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So easy to useWhat a great service we use it all the time. Being able to just top into the store and grab you pizza makes things so much easier..Version: 9.2.0

GreatLove using the pizza portal very convenient they just need to update to accept Apple Pay through the app and better Apple Watch support other than this app is excellent very easy to use.Version: 7.21

Great app. Needs auto fill for adding credit card.Well put together. Easy to navigate and use. All information is available without crowding the screen. Only suggestion is to make the add credit card section able to be “auto filled” on iPhone. I would have added but didn’t want to dig out my card! Great work. Love your pizza. Is it true the owner paid Rosa Parks rent!? (The internet 🤷🏼‍♂️).Version: 9.4.1

Better than “Hot & Ready”On a busy Friday or Saturday you can still end up waiting for a pizza at a busy location and you don’t really get to choose what you want, only what’s available. Well its all changed with this app! You can order exactly what you want and literally walk in & walk out in 10 seconds when ordering through the app and using the pizza portal! The looks on people’s faces when you get your order without waiting and using the portal is priceless! LOL Why everyone doesn’t use the app, I don’t know. You should! Get this app I cannot recommend it enough! Game changer! What are you waiting for!?! Not your pizza anymore!.Version: 6.0

The app works great! Does not always include the specials!The app itself is easy to use and works great! The problem is that it doesn’t offer the specials at particular stores. Also, when ordering from the app, they gave us a 20 minute wait. We were 2 minutes from the store. There were NO other customers at the store. So, we waited just a bit then went to the window to pick up the order. They hadn’t even started our order yet! The app told them to have the pizzas ready for the given time! They actually started our order early when we told them we were waiting. Warning, the stores do not necessarily start your orders when you make your order from the app! We would have been better off making the order at the store!.Version: 7.92

TRUE Hot and ReadyMy local Little Caesars is a busy place and they don’t always have what I want when I want it. Also, I tend to want pizza at times other than 4pm to 8pm. And with Covid I prefer not to exchange money with a person at a counter with a line of people. Thank goodness for the Little Caesars app!! Last night I ordered my pizza on the app, and picked it up in the Pizza Portal and it was blazin’ hot when I got home. I tried the Pepperoni and Cheese stuffed crust and the good news it was the best pizza I’ve had in years. The bad news is I could not stop eating it since it was so yummy!! You are forewarned 🤣!.Version: 8.40.2

SupportWhy can’t we get to support directly from the App. When you going to contact us you are directed to a US site and they only give you US sites and US restaurants. What about Canada? Are we not important to you? Further, in the last two weeks I have tried to contact Little Ceaser’s using their on line site on four separate occasions and never got a response. They totally disregard any criticism, do not feel compelled to answer their emails, have no following on social media, do not fix their App, have a poor record of answering their phones so you can order a pizza ahead of time, have created a pizza portal system, which in my experience does not work as promised since most of the times pizzas that I ordered are not prepared as requested, and finally, have created an App which only works if the restaurant in your area that has a Pizza Portal but if you can find one, you have no way to comment on their service, since the App refers all complaints to a service that only works in the USA..Version: 7.41

Love the appQuick, easy and convenient.Version: 9.5.0

No picsWould be nice to have pics of the menu items on the app..Version: 9.3.0

Nothing to complain aboutJust like any other pizza place. Great pizzas..Version: 9.3.1

TV pictures of foodI usually get two different kinds of pizza and/or chicken wings every visit a few times a month and I am highly satisfied! However, the thin crust pepperoni that they push all the time on the TV ads, never looks like it when you get it. The only problem that I have with the TV picture to the actual item I received is the crust is always burnt beyond recognition around the outside. I think they should either put cheese and pepperoni right to the very end Or turn the heat down. In the very beginning my pizza did look like the picture on the television, as in the amount of pepperoni on the pizza but lately someone is skimping on all the toppings and when you get and pay for extra pepperoni, that pizza needs to be covered like a carpet!.Version: 7.31

You People Are InsaneI cannot understand why so many of you people don't absolutely love this app. I have no idea what your local stores are like, but I have never once in my life ever run into any of the problems that any of you are complaining about, with or without the use of the app. I just now picked up a pizza with the app, and I was in and out of the store with hot, fresh pizza in hand in under 20 seconds. No wrong order, no missing order, and I didn't even have to say a single word to anyone. I just walked in, put my order number into the pizza portal, and was on my way. Seriously, how is it that Little Caesar's is the only pizza place to have something like a pizza portal? It's genius..Version: 4.30

Easy User Interface, good time using the app.I don’t often write reviews so listen to what I have to say here because I often gloss over these and say nothing. This app is good. This app is well designed, easy to use, and up front with promotions allowing me to see whats new or what coupons are available without googling it. It responds like a dream, the pizza customizer is easy to work with. Maybe being able to hold your thumb over a button for a sec to change from none normal or extra would be nice instead of tapping it twice. But hey my phone screen doesn’t always cooperate so double tapping can be annoying sometimes. Its not the apps fault though. The consumer interface gives me everything I’d want out of an app like this, and more. It matches up well against other pizza apps like dominos in convenience and design, but with a little more flare..Version: 8.40.1

Little Caesar’s App- A++++++Convenience, easy use, food always ready! The Little Caesar’s app has always been very easy to use, very convenient and my food has always been ready on time or early and placed into the pizza portal ready for me to pick up, which is wonderful because the food is always warm and ready when I arrive as the pizza portal keeps it warm for you! The Little Caesar’s app is without question the best restaurant/ food app out there due to its convenience, easy use and never having any issues with ordering my food and having it ready when I arrive! Other restaurant apps I have experienced issues with from ordering my food, to paying for the meal and trying to use a different credit card then the one “on file”. With the Little Caesar’s app, I have never ran into any issues whatsoever! A++++.Version: 6.12

Easy, no bugs.Easy, no bugs..Version: 9.4.1

Very good app however...I received two notifications from the app telling me that my order was ready but I had to go to the counter for pickup. When I got to the store I was told that my order wasn’t ready yet. What was most irritating to me is the explanation that the girl at the counter gave for the lateness. She informed me that ‘corporate’ sends the notifications. I have used this app many times and pickup through the portal almost once a week. I’ve noticed that the notifications are sent by the individual store only when the employees put the numbers into the back of the portal. Simply put the employee lied to me. That is the reason I felt compelled to fill out this review..Version: 6.22

Ready to orderI love the ease of ordering pizza through the Little Caesars app. Little Caesars’ app just needs one tweak, in my opinion. I think one more step should be added to make the experience a little better. The default time isn’t always the time I want to pick up the pizza. If I had to select a time, that would make it easier than having to call in and let the restaurant know that the order needs to be delayed an hour. I’ve missed changing that several times. If you added one more question: “Do you want your pizza ready in 15 minutes or later?” your customers would be able to control when the restaurant begins working on their order. A YES answer would loop back to the ‘default time’ and a NO answer would take them to the ‘schedule pick-up’ time. Thanks for everything. You guys are great!.Version: 8.11

TomatoesI too am a huge fan of the pizza portal. Takes away standing in line & makes me feel empowered to walk past the people waiting on their pizzas....not sure why you wouldn’t use it! I did overhear someone once tell their child that it costs more to get it that way- if I’d felt more social, I’d have corrected her. But I do wonder why Little Caesars doesn’t have tomatoes as a pizza topping? It seems so bizarre! I’m usually content to share cheese only with my daughter but recently wanted to customize for myself- and was disappointed there were no options for tomatoes..... Otherwise, I’m a huge fan of all the positive changes, still delicious pizza & very very affordable..Version: 7.1

Great pizzaWe ordered the Quattro pizza today it was delicious, hot and delivered very fast. I got to say best pizza we have ever had. Thank you.Version: 9.3.0

Online ordering with the Little Caesars’ AppI was in a thousand hurries after working all day, running errands, and purchasing some last minute party supplies for my 14-year-old “grand-cousin”! I was dreading using the Little Caesars’ app because I’ve used other apps that have been difficult to navigate. Imagine my ultimate surprise when I registered, ordered exactly what they requested from our favorite Pizza place, and paid in the blink of an eye! It was ready, hot and the gentlemen behind the counter were so nice! They offered to take all those pizzas and extras to my car! Everyone loved the food and that made our time together even more enjoyable! Oh yeah, I’ll be back....and ordering with my newly-favored app!.Version: 5.1

Love pizzaHandy app, the stickers iMessage stickers included with it could use an update, they aren’t really apply at all anywhere and there could be great potential with the little Caesar’s mascot. Other than that it’s all great.Version: 9.2.0

PizzaOooga boooga.Version: 9.3.0

Amazing app!This is probably one of the easiest food ordering apps i have ever used to order food! It was simple to start an account, very user friendly to use, the options between a list or pictures to personalize an order is handy, and overall was VERY simple to use! I’m pretty happy with it so far 👍👍👍.Version: 9.5.1

Consistently WorksLittle Caesar’s has officially surpassed my previous favorite which was chic-fil-a. The reason why chic-fil-a was my favorite was due to the rewards program but Little Caesar’s app is superior in so many aspects: 1. I can submit my order and pay prior to my arrival and I’m notified when my order is ready. In contrast, the chic. app doesn’t start your order until you get to the store and let a staff member know you are there to pick up the order. 2. With the Little Caesar’s app, there is not a requirement to have a conversation with the staff members (only if I choose to) 3. App notifies me when my order is ready allowing me to stay in my car instead of waiting in the store 4. Love the fact that I can get a free 2 liter thanks to the current promo. 5. The value far exceeds the costs of other “fast food” options- I save money when I choose Little Caesar’s to feed my daughter and myself. One pizza and the free 2 liter sets me back ~$7 and that won’t cover 2 combo meals from a competitor..Version: 5.4.1

It’s just to easy to use!Your competitors app’s are lengthy and hard to use! And one of them makes you order an additional pizza online when you are eligible for a free pizza what kind of sense does that make the whole idea behind the rewards process is to buy enough pizza so that you can get the free pizza either in store or online, whenever you want it! on top of that if you go in store and try to order your free pizza they can’t find it in the system in other words you can only get the free pizza online and again it makes you order an additional pizza to get it, what kind of customer service is that????.Version: 5.1

Great App but Needs Apple Pay SupportThe app is nicely built. No issues when ordering pizzas from Little Caesars. It needs Apple Pay support. I hate the idea of storing my credit card details and it feels like a big security risk..Version: 9.2.0

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