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InShot - Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

InShot - Video Editor app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using InShot - Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about inshot - video editor?

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InShot - Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

Ok but,,,It was nice and all but I couldn’t add my own music from my camera roll. I wasted my money trying to make some video edits but I couldn’t even get my own music. if you guys allowed the option to add music from our own camera rolls, that’d make the app 10x better.Version: 1.33.0

Damaged draftsHello, i would like to address a situation i have had with your app. When some clips are used for an edit and the clips are permanently deleted it won't allow me to enter back into the draft. I know thats how you made your app but it would really help if you could update it and allow all access to drafts if the clips have been deleted or not. When i was younger i had made lots of videos that i deleted permanently and can not get back into that draft because of how you set up your app. I know a little bit of people might have the same situation and even if its not a lot it would still help the people who would want this update. For example, another popular app called capcut. You can enter everything even if the clips have been deleted. I would really like if you made that update to your app. Your app was my first ever editing app and i have lots of deleted memories stored in the drafts from years ago. A situation happened and there is no way i can get the videos back unless you adjust that feature. Thank you for taking the time to look over this and hopefully you can fix this feature. Goodbye and thank you again..Version: 1.57.1

Really good, but limited and also Bugs!I like it, I use it a lot for my videos but sometimes I would have a hussle when it comes to exporting it, especially videos that I put alot of time and effort to editing. I use inshot in my macbook and somehow there's a bug since when I export longer videos that contain less editing and it exports fine but when I export shorter videos that have a lot of effects or chops it would export but get stuck in a certain percentage and it would stay there for about half a minute. Afterwards it saids "Export interupped" and I don't close the application or turn off my macbook, It's literally a bug in this app. Inshot please fix this..Version: 1.62.1

Video options are great but not photoThe app is good however creating a video from the photos options are very limited. The only thing you can do is just a very basic static slide show..Version: 1.55.0

It was perfect for over 1 year now no longer savingI adored this app. But the last few videos I have made (over 10 minute videos) have taken me days to save because of the app giving errors. I have to delete videos off my phone even though they are all saved in the cloud and I have plenty of space on my phone. The last one that I spent weeks editing was unsavable no matter what tricks I did. Many emails and messages to support with absolutely no reply. I use the pro paid version. So disappointed. Great for 1-5 minute videos but anything longer and you risk wasting hours of editing..Version: 1.60.1

Recently encountered a problemI have a 10 minute 4K footage and the InShot app says it is 40GB for exporting, I don’t understand. I have done this so many times and this is the first time I have had anything over 10GB.Version: 1.49.0

S’enregistrer c’est important !!!Bonjour, serait-il possible dans l’application InShot de se filmer ? De ne pas avoir besoin d’aller dans les pellicules de l’IPhone ? Se serais la meilleur idée que vous pourriez faire pour économiser du temps c’est vraiment important ! Comme par exemple TikTok ou Video Fx Live une application concurrente à la votre qui offre cette fonctionnalité… Merci de mettre très rapidement cette option pour pouvoir s’enregistrer et faire son vidéo dans l’application avec des effets !.Version: 1.51.0

Files are corruptedInitially I was happy with this app. I downloaded a few different apps until I found this one. I felt it was easy to work with and understand. It had features I was looking for. Plus the subscription price was really reasonable compared to others. I spent hours editing my first video and now the file is corrupted. It won’t load. It stops at 1 and won’t load the rest. I copied it and somehow the copy worked just fine. Until I went to save it and it wouldn’t let me save. Then that file was corrupted too and wouldn’t load. I tried making another copy and this time the copy was also corrupted right away. The copies won’t even load now. I can’t access or save the video I put a lot of time into. I can’t even access the app at all on my laptop which was another huge let down and something I wish I had looked into before purchasing. I might just need to find a new editing software app together. Update: I thought I was getting somewhere. One of the copies finally worked and saved, but of course the text wasn’t right in the file that saved. So I edited the video one more time and then it decided it wasn’t going to save again. I tried several times and it keeps telling me that it failed to convert. It’s only a 25 minute video, it’s not even that long, why am I having such a difficult time with this app?.Version: 1.46.1

I wish I could put 5 stars...Improvements InShot is a very good editing app. It includes a lot of things an editor would need, like myself. But... there are a few things that I think need to be improved: a lot of apps have a green screen/over lay choice, if this was added to InShot, it would be my all time favourite editing app. More transitions and font choices would really make a difference. And the choice to make the duration of your picture as long as we wish. GIF/sticker pop up There is an issue in InShot where when I want to put on a GIF it comes up with a pack full of stickers that I can get for free, if watching an ad. I don’t like to waste my time on these so I tap the exit. But it doesn’t exit me, it goes off and keeps on bringing it up straight away after. I am having to reset the app and just not use the sticker I really need. Adverts Issue At the end of every edit is an ad. Always the same ad. I wish InShot could ad Advertisements about other editing apps that I can use whilst using InShot. Please don’t think InShot isn’t a good editing app! It really is, these are just suggestions and improvements (my only ones). Thankyou for reading this long review! :).Version: 1.49.0

Current update is terrible!I have been extremely happy with this app, and only been using the free version until recently. I had been working on an edit for a few days now, and finally added the last music track to it, so was just about to add the final credits and my battery died on my phone. Once my phone was back on I reopened the app, it was saying some videos had been deleted from my phone, which they hadn’t. I added the missing videos to a separate edit on InShot, still no luck, so I tried adding them to the original edit, some would some wouldn’t. I stopped for lunch, and when I went back onto InShot my edit was gone completely. After emailing InShot twice I’ve had no response and have been left to start again, and hope it works this time..Version: 1.59.4

InShot I s da beeehst!!!🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉😁☺️😎I love InShot so much, it has amazingly beautiful features, great text fonts and more. If I could write this 1 million stars I could, but five stars is enough for you guys right? I expect a great developer response from this app, and I don’t need stupid pro features, this app is already amazing enough for me, I use this sometimes to make a beautiful collages of kaleidoscope mandalas, and this app is the perfect place to make collages, and a collage is so beautiful, it makes me feel really happy with the great features. But sometimes there’s an closable ads, but it’s OK, just make sure to not put in any inappropriate ads. And I like how you can switch the photos in the collage to different order, they look so beautiful arranged and beautiful pattern, thanks for making this app🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎🤗😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰Edit review Hello there so it’s me again but turns out I do need a pro features because every time I try to use a special effect that makes me PPPPP, I wish it wasn’t like that, turns out you developers are actually really greedy and money hungry, you know what I’m done with all the in app purchases that you have to remove, take them off before I turn on fair to you or do you.Version: 1.56.0

It takes too long to saveSo I was in this Australia zoo Vlog I did and I saved it but it took me five minutes until it was fully saved and all looking at was a green circle that was developing slowly they should really make an app you are saving something but you don’t need to worry about going off the app or locking your screen lost it is saving I would totally use that because I don’t want to take five minutes every day after making a video just to save it.Version: 1.59.4

Inappropriate advertisementThis app gave me a very inappropriate advertisement when I clicked the watermark to watch an ad to get rid of it. Would not recommend this app due to ads that children may see could be very inappropriate. It is otherwise a decent app..Version: 1.63.2

Issues with using and png imageIt doesn't allow to bring an bigger png image while i was dowloading the image from google which i was using an ipad and it is not compatible so update and fix this.Version: 1.43.2

SubscriptionI canceled the subscription from the free trial, but still got billed ! Not cool, lost 19 dollars!.Version: 1.39.4

Good app but glitchesIt’s a good app for editing all around photos and videos but only issue is latley having issues with creating videos as it is not letting me add clips from my cloud..Version: 1.64.1

Not working - I’m using InShot pro.Really frustrated as I edited a 8 min long video down to a 3 min video with at least 25 trims in it, after I was finished editing the video I tried downloading it every way possible (format, resolution etc.). But I haven’t got anywhere and I can’t download it - it jumps to 10% at the start, back down to 0% then pauses for around 30 secs then a pop up comes up saying ‘processing interrupted’. I am using an iPhone and I have no storage problems as I have at least 80gb left on my phone, have looked everywhere for answers to why it isn’t letting me download the video and nothing. I have used InShot for the last few years on my Samsung and no problem which is why I had got a permanent InShot pro subscription - please help me find a resolution or fix the bug/problem. I wish to keep using InShot to edit my videos as I find it amazing and simple to use, I would appreciate some help so much..Version: 1.63.1

Good:)It is a very good app to edit videos, and pictures with, but they make you use a watermark when you try to save the edited video/photo. You are able to save it and crop the watermark out, but it wastes time. Excluding that, it is an amazing app!! I recommend it:).Version: 1.46.1

Nul de chez nulImpossible d’enregistrer des vidéos de plus de 2 min. Ça télécharge pendant une dizaine de minutes puis ça dis échec. C’est vraiment frustrant..Version: 1.63.3

NEED TO CANCELHow do I CANCEL!!!.Version: 1.63.2

Most frustrating app I’ve ever usedSo after hearing good things, I download this app to make a birthday compilation video for my daughter. I spent hours on it, and had it saved in my drafts as I thought I may want to add in a few more before the big day. To then get the “some of the videos couldn’t be found error”. None of the videos have been deleted or moved… yet a good 50% were now gone from my draft. Each time I went in and tried to replace them errored video, it would let me do two or three before it would stop loading them. So I had to close the app and go back in each time. Each time I did this it would have removed more videos. After spending another couple of hours painstakingly trying to replace the corrupted files, the whole draft then disappeared altogether. Hours and hours of effort for nothing. Actually could have cried. So yeah… would not recommend..Version: 1.55.3

It’s okIt’s fine but takes a long time to process.Version: 1.23.0

Best Video Editor App Ever!! BUT...This is by far the best video editor app I’ve ever used. I’m a new vlogger and i get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app. There’s also a feature for adding text to the screen. However, my biggest problem is the saving process. I make >4 minutes videos and it takes like half an hour to save videos. Sometimes after I’ve waited that long it goes off to say that ‘save failed’ and I have to do it all over again! Very frustrating. Next thing is I can only save one draft at a time so I can’t edit 2 vlogs at once or else the other one will be deleted. I also don’t like it that sometimes if I pause my editing and go do something on other apps, when I re-enter the app, all my editing has been lost. I would like to be able to use actual songs instead of just tracks and sound effects. Lastly, it would be nice if the app noted me that I need a little more storage space BEFORE I wait almost an hour for a video to process and then I have to try clear some space and go back in the app only to find that my editing has been lost and I have to do it all over again. Other than these things, editing my videos for my new vlog is easiest using InShot. I would recommend it to anyone..Version: 1.29.1

Great fancy features, not great for beginnersI’m a new vlogger and like things to be very self explanatory as I don’t have the patience to sit and figure out contraptions and do dads, I just prefer things to be straightforward and simple so I can move on. It seemed like everything else was right in my face to use except for cutting and deleting. For me being a beginner it was not easy for me to figure out the editing at all. I have an easier time editing videos on my phone than I do this app. It’s very extra and drawn out and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the patience and aren’t a millennial. It seemed like no matter how much I played around with it and no matter how much dragging I did or button pressing or delete this and precut that it just wasn’t doing ANYTHING I needed it to do. So clearly there’s something I don’t get but for me to have to go through all this when it’s already much easier on my phone is just a bit much. I’m already a bit over it, and hopefully I figure it out eventually but right now it’s just a frustrating mess and I’m not a big fan. If you don’t already know how to edit videos this app will be quite difficult to figure out. Just saying.Version: 1.39.5

RefundIt’s not a bad app but i didn’t pay for a subscription and it automatically bought premium and i want my money back.Version: 1.45.0

Was good until it wasn’tIt was really good until it wasn’t. i was making a very very important video on inshot and it hit around almost two hours long. when i did voice overs on my video, the audible ads kept popping out of nowhere and ruining my voice recording which was annoying but i didn’t mind too much. but then when i was finished with my video which i had been preparing for very long and put a lot of hard work into, it refused to let me save saying that i needed to clear my cache, despite the fact that i had 30 gigabytes of free space. so i did some digging around and found out that this is actually a common issue with the app where it won’t let people save long videos. i decided to try to screw record my 2 hour long video but the stupid bloody audible audio ad kept ruining my screen recording so i couldn’t. why is that even an ad for a flipping video app anyway? how are people supposed to do voice overs or play back their video. no one wants to listen to your stupid podcast istg. i have no way to contact inshot and no way to get my video to my camera roll. what is this? reply to the reply: i don’t have low flipping storage. did you not read when i said i have thirty gigs of free space..Version: 1.53.2

Still taking paymentsI recently just realized after a yearly review of my credit card statements that Inshot has been withdrawing the pro subscription amount monthly to this day even though I canceled my subscription a year ago! DO NOT PAY FOR THE PRO SUBSCRIPTION! It is a SCAM!.Version: 1.49.0

Slight problemHi honestly I love this video editor. I can get music from a video and I thought that was really cool especially since I don’t have music on my iPhone so that particular feature helps a lot. I do have a slight problem though, I record videos and i use this app to edit them but unfortunately they come out blurry or in very bad quality. When I film my videos they are always in good quality and not blurry until I add them to this app and edit them then that’s when they came out blurry. You have done a great job on making this app. I hope you can fix this. Have a fantastic day/night.Version: 1.42.1

Simple easy and definitely worth it!!!!🤩✌️First of all AMAZINGG 🤩This app is probably the best video editing app ever!!! (Opinion) What I love so much about this app is how easy simple and organised it is. It makes editing 100% more easier and certainly more fun. I would buy InShOt pro because I saw some cool features and amazing things to make my videos better, at an affordable price maybe buy the yearly but anyways. It also says it costs $6.99 to remove adds but I haven’t really come across any ads ever since I downloaded so yeah. So in conclusion I certainly believe this app is one of the best so far for editing vids. I definitely recommend downloading this if your also scrolling through your AppStore looking for an app to edit..Version: 1.53.1

Great but.........I have been using InShot for 4 years straight and it’s amazing although I find that when I put a video in it makes my video lag even though I’ve used a professional camera so it shouldn’t be laggy or glitchy at all but somehow it is and I also find InShot pro is so weird like I want to edit my video but it says I need InShot pro so I ended up having to get InShot pro just so I could edit but other than that compared to other editing apps I’ve found that InShot was by far the easiest and most straight forward editing app and options of use are just impeccable. I’m so happy that the creators made this wonderful app thank you so much. :).Version: 1.61.1

My opinion, likes and dislikesI have been using this for a few years now and nothing has gone wrong. I love using it for editing but what I absolutely hate is that it doesn’t have a watermark, and instead it has a massive border taking up 2/3 of the actual video/photo. This caused me to -2 stars. Apart from that it’s n amazing editing app.Version: 1.43.2

All of my footage is gone.One day i wanted to vlog my day just for fun. I wasn’t planning on posting it. So i filmed everything, and i used inshot to edit my vlog. I took about 3 hours of my time to edit my video. Now i was actually super happy on how it turned out. This app has amazing edit options! As i go to save my vlog, a notification comes up saying i dont have enough storage in my camera roll to save the video. Now i went back and had to delete all of my footage because it was takaing up about 1/2 of all my storage. As i went back into the app, everything was glitchy and the app was crashing a lot aswell. I thought nothing of it and carried on. As i opened my drafts, another notification came up that says “Oops! A few videos went missing!“ And as I opened up the video only three clips were still there. I had over 70 clips is total before. Now i cant go back and fix it because all of my footage is deleted from my camera roll. This made me very angry becasue that is 3 hours i will never get back. This app is amazing. All of the editing tools work very well. I am just very sad that i will never get my video back..Version: 1.43.0

PayYou have to pay for stuff you should make people not pay and make a new app you have to pay for it.Version: 1.37.1

Seems a little sneakyI have used this app for years and recently decided to try some of the new filter packs and effects they offer within the app. While they present it to you as if you’re buying the packs individually at $1.99 and move the aforementioned packs to the top of line when you go to filters to add to videos.......making it appear as if you’ve purchased, and can freely use said filter pack. However, I found out today when looking at my Apple transaction history for the month, that they actually charge you (without a second authorization of the “purchase”) EACH TIME you use a filter from the pack that you had been led to believe you had purchased in full. Not criminal, but a little too sneaky. Although the app has always worked well for my videos, this seems too strange an issue to continue using the app and hope they find a way not to confuse or trick their customers into spending two dollars at a time in the future. Or perhaps, Developer, you could add a feature where the user continues to have to authorize said purchases; every other app I have for every other purchase I make through them requires a fingerprint or at least a “YES” before the transaction can be completed. No more sneaky transactions! This happened 3x before I called Apple Support and they explained to me what the app was doing with my money. Be careful!.Version: 1.29.1

DisappointedI’ve had InShot for a couple of years. Recently I really dug into it. I was making a video for a friend and had edited the photos for color. Upon import I noticed that InShot had stripped the editing off and in a way that the imported photos looked WORSE than the originals. Not happy about that. So I tried to go forward and re-edit the photos. InShot’s photo editor is so over-blown its almost impossible to get any work done. The app has great transitions and many bells and whistles in that respect, but killing import quality and has more editing than photoshop, not a great thing for slightly above average users. The editing area is just too time consuming to get any real forward progress done. So in summary, excellent in some areas, over-blown and excessive in others. I was going to give 3 stars but changed my mind, for stripping edits I’ve already done and making the photos worse than original. I’m going to finish my project and also give the receiver the originals so they can have them, but I will be canceling my subscription. It has potential, but in the end it just kind of fell off a cliff. Just disappointed with in imports..Version: 1.62.1

App is crashing!For some reason whenever I try to open the app it crashes and brings me back to home screen. I tried solving this problem by doing everything including: 1. Restarting my device 2. Updating the app to the last version 3. Installing last iOS System update 4. I even deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times but the same problem happens every time!! Please help !!.Version: 1.45.0

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InShot - Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact InShot - Video Editor.

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