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Downloads have problemsThe shows/movies are great and fine and this review has little to do with them. When playing downloaded videos on the app, the app will stop working as often as every 5 minutes, sometimes even (non-intuitively) telling you to connect to the internet. Usually, closing the app will make the videos work again for another 5 minutes but then the whole thing happens again. I sincerely hope this is fixed..Version: 2.3.12

Issues and more issuesApp is very problematic. With cellular data turned off, I can immediately see the user control to display the downloads and quickly start a downloaded movie playing. However, the app crashes every 3 minutes. With cellular data turned on, when in a low signal area, the Showtime logo is displayed, but that's as far as it ever gets. App and phone are up to date, and rebooting the phone didn't help. Also, landscape mode only works with charging port to the left, which isn't the case with most video apps. Maybe that could also be improved upon..Version: 2.4.1

Pathetic streaming technology!So glad there was a trial because it gave me a chance to determine this app is not worth paying for. I have used many streaming apps and this app is so behind the times. I love some showtime content, which is why I downloaded the app, but this doesn’t even keep track of where you are in a series or give you easy access to continue watching the thing you were watching last. Literally I find it pathetic. They need some developers and they need them quick! This app is nothing compared to other streaming services..Version: 2.4.7

Navigation is awfulThis app (on firestick) isn’t just not user friendly, it’s user hostile. If you want to watch a series from the beginning (e.g. Dexter) there’s no way to add the show to a watch list. Every time you log in you have to go to the menu, series, scroll through all shows until you find it, find the season you want (newest first, of course), then the episode. You get to do this every time you log in. If you watch more than one show, you do it for that show too. This is such a fundamental blunder in design that it makes me angry each time I use it. It is mind bogglingly bad. There’s not even a search function to enter the name of the show. You can’t even pick up where you left off because if you go to menu, recently watched it restarts the last episode you watched. The only possible explanation I have for this poorly designed app is that it was created by someone that does not watch television and doesn’t understand how tv shows work..Version: 2.6.14

Worst Streaming App I HaveDefinitely disappointed in this app. I recently downloaded it to watch The L Word: Generation Q and immediately realized I can’t even connect to my Chromecast through my iOS device, only my LG tablet. As if that’s not bad enough, it doesn’t even allow me to connect most times. It continued to say that there’s “an error connecting to device”, super inconvenient. I ended up having to watch the show on my tablet at home smh. The layout is very poorly created and there’s so many steps just to play a certain episode of a show. It doesn’t resume where I left off I have to manually guess where I need to start watching again. All in all, after this show is over I’m deleting/unsubscribing..Version: 2.6.1

Constant need to log in again, doesn’t cast anymore, no auto playThere are a few persistent as well as a new issue with this app: 1. When you log into the app with your tv subscriber, it only keeps you logged in for a limited time, even when you’re signed into that tv provider with your iPhone. Very annoying to constantly have to re-enter your credentials. 2. Would be nice if the app auto played the next episode of a show. Also it would be nice if, similar to Netflix, you could pick up right where you left off in an episode/show from the home screen. But you have to go back into search, click through etc, to go to the last episode you watched and continue from there. 3. I used to watch shows from the app on my tv via my chrome cast, but for the past few months, there is no longer an option to cast from the app. I’ve troubleshooted, downloaded the latest app version, etc. yet nothing. All of my other streaming apps continue to work with chrome cast. This is a major drawback as this has resulted in my no longer using the app since this issue started (for at least 5 months now). Developers, when will this be fixed?.Version: 2.5.8

Ok, could be a lot betterOk so don’t get me wrong I love Showtime and it’s content but this Showtime app just isn’t it. Ok he user interface is not up to par with the rest of the stream apps and even the player interface is lacking many features that it’s competitors have. I should be able to create a favorites list of shows for quick access. And even when you search a show the layout of the shows is confusing and not well done, it doesn’t even show which showed you’ve already watched. Also like someone said before for whatever reason this all is constantly buffering on iPhones. I would just like showtime to go through do a complete overhaul of this app and create a functional UI..Version: 2.6.15

Pretty buggyCompared to Showtime’s poor website this app isn’t half bad. But like the website, it’s clear there have been minimal resources committed to this app. It’s impossible to go to your recently watched shows without going there manually. The downloaded shows bug out and force you to restart the app. There is no good fast forward button, neither is there anything to skip the recap/intro. These changes are manageable but in this day and age they are very basic design flaws that could easily be taken care of if Showtime spent any money on it..Version: 2.4.0

TerribleOk so this app is just out right terrible. Showtime its self is a good streaming service with a great selection of content that is not the issue. The issue is with the design of the app, I subscribe to most of the streaming services available and Showtimes app is by far the worst. Now I feel this is a huge shame as Showtimes content with verity and just out right quality shows is one of if not the best streaming service for TV seasons etc. Just the navigation and design of the app puts it down at the bottom of all the streaming services. At first I thought it was me and I was just missing some menu or button but after asking my family and others I know they all had the same problems. Now I’m sure when you eventually figure out how to perform simple tasks on the app then what I’m saying would seem silly, but that is the issue after 4 weeks using the app I am still unable to skip backward 2 episodes, or buying up the list of episodes for instance. I genuinely went on to my local university to see if there was a coarse or something Showtime expect you to take to be able to navigate the app, I have no issue performing any functions when watching on different platforms e.g. Roku threw my television but the Apple app for me with a masters in software engineering, its just to complicated to use..Version: 2.6.8

Needs fixingWhen the app works, it pretty comparable to all the other streaming apps. However, it’s very buggy at times and will repeatedly say play back in unavailable or will be unable to even load the home screen. If you close the app and reopen it, that error message will go away but will come back and stop playback within 5-10 minutes..Version: 2.3.2

App needs some serious updates!! Tons of bad reviewsNot sure how this app has high ratings? Fake? All the reviews I’ve read are terrible just like my experience! For how much showtime charges + expects to get paid their App is absolute crap! It doesn’t keep track of what you’ve watched, doesn’t show you on the main screen. Can’t see which episode you’re watching while watching it! No clue which one you watched last. No 10 second fast forward or rewind (only 30 sec rewind). Can’t skip intro. Etc etc etc etc etc Come on Showtime. You have to pull yourself out of the dark ages if you expect to compete!.Version: 2.5.8

AwfulThis might possibly be the absolute worst streaming app I’ve used. Crashes 1/3 of the time just trying to open the app. If you’re watching a downloaded video, it’s bound to buffer for an extremely long amount of time. In addition, the app downloads videos very poorly. Loading an already DOWNLOADED video should not require any buffering or loading. Functional but not at all user-friendly when it comes to the interface. Buttons in hard-to-reach places, in need of an easier button to rewind or fast-forward as well..Version: 2.6.2

Poorly laid out appShowtime has lots of great selection however this app has to be as non user friendly as possible. no “continue watching” or “skip intro” feature. it doesn’t even show you the episodes you’ve watched of a show when scrolling through the thumbnail screen. if you like having to spend 5 minutes waiting for the app to get past the initial opening screen, search for the show you want bc it definetly will not have it there to be easily accessed like any other media app, then this is the app for you..Version: 2.5.4

Never felt so CompelledI had to write this review because the developers must know that this app can be so much more but simply do not care. Every time this is renewed I get upset that I forgot to cancel my subscription because the app is just a pain to use, and not surprisingly I can’t cancel in the app. It doesn’t mark shows as watched, it’s too much of a pain to fast forward and rewind and the overall all layout of the app is very old school. Shows are great, movie content can be better but overall it’s the poor app experience that compelled me to write this review..Version: 2.6.15

Good sometimes. Not worth the monthly fee.I’ve signed up and canceled a few times. I mostly used it to catch up on Shameless. The movie selection is decent sometimes. Every 3 months or so I come across a movie that is only streaming on Showtime and after weighing the pros and cons of re-subscribing for that one movie I just don’t watch the movie. I would probably keep it if there was a $70-$80 yearly fee rather than the monthly. It makes budgeting for something you don’t use that much easier..Version: 2.6.6

Constant Buffering and Disconnecting on all devices regardless of internet connectionThe navigation is fine but everything constantly disconnects regardless of the device. If on demand content does play it still buffers every 30 seconds. The Live channels east and west are even less stable. The Showtime apps be it on ps4, tablet, chromecast, smart tv, and even through the internet browser can't hold a connection when every other streaming service can. The apps used to work fine but now they need some serious work..Version: 2.6.15

CrashesApp keeps crashing when I try to watch downloaded content. I was able to watch 1 movie all the way through with no issues. But when I tried to rewatch it, I think it kept crashing at the same time intervals. When I first watched the movie, I left when the credits started. When I came back to watch it again, I started over by dragging the bar to the left. I think the time originally remaining on the credits keeps interfering with watching any new content. The same movie or other movies, the problem keeps happening. After several minutes (the time remaining on credits) I’ll lose audio or the video will perpetually buffer..Version: 2.5.2

Forward and rewind buttons should be basicI like the content but hate using your app, the downloaded content always fails and requires restarting the app every five minutes. The rewind 30 seconds being the only control button while every video app has a 15 seconds forward and rewind being basic is a pain. Like I said like the content but make this app usable, it’s as if the programmers never use the app, it’s a pain. Change those two things, make it less buggy, shows mostly start from the beginning instead of where you left the episode..Version: 2.6.8

One of the worst apps to use offline.Downloading content for offline take forever...plan to have it 4x times the length of the content (1hr show will take about 4hrs to download). It will lock up several times during its downloading, and the only way to get it back to being responsive is to force quit it and re-launch it. Then when you go to play your recorded content back be prepared to only watch 10min of it before it crashes out with a generic “Server Error”...and wouldn’t you know it when go back to play your content again, it has no idea that you made any progress on it, so you gotta fast forward to where you think it 10min more only to repeat this process. Worst app ever made for downloading and playing back offline content..Version: 4.0.1

How do I cancel???I only got this to watch some Colbert report video. This isn’t my first free trial, and I know it should be easier than logging into the app, being told to dig into iTunes, not seeing anything there regarding this specific subscription, and being right where I was. It shouldn’t be this hard to stop paying for a subscription. Edit* I found out how to do it, and this may be on Apple’s end or maybe mine. Add in a way to control your subscription through the app, please. I only came to see the thing I did, and I doubt I’m missing much. The UI was buggy, didn’t work as well as other also buggy UI’s with chrome cast. Get with it guys, I know TV money’s drying up, but pay your programmers more..Version: 2.6.14

Lack of several standard featuresThis app does not make it easy to bookmark my favorite show. When I add a show to My List, it, for some silly reasons, adds the episode instead. Next time there is a new episode, I have to repeat the same searching steps again. This app does not have skip intro feature neither and no 15 secs fast forward. These are all standard features on other streaming apps. Without the content, I’ll be gone in a second..Version: 2.6.15

Could use a better interfaceI personally like showtime's collection of movies and series yet for the app version they have possibly chosen one of the worst interface ever. It's not only glitchy, with prone to "playback failed" error messages whenever you're watching a downloaded series but also tends to crash multiple times. Mind you I use an iPhone X. Also, the interface where you select and play the movies so poorly written as if by a novice programmer. Remember it's not only about the collection but also about the convenience. Please come up with a proper interface..Version: 2.3.12

Ready To Cast logo remains visible during movieSuddenly experiencing an issue with a bug in the system where the “Showtime Ready-To-Cast” logo remains visible on the screen once the program begins to play. Further examination of my iPhone screen reveals that while this unusual bug occurs, the program timer displays only a few minutes of time remaining. Yet, when the red line reaches the end, the movie and/or program continues. I have reset my iPhone, removed and reinstalled the Showtime app while clearing the history snd data of the iPhone as well but to no avail...the issue remains as described above. It’s ridiculous. I only rated the app a 1 because there is no “zero” or “minus” rating..Version: 2.2.2

App Needs ImprovementsI really enjoy showtime but this app is not very user-friendly. I have issues with it quite often while every other streaming app works fine. It freezes more often than other apps, 50% of the time I can’t get my cast box to appear on this app only. I also find it to be less convenient searching for shows and movies as well. There are a lot of improvements that could be made here and hopefully they take notice for their subscribers paying a monthly fee to use it..Version: 2.6.15

Can’t compete with rival appsIt feels like they are trying to make this app different from their competitors’. The interface isn’t very user friendly as the only way to browse is through their drop down menu. Otherwise you can only scroll sideways through their few featured movies. I also have a hard time even getting on the app because the animation that plays at startup always freezes. I have to quit and start up the app several times before I can get on.Version: 2.6.9

App is crashy, poor designI was very excited to get showtime as I love so many of their shows, but the app has been a major let down. Offline playback is nearly impossible. The app crashes after less than 10 minutes of playback, every time. About 50% of the time the player won’t rotate. I’m shocked this app has such a high rating with such a bad video player. As a new user I’ve found the design confusing. It took me a week to find where my currently watching shows are. Why aren’t they on the front page of the app? Why isn’t there a “pick up where you left off” on the series page? Two stars only because playback when connected to WiFi works okay..Version: 2.5.3

Some good some badThe good: decent quality video. Lots of programming for the price. Not all of the programming is worth watching but the variety is good. The bad: the interface is annoying. You can’t make a favorite list of programs you want to see unless you do each episode. Who wants that hassle. I cant find the skip forward option. They have not learned from Netflix. We don’t want to watch the intro and the rehash. It’s several minutes long and it would be nice to skip it..Version: 2.6.14

Worst Streaming Service AppI have never enjoyed using an app for a streaming service less than I do this one. The interface is useless when watching a series and you are tying to pickup where you left off. The way the My List portion works is useless and makes you constantly search for the series you are watching to find what you are looking for. Recently watched series need to be available on the first page. It also frequently starts you over at the beginning of an episode you have partially watched. It always rotates the wrong way when you begin playing. There is also no button to jump forward in specific increments. Absolutely awful!.Version: 2.5.8

Not Worth the MoneyShowtime has a few good movies and TV series. I like the live TV feature on the Roku app. I’m not a fan of the obvious political agenda, particularly the documentary on Ronald Reagan, which is a hatchet job depicting him as a buffoon with no mind of his own, who let Nancy run the show. I didn’t agree with his politics, but he was in office over 30 years ago and long since deceased, so maybe we should let the man Rest In Peace. I have seen other programming on your network that obviously leans in a certain direction. Whether I agree or not, it is not a very balanced approach. I’m not renewing because there isn’t enough to watch and because of the app itself — no play from beginning feature and a difficult to use rewind button. You need more movies to make a month to month subscription sustainable..Version: 2.6.14

Needs user interface improvement.I enjoy the content however the App needs serious improvement. When watching multiple episodes, there should be an option to skip the opening theme. When the show ends, there should be an option to skip the credits and start the next episode instead of playing through the entire credits. There is no good fast forward button when watching content. The tracking function to fast forward doesn’t show the time as your are advancing. There is poor organization as far as choosing an episode when watching a show. Why have all of the shows just out and cluttering the screen, when you could organize them into season folders? Do yourselves a favor and look at what Netflix and HBO do as far as their user interface and how their apps are set up and do likewise..Version: 2.6.6

If I could give negative stars I would!!!IThanks for charging me BEFORE MY FREE TRIAL ENDED!! If I could give negative stars I would!!!I signed up for a free 7 day trial and they decided to go ahead and charge my account their 9.99 monthly fee before my trial ended!! This is NOT OKAY!! I have not decided if I care to keep this service or not YET! But now that you have gone ahead and assumed I would keep the service and charged my account UNAUTHORIZED, I will be seeking a return on the money you STOLE and I will be canceling my subscription!! I may have chose to keep my subscription active had you not done this! Unprofessional for such a prominent company!!! Very disappointed!!!.Version: 2.4.8

APP IS GARBAGE!!!!This app is TRASH, TRASH, TRASH!! Since im rating the app and not the content you only get 1 star, because i cant make it any lower. For how much money we all pay you think they could fix this trash. The app will constantly pause in the middle of my show and shut down. Anytime I get back on the app and try to resume a show it is never on the right episode that I left it on. When you are searching for any titles and you click on a show to see the info and you go back to the search it’ll take you to the beginning every time so you can never resume the spot where you were just looking. If you click on an episode of a show to see the info there is no way for you to be able to view other episodes or more info about the show without going to the main menu and doing a whole different search, where are you should be able to look up any season or episode through the one you are watching. ILL SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, THIS APP IS TRASH TRASH TRASH!!.Version: 2.6.15

Shows great, App mehThe app has some usability issues. The menu system is clunky and confusing. On iPhone 12 it only does landscape to one side only for some reason. It also does not save your position so if you lock your phone and go back to it without even closing the app it resets to the beginning of the movie/show. I got this on a trial to test it out. I will not be purchasing until these issues are rectified. I very much enjoy the showtime originals though..Version: 2.6.15

Poorly designed App!!!!Great selection of tv/movies however the app is very poorly designed. Cumbersome trying to navigate but the worst thing is there’s no option to continue viewing shows you’ve been watching. In addition, say you’re binge watching a tv series, it doesn’t tell you which episodes you’ve already watched! And there’s a button to rewind 30 seconds but nothing to fast forward 30 seconds!.Version: 2.2.2

Video works well, playback controls lackingI've had no problems browsing and streaming content, but other than the typical forward/backward click-and-drag scrubber, all they have is a "back 30 seconds" button. 30 seconds is too far back 90% of the time. I usually just missed the last 10 seconds of dialogue, and if you really need 30, hitting a 10-second button three times is simple. So a smaller increment please! Having a forward-10-seconds button to undo that would be nice too. I do like the easy on/off close captioning button, though only seems to work for English because it doesn't seem to have a language selector. But for me, a native English speaker, being able to turn it on and off without disrupting play is awesome, and it's the first app I've seen with this. Having an option to turn CC on only for a back-10-seconds playback would be cool though, where it turns on just until you get back to the spot where you originally hit the button. Overall, the app does the job. But the meager playback controls are probably the most frustrating I've found in a video app..Version: 2.6.6

Could use improvementsThe organization and operations of the app definitely have opportunities for improvement. The home page is odd. I’ve not found any way to create or edit the “My List” options. The content is good...if you can find it and re-find it and then re-find it again if you choose to not watch everything in one binge. Please make some user friendly improvements to this app. Allow us to organize and access our chosen content from page one..Version: 2.6.8

Rated for app not contentI love a lot of the shows on Showtime and I am glad they have a streaming service now but they still have a long way to go on the development. There are so many standard features on all other streaming services that Showtime doesn’t have like skipping ads, skipping intro even easily playing the next episode doesn’t always come up depending on how you start the last episode..Version: 4.0.2

Showtime for oneI love showtime and the shows it has. I was between Paramount and Showtime and I did the free trial for both. I know they are both within the CBS umbrella so hopefully showtime will get absorbed by paramount app because they offer profile options and showtime doesn’t. There are four people at my house that watch and I don’t want to watch what they watch or get recommendations because of what they watch or see the continue watching of their leftovers. If they fix this it would be an ok platform but both paramount and showtime alone can’t compete with HBOMAX. Put them together and now you are talking..Version: 4.0.1

Streaming StinksI’ve always had an issue with this app and streaming, but it’s recently gotten so much worse. I choose to pay for showtime through the app alone so right now, this is going to cause me to cancel the membership. The app disconnects from chrome cast constantly but continues playing on chrome cast. The tv goes in and out attempting to connect while the app indicates it isn’t synced. After trying to sync the two, the tv is further ahead than the app so I have to try and fast forward to get caught back up. By the time I’m caught up again, the app recycles it’s disconnecting which is unreasonably annoying. I hate this app..Version: 2.3.12

Great App...unless you’re a parentNo technical problems with the app. In fact, I like the setup, including the way that My List works - it’s sortable. However, this app does not allow for multiple family member profiles and its viewer restrictions feature is worthless - just check and save, no password. Any kid who knows how settings work can change it. Also, viewer restrictions do not remove mature content from the home screen or suggested content lists, it just keeps the item from being viewed. It’s a good app, but not if you’re a parent..Version: 2.6.8

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