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Malody App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Malody app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Malody? Can you share your negative thoughts about malody?

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Malody for Negative User Reviews

CrappyWell first off it was playing the same song over and over again and it was a waste of 2.18 cents.Version: 4.3.7

Needs more Catch ContentI am top 500 on the mode Catch the best I think that It needs more content like Maps and Skins I also think that there should be more tournaments for Catch.Version: 4.3.7


Used to love this gameI got a new ipad recently since my old one stopped updating. i can’t log on my account at all, it only says server error. meaning i have no songs at all. i’m able to log onto my account with my phone which doesn’t make sense and does me no good 😭.Version: 4.3.7

Hitbox issueGame is nice but literally UNPLAYABLE on devices with narrow screens such as iPhone 11+ because of the overly strict hitboxes for the leftmost/rightmost tracks, where any tap must be made below like 30% the length of the screen’s width. This is hilarious considering how slim an iPhone 11+ is. The hitboxes at least for the 1st and 4th tracks should be adjusted..Version: 4.3.7

NoI’ve tried logging into it and I do not get any mail for the verification.Version: 4.3.7

NoWhy did I spend $2 on this smh.Version: 4.3.7

Perfect game but server errorAlways face with server error is disappointing. This game would worth 5 stars if the server becomes better. Malody isn’t a free game, I hope the problem would be fixed..Version: 4.3.7

This game is litterally doesen’t let me log in into my accountTheres a bug in this game Where Everytime I log into my accounrt when its randomly logged out.Version: 4.3.7

Cant even use map editorWhen I click the create new map button the game just freezes and doesn’t allow me to make maps, very disappointed considering how much potential such a game had.Version: 4.3.7

Doesnt let me sign inEvery time I try to sign in it does not work and gets stuck on “signing in”.Version: 4.3.7

Good for what it isA rhythm game that works on your iPhone with many modes, but there are a few problems. Firstly, not all the modes (like DJ and Step) work with the phone port. The real Malody is a computer game as well, which gives certain people advantages. People who play Catch usually do it on mobile because it’s insanely easier, but some people who play key (the most popular mode that everyone only seems to care about) play both mobile and on PC to get double points. The charts are decent, however the offset isn’t universal meaning some songs can be off beat resulting in weird accuracy. It wouldn’t be an issue if the automatic offset compensator turned the offset to match the map’s before the song, but you can only do it after you submit a score. Also, there seems to be a lack of charts for modes like Taiko. As a Taiko player myself on other games, I find the mode to be a bit strange. Even if you don’t hit the drum, the Kat and Don sounds for every note still play. It makes me feel like I have auto on and messes with my timing and accuracy. I truly wish there was a way to disable this. The ranking system is a bit strange. You go up the leaderboards from XP, which is earned based on how hard a song is and how you play it. There are mods that can be fun, but I don’t know the score multiplier of each and I wish the leveling system was explained. Barely anything is explained even on the website, which only shows the top 50 of each rank and no one else. You can still search players, but I wish it were more expansive. The friend system, global chat, and challenges are a good step in the right direction but I would like to see more. I was very critical on Malody because I want there to be a perfect mobile rhythm game that supports a lot of modes. As of now, this is the closest we have, and it really isn’t that bad. If you can get used to the cluttered format and learn the leveling system, you’ll have fun. In any case, give it a try. You probably won’t regret it..Version: 4.1.1

Great game but crash on store pageI play this whenever I away from osu or step mania. Great mobile port however when I go to the store page the game crashes almost instantly which doesn't allow to download any songs at the moment..Version: 1.16.10

It’s awesome but i really need helpHi! So i played the game and it’s really good but there is a small issue, i keep getting server error when i try to log into the game! I tried reinstalling it, doing everything i can, even making another account but it still isn’t working and im upset. If anyone can fix that, it would be GREAT! I spent 2 dollars on it- it better get fixed :).Version: 4.3.7

Please updateSo I bought this game last night, seeing lots of people have Malody and saying it’s good so I wanted to give it a try. My specific problem is the fact that the Hitbox is to small for me. I don’t know if I’m gonna get used to it because all the time I literally press on a note it counts as a miss.. I think it’s outrageously stupid so please fix this on your next update (I doubt you will).Version: 4.3.7

Good game, horrible editor.The game is actually very good. It allowed me to play many osu!mania maps on my tablet, which is pretty fun. The design of the interface is ok, but not perfect. I would have give the game 4/5 if not for one thing. As an osu and osu mania mapper, i find the editor highly disappointing. First of all, the timing is long and unintuitive. After this, it is an absolute pain to place notes. The audio seems to have a slight offset, which makes it impossible to actually map unless you know the song well..Version: 4.2.6

Couldn’t even play.Words can’t describe how happy i was when i was going to download this because I love rhythm games. When i was registering all there was were server errors. I even tried waiting a few days and nothing worked. I thought this would be a good game..Version: 4.3.7

Very bad.This app is very bad for IOS. I logged in on my IPad dis does not work. I tried logging in with 2 emails and says error. Waste of money shouldn’t have bought..Version: 4.3.7

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