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What happens? No longer worksThis app has been getting worse and worse over the last year. It takes so long to login every time you open the app that it’s more efficient to find the remote when in the house. (LG needs to make the app recognise when your phone is on the network to bypass the internet auth and connect directly with the device) please for the love of everything integrate with a service that knows how to do this stuff. Please work with Google Home, Alexa or Siri..Version: 1.9.23

App updateDownloaded the latest version of the app and a bit disappointed. The previous version used to display what stage the washing cycle was at and how long until the end. Now it just displays time left. Also can no longer view the energy monitoring and when you try to the app freezes, you close the app and reopen and you get a network instability message. Hopefully these bugs can be sorted soon 👍.Version: 3.5.1052

It’s not smart - it’s dumbI definitely won’t be buying anymore LG products. I got an LG “smart” AC... the instructions told me to get an LG app, which isn’t available anymore - replaced with this one. It doesn’t work directly with any smart home products - must connect through LG. Once connected, smart hub (Google Home) can ONLY turn on and off. The LG app is very limited and slow. I can turn on and off, and switch between Cool, Fan, and Economy Saver. It has a timer setting, which ONLY turns the AC on and off. It would be nice to have it on cool in the peak heat of the day, then return to economy in the afternoon, but there is NO WAY to program it to do that! It also has a way to keep track of when the filter needs cleaning... but ONLY if you check that particular feature - no notification for something that definitely should have a notification! Overall, this app doesn’t do anything that the physical remote control can’t do. On, off, change mode, set temp, and fan speed - that’s it. This app could do a lot more, but fails to do so..Version: 3.5.1713

Great when it opensI did give this app a 5 star rating originally as it’s very good at what it does. But at least every other day it sits on its splash screen when you go to open it and you have to force close. I only have two items in my “home” on the app, so I’m not asking much from the app when it opens....Version: 3.5.1231

Keeps Deleting TV’sUsed to work really well, but since the last update, it keeps deleting the TV’s. If I select one of my TV’s too quickly, it deletes it from my options and I then have to re-add, which requires me to go through the “type the PIN number displayed on the screen” process which is incredibly annoying. Please fix!.Version: 3.5.1713

More creepy IoT privacy invasion and security erosionI’d like to be able to use the remote features of products I own within my own network without having to create bespoke accounts on remote systems. How can requiring inbound access from untrusted networks be justified from a security, privacy or trustworthiness perspective. Also, why does the app copy from the clipboard whenever it starts? What purpose could automatic clipboard access possibly serve beyond being creepy..Version: 3.5.1054

Doesn’t work at all.Tried installing multiple times on different devices. Doesn’t work..Version: 3.5.1231

Never worked rightTerrible & hardly ever works on WiFi. The installation guys couldn’t get it to work, & it’s never worked right since. Only one person can control at a time. The display panel now only shows certain modes and no zones show at all. The app won’t allow me to have all rooms working at once and because the panel doesn’t show zones I’m stumped. Gone back to using good old radiators - at least they are reliable!!.Version: 2.2.91

Poorly designed AppI have two LG TVs a LG washer and an LG dryer. I have downloaded and deleted the app twice so far trying to get more than one of any of those combinations to work. Should not make things Wi-Fi compatible with an app unless you know they’re going to work and these don’t. TV app doesn’t do anything more than turn the TV off it won’t even turn it back on. Got the washing machine onto the app but it wouldn’t work until I deleted the TV app and then it only worked once before I deleted it too. The dryer has never ever connected to the app wants me to find another phone to make a hotspot in order for it to try to connect that way this is terrible they should not be this way there’s no apps that are this difficult to use except for the one LG designed. Thank goodness none of these things are dependent upon this app to work. I won’t buy LG products again if this is how it’s going to be with their app. Don’t buy LG products thinking this app is going to help you in anyway..Version: 3.5.1433

Oven DOES NOT need cleaning!Finally, when I went to App Settings, Product Notifications I got more than just a blank screen. I was able to set the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned to Every Month. I did a total reinstall a few weeks ago but still got the blank screen. However, it worked this morning. Getting notifications like Oven is Pre-heated is very useful. Old Bad Review I was awoken this morning at 4:30 AM by a ThinQ notification that my oven needs cleaning! I cleaned the oven last week and I’m still getting notifications. I’m very happy with my LG induction range. I like getting notifications for the timer and the oven pre -heating, etc , but LG, please fix this app. I got another spurious early morning notification again that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned today. LG support previously responded by telling me to turn off the oven notifications. However, you can only tell off ALL notificationsI. I responded to them with why don’t you just fix the bug? FINAL REVIEW After reinstalling the app, I was finally able to access the settings and change the notification that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned message from weekly to monthly. LG should just remove this or let it be turned off completely. When I open the oven door I can clearly see if it needs to be cleaned. On a positive note, I really like my induction range..Version: 3.5.1442

Some proof reading requiredThe app on the whole does the job with my LG smart devices but when LG can’t even proof read their app, you have to wonder what else has been shortcut.... When the TV is off and the app disconnected, it does not even read proper English. Basics go a long way..Version: 3.5.1721

It was a mistakeI think it was a mistake to upgrade from a good app that works well to this version where it is very very very slow.Version: 3.5.1231

Don’t buy the machine for the appInstalling the app was easy but getting it to work with the washer another matter altogether - leaving my number for LG to call back was a waste of time - needed help at the time - most frustrating install ever experienced- is it useful? - well it tells you when the wash is finished so not sure what else yet - suggest you look at the Mercedes ME app to see what can be done by REAL software engineers with a support app - it’s always on and full of helpful features that work every time - oh and the wash! - yes so far very pleased.Version: 3.0.1702000

Huge Waste of TimeI spent hours trying to get my washer and dryer connected to WiFi, eventually hacking my way through using a combination of an additional iOS device and its personal hotspot. Now that I finally have everything set up, the app home screen is cluttered with a giant “plus” tile to add more devices (I shudder at the thought) and a couple more advertising extended warranties if I buy more smart appliances. The app seems to be functional for checking how much time is left on a cycle, but that’s about it. No HomeKit integration, and the “remote start” feature is a joke. You have to load the washer, fill the soap dispenser, close the lid, select the wash options, and hold down the remote start button until it beeps. At this point the lid locks and it sits in a pseudo-standby mode until you trigger the actual start from your phone. I get that it’s a safety thing, but it makes the feature next to useless..Version: 3.5.1231

I’d like more optionsI’m unable to use App if the appliance turns off... you can’t turn back on and dry clothes for 10 minutes as an example. You have to go to the machine itself and turn on... so, you might as well hit the other buttons while you are there... I do like the app telling me how much time is left and when machines are finished they’re cycle....Version: 3.0.1702000

DisappointedUsed this app for a couple years and all of a sudden having issues with products I’ve added - it’s made me have to keep adding the products to use them. I’ve also been having the app not show me anything, but when I go out and back in it shows sometimes. Or I have to add everything all over. I’ve reinstalled the app a few times - every time the same issue..Version: 3.5.1713

App does not work properly and support is awfullDo not recommend products with poor support and gimmicks that do not work. Not user friendly with limited usage. Don’t buy it if you want real connection.Version: 3.5.1232

Not at all smart...I was really looking forward to start using my new washer/dryer with this app. However, the app is pretty useless with basically no functionality to set control your machine. The best you can do is to select a cycle, BUT you can change any of the option, which you can on the machine. You can also only do this if you did switch the machine on in advance AND activated “remote start”. If not done that, then you have a pretty dumb and dead washer. The only thing that is okay, is that after 5 minutes of ‘getting data’ you can see the status of the wash. Push notifications also does not work. Guess you have amateur designers that are still busy with their ‘Introduction to coding’ working on this..Version: 1.9.24

Privacy and other issuesLatest version refuses to work unless LG can track my precise location via GPS. Why? LG have no need and absolutely no business tracking my movements in return for the privilege of turning my aircon or tv on. The app is painfully slow, and seems to want to redetect and reinstall device support every time it’s used, so little use more than a one-off novelty that is quickly cast aside. Overall, very disappointing that a big company like LG has developed such a poor app, and has no respect for its customers’ privacy..Version: 3.0.2301000

Doesn't work as advertised.Cannot download extra cycles for the washer dryer..Version: 1.9.24

Dehumidifier missingBought a dehumidifier from LG with ThinQ, downloaded and registered the app but there are no dehumidifiers listed! I tried a few similar items like aircon but the product codes in the wizards don’t match. LG website plus the instructions with the product direct me back to this app. Will update the review when this problem is fixed. UPDATE - this is because of the country selected in the top right before login, but you cannot update the country after you’ve registered and you cannot register another country with the same email. I was attempting to see if the dehumidifier problem was fixed so tried the latest update with Sign In with Apple. It works on the first go but second time around says alphanumeric accounts aren’t accepted and to create a new account. At the end of that process is says duplicate ID... doesn’t seem like much testing has been done. Would be better with HomeKit support..Version: 3.0.2301000

No longer goodI like my LG appliances and purchased them largely because they had smart connections. When I first purchased them several years ago this app was good. Not perfect, but 3-4 stars. About a year ago they totally revamped the app and turned it into a 1 star app. It loses connection with my washer, dryer and dishwasher constantly. I have to kill the app and then restart it to see how much time is left. They tried to make the app fancy looking and added advertisements (I spent thousands on their appliances I don’t need advertising for soaps) and took away reliable connectivity. Additionally almost every time I launch the app it shows that my washer has x minutes left in a cycle even when I haven’t done laundry in days. It is really sad when a good app is mad into a horrible app. I wish they would allow me to roll back. I have even written them and received absurd replies trying to blame my network, etc..Version: 3.5.1433

Inconsistent and mostly uselessEdited November 2018 - after some time on the phone with LG customer service, we were informed that “sometimes the WiFi connectivity doesn’t work with iPhones.” Ah. I see. As my spouse and I both possess iPhones, I guess we are just out of luck unless we would like to purchase other phones. What an absolute disappointment and shame. Please do not bother to buy LG appliances...obviously it is a false bill of goods. ——— Sometimes, I can connect my oven to the app and use the remote start feature, other times I cannot. If I have to reconnect after a power outage, etc, sometimes I get lucky, but mostly I’m wasting a bunch of time hunched over my oven with my phone, getting frustrated as the app crashes or freezes repeatedly. I have other smart appliances that have their own apps, and they are head and shoulders above LG in function and connectivity. This one is really a shame..Version: 2.3.1403

Location data? And birthday? Really?Updated. The below items did cost LG money. LG was not even considered in additional appliance purchases due to their choices. Sorry no way. You have no reason to have that much info for me to be able to connect to a device in my own home. You’ve already got money for the appliances. You do not need get the additional info to try and monetize me for their. As a matter of fact may return the appliances just on that absurdity. After developer response. With the amount of breaches. Reallly doesn’t matter. Everyone says customers privacy & security are taken seriously. You can start proving that by not collecting what you don’t need. Other companies lawyers don’t agree with the birthday collection (which I never tell the truth about anyway) and you didn’t even talk about location data which the app asks for every time it is opened..Version: 3.0.2501001

FlawedUnable to link my TV as when the code comes on the screen I can type it in but the on screen keyboard on the app has no enter or confirm button and hides the OK and Cancel buttons that were already on the page...this flaw means I cannot link my TV.Version: 3.0.130007

Could use workNeeds some easy fixes.Version: 3.5.1713

Force users to give location information!!!This app must be removed from the App Store. They don’t need really the location information but they want it to be able to add any devices!!! My response to the developer’s response: How about not lying and not thinking of your customers as dumb peasants?!? Location permission has absolutely nothing to do with finding the network that the device is connected to..Version: 3.0.2400000

Absolute Garbage AppThis app is an absolute waste of time. These apps should be seamless in connecting to the AC, all it does when you open the app is, it starts saying downloading, id does the for 5mins, then I have to kill the app and start again, in that time I could have turned the AC on form the wall controller. The app they had a few years ago was better, and also need a version for the iPad. If I could give no stars and submit this I would.... so ignore the one I have given.Version: 2.2.7

Nice UI but hardly ever worksThis has a much nicer user interface than the old app. It worked alright the first few times, although it took at least a minute to fire it up each time (the old one was more like 10-20 seconds) but now it just times out. I haven't been able to control the AC unit from the app for months now. Disappointing..Version: 1.7.3

Vraiment mauvaisL’application ne fonctionne pas sur IOS L’ancienne version était bien meilleure.Version: 3.5.1052

PointlessWhat is the point in the app if you can’t actually do anything with it unless you have already switched on the washing machine and turned on remote access. Once you’ve already gone and added the detergent etc you might as well just start the wash anyway, but one element that might be useful would be to be able to start an extra spin from within the app. Except the machine turns off as soon as the wash is finished, and it’s not possible to turn it back on from within the app. So you can basically only use the app if you are already with the machine to turn it on, and by that point you really don’t need to use the app. The single “useful” feature is getting the notification to tell me the wash has finished..Version: 3.5.1721

Convenient app when appliances are not easy access.I didn’t think that having my appliances connected to the Internet would be a big deal, but I really do enjoy this feature. I had problems keeping the washer connected to my home Internet, but this seems to be working now. My washer and dryer are in the basement; my main floor is kitchen and living room, and all of my bedrooms are upstairs. Bottom line, I get a whole lot of exercise going up and down stairs when it comes time to wash the laundry for the week. Knowing when a lot of laundry is going to be complete or is finished really is a nice feature and a major selling point. I would definitely look for it again if I ever had to replace these units, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon as I love both washer and dryer. Thanks LG!.Version: 3.0.130013

Unable to add new device after service repairNo matter what I try I can’t get my dishwasher to connect after service repair. Deleted the old one and tried to connect a new unit and although it connects to the devices wifi, there is no option to move forward to the next step..Version: 3.5.1130

RubbishAs with all LG products, this app is basic and very hit and miss. I have an LG tv that is barely a year old and the WebOS is no longer updated in feature set. Connectivity with LG is awful, so many websites that don’t share credentials. I will never buy an LG tv again and recommend readers also stay away..Version: 3.5.1052

The poor spelling is a give awayHow can an international company the size of LG release such a backyard app? Typos/spelling errors are a give away that there’s no attention to detail. This app has very limited functionality and I’m just amazed that no one proof read this. The coding is as bad as the poor English. A massive multinational company like LG and they release an app of this poor quality? Why? How does this even happen? Surely they could have spent a tiny bit of money on decent development and functionality - not to mention a copy writer to check the English!.Version: 3.0.2100001

App is awful, won’t even allow me to select my deviceThe app is really awful, I am very savvy with I.T. Downloaded the app followed all the steps getting the TV and the device all on the same internet connection, searched for devices, found my TV in list of devices found, only to find out I couldn’t select it from the list, I was clicking on it and nothing was happening. Huge disappointment..Version: 3.0.1702000

Hard to Review an App that doesn’t even openSo... I bought the “ThinQ” dryer. Nice dryer. Love the functions, etc. I don’t regret that piece. For s#!+s and giggles, I thought I’d try connecting it. Downloaded the iOS app, opened it, and can’t get past the login page. First tried the Apple ID. No go. Created an LG account on the webpage, verified the email address, and account successfully opened. Opened the app, logged in with the LG account. No go. All I see is a white screen with “cancel” on the upper left and a retry circling arrow on the upper right. Neither selection works by the way. Even set the phone down to give it ample time to figure itself out. I guess it was meditating because nothing happened. Despite it all, it just can’t find itself. No amount of walkabout or soul searching is going to help this dryer make a connection with the ether. Rebooted the phone, too. Three hours later, I “thinq” that I’m just going to use it as a not-so-smart dryer that doesn’t want to socialize online with my phone. It’s ok. Rejection isn’t always bad..Version: 3.5.1232

Limited features for washing machinesWhilst the need to know when the wash cycle has finished is helpful, the need to know the wash cycle has started is equally important, especially since washing machines have the ability of a delayed start. If delayed start has been selected there no way of knowing that it has in fact commenced. A simply notification alert is all that it would take in much the same as when the wash cycle has ended alert. This could also serve as an alert pointing to a problem which may be preventing the was cycle from starting..Version: 3.5.1442

Stopped working and says heat pump not supportedHave used smart ThinQ app for years with our heat pump, about 6 months ago it disconnected and won’t connect to our heat pump, now I’m trying to reinstall it says the heat pump is not supported??? Very disappointed LG after buying the Wi-Fi dongle as an extra and using successfully for 2 years only to find it seems our model is obsolete??.Version: 3.0.1702000

It works, but is limited and buggyI’m giving this a 2 because it really should be better coming from LG. First off, when you switch modes, the temp resets, usually down to 60. So if you have the temp set at 70for cool and then you want to change it to energy saver mode, you have to reset the temp. The other big mistake is the scheduling. It only turns on and off the unit based on the last mode. So you can’t really schedule it. Since I have one of the AC units in my home office, I would really like to be able to set it to dry during the weekends and then schedule it to energy saver at a specific temp for the morning and then to cool at a different temp during heat mid day and then back to energy saver at one temp from say 5pm till 9pm and then back to dry overnight. NOPE! Also, it would be great if this app could control the lighting on the unit. We have one of the new dual inverter window AC units in our bedroom and we have to cover the temp readout because it lights up the room. Since there isn’t a way to control it on the unit, it’s not really an app problem... but it should be configurable! I also don’t like the fact that it requires internet access. If the controller and the unit are on WiFi, the app should be able to make connection without requiring internet. When you purchase a new router you can discover it from any computer. And it’s NOT HomeKit compatible! Come on LG, improve your technology!.Version: 3.0.130013

Randomly stopped workingIf you can get the app to work it’s nice. We have our laundry downstairs and it’s useful to not have to walk down there all the time to check how much time is left. It took me 5 or so tries to get it initially hooked up, and I was following the direction to a T, but our wifi has always been dumb so that’s how it is. It worked for about a month and then it started acting funny. The washer and dryer refused to hook up to the WiFi. I redid the initial process and it worked for about a week and now the app refuses to open. And it’s not like the app or the support website is going to tell me how to fix the problem. The app support leads to the Lg homepage, how does that help anyone. To reiterate, if you can get the app to work it’s great but if you can’t it’s just one big stupid headache that Lg really needs to be better at providing assistance with..Version: 2.2.91

Frustratingly Close to UsefulAll the pieces are agonisingly close to coming together and making a fantastic experience, but LG’s failure to listen to customer feedback has left this app being almost useless for washing machines. I can download 1 cycle at a time, but not find out much about it and nor can I change any settings; but I can change the settings I I select Downloaded Cycle on the washer itself. Ok, I’ll select Cotton from the app and change those settings; but I can’t add a prewash. Why on earth? Fine, I’ll select all the options I want on the washer and set it off. I can see the last run cycle on the app; but I can’t rerun it. Now you’re deliberately being annoyingly, right? Why can’t I save a cycle of my own? Why can’t I run more that one cycle without the washer shutting itself down? Therefore, all I can use the app for I to notify me when the cycle I set running on the washer is finished..Version: 3.6.10311

Half baked and unfinished collection of bugsUpdate to my previous rant. This just gets worse. Now it forces periodical password changes. This is my air conditioner, not a f$&@“ng financial institution. I don’t want to change passwords on all the registered devices. What a massive and unnecessary pain. ............... Seriously LG, this app is garbage. Even worse than the previous air conditioner app that you no longer support. Takes forever to load, the energy monitoring feature is always reporting a 'sever issue'. Poor layout, with primary features buried several menus deep. I don't know LG didn't get a professional company to build this, rather than the teenaged nephew of an employee. I seriously hope they get some cross platform integration such as Alexa sorted shortly..Version: 2.1.8

Never refreshes properlyI like the idea of this app. It use to work great and then there was an update. Now it doesn’t refresh properly..Version: 3.5.1231

It’s okThey have a long way to go. They need to seamlessly provide instructions to just connect wifi and register the product through the app. I now have like three registrations for the exact same product because nothing is networked together within LG. They must have forgotten how to do that. If I register the product on the website, then I obviously don’t need to register it via the app. They just don’t link their own websites and applications together. Why show the cooktop when we can’t ever control that? And why provide remote control to a range in the first place? That just seems very dangerous and a potentially huge safety violation from the NFPA. You should have focused more on setting the clock automatically with the wifi internet connection above everything else. Hopefully with some smart firmware updates, it’s not too late to achieve that obvious advantage with a wifi connection. The clock should never blink when the power goes out and is restored, we have smart meters to tell us when the power goes out, I don’t need the annoying flashing clock on the range to remind me. Other than that, everything seems to be functional, but they still could certainly improve the applications performance and automation..Version: 3.5.1232

Wifi connection setup program very slow and unable to linkI follow all instructions and was only able to connect one of my two new LG LSN120HSV5 wall mounted air conditioners units after more that 2 hrs of trials! The second unit simply couldn’t complete initial setup program. This app and/or device wifi hardware doesn’t meet my expectations. Very disappointing for an air conditioning system of that price and quality!.Version: 3.5.1713

More technology that doesn’t workBuilt a house that came with an LG air con as part of the package. Was told that I could control the air con via an app on my phone. Worked for about 4 months then one day it just decided to disconnect itself with the app saying it couldn’t find the air con anymore. Managed to reconnect it about 2 months later. Lasted another month before disconnecting for no reason. Tried to contact LG but gave up when those clowns clearly had no idea. Of course, their call centre is in the Phillipines- go figure. Builder and multiple air con companies gave me the run around and now I’m left with a piece of technology that in principal is great but never works. Just another case of the average joe having to suffer simply for not being a technological genius. It’s 2019 LG... if your technology doesn’t work and you can’t be arsed fixing in an appropriate time frame then stop selling the product..Version: 2.4.1001

Tap On not available for iOSWhy would you create an app for a product and not support the features on IOS?? Millions of people use iOS and your excluding a huge market.Version: 3.5.1232

Limited features in Canada and on iOSUnfortunately, as other reviewers have mentioned, “Downloaded” features and “Tag on” abilities are either limited of non-existing Canada or on iOS. It’s very disappointing when international companies selling products internationally artificially inhibit their products from working depending on the country, for no apparent reason..Version: 2.4.1001

Barely functionalWhat a horrible experience trying to use this app. The instructions are wrong, it asks for a location all the time just to connect to a washing machine, I have to keep jumping between this app and my wifi settings app to set things up, as per instructions. What a terrible user experience, how could anyone at LG imagine people will enjoy doing all this. It’s really not worth using this app or the wifi feature on my washer, at least now I know..Version: 3.5.1441

Pretty uselessThis is the worst app I have on my phone by far and I cringe every time I have to use it. So frustratingly slow - I've waited more than 6 minutes just to get to the current status of my air conditioner at times. For a product that is meant to promote convenience, this is the epitome of inconvenience. Do not buy an LG air conditioner if you think having the wifi option will be an advantage - it's just a frustration. Shame LG. I thought you were a solid company, but this is bad form..Version: 1.9.24

Not good enoughI have had an LG wifi air conditioner since the end of January this year, no issue with the app until today where I have tried uninstalling the app/ turning the wifi on and off my phone/ changing my LG account password and everything else in between but it says it can’t connect to the unit’s wifi even after entering the password it says to use. Not good going into winter when I get home from work at 6am and can’t walk into a warm home. LG need to ensure their app is up to scratch if they intend on offering wifi products..Version: 2.2.5

Greedy for infoThis app is limited in its use for the appliances and is greedy to mine information from your device. This app doesn’t really control your appliances, but its main use is to notify you when a cycle is done. It’s not worth it for the trade off of why I think this app was really created for. It’s more efficient in getting your private information. It does more of that than actually giving you remote control over your appliances. If you’re using your mobile phone, this app will mine your contact information, your device information, your internet active, your personal data (such as first name, last name, date of birth, etc….), etc…. Much of this data this app mines is irrelevant to the operation of your appliances it’s set to manage. After agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy consent, this app will have the right to pilfer through your personal information. Think twice about who you want to have your data and internet activity. Think about who they are selling it to. Why else would this app or company needs such data?.Version: 3.5.1713

Doesn’t workFix the app.Version: 3.5.1441

DryerHad my new washer and dryer delivered a couple of weeks ago. Every time the dryer is powered off it disconnects from internet. Cannot turn on remotely. Sigh..Version: 3.5.1713

UselessYea, sorry but this app is synonymous with my overall experience with LG’s products... their Studio appliances division anyway. I spent nearly three months trying to get basic technical info from LG so I could correctly design my kitchen to no avail. This app simply doesn’t function. The Smart Diagnostics do nothing after multiple attempts on several products. The functionality to control ranges doesn’t even display in the app, so really not sure how you’re supposed to use it or what use this thing is. Poorly executed and thought out..Version: 1.9.23

Doesn’t work with AppleUnfortunately, this app doesn’t work with Apple products, which most people have. They won’t give LG permission to use it, however, LG is also at fault here as they don’t mention this in any of the spec until you chat or call them. I bought a £1300 machine because of the downloads etc and can’t even use them. I’m not surprised though as LGs website is poor as well and has reflected in the app. LG and and Apple...sort yourselves out! It’s a washing machine tag for goodness sake!!!!.Version: 2.3.1800

Ok but pointless if used for washing machineRecently bought LG washer dryer as all their products I have had are always excellent quality. Downloaded the app. Set was very easy. But remote start for washer dryer won’t work unless the washing machine is already on ? If needs to be on I may as well just set the programme and delay the start. Wish I could place dirty laundry in machine, turn on machine later remotely and start washing this is a little disappointing. Tub clean function is excellent reminds you to keep machine clean based on cycles and not month which I find good. Energy usage is also nice feature. Only things I find the app can do -See energy usage -Tub clean reminder -Change download cycle.Version: 3.5.1721

Horrible FeatureExtremely difficult to set up. Watched many videos to try to figure it out, finally through trial and error, I was able to connect. Not worth the time..Version: 3.5.1442

Me tooI thought it was just my lack of update, yadda, yadda, general stuff that I just couldn’t be bothered doing at the time. Then I forgot about it, and now, about a year later, I actually think about it and update the app to try connect my washing machine. “Can’t connect to the network. Check your phone’s internet connection and try again.” Wt*? Restarted iPhone. same message. Now after reading the comments, I’m shocked! How can such a huge brand have such a terrible app..Version: 3.0.1506001

New update bugs - Nouvelle application bogueSince the recent big update the app keeps crashing and I can’t even add my laundry and dryer machines because I needed to erase them to make the app stopped crashing. I followed all LG’s online advice, nothing seems to be working for me to help me to add my two appliances on the app. - Depuis la récente mise à jour, l’application n’arrête pas de « crasher » et je ne peux plus ajouter des electros sur l’app parce que j’ai dû les supprimer pour aider l’application à fonctionner correctement. J’ai suivis tous les conseils de LG en ligne, rien ne fonctionne..Version: 3.5.1056

Infuriating technical supportThe app build quality is pretty good, it looks nice and it’s simple enough to add your appliance. What isn’t working is push notifications. I have tried several times to contact technical support and jump through their troubleshooting requests and still nothing is being fixed. I work in Tech Support myself and my customers would be furious having to deal with this. I get emails late at night and very early morning with some very broken English and difficult to follow instructions. Some have even asked me to enroll into an Apple Developer program to provide diagnostics. You can’t expect your end users to be able to do this - especially considering their Developer program costs $149/yr. Not happy with the service. This app was a reason we chose LG over an identical competitors model..Version: 3.0.2501001

Can’t connect with iosDesapointed !.Version: 3.5.1231

Don’t bother downloadingThis is the worst app I have ever used. I was using this app for my window unit air conditioner and everything was going great for about a week. Then when I go into the app to turn on the unit it says it’s no longer connected. The unit says it’s connected to WiFi and my phone setting connect to the unit as well but the app just doesn’t make the connection. Tried to connect and trouble shoot for 2 days while using the remote and the buttons on the face of the unit. If the app doesn’t work as it should it’s pretty much useless. Very frustrating since in that week it was working I was able to turn the unit while I as on my way home, which was VERY convenient since temperatures are rising now. I was able to change all the settings while relaxing in bed. Now I cannot use the app. Seems like other users are having the same issues, don’t bother downloading..Version: 2.2.91

Not really SmartIm the washer user..I like the idea of it.. but lack lot of things that should be the feature and easy to implement.. We should be able to start or stop cycle always (when on standby and door locked of-course), not only when the remote start is on. There should be option to edit and save cycle so that we can download and use it.. like if i choose 1 hr cycle i would love to add couple of feature like rinse+,temp and spin etc. Its ok if it takes more than one hour after edit and saved on custom name and download it to washer ... plz plz plz put that function .. I would love to see 30 min wash download cycle as-well, sometime 1 hour is long and 14 min doesn't do the job..Version: 3.0.1409002

App made by a 4 year old.Zero stars. More flaws than a high rise. (Say it out loud it’ll make more sense) To start with, it won’t connect to my washer. I tried everything the troubleshooting section said and still won’t connect, then it directs you to fill out a troubleshooting form to get some help, but if you are still connected to the LG wifi (of course you are, literally seconds ago you were trying to connect the washer) it comes up with an error that you have no internet connection and deletes your form you just filled out. This happened twice in a row. It’s been 30 minutes trying to connect my ‘smart’ washer 😕.Version: 3.5.1055

App isn’t great, but not terrible.The app works alright. The directions for connecting the appliances wasn’t super clear. But once I understood it, the other appliances were super easy to connect. Features are limited, but nice to get notifications on my phone in case I don’t hear the appliance chime. Being able to monitor in real time is nice as well. The app is a little clunky and keeps popping up with Tips, even though I check the “font show me again” box... however, one of my biggest gripes is with the App’s UI... I don’t understand why I can change the order of the appliances... it seems order them with most recently added at the top and appliances first installed at the bottom. Super annoying, because I installed washer/dryer first so I have to scroll down to see an update. If there is a way to rearrange them, it’s not intuitive at all. Please fix!!!.Version: 3.0.130013

Just doesn’t workMy LG microwave started having sparks, just after 2 years. Of course, no receipt is found. So wanted to check with this app. Nope, the app is unusable as it’s not even passing through setting up of the account - their server looks like offline. Very disappointing.Version: 3.5.1721

Doesn’t recognize TVAfter I spent hours going through the set up process, downloading this app and trying to get it to recognize my tv, it finally linked. For 5 seconds I was ecstatic and relieved. Then it nosedived. It kept telling me my TV was off. It’s not, it’s on, it’s been on ALL day, I’m 6 ft from it. I have been waiting all day to stream HBO Max and watch my show. Half way through watching on my phone I clicked the icon and it synced. Again, excited and elated! When it was over, it cut off and told me my tv was off. I contacted tech support and never heard back. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and for an hour it told me the server was unavailable. Now it’s available and telling me I don’t have any LG devices in my house. I tried to go through the website, registered and am still waiting for the email verification they said was sent, it’s been 4 hours and no email. If I don’t resolve the issue by morning we are returning the TV..Version: 3.5.1232

Not working correctly even after latest software maintenance. UselessPrior to the recent scheduled app maintenance I was able to see info about my washer AND dryer AT THE SAME TIME, while they were on and in operation. Now, I can only see the info for the washer. For example, my dryer is on and operating; the app shows that it is off. I called customer service (the day before the scheduled app maintenance) to tell them about the issue. They said to wait until the app maintenance is completed to see if it makes a difference. It did not. Plus, they didn’t even know that it had been possible to see more than one item’s operation status at the same time. It would be more helpful to have the ability to talk to someone who is specifically a troubleshooter for this app. The diagnostic isn’t showing any issues; my WiFi is connected. It has to be an app issue. Very frustrating that I can’t use it..Version: 3.0.1702000

Limited FuctionalityThe app in itself is good in terms of stability, however, the available options when you add an appliance are extremely limited for this day and age. I have a few appliances from LG and I usually have no use for the app for items like refrigerator or washing machine as mostly they don’t require an app to be used. However, I also have an LG ducted reverse cycle system and to make it wifi compatible you have to spend extra money. Yet, the options available on the app are so 2010. You cannot select zones, you can’t even create multiple power on and off schedules for everyday use. The schedule is for a one time use which defeats the purpose of creating a schedule in the first place and the time it takes the app to load the information is very slow. Overall, I would say a long way to go before this app can be classified as a good app with adequate features especially when it comes to air conditioning..Version: 3.0.2400000

Poor programmingI like the quality of my new LG was her with smart functionality. However the app is very primitive and smart monitoring only works if you remember to use REMOTE START when programming it initially. Even then the push notifications do not work. Seems very poor given that some people like me bought this brand on basis of smart functionality. Also it does not allow integration to IFTTT channels as no published API. Avoid LG if you want smart functionality..Version: 2.4.1001

Poorly designed initial steps = frustrationI select to login with an LG account. Screen helpfully gives the option to enter login details and either login or create an account with those details. After recording the email and password in my password manager, I click create account. 1st f’ing question? Enter your email. I type that in again. 2nd f’ing question? Pick a password. Switch to password manager, retrieve password. Switch back to app and...we’re back at the ‘choose the account you want to log in with’ page. Don’t developers realise that entering and re-entering data on a phone is time consuming and difficult at times, especially if you have to remember and record passwords? Why would you want your app to waste your users’ time the first time they use it? Didn’t go any further than this because given those first steps, the rest of the app can’t be that well thought out..Version: 3.5.1054

???Don’t really get the point of this app to control my SmartTV if I don’t even have the option to turn it on from the app.Version: 3.0.1702000

Why the App?I recently purchased a washer/dryer which I am very pleased with. I went to connect to the App and every time I try, I get a ‘can’t connect to the server error’. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App but to no avail. When I googled the problem I found a number of people had posted the same issue to the LG Community website. I also see that no one at LG has responded with a solution. I’m happy with my machine, but I won’t be wasting any further time trying to connect to the App - it’s a nice idea, however life’s too short!.Version: 3.5.1721

Please fix schedule function for AIr ConditionerThis is a revised review. Some of the bugs have been fixed but this app still needs a lot of improvement for air conditioner control of the new dual inverter window units. Please pass this suggestion to the developers!! The dual inverter is amazing quiet technology but the app is limited. The schedule function does not make sense and does not work properly- only one schedule can be set. Then it only lets you set a time on and off but can not define temperature, mode or fan speed. This is useless. The timer function basically does the same thing. Why bother with a single schedule with no ability to define any other setting? Like any of the other competing apps for ACs, when creating a schedule you should be able to define the following for each schedule: 1) date and time 2) on or off(not both) 3) mode (cool, fan, dry, sleep - if sleep then how many hours) 4) fan speed (F1, F2, F3 or disabled if sleep is mode) 5) temperature set point. You should be able to create multiple schedules!! If you did this then people who are suffering from the sleep timer turning the unit off during their sleep could set a schedule to turn the unit back on in the sleep mode! I can’t understand why this unit does not allow you to turn the unit on a continuous sleep mode instead of it turning off after a max of 7 hours! Please help! Make this app do what it’s supposed to do!.Version: 3.0.130011

TerribleThis app is absolutely horrible. Just spent near 2k on their new Robot Vacuum R9 Master and I can’t even connect it to Wi-Fi. I work in IT so I know my way around all things technical, yet can’t get the app and product to link. Product support have canned responses which are unhelpful, there is no troubleshooting documentation on the web that is remotely useful. Why sell a high end product and then fail at the finish line like this? Now I’m going to have to go back to my retailer and have to sit there while they fumble to get the unit to work. Then they will no doubt give me another unit for to get on the merry go round again..Version: 2.3.1800

Tv switches self on after I turn it offThe other LG app told me to download this one for my tv. Great ok downloaded it and works great and similarly to the other app.. until I turn my tv off. I was in bed and turned the downstairs tv off using the app, 10 seconds later the tv switched itself back on so I had to go downstairs and turn it off myself. I thought maybe it was just me at first but it keeps happening. All the other features work fine so I'm not sure why my tv won't stay off even though it did with the other app. Shame the other app no longer works properly as it actually kept my tv off!.Version: 3.0.2501002

DeletingI love the app but your can’t delete the notifications since the update.Version: 3.5.1231

FrustratingI got the app more to download the extra programmes for the washing machine than anything else. Setting it up with the washing machine and the tumble drier was ok - not as straightforward as I’d have liked, but still, it worked. I have now tried several times to add the pedestal washer to the list, but no joy. Keeps telling me I’ve entered the wrong password (which is the password it tells me to enter). I’d really like to be able to access the other programmes on the pedestal washer, but until I can get the app sorted, I’m limited to stuff that doesn’t really need washing, non-existent baby clothes and knickers. Apart from that, who, actually, uses remote start? Until there’s an app that sorts and loads your clothes for you, or physically fills the kettle up, what’s the point?.Version: 3.0.2501001

Washing machine tagI downloaded this app hoping to be able to download more programs for my LG washing machine. This app only let me diagnose the problems on the washing machine and I couldn’t even find tag anywhere on this app. Love my LG washing machine but I’m extremely disappointed with this app. I have been in touch with LG and apparently this mode doesn’t work because I have an iPhone and that Apple hasn’t given permission for LG to use tag on with their iPhones 😡. Apple need to get their act together!.Version: 1.9.28

The system worksThe system works very well and was the reason I Purchased this set. However, the set up was extremely difficult because there are no on-line tutorials and the service was horrendous. Customer service should provide an online tutorial for this particular machine model. The service representative that came to my home was far less than helpful. The only thing service did right was to leave quickly. I’m lucky he did not take a sledgehammer to my machine. The notifications for internal cleaning are not helpful at all since they don’t take into consideration the water quality in my location. I intend never to use the LG warranty service because of my extremely bad experience with the service representative. LG needs to do a lot better..Version: 3.5.1130

App is useless.LG needs to fire the “Tech Department”. PERIOD. Bought TWO new WebOS enabled TVs that neither app recognizes. One of those being a NanoCell & WebOS and the other a Simple WebOS enabled Smart TV. Well, not so smart. Irregardless of the fact, the “smart tech”, just isn’t that. Even when it’s in range or even on the same network, it never finds the TV, nor does Apple HomeKit actually works when attempting to pair via either method - QR Scan & Search via Device NFC/Bluetooth. Just doesn’t pick up your own products, whatsoever. Kudos to Alexa! Just does the trick very well as far as turning on/off, volumes and such. While Google can help launch different apps downloaded on TV. Shouldn’t your own product have these same capabilities? Or even an actual app that’s branded by LG that ever works? I’m perplexed. Lack of responsiveness & undermining the clear process of continuity in your “Brand” will be your biggest downfall. No matter how Good Life is at the “Top”, all Good things come tumbling down when unattended. Thanks LG! A Completely Dissatisfied Customer..Version: 3.0.2301000

Can’t delete notificationsI no longer see a way to delete old notifications (when washer & dryer have finished their cycles)since the update. PLEASE look into this!! I don’t need months of old notifications cluttering up the app! I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t allow us to delete these!?.Version: 3.5.1232

No longer works on iOS 14Had my LG washer connected via Wi-fi through this app and it worked fine up until the release of iOS 14. I no longer get notifications and I have found that I cannot re-connect the washer to the App having tried to set up again. Is this App compatible with iOS 14?.Version: 3.5.1054

App is 95% UselessIt took three tries to register my air conditioner. Which was annoying, but I could have made my peace with that if the app worked. The app says signal strength of the WiFi is “excellent.” The air conditioner seems to know it’s hooked up to WiFi. And subsequent setup processes fly by. However, there is a 95% chance the app will tell me my air conditioner is off/not connected to WiFi. So I’m left using the physical remote. Very frustrating given WiFi control was one of the big reasons I go this air conditioner. Also, would like a more robust app. I’d like up update my account info from the app. I’d like to set temperature schedules, where the air conditioner is at 73 degrees during the day and 68 at night, etc. I’d like to define the time it switches from one temp to another have the option to have many such time-related temperatures changes, based on the day of the week for varied schedules. Basically, just give me more useful features..Version: 2.2.5

TerribleWorks maybe 2/10 times you open the app, don’t recommend..Version: 3.5.1713

Useless on iOS“Tag On” feature doesn’t work on iOS making the app essentially useless. Gave one star because zero star not possible..Version: 3.0.1801001

Work but just basics. Washing machineI believe sometimes I will use the app for washing. Now if I will choose a program I cannot change temperture and other parameters and I need to use ready samples. the fact is i can change them parameters on my machine panel... Can we get update on that? I wish to set all on my phone..Version: 2.3.1403

Not signing inAfter updating the app and signing in, It says I’m signed into my account but the app is stuck on the login page. Can’t get past the login page … I have restarted the app and turned off/on my phone multiple times… horrible update..Version: 3.6.11210

This app asks for SO MUCH access from the startFor washer and dryers, getting notifications when the machines are done is useful. This is specially good when the machines are far and you can’t hear them, but I’m not sure this feature outweighs the privacy concerns it raises. Concern #1: local network access Initially, this seemed reasonable considering how the app would communicate with the machines and maybe it would help with the initial setup, diagnostics, or maybe for operating without an internet connection. Either way, it seems to work correctly without it and you can always enable it later if you need it, but it would be great it didn’t just ask for it by default. Concern #2: Location. I have no idea why the app would need this. I’m sure they can justify it, but it would be great if it asked for it when you actually need it. Concern #3: Bluetooth. Unless the machines have Bluetooth and allows app to interact with them through it, I’m not sure why it needs it or how it can benefit the user. This app starts up asking for a lot of permissions without clearly explaining how allowing them would benefit the user which raises the privacy concerns i mentioned above. It would be great if the app’s functionalities happened through HomeKit..Version: 3.5.1441

Doesn’t work properlyAdd the appliance was touch and go, sometimes they connected sometimes they didn’t. Every time you want to make a change it take a while to boot the app and connect to devices, quicker to just grab the remote. And when we time our AC to sleep, you can’t change the settings as it say network issue when there isn’t. We have nearly everything in our home controlled by a Smart system and LG is a long way behind being reliable and quick. The app needs redesigning and fixing.Version: 2.2.91

If I could give it 0 stars.....Yadda yadda you know how this endsDownloaded the app so I could see exactly what the fuss was about “the internet of things.” Turns out, well actually I can’t tell you how it turns out because every time I open the app I get a message that says “No response from the server. Try again later. (N1001)”. Then I have the option of clicking the ‘OK’ button which closes the app or I can......oh, wait, nevermind. That is the only option. So is the app no longer supported, is there just a glitch or upgrade going on right now that I somehow caught at the perfect moment to screw this up, or did I pull an octogenarian and somehow manage to open the App Store, search for the app, push the download button, confirm the download, and push the app icon to open the app in such an incorrect and incomprehensible way that my iPhone became self aware and knew its imminent demise was close at hand and in an effort of self preservation decided I was not qualified to open the app and so it killed the app?.Version: 3.5.1433

Country ChangeI downloaded this app when I was working in another country excited to get home to my new LG TV. However no one told me that once you registered the app keeps that country and you can’t change it. Noe I am back in the UK I can’t get anything to work because the country I registered the app was in a different country which I can’t change. What a load of rubbish. Now I can’t use my email ever again using this app. I have contacted the UK support who in turn messages the technical team whilst I was on the phone and they confirmed, once tour account is created you can no longer change the country. So I either change my email address I have used for the last 20 years or buy a Sony TV instead of an LG TV because I am not changing my email address..Version: 3.5.1231

Need iOS & Everything is OK Message!Must do iOS interface! What is wrong with you people?! I paid a lot of money for your top-of-the-line microwave, and no where did the sales information casually mention that there was no iOS interface. Unbelievable! The “Tag” logo is no longer printed on newest oven, but audio works fine and the diagnosis comes through. The fact that you use an audio connection rather than WiFi or Bluetooth is akin to using a telco dial-up modem from the early 70’s, but yet this is 2021! Also, you need to have a diagnosis of “Everything is working properly” instead of saying “Unable to find problem”. (Or is LG quality so poor that you always assume there is a problem?) Other than that, and the very weak light inside the cooking area and very small visual window, the Microwave is great! You seriously need to address the interior light. You need at least twice the lumens for such a dark interior finish. And why not LED?? (Also LED range lighting) Get with the current decade, please!.Version: 3.5.1232

Need to be updatedNFC is supported by iOS devices! Update your app….Version: 3.5.1713

This app is awfulLG ThinQ App has to be the least thought-out app I have ever used. Half the time it’s non responsive and to move to another part of the app I have to close it out and then get back in it. The only use I have for it is to let me know when the load of wash is done and needs to be put in the dyer, and when it’s dry when to hang it up. It’s almost as if it’s an after thought brought about by 12 year olds in the their basement. The worst part about it seems like a non-complaint except it’s not: after I spent considerable time figuring out how to connect the washer and dryer to the wi-fi so that I could use the ThinQ app; I had to issue an “invitation” to my husband so that he could also receive notifications about when either the washer or dryer was finished, etc. After the latest updates, because my husband had the audacity to open the app before me, the products were moved to him and I had to get an “invitation” so that I could have it the way it was before. Only of course, it’s not. I am listed as a user in “his” house. Like its 1955, and wives don’t own anything or make any decisions; they just have to use it and be grateful husbands can provide them the use of such work-saving tools. Remote start has never worked on this app. There is no way to delete notifications like there was before. I probably won’t be buying anymore LG products because this app is crap.Version: 3.5.1052

Basic AppI’m not entirely sure why my fridge should have an app but it does. Knowing that it could and doing it probably makes me a certain type of person but I don’t know what that is. The app is fairly basic but to be fair I don’t know what I was expecting. It tells you the temperature of the fridge.Version: 3.6.10310

ThinQThe app is helpful but a little annoying that you have to activate the remote start on the machine every time. The download programs is a little convoluted as well..Version: 3.0.1702000

Are LG WiFi enabled products worth the hassles-NoWe have now owned our LG washer/ dryer nearly a year and have struggled to overcome issues with the app and the ThinQ product. Unless your are a network technician I would suggest you move on to a more rugged and thoroughly test WiFi enabled product line. Issues like trying to get your washer and dryer to recognize your home network and stay connected plague us to this day. The app focuses more on trying to sell you consumable products like detergent etc then enabling you full control over your washer and dryer. On the latest iteration of the app they removed the ability to delete WiFi notifications of washer or dryer completed. If you think you can get help from LG customer service then think again. The overseas representatives have a worksheet process that they step through and if your issue is more complicated than they can resolve you may as well go consult your local clergy for a blessing on your machines in the hope of getting them to work. Would we buy a LG product again. O, we would not. We have scratched our plan to replace the fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave with LG and decided to select a well known competitor to upgrade our kitchen. Sorry LG, you have lost me as a customer for all my future purchases..Version: 3.5.1054

What is this app used for?The only thing i can do with this app is know when the laundry is done I would have liked to be able to turn the dryer back on without going back downstairs.Version: 3.0.1702000

Fails to find the tv oftenOne of the most frustrating issues with this app is that it often fails to find the tv in the network. Sometimes works, 5 minutes later it doesn’t. I have a reliable network. Every device on there works flawlessly except my LG tv and this appalling app. The old app was much better and worked fine. This new one is so frustrating it’s making me want to buy a new tv from another brand. Used to love my tv until I got this useless app..Version: 3.5.1232

Thanks for breaking the appInstalled the latest ios13 version of the app today 9th October 2019, and the app is broken, screen goes totally white when I click on my washer sadly. Why even release such a broken app? This is a joke guys and I’m not laughing, get your act together !!.Version: 3.0.1506000

Waste of moneyBought an LG split system. Was talked into buying the 200 dollar plus wifi attachment for it. Was told to down load this app as it will allow me to operate the air con whilst I’m not home. Have resisted the product 3 times now and then every time I open the app it just say cannot find.. biggest waste of money ever. Thanks LG. Also tried to go onto LG website for support, once again biggest waste of time as there is no support to be found for this... when is such a large company going to listen to people and resolve these issues and have their programs operating as they say they should be. Would be great for LG to contact me to resolve this issue but I won’t be holding my breath...Version: 1.9.24

Completely useless for fridgeI downloaded this to accompany the fridge. The app basically replicates the temp settings possible on the front of the fridge. I had a problem where the fridge increased temp by itself from the usual 3 degrees to max 7 degrees. Diagnosis provided by the app was all “100% fine” and there’s no temperature history graph to show when the temp dip occurred, and there’s no push notifications to warn either. All this for an app that insists date of birth disclosure as part of the sign up process. Not worth the effort, and reflects badly on the brand..Version: 3.0.2010001

LousyFirst let me say, I have brand loyalty but to brands that make good products and are consistent. It’s amazing how an app can make you lose confidence in a brand. A business that’s supposedly trying to lead in technologies should have an app that works, right? I downloaded this app when I got my InstaView fridge. Seemingly it worked fine, since August. For the past however many weeks, all I see now in the app is a welcome screen that says “Network Instability” and “Can’t connect to the network. Check your phone’s internet connection and try again.” What kind of foolishness is this? My phone’s internet connection is fine. I have strong WiFi and cellular signals and have no other difficulty with any other app. And I can’t even get past that lousy welcome screen to figure out what else might be going on. Maybe it’s a iOS update thing or a ThinQ update thing but it needs to be fixed. Makes me not want to buy any more LG products if I can’t use an app to monitor them..Version: 3.0.1702000

Great concept, poor featuresI have 3 devices with LG ThinQ tech built in and out of all of them the only semi useful function is the notification to say the washing is done. The TV function is limited so best to use an actual TV remote. The fridge tells me the temp, that’s it. What about a notification to say the kids have left the door open, or there’s a large temp change indicating it’s not working. So much potential in this app..Version: 3.5.1232

Update no goodWhy you do update before testing it!!.Version: 3.5.1052

Useless Waste of timeSlow, pointless waste of time. I went through the whole set up routine at the appalling slow and tedious pace this app runs at only to finally get to the end where the product is supposed to register only to have it fail. It is the app not, my network. We run 4k videos with no lag or buffering on this network and the fridge is 2 metres from the WiFi router. I hope this new fridge performs better than the “SMART” app..Version: 2.4.1001

BadLoads between screens slowly. Says products are connected that aren’t. Difficult to understand at parts which is worsened by the fact it hardly works. Leaving you to figure out which piece of the broken app is not working correctly. It sends me notifications for my dryer and told me when my dryer is done drying and it’s current status and “dry type” although whenever i click on the icon for my dryer it says “product not connected to WiFi network connect product and try again” and it automatically backs me out of the screen, although it’s still remotely telling me information only possible through WiFi. It shows WiFi as connected on device. I’ve deleted and retried. The first time i attempted to connect app and dryer it got stuck in network connection period for 10-15 minutes, I restarted the app and it went mote smoothly although I still am unable to remotely control my dryer. I downloaded this app because my dryer does not fully dry blankets anyways, and constantly stops early because of an inaccurate sensor reading And I’m tired of getting up and restarting it jus to prevent having a damp blanket. My dryer is only a little over a year old..Version: 3.5.1232

Not a Smart app for laundry appliancesWent with an LG washer & dryer in part because they were supposed to be Smart appliances, with this Smart app that lets you control the appliances remotely. Not smart at all, really nothing more than a monitoring app. You still have to manually push the power button on the units, because you can’t turn them on with the app, and the power turns off almost immediately when a cycle ends. While standing there anyway I cannot imagine what point there would be in using the app instead of just pushing a couple buttons. Even as a monitoring app it’s buggy- washer time is frequently off by as much as 10 minutes- I’ve gone down there because it said there was only a minute or two left, to find out there’s 10 minutes or more. Dryer frequently sends a “dryer has been stopped due to a problem” notification when the cycle is complete. I picked this set in part because I expected to be able to set up a wash load, and start it remotely so it’s freshly done when I get home or get up in the morning, and to be able to fluff clothes left in the dryer without having to go down two flights of stairs to push a couple buttons, then back up for 10 minutes, and back down again. Not sure what the logic is behind this limitation, if they’re Smart appliances they should know not to start if there is a problem, just like my car. I will say that I really like the washer and dryer, but they should not be advertised as being able to be controlled remotely..Version: 3.5.1232

Don’t get thisThis is a little long, but it is a full description of chaos. We just bought a new LG fridge, so I naturally loaded their Wi-Fi app. It seemed a little clunky to get going, but then evened out. I was a little concerned that they had their own network name, but it reverted to our home Wi-Fi when finished. That’s when the fun started, though. I started noticing my phone was acting differently, and finally, I couldn’t open apps that I’ve used for years. I kept getting a “Slow Connection” message in the app. I finally came to the realization that the last thing changed on the phone was installing the LG app, so I deleted it, but still had the same problems. In an Apple support site (accessed through my iPad where I hadn’t run the LG app) I was told to do a few things, one of which was to do a network reset. That started up, but froze with the Apple logo and a progress bar showing. I couldn’t even do a power down. After a trip to the nearest Apple store, where the staff graciously got me in w/o an appointment, we finally got to my latest iCloud backup, and was able to restore my phone to working order. All this, from just trying to use an app. THIS IS A BAD ONE - DON’T USE IT!!!!! I just feel fortunate that I’m close enough to an Apple store to go get the help I needed. I’ve been using Apple equipment for over 7 years, and have never before needed to restore one from backup, but I’m sure glad I had it on..Version: 3.0.2400000

Terrible upgradeThe previous one was the best. It was quick and very useful for me. Not all users have a FAMILY HOME, we are many roomies living in several lofts in the same building and I am the. Owner. And bought them LG products and gave the access to their products in the loft and I manage and monitor the energy consumption so. they pay they can pay the. Exact consumption, and now they. All have access to everyones products one roomie was purposefully or mistakenly turning products on and off of others, another person stated to erase products and I had to eliminate all members before. I lost all products, now I will have to go to 9 lofts and reinstall the products erased and I will not be able to give them access until you improve this TERRIBLE UPGRADE where only the OWNER had access to. All the products and each. Roomie Rentee, before had access to all their products but not EVERYONES!,!! I am very disappointed with LG and with this upgrade. UPDATE: I was reached and it seems they will work on the bugs the new update has, it works on my ipad but not my iphone. This version is great for families who want to share access to all products, but it does not work for roomies because everyone has access to everyones private Products in your independent rooms..Version: 3.5.1053

This app is totally USELESS!!Purchased a new 14kg Washing Machine with options to monitor and control the unit. WELL! That’s not what happened. Contacted LG phone support in the Philippines (go figure) which are next to useless as well! No product knowledge and definitely NO I.T. Skills to resolve the app or fix the app connection issues!! I wasted so much money to get this washing machine with the latest technology only to find LG staff don’t have the product knowledge or necessary troubleshooting skills to fix the equipment they sell!! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!.Version: 2.2.7

Very awkward to useThings I don’t like: 1. Intrusive: The app needs internet and location services to start up, as well as giving your birthdate to LG to get an account. 2. When setting up a washer, you need internet to start the app or add a device, then at the right time you need to flip network settings to connect to washer... then flip back to internet... it’s rarely clear what connection you need to be on I Would much prefer a Bluetooth option with just a temporary connection to adjust the washer, so that I can get functionality without having my device online..Version: 3.5.1232

It’s okayThe only value to this app is that you get a message when your loads are done. Outside of that useless. Wasn’t easy to pair. You need someone with good technology background. No real customizing..Version: 3.5.1442

Leaves Much to be DesiredI am using this app solely for my washer and the only ‘smart’ thing I can really do is remotely start and pause a wash cycle. No chance to customise the cycle as I usually do on the machine itself and I would think there would be an option to choose a specific time to start / end the wash rather than just the regular delay start. Please up your game LG..Version: 3.5.1232

Every update turns off notificationsI appreciate getting updates for an app. I appreciate having an app that notifies me when the washing is done - it’s truly helpful! But every time an update is released for this app, the notifications stop. I have to realise the notifications have stopped and then open the updated app to restart them. I have no other app that behaves this way. It’s frustrating..Version: 3.5.1232

App WAS good. Update is not intuitive or functionalWe bought a WiFi enabled LG range in March 2020 and I installed the app on my phone. Worked great, intuitive, no problem (and I love the stove itself.) It’s nice to get a notification, if you’re in another part of the house or outside, that the oven is preheated or the timer is done. Now in late October 2020 I’m forced to download the app update. Now I’m trying to clear the notification history, because at least with the previous app version, the range stops sending notifications at some point unless you clear notifications. With the previous app, the procedure for clearing notifications was intuitive. But with the new version, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Sure, I can create “rooms” for my many LG appliances (just kidding, I only have one). Never mind that a simple list of appliances would serve the same purpose. But a basic task like clearing notification history? Nope!.Version: 3.5.1232

Don’t buy LG and expect support!!!If only zero star was possible they would get it. Bought their 4K 50 inch TV because it states it is HomeKit compatible. HomeKit and their ThinQ app only work when the TV is on, you can’t turn the TV on from either once it’s off. I’ve emailed their tech support and got generic response that was no help. Spent 70 minutes on the phone with tech support and they had never heard of HomeKit, needless to say she couldn’t resolve the problem but said a supervisor would call back. Guess what, they never called. Called them back after 5 days and spoke to 3 different reps who had no idea how HomeKit works and couldn’t resolve the issues after 1 1/2 hours on the phone . She then said I will transfer you to higher up tech but actually transferred me to Apples tech support. Do yourself a favor, LG does not support their sales so pass them by and buy something else. Life is not good at LG Response to LG’s response- Well yes this does seem like an issue for your customer service team. That’s exactly why I’ve called them twice, spent almost three hours on the phone with them and spoke with four different representatives none of which could resolve the issue for the ThinQ app or had any knowledge whatsoever of HomeKit that doesn’t function. I gues you didn’t fully read or understand my first post. Surely there is a more advanced tech team that actually has a clue how your system works, maybe consider having them contact me.Version: 3.5.1232

Not as useful as I’d hopedI was really excited for the Wi-Fi feature on my washer and dryer. I thought I would be able to control my machines from anywhere using my phone. Unfortunately, that is not how the app works. You have to press a button on the machine after loading it. Then you can use your phone to select the cycle you want and press start. From that point, the app will tell you how much time is left on the cycle and gives you the option of stopping it. However, you cannot change the settings or restart the machine using the app. My laundry room is in the basement, so sometimes my laundry will stay in the dryer for several hours or even overnight. It would have been super helpful to have a setting that allows me to restart the dryer to knock out the wrinkles a few minutes before I have the opportunity to take them out..Version: 3.0.2501002

No IOS supportThe app only works for smart diagnosis with IOS and not for the Tag On function, which is an integral feature of the washer. Super disappointed by this, as I had planned on using these featured..Version: 1.9.28

Where is the smart diagnosisSo the other day my new LG fridge with smart diagnosis freezer froze up for no reason I go on the LG website and it says I have to download an app so the fridge can tell my phone what’s upsetting it before I call a technician so I search the App Store for lg smart diagnosis and this is what I get. So I think ok let’s give it a go so I downloaded and sign in then all it does is say downloading product information, I think it’s just a glitch so I delete and reinstall but same thing 5 attempts later still not working. I guess I’ll have to pay someone to come and look at my fridge.... thanks LG for your so called convenient tool.Version: 1.9.28

App broke with updateWe use the app with two LG Smart TV’s. There are some issues like the whole reason I downloaded the app in the first place was to connect LG to Google Home. Whether it is a Google Home issue or LG issue, it never has worked like it should. But at least I could control my TV’s from my phone. Until the most recent update, that is. I’ve been kicked out of my home or lost my TV’s from my registered group. In fact, I was forced to re loggin this week, and the app is acting like I’ve never had an account before. (Double checked my credentials just to be sure). Since I’m the only one in my family that has the app, IDK what is going on. I can’t find my home, and every time I try to add my TVs, the app freezes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times. I know there are always bugs to workout with new updates, but you’d thing that testing would make sure that an update doesn’t make an app as worthless as this has suddenly become. Hoping they fix soon..Version: 3.5.1054

AdsSpent over $5,000 on LG appliances, yet this app now has a banner ad that can’t be removed on its Home Screen.Version: 3.5.1052

Too slow to openTook 12-15 seconds to open the APP from my iPhone 12 Pro similar timing like boot a Windows XP. Outrageous. 😨.Version: 3.5.18011

Waste of timeBiggest waste of time app in the history of apps! Supposed to be able to support the home appliances and start away from home.. all this app does is ask you to register the product every dam time you try and connect to product..waste of time I wish I didn’t even bother with a product that supports away from home control. The app won’t even allow to see the product or it “downloading” .. so I would in no way recommend this app!.Version: 2.1.8

Pretty uselessSo excited to get home and start using my washing machine with this app. Manual which came with the machine is useless! iPhone app not even mentioned, manual states to use the ‘?’ to download cycles, nothing else in the manual, and no ‘?’in the app. Not even a decent help Interface. No washer information. Absolutely zilch. This app was really not worth the effort to download when it can’t seem to do anything much at all. About time it was completely revamped. Absolutely ridiculously useless..Version: 2.2.4

Very disappointing app.I have to say the app is a big let down considering that my washing machine is rather complex and uses AI. I can’t believe that the app is less than basic. For me, the disparity between the two is just shocking. The company clearly has a lot of skilled IT people working for them, but it feels like the app was just an afterthought, something someone thought was a good idea to have, but no time and effort has gone into making it a good working tool for the users. It really lets the company down. The very frequent updates are quite annoying especially that, as a user, I can’t see any changes! Feels like an Agile approach gone wrong. The app has now also stopped communicating with my product for no apparent reason. Giving it two stars because it has worked for a bit and I liked the fact I could see the energy usage which helped me choose the most efficient programs (only when the washing machine was on though which also is not good enough). Please raise the priority of the work on the app. You have the right skills, use them!.Version: 3.0.2501001

Below expectations, slow, unreliableI had great expectations when I bought my new LG air conditioner which I specifically chose because it had built in Wi-Fi. Unfortunately the app is a gimmick for a number of reasons: It’s super slow (seems to want to download plugins each time it’s used), making it useless as a remote control. The app is not fully functional- for example, when scheduling a time to turn on, you can’t select the mode of operation (cool, heat, dehumidify). The most commonly used features are not easily accessible (consider hiring a UI designer). The app frequently has to be re-paired from scratch with the aircon unit because it seems to forget its config. Power outages are one of these scenarios. It throws a “network instability” error when other apps on my phone still work just great. There’s no support for 5g Wi-Fi, so you’ll need an older Wi-Fi access point to hook it up. Hugely disappointing that something that should be simple doesn’t just work..Version: 3.0.1506001

LG tv with ThinQ doesn’t work with AlexaOnly thing that works is turning TV on and off. Took hours and hours to set up, instructions on tv, app and online just don’t work. Eventually got it setup but completely useless. I have lots of other smart devices enabled with Alexa and don’t have a problem with any of them. LGTV is absolutely hopeless and this app seems pointless but apparently the only way to link TV to Alexa. It sometimes recognises a command most of the time completely ignores you apart from turning on and off. Complete waste of time feel a bit cheated that I bought supposedly smart TV..Version: 3.5.1231

Really is poor attempt at a smart appAs others have said, always need to log back in. Not sure why as I can’t imagine many fraudsters downloading a new wash cycle as a priority. Seem to always need to download information for our washing machine upon every start up which takes a few minutes. Kept crashing and seems to take ages to download a new cycle (FYI we have fast fibre broadband so it’s not our internet speed). A smart app for kitchen appliances is a brilliant idea, we have smart thermostats and hue lights but this LG app is useless. Need to go back to the drawing board and invest some time into it. Real shame..Version: 1.9.28

Can’t remember logged-inPlease fix, this app always requires login..Version: 2.2.6

Limited functionalityLooks like reading previous reviews the product has been developed enough to a stable state that it does the basics. I can check washing machine status and configure remote start so long as I prepare the machine in that mode before leaving unattended. Push notifications seem reliable. However you can’t customise the wash settings from the app like you can directly on the washing machine. This applies to both the built in programs and the ones that can be downloaded. Even if I change the presets on the machine eg set mix wash to 30deg rather than default 40deg and enable remote start. There’s nothing on the app that allows me to confirm that setting will be used and more likely it will default to the option I chose when launching the wash from the app (which can’t be customised). Hoping this will be a future development of the app..Version: 1.9.28

User Interface needs workThis app works well with my washing machine, but I find the user interface needs some work, or at least more options. The display of pale grey text on a white background, in a small font that doesn’t obey the OS text size settings, is almost impossible to read. The ability to set the app text size and/or colours would be a great help..Version: 3.5.1130

It’s better than nothingApp is buggy , slow to open. Can’t really choose cycle. But it’s handy to be able to see time left on dishwasher. LG is tech focused brand so expected better. Hope they update and upgrade the app so can choose cycles and modify dishwasher cycle options on app or fix the slow buggy app at least.Version: 3.5.1232

Incredibly slow and times outI have the wifi capable air conditioner and while the air con is fabulous, this app is not. When I can actually get it to connect, it takes forever to load each screen and times out and creates an error every time I try to go into it. On the rare occasion I can access my air con remotely, it’s nice and simple but this happens about 2/10 times. Definitely needs a massive update and serious bug fixes!.Version: 2.4.1001

Utterly uselessWe’ve got an LG fridge freezer which we’ve had for over a year. When I first downloaded the app it worked really well. Since then the wheels on the wagon have started to fall off and every update has made the app worse to now the latest suggesting that my internet connection is weak (currently full signal and working perfectly) and the app crashes on startup. Perhaps more investment is needed in testing the app prior to releasing into the wider community..Version: 3.0.1702000

It doesn’t work - fire your app developer!!!I wish I could give this review a zero, but this app is pointless and doesn’t work for my LG washing machine / dryer combo (model: WDC1475NCW) I thought being LG this should be very up to date and having really good support to help people out with any issues, in the fact is you can’t even use this stupid app and you can’t even download different cycles for the washing machine / dryer. It is not even user friendly, it’s really complicated and I am sure no one has got this app working at all..Version: 2.2.91

DisappointingWe installed this app after buying the Insta-view fridge freezer. The app only seems to have two key features. 1 - To diagnose any problems with the fridge freezer. A little concerning that the reliability of it is poor enough that an app has been developed for such an occasion. I do hope that it will be some years before this feature is required. 2 - To set the temperature. A feature that you may as well do while stood in front of the appliance. I mean how often in your lifetime have you ever felt the need to change the temperature of your fridge while you’ve been away from home? A more useful (and expected) feature would have been to tell the actual internal temperature. Our 20+ year old Bosch could do this - albeit it without an app. Another helpful feature for the app could show how much ice you have prepared. “I’m having a few friends around - do I need to buy some extra ice...” The air purifier system - could that send an alert when something rancid is forgot and hidden behind your box of eggs? It is a Smart fridge freezer - but this refers to the look of the appliance, not the app..Version: 3.5.1231

Total Rubbish !Since the app has changed from SmartThinQ to ThinQ I have been unable to get the app to successfully connect to my LG air conditioners. I can see that the air conditioners are connected to my router over Wi-Fi and they’ve been assigned IP addresses but they don’t seem to be able to connect to the LG servers. Occasionally I had this problem before with the SmartThinQ app but an AC power reset of the air conditioners would fix the problem. I’m at a loss now..Version: 3.0.1603000

Not so smartOk so the app for the washer simply allows a notification to be sent when it is done. I also managed to get the skill installed and can ask Alexa to ask LG the status of the washer. I can also remote start on the app. However only when the remote start is pressed on the washer. The thing that needs changing his the ability to customise a cycle on the app. You can’t at current. Come on LG. A simple functionality that is mandatory and will be 5 stars..Version: 3.5.1054

GarbageIt took a while to get it connected to the washer and dryer originally although not much useful. After the recent update, the app forgot the equipment and cannot even “+ “ nor access the menu. LG software is garbage..Version: 3.0.2100001

Reinstall needed with updateApp didn’t work for several days, apparently since the last update. It would only show “checking product status” and no buttons worked. Closing and restarting the app made no difference. After deleting the app from my iPhone (hold icon down until it shakes and an “x” appears, which you push to delete) and redownloading the app from the App Store, it works. Well, I did have to reset the password too. For whatever reason this time it didn’t take several seconds to go to my single appliance, so perhaps they fixed that annoyance. We’ll see. It hasn’t been a very useful app but I do occasionally look at the room temperature and setting on the air conditioner. It doesn’t keep a usage history which would a very be useful feature..Version: 3.0.130005

Broke APP! Please go back!!!The new version doesn’t work keeps crashing. I don’t care about cool wallpapers etc it was working before you broke it..Version: 3.5.1057

WORST. APP. EVER.Lots of “fixes” but I see NO improvement. I was so excited to get my new LG front-load washer with WiFi because that meant I wouldn’t have to traipse down two flights of stairs to check if the washer was done. Well, that excitement was short-lived. The WiFi worked great for awhile and now for the past, at least 2 months, the app has shown the washer as disconnected more times than not. And online instructions are non-existent, so I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app (several times) thinking I could follow those instructions again like it was a new device. I eventually got it working for a short time. I recently got a new modem so I again had to try to reconnect my washer to the WiFi. Again had to uninstall and reinstall (several times like before), and after much frustration and cussing, got it to connect to the app. That was two days ago and I just started my washer today and saw the app shows it as disconnected again. I switched to an LG product because of great reviews, friends recommending LG, and I was sick of Whirlpool washing machines being complete junk. I could have and I guess, should have, paid considerably less for a non-WiFi LG washer. This washer still works great but the annoyance I’ve suffered with this WiFi/app nonsense is making me rethink this brand for any future appliance purchases..Version: 3.0.130015

Lg ThinQ appNot enough features, the idea is good but there isn’t much you can do with it. .. basically it just lets you know your laundry is done..I wish you could control and customize the settings etc..Version: 3.5.1442

Signing up to this appAdding my appliance was not easy, the app did not want to when I first got the appliance. I registered the appliance online the first day I had it and am now able to register on this app 2 weeks later.......? Now that I am registered on this app I have synced the appliance to my WiFi and ran a diagnostic, all was very easy and straight forward. Sort out the initial login issues and this app will perform great..Version: 3.0.1506001

Notifications need fixingHi , the notifications counter doesn't reset even when you delete the notifications messages. The power consumption bar graph is useless and makes no sense.Version: 3.6.11210

Worst experience EverAfter 1 robochat that told me I needed to contact customer care via email (3 days ago) with no response yet. After installing and uninstalling app over a dozen times to get “server” error or can not authenticate error. I called customer care who told me to download the app... that was exactly what I had been doing for 2 days since the chatbot told me to email customer care. Day 4 another call to customer care with basically you are screwed let us just email you some instructions as you have to many ghz on your router. I said 5 minutes later the email has not come. Oh it can take 20 minutes to get our emails. Needless to say with 4 more deletes of the app and a lot of don’t make me suffer with another call to the customer care. I got logged in and connected my dryer. I read the glowing reviews and glad they are glowing as I am not happy!!! #LG #lgcustomercaresucks #nothappy.Version: 2.2.91

Still getting network instability messageHave updated to latest iOS version and latest ThinQ version but still getting the network instability message. Just a thought, how about removing that check/message? Is it really necessary to check network stability? Using WiFi here and the connection is just fine, no dropouts or blackspots..Version: 3.0.2010001

Why should I report an issue with LG ThinQ?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of LG ThinQ to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a LG ThinQ customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using LG ThinQ.

Is LG ThinQ not working?

LG ThinQ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact LG ThinQ.

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