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SHOWTIME App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

SHOWTIME app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SHOWTIME? Can you share your negative thoughts about showtime?

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Constant need to log in again, doesn’t cast anymore, no auto playThere are a few persistent as well as a new issue with this app: 1. When you log into the app with your tv subscriber, it only keeps you logged in for a limited time, even when you’re signed into that tv provider with your iPhone. Very annoying to constantly have to re-enter your credentials. 2. Would be nice if the app auto played the next episode of a show. Also it would be nice if, similar to Netflix, you could pick up right where you left off in an episode/show from the home screen. But you have to go back into search, click through etc, to go to the last episode you watched and continue from there. 3. I used to watch shows from the app on my tv via my chrome cast, but for the past few months, there is no longer an option to cast from the app. I’ve troubleshooted, downloaded the latest app version, etc. yet nothing. All of my other streaming apps continue to work with chrome cast. This is a major drawback as this has resulted in my no longer using the app since this issue started (for at least 5 months now). Developers, when will this be fixed?.Version: 2.5.8

Showtime for oneI love showtime and the shows it has. I was between Paramount and Showtime and I did the free trial for both. I know they are both within the CBS umbrella so hopefully showtime will get absorbed by paramount app because they offer profile options and showtime doesn’t. There are four people at my house that watch and I don’t want to watch what they watch or get recommendations because of what they watch or see the continue watching of their leftovers. If they fix this it would be an ok platform but both paramount and showtime alone can’t compete with HBOMAX. Put them together and now you are talking..Version: 4.0.1

Needs to be accessibleVoiceover is my screen reader that iPhone uses like I said the main page of the app when you open, it works great with voiceover it’s just the player it’s just when I click on the movie and it starts playing and I run my finger across the screen it doesn’t do nothing I can’t get the rewind pause fast forward button or player back so if you can fix that thank you guys keep up the good work that’s the only thing it needs to be accessible is when you get into the player besides that it’s a really great app everything else is accessible with my voiceover I can run my finger, crossed the screen ever tell me the name of the titles and the movies The main page the whole app works great with my voiceover. It’s just when I click on a movie and hit play and it goes into the player. I can’t ask it without closing the app I meant to say exit without closing the app if you can just get a hold of some tools to make your player accessible I’ll change my rating and I’ll subscribe I will actually go ahead and change it up to three stars This is a really great app. I love it I love listening to movies but I’m asking if you can make your player accessible because I can’t see I love listening to movies but I need it accessible with voiceover. I’m using an iPhone 12 pro max. Thank you. on iOS 16.2. and if you can do that, I will give you a five star rating..Version: 4.6.1

What’s to view????So I signed up for a months free trial I gave them all my credit card information ready to go to see what you have for me I couldn’t even see that before I gave you my information but anyhow I’m ready to go when I go back there and inspect the opening screen again the one after you decide to try it well it won’t let me go anywhere it says continue so you tap the button continue and then said no you’ve already subscribed so you hit the OK button thinking you’re going to go somewhere you go nowhere I’ve done this like 14 times I went back and re-opened it there’s somebody want to tell me what’s wrong with your program so far all I’ve done is giving you my information to charge me in a month I would like to watch a movie or two at that price to get in touch with me and get me on here so I can watch some movies please.Version: 4.0.10

Constant issues using Apple TVI haven’t been able to watch a single show on our Apple TV’s without the playback glitching and rewinding back 5-10 seconds multiple times before kicking me out of the show/movie. Then when I try to go back into the show/movie it fails. The only way to get back into the show is to close out the application. Then periodically it occurs again. It happened 5 times on one show and twice in the first 3 mins of 21 Bridges. Fix this or I will be cancelling my subscription. I have 5+ subscriptions with other companies and no issues. This is not a WiFi bandwidth issue either. This is clearly bugs in the application and poor integration with the newest versions of Apple TV..Version: 4.1.5

Apple TVI got this app for my Apple tv, it is so extremely frustrating to use. I’ve been trying to watch the last 10 minutes of a show for at least 30 minutes now because the app keeps kicking me out, and making me restart so I have to fast forward to where I was, and when I finally get to my spot, it continually freezes and rewinds until it kicks me out again. Luckily I’m on a free trial right now and not paying, but at this point if this is how the app is going to work I definitely will not go past the trial. It should not take close to 2 hours to watch a 50 minute show..Version: 4.1.5

Absolutely TerribleThis is the absolute worst streaming app I’ve ever used. I couldn’t get through more than a minute or two of any episode of the show I was trying to watch before it started to glitch, then eventually fail. I’d be watching, then out of nowhere, the show started looping. The same 8-10 seconds would play and repeat about 3 times, then a network error would pop up and say the episode is unavailable. This happened with every movie or show I attempted to watch. To troubleshoot, I switched back and forth between Wi-Fi and cellular streaming, restarted my phone several times, and deleted and reinstalled the app twice. I tried for a solid 45 minutes before I giving up..Version: 4.1.5

GarbageThis app has recently and consistently received 1 star ratings for the exact same basic reason …it doesn’t work. Any competent developer would immediately address customer satisfaction issues by resolving ASAP.. You will see that the same issue is raised repeatedly by users - app freezes, crashes, can’t get thru show. Sort by most recent and you will quickly see what I am describing. The developer, if they respond, will cut and paste the same response- contact customer care, we are sorry you are disappointed, we want to work through this issue with you and your device. None of those extra steps should be needed if you have a reliable app that works! Whose going to pay for a subscription that you need to sit on a support call because the developer’s app doesn’t work? No one has time for such nonsense. I’m actually surprised this app is still available. Seems off with all the 1 star ratings that the ratings matrix isn’t updating reflecting the recent and consistent 1 star ratings..Version: 4.1.5

App is crashy, poor designI was very excited to get showtime as I love so many of their shows, but the app has been a major let down. Offline playback is nearly impossible. The app crashes after less than 10 minutes of playback, every time. About 50% of the time the player won’t rotate. I’m shocked this app has such a high rating with such a bad video player. As a new user I’ve found the design confusing. It took me a week to find where my currently watching shows are. Why aren’t they on the front page of the app? Why isn’t there a “pick up where you left off” on the series page? Two stars only because playback when connected to WiFi works okay..Version: 2.5.3

Navigation is awfulThis app (on firestick) isn’t just not user friendly, it’s user hostile. If you want to watch a series from the beginning (e.g. Dexter) there’s no way to add the show to a watch list. Every time you log in you have to go to the menu, series, scroll through all shows until you find it, find the season you want (newest first, of course), then the episode. You get to do this every time you log in. If you watch more than one show, you do it for that show too. This is such a fundamental blunder in design that it makes me angry each time I use it. It is mind bogglingly bad. There’s not even a search function to enter the name of the show. You can’t even pick up where you left off because if you go to menu, recently watched it restarts the last episode you watched. The only possible explanation I have for this poorly designed app is that it was created by someone that does not watch television and doesn’t understand how tv shows work..Version: 2.6.14

Not sure why Showtime can’t link anythingLike most people, I don’t have cable. I own an Apple TV and subscribed to Showtime. The confirmation I got told me to download “Showtime” not “Showtime Anytime.” These are two different apps. I figured this one out on my own, downloaded Showtime Anytime and logged in with my iTunes account. It worked for exactly 48 hours. Now when I open Showtime Anytime it says I’m not logged in and I have to sign in with a cable TV provider to continue. There is no other option. I can’t log in using my iTunes account that I paid for the subscription with. There’s no “restore” button. To watch Showtime I have to go into the Apple TV’s main search, search specifically for what I want, and then it will open. The Anytime app is useless and I have no way to browse content. Needless to say I won’t be keeping this subscription..Version: 4.1.5

So many glitches, unfortunately sigh!First of all, showtime itself has a great selection; it has some of my favorite atm binging shows. But the problem is with the amount of glitches and issues this app has - it sometimes repeats the same 5 seconds over and over until it craps out completely. Or it just shows network issues and then I can’t resume the show/movie, even after shutting the app down manually. Amount of unfinished shows and movies are piling up on my list now and it’s really frustrating. Idk why showtime is having such a tough time with developing its app as all my other streaming platforms are working great. Shame really, coz it could be an awesome service otherwise..Version: 4.1.5

How do I cancel???I only got this to watch some Colbert report video. This isn’t my first free trial, and I know it should be easier than logging into the app, being told to dig into iTunes, not seeing anything there regarding this specific subscription, and being right where I was. It shouldn’t be this hard to stop paying for a subscription. Edit* I found out how to do it, and this may be on Apple’s end or maybe mine. Add in a way to control your subscription through the app, please. I only came to see the thing I did, and I doubt I’m missing much. The UI was buggy, didn’t work as well as other also buggy UI’s with chrome cast. Get with it guys, I know TV money’s drying up, but pay your programmers more..Version: 2.6.14

Worst of the paid streaming appsI’m sorry to say, this is by far the worst of all the major Marie l paid streaming services. I can’t speak to the content that is included but that’s because the app layout is horrid. If you know what you want to watch, you can search; if you’re trying to browse, then good luck. Also, when trying to pickup where you left off on a series, make sure you remember where you left off, it will always say you are episodes ahead of where you exited. All said, I gave two stars because it does technically play shoes (albeit slowly and laughingly). I will not be paying for a second month..Version: 4.1.9

Worst streaming platformAs most users have already noted, the Showtime platform is terrible. Whether it’s the mobile app, on tv, or online, it always seems to crash constantly. Not to mention the UI hinders the UX completely, to the point that having to delete and reinstall just to get it to “connect to the network” is reason alone to cancel the subscription. Nothing is intuitive more easy to find. Did they even user test before rolling out the product?! It’s a shame because there is a ton of great content but it’s almost not worth it. I eagerly expect an update/revamp soon enough, but I’m not holding my breath..Version: 4.1.5

Can’t get through an episodeI’m trying to watch Dexter and I can’t get through one episode without multiple glitches. It will either skip backwards like a broken record, replaying the same 5 seconds over and over, or it will freeze or just go black. I either have to wait for it to start working again or switch between watching on my tv and iPad just to finish one episode. The same thing keeps happening on both. I know it’s not a network issue on my end bc no other streaming service is having trouble connecting or streaming. I tried downloading the episodes to see if I could watch it all the way through that way, but it won’t download either. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I won’t have showtime anymore. It’s not worth paying for if I can’t actually watch something all the way through. UPDATE: Responding with “let us troubleshoot with you” won’t fix the problem. The problem isn’t on my end. It’s obviously a problem on your end bc if you look at the reviews, especially the recent ones, everyone is having the exact same problem. The few recent 5 star reviews all say the same thing (“Dexter/Showtime is the best!”) and I’m starting to wonder if those are even real people reviewing this app or you guys trying to keep your rating up..Version: 4.1.5

Cancellation problemsAfter canceling my account at least 4 to 5 times they proceeded to still charge me. I only downloaded and paid for it to watch one show upon finishing I canceled but noticed I was billed again. This went on so many times I had to contact support over the issue in which I got no answer as to why they were continuing to charge me or why my cancellations were not processing. On top of that out of all 8 months it’s went untouched besides trying to cancel the subscription I was only given money back for the most recent month very sad that they couldn’t give more answers or be of more help..Version: 4.5.0

Worst Streaming Service AppI have never enjoyed using an app for a streaming service less than I do this one. The interface is useless when watching a series and you are tying to pickup where you left off. The way the My List portion works is useless and makes you constantly search for the series you are watching to find what you are looking for. Recently watched series need to be available on the first page. It also frequently starts you over at the beginning of an episode you have partially watched. It always rotates the wrong way when you begin playing. There is also no button to jump forward in specific increments. Absolutely awful!.Version: 2.5.8

App Has IssuesI love Showtime, the content is awesome, but the app is meh. If you download shows to watch offline, they always skip or freeze and there is no way to fix it other than watching back on wifi. It’s like the files are corrupted. Occasionally even on wifi it still does it during streaming. Plenty of others have had the same issue. It’s not my internet connection. All the other apps are working flawlessly. Just some bugs that need to be worked out is all. But it is pretty annoying at times..Version: 4.1.3

One of the worst apps to use offline.Downloading content for offline take forever...plan to have it 4x times the length of the content (1hr show will take about 4hrs to download). It will lock up several times during its downloading, and the only way to get it back to being responsive is to force quit it and re-launch it. Then when you go to play your recorded content back be prepared to only watch 10min of it before it crashes out with a generic “Server Error”...and wouldn’t you know it when go back to play your content again, it has no idea that you made any progress on it, so you gotta fast forward to where you think it crashed...play 10min more only to repeat this process. Worst app ever made for downloading and playing back offline content. UPDATE - It’s been more then a year that submitted this review and they have yet to address any of these issues..Version: 4.1.5

Error message on 2 separate iPhone versionsPeriodically while watching a show I get an error message that states: network error and won’t play the show, or sometimes won’t play at all. I have attempted deleting and reinstalling, restarting my device, tried on 2 separate iPhones 11pro max and 13 pro max. Turning my wifi off then on again, making sure my internet connection is fast enough. And no dice. Also wish it had a skip intro option. But most frustrating is I can’t watch my show. And I would watch on my tv but it’s not a show I can’t watch around my kids so I’d rather just watch it on my phone..Version: 4.1.5

TrashI’m big on streaming services and I took a chance on showtime to not only watch but PAY FOR a PPV. Never got the chance. Had to use a whole other platform that worked great unlike this service. Didn’t even have the respect enough to tweet out updates and acknowledge the problem until the fights were over and didn’t even provide a direct link for customers to get a refund. A refund should be automatic knowing you were selling a services that was not met. On top of that people made plans, and spent additional money and time for this event that you ultimately ruined. Trash app. Trash service. Trash company. And I hope you fix, compensate and suffer for this mistake..Version: 4.0.6

App needs some serious updates!! Tons of bad reviewsNot sure how this app has high ratings? Fake? All the reviews I’ve read are terrible just like my experience! For how much showtime charges + expects to get paid their App is absolute crap! It doesn’t keep track of what you’ve watched, doesn’t show you on the main screen. Can’t see which episode you’re watching while watching it! No clue which one you watched last. No 10 second fast forward or rewind (only 30 sec rewind). Can’t skip intro. Etc etc etc etc etc Come on Showtime. You have to pull yourself out of the dark ages if you expect to compete!.Version: 2.5.8

Video works well, playback controls lackingI've had no problems browsing and streaming content, but other than the typical forward/backward click-and-drag scrubber, all they have is a "back 30 seconds" button. 30 seconds is too far back 90% of the time. I usually just missed the last 10 seconds of dialogue, and if you really need 30, hitting a 10-second button three times is simple. So a smaller increment please! Having a forward-10-seconds button to undo that would be nice too. I do like the easy on/off close captioning button, though only seems to work for English because it doesn't seem to have a language selector. But for me, a native English speaker, being able to turn it on and off without disrupting play is awesome, and it's the first app I've seen with this. Having an option to turn CC on only for a back-10-seconds playback would be cool though, where it turns on just until you get back to the spot where you originally hit the button. Overall, the app does the job. But the meager playback controls are probably the most frustrating I've found in a video app..Version: 2.6.6

Search?What a bizarre navigation system this app has. It is not compatible with a keyboard. When you select the “search” option, if you decide that you actually don’t want to do a search or accidentally selected it, there is no way to get off of the page. You can’t tap on a blank space to return to any of the other navigation. You have to type something in the search and press enter, in order to get the navigation tab on the bottom to show up again. Or, if you are using a external keyboard, you have to select the keyboard icon on the bottom and hide it in order to go to the nav bar again. There isn’t even a “cancel” option in the search bar even when an external keyboard isn’t connected. Someone didn’t think this one through..Version: 4.0.4

Consider some changesShowtime, do better. Your app has specific issues that need addressing and make it stand apart from other streaming service apps in a negative way. So many better ways to improve UI/UX: Rewind Instead of allowing users to scrub through the episode and have a visual of how far back or forward you’re actually going. I can’t see where I am so I’m doing more FF and REW to get to the right spot. There’s a separate button to rewind and fast forward instead of being able to simply scrub along the track. That’s an unnecessary step too. Next Up Episodes Often the next episode is coming and the episode I’m watching isn’t even done yet. Should know not to end the episode and auto-begin the next one until there is no more show left to see, even if it happens after the credits (rare but should be considered) Loading Shows and movies and CONSISTENTLY being interrupted by reloading. This is 2022 and none of the other apps I use have this issue. I’ve literally begun playing a game where I try to guess the next action or words the actor is going to say. Closed Caption Options are too big. Small is really large..Version: 4.6.1

Worst Streaming App EVER!I recently downloaded the Showtime app because showtime is not available on my Vizio TV, and let me tell you.. this app freezes, buffers, goes black, just plain out doesn’t play anything every time I go to use it. I am on a fairly new iPad Pro and have very good internet, yet the am still not able to stream off this app. All my other streaming apps work great! Never have issues with them, I only ever have issues with Showtime, which leads me to believe it is the Showtime app itself that is the issue. From doing research online, I found I am not the only one and this is a very reoccurring issue. I’m highly disappointed to say the least. Showtime, get it together please! This is so frustrating, I can’t get through 20 minutes of an episode without the network giving out😤 about to give up and cancel my account..Version: 4.1.5

Delete and re-downloadAs the other recent reviews, when updating to the new version, the app won't run. Solution is to delete it (don't just "remove from home screen", delete it completely) then download it again from the app store. I know some people say they tried that to no avail, but it worked for me, and I'm using iOS 14 too. I haven't subscribed yet, so I don't know what running the app and playing movies is like, but the app quiting on update problem everybody is complaining about can be solved at least..Version: 4.1.8

Showtime is a jokeTerrible agent. Instead of explaining anything I asked she just shrugged it off like I was stupid. She tried to make it seem like it was my fault that your servers were down. Instead of trying to help with anything she just gave trouble shooting issues for my router when again it was your servers. You people wasted my time and money on a PPV fight that you should have been prepared for. Showtime is a joke. To make it all worse I still don’t have my $50 dollars back. Showtime scammed me. From now on I will not be using showtime for ANYTHING. This company is a scam. The app was down the whole fight with no solutions and the agent couldn’t even give us an estimated time. Showtime will not get anymore of my money and I’ll make sure I pirate everything that comes from this company..Version: 4.0.6

Ok, could be a lot betterOk so don’t get me wrong I love Showtime and it’s content but this Showtime app just isn’t it. Ok he user interface is not up to par with the rest of the stream apps and even the player interface is lacking many features that it’s competitors have. I should be able to create a favorites list of shows for quick access. And even when you search a show the layout of the shows is confusing and not well done, it doesn’t even show which showed you’ve already watched. Also like someone said before for whatever reason this all is constantly buffering on iPhones. I would just like showtime to go through do a complete overhaul of this app and create a functional UI..Version: 2.6.15

Are the 5 star reviews paid?This app is the glitchiest app I have ever used, which is shocking considering it’s ShowTime. I can get through about 10 minutes of a show and it glitches and stops, I have to restart the app, and pick a different show for it to work again. Now I’m 20 minutes in! Yay! And it does it again. Can’t skip forward, it won’t play, it’s all black. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my internet modem (everything else is working fine, all other apps…). I’ve tried troubleshooting on the website. I’ve looked up the issue on forums. Nothing works. Can’t even watch a show so what’s the point of the app?.Version: 4.1.5

SHOWLESSThis is by far one of the worst streaming apps EVER. Poorly designed. Same tired content. Same docs. Same movies. Nothing new and if it is new it’s one show! Too much about boxing. Docs are limited. Dated. Nothing decent at all. But the biggest issue is the loooong annoying movie description and NO TRAILER to anything. Seriously???? I have to go to YT, find the trailer then come back to the app. Come on!!! Just lazy. Check out Tubi. Now that is how you do things. Plenty of content. Great choices. Movies from all decades and TRAILERS in the app. Yes they have ads but the app is FREE!!! They have so much more content that it’s worth the 2m ad. How is this not happening with Showtime? Absolute waste of money and time. Your ONLY redeeming quality is the ability to download but this is not quite accurate either. You still have to be on WiFi. Ugh!!! Just awful. This app is worth maybe .25 cent a month…maybe. 🙄Your latest update was a new thumbnail. Woohoo!.Version: 4.4.1

TerribleOk so this app is just out right terrible. Showtime its self is a good streaming service with a great selection of content that is not the issue. The issue is with the design of the app, I subscribe to most of the streaming services available and Showtimes app is by far the worst. Now I feel this is a huge shame as Showtimes content with verity and just out right quality shows is one of if not the best streaming service for TV seasons etc. Just the navigation and design of the app puts it down at the bottom of all the streaming services. At first I thought it was me and I was just missing some menu or button but after asking my family and others I know they all had the same problems. Now I’m sure when you eventually figure out how to perform simple tasks on the app then what I’m saying would seem silly, but that is the issue after 4 weeks using the app I am still unable to skip backward 2 episodes, or buying up the list of episodes for instance. I genuinely went on to my local university to see if there was a coarse or something Showtime expect you to take to be able to navigate the app, I have no issue performing any functions when watching on different platforms e.g. Roku threw my television but the Apple app for me with a masters in software engineering, its just to complicated to use..Version: 2.6.8

Worst Streaming App I HaveDefinitely disappointed in this app. I recently downloaded it to watch The L Word: Generation Q and immediately realized I can’t even connect to my Chromecast through my iOS device, only my LG tablet. As if that’s not bad enough, it doesn’t even allow me to connect most times. It continued to say that there’s “an error connecting to device”, super inconvenient. I ended up having to watch the show on my tablet at home smh. The layout is very poorly created and there’s so many steps just to play a certain episode of a show. It doesn’t resume where I left off I have to manually guess where I need to start watching again. All in all, after this show is over I’m deleting/unsubscribing..Version: 2.6.1

Awful & glitchyI got this app two days ago and have had nothing but problems. My show either stops after 5 minutes or it replays the same scene over and over. If I FF 10 seconds it’s fine for another minute or so and then the same. It even lost sound once. I’m constantly closing it out and refreshing. Way too much aggravation to watch my show. I am on Wi-Fi but that shouldn’t matter anyway, every other streaming app I have works just fine if I’m not on Wi-Fi. This is not a great into to the 30 day trial. I’ll probably cancel before they bill me. Really sad because I really wanted to keep it and watch dexter next..Version: 4.1.5

What are you guys doing?I pay for Showtime through my cable provider. It’s bundled with HBO. Do you think I’m denied the HBO Max experience because of that? No, of course not What service am I supposed to be using with you guys, Showtime Now? Showtime Later? Showtime Anywhere? What a messy mess you’ve created. I see very few offerings that justify a continuous subscription to your service in the first place. I then see a show I want to watch on Showtime through Apple TV and have to download some crummy 720p old app that’s glitchy, that I’m not even sure is the correct one. Fix this. It’s incredibly stupid. To the showtime developer response: thanks for the follow up. I will pass on your suggestion to use Showtime Anytime 720p and cancel my subscription instead. Good luck with your brand!.Version: 4.3.0

GOOD SHOWS, TERRIBLE TERRIBLE APP!This is the worst most joke of a streaming service app out of all of them which is baffling since its showtime.. i cant even find a way for help other than showtime claiming its my problem on my end when its theirs, just like many others are claiming. Im so disappointed that i have been paying monthly for an app that glitchy at best, and UNUSABLE at times.. while watching any show or movie you may or may not get interrupted with it stopping, loading and saying “cannot play title” or something of the sort. Then you close the app over and over and it wont let you resume that same title but will allow you to start a new movie or show but cant finish what you were watching. Id give it NO STARS if it were an option. I want a refund for the months that Ive had this unusable app and i will be canceling when I'm done writing this review unless something is done to fix it..Version: 4.1.5

Needs user interface improvement.I enjoy the content however the App needs serious improvement. When watching multiple episodes, there should be an option to skip the opening theme. When the show ends, there should be an option to skip the credits and start the next episode instead of playing through the entire credits. There is no good fast forward button when watching content. The tracking function to fast forward doesn’t show the time as your are advancing. There is poor organization as far as choosing an episode when watching a show. Why have all of the shows just out and cluttering the screen, when you could organize them into season folders? Do yourselves a favor and look at what Netflix and HBO do as far as their user interface and how their apps are set up and do likewise..Version: 2.6.6

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