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Wear OS by Google app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wear os by google?

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Please add Connected account Login/ LogoutI would like to use my different Instagram account to log in and have a photo from It for the watch face but i do not see any option to log into another account. The app needs to be updated and need some work. Plus, it will be better if we see less factory installed apps. Because the Watch (Fossil QGen4) lags alot if we install something. I hope developers will fix this issues and All the best.!.Version: 3.10.13

Nice enough appAlways instigate the Bluetooth connection from the watch. If all fails put the watch on airplane mode and give it a minute before connecting.(ensure Bluetooth is on on the phone, check the sign on top right hand corner) Work everytime after that. App can be improved. But work when you get your head around it..Version: 3.10.13

Good app but need more featuresI like this app it is really user friendly. However it has very limited features. Please add more features so that I can access it on my Michael kors smart watch and please add more watch faces with new designs and added features. Keep up the good work 👍🏻.Version: 3.35.19

Great But needs improvementLike This app connects to my phone Bluetooth but the app need to be open all time and click the message on your watch,I guess that’s okay because it an iPhone with An Google Watch So Im Okay Better Than Apple’s Watch..Version: 3.36.26

BackupGreat, works well now that it’s connecting to my watch correctly. Be nice if I could get the info on my watch backed up to my phone..Version: 2.9

IPhone X maxI just bought a Movado conect 2.0 In Rose gold and downloaded the wear OS app. At first, I was a little disappointed when I read the reviews that you couldn’t get messages or calls if you had an iPhone but I love Movado watches and I wasn’t going to return it. At first, I wasn’t able to get text or calls but after syncing my email account I was able to get all my contacts, text messages on my watch as well as calls. I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this; but I’m able to read all texts on my watch as well as take the calls on my watch. I can talk and they can hear me but I can’t hear them on my watch but I didn’t buy the watch to talk to people for that I have my phone. I’m happy with just been able to read the texts on my watch and been able to see who’s calling me before I pick up my phone. I have no problems with connectivity so far, my watch has stayed connected the whole time and I get all my emails and calendars appointments. I can track my heart rate and steps as well as calories. I love this watch. So far no problems..Version: 3.18.14

IOSConnections beaucoup plus stable qu’auparavant, durée de la batterie de la montre améliorée.Version: 3.9.36

Works very well on my iPhone XRSo I've seen some bad reviews. I've personally had almost no issues with my Fossil Q Explorist 3rd Gen. Sure, it doesn't reply to iMessages, texts, or Instagram. However, it replies to messenger and telegram without issue. It also syncs fitness data and notifications without issue. My one thing is that I wish Google would integrate with HealthKit so my steps sync over to the native health app. Otherwise, loving the experience..Version: 3.12.30

Upgrade that worksPrior to Christmas was considering selling my Tag Connected 45 Modular as the App was not play game with the IPhone X. Frustrating to say the least. It would appear that the problem has been sorted. I now have a watch which can be used as intended. It would be great if the App continued to develop as the can only be positive..Version: 3.11.27

FossilQ Gen4-turn on always on for watchI previously had a Samsung and just recently decided to try the new iPhone. I’ve used a fossil smart watch for over a year and never had issues with my galaxy. I noticed with the iPhone the watch wouldn’t stay connected unless the app was open in the background. I did some research and called fossil and couldn’t figure it out. I noticed that the “always on” feature for the watch face was turned off, where the watch wouldn’t display anything unless it was tilted awake(I had this feature turned on w my galaxy) Once I turned that setting on it seemed to stay connected! I do think there could be some improvements, but as long as it stays connected like it is now, I’ll be happy..Version: 3.8.18

5 stars for getting it on iTunesCould do with a bit of work as far as extending functionality but I'm just happy it's actually happened..Version: 1.0

More stable but still lacks useful featuresThis latest version is much more stable than the last one and I have had none of the watch disconnections I had before that kept requiring a phone reset to fix. Syncing contacts with the watch is a useful new feature too. However there is still much to do to the integration between Google Wear and iOS. More standalone apps are needed, but better still would be iOS apps that work with their Google Wear counterparts. Come on Apple and Google, play nicely for once and you will have more happy customers..Version: 3.0

Good AppI got my watch for Christmas last year. When I got the app it was a little difficult to get my watch and my iPhone connected, but once I got it connected it was smooth riding. I noticed that my brother’s watch has more availability. We have the exact same watch, the only difference is that he has a Samsung phone and I have an Apple phone. He is able to text people back, answer phone calls, and a few other things. But overall it’s a great app and I have been recommending it to my friends..Version: 3.19.84

Works fairly well with ios so farNot as bad as reviews have stated, my old moto360 is ok far. Paired it, had to get WiFi working before accounts would sync as Bluetooth wasn’t enough alone, then works ok on WiFi. An annoyance is its not giving watch apps the battery life for the iphone, which is always a useful widget to see on the watch faces. I need to rest longer use, but impressed google watch players as well as it does, or that apple lets it..Version: 3.12.30

Better than expectedI was apprehensive about this app after reading so many negative reviews but I went ahead and purchased a tag Heuer Calabre E4 to see how it would work with the app. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. No problems with connectivity even shutting the app down multiple times during the day or shutting down Bluetooth on the watch to save power. Many functions and apps won’t work in IOS but there are more than enough that do..Version: 3.39.30

Great app. People need to learn how to use an app before reviewing it.This app is great. If you want a smart watch but don’t want to spend the money on an Apple Watch, there are plenty of cheaper ones running Google’s Wear OS and this app allows you use them with no problems. Of course you can’t do as much as you can with an Apple Watch because Apple blocks certain features that Google can’t control such as text replies, camera usage, etc. but the basics such as notifications, calendars, etc. work with out any problems. When people say they're watches are randomly disconnecting, it’s because they close the app. The one downside about the app that Google has zero control of is the app has to be open at all times in order for the watch to stay connected to the phone..Version: 3.12.30

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