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Champs Sports: Kicks & Apparel App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Champs Sports: Kicks & Apparel app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Champs Sports: Kicks & Apparel? Can you share your negative thoughts about champs sports: kicks & apparel?

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Champs Sports: Kicks & Apparel for Negative User Reviews

Really Slow AppThe downloading speed for this app is very slow. I even checked on my Boyfriend’s phone to be sure that it was just my phone or WiFi. Idk if it’s because many people are on it at once but almost everyday it’s very slow and every time i click a pair of shoes to go to the screen where sizes are it takes forever to load. And then it always tells me my password is incorrect but when i “change the password” and use the SAME EXACT PASSWORD that they said was incorrect all of a sudden it works 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’d rather go to footlocker ..... or Eastbay. This is nonsense.Version: 4.9.0

This app doesn’t helpI just got the app today and I’m already annoyed. Like literally I have to keep logging in. Then it just suddenly stops working. I can’t even pick the size of the shoe because it’s blank. Even when I pick a shoe I can’t go back and continue from where I was looking I have to start alll over again which is highly annoying. Then sometimes the app just goes black and I have to exit out and start all over again. Honestly I’m better off in the store..Version: 2.8.0

Not goodThe app will not link to my account, so the representative set it up as first name last name. Even though it uses my online login, it still doesn’t reflect my name. Champs was unable to help me link it to my account. I cannot sync my vip number. It is slow to respond. I’m just really frustrated with the whole process right now. I was on the phone over an hour and a half trying to get some assistance (wait time was 1hour), still no resolution..Version: 2.8.0

Worst service everMan where do I began.... ok so after I place an order, waited a week call champs they told me “oh the store that u placed an order with there printing was down that’s y u didn’t receive any tracking information” so I was lik “when was someone going to tell me”? They Apologize and Assured me that they will find me another store with the item in question, so they put me on hold. So I’m thinking yea I just got lied to cause if it’s a printer problem y do u half to find another store that has the shirt???..... so she came back on the phone after calling every store in the area and found one in California, so I ask for a Confirmation number as well as tracking number... she said I will get it in 24hours in my email I was like ok cool. Two more days go back after a week & a half of waiting... so I called to today and ask again. Apparently California never shipped it but on top of that... they misspelled my name so I never got an email of Confirmation... smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ worst service ever... so I’m currently waiting for my shirt..Version: 2.8.0

Now it’s 7 business days,maybe it’s from ChinaThis is my shopping but my package is look like is missing ,I tried to contact consumer services but nothing happened,please!!!buy and put money for shipping because mine was free shipping,now it’s 7 business days,maybe it’s from China 😝....Version: 4.2.0

EVERYTHING ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK!!!!Every single item I’ve ordered in the past month has been out of stock. Even when it says it is in stock. They take your money immediately though and you never get any email except for it’s preparing your order. So after a week you have to call to see what’s going on and they tell you it’s sold out. Such a waste of time. Especially when you’re trying to get Christmas gifts out of the way. Beware folks!!.Version: 4.6.1

App doesn’t when needed mostThis app is consistently terrible. I don’t understand why it’s so much worse than it’s brother apps... Footlocker and Footaction. Most times the app will go down and you won’t be able to access it at all. For example, say you have entered a raffle you may or may not be able to check your results depending on if the app is working or not. And that’s if the app doesn’t prematurely cancel your reservation all together. I honestly don’t know if the issue is that their server is too small or their IT team isn’t that great. What i do know is that it’s a PITA..Version: 4.3.0

This app is horrible!!This app is horrible! Every Saturday or any other day of the week that there’s a shoe releasing, this terrible app doesn’t work. It automatically logs you out and you can’t log back in until the shoes have sold out and the site traffic has slowed down. The same things happens with the Footlocker, Champs sports, Footaction, Eastbay, and Finishline apps. You also seem to have much more luck entering a in store raffle than you ever will on this terrible app. Do yourself a favor and don’t put this app on any of your devices, no need to waste the memory space..Version: 4.5.1

SCAMS!!I ordered two pair of sneakers and never recieved a confirmation email and I went back to the app to check if my order would appear in the history and it said I don’t have any orders yet. So I said ok I’ll wait a day and maybe I’ll get the email by then. Two days flung by and I still haven’t recieved anything! My card was charged and is still processing from Champs! I emailed customer service and it took them two days to reply and they said their sorry and they got my order but due to technical malfunction it approved my address and it can’t be shipped to the address I provided and if I could like to change it, they would have it shipped out. This is nonsense! I emailed them back and told them to cancel my order and I would like a refund. Almost a week going by and I haven’t heard back from these scams yet! I sent out a zillion emails and haven’t gotten any yet from these people! Worst service ever! I will not be shopping here again! I’m going back to Footlocker, they don’t do nonsense like this. My order usually reaches in less than a week!.Version: 2.8.0

Highly disappointedA week ahead of some of the hottest sneaker launches of the year, you all decide to roll out a new FLX program and reset all rewards points for people who have spent thousands of money with your companies. I buy at champs, footaction and footlocker ... you guys gave me 3k points which isn’t enough to get the max head start which requires 11k per shoe?! We have to spend money to get head starts and lose them even if we don’t win the shoe???? Are you out of your minds!!!! This is unacceptable. And truly feels like a scam. Andddddddd I lost about to 19 $20 off coupons. Livid. This is disgusting. I specifically supported your company the past year to get a leg up to get shoes that I actually wanted next week. And the app barely works now just trash.Version: 4.0.1

Login issuesMajor issue when you click shop it used to automatically sign you into your account but now it tries to but gives an error message saying that it can't and you have to sign in manually. Very annoying, and can potentially cause you to not be able to purchase sneakers properly. Please fix! Also performance and stability issues are present..Version: 2.8.0

Constant useless updatesI swear every time I open this app there is a new update not exaggerating. This goes for footlocker and Footaction as well it kinda is getting annoying now. This app was decent before flx now they just used that as a lottery system so you can spend even more money in their company. Adding head starts is useless now. You almost have the same chances if you didn’t add them..Version: 4.7.1

Raffle Registration DisastersThese Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction apps are nothing but New Release Launch Raffle Disasters! Every time there has been a New Limited Edition Raffle release these last couple of weeks/months. The app starts acting crazy. It doesn’t always allow me to make changes in the edits. It won’t acknowledge when I switch from my account to my son’s account. Meaning it won’t save/register for both accounts when we login and logout. I would rather go back to the instore raffles. Or register for raffles like Snipes formally known as KicksUSA..Version: 3.7.1

“Shop at your store” doesn’t reflect inventoryI was disappointed that when using the shop at your store for pick up later option, the actual inventory wasn’t reflected. While the item might be there, you are still given the option of purchasing sizes that aren’t in stock. When I went in the sales person was able to scan an item and confirm they didn’t have it in stock for smaller sizes. I compared to what the app showed and it looked like I could get them. Why can’t the app show the same thing?.Version: 4.6.3

Trash appChamps and all of its other apps are trash. It’s so impossible and a waste of time to try to get any kind of sneakers releases through Champs website or apps. I got locked out of my account but I’ve had for over 10 years so I had to create a second account. Within a couple months that one doesn’t work now neither. Every time I do a password reset it always says something went wrong. Once I started getting that message for my second account, I decided it’s time to delete and move on from any footlocker app..Version: 5.4.0

Glitches galoreGlitchy app and not for the casual consumer. It’s pointless to try for the hype releases since they’ll be botted via the regular site and cause the app to crash. You can’t even check the status on sneakers you try to reserve due to it. And if you somehow manage to win you have to pray you can get to reserve it. Same with the footlocker and Footaction apps smh. A multi billion dollar company should be able to come up with a solution for long time consumers !.Version: 5.2.0

Sizes be out of stock even with availability options openEvery time I would go to order a pair of shoes that suppose to be available, I would get a notification message saying that the item is out of stock. My issue is the fact that I know the ones that’s suppose to be out of stock because the size would be faded out and u can’t click on it. When it’s unfaded and I click on it meaning that it’s suppose to be available. I shouldn’t get no message saying they’re out of stock and this is not with just one size, this was with a few supposedly available sizes and I continued to get the out of stock message. So I will be deleting the app because unlike other apps footlocker, Nike etc if I click on a size that’s open for availability and try adding it to my cart, it will actually get added. Instead of the out of stock message popping up. So this is definitely an issue that needs to get fix..Version: 3.4.4

SCAMMMMOrdered the same thing two different times because they canceled my order the first time because I messed my email up but everything else was correct which still makes no sense then I ordered the same stuff again just to see if it was a mistake n these mf are gonna cancel my order again talking about “are website had a malfunction” how do you as a company continue to let this happen just frustrating because now I have to wait about a week for them to give my money back to even try to get the stuff I wanted from a different website big lesson learned DONT SHOP AT CHAMPS ONLINE THEY WILL LITERALLY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE YOU WAIT TO GET IT BACK.Version: 4.1.0

Online order cancelledPlaced online order on 12/19 order was placed funds were withdrawn from my bank account on 12/23. I received email notifying that order was cancelled 2 days before Christmas. Item out of stock no longer available and now I’m unable to purchase shoe. Very bad experience shoe stock information should be updated as it is an inconvenience to have to wait for funds to be credited to bank account. Coupon was sent in for $15 but excludes the shoe type that I prefer. Horrible experience my daughter was expecting this as a Christmas gift!.Version: 2.8.0

First time orderThis is my first time order I tried ordering my son a backpack for school 15 minutes later my card still would not go through I was proud to call customer service to complete my order put it this way I made up making a strawberry cheese pie the whole entire time I was on hold waiting for customer service all together between ordering online and customer service on the phone it took me 45 minutes just order a bag I still have not gotten nothing from the company stating that my order was processed or it was even being prepared to ship.Version: 2.8.0

Orders don’t get on timeI placed an order on a Saturday and paid for a one business day express shipping so I could have a pair of Nike’s as a birthday gift. It’s Wednesday and I still don’t have my package. I called customer service and they told me my order wasn’t received until Tuesday afternoon. What’s the point on making a n online purchase paying for express shipping if they won’t get your order till days later? They did said they will refund the express shipping cost Wichita is irrelevant of this issue... I ended up without the birthday gift!!! I don’t recommend purchasing through their online store. Specially if you need this item for a special occasion or a last minute gift..Version: 2.8.0

Less than desirable serviceOrder two pairs of shoe online to be sent to my employer, received an email that my order was canceled due to not verify my payment... I called the verification of payment number and they basically told me they didn’t have access to tell me why my payment didn’t go thru... Really frustrating trying to spend north of $300 because none of the stores in my surrounding area have size 13... really champs your better than that... you have a third party verifying your sales with NO information to resolve any verification issues. Loss of revenue!!!.Version: 2.8.0

Poor siteYou have the slowest site I ever used in my entire online purchasing experience. I already put all my 5 orders in my cart after a long hours of waiting but when I checkout—boom I was placed on standing room!...and it says I have to wait due to big numbers of shoppers in line. I waited several hours for my page to be refreshed but nothing happened. This is unbelievable really. Your rate is 0 not even 1. I just tap 1 to be able to direct me to page where I can write this comment..Version: 2.8.0

Retro ReleaseSooo the app has a way of crashing anytime a big sneaker drop comes out and I got to say that’s pretty impressive. I mean the hundreds of thousands of dollars the company makes and they can’t fix the problem? Makes me believe they’re doing it intentionally being that if you don’t confirm your pair in the 3 hour window you lose it. Therefore leaving it more accessible to their employees..Version: 4.8.0

Unavailable shoesI’m fine with the app but what is the point of having shoes pop up if they are no longer available. It’s get frustrating to look up a pair of shoes and searches come up but then when you click on the shoes, it always say product not available or when they don’t have sizes crossed out indicating no stock and I go to click on a size thinking it was in stock just for a message telling me size is out of stock pops up.Version: 4.6.1

Terrible!Only employees and resellers are taken care with these stores owned by Footlocker. The results of the raffles are predetermined by Champs, I see. How else can you explain refunds of FLX points BEFORE the raffle is started and the stores that you select are selling the shoes ? What a joke! I won’t be spending my money in any of the footlocker stores going forward, I’ll go to finish line and JD sports, at least they give you a legit shot.Version: 5.4.5

Request FailedFor about the last 3 months ever time I try to get into the app, it says Request Failed when I try to log into my account. This happens even when it’s not a release or reservation opening. I have an updated Apple phone and no matter how many times I update or reinstall it, I can’t get in. I’m a a long time sneaker buyer with Champs and it’s difficult to even try to get in a raffle let alone claim a reservation when I can’t sign in. Very frustrating when this is a known issue for all of the FLX accounts and there’s nothing being done to resolve it. You can’t tell me that it can’t be done because SNKRS makes it it happen multiple times a week every week with draws. With the resell market so out of control this is supposed to be another way for ppl to get access to retail priced shoes and your lack of effort to fix it only shows that your bottom dollar is the only thing that really matters. I’m just out here trying to be a customer that I’ve been my entire life and it’s almost like you don’t want your customers to win..Version: 5.5.5

QualityI’m not sure if Champ Sports is aware of this issue. Every time I order a pair of sneakers from them, my order gets to me within a good 3 days (which is good) BUT my sneakers always look like they’ve been super glued in some areas and there are some minor tears around the’s kind of frustrating because if I’m paying $170 for a pair of sneakers, I want it to look as fresh, new and clean as it looked on the app/site. I ordered a pair of Nike Air Max Plus’s and they came looking alright, all around the shoe looked like it was superglued and some spots weren’t even fully dry 😭...not gonna lie I’m kind of angry and don’t think I’m going to purchase from Champs Sports anymore (this isn’t the first time I’ve ordered a pair of sneakers from them, and I received them looking not to well).Version: 4.2.0

Sold outEverything be sold out and it still be on the site like it’s available I click it and it doesn’t even come up it says not available or can’t be found like if it’s sold out just say that and take if down because y’all clearly not gonna restock y’all let stock x resale it for like 800 FREAKING DOLLARS like brooo cmonnn y’all gotta do better.Version: 4.6.4

Disgraceful companyThe whole Footlocker family of stores are disgraceful. They allow bots to crash all if their sites for every good release and you will never win a raffle or reservation. Logs you out of the account for hours when it’s time to check, edit or confirm your reservation. Got an email that i had 2 hrs to edit my reservation. Tried logging in to continuously get error messages asking me to try again later. 1 hour later, I get a message that my reservation has been cancelled. So disgusting to treats your customers this way..Version: 4.8.0

TerribleJust missed out on a reservation for this weekend’s shoe release because the app never sent me a push notification to check to see the results of my reservation entry, I went to check my settings it said I had push setting enable on, I also have footaction and footlocker app too and I also didn’t receive a single notification either.Version: 4.2.0

Raffle sometimes won’t work?A lot of times I will enter a raffle or attempt to and I will either be giving an error page or rerouted to the sign in page And this process keeps going on and on can you please fix this bag it is really annoying.Version: 5.2.0

Reservations not workingUnder this new Flx app thing you can’t see if a release is coming to your surrounding stores or if it’ll be reservations or FCFS. It just says check back later to find a store that’s releasing a shoe.... and these are shoes coming out THIS WEEK February 6th 7th and 8th. Seems some things need to be fixed so folks won’t have issues.Version: 4.0.1

Rip offI order Air Jordan 14 same time they drop. Got confirmation email and every. Just for 3 days after to get email that it is no longer available. Like that makes no sense and all the customers service lady keep say was she she can’t get me a item that is no longer available but when I order them it was. I could have gotten them somewhere if that was the case but they send me a email stating my order was completed . Bad customer experience and extremely disappointed. That was a gift for someone.Version: 3.4.5

Very bad serviceTo start off I was never updated to see my delivery notifications or tracking history. The shoes I ordered came three days late. When they did arrive, it was an entirely different shoe and size. I was told to bring them into a nearby champs store and return them and have the store call and tell them that I’ve returned the item so that they could issue me a refund. All around bad service. Very disappointed. Will go to finish line next time. Better service.Version: 5.2.0

Common denominator for this app is FAILThis app is bogus. Like so many others, I constantly get kicked out if the app and have to sign back in. Products don’t load and I constantly get error messages. This is an ongoing problem with ALL of the foot locker apps. Eastbay, foot locker, and champs. All of these apps are GARBAGE! Fix your crap guys and spend a little more money on investing in your future. More people are buying from apps these days rather than web browsers! WAKE UP!.Version: 4.9.0

SlowJust downloaded bc i wanted to buy a pair of shoes. THIS IS THE SLOWEST MOST UNCONVIENENT app that sells clothes out there (and trust me i have been on most of them) idk if there is just a glitch in the system or what but every time i clicked on something it said the item wasnt available or when it would let me view the item it would say all the sizes where not available. its like does this website want my money or not... hello? also i would search something in the search bar and the results would have nothing to do with what i searched. BASICALLY it is impossible to buy anything off the app... either its a glitch or Champs technology people really need to get to work. sorry i just want to buy a pair of shoes😘😘 & now this is making me upset🥺🥺🥰😘😘.Version: 4.4.4

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