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Video & TV Cast | Google Cast App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Video & TV Cast | Google Cast app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Video & TV Cast | Google Cast? Can you share your negative thoughts about video & tv cast | google cast?

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Video & TV Cast | Google Cast for Negative User Reviews

DO NOT GET THIS APPDo not get this app. Developers became very GREEDY, before you could use it for free and watch, now, in their latest update they came up with block that moves around the screen that blocks you from watching comfortably you shows or movies unless you purchase gold version.Version: 2.0

App Is Not FreeTo view a screen without 1/3 of the screen being covered in an advertisement banner, you have to upgrade the app through payment. It is useless if you don’t upgrade..Version: 2.1

Play barI paid for the play bar, and now it's. Charging me again.Version: 1.5

Wasted MoneyI bought the premium package and wasted my money as it will only cast local videos to my Nexus box. It will not cast video streams from Amazon or Netflix. DO NOT BUY.Version: 1.3

Be carefulI think it's a steal, download the app and buy the maximum kit and now it does not let me use the search engine, and they want to force me to buy another app they have and pay again, that's scam.Version: 1.13

SpamDoes not work Ne fonctionne pas Out of order Spam.Version: 3.0

Nexus connectionUseless with ipad ceebee.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t work at allAll I can get is an intro screen to show up. Should be easy but non intuitive interface and difficulty syncing up means I’m done wasting my time..Version: 1.10

Sa bogue souventSa bogue souvent c'est dommage.Version: 1.13

Bad appWorst app ever, its better to get netflix or something else since it never upload any movie, its really hard, takes like 30 minutes to find a place that this app works dont spend your money here Some links dont work , and it freezes all the time its pretty bad for 10 bucks app.Version: 2.1

Paid for access to all personal media and now it won’t cast them to tvIt worked well until I paid for the unlimited casting of my personal media. Now it keeps coming up with same error and I am getting no response from email support..Version: 1.9

I want my $ backMost websites don't work with Chromecast app any more and customer support does no reply to these inquiries after numerous attempts thru chromecast support channeIs. I now have an app, that I paid for because the play bar is extra, that I can't use. Can use chromecast device on YouTube and sometimes dailymotion but this app serves no purpose any longer. Constantly have to reset chromecast on back of tv because connection keeps dropping as well. Apple TV has been much more reliable for anything I want to watch and easy to use for me..Version: 1.4

RubbishIt’s does’nt load anything and adds still come up..Version: 1.13

GoodPerfect.Version: 1.9

Constant stopping and upgrade adsRubbish.Version: 2.2

Does not cast in 4kDoes not cast in 4k.Version: 1.5

OkayThe app is okay but the videos would often stop and you would need to disconnect and connect to re cast the video..Version: 1.10

RubbishLots of ads for additional services without providing the basics. Not intuitive at all.Version: 3.0

This is badThis is bad.Version: 3.2

Way too ComplicatedInterface is not intuitive or user friendly. Could not get it to do anything. Another app I’m going to delete..Version: 1.13

Improved?After praising the original app in a previous review, I received a personal invitation to try the new version. Apparently I should have hung on to the old one. The setup seems to require Google Home to work, and people are discontinuing these “helpful” assistants in droves. Google Home to cast videos? I’ll go back to Apple AirPlay..Version: 1.11

RemboursementFonctionne 1 fois sur 2 avec chromecast l'image fige souvent ! Je désire être remboursé 😤.Version: 1.5

COME ON !Normally, if I don’t like an app I just keep it moving but I had to comment. I understand companies need ad revenue but are you friggin serious I have to watch a TEN MINUTE ad I can’t fast forward through if I don’t go Premium??? I deleted the app immediately.Version: 2.0

MrThanks.Version: 1.9

Please don’t pay premium doesn’t workI paid $10 twice and is not working.Version: 2.0

GrahamDoesn’t work.Version: 3.2

DisappointedAfter updating a big banner showing up on my tv ask you to upgrade to remove the banner..Version: 1.13

Its a waste of moneyHD videos buffer each 2 min. Absolute waste of money. Donot buy.Version: 1.1

Not goodI have absolutely no idea how this works ? I find it totally confusing.Version: 1.6

Harassing and annoyingCould easily have made it to where the self insert ads play before or after the video but chooses to insert right in the middle. Wants $7. Probably wouldn’t even pay $0.07.Version: 3.2

Imposter appThis is pretending to be the old Google Cast app..Version: 1.3

Do not use.Stole the money for ‘ad removal’, Now there are no ads, oh by the by,......also won’t play any videos....... Videos are ‘not authorized’ even though it was the same videos it would play with the ads. If no stars, or negative stars was a review that’s what they would get to try to get rid of some of the paid reviews here..Version: 2.1

Don't get this appThis app is crap and does not work. Easy enough to install and get a connection but the video will not cast to the tv and the tv goes back to the home screen. I have the fastest internet speed available in the area and even purchased the premium app. Find another way to doe this.Version: 1.6

Useless app with ipad ... dont waste your moneyUseless app with ipad ... dont waste your money.Version: 1.2

Does not workIt doesn’t work.Version: 1.13

GreedyCan’t watch a video without paying....Version: 2.1

Casting movies to TVCasting is not working. Despite being in the lowest mbps. Although the casting bar appears, it simply keeps churning around and after approximately 5 minutes the Google Cast times out..Version: 2.1

RUBBISH👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 2.1

Didn’t workWould only cast advertising then stop. Used it for a minute and there were more than 6 ads..Version: 1.13

Waste of time. Rubbish. Asks for money before opening the app. It’s a scam. AvoidRubbish. Waste of time. Asks for money before opening the app..Version: 3.0

Alway cut off!Alway cut off during watching! So disturbing!.Version: 1.5

AvoidYou’ll be forever paying for add-on’s just to purchase an app that doesn’t allow mirror screening. AVOID....Version: 3.0

Sound OnlyUsing my IPad Pro,want to watch Apple TV. Only sound is broadcast to Samsung TV.Version: 3.1

ChrocasteUnfortunately i can not get it working. I have tried everything you have instructed.Version: 1.5

No controlCasting is not an issue but control stop and play. That’s just too basic. If you stop the video you have to start from the beginning again..Version: 1.10

Can’t cast unless you payThis “free” app is worthless. Completely non-functional unless you PAY for the upgrade. I wouldn’t trust to pay for an app from someone who puts out a fake free app to trick me into buying.Version: 3.3

BadKeep putting up banner to make you buy the premium pack, ill be deleting this app.Version: 1.13

Casting to nvidia shieldUsed to work but has now stoped working Iam able to cast YouTube but that’s about it I can’t cast a website I open.Version: 2.1

TerribleRarely works have been using this for 6 months now and hasn’t got any better. When the video you choose actually begins playing which is extremely rare it barely makes it past the first minute or so till it freezes or completely turns off to a blank screen. Stuck with it cause I stupidly paid but seriously not worth a cent.Version: 2.0

Sh1t sandwichOnly casts commercials..Version: 1.6

Upgrade nowAt the use of casting the google cast on my new TV....does the upgrade panel have to be in the middle of the movie I am casting....I feel ripped....hate it....Version: 3.1

Can’t get to workIt doesn’t work, I don’t know if that’s just for me of or what..Version: 1.8

Does not workDon't waste your time doesn't connect to nexus player.Version: 1.0

Effing uselessCasts the ads but not the content. I don’t mind the adds. Just play the content as well..Version: 1.10

So annoying!Can’t figure out to connect any media apps and there are a ton of extra charges.Version: 3.3

Vraiment pocheRien à faire avec cette application.Version: 1.10

Ads kill itWorks pretty good overall and fairly user friendly. But you’ll have to buy it or an add will pop up at the top of your TV screen, which doesn’t go away and can’t be removed without restarting the stream/cast.Version: 2.1

Makes Me Want A SamsungTerrible experience. Zero reason why I have to use multiple apps to screen share in 2020 with a brand new smart TV. My Samsung works every time. The Sony set up is poor. At this point as I replace TVs I won’t be looking at Sony. Unfortunate too as I have a 55in Sony that is 11 years, been through 4 moves and works like a champ. Please fix the screen sharing process. Should not be this difficult..Version: 2.1

This app keep telling enable or disable settingThis is not I can only watch espiso 1 and I can’t watch espiso 2 and I can’t click on the next part keep saying set enable ad pop or disable ad pop I did try and still not work.Version: 1.9

Pro version doesn’t work with a different phoneI had purchased the pro version for $6.99 but when I switched to a new phone, it doesn’t work. I clicked on restore but nothing happens..Version: 2.0

Too many adds in free oneHave to click lots of buttons to get video and I cannot get the sound to work..Version: 1.13

Wasting money...Worthless app I ever used....Version: 1.1

Doesn’t load videosHave it on my iPhone. Paid for the app in full. Will try to cast a video and will not load. Just shows a loading screen then stops. What a waste of money!.Version: 3.0

Wnot stream photos/ video from iPhone 8Terrible, expensive and won’t stream anything taken on camera only screen shots and photos received from others.Version: 1.8

Tv CASTI often have trouble Casting. I’d like to be able to go right into my tv & get Apps but have to do it from my phone.Version: 2.0

Quit casting my photos after purchaseBought the prion to show pics and video from my library but after a few minutes it would not cast photos..Version: 1.9

A lot of showsWhy do the movies keep jumping back to previous scenes and keep repeating? Just makes it impossible to what anything in sequence . Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.Version: 3.3

Banners and ads on movieBetter options..Version: 2.0

Without money nothingPlease dear all this is not free app do not download this app..Version: 1.12

Update ?Says to update to continue to use , but there is no new update at this time ..Version: 1.13

Use of this appDoesn’t work. Will unsubscribe..Version: 3.3

Worth NOTHING!If your trying to upload your schoolwork/etc. on your tv, this is worth NOTHING! do not even try it. I did this with my IPad and it tells me to use google home. Just forget it, it’s not worth the patience..Version: 2.2

Need a way to input a url directly not just searchSee above.Version: 1.4

Ease of use?Difficult to judge with erratic signal!.Version: 1.11

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