.35.19

What’s the point?Purchased my watch today.. connected and all seemed good for about an hour. The watch has disconnected and will not connect no matter how many times I try. I’ve had to factory reset the watch over 5 times to try get it working and still no luck. Has anybody got a fix for this or shall I just return the watch? My head is ready to go.Version: 3.24.47

Would give it zero if I couldNew update…. What has happened to the app??? I accidentally blocked WhatsApp notifications coming through on my watch and when I try to change the settings on the app (like I’ve done in the past) there is no way to change it back! How am I supposed to unblock the notifications??? Update…. After getting massively frustrated with my watch refusing to connect to my new phone, I tested it out on my old phone (which I never had a problem with). However, it refused to connect to that too which was strange. So… I completely reset my watch and started it as a new one. I finally managed to get it to connect (I did have to connect it to an old phone first and then it finally connected to my new one). It’s working fine now but can be a little slow but that’s not the apps fault. Glad it’s sorted but it took a while. Since upgrading to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the app refuses to connect to my watch! I then tried on my previous phone which was an iPhone XS Max and the same issue there too! Obviously the app is not compatible with iOS 15 so the watch won’t connect to anything!! I’ve tried everything and my watch is now useless!! You need to sort this out!! I like my watch!.Version: 3.45.21

Not compatible with Galaxy Watch 4Unfortunately it is not compatible with the Galaxy Watch 4, despite supporting wear os 3. Given that the new Montblanc Summit 3 Watch will support wear os 3 on iPhone, there is no reason it shouldn’t support this app..Version: 3.44.10

Do better for us!I have a Diesel Axial (comparable to Fossil Gen 5) and it took some trial & error to get things to be ok for my day to day use. A lot of users don’t know that iOS users have to keep Wear OS open in the background at all times while watch is in use. If I allow my watch to receive calls through the speaker, my watch will disconnect after an hour or 2, so I didn’t connect that feature and my watch stays connected. iPhone users can’t respond to messages and atm there’s no work around for our normal text messages. But, for what I need this watch for: important news alerts, text message notifications, weather, counting steps and remote control for music on my phone... my watch has been working as great as Wear Os allows it. Looking forward to future improvements for us non-iwatch fans!.Version: 3.29.51

One of these companies leaked my information!!I downloaded Facer, wear is by Google and the fossil app within the same time frame. These are the only new apps I downloaded in months and the watch is the only new device Ive got in years. And within a few hrs I was getting notifications saying my information has been compromised and recommended I change my passwords. At first I thought it was just a mistake because I used a new device cuz of the watch. But then a few days later I got a notification saying someone was using my FaceTime and all my accounts I signed into said my password was used on a foreign device and recommended I change my passwords..Version: 3.45.21

My fossil watch is now junk!It work connect to my iPhone XR. I factory restarted my phone and now it won’t find it at all and I can’t even use it like digital watch as it stuck trying to connect to something. It’s basically junk now!.Version: 3.18.14

Doesn’t work with iPhone… I can’t download my workouts…I want this app to work so bad, I love my Suunto itself, but I’m getting so frustrated with the app not working with my iPhone that I am thinking of selling the watch and getting the Apple watch (which is way less cool, and are so ugly, and don’t have the durability and sports options so I’m so sad I’m getting to that point. I recently damaged my iPhone so I have a replacement until the new one comes out and I can’t connect my watch to it at all. It says my phone isn’t available or discoverable and keeps telling me that I need to use the wear OS app to use the Suunto app. Then say I need to hit the Bluetooth icon to reconnect and then doesn’t connect. I ended up repairing my phone and lost my bike ride for the day that I was really looking forward to tracking. I don’t know. I wish it could just Bluetooth connect to the Suunto app, I would warn most of my friends with iPhones to not even bother getting the watch at this point..Version: 3.35.19

Watch faces, and more optimization optionsPlease, please add more watch faces, one of the very few things, very wrong with this app; and please add more options for optimization of the smart watch. Especially for Huawei watches..Version: 3.47.145

Absolute doo doo performance with iPhoneI’ve had my MK watch since they first launched. At the time, I had a Samsung and everything was perfect. The sync was quick, setup fine and functionality after that was perfect. I switch to iPhone and that all goes down hill. Bluetooth is dropped ALL THE TIME. Doesn’t matter the distance. As a matter of fact, I just restarted my watch, re-paired the watch with my iPhone, and it literally dropped after 15 minutes of reconnecting, updating, and getting my preferred displays back in order. The devices are literally two inches apart and they dropped connection. The watch tells me to fix the issues in the app, and the app refuses to pair with the watch. I can’t access any of the smart features because they will not pair to my phone. Oh, and when it does work (for the lucky five minutes I might get out of this useless app) it slows my watch down a significant amount. So for now, I just wear the watch when I go out without it being paired because I just don’t have the patience to deal with the uselessness of the one job the app is supposed to perform. I recall a time when I was able to listen to music from my smart watch from my phone even a great distance away. This app does not support Apple products - NOT AT ALL..Version: 3.45.21

Google, of all companies, how did you screw this up?WearOS is absolutely horrible. I wasn’t expecting iOS when I bought this. I was prepared for something subpar. But this is absolutely terrible. It simply does not work. There is nothing refined about this. My Fossil watch is literally just a watch, that is all. Will not stay connected, need to setup over and over again, cannot get text notifications on iOS, must have the app open on phone to connect. This is just sloppy work that seems to have been tested prior to release. Google, please actually use this, for a while, before stating it will work on iOS. Fossil, you could easily charge more for the watch if need to pay for an OS that actually works. This is terrible..Version: 3.19.84

Loads of errors, does not keep watch connected, barely functional!Unable to sync with Google account, despite following troubleshooting on the Google Forums and resetting phone & watch 5 times! When you connect to the watch you aren’t able to keep a persistent connection. Don’t bother setting up calling from the watch- it will create a dual Bluetooth connection and you’ll never be able to connect to Wear OS again. I am shocked that Google releases such an inferior product. I can’t advise anyone get anything other than an Apple Watch because of these issues rendering any other watch unusable with an iPhone. Shame!.Version: 3.22.1

Connection to LV Watch Failed!I have reset & updated both the app and watch multiple times. It worked on the first connection then fails to connect on the next day..Version: 3.6.1

Won’t connect to my Michael kors smart watchWon’t connect my Bluetooth from my iPhone 14 max pro to my Michael kors Bradshaw smartwatch! I’ve done everything the instructions say to do and still won’t pair!.Version: 3.44.10

RubbishThis App never connects to the watch as much as you try it never connects when you do connect it will disconnect immediately would have give it 0 stars if I could they need to sort connectivity with iPhone cause at the moment it’s rubbish and sort the watch face out as well should be way more than those crappy basic ones.Version: 3.42.2

Works alright, could use more featuresDoes work quite alright, although there are a few options that are still missing. It should for example be able to personalise the drop-down menu on the watch, either from the watch itself or from the phone. Connectivity from phone to watch works well, but the wi-fi on the watch keeps disconnecting, which is annoying. Apart from that, the connection draws a lot of battery from both watch and phone, but that is probably due to todays bluetooth standards..Version: 3.13.14

DOES NOT WORK WITH IPHONEUpdated my phone to the 13 pro max. I am no longer able to connect my phone to the watch I’ve tried resetting everything. This app sucks.Version: 3.36.26

Can’t alternate watches without resetting them to factory settingsI own an Apple Watch for daily use, but my husband got me a Rose Gold Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch for Christmas. Other than basic notifications and apps, there isn’t much it can do with iPhone, but I still love it as an elegant alternative. The downfall is that my husband got me a beautiful Michael Kors Access Sofie Pave Silver toned smartwatch (which I fell in love with!) for our anniversary, but whenever I link a watch to Wear OS it erases the other watch info. If you want to switch watches you need to reset your watch to factory settings, then link it again (which in turn erases the other one again). It’s pretty frustrating... I think it should provide a way to switch watches in a more user-friendly, seamless way. I’ll change my rating if they do..Version: 3.2.57

Not fit for purposeHow manufacturers of the smart watches that rely on this app can get away with selling their watches is beyond me! Never again! The biggest waste of money ever. Michael Kors never reply to support queries either. Do yourself a favour, spend a bit more and get an I-watch. ‘Temperamental’ would be a kind review. It simply doesn’t work with any consistency..Version: 3.39.30

PatheticThey don’t even deserve a star. Can’t even connect or update my watch. My watch is useless. Pathetic wear OS. Shame on Google. My diesel watch now is useless because of wear OS not able to update or anything on the watch!!!! Legal action will be taken for making my watch useless..Version: 3.47.145

Terrible appI have 2 MIchael Kors watches and it will only connect with one. If I want to wear the other one I have to delete the previous watch or delete the app to load other watch and start again as it won’t recognize any watch. Very frustrating. Spent a lot of money on the watches and you can’t even sync them properly. Fix this issue Google!!! We are in 2020 lift your game!!.Version: 3.24.26

Won’t connectMy watch will connect to phone but app won’t don’t know what the issue is all is meant to be compatible as per troubleshooting and first time connection instructions. Please fix.Version: 3.6.1

Its IOS's Fualt the Primary Features Don't WorkI love my Fossil Q Explorist. The watch looks great and the apps functionality is ideal, but that was before I bought an IPhone. Andriod has everything polished while Apple has everything broken. My Andriod stayed connected to my watch all the time, allowed me to send texts, and actually get notifications. My watch only connects to my IPhone when the Wear OS app is open. Even then the functionality is limited to seeing notifications, not interacting with them. Lastly, I don't know why but my watch battery drains faster when connected to my IPhone, I found it easier to leave my watch disconnected throughout the day and only connect it to wifi when I'm home..Version: 3.16.12

Connection issuesConnectivity is a major problem. Can’t enjoy the product. It’s extremely frustrating..Version: 3.29.52

Watch doesn’t stay connectedParroting all other reviews that state that the watch doesn’t stay connected to phone. my app is up to date and running in the background. iOS is up to date. ive tried resetting my watch and phone at the same time and pairing and unpairing my phone. edit: finally got my watch and phone to stay connected all day. not sure what was different about this most recent round of resetting/unpairing but it works. for now. upgrading app from 1 star review to 3 stars..Version: 3.35.19

Won’t connectIt used to connect to my old phone but now that I have an iPhone 14 it won’t connect at all..Version: 3.47.145

Connection issuesEver since upgrading to an Iphone 12, watch no longer connects to app. After trying every process, nothing has been solved..Version: 3.35.19

Why are companies allowed to sell watches that use this app?I’ve paid over £300 for a bracelet that looks like a watch! it’s a MK one so not a cheap brand and i’ve tried every way possible to connect the darn thing and nothing. surely the companies are just as bad as you’d expect the best all round from such brands. this needs sorting asap UPDATE As someone else mentioned she connected to an old phone then it worked. so i tried it. connected to partners samsung. then tried again and i now can use my watch. but my god google pull your fingers out ya backside and sort it out. so limited in what you can do and it runs so slow! if i was named designer brand above i’d be ashamed at the partnership. a brand known for elegance and being associated with this app is laughable. or maybe we’re the ones being laughed at for buying them 🧐.Version: 3.36.26

Absolute rubbishIt’s about time this app was either fixed properly or consigned to the bin. Each time I lose connectivity I have to ring LVMH to get my Tag connected watch reset. Nothing in this app works properly. I cannot get it to connect to my iPhone 11, just keep getting a message saying make sure OS Wear is switched on and in range when both the watch and the phone are side by side. As I say Absolute Rubbish!.Version: 3.24.26

It’s okayFor some reason whenever I connect this to the app will not connect to the Internet my watch even though it’s not just one watch I tried my other fossil watch for some reason it keeps disconnecting on the iOS thing and it won’t connect to the Internet it’s really annoying so it’s not just one watch either and I tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it they just won’t do anything it will just say it’s not connected when it is and please can you fix this with another update because it’s just really annoying when I have to connect to my tablet because I’m not near my tablet all the time I’m near my phone all the time which is my iPhoneIt’s been really annoying so please fix it it was working fine before but for some odd reason with the new update it started to not work with the Internet thanks.Version: 3.29.24

Expensive frustrationWould you like to buy a really expensive smart watch that results in constant disconnections, needing to reset to factory settings all the time and getting so mad with trying to get it to work it ages you? Well look no further than getting a google OS watch. Google, reach out and help me please. This is not acceptable and okay to have products that are expensive to only have problems and frustrated customers..Version: 3.36.26

So so BAD!!!This is the most useless app ever and I feel so bad for brands like fossil who have some lovely smart watches who have to rely on this for it to work!!! I now have to return the watch. It’s just not good enough GOOGLE! Get your techies to sort this out please. You have the resources and frankly, if others rely on your os for their products to work, it’s only fair you ensure it does so. Really disappointing effort considering in other areas, you are pioneering... it just doesn’t equate..Version: 3.29.51

IOS 14, cannot add account to my watch anymoreI had an iphone 6s paired with my polar M600. Got a new iphone SE, no luck connecting to my watch. After resetting my watch to start a clean pairing process, I heat the blank page when I try adding my google account to my watch. Installing firefox or chrome to see if safari latest security update was the issue did not solve the problem. However I can now see that the signing fails with “bad request, error 400”. Hope this gets fixed soon..Version: 3.29.52

🚨🗣Beware this app is complete trash!!! 🗑👈🚨This app is completely useless and it's trash just like its developers of this app. It rightfully belongs in the trash can with Oscar the Grouch. Any watch that is associated with this app PLEASE DON’T BUY IT AND WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! 🚨🚨🗣Beware I have warned you!!!!👈🚨🚨.Version: 3.29.52

Whatsapp not compatibleIt would be great if I could receive notifications from a broader range of apps, including WhatsApp..Version: 3.29.52

NotificationsI no longer get my notifications on my watch since I updated my IOS..Version: 3.18.14

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Wear OS by Google works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Wear OS by Google.

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